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Review: Xbox Wireless Headset – quality gaming experience with customizable sound

In-depth review of Xbox Wireless Headsets features, compatibility, comfort, control mechanics, and audio quality... Read more

Review of Xbox Wireless Headset

Table of Contents

Test of Xbox Wireless Headset

4.5/5 - (10865 votes)

Cena: $59.99


  • Compatible with Xbox series X, S, One & Windows 10
  • Connect to your Xbox and your phone simultaneously
  • Impressive material, padding and overall comfort
  • Fit perfectly, works well with glasses
  • Dual-control design improves usability
  • Balance game and chat sounds
  • Can be used while charging


  • Microphone fixed to the left side, not adjustable
  • Initial game audio sound may be flat
  • Could have a better overall audio quality
  • Limited wireless range, differs based on location
  • May need a longer USB-C cable for charging
  • Some connection lags experienced

“After spending a year testing the Xbox Wireless headsets, I’ve come to the conclusion that, despite a few minor drawbacks, they provide a quality gaming experience. With features such as comfortable fit, Bluetooth multitasking, intuitive controls, and customizable sound—these headsets offer significant value. However, they are not perfect; the mic positioning is fixed, and the audio quality required some tweaking out of the box. That said, for their price point and features, they are indeed my go-to choice for daily gaming needs.”

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Welcome, fellow gamers. Ever spent months on end, scouring through the internet and electronics shops, searching for that perfect Xbox headset? Trust me, I’ve been in those shoes, and I can testify that the struggle is real. So buckle up as I give you an inside look at the Xbox Wireless Headsets, a kit that passed my stringent three-year-long testing phase and is still standing strong, a year later.

My Three-Year Journey with Xbox Headsets: The Ups and Downs

Over the past three years, I’ve grappled with several Xbox headsets — some malfunctioned prematurely while others turned into uncomfortable head-clamps after a tiresome gaming session. When purchasing a gaming headset, my critical expectations revolve around a few key aspects — comfort, sound quality, and functionality. Sadly, most of the options I tried did not grind out a balance between these aspects. However, the Xbox Wireless Headsets offered a glimmer of hope and, spoiler alert, they’ve stood the test of time.

The Winning Contender – Xbox Wireless Headsets: My One Year Experience

As I peek back into my year-long journey with these headsets, I realize it’s a roller coaster worth sharing. Aren’t all good gameplay experiences just that? So here’s my unbiased, detail-drenched review of the Xbox Wireless Headset, that I hope will help you avoid the gamble I had to play with other headsets. Let’s dive into the highs and lows, the ups and downs of these promising headsets, for I believe an informed gamer is a happier gamer. Stay tuned!

Perspective: Xbox Wireless Headset

Xbox Wireless Headset Compatibility

  • Xbox Wireless Headsets pair seamlessly with multiple devices
  • Feature Bluetooth multitasking for dual pairing
  • Occasional minor lag during transition between connected devices

In my year-long experience with these Xbox Wireless Headsets, one of the standout features has been its broad scope of compatibility. The headset not only connects flawlessly with Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and Windows 10 devices, it also pairs seamlessly with mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Expanding Beyond Xbox: Compatibility Breakdown

Compared to other gaming headsets I’ve used, the Xbox Wireless Headsets definitely earned bonus points for their ability to seamlessly connect beyond the Xbox realm. Being compatible with Windows 10 widened my using opportunities and the headset’s adaptability to mobile devices added an extra layer of convenience to my gaming experience.

My Favorite Feature: Bluetooth Multitasking for Gamers

Speaking of convenience, I can’t fail to mention what quickly became my favorite feature – Bluetooth multitasking. This feature allows you to connect the headset simultaneously to your Xbox and your phone, thereby enabling audio from both devices. Think of it as a win-win situation; you can engage in a gaming session while simultaneously having an unhampered Discord discussion or streaming music from another device. Already used to headsets with limited connectivity, this dual pairing became a game-changer for me, significantly enhancing my gaming experience.

However, like with everything, there is some room for improvement. The headset does a commendable job maintaining the concomitant connections, but there were instances of minor lagging during transitions between my Xbox and phone. Still, I attest that the feature drastically outweighs this small hiccup and sets a high standard for other gaming headsets.

Comments on Xbox Wireless Headset

Comfort and Adjustability of the Headset

  • Xbox Wireless Headsets provide comfort in long-hour gaming
  • Headsets accommodate glasses users without discomfort
  • Testing headsets pre-purchase recommended for comfort assurance

When investing in a gaming headset, it’s crucial to consider comfort, especially for those intense, long-hour gaming sessions. That’s where these Xbox Wireless Headsets really delivered for me.

The Weight and Material Analysis

One of the first things I noticed about these headsets is their pleasant weight. They aren’t overly heavy to cause discomfort, but they also don’t feel flimsy. The material used for the headsets is high-quality and seems to be designed for durability. The padding on both the headband and the ear cups provides comfort while also formulating a snug fit.

