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Review: WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor IP65-Rated 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera – Game-changer for outdoor security purposes

Explore the design and internal changes in the new Wyzecam V3 with our detailed review... Read more

Review of WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor IP65-Rated 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera

Table of Contents

Test of WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor IP65-Rated 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera

4.3/5 - (7345 votes)

Cena: $25.99


  • Major upgrades over the V2
  • Improved low light footage
  • Affordable pricing with enhanced features
  • Three mounting options for user convenience
  • Wyzecam V3 has IP65 rating for outdoor use
  • Enhanced field of view
  • Increased frame rate for smoother footage


  • Removed USB port might limit options
  • Stuck with 1080p resolution, no higher available
  • Issues with person detection accuracy
  • Cool down period between time and detection
  • Limited 12 second clip recording
  • Clunky scrolling through continuous video recording
  • Improvements might not be necessary for indoor use

“After spending significant time with the Wyzecam V3, I am left rather impressed. This little piece of technology has shown immense improvement, especially in its night vision capabilities, aperture, and enhanced audio features. While the design is essentially unchanged, the notable enhancements have led me to believe it’s a game-changer for those utilizing it for outdoor security purposes. However, if you’re using it indoors or solely as a pet monitor, the upgrade might not be as impactful. Given its shockingly affordable price and new outdoor-ready capabilities, this minor powerhouse serves specific needs remarkably well.”

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Recommended Uses For Product Indoor,Outdoor, Baby Monitoring, Pet Monitoring, Indoor Security, Outdoor Security
Brand WYZE
Model Name Pan Cam
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Feature 2 Way Audio, Night Vision, PTZ Technology, Motion Sensor

Unboxing the “Wyzecam V3”, a Surprising New Edition to the Wise Family

As I pulled the new Wyzecam V3 from its packaging, the anticipation was palpable. It is always exciting getting hands-on with a new piece of tech, particularly when it comes with the ‘surprise’ tag like the Wyzecam V3 did. From a first glance, its impressive engineering and thoughtful design shone through.

Initial Thoughts and Expectations: The Wise Upgrade

Upon catching the first glimpse of the Wyzecam V3, you’d be forgiven for expecting an overhaul of what we’ve known and loved about the Wyzecam V2. However, you quickly discover that despite the newness, Wyzecam V3 has stayed true to its roots in many respects.

A First Closer Look: Unchanged Design with Noticeable Upgrades

At first glance, the Wyzecam V3 boasts a sleek yet familiar design. Retaining the classic ‘white box on an adjustable stand’ style, one might think that not much has changed. However, as with most things, the devil is in the details. V3’s corners are more rounded, a subtle yet welcome change that lends the camera a more refined look.

Not Just a Pretty Face: The Stand-out New Design Features

Upon deeper exploration, you begin to notice the strides Wise has made to refine their latest wonder. The biggest and most practical change in design is the improved stand, which now offers three mounting options: the traditional magnet stand, a cut-out for a screw mount and the feature-loaded stand removal that reveals a quarter-inch threaded mount – essentially making the Wyzecam V3 tripod-friendly. This is a feature users like me will certainly appreciate for its drastically increased flexibility of use.

These may seem like just simple design enhancements but remember, simple changes often make the biggest difference. So, while it’s a surprise to have a new Wyzecam so unexpectedly, it’s a welcome one for sure with major upgrades under a subtle and familiar-looking design.

Rundown: WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor IP65-Rated 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera

Navigating the Wyzecam V3: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Wyzecam V3 has a new charging port, enabling outdoor use
  • Features IP65 rating for water and dust resistance
  • Wyzecam V3 lacks USB port, doesn’t support Wyze Sense kit

Getting firsthand experience with the Wyzecam V3 has been nothing short of riveting. With this new kid on the block, there are certainly fresh attributes worthy of noting and analyzing. In this section, we focus exactly on those and guide you through navigating the Wyzecam V3.

Differences in Charging Port and How It Matters

The Wyzecam V3 has clearly spent time in the redesign space, especially when it comes to the charging port. The now-obsolete USB port from the previous model is replaced by a more modern charging port. The new port replicates the appearance of a tiny ‘rat-tail’ and while this may seem novel, I found the changes quite practical. Perhaps, the most critical improvement this “rat tail” has brought to the table is the fact that it makes the device IP65-rated, thereby enabling it for outdoor—yes, outdoor—use.

Embracing the Power of IP65 Rating

The IP65 rating on the Wyzecam V3 might just be a game-changer. With this improvement, the Wyzecam can take on dust and water jets, a significant upgrade over its previous version. Yes, the Wyze cam is no longer just a delicate homebody but also, an outdoor enthusiast. This makes it remarkably resilient and expands its potential use even more.

