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Review: Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle v2 (Includes Base Station and 1 Cam) – Starlight sensor enhances video and audio quality.

Review of Yscam Outdoor Version 2 security camera’s features, performance, pros, and cons... Read more

Review of Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle v2 (Includes Base Station and 1 Cam)

Test of Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle v2 (Includes Base Station and 1 Cam)

3.9/5 - (2604 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Starlight sensor enables color night vision
  • Improved audio quality from previous version
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Impressive max detection range
  • Non-static notifications with snapshot preview


  • Delayed motion alert notifications
  • One-minute minimum recording cooldown
  • Requires subscription for full features
  • Audio has static noise
  • Not suitable for darker environments

“After thoroughly testing the Yscam Outdoor Version 2, I have mixed feelings. This model does impeccable work with its starlight sensor and makes impressive strides in video and audio quality. However, the delayed motion alert notification and the “recording cooldown” feature do fall short of my expectations. In my opinion, these are areas crucial for a home security camera. While certain features shine, there is definite room for improvement. This review reflects my honest and personal experience – Yscam Outdoor Version 2 might be a fit for some, but for others, it might be worth exploring other options.”

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Recommended Uses For Product Indoor Security, Outdoor Security
Brand WYZE
Model Name Outdoor Camera
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Special Feature Color Night Vision

Introduction to Yscam Outdoor Version 2

So here we are again, this time to talk about a product that can potentially protect your home and keep your loved ones safe. That’s right, I’m referring to the new Yscam Outdoor Version 2.

Just like you, I eagerly awaited this newest addition on the shelves. At first glance, it looks quite similar to its predecessor. Should you feel a sense of deja vu? Fear not, because alongside its familiar form factor, it boasts an alluring feature – a starlight sensor. If you’re left wondering what it means and whether it elevates the product’s standard – this is exactly what we will venture into.

Initial Impressions

Upon unboxing the product, I noticed striking similarities with Version 1. There was no radical design overhaul or significant aesthetic enhancements. However, it’s what percolates within its casing that truly defines a product’s worth.

The most palpable addition to the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 is the starlight sensor – a device meant to amplify its night vision capabilities. Feels like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, right? I know I felt a surge of anticipation coursing through me at the prospect of testing it out.

Apart from this, you might also ask – “Does it bring any other upgrades to the table? Has it truly evolved? Or is it more of the same, repackaged in a new skin?” Well, let’s take a closer look.

Bridging the Gap

Before we delve further into the present, a small detour to the past is due. Roughly a year and a half ago, I reviewed the original Yscam Outdoor. The response was mixed – some agreed with my assessments, while others found value in the product. To provide a clearer picture of the Yscam Outdoor Version 2‘s performance, I intend to draw comparisons with my past experience of the original model.

So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey to unearth the secrets of the Yscam Outdoor Version 2? Let’s dive right into it without further ado!

Observation of Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle v2 (Includes Base Station and 1 Cam)

What’s New in Version 2

  • New Yscam Outdoor features a Starlight Sensor
  • Design and feature improvements in Version 2
  • Better audio quality compared to first version

In diving headfirst into the review of the Yscam Outdoor Version 2, the first order of business is to know what’s new in this version. Has it evolved or is it just another sheep in the flock? Let’s find out.

The Power of the Starlight Sensor in Yscam Outdoor Version 2

Here’s the first catch with the new version – it comes equipped with a Starlight Sensor . It’s not just a regular touch-up, it’s a serious revamp. Just pulling the curtain a little to let in more details, a starlight sensor allows the camera to switch to color night vision. Small but certainly impactful, especially for someone who values picture quality.

Indoor and Outdoor Unpacking and Setup: A Closer Look at Yscam Outdoor Version 2

  • Design: Unboxing the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 instantly tells you one thing. On the outside, it looks almost identical to its older sibling, Version 1. That said, the camera lens is visibly bigger in the new version.
  • Features: When it comes to features, a few stand out instantly – a light sensor, an infrared LED, a PIR sensor, and a seemingly improved mic.
  • Surprise element: The speaker holes are more prominent in the new version than in Version 1. These are definitely tweaks that are indicative of an improved performance.

The setup, much like the design, feels very similar to the yesteryear model. But there’s no denying that the under-the-hood changes are unquestionably building up some serious expectations.

New and Improved Audio

The audio quality has always been one of the areas where the Yscam Outdoor cameras raised eyebrows. With Version 2, it appears there are some much-needed improvements in the audio department. Granted, the improvements are relatively small, but it’s definitely not a neglectable aspect when it comes to camera quality. The speaker volume remains low, however, it’s definitely a step forward compared to the first version.

So far, so good, right? Well, not so fast. The road is bumpy as we look a bit closer at some persistent problems and a few new drawbacks.