Pronouncement of Comfort: Long-hour Gaming Sessions made Easy

These headsets have proven to be quite comfortable, even during prolonged gaming sessions. They are designed in a way that, despite their solid build, they do not exert pressure on your head or ears, making them comfortable even after long hours of use.

A Side Note for Gamers with Glasses

Note to users with glasses : If you’re a fellow gamer who wears glasses, you’ll appreciate knowing that these headsets fit perfectly over them without any discomfort. The design accommodates glasses easily, without painful pressure points or awkward adjustments.

The Bottom-Line

However, it’s important to remember that comfort can be subjective and depend on personal preferences and head shape. But in my experience, the Xbox Wireless Headsets have shown an excellent ability to provide comfort and adjustability for various users.

Keep this in mind while making your decision. If possible, testing out the headset before purchase may provide further clarity on the comfort and fitting experience.

Breakdown of Xbox Wireless Headset

Control Mechanics that Impressed Me

  • Xbox wireless headset has impressive dual control dials
  • Intuitive audio controls enhance gaming experience
  • Mic positioning lacks flexibility

Being a seasoned gamer, I can tell when my experiences with a device control system is remarkable or average. After a year with the Xbox wireless headset , there are certain control features that genuinely wow me with a bit of a glitch.

The Dual Controls: Intuitive Design Boosting Usability

Let’s start with what I consider a brilliant design. The headset has dials on both ear cuffs, each with distinct functionality. This places essential controls at your fingertips, saving you the stress of navigating complex menus to personalize your gaming experience.

Interacting with the Volumes: Control the Game, Chat, or Both

One factor that stood out was how the dial on the right side controls game volume. The ease of turning it up and down was smooth and absolutely intuitive. On the left cuff, the dial also features three modes. You can choose to hear just the game, only the chat, or balance both by turning it to different sides. It was fascinating how this simple dial allowed for such seamless control.

The Short-Lived Hurdle: Inflexible Mic Position

Yet, product evaluation would be incomplete without critical observations. One such is that the mic is on the left side, but there’s no option to switch it to the right. This might be discouraging for players like me who prefer having the microphone on the right. Despite this inconvenience, it’s important to note that this wasn’t much of a deal-breaker during my use.

Overall, the controls on the Xbox wireless headset significantly enhanced my experience. The intuitive dual dials and nuanced audio controls made the operation natural and easy, even though the static left-side mic positioning could have been made flexible. My interaction with the controls solidified the headset as an effective gaming companion.

Critique of Xbox Wireless Headset

Power, Range, and Charging

  • Power button manages on-off and Bluetooth pairing
  • Headset functions while charging
  • Battery supports long gaming sessions

Toggling Power and Pairing: The Green Button Magic

Let’s dive into the power dynamics of these headsets. The power button, situated conveniently right above the microphone, not only turns on your headset but also handles the Bluetooth pairing. One distinct feature is the ability to power your Xbox console directly from this button once it’s paired. While this saves the hassle of separately turning on your Xbox, I did find the response time to be slightly laggy on occasion.

Charging 101: Play While You Juice Up

The right side of the headset houses a USB-C port for charging. An appealing facet I must discuss here is the Xbox Wireless headset’s ability to function while charging. In real-world scenarios, it does come in handy during those extended gaming marathons. However, the included USB-C charging cable’s length could be a bit of a nuisance if you’re not close to your console. Strategically settling for a longer cable might be a prudent measure.

Battery Life in Real Time: My Gaming Sessions Review

As we all have this unspoken complaint about the advertised versus actual battery life, I’ve taken it upon myself to address this. My usage has brought me to the conclusion that these headsets deliver a solid 4 to 6 hours. Point to note, this is under consistent usage, comfortably matching up to those intense gaming sessions.

Wireless Range Testing: A 20-feet Freedom with Caveats

The Xbox Wireless headset claims to deliver up to a 20 feet wireless range, which, in my experience, has resonated with its performance. However, walking around different parts of the house, I did experience a few occasional dropouts. The range might differ in various settings and obstacles, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag, yet decent for a gaming headset.

Key Takeaway:
  • Power button doubles as a pairing button, saving hassle but can be slow.
  • You can play while charging, but consider a longer charging cable for better positioning.
  • The battery performance delivers adequately for long gaming sessions.
  • A 20-feet wireless range comes with a few minor hiccups, largely depending on your setting.

Investigation of Xbox Wireless Headset

Reviewing Audio Quality and Customizing Sound Experience

  • Audio quality of Xbox headset customizable
  • Sound enhancements available through Apps
  • Microphone delivers decent, clear audio

Stepping into section six, let’s talk about something super important for any headset – the audio. Considering it’s a gaming headset, the audio performance can make or break the overall gaming experience. So, how did these Xbox Wireless Headsets hold up in this regard? Let’s find out.

The Game Audio: Expectations Vs. Reality

Right out of the box, I was curious to see how this headset’s audio would stack up. Initially, I found the audio to be a bit flat. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible or anything – the bass had adequate depth, the trebles were clear, but for true audiophiles or enthusiastic gamers, it might feel a bit plain.