Retaining the Best: Wyzecam’s Continuation of Ease in Storage

While embracing the novel, Wyzecam V3 has smartly held on to some of the fan-favorites from V2. For instance, the Micro SD card slot for continuous video recording. This feature allows up to 14 days of free cloud storage, something existing Wyze cam users are already accustomed to. This blend of change and tradition is truly a winning move on Wyzecam’s part.

Missing USB Port and Why It Matters

While the upgrades are commendable, it’s worth mentioning what was left behind, specifically, the USB port. The absence of this port means Wyzecam V3 won’t support the Wyze Sense security kit – something that might matter to users who found this feature useful with V2. The absence of this may alter how the Wyze sensor will be used moving forward.

In the grand scheme of things, our navigation through the Wyzecam V3 learns that while the inclusion of some fantastic new features, has been a hit, there were a few misses, which may influence the decision of certain user segments. So, before you make the leap, it’s worth pondering whether the absence of a USB port matters to you as much as the new, enhanced features do.

Rating: WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor IP65-Rated 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera

Inside Matters: All About the Changes Inside the Wyzecam V3

  • Wyzecam V3 has improved low light performance
  • Field of view widened from 110 to 130 degrees
  • Wyzecam V3 offers smoother footage

Let’s take a deep dive into the upgrades packed within this compact beauty. The Wyzecam V3 might look strikingly similar to its predecessor from the outside, but plenty has changed ‘under the hood.’ These changes not only enhance the function but add layers to the user experience. So, What’s new? Let’s find out.

Light It Up: Better Aperture for Improved Low Light Performance

One of the significant upgrades that instantly caught my attention was the improved aperture. The V3 camera comes packed with an aperture of 1.6, which is a significant jump from the 2.6 aperture of the V2. This means V3 allows in more light, providing a better view when there’s less light in the room or outside. This was glaringly evident when I turned on just one brightness light. With V2, you could barely make me out. With V3, however, it’s as if I had a few lights on with full brightness, creating quite a noticeable difference.

Big Picture: Wider Field of View for V3 vs V2

Field of view has also been enhanced from 110 degrees to 130 degrees in the new Wyzecam V3. Despite the cameras being right next to each other, my face and frame appeared more complete, and visible in V3 compared to V2. This widened field is a significant advantage when you need to cover a broader area, ensuring no crucial scene goes undetected.

The Frame Game: Smoother Footage with Increased Frame Rate

When it comes to frame rate, Wyzecam V3 has elevated its game offering a slightly smoother footage experience. Although it’s a small change, it’s noticeable to discerning users seeking seamless footage quality. Maybe not a massive leap, but an upgrade nonetheless.

Overall, the internal enhancements of the Wyzecam V3 have certainly improved the functionality and overall experience. It seems like the developers made the most of user feedback and have notched up the experience. The low-light sensitivity provided by a better aperture, a wider field of view, and a smoother framerate all contribute to a solid-list of worthwhile internal enhancements.

Rating: WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor IP65-Rated 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera

Making Sense of Wyzecam V3’s Vision: Exploring Night Vision Capabilities

  • Wyzecam v3 introduces starlight sensor for colored night vision.
  • Superior clarity compared to previous model in night surveillance.
  • Allows customization and automation rules for vision settings.

The Intricacies of Night Vision Technologies in Wyzecam V3

Wyzecam v3’s vision capabilities have been radically improved, presenting users with a range of new possibilities. One of the highlights is the revamped night vision features. A first-time introduction to the realm of Wyzecam technologies is a starlight sensor that provides the much-inticipated color night vision.

Unique Starlight Sensor: Inception of Colored Night Vision

Yes, colored night vision! Just when I thought affordable surveillance cameras had hit the wall in terms of pushing the envelope, the Wyzecam V3 came along. The starlight sensor, despite my initial skepticism, turned out to be quite the game-changer. It clearly sets this camera model apart from any other in its price range. Colored night vision just took surveillance to a whole new level.

Comparing Darkness: The V2 and V3 Garage Test

Of course, this would all be high praise without a direct point of comparison. So, I decided to stack it up against the previous model, the WyzeCam v2. I monitored a garage scene at night using both models. With the v2, the visuals were noticeably unclear and underwhelming, but the v3 was a clear step ahead. From the garage door details to items in the background, everything was discernible with relative ease. A surprising revelation, indeed.

Optimized Lighting for Color Night Vision

Beyond simple comparison, I also sought to test the practical implications of colored night vision. What really stood out was how much of a difference it made having a dim light source present. Even with just a single, not-too-bright source of light, the camera switched over to color night vision, bringing out starkly distinct details. However, in pitch black conditions, the results were less impressive, making me question whether a threshold for IR light detection needs to be introduced.

