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Review: Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi, Carbon Brown Medium – Innovative solution for securing delivered packages

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Review of Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi, Carbon Brown Medium

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Test of Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi, Carbon Brown Medium

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Cena: $229.99


  • Effective theft deterrent
  • Remote lock and unlock feature
  • Sturdy design when filled or anchored
  • Emergency escape button & ventilation holes
  • Weather-resistant and condensation friendly
  • Wi-Fi bridge for enhanced connectivity
  • Alerts for package arrival


  • Some assembly required
  • Plastic lip and lock seems weak
  • Wi-Fi bridge must be near outlet
  • No included instructions for anchoring box
  • Lock latch mechanism potentially prone to breaking

“From a personal perspective, the Yale Smart Delivery Box brings an innovative solution for securing delivered packages. Its remote accessibility, weather-resistant design, and emergency escape feature are impressive. However, the plastic lip and locking mechanism’s durability did give me a moment’s pause. Considering its practical utility in deterring porch pirates, I would certainly lean towards recommending it, despite the minor concerns. Ultimately, the value it affords outweighs the concerns I have.”

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Brand Yale
Lock Type Key
Color Carbon Brown
Material Plastic
Special Feature Portable
Mounting Type Floor Mount
Control Type Push Button Control
Included Components Smart Delivery Box, Wi-Fi Bridge, Mounting Hardware
Style Delivery Box
Water Resistance Level Not Water Resistant

Introduction to the Yale Smart Delivery Box

With porch security becoming an increasingly significant issue in recent years, it’s no surprise that some people now turn to smart delivery boxes for peace of mind. Among the various options available in the market, one that has caught my eye is the Yale Smart Delivery Box.

A Porch Pirate Solution: The Yale Smart Delivery Box

If you’ve ever worried about porch pirates making off with your parcels or careless couriers leaving them in plain sight, then this Yale Smart Delivery Box promises to be a game-changer. Developed by a reputable company known for their security solutions, it aims to provide you with a secure and reliable space for your deliveries.

Assembling and Setting Up Your New Yale Smart Delivery Box

The Yale Smart Delivery Box requires some assembly out of the box. However, I found the set-up process to be a pretty straightforward process. With the included assembly accessories and a little effort, getting this box ready doesn’t take too long. Filling the hollow legs and base with sand, water, or other weights gives it a firm ground, preventing thieves from running off with it. Alternatively, you can anchor the box to your porch’s wall or floor, a feature I found to be quite useful and thoughtful. Though there are no instructions for this part, I enjoyed the freedom it gave me to set it up in the best way that suits my porch’s layout.

To conclude, my initial impression of the Yale Smart Delivery Box was that of innovative packaging designed to give a simple solution to a pressing problem. The experience of unboxing and setting up only added fuel to my anticipation of what this product had to offer. Let’s delve deeper into its features and real-life performance in the following sections.

Reflection on Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi, Carbon Brown Medium

Main Features and Specs: What Makes Yale Stand Out?

  • Yale Smart Box provides secured package storage
  • Wi-Fi enabled smart lock controls remote access
  • Box includes safety features and weather resistance

As we delve into the main features and specifications of the Yale Smart Delivery Box, the first thing that catches my eye is the fairly straightforward concept. It operates on a simple premise – provide a secured storage solution to prevent package theft.

Design and Setup

The Yale box requires some initial assembly. The two-piece leg assembly connecting to the main box was straightforward, with clear instructions and all required tools supplied, but I did have to use my own phillips head screwdriver. It’s also designed to be anchored to the wall or filled with weights to prevent the chest itself from being stolen – a smart move by Yale.

Smart Lock

Inside the box, a Wi-Fi enabled smart lock links up with your home’s internet and allows access through the Yale app remotely. The idea of controlling the contents of the box from anywhere is a definite plus. It’s a relief to have the option to unlock the box with just a tap and to also set it to auto-lock once it’s been accessed.

Emergency Features

The emergency escape button accessible from inside the box, as well as ventilation holes, are great attention to safety. Yale went an extra step in ensuring security does not compromise safety, especially for those with curious little ones!

