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Review: SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover – Commendable blend of form and function

Unbiased, thrilling review of the functional and rugged Subcase iPhone 14 Pro Max cases... Read more

Review of SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover

Table of Contents

Test of SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover

4.5/5 - (579 votes)

Cena: $16.74


  • Eye-catching metallic red color
  • Felt material provides internal protection
  • Includes camera cover
  • Convenient belt clip
  • Magsafe compatibility
  • Stealthy black color alternative
  • Thoughtful hole placement for microphone


  • No prior notification about the shipment
  • Absence of front screen protector
  • Difficult to open Magsafe cover
  • Potential button issues with dummy units
  • Phone size might be too large for some

“After extensively examining both the “Ruddy” red and stealth black iPhone 14 Pro Max subcases, I must say each case showcases a clever design incorporating practicality without compromising aesthetics. Despite a few hurdles in using certain features, the overall experience was impressive. The cases aren’t just slim and rugged but also count on thoughtful details like Magsafe compatibility and coverage for critical phone parts, elevating users’ experience. Although some might find the hard-opening a bit difficult, it’s a small trade-off for the robustness these cases offer. In conclusion, these iPhone 14 Pro Max subcases from Subcase are indeed a commendable blend of form and function, worth considering for their protective utility and sleek design.”

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Color Black
Form Factor Basic Case
Compatible Phone Models iPhone 14 Pro Maxs
Material Polycarbonate

Introduction: Unveiling Subcases for iPhone 14 Pro Max

As an avid tech enthusiast, I’ve come across a myriad of phone accessories that promise to enhance protection and functionality for the range of iPhones out there. However, I recently stumbled across a product that certainly piqued my interest – a package, unexpectedly delivered, containing two unique cases by Subcase, specifically designed for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

My unexpected encounter with Subcases

The element of surprise upon discovering the delivery in my P.O. Box was only the beginning of my journey with this product. To my delight, I found two cases enclosed in the package– a revelation that seemed both curious and intriguing. There was no prior heads-up about the delivery, which definitely added a dash of mystery to the entire experience.

Detailed Overview of Subcase and its Offerings

Understanding what a product provides is crucial to any review, and this one is no different. The cases, dubbed ‘Mag XT’, were labelled ‘Ruddy’ and ‘Black’. An immediate appreciation for Subcase’s straightforward naming system – ‘Ruddy’ for red, and ‘Black’ for black, came to mind. The first impression was that these cases definitely weren’t your regular, run-of-the-mill phone accessories, which set the tone for a captivating unraveling of what they had to offer.

The Subcase offerings for the iPhone 14 Pro Max were designed with meticulous care. The details from the launch—the branding, product details, and the case specifications immediately painted an image of a company that prioritizes customer comprehension and satisfaction. Such attention to detail is always a characteristic I appreciate in manufacturers. It shows their commitment to putting out products that hit the mark, balancing between aesthetic appeal and functionality.

After the initial scrutiny, one thing was certain – I was eager to dive into these Subcase offerings and discover first-hand what they brought to the table. The design, functionality, and overall user experience were all elements I was keen on exploring. Here’s my unbiased review of the Mag XT cases by Subcase.

Observation of SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover

First Impressions: Unboxing the “Ruddy” Red Subcase

  • “Ruddy” Red Subcase offers an attractive, unique design
  • Felt interior provides phone cushioning and quality
  • Includes belt clip, but lacks screen protector

Experience the journey from initial impressions to detailed scrutiny – all beginning with an unassuming box, revealing a fascinating “Ruddy” Red Subcase for iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The Initial Eye Catcher – Metallic Red

No sooner did the box slide open, an attention-grabbing sight of bright metallic red caught my eyes, promising an interesting unveiling. It’s worth noting that the camera might not do perfect justice to this metallic red shade, as its unique sheen is best appreciated in person.

The Internal Build: A Closer Look at the Felt Material and the Camera Cover

The Subcase was not only attractive on the outside but also impressively designed on the inside. Upon first examination, the internal side featured a comforting layer of felt-like material, providing a soft cushion to the phone and adding to the overall quality of the case. Another interesting design element was the camera covering – a unique and commendable implementation never seen before. However, users should test its convenience and operationality before making a final judgement.

