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Review: REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera – remarkable features for outdoor surveillance

In-depth review of the Reeling E1 Outdoor Wi-fi camera features and performance... Read more

Review of REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera

Table of Contents

Test of REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera

4.1/5 - (1365 votes)

Cena: $79.99


  • 5-megapixel video quality
  • Motion tracking capability
  • Connectivity with 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Built-in, manually or motion-activated siren
  • Supports up to 256GB micro SD card
  • Time-lapse feature for creative shots
  • Weatherproof construction


  • Unclear IP rating
  • Not Power over Ethernet compatible
  • Installation can be cumbersome
  • Lack of snapshot preview
  • Blurring when in color night vision
  • Night vision frame rate drops
  • Requires drilling for installation

“After a thorough examination, I find that the Reeling E1 Outdoor Wi-Fi camera delivers a strong performance in terms of video quality, person detection, and motion tracking – truly remarkable features for outdoor surveillance. However, the blurred vision during color night mode, coupled with the decreased frame rate at night could use improvement. The inclusion of a snapshot preview in their notification system will notably heighten user experience. The power supply and ethernet port wiring may also be seen as cumbersome for some users. Despite minor points of contention, the camera’s robust features and capabilities prove that it is indeed a worthwhile investment for home security.”

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Recommended Uses For Product Outdoor Security
Model Name E1
Connectivity Technology Wired WiFi Camera
Special Feature Motion Sensor, Night Vision, PTZ Technology, Time Lapse


Welcome folks, let’s dive into the world of outdoor Wi-Fi cameras with an all-embracing look at the Reeling E1 Outdoor WiFi Camera. Since outdoor security is a growing concern for many, scoring the right camera to monitor those crucial corners of your home is essential. Today, I share my unbiased experience, discussing each feature in depth, to give you the most comprehensive run-through of this newly launched product.

Initial Impressions of the Reeling E1 Outdoor WiFi Camera

First off, let’s talk about the look and feel. The Reeling E1 immediately stands out as a solid piece of kit ready for the rigors of outdoor life. It comes promising top-notch features such as its ‘pan and tilt’ function, 5-megapixel video quality, spotlight, and motion tracking. Quite an impressive piece of tech in a compact form, I must say.

Acknowledgment of Reeling’s Contribution to the Product Review

Before we delve deeper into the fine details of this tech marvel, I want to acknowledge Reeling for their generosity in providing the unit for this review. But remember, no third-party interference will sway my impressions! Here, only candid viewpoints paired with honest critique are served based on personal experiences with the product.

Will this be the tech savior ready to fortify your outdoor security? Let’s find out.

Considering REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera

Thumb-Through Features

  • Camera boasts 5-megapixel quality and motion tracking
  • Supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi and ample storage
  • Claims weatherproof, but lacks clear IP rating

Jumping right into what matters most – the features of the Reeling E1 Outdoor Wi-Fi camera. As someone who has had their share of experience with tech gadgets, I must admit, this one’s got quite a remarkable line-up.

Detailed Description of Functionality and Technology

The first thing to grab my attention about the E1 Outdoor was the impressive 5-megapixel video quality; quite an edge this one holds over other cameras in the same category.

It uses a pan-and-tilt mechanism that gives it a comprehensive field of view. However, this isn’t the only feature that makes this camera standout. Its built-in motion tracking capability is another addition that sets it apart from the rest. This feature allows it to intelligently follow and capture movements within its field of view, providing a high level of security.

Connectivity and Storage Options

On the connectivity side, let’s just say it’s flexible enough to ease your worries. The camera supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, making it adaptable to various internet configurations. The built-in manually activated or motion-activated siren is also worth noting as it backs up the camera’s security function.

Storage is ample with this camera, as it supports a Micro SD card of up to 256GB. This can come in quite handy for constant recording as it allows enough room for storing lengthy footages.