Survey of Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle v2 (Includes Base Station and 1 Cam)

Performance Testing: Let’s Check the Yscam Outdoor Version 2

  • Improved video quality, but audio needs enhancement
  • Issue with delayed notification alerts
  • Inconsistent maximum detection distance of 25-40 feet

In our quest to assess the performance of Yscam Outdoor Version 2, I conducted a series of tests primarily focused on audio and video quality, alert notification speed, and maximum detection distance.

Test #1: Audio and Video Quality

First things first, we need to talk about the audio and video performance of the device. One thing I admire in this new version is the improved video clarity. The video quality was significantly enhanced compared to its previous version, providing a crisp, vibrant image during the day and a fairly decent image at night, thanks to the starlight sensor feature, which enhances color night vision.

Then, we move to the audio, which, although improved, is not quite perfect. Despite the enhanced speaker, I noticed a fair bit of static during playback. The audio was somehow muffled, making it tricky to understand clearly. This is certainly one area where improvements are needed, particularly for those considering this camera for its two-way audio capabilities.

Test #2: Alert Notification Speed

Next up, we have the alert notification test. Alarmingly, I noticed a delay in motion alert notification. Yes, you read that right, there’s a delay, which could be problematic for users needing real-time alerts. The notification delay varied, but on average, it took around 15 seconds to receive an alert after motion was detected. That’s a potential burglar strolling around for 15 seconds unnoticed!

Test #3: Maximum Detection Distance

I pushed the camera’s detection capabilities to the maximum setting and walked forward from the furthest to the nearest point of view. The Yscam Outdoor Version 2 detected me at around 25-40 feet . While this performance was pretty decent, it seemed to lack consistency. At times, the PIR motion sensor didn’t trigger until I was much closer.

All in all, the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 provides a mixed bag of results. It’s clear that certain enhancements particularly in terms of video and audio quality have been made, and credit should be given for that. However, performance gaps, especially in terms of notification delay and inconsistent motion detection, could potentially limit its applicability for people looking for a security camera for real-time surveillance.

: Summary of Performance Tests

  • Audio and Video Quality : The video quality was commendable, while the audio output could be improved.
  • Alert Notification Speed : The delayed notification is a prominent issue that needs immediate attention.
  • Maximum Detection Distance : Though detecting up to 25-40 feet is decent, the inconsistent motion detection might be problematic.

So, those were my thoughts on the performance of the new Yscam Outdoor Version 2 based on my hands-on experience and critical assessment. If you’re looking to buy this for specific reasons, I hope these insights prove to be useful for your purchase decision!

Considering Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle v2 (Includes Base Station and 1 Cam)

Issues with the Yscam Outdoor Version 2

  • Yscam Outdoor Version 2 has delayed alert notifications
  • ‘Recording cool-down’ feature limits recording capabilities
  • Unsatisfactory audio quality despite manufacturer’s claims

Even though the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 presents a number of improvements and features, there are still some concerns which need to be addressed. The previous model definitely had its drawbacks, but it seems the brand hasn’t addressed all these issues in the new version. Let’s examine what these are:

Delayed Motion Alert Notification: A Recurring Problem

Similar to its predecessor, the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 also suffers from delayed alert notifications. The delay can be as much as 15 seconds or more, which may seem negligible, but in the world of home security, even a few seconds can make a world of difference. When something triggers an alert, I find it crucial to be immediately notified. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with the Yscam Outdoor Version 2.

The “Recording Cool-down” Feature: A Curse in Disguise?

One of the major criticisms I have with the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 is the ‘recording cool-down’ feature. It may sound like a handy addition, but in practice, it falls short. After the camera records an event, it won’t record again until after a one-minute cool-down period. This poses an issue if there are multiple or ongoing events since they may not get recorded. It seems like a limitation embedded by the manufacturers to conserve battery life, but it unfortunately takes a toll on the camera’s recording capabilities.

Yscam Version 2’s Audio Capabilities: Room for Improvement

Despite the manufacturer’s claims of improved audio, I was underwhelmed by the results. Though there’s a noticeable improvement over the original model, the audio quality still leaves much to be desired. During testing, the audio output was often muffled and filled with static. Even though there was wind, I found it difficult to hear myself on the recording. These are areas where improvement is definitely needed.

So, while the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 does have some commendable features and improvements over its predecessor, it’s not without its issues. All these factors need to be taken into account when considering this device for your home security setup.

Expose on Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle v2 (Includes Base Station and 1 Cam)

Comparing Version 1 and Version 2

  • Version 2 has enhanced visuals and audio over Version 1
  • Improved notification system in Version 2
  • Streamlined setup process in Version 2

When it comes to picking between the Yscam Outdoor Version 1 and the new Version 2, it’s crucial to weigh up the pros and cons of both models carefully.

The Battle of the Yscam Outdoor Versions: Who Comes Out on Top?

Beginning with the design, both models are visually similar. The main difference lies in Version 2’s starlight sensor, offering a more distinct color night vision compared to its predecessor. Further, the lens is slightly bigger in Version 2, subtly enhancing the camera’s visuals.