Evaluating the Inclusion and Absence: Belt Clip and Screen Protector

In terms of the case’s accessories, there was a belt clip included for those who appreciate the practicalities of a hands-free phone-carrying experience, but it’s not a mandatory addition. On another note, the Subcase sported a notable absence – no front screen protector was included. This may not be a deal breaker, since many users prefer using their own superior quality glass screen protectors, but some might appreciate the inclusion, especially considering the product’s price point. So, while the inclusion of the belt clip was a nice touch, the lack of a screen protector may leave some feeling slightly short-changed.

Investigation of SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover

Moving to the Pro Max: Does Size Really Matter?

  • Razivity of case provides secure protection
  • Design features sleek, yet questionable button feel
  • Integrated Magsafe utility might not be universally needed

In the realm of technology, particularly when it comes to mobile devices, the statement ‘bigger is better’ has been continuously debated. Is a bigger device practically functional or is it just an added weight in your pocket? Does the feature and utility of an iPhone 14 Pro Max substantiate its size? Let’s see!

The Razivity Factor: A Detailed Analysis

First order of business is the razivity of this case. The case edges seamlessly elevate keeping a secure boundary between any potential surface and the phone’s screen. The sides are flawlessly raised and you can hardly spot any discrepancies on quick inspection. From a protective standpoint, the case does justice to the 6.7-inch screen size in an impartial manner. However, from a usability perspective, it could require a quick adjustment phase for people moving from smaller alternatives before it starts to feel natural.

Evaluating the Design: Buttons, Cutouts and the Carbon Fiber Look

Next, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. The buttons, supposedly metallic, have a smooth finish and blend well with the overall design of the case, adding a modern and sleek vibe. The carbon fiber look around the corners delivers a sophisticated aesthetic, enhancing the overall appeal. However, the button feel didn’t quite nail that expected tactile response which could possibly be due to the material used or some other factor.

The openings for the ports on the top and bottom are precisely cut out. As they say, the devil lies in the details, and in this respect, the case doesn’t disappoint. The precision of these cutouts is commendable indeed.

Aesthetics Vs. Utilitarian: Behind the Backing

The case’s back sports an integrated Magsafe, justifying its ‘Max’ tag and above average size. While this seems like an extraordinary utility for the rugged, it could be an overkill for the average office-goer. The need for Magsafe compatibility might not be universal and in some cases, it could just be a prominent bulge in your pocket without much value addition.

To sum up, humongous size of an iPhone 14 Pro Max, compounded with the added layers of this particular Subcase, definitely demands some getting used to. While some hardcore gadget enthusiasts might appreciate the abundance of features in one place, people who fancy minimalistic beauty and lightweight efficiency might have an opposing view.

Lookover of SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover

Testing the Practicality: The Built for Rugged Use Case Scenario

  • The case is rugged and durable
  • Magsafe spot opening needs user-friendliness improvement
  • Case focuses on camera protection

Upon receiving these cases, my curiosity immediately led me to a thought – can such a chic and lightweight case really stand the test of rugged use? So, I rolled up my sleeves, ready to put them through the paces.

The Magsafe Capability: An Attempt at Hard Opening

I began by trying to open the Magsafe spot. The process, I must admit, called for more effort than I expected. Though I had just trimmed my nails, making it more challenging, it still felt like an aspect that needed improvement for those moments when you’re on the go and need quick access.

Featuring Senior Stabby: Finally, Mission Accomplished

After a bit of struggle, I finally gave in and decided to use a tool for the task – say hello to “Senior Stabby”. It did the trick, and the Magsafe spot sprung open, revealing an interior lined with felt – a thoughtful feature offering additional protection to your device.

Analyzing the Utility: Camera Protection and User Patterns

Something worth noting about these cases is their intended audience. They’re designed for folks who aren’t frequently using their camera, particularly those who might be at a job site. This is where the idea of total camera cover plays a vital role. The cases allow you to conveniently shield your camera module when not in use, and thus, lending additional protection to your device when in harsh environments.

Key Takeaway:

  1. The case is designed rugged; it’s not just a statement but a product that stands the test.
  2. The process to open the Magsafe spot could be made more user-friendly.
  3. The focus on camera protection is evident, targeting users who don’t frequently use their phone cameras, especially in harsh environments.

Overall, the testing proved to be an insightful experience. While there’s no denying that there’s room for improvement, the cases also brought forth some crucial features that make them stand out and validate their purpose of being built for rough use.