Weatherproof Quality versus an Unclear IP Rating

One other feature I found considerable is its emphatic claim to being weatherproof. Such a feature is pretty essential for outdoor cameras, wouldn’t you agree? But, and this is where I raise my brows slightly, there isn’t any clear specification of its IP rating. An IP rating is used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies. So while it’s claimed to be weatherproof, without a defined IP rating, the extent of its effectiveness remains uncertain.

In my sincere opinion, users need to be aware of the camera’s actual endurance against extreme weather conditions. If you’re considering this camera for an area exposed to direct weather elements, you might want to cross-check details concerning its weatherproof capabilities.

Assessment of REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera

Unboxing Experience

  • Product comes with multiple setup guides and paperwork
  • Unboxing includes key camera components and accessories
  • The setup provokes anticipation and excitement

As soon as the box arrived, the anticipation to explore its contents was palpable. The exterior packaging was standard, with the product model and some main features outlined. It was time to delve in.

First Glimpse and Contents Within the Box

Upon opening, the first thing to greet the eyes was the array of paperwork. Here, you’ll find an installation guide, a quick-start guide, a window decal, and an installation template. A thoughtful gesture from Reeling, making the setup journey easier for new users.


Don’t disregard these; these documents can be quite handy, especially if you’re new to setting up outdoor wifi cameras.

Exploring Individual Components

  • Camera: The heart of the package – the Reeling E1 outdoor Wi-Fi camera. With a 355-degree pan and 50-degree tilt, the camera boasted quite an impressive mobility. Further straining the eyes, the built-in LED spotlights, the zoom lens and a microphone could be seen.
  • Mount: A security mount was included for wall installation. It is important to attach this part securely as it holds the camera.
  • Power adapter: There’s also a 12 volts 1 amp power adapter that fuels the Reeling E1 outdoor camera.
  • Ethernet Cable: Reeling generously included a short Ethernet cable, an appreciated addition for those preferring wired connections.
  • Extension Cable: An exceptionally long, almost 15 feet, power extension cable to help reach those difficult wall sockets.

The unboxing ritual was informative and engaging. However, it would be beneficial for end-users if Reeling could perhaps label the individual components, especially for the non-tech savvy group. While the focus was primarily on comprehending the main component, i.e., the camera, the importance of understanding and correctly identifying all the sub-parts cannot be overlooked.

All in all, the unboxing experience was not just about discovering the contents in the box, it provoked a certain excitement for the setup; an exciting chance to witness the product’s visual appeal, its build quality and to speculate its performance.

Observation of REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera


  • Reeling E1 Outdoor installation is straightforward,
  • Digital setup precedes physical installation,
  • Proper routing of cables crucial during installation.

Let’s talk about the installation process. Like any outdoor Wi-Fi security camera, set-up requires a few steps. I’ll walk you through the process.

Step-by-step setup process

Installing the Reeling E1 Outdoor was straightforward, especially because of the helpful quick start guide included in the box.

  1. The first step required inserting a micro SD card into the bottom of the camera, easy to locate under a little flap. After this, I plugged in the camera. Worth noting—it uses a 12 volts 1-amp power adapter, which is included.
  2. Next, I downloaded the Reeling app, signed up, and logged in. The app is integral to operating the camera, and thankfully, it was user-friendly and intuitive.
  3. I was then able to add the camera to the app simply by clicking the “+” sign on the top-right corner and scanning the QR code found on the bottom of the camera. There were several connection options available—I chose Wi-Fi—but a direct ethernet connection is also doable if you prefer.
  4. The on-screen instructions made the set-up process even more streamlined. Once set up, I checked the live view, and it loaded up pretty quick—a plus point in my book. The pan and tilt operations, as well as optical zoom functionality, were also responsive.

Tips for smooth installation

After the digital setup, came the physical installation. Before mounting, knowing where to place the camera was important. Given its pan-and-tilt feature, I wanted to maximize its view. A template was provided in the box – a thumbs up to the manufacturer as it was a significant help.