The audio in the newer model is noticeably better than version 1, albeit still a bit weak in volume. This could prove an area to improve for future models, given its importance in security systems.


In a head-to-head performance test, Version 2 pulls slightly ahead. The lower latency in delivering motion alerts is evidence of the noticeable improvements made by the manufacturer. While both versions suffer from the limitations seen in the recording cooldown feature, Version 2 tries to overcome it with a better notification and recording system, however, it still needs work.

User Experience

Unboxing and setting up both versions is a relatively similar process with no glaring difference. However, the improved setup and install process for the new Version accounts for a streamlined user experience.

Overall, Version 2 appears to offer enhancements over Version 1 in terms of technological features and user engagement, though the improvements are not groundbreaking. Both units would benefit from future refinements in certain areas such as a more speedy alert system, better audio, and the elimination of recording cooldown.

Critique of Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle v2 (Includes Base Station and 1 Cam)

Closing Thoughts and Recommendations

Having tested and reviewed the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 extensively, I find it fair to summarize my observation and experience with this product. My views here are based purely on my interactions with this product, as I endeavour to give credit to its strong points, as well as underline its potential pitfalls.

Performance Recap

The Yscam Outdoor Version 2 brought some exciting updates to the table, notably its starlight sensor and audio improvements. The sensor, in particular, lived up to expectation by delivering effective color night vision. The audio, although having room for improvement, was at least slightly better than its predecessor.

However, some shortcomings such as delayed motion alert notifications and the minimum cooldown period of 1 minute somewhat dampened my overall experience with the Yscam Outdoor Version 2. These aspects, in my view, significantly limit its efficiency in capturing critical moments, especially in situations where recording is of the utmost importance.

Final Verdict: Is Yscam Outdoor Version 2 Worth It?

My general impression of the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 is that it’s a reasonable device, but it suffers from key issues that can’t be overlooked. I feel that depending on your specific needs, these issues, such as delayed alert notifications and restrictive recording capabilities, could potentially be a deal-breaker.

The starlight sensor is a strong selling point for improved night vision. However, it is important to remember that you would need sufficient ambient lighting to maximise this feature. If your environment does not offer such, relying on the infrared night vision could still be your best option.


If you’re seeking a robust security camera with real-time alert notifications, and zero recording restrictions, you might have to keep looking. However, if those issues are not top priority and you’re keen on exceptional night vision, then the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 might just fit the bill.

In essence, my recommendation is that this device may be a good fit for those prioritizing improved night vision capabilities and aren’t heavily reliant on motion alert notifications and recording proficiency.

Should you buy the Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle v2 (Includes Base Station and 1 Cam)?

Buy it if…

You want a security camera with a Starlight Sensor

The Yscam Outdoor Version 2 comes with a Starlight Sensor that supports color night vision, enhancing its surveillance capabilities in low-light conditions.

You need a high definition outdoor security camera

The Yscam Outdoor Version 2 can record in 1080p resolution, providing high definition video quality for clear and detailed footage.

You value simple set-up process

Setting up the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 is straightforward. The camera can be installed easily with just one screw, and the app-guided set-up is also user friendly.

Don’t buy it if…

You need instant notifications

The Yscam Outdoor Version 2 tends to have a delay in motion alert notifications which could be problematic if instant alerts are essential for your peace of mind.

You expect seamless audio recording

The audio recording of the Yscam Version 2 has been found to have static and at times, muffled sound quality which can be a setback if you consider audio recording crucial.

You want continuous motion event recording

The Yscam Outdoor Version 2 features a ‘recording cooldown’ system that stops recording after a motion event, and will not record again until a minute has passed. If you expect continuous recording throughout a motion event, this camera might not fulfill your requirements.


What new features does the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 offer?
The Yscam Outdoor Version 2 has a new starlight sensor, improved video and audio quality, and a wider field of view.
Is there a difference between the Yscam Outdoor Version 1 and Version 2?
Yes, the main difference is the inclusion of the starlight sensor and a wider field of view in Version 2. The audio quality has also been somewhat improved.
Is there an issue with delayed notifications in the Yscam Outdoor Version 2?
Yes, there is a delay in motion alert notifications. The delay is longer than 15 seconds and can even reach up to a minute in some cases.
What is the ‘recording cool down’ feature?
The ‘recording cool down’ is a feature that includes a one-minute minimum lapse where the camera doesn’t record after it has detected motion and stopped the recording. This feature is in place to save battery life.
Is the audio quality good in the Yscam Outdoor Version 2?
The audio is somewhat improved in comparison to the first version, but there’s still a lot of static and some users may find it not usable, especially when downloaded from the cloud.
Does the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 offer color night vision?
Yes, thanks to the starlight sensor, the Yscam Outdoor Version 2 offers color night vision. However, it needs some ambient lighting to work effectively. If it’s too dark, turning on the infrared night vision might yield better results.

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