Intelligent Customization

A broader question lingering at the back of my mind was if I could customise the vision settings based on individual needs and preferences. Here is where the Wyzecam V3 shows its true genius. It allows for automation rules in the app that can, for instance, turn on a bulb if the camera detects motion. Thus, color night vision always has enough light for optimal functioning. It’s a simple yet brilliant example of how good engineering can unlock practical, user-friendly features.

Reflecting upon the night vision capabilities on offer, the Wyzecam V3’s features truly stand out. Whether you see these features as revolutionary or incremental upgrades depends largely on your specific use cases. Nonetheless, there is no denying that these capabilities push the boundaries of what a compact affordable surveillance camera can offer.

Reflection on WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor IP65-Rated 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera

Communication Upgrade with Wyzecam V3: Reviewing Improved Audio Features

  • Wyzecam V3 substantially upgrades audio communication
  • V3’s speakers are louder, clearer than V2’s
  • Wyzecam V3 features an 80 decibels mini siren

Audio communication, an integral part of any home surveillance system, is given a substantial upgrade in the Wyzecam V3. This came as a pleasant surprise, a major instrumental jump in an already well-performing field.

Listen Up: V3’s Speaker Quality Vs V2 and Its Outdoor Companion

A significant evolution in the Wyzecam V3 is the enhancements made to the audio system. The speakers in the V3 are noticeably louder and clearer compared to those of the V2. Let me put it this way, the difference in audio clarity is staggering; it’s almost as if V2 and the Outdoor Companion were mumbling, while V3 confidently addresses the room. V3 brings to the table a clarity of audio that makes the experience altogether more satisfying and efficient.

Sounding Alarm: Introduction of a 80 Decibels Mini Siren

It doesn’t just end with the improved speakers. The Wyzecam V3 comes with an inbuilt mini siren ranging up to 80 decibels. It’s a small addition, but it is powerful. Just to put things into context, it’s louder than a typical upright vacuum cleaner. This feature has the potential to be a game-changer in situations where you need to alert people or deter potential trespassers. However, I should mention, it could have been smarter; a more “intuitive” response mechanism would have been a worthy addition.

Final Thoughts

While on paper, the upgraded audio features of the Wyzecam V3 are enticing, their real-world application is where they truly shine. Conversations are clearer, and alerts become more powerful – which is what you’d expect from a device designed to upgrade your home security. On a critical note, there’s room for more nuanced improvement, especially with the siren, but the progress made from its predecessors by Wyzecam V3 is substantial and praiseworthy.

Highlight: WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor IP65-Rated 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera

Should you make the Switch to WyzeCam V3? : The Final Verdict

  • WyzeCam V3 beneficial for outdoor security upgrade
  • V3 not significantly important for internal monitoring
  • WyzeCam V3 expands attributes over the V2

At the end of the day, the real question that begs an answer is – should you upgrade to the WyzeCam V3? Well, the answer depends largely on your intended use and needs from a security camera. Let’s delve in to explore further.

Security on Porch or Pet Guarding: Exploring Appropriate Use Cases for Upgrade

If you’re using WyzeCam for security, such as keeping an eye on your front porch or monitoring your garage, the V3 would undoubtedly be a highly sensible upgrade. The improved night vision coupled with a wider field of view considerably enhances the capacity of the camera to capture more vital details, even in low light conditions. Built to withstand outdoor conditions courtesy its IP65 rating, the V3 seems better equipped to serve this need than its predecessor.

On the other hand, if your usage is more internal, say as a baby monitor or a pet cam, the upgrade to V3 may not hold much significance. Consistent performance, familiar interface and existing functionality of the V2 could comfortably serve these use-cases.

Checkmarking the Functionality List: Features Common with V2 and Upgraded Version

Despite the bulk of upgrades, WyzeCam V3 still carries forward many features that users appreciate about the V2, including 14 days of free rolling cloud storage and the CO and smoke alert detection. For those who have used and liked V2, the familiar turf with enhanced characteristics might be appealing. However, areas such as clunky scrolling during continuous video recording and limited detectability could use some attention in the V3.

To Upgrade or Not: Deciding Based on Your Individual Need and Use

Coming back to our pressing query, should the upgrade be maneuvered? The answer ultimately rides on your specific requirements. If enhanced security, better vision, improved audio quality are boxes you want checked off in your monitoring device – WyzeCam V3 extends these attributes over the version 2. On the other hand, for standard indoor use or as a pet monitor, an upgrade may not be a necessity.