However, what’s important to remember here is that, in spite of its initial flatness, this isn’t the end of the story. The Xbox Wireless Headsets give you the flexibility to improve the sound according to your preference. Yes, that’s right – you can customize the sound to your liking.

Power-up Your Sound with Xbox Accessories App or the Dolby Atmos App

By utilizing the Xbox Accessories App or Dolby Atmos App, you can tweak the sound to your heart’s content. These apps let you adjust the EQ and create a personalized audio profile to notch up your gaming audio experience.

The process is rather simple. All you need to do is download the app, connect your Xbox Wireless Headset, go to the settings, and you can start fine-tuning. Once I made those adjustments, the sound quality improved noticeably, making it perfect for both gaming and music.

Mic Quality: The Good but not Perfect Performance

The microphone, on the other hand, presents a good yet not-overwhelming performance. I found the mic to be quite decent for in-game chats and even recording gameplay. It delivers clear, intelligible audio without noticeable static or distortion.

But bear in mind, the audio quality won’t be on par with a professional-grade microphone or a high-end gaming headset. This may not be a deal-breaker for most, especially considering the price and features of the Xbox Wireless Headsets, but thought it was worth mentioning for those expecting studio-like recording quality

All in all, when it comes to audio, there’s definitely some room for improvement. Yet, with its customizable options and decent mic, the Xbox Wireless Headsets have done a pretty solid job, offering value in its price bracket.

Highlight: Xbox Wireless Headset

Concluding Thoughts

Well folks, let’s tie up my exploration of the Xbox Wireless Headsets and their one-year run in my gaming setup. These headsets, with their distinctive features and a few downsides, have indeed become an integral part of my daily gaming. But it’s essential to keep an even-handed approach while reviewing them.

Xbox Wireless Headsets: The Imperfectly Perfect for Daily Use

In my opinion, the Xbox Wireless Headsets strike a good balance between comfort, usability, and performance. Their standout characteristic for me is undoubtedly the multitasking feature. Connecting to mobile devices via Bluetooth while remaining hitched to the Xbox is a game-changer, literally and metaphorically.

Comfort-wise, with their remarkable weight distribution and clever control mechanics, these headsets have stood the test of time. However, they fell short in providing a flexible mic position and at times felt flat, audio-wise.

When it comes to power management, the ability to charge while playing is a boon, but the battery longevity could have been better. The wireless range, currently at around 20 feet, serves its purpose but occasionally loses connection in parts of my place. Worth noting if your console’s a distance from your gaming spot.

Before Signing Off: Pro Tip – Best Sound Settings Guide Video

Before we conclude, the audio, which could be initially considered merely average, remarkably improves with customization. Some might view the necessity for such personal adjustment as a disadvantage, but it could be seen as an opportunity to tailor the audio experience to one’s preferences. For a comprehensive guide on how to do this effectively, check out this video which meticulously walks through the best audio settings.

All things considered, the Xbox Wireless Headsets are a commendable choice for any Xbox gamer. They are not without their deficiencies, but with the right adjustments, they can provide a satisfactory gaming experience. As always, consider your own requirements and preferences before making your choice.

Should you buy the Xbox Wireless Headset?

Buy it if…

You Value Comfort and Durability

These Xbox wireless headsets have a nice weight and quality padding, making them comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions.

You Demand Flexibility in Connection

The headsets are capable of simultaneous connection to multiple devices, including Xbox, PC, and mobile phone

You Appreciate Versatile Control Options

With separate volume controls for game audio and chat, and a mute button for the mic, the headset gives you full control over your gaming audio.

Don’t buy it if…

You Prefer Right-Sided Mics

The microphone of this headset is only on the left, and cannot be switched to the right side.

You Expect High-Quality Audio out of the Box

The game audio might seem a bit flat at the start. Modifications through the Xbox accessories or Dolby Atmos app might be needed for better audio.

You Need Widespread Wireless Coverage

The headset’s wireless range is approximately 20 feet and can lose connection in different parts of a larger house.


Is the Xbox Wireless Headset compatible with devices other than Xbox?
Yes, it is compatible with Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Windows 10 devices, and mobile devices via Bluetooth.
Can I connect the Xbox Wireless Headset to my Xbox and mobile phone simultaneously?
Yes, you can connect these headsets to your Xbox and your phone at the same time and hear both.
Are the headsets comfortable to wear with glasses?
Yes, the headsets fit perfectly with glasses. There have been no issues reported while using them with gaming glasses.
Does the microphone on the headset switch from left side to right side?
No, the microphone is only on the left side, and currently, it cannot be switched to the right side.
Can I use the headsets while they’re charging?
Yes, you can still use the Xbox wireless headset while they are charging.
How long does the battery last on the Xbox Wireless Headset?
The battery lasts anywhere between four to six hours.
What is the range of the wireless connection?
The wireless range is approximately 20 feet. However, this may vary depending on your environment.
How is the audio quality of the Xbox Wireless Headsets?
Although they sound a bit flat out of the box, you can customize the sound using the Xbox accessories app or the Dolby Atmos app. After adjustments, the audio quality is excellent for gaming and music.

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