Weather Resistance

The unit is stated to be weather resistant, a must-have for an outdoor security box. Something that particularly stood out to me was the interior tray designed to direct any condensation away from your package – a small but very useful feature.

In summary, the Yale Smart Delivery Box boasts an array of well-thought-out features and specifications. Each designed to add security and convenience to receiving packages, with some extra touches that put the user’s needs first.

Rundown: Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi, Carbon Brown Medium

Dissecting the Deliveries: My Experience with the Yale Box

  • Yale Smart Delivery Box assembly straightforward
  • Lock/unlock remotely via Yale app
  • Helps manage parcel deliveries securely

Now, let’s dive into the nuts and bolts—the hands-on experience I had with the Yale Smart Delivery Box.

In-Depth Look: How Does the Yale Smart Delivery Box Perform?

Upon unboxing, the assembly was not as daunting as it might seem. The leg assembly was relatively straightforward, just a matter of using the supplied tools. Positioning the box at an optimum location was crucial, and filling the legs and base with sand did give it substantial weight, which in my view, deters opportunistic thieves.

The Functionalities: How to Unlock, Lock, and Set Auto-Lock

The smart lock functionality is honestly quite impressive. I loved how easily I could lock and unlock the box remotely through the Yale app; it felt like I had control over my parcel security, even when not physically present at home.

  1. Setting up the lock – You first need to connect your box with your home’s Wi-Fi. This allows you to manipulate the lock remotely.
  2. Unlocking the box – Anticipating a delivery? Just tap to unlock whenever you’re due for a delivery. It’s as simple as that!
  3. Lock settings – The auto-lock feature lent a sense of security; the box locks once the lid is closed after a delivery. Alternatively, you can also choose to lock it manually via the app.

It was a relief to know my parcels could make it inside securely, without falling prey to porch pirates.

The Verdict: Is the Yale Smart Delivery Box a Worthy Purchase?

In my opinion, the Yale Smart Delivery Box has a lot going for it. Predominantly, it lets you manage your parcel deliveries much more securely while maintaining a reasonably effortless setup process. The smart lock mechanism is a distinctive touch, aside from the deterring weight of the chest. However, as much as I appreciate these features, I feel it’s essential to note its shortfalls, which I’ll delve into in the next section.

Highlight: Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi, Carbon Brown Medium

Perceived Limitations: What Could Have Been Better?

  • Yale Box’s plastic latch lacks firmness, strength
  • Plastic material may wear in extreme weather

While the Yale Smart Delivery Box is undoubtedly a stellar invention, a thorough review wouldn’t be complete without interrogating some of its potential drawbacks. Although I found the product very useful, there were some areas where I felt that improvements could be made.

The Downside: Reviewing the Drawbacks of the Yale Smart Delivery Box

Plastic Construction: One area of concern is the box’s plastic latch, where the locking mechanism attaches to the lid. Considering the box’s core purpose, which is security, this part seems to be lacking in terms of firmness and strength. There was a bit of give in this section, which led me to believe, it could potentially be popped open with enough force.

Construction: Should You Worry About the Plastic Lip & Locking Mechanism?

It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t actively try to break the latch because I didn’t want to damage the box. However, the plastic seemed fragile. I don’t know how it would stand up to a determined thief or how it might wear over time, particularly in extreme weather conditions. If anything, I could argue these elements could use an upgrade to a sturdier material to ensure maximum security.

The downside, although minor, may be a significant factor for some potential buyers who are particularly concerned about the security aspect of the product. By and large, the Yale Smart Delivery Box stands as a very impressive product but does leave room for improvement in future models.

Evaluating Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi, Carbon Brown Medium

What Are Other Customers Saying? Other Users’ Experience

  • Yale Box praised for notification and sturdy design
  • Complaints around breakable plastic latch and strength
  • Effective solution against porch pirates

It’s one thing to have my experience, but it’s essential to consider the perspectives of other users too. I’ve sifted through a ruck of comments, feedback, and ratings from other customers to give you an unbiased and comprehensive view of what the Yale Smart Delivery Box is really serving up.