Parting thoughts: Embracing WyzeCam V3 and Looking towards the Future.

The new features and improvements of WyzeCam V3 strive to offer more security possibilities and cater to a wider range of use-cases. While it does have a few kinks to iron out, it’s worth appreciating how much Wyze has adapted and evolved its product, while maintaining a competitive price point. In the changing landscape of smart home security, it’ll indeed be exciting to see what Wise comes up with next.

Lookover of WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor IP65-Rated 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera

Parting Thoughts: Embracing Wyzecam V3 and Looking towards the Future

After a considerable amount of time delving into the new and improved features of the Wyzecam V3, it’s time to gather my thoughts and look at the bigger picture. To say the least, this new cam has impressed me, with its features maintaining a great balance between revolution and evolution. Here are my unbiased and critical thoughts based on a first-hand experience.

Evolution Rather than Revolution

In many ways, the Wyzecam V3 seems to be a product of evolution rather than revolution. It adheres to many of the features that users know and love about the V2, like the classic white box design and convenient storage options. However, it’s the subtle changes, mainly the outdoor-ready design, improved night vision, and enhanced audio that make a world of difference.

Squaring Off the Competition

While analyzing its competitive edge, the Wyzecam V3 certainly stands as a strong contender in the field of compact and affordable security cameras. Its advancements have the potential to overshadow even its own brand’s outdoor camera. Yet, the preservation of the $20 price tag brings it that shining edge, making it an accessible upgrade or an enticing option for newcomers in the market.

Important Considerations for Upgrading

In consideration of upgrades, the purpose and application should play a significant role. For instance, if you have a V2 for baby monitoring or pet-watching while away, it may not necessarily warrant an upgrade to the V3. However, if you’re looking for a camera to keep an eye on the front porch or garage, the V3’s improved night vision and wider field of view are much-needed upgrades.

Looking at the Future

Finally, I want to end on the note of what the future looks like for the Wise family. With the V3, it is quite clear that Wise is on the path of continuous improvement and innovation. They’ve aimed right and delivered appropriately. In warmly embracing the V3, it’s equally exciting to speculate about the dynamic developments we can all look forward to in the future from this forward-thinking company. As users or potential consumers, it’s pleasing to know that we are part of a journey where technology is consciously moving towards affordable and accessible security.

Should you buy the WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor IP65-Rated 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera?

Buy it if…

You value superior night vision

Wyzecam V3’s new Starlight Sensor allows for impressively detailed color night vision capabilities, surpassing its predecessor, Wyzecam V2.

You require a camera for outdoor use

The newly updated IP65 rating indicates that the Wyzecam V3 is capable of surviving outdoor conditions, making it suitable for outdoor surveillance.

You need a wider field of view

With an increased field of view from 110 to 130 degrees, Wyzecam V3 offers more comprehensive surveillance coverage.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re satisfied with your current Wyzecam

If your current Wyzecam V2 is serving its purpose and you don’t need advanced features, upgrading may not be necessary.

You desire a higher resolution camera

Despite numerous upgrades, the Wyzecam V3 still offers only 1080p resolution. If you’re looking for a higher resolution, this might not suit your needs.

You don’t intend to use night vision

A significant proportion of Wyzecam V3’s enhancements lie in its night vision capabilities. If these won’t be of use to you, the upgrade may not be justifiable.


Is the WyzeCam V3 design different from its previous versions?
The V3 maintains a familiar design similar to the previous versions, but with a few improvements such as more rounded corners and upgraded stand with three mounting options.
Can WyzeCam V3 be used outdoors?
Yes, the new V3 version is IP65 rated, making it suitable for outdoor use.
Does the WyzeCam V3 have a better aperture for low light conditions?
Yes, the V3 has a higher aperture of 1.6 compared to the 2.6 on V2, allowing more light to enter for improved visibility in low light.
How has the video quality improved in WyzeCam V3?
While the V3 still maintains 1080p resolution like its predecessor, it boasts an increased field of view, smoother footage due to increased frame rate, and enhanced night vision capabilities.
What is the starlight sensor feature in WyzeCam V3?
The starlight sensor feature allows for color night vision by amplifying ambient light. This feature provides detailed images even in low light situations.
Does the WyzeCam V3 have improved audio features?
Yes, the WyzeCam V3 has a more powerful speaker that delivers clearer sound, an improved microphone, and a new feature – an 80-decibel mini siren.
Should I upgrade to WyzeCam V3 from V2?
The necessity of upgrade depends heavily on your usage. If you are using Wyzecam for outdoor surveillance or in low light conditions, the V3 offers significant improvements worth the upgrade. However, for indoor or pet monitoring purposes, upgrading may not be as essential.

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