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Review: Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included) – Exceptional value with high-quality camera

Reviewing affordability, functionality, and user experience of Wise Video Doorbell Pro and its features... Read more

Review of Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included)

Table of Contents

Test of Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included)

4.5/5 - (2374 votes)

Cena: $89.98


  • Affordable and feature-packed
  • Easy to install and waterproof
  • Good battery life
  • High resolution 1440 by 1440 camera
  • Night vision feature for clear viewing in darkness
  • In-built microphone and speaker
  • Compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo


  • Requires Wise app for full functionality
  • Limited features on free subscription
  • Cooldown period potentially misses important events
  • Can’t set custom zone for motion detection
  • Distorted ‘fish-eye’ video view
  • Charging needed upon unboxing

“After thorough use and assessment of the Wise Video Doorbell Pro, I find it to be an exceptional value for money. Its design, ease of installation, and camera quality stand out, and the added features like customisable chimes and integrated rules make it functional yet user-friendly. However, user experience might vary based on personal needs and preferences, for instance, with the cool down period and the subscription model. Overall, it’s a solid product that delivers quite well on its promises, making it a worthwhile consideration for those seeking an affordable, quality video doorbell.”

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Recommended Uses For Product Outdoor Security
Brand WYZE
Model Name Video Doorbell Pro
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
Special Feature Night Vision, Motion Sensor

Introduction: Unboxing and First Impressions of the Wise Video Doorbell Pro

Greeted with the neatly packed Wise Video Doorbell Pro, I couldn’t help but get a sense of anticipation whilst breaking the seal. Straight off the bat, it’s commendable how much thought is put into packaging the product while ensuring sustainability – minimalistic, yet effective.

Revealing the Wise Video Doorbell Pro: Affordable and Functional

I was instantly struck by its compact design, which evidently speaks of practicality over aesthetics. Housed in a stout, square-shaped structure, the doorbell comes across as a robust piece of technology that doesn’t necessarily scream “fancy”. The metallic grey finish emits a professional vibe and should suit a variety of home exteriors. It’s apparent that the Wise Video Doorbell Pro is designed keeping in mind ease-of-use for the user, and I appreciated this thoughtful approach, given its affordable price tag.

Transparency Note: A Consumer-Paid Product Review

Note: I’d like to clarify that unlike many reviews out there, this analysis is conducted based solely on my own personal experience, with no brand intervention, as I purchased the Wise Video Doorbell Pro with my own funds. In essence, this review is unbiased, and free from any external influences. The forthcoming analysis is a critical examination of the device’s features and performance against my first-hand user experience.

Review of Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included)

Evaluating the Wise Video Doorbell Pro: Key Features

  • Wise Video Doorbell Pro offers competitive price
  • Has modern design, easy installation, and is waterproof
  • Claims 3-6 months battery life

As I set out to evaluate the Wise Video Doorbell Pro, a few key features that immediately caught my attention were its competitive price point, its design, battery life, and installation process. These factors can be potential deal breakers or deal makers for many consumers, making them an essential part of this review.

Price Point: Is $65 worth the investment?

Coming at a price of $65, the Wise Video Doorbell Pro fell nicely into the affordable range of video bells market. With the chime and no mandatory subscription required, it gives value for money. However, the proof of its worth will be in how well it functions, so I kept my judgments on hold until I had put the bell through its paces.

Design & Installation: Ease of mounting and waterproof feature

The design and installation process of any tech device can greatly affect its usability and user’s experience. The Wise Video Doorbell Pro’s design was slick and modern, fitting into the aesthetic of most homes. The package included all necessary things for installation, for instance, a double-sided tape for sticking to the door frame. I appreciate the option to either screw it into the door frame or use the tape. Also, the fact that it’s waterproof and can cope with weather changes without hindrance to its functionality was a major plus.

Battery Life: Can it last up to six months?

The battery life claim of three to six months really raised an eyebrow. Eager to verify this claim, I fully charged the doorbell and kept track of its battery life. The user experience would definitely take a hit if the battery life falls short, so I paid close attention to the doorbell’s battery status over time.

In conclusion, after using the Wise Video Doorbell Pro firsthand, I found myself appreciating these key features. However, only testing over time can confirm whether or not these features deliver as promised.

Evaluating Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included)

Taking a Deep Dive into Wise Video Doorbell’s Capabilities

  • Wise Video Doorbell Pro features 1440 x 1440 resolution camera
  • Effective night vision camera even in total darkness
  • In-built speaker and microphone offer clear two-way audio

One of the most critical aspects when reviewing a product, like the Wise Video Doorbell Pro, is assessing its capabilities thoroughly. From camera quality to in-built speakers, each feature plays a crucial role in its overall performance. By digging a bit deeper, we can get a clearer picture of what we are dealing with.