Positive Reviews: The Highlights from Satisfied Users

One user particularly praised the box’s intuitive design, saying how the notification feature really put them at ease. With an immediate alert when the box is opened, they could lock it remotely, ensuring their precious packages were safe until they could retrieve them. Another point raised was its sturdy design, which they took a step further by bolting their box to the concrete wall of their home, this way it couldn’t be lifted or moved at all. People certainly value peace of mind when it comes to their deliveries.

Negative Reviews: The Complaints from Other Users

However, not everyone was as thrilled. A common thread among the dissatisfied customers was related to the plastic latch. The plastic construction apparently, in some cases, led to breaks that couldn’t be remedied with a simple replacement. There was also concerns around its strength, with some feeling that it could be easily forced open. Of course, we didn’t attempt this during our testing, but it’s still worth mentioning for anyone considering the product.

Overall, user experiences varied, but it’s clear that for many, this product was an effective solution to porch pirates, helping them to rest easy. But, just like with every product, it’s not without its weak spots.

Assessment of Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi, Carbon Brown Medium

My Final Verdict: Is the Yale Smart Delivery Box Worth It?

  • Yale box offers convenient remote access
  • Includes emergency escape button and ventilation holes
  • Plastic lip and locking mechanism has potential weakness

After much deliberation and experiencing the Yale Smart Delivery Box at first hand, it’s about time I give you my honest, unbiased, and critical evaluation of this product.

Assessing the Pros

First and foremost, let’s talk about what I was impressed with. The Yale Smart Delivery Box stands out with its convenient remote access functionality, which allows users to unlock and lock the box using the Yale app. This feature gave me an invaluable sense of control, allowing me to handle deliveries even when I was away from home.

Furthermore, the box’s emergency escape button and ventilation holes promoted security and breathability, a keen attention to safety that I greatly appreciate. Notably, the weather-resistant design handled the elements splendidly, keeping my packages not only secured but also dry.

Taking into Account the Cons

No product is flawless, and in the spirit of balanced criticism, the Yale Smart Delivery Box does have some areas that fell short of my expectation. The plastic lip and locking mechanism , which are vital to the box’s security, were not as robust as I would have liked. There was noticeable give in these areas, potentially leading to unforeseen security issues in the long run.

Deciding if it’s Worth the Investment

Ultimately, the decision on if the Yale Smart Delivery Box is worth the investment comes down to individual needs and expectations. For those seeking a way to safely handle parcel deliveries remotely, who don’t mind the potential plastic weakness, the Yale Smart Delivery Box offers a practical solution. Its functionalities are effective , and it comes with thoughtful design features, making me lean towards a thumbs-up for this product.

But if you are looking for a security product that gives you an unshakeable confidence in its durability and resilience, then you might want to look elsewhere. Clearly, only you can decide if the benefits outweigh this drawback accordingly to your case.

My Rating

In terms of my rating, given the overall benefits and potent limitations, I would rate the Yale Smart Delivery Box 3.8 out of 5 stars. I laud its innovative features and zeal for safety but remain cautious of its plastic construction. Potential buyers be aware and assess your needs judiciously to make an informed purchase decision.

Weighing Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi, Carbon Brown Medium

Giveaway: How One Lucky Subscriber Can Win a Yale Smart Delivery Box

  • Giveaway offers a Yale Smart Delivery Box
  • Participation requires subscription, liking, and commenting
  • Winner selected randomly within one week

In the spirit of giving something back to the community and making people’s lives a tad simpler and safer, we’re hosting a giveaway where one lucky subscriber will be graced with a brand new Yale Smart Delivery Box. No need for purchase, simply follow the steps outlined below and stand a chance to win!

The Simple Steps: How to Become Eligible for the Giveaway

The prerequisites for this giveaway are quite straightforward. Our aim is not to make this complicated or tiresome, but to present an exciting opportunity for everyone. Here’s how you can be part of our giveaway:

  1. Ensure you are a subscriber to the platform
  2. Like this video
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Note: Make sure you follow all three steps to get a valid entry. Everyone has an equal opportunity to win, providing fairness in the process.