Scrutiny of SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover

Going Beyond Protection: It’s All About the Belt Clip

  • Subcase belt clip offers practicality and protection
  • Design caters to diverse user needs
  • Magnetic feature provides Magsafe compatibility

One of the true highlights of the Subcase experience has to be its focus on practical utility, taking it several steps beyond mere aesthetics and phone protection. This is particularly well-illustrated in the use of a belt clip, which truly takes the product into the realm of user-centric design.

Total Protection: The Camera Cut Out

Let’s start with the phone itself. The belt clip from Subcase adds an extra layer of protection, extending its scope beyond just the phone and right to its camera. This additional protection ensures your phone’s camera lens is safeguarded, ensuring it remains as good as new, even when subjected to some heavy-duty usage.

The Swivel Move: Adapting to User Convenience

The belt clip isn’t just a rigid add-on. It can swivel, allowing you to adjust its position based on personal comfort and ease of use. This aspect of design enables you to adapt as per your needs, ensuring that this Subcase caters to a wide range of users with varied needs.

The Magnetic Power: Testing Magsafe Compatibility

In keeping with the spirit of evolving technology, the belt clip also serves a dual role by featuring magnetic properties for Magsafe compatibility. The strong magnetism was noticeable, even with an empty case, hinting that this case would work flawlessly with any Magsafe accessory. This again is an example of a design meant to sync seamlessly with your regular device usage.

In essence, the belt clip from Subcase, which offers enhanced protection and utility features, is more than just an accessory. It elevates the product from being just a phone case to a comprehensive device protection solution. The degree of thoughtfulness and attention to details demonstrated here adds immense value to the overall product.

Study of SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover

The Black Subcase: An Awe-Inspiring Stealthy Encounter

  • Black subcase exudes elegance and sophistication
  • Interiors lined with soft felt, ensuring comfort
  • Considerate design details enhance user experience

After thoroughly analyzing the “Ruddy” red case, the next unpacking brought me face-to-face with the black subcase. There’s just something about a sleek black phone case that always grabs attention.

Embracing the Stealth: Initial Impressions

The black subcase is just as impressive as its red counterpart. The jet black exterior exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication, a stark contrast to the vibrant red case. The minimalistic style and shade let the intricate design details take center stage, allowing the quality of their craftsmanship to shine through.

Going Down the Same Old Road: Comparing with the Ruddy Red Case

Much like the red case, this subcase features an interior lined with the same soft felt material. This consistency in design ensures that both the look and the feel of the cases remain high quality and comfortable to use. However, the black case presents an edgier demeanour.

Tiny Details: Hole Placement for Microphone

One subtle detail that I noticed and appreciated was the opening for the microphone. Small considerations like these imply that the designers have truly thought about the end-user’s experience. They understand that convenience during phone calls is as important as physical protection, and the placement allows for noise to travel freely when the camera cover is closed.

Wrapping it up: Overview & Final Verdict

After spending quality time with both cases, it is clear that they’re designed with specific functions in mind. Functionality, durability, and aesthetics all come together in these subcases. The black one, however, wins my personal preference due to its understated elegance. While this is purely an aesthetic preference, it’s the tiniest differences in experience that make both these cases unique yet high quality in their own right.

Estimate of SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover

Wrapping it all up: The Final Verdict

  • Subcase’s have high Magsafe accessory compatibility
  • Balances protection and aesthetic appeal without bulk
  • Reliable, stylistic, functional iPhone 14 Pro Max cases

Now that we have thoroughly examined and tested both the Ruddy Red and Stealth Black Subcase offerings for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it’s time to summarize the experience and give an unbiased, critical verdict.

Magsafe Testing: Concluding this Chapter, successfully

The Magsafe capability of both cases, as tested, was quite remarkable. Despite the absence of magnets in the phone, both cases were able to efficiently secure the phone. Added to the overall solid construction of the cases, the Magsafe feature surely proves its presence and utility, demonstrating high compatibility with any Magsafe accessory.

A Rounded Look: Appreciating the Bulk-free Design

Despite being designed for heavy-duty protection, neither of these cases adds an undesirable amount of bulk to the phone. In terms of design, they’ve struck a perfect balance between protection and aesthetic appeal . The cases are fairly slim, yet their well-designed corners ensure comprehensive protection on impact. The inclusion of a lanyard loop is a thoughtful touch, often looked over by many manufacturers.