  1. I started off by drilling holes at my selected spot using the provided template. Keep in mind; you’ll need a drill for this.
  2. Then, I attached the security mount to the wall, using the included screws.
  3. The next step required attaching the bracket to the bottom of the camera, screwing it in tightly. Then, I placed the camera within the mount, turning it clockwise to ensure it was securely locked in place.

What’s worth noting is that the installation process might require a little bit of patience. This is particularly true if you have a specific spot in mind where drilling is a challenge. However, the design and included components do cater to multiple scenarios, which is a point in its favor.

Remember: The routing of cables is a critical part of the installation. More on this later, but suffice it to say that getting it right can prevent potential problems down the line.

Overall, the process was relatively hassle-free with clear installation instructions. However, keep in mind, this will hinge greatly on individual skill and the location you opt to install.

Thoughts on REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera

Performance Analysis

  • “Smart Detection” offers adjustable motion detection sensitivity
  • E1 Outdoor reliably tracks and records motion
  • User-friendly access to recorded footage

In diving into the functionality of the Reeling E1 Outdoor Wi-Fi camera, several settings and specific features stood out. Here’s a more detailed examination of how the camera fares in different scenarios and conditions.

Motion Detection and Tracking

One of the most critical capabilities for any security camera is motion detection, and the E1 Outdoor does not disappoint. It offers a “Smart Detection” setting, which can be adjusted to increase or decrease sensitivity. The highest sensitivity setting proved effective in my backyard, with personalized detection picking up all significant motion and eliminating false alerts.

The motion tracking feature warrants a special mention. It competently followed detected motion, proving extremely reliable and making it a solid choice for anyone needing a camera with this capability.

Time-Lapse Settings

Another unique feature that the E1 Outdoor offers is time-lapse. With preset options available, it’s easy to set up and document a sunset or monitor activity through the day. During the test, the sunset setting worked incredibly well and provided a beautiful and smooth transition from day to night in a short video.

Accessing Recorded Footage

As with any security camera, being able to access the captured footage is critical. The Reeling E1 Outdoor makes this process relatively straightforward. The camera automatically records all motion with the option to select specific triggers like people.

Viewing the footage is simple – pull up the timeline, click the thumbnail, and get a quick preview before watching the full footage. And, if you need to save the footage, the function is readily available. All it takes is a click of the download icon.

Personal Experience

Altogether, I appreciated the Reeling E1 Outdoor’s performance. The customizable sensitivity of the Smart Detection allowed for accurate and consistent alerts and effective motion tracking. The time-lapse feature certainly adds an extra dimension to the camera’s capabilities, and the user-friendly access to recorded footage was hassle-free. While some areas can use a bit of fine-tuning, the features functioned as expected.

Remarks on REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera

Evaluation of Test Results

  • Reeling E1 Outdoor accurately tracks movements
  • Easily accessible and downloadable recorded footage
  • Offers creative pre-set time-lapse settings

In this section, we’re going to unpack how the Reeling E1 Outdoor performed during my extensive testing. This offers a practical, first-hand understanding of how well its features live up to the claims. Remember, the goal is to provide an unbiased, comprehensive examination of this product.

Motion Detection and Tracking Capabilities

After setting up the device, the first feature to test was the Reeling E1 Outdoor’s motion-tracking capabilities. This, to me, is one of the biggest selling points. During the test, I activated the ‘smart detection’ and cranked up the sensitivity for person detection to the highest level. The results were impressive – the device managed to accurately identify and track movements without any false motion alerts.

The AI-powered tracking was spot-on, even differentiating between people and vehicles effectively. The automatic return to the home or guard point after motion tracking and detection is an added convenience. However, the Reeling E1 Outdoor’s performance could considerably benefit from features like a snapshot preview in the notifications, which would further enhance user experience.