Camera Quality: How Does 1440 by 1440 Resolution Perform in Real-Time?

If there’s one element that truly stands out with this doorbell, it’s the 1440 x 1440 resolution camera. This gives us a step up from your typical doorbell cam, delivering images that are crisp and clear, even from a distance. However, there is a slight ‘fisheye’ effect owing to the peephole-like view that might distort the edges of the recorded footage marginally. This may not be a huge drawback for most, but for those focusing strictly on image quality, it’s worth mentioning.

Day vs Night Camera Performance: Effectiveness of Night Vision Activated in Total Darkness

One might think that the video quality would drastically decrease in low-light or no-light scenarios, but the Wise Video Doorbell Pro, happily, doesn’t disappoint. The night vision mode, activated in total darkness, performs remarkably well. It can pick up a human figure quite clearly, even when standing back a bit. Yet, it is worth noting that if someone is too close to the door, the infrared illuminator could wash them out slightly, so positioning of the doorbell might be pivotal here.

Audio Quality Test: How Clear is the Microphone and In-Built Speaker?

The device comes equipped with a microphone and an in-built speaker. This two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with the visitors directly from the Wise app. In testing, the audio recorded through the microphone was clear and distinct, with no significant ambient noise interruptions. On the other hand, the speaker’s volume may not be the loudest, but it’s certainly audible, adding another layer of versatility to this video doorbell.

While this device has a host of attractive features, it’s worth noting that there may be a slight learning curve to fully make use of all of them. Factors like the ‘fish-eye’ effect of the video or the placement of the device for effective night vision might take some getting used to. In conclusion, the Wise Video Doorbell Pro offers a good bag of features at an affordable price, and with some tweaks and adjustments, it can serve as a reliable addition to your home security setup.

Probe of Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included)

Reviewing the Wise App: Required or Optional?

  • Wise App essential for doorbell’s operation
  • Limited functionality with Google, Amazon integrations
  • Subscription needed for full features

When it comes to the Wise Video Doorbell Pro, using the Wise App seems to be an essential part of the experience from day one. The app serves to install, monitor, and fully operate the doorbell. But the real question is, how functional and user-friendly is this app? Let’s delve right into it.

Integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo Devices: A Helpful Feature or a Gimmick?

The first noteworthy feature of the Wise App is its integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo devices. This indeed seems innovative and futuristic at first glance, promising a seamless, hands-free command system. However, in reality, the device-linked activities you can perform through these are quite limited. You can only monitor the camera, and other tasks such as reviewing footage or communicating with people at your door need to be done through the Wise App. Although the idea of device integration seems promising, it falls a little short in regards to functionality.

Event Log: A Comprehensive Record of Activity or Just Another Complicated Feature?

Another key feature of the Wise App is the Event Log. This feature provides a comprehensive record of all recorded events from your front door and outdoor camera. This makes it easier to keep a check on all activities happening at your doorstep. However, the drawback of this feature is that it falls short of continuous recording. Remember, there is no on-board storage, and without a subscription, clips in the cloud can last a maximum of 12 seconds. This essentially means that if anything prolonged occurs, it won’t be captured.

The Subscription Dilemma: What do you miss out on with the Free Plan?

  • AI detection: Without a subscription, the benefits of some AI features such as package detection or pet detection are unsatisfactory. Only person detection seems to fall into the ‘free’ category, and for utilizing the complete suite of AI features or for storing longer clips, an upgrade is necessary.
  • Scheduling: The scheduling feature, aiming to control when your doorbell should look for motion, is an impressive aspect. However, keep in mind this operates to its full extent only with a subscription plan.

In conclusion, the Wise App is not optional, but an integral part of the Wise Doorbell Pro experience. Its functionality could be even greater, considering the limited integration with Google and Amazon devices and the imperative subscription for full features. Although the app does its job fairly well and as advertised, it seems like it could offer much more for a holistic user experience.

Scrutiny of Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included)

Understanding the Detection Settings & Motion Event Triggers

  • Sensitivity adjustment reduces false alerts
  • AI-Enabled Motion Detection distinguishes motion types
  • Cool down period can miss events

In this section, I am going to guide you through my experience and observations while exploring the detection settings and motion event triggers, two pivotal features that constitute the core functionality of the Wise Video Doorbell Pro.

Sensitivity Adjustment

One of the first settings I tested on the Wise Video Doorbell Pro was the sensitivity adjustment. This feature is primarily designed to control the trigger points for motion events. For instance, in situations of high external interference, such as swaying trees or bushes, sensitivity adjustment could potentially help in reducing false alerts.