Expressing Gratitude: Thanks to Subcase for the Exemplary Freebies

  • The surprise element in receiving these freebies surely added to the overall experience. However, it was gratifying to see that the quality of the products was unmatched and lived up to the claims put forth by the manufacturer.
  • The attention to detail, from the metallic color of the ruddy case to the felt material lining, reflects the quality and thoughtfulness in product design.
  • Despite a few minor setbacks, like the difficulty in opening the Magsafe cover, the overall experience, given the protection, aesthetics, and utility, can be deemed as satisfactory.

In conclusion, after careful consideration of the various elements including design, utility, and aesthetics, these Subcases prove to be a reliable, stylistic, and functional choice for iPhone 14 Pro Max users seeking a blend of style and robustness in a phone case.

Comments on SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover

Signing Off: See you on the other side

After an immersive journey of experiencing and testing both of Subcase’s iPhone 14 Pro Max variants, it’s time to wrap-up and say goodbye. Here, we’ll plunge into a wave of nostalgia, looking back and forward simultaneously by reminiscing on the comprehensive coverage of these products and anticipating future adventures with the iPhone 15 Subcases. Remember, we’re looking forward, always.

Looking into the Future: A Glimpse of iPhone 15 Cases

While we relished the sleek, utility-driven design and protective exteriors of these Subcases, we can’t help but look forward to what’s next. Yes, we’re talking about iPhone 15 cases that might be on the horizon. Knowing Subcase and their knack for exceeding expectations, it’s safe to assume they’ll outdo themselves with added features or a radical design overhaul. Naturally, we can imagine a showcase of advanced tech compatibility, enhanced protection, and aesthetic refinements. Regardless, we’re eagerly anticipating the release.

Engaging the Audience: Request for Subscription and Final Goodbye

We hope this comprehensive review has furnished you with the details needed to pick your perfect phone case or at least made navigating the product landscape easier. And remember, reviews are mutual communication pathways. Your feedback is paramount to ensure unbiased and critical examinations of these products. We strongly appreciate your participation and look forward to your observations.

That’s about it for this particular endeavor. As we sign-off, be assured we’ll return with more immersive tech experience journeys. Let’s meet on the other side and continue unearthing the magic of tech together.

Should you buy the SUPCASE UB Mag XT for iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Camera Cover?

Buy it if…

You Seek Extra Protection

The Subcase offers high-end protection, right from the unique camera cover to the inclusion of a belt clip. Ideal if you’re prone to dropping your phone or work in accident-prone environments.

You’re a Fan of Initial Impressions

Its eye-catching metallic colors are exciting to look at and give your device a standout appearance.

You Utilize MagSafe Accessories

The cases are MagSafe compatible, allowing you to make full use of Apple’s MagSafe accessories without any hindrance.

Don’t buy it if…

You Prefer Simplicity

Subcases have extra features like belt clips and metallic buttons that might not appeal if you prefer a simple, unadorned case.

You Need Prompt Access to Your Camera

The camera cover may not be optimal if you use your camera frequently and need quick access.

You Don’t Like Bulky Cases

While not overly cumbersome, the Subcase design does add some bulk to the phone. Not quite the right fit if you prefer a thin, lightweight case.


What are the color options available for the Subcase iPhone 14 Pro Max?
The review discusses two color options – Ruddy Red and Black.
Does the Subcase iPhone 14 Pro Max have a built-in screen protector?
No, the Subcase does not come with a built-in screen protector.
What material is on the inside of the Subcase iPhone 14 Pro Max?
The inside of the Subcase has a felt-like material.
Does the Subcase come with a belt clip?
Yes, the Subcase comes with a belt clip.
Does the Subcase iPhone 14 Pro Max have a camera covering included?
Yes, the case features a unique camera covering design.
Is the Subcase iPhone 14 Pro Max Magsafe compatible?
Yes, the Subcase iPhone 14 Pro Max is Magsafe compatible.
Can I use the case even when I’m on a call?
Yes, the case includes a hole for the microphone, ensuring no interference during calls.
Is Subcase likely to release cases for iPhone 15?
The review mentions that Subcase is expected to release iPhone 15 cases in the coming months.

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