Accessing Recorded Footage

Next, we delve into accessing the recorded footage. The Reeling E1 Outdoor offers the practical and user-friendly option to sort and select person triggered recording only. The app’s interface also allows you to easily move to the specific recording you need and download high-quality footage to your phone conveniently, making this process very straightforward and intuitive overall.

Time-Lapse Settings

I also experimented with the preset time-lapse settings. The sunset option was particularly attentive and crafted perfect nature shots. This function adds a creative touch that photography enthusiasts will appreciate.

To wrap up, overall, the Reeling E1 Outdoor delivers solid performance, but as is true with any product, there’s always room for improvement. The addition of snapshot previews to notifications, for instance, would be a significant upgrade. Nonetheless, with its effective motion detection, facile access to recordings, and creative time-lapse settings, I would consider this product quite a performer.

Estimate of REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera

Display of Video and Audio Quality

  • Reeling E1 Outdoor offers 5-megapixel video quality
  • Night vision sees drop in frame rate, motion blur
  • Purpose detection effectively tracks movement in poor light

Our product rehearsal would be incomplete without touching on the crucial aspect of video and audio quality, which could make or break the decision to purchase. The Reeling E1 Outdoor camera sports a robust 5-megapixel video quality – let’s see how that performs in various scenarios.

Testing at various distances

The video quality was first tested at different ranges varied between 10 and 40 feet. Given my neutral stance, I must admit that for such specifications, the video quality was surprisingly clear, boasting high visibility and sharpness, especially during daylight. Considering your house’s outdoor requirements, these results could potentially make a difference.

Night vision examination with spotlight on and off

Being critical about all aspects, I decided to also assess the camera’s night vision capabilities. With spotlights turned on at distances from 10 to 30 feet, the visuals remained relatively clear, a testament to its impressive 12 infrared LEDs. However, the night vision mode, while functional, did have a noticeable drop in frame rate down to 12 frames per second, causing slight motion blur, especially when in color night vision mode with motion tracking on.

The same test was performed with the spotlight off, revealing an image primarily powered by the infrared LEDs. While I might have anticipated a noticeable downgrade in picture quality, the image turned out to be more than passable, providing a decent nighttime surveillance function. However, some users might find it worth mentioning that the camera doesn’t seem to adhere to the frame rate settings selected in the app during the night. This could use some improvements.

On a more pleasant note, the purpose detection seemed pretty competent, tracking movement quite efficiently, despite conditions of poor light.

To sum up, the Reeling E1 Outdoor proves quite adept in the video and audio department, providing quality surveillance under various conditions. While it does present certain shortcomings, it definitely holds enough promise to warrant consideration.

Critique of REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera

Understanding the Motion Alert Notification Speed

  • Reeling E1 Outdoor has quick motion alert notification
  • Notification speed may vary with internet/signal strength
  • Camera’s cool-off period could potentially miss quick activities

The Reeling E1 Outdoor prides itself on its advanced motion alert notification speed. After the initial trial with the product, I was keen to test this feature closely. A noteworthy aspect of a security camera’s functionality is its ability to promptly alert the user when it detects motion.

Testing Methodology

The test of the motion alert notification speed was performed using two different connection types – the local Wi-Fi and LTE. This way, a more comprehensive review of the camera’s performance in different scenarios could be obtained. It’s worth noting that the Reeling E1 Outdoor was set to person detection mode only for the purpose of this test.


The alert notification speed was rather impressive. When running on my LTE connection, notifications were received promptly, showcasing this camera’s swift response time. While this is a highly desirable feature in a security camera, it is worth noting that the actual speed of the notification can still be influenced by factors such as your mobile signal strength or internet speed.

Cool-Off Period

After receiving the initial alert, I decided to examine the camera’s cool-off period. From my testing, the cool off period was approximately one minute. This indicates that the camera holds back on notifications for around a minute after initially detecting motion. This period could prove to be a slight disadvantage if multiple quick activities occur in the monitored area, as some could be potentially missed.