Wrapping It Up: One Week Until We Announce the Winner

Once all the steps are completed and you’ve entered the giveaway, it’s a waiting game. We’ll select a winner at random within a week from now. It’s crucial to note that the winner selection process will be unbiased and will not favor any particular subscriber. The methodology behind the selection ensures that each participant has an equal shot at winning.

We strongly believe that the Yale Smart Delivery Box brings convenience, security, and peace of mind to every home. That’s why we’re excited to provide one lucky individual with the chance to experience this first-hand. Good luck to everyone considering participating in the giveaway!

Conclusion: Signing Off

And that wraps up our comprehensive, unbiased, and critical take on the Yale Smart Delivery Box. Throughout our exploration, we’ve dived into the setup process, features, and delivered an honest breakdown, revealing both the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

Personal Experience

In my own experience, I appreciated the remote access functionality and the fact that I could lock and unlock the box with a tap of an app. However, I did find the plastic lip around the locking mechanism a bit problematic. Even though I didn’t test it to its breaking point, the flexibility in that area left me a bit concerned about the product’s overall durability.

A Balanced View

While acknowledging the many positive features this product brings to the table, such as its weather-resistant design and emergency escape button, we were also mindful of shedding light on the negative aspects. As reviewers, our primary goal is to provide a balanced view, helping you to thoroughly consider your purchase decision.

In The End

But that’s it from us for this review. We hope this review has given you a good round-up of the Yale Smart Delivery Box and what it delivers, no pun intended! Remember, whether this product is the right choice for you really depends on the distinct needs and considerations of your use case.

Thanks for Reading!

Thank you for taking the time to read our review. We strive to use clear examples, not to bat around the bush, and to add value to your day. See you in our next detailed product review. Until then, stay informed and make wise buying decisions!

Should you buy the Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi, Carbon Brown Medium?

Buy it if…

You want to prevent package theft

The Yale Smart Delivery Box is designed to deter porch pirates, keeping your packages secure until you’re ready to retrieve them.

You’re often away from home

With the Yale App, you can control the lock remotely, making it ideal for those who are often away during delivery times.

You appreciate comprehensive features

From Wi-Fi connectivity to a weather-resistant design, the Yale Smart Delivery Box offers a wide array of functionalities to cater to your security needs.

Don’t buy it if…

You have qualms about durability

The plastic lip and locking mechanism had some negative feedback regarding durability. It may not be the best choice if you’re looking for something highly robust.

You dislike assembly

There is some assembly required with this product but no instructions provided, which could be a turn-off for people who are not handy.

You don’t have a constant power supply near the box

The included Wi-Fi bridge needs to be plugged into an outlet no more than 10 feet away, which might not suit every setup.


How is the Yale Smart Delivery Box assembled and set up?
The box comes with a two-piece leg assembly that you connect to the main box using a supplied T-15 Torx head and your own Phillips head screwdriver. Once assembled, you choose a location and fill the hollow legs and base with sand, water, or another weight to prevent theft. You can also anchor the box to your porch wall or floor. It also has a Wi-Fi enabled smart lock that connects to your home’s internet and can be accessed remotely through the Yale app.
How does the app control functionalities of the Yale Smart Delivery Box?
Once set up, you can control the contents of your box from anywhere via the Yale app. If you’re expecting a delivery, simply unlock the box with a tap. You can also set the box to auto-lock once it’s been opened and closed, or you can lock it manually.
Is the Yale Smart Delivery Box weather-resistant?
Yes, the Yale Smart Delivery Box is weather-resistant. It includes an interior tray that allows any condensation to drip to the bottom, keeping your package dry.
What is a perceived limitation of the Yale Smart Delivery Box?
The plastic lip where the locking mechanism attaches to the box lid isn’t the strongest, so with a little force, it’s feasible that it could be popped open.
How can I win the Yale Smart Delivery Box?
To have a chance of winning the Yale Smart Delivery Box, you need to be subscribed to the channel, like the video in question, and leave a comment in this video with the secret hashtag provided in the review.

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