To test its effectiveness, I purposely set the device near a plant that frequently moves with wind gusts. After adjusting the sensitivity to the lowest level, I noticed a significant reduction in unnecessary notifications. However, on a few occasions, the doorbell failed to detect actual person movement, which raises concerns about its reliability.

AI-Enabled Motion Detection

The AI-Enabled Motion Detection feature is an exciting addition to the device’s suite of capabilities. The idea is for the device to distinguish between various forms of motion such as people, pets, or vehicles, and subsequently send notifications that are more precise and meaningful.

Personally, I found this feature to be rather efficient. It did not mistakenly identify my pet as a person. Yet, it did accurately identify the delivery person during their drop-offs in my absence. The precision of its AI, while impressive, is dependant on the subscription plan. I realized that without the subscription, the AI capability is quite limited.

The Importance of Cool Down Period

A cool down period, from a device’s perspective, extenuates the battery life. However, from a user’s perspective, it may potentially pose a security risk. For instance, if the UPS guy drops off a package, and unfortunately, somebody runs up and steals it three minutes later, would the device capture both events?

In my attempt to test this, I had my friend act as the delivery guy and another as the thief with a gap of around three minutes. What I noticed was that without the subscription, the doorbell indeed skipped recording the thief, following a five minute cool down after the first recording. With a paid subscription, you can reduce this period to zero essentially; however, you may need to consider if it’s worth the extra cost, especially if unnecessary events tend to drain the battery faster.

From my experience, while these features have their pros and cons, they provide the flexibility to personalize the device to our individual needs and circumstances. Whether you wish to use sensitivity adjustment to reduce false alerts, utilize AI to distinguish between different types of movement, or control the cooldown period to optimize battery life, you have the capability to customize. However, to make the most of these features, you might need to consider investing in the subscription.

Scanning Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included)

Extra Features: Noteworthy or Not?

  • Wise Video Doorbell Pro has additional features.
  • Customizable chimes potentially unnecessary.
  • Integration with Wise Products available.

Delving further into my experience with the Wise Video Doorbell Pro, I found a variety of extra features that piqued my curiosity. But as with most smart gadgets, some add value while others just muddy the waters. Here are some of those features, dissected critically.

Customizable Chimes: A Fun Addition or an Unnecessary Complication?

One of the begging features Wise considers as a selling point is the customizable chime. The indoor chime sound is adjustable to a range of tunes to match any season or mood. I initially smiled at the idea of my doorbell playing a festive tune for the holiday season. But as time wore on, I wondered about the real functionality of this aspect. Although a fun addition, it might come off as unnecessary for anyone mainly interested in the doorbell’s core function – security. Unfortunately, the option to upload a custom sound isn’t available yet, shifting this feature from being a potential perk to being one of questionable value.

Integrated Rules with Other Wise Products: How Beneficial Is It?

Another extra feature is the ability to integrate the doorbell’s functionalities with other Wise Products. This feature offers some utility, providing scope to set rules tied to the doorbell’s detection settings for home automation. I found it handy when I was able to set my lights to come on when the doorbell is pressed or when a person is detected.

However, there were limitations as the functionality extent largely depends on what Wise Products you own or plan to buy. With Google and Amazon integration, certain limitations were apparent. For now, more functionality is available for rules or routines through the Wise app than through third-party platform integrations.


Overall, the Wise Video Doorbell Pro goes beyond the basics with additional features embedded for more options and greater control. While some enhancements present more utility than novelty, others tend to complicate the use of the doorbell, deterring its chief function. The ultimate product experience, however, lies in picking what features serve your needs best and how you choose to use them.

Lookover of Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included)

Conclusion: The Wise Video Doorbell Pro – Is it Worth it?

  • Wise Video Doorbell Pro offers high-resolution and good battery life
  • Limited functionality in free tier and video distortion are cons
  • Great choice for budget-friendly, high-quality basic usage

As we conclude this comprehensive analysis, the big question looms: Is the Wise Video Doorbell Pro worth the investment? As a copywriter aiming to be objective and critical, it’s essential to fairly weigh the pros and cons.

The strengths

  • High-resolution 1440 by 1440 video quality: The Wise Video Doorbell Pro offers impressive clarity, which is pivotal for a user to identify visitors clearly, both in day and night time settings.
  • Battery life: This doorbell brags about a robust battery life that might last up to six months. If you live in a relatively quiet neighborhood, charging it twice a year is certainly manageable.
  • Price: At just $65, it’s hard to find such a fully equipped and user-friendly video doorbell on the market. The package also includes an indoor chime acting as a Wi-Fi extender, which is an added bonus.