Critical Analysis

While the Reeling E1 Outdoor’s motion alert notification speed is fundamentally commendable, improvements could be made regarding its cool-off period. It should ideally be adjustable, allowing the users to decide the rest period between notifications, avoiding potential missed actions. Apart from this aspect, the camera delivers reliable and timely notifications for detected motion.

In conclusion, I rate the Reeling E1 Outdoor highly in terms of motion alert notification speed, despite room for improvement in its cool-off period.

Testing Maximum Detection Distance

  • Reeling E1 Outdoor detects movement up to 40 feet
  • Effective motion detection both during day and night
  • High sensitivity “Person Detection” mode works efficiently

Testing the maximum detection distance of the Reeling E1 Outdoor proved to be an enlightening exercise. It provided an excellent opportunity to evaluate the camera’s capacity to pick up movement at various distances, both during the day and at night.

Daytime Testing

So, let’s start with daylight testing first.

I initiated this test with the camera’s motion detection mode set to “Person Detection” only and the sensitivity high. As I retreated from the camera, I paused at the 40-feet mark to see if it would pick up my presence. Interestingly, the camera did not disappoint and successfully detected my movement even at that distance. This definitely gives it a competitive edge when it comes to extended range detection.

Night Testing with Infrared Night Vision

Next, let’s discuss the nighttime testing.

Beyond the pre-determined 40-foot mark, I initiated the test again, this time in darkness. The pre-set infrared night vision kicked in and took over, illuminating my path. Upon detection, the camera’s spotlights engaged, and despite the darkness, I could visibly see that the system correctly identified me at this distance. Moreover, I received the notification promptly, which points to its efficient alert mechanism even after sundown.

The spotlights maintained a white Kelvin color tone, bright enough to capture the movements vividly but not overly harsh on the eyes.

Notably, the details regarding the lumen capacity of the spotlight were not available on the Reeling’s website. While it’s not a dealbreaker, the addition of specific details could contribute to a more well-rounded understanding of the overall product value.

In conclusion, this camera certainly shows promise in its detection range, exhibiting robust performance in both daylight and low light conditions. With its widespread detection range, monitoring extensive properties might just get a tad simpler.

Compatibility with Other Devices

  • Reeling E1 Outdoor integrates well with Google Hub
  • Camera feed has a slight delay

Now, an essential feature I explored was the compatibility of the Reeling E1 Outdoor with other devices. The real question was, how does this camera work with mainstream smart home devices? I decided to put it to the test.

Integrating with Google Hub

In a smart home setup, seamless integration with existing systems is crucial for smooth operations. From my experience, those who have a robust smart home system in place would likely lean towards cameras that blend well with their network.

With the Reeling E1 Outdoor, my integration of choice was the Google Hub. To perform the test, I used the voice command: “stream E1 outdoor in Google Hub.” The response was prompt and the camera feed was displayed successfully on the hub. This intuitive integration allows users to have an extra level of ease and convenience.

However, it’s important to note that it took a bit longer to load than I expected. In a situation where real-time feed is crucial, this delay might be a little disappointing.

Critical Evaluation

Overall, the camera integrated well with the Google Hub and is quite suitable for a smart home ecosystem. Still, it’s important for potential users to understand their specific connectivity needs and timing expectations. Users who expect instant feedback might find the slight time delay somewhat frustrating. But, in less urgent scenarios, the lag isn’t severe enough to interfere with the overall utility of the camera.

Remember, every tech product has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s crucial to take them into account when deciding if it’s the right choice for your smart home needs.

Overall Judgement

  • Reeling E1 camera delivers exceptional video quality
  • Camera’s object detection and tracking increase security level
  • Additional spotlight improves night-time functionality

After conducting thorough testing on the Reeling E1 Outdoor Wi-Fi camera, we have arrived at some noteworthy observations, both positive and negative. It’s important to remember that no single product can meet everyone’s needs perfectly, so the pros and cons identified here can vary for individual users based on their specific priorities.


  • The video quality of the Reeling E1 Outdoor camera is undeniably remarkable. Whether you are utilizing its standard or 3 times optical zoom features, the resolution remains crisp and sharp, making it a robust option for monitoring exterior spaces.
  • Another plus point is the camera’s object detection and tracking performance. The artificial intelligence (AI) technology of this camera accurately detects and dynamically tracks any person or vehicle motion, minimizing false alerts and enhancing the security level.
  • The additional spotlight feature significantly improves its night-time functionality. It provides visible illumination, transforming night vision into a color experience and maintaining clear video quality.

Room for Improvement

  • Despite its impressive features, the camera exhibits a bit of blurriness when color night vision mode is activated in the presence of motion. Enhancing this aspect could significantly improve its overall performance.
  • Notably, the E1 Outdoor has an IP rating absent. While it is marketed as weatherproof, an explicit IP rating would provide a better understanding of its durability under different weather conditions.
  • Lastly, the lack of snapshot preview in its notification system is a minor yet critical omission. The ability to preview the cause of an alert without needing to open the application can be much more user-friendly, enhancing the overall user experience.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that while the Reeling E1 Outdoor camera does exhibit certain areas needing improvement, it excels significantly in many aspects, delivering high-quality, reliable video security with enhanced features. The addition of spotlight, night vision, and AI-powered detection provides robust and functional monitoring of any outdoor property.

Alternative Installation Method

  • Reeling E1 provides alternative ceiling/under-the-eaves installation
  • Larger hole required for routing ethernet wires
  • Camera is not Power Over Ethernet compatible

Now, while setting the Reeling E1 Outdoor Wi-Fi camera up and running was a fairly straightforward procedure, I thought of delving into an alternative installation method that some of you might find more convenient. Particularly, if you’re aiming to avoid wall drilling or simply prefer a more discreet setup.

Ceiling or Under-the-eaves Configuration

Reeling E1 Outdoor provides versatility when it comes to mounting. Therefore, instead of the typical wall install, you can opt for a ceiling or under-the-eaves setup. This method involves screwing the camera’s mount directly into the ceiling, ensuring a secure fit.

  1. The first step is to, quite literally, screw in the bracket to the ceiling. The process is pretty simple and the instructions are well-detailed.
  2. Next, screw the camera onto this bracket for a snug attachment. The build quality makes this attachment steady and the operational movement fluid.

But, while this alternative setup is less intrusive in terms of holes on your wall, it does present a new set of challenges.

The Challenge: Wiring and Hole Drilling

The slight drawback I observed is the need to drill a relatively large hole if you’re routing the wiring through the attic or wall. It has to be large enough to accommodate the ethernet port, which means it’ll need a minimum diameter of about 3/4 of an inch. Admittedly, this could be an eyesore for some, and routing the cables can create a bit of a hassle.

Another issue worth considering is that the camera is not Power Over Ethernet (PoE) compatible, despite having an ethernet port. This means you will need to manage both the power wires and the ethernet wires separately, in case you want to plug directly into your router or network video recorder, which can further complicate the cable management process.

However, despite these challenges, an under-the-eaves or ceiling installation still offers its own unique advantages such as better field view, concealment, and protection from direct weather elements. Consider the trade-offs before deciding on an installation method.

Overcoming Installation Challenges

I shall be devoting another article to the cable management topic. It’ll comprise a comprehensive guide on how to neatly organize and hide the clutter of wires that often accompanies the installation of wired outdoor cameras like the Reeling E1 Outdoor. So, stay tuned for that!

Overall Experience

The Reeling E1 Outdoor camera offers a reasonable degree of installation flexibility, which is definitely a huge plus in my books. However, certain aspects, such as the hole-drilling for wiring and cable management, could be improved for a smoother user experience. As always, the best method depends on your specific needs and scenario. So evaluate, plan, and then proceed. Happy installing!