The limitations

  • Video distortion: While the broad field of view is a strength, it does come with a fisheye effect which distort the images, something that might not appeal to all users.
  • Subscription requirements: The free plan, though not absolutely debilitating, does limit the recording length and the AI functionality to detect specific events like package arrival or pet movements. So, the free tier’s capped functionality may leave some users desiring more.
  • Cooldown Period: The five-minute cooldown period in the free plan can potentially miss out some sudden events, eg., a thief grabbing a package just minutes after delivery.

Final verdict

The Wise Video Doorbell Pro, in my experience, ticks most boxes for a competent video doorbell and excels in terms of value for money. However, the product isn’t without its shortcomings. Ultimately, whether these limitations are dealbreakers would largely depend on individual user preferences and needs.

Personal Recommendation and Closing Thoughts

If you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly video doorbell with high-grade video and audio performance, decent battery life, and an indoor chime, the Wise Video Doorbell Pro can be a great choice. Yes, there are trade-offs with the free plan, but they aren’t obtrusively impactful for basic usage. However, if you’re seeking features like continuous recording or AI-based event detection without additional fees, you might need to extend your search a little further.

Probe of Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included)

Acknowledgements: Thank You To Our Supporters!

Pulling off an in-depth review of a product like the Wise Video Doorbell Pro is no small task and we couldn’t have done it without the unwavering support of our community of conscientious consumers. We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of you for inspiring us to maintain the level of quality and objectivity we aim for in our reviews.

Gratitude for Community Involvement

We want to acknowledge that your perspectives, comments, and feedback make a significant difference. It’s you who drive us towards a higher standard, always making sure that we remain meticulous, unbiased, and on-point. We are grateful to have such a vibrant collective of individuals who are as passionate about consumer advocacy as we are.

Our Valued Supporters

We also want to extend a special thank you to our generous financial supporters for their ongoing contributions. Your vital role in funding allows us to invest the necessary time, resources, and energy required to produce a thorough and comprehensive product review. Thank you for giving us the ability to deliver the value you’ve come to expect from our reviews.

Product Review – A Team Effort

We believe firmly in the power of collaboration and the collective wisdom of our community. By working together, staying critical, and pushing for comprehensive insight, we manage to put powerful tools in the hands of consumers. Here’s to future reviews, feedback shared, questions asked, and most importantly, to making informed purchase decisions.

To our Supporters, a Final Note of Gratitude

The journey of reviewing the Wise Video Doorbell Pro has been one of learning, analysis, and community engagement. To our supporters, your involvement and contributions power this process, and for that, we say a big THANK YOU!

Should you buy the Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro (Chime Included)?

Buy it if…

You’re seeking a budget-friendly security device

Priced at just $65, the Wise Video Doorbell Pro offers solid functionality without causing a dent in your pocket.

You want a product that is easy to install

With various installation options like screw-in or double-sided tape, It’s easy to hook up the doorbell to your door frame even if you’re not technically inclined.

You require a security device that works even without a paid subscription

This device offers a significant amount of free-tier features and capabilities, including cloud storage and some AI features, which can be great for individuals not looking to commit to a monthly subscription.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer device with a less distorted view

The Wise Video Doorbell Pro produces a fisheye effect on the video, making images appear as though they’re taken through a peephole.

You require continuous video recording

This device is primarily battery-powered, and continuous recording would drain the battery rapidly. Hence, it’s geared more towards notification-based operation.

You want a device that works directly with Wi-Fi

Instead of connecting directly with Wi-Fi, the doorbell connects to the chime, which then connects to the Wi-Fi. This might be an issue for users who prefer a straight connection.


What is the price of Wise Video Doorbell Pro?
The pricing of the Wise Video Doorbell Pro is $65, and it comes with the chime.
Does the Wise Video Doorbell Pro require a subscription?
The Wise Video Doorbell Pro does not require a subscription. However, certain additional features, like longer clips and AI features, are available only with a subscription.
How does the battery life of the Wise Video Doorbell Pro perform?
The video doorbell offers a battery life of 3 to 6 months based on usage and amount of activity.
Is it possible to connect the Wise Video Doorbell Pro to the Google Assistant or Amazon echo devices?
Yes, the Wise App allows the Wise Video Doorbell Pro to integrate with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo devices.
What is the video quality of the Wise Video Doorbell Pro?
The Wise Video Doorbell Pro boasts of a 1440 by 1440 resolution camera that offers a 150-degree field of view.
Does the Wise Video Doorbell Pro have night vision?
Yes, the Wise Video Doorbell Pro has night vision which performs adequately even in total darkness.
What detection settings does Wise Video Doorbell Pro offer?
It includes sensitivity adjustment, AI-based detection, cool down period adjustment among others.
Can I add customized chimes to the Wise Video Doorbell Pro?
The Wise Video Doorbell Pro allows you to choose different indoor chimes, though you cannot upload a custom sound just yet.

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