After spending a significant amount of time with the Reeling E1 Outdoor Wi-Fi camera, I’m left with a fairly comprehensive perspective to share. This camera truly ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to outdoor home security solutions.

Final Thoughts

The camera strength lies in its motion tracking capabilities and overall video quality, particularly during the day. The smart detection feature was indeed intelligent and responded quickly to movements. The three times optical zoom adds to the impressive feature list, offering crisp and clear footage even at great distances.

On the other hand, one area the E1 Outdoor could improve involves its night performance; the drop in frames per second and an increase in blurriness during motion tracking were quite noticeable. The camera also doesn’t appear to maintain its designated frame rate in darker conditions, which might be a point to note for those wanting 24/7 high-quality surveillance.

Points for improvement

Going forward, I believe Reeling could enhance user experience tremendously by incorporating rich notification features, such as a snapshot preview. In the realm of home security, quick and efficient information dissemination is critical – and this is where a snapshot preview could be a game changer.

Additionally, the settings of the camera system seemed more complex than necessary. Simplifying these to make it user-friendly for all levels of tech savviness would, in my opinion, be a step in the right direction.

Future Discussions

While we dove deep into both benefits and drawbacks of the E1 outdoor camera, there’s still room to explore topics like more efficient cable management for better aesthetics and easier maintenance. Those topics are certainly on the agenda for in-depth future discussions.

In conclusion, the E1 Outdoor is a reliable product with its solid set of features and excellent video quality. It’s safe to say that with minor improvements, it could very well be an ideal outdoor security solution for many households.

Should you buy the REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera?

Buy it if…

You desire high quality outdoor surveillance

The Reeling E1 Outdoor Wi-Fi camera is equipped with a 5-megapixel video quality and motion tracking, which makes it an excellent choice for detailed, high-resolution outdoor surveillance.

You need extensive and flexible storage options

The E1 enables local storage in the camera itself compatible up to 256 gigabytes, FTP cloud storage, or saving to a reeling NVR, giving you an array of storage options to pick from.

You’d like a smart detection feature

The smart person and vehicle detection of the Reeling E1, combined with its motion tracking and maximum detection range, makes it an outstanding option for those seeking comprehensive, intelligent coverage in their security system.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a tight budget

While the camera boasts many advanced features, it might be a bit hefty on the wallet for some, which makes it less ideal for individuals seeking budget-friendly options.

Unspecified weatherproof rating concerns you

The camera is built to operate outdoors and is said to be weatherproof, but the absence of a specific IP rating might be a deal breaker for those living in areas with harsh weather conditions.

You need Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature

While the camera can support a direct connection to your router or NVR via Ethernet, it is not compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE), which might prove inconvenient for some users.


What is the video quality of the Reeling E1 outdoor wi-fi camera?
The Reeling E1 outdoor camera supports 5-megapixel video quality.
Does the Reeling E1 outdoor camera have a spotlight feature?
Yes, this camera comes with four LED spotlights.
What storage options does the Reeling E1 camera offer?
The camera supports local storage in the camera itself and is compatible with up to a 256-gigabyte card. But with Reeling, you can also save videos via FTP Reeling cloud with a subscription or save to a Reeling NVR.
Is the Reeling E1 camera weatherproof?
Yes, it features a weatherproof design, the specific IP rating isn’t stated by Reeling.
Does the Reeling E1 outdoor camera support motion detection?
Yes, it features both person and vehicle detection along with motion tracking.
What is the maximum detection distance of the Reeling E1 outdoor camera?
The camera has been tested to detect motion at distances up to 40 feet.
Can I set up the Reeling E1 outdoor wifi camera through Wi-fi?
Yes, the Reeling E1 camera can connect to both 2.4 and 5 Gigahertz Wi-Fi.
How does the camera handle low light conditions?
The camera features infrared night vision and spotlight to enhance video quality in low light conditions.
What happens when the Reeling E1 detects motion?
If the camera detects motion, it sends a notification alert to the user’s device and starts recording the footage.

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