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Review: WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera – Instills extra sense of safety with recording feature

Review of a budget-friendly camera with remarkable recording capabilities and comprehensive user-guide... Read more

Review of WOLFBOX G840S 12

Test of WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

4.3/5 - (9182 votes)

Cena: $119.99


  • Great value for money
  • Rear camera recording feature
  • Front and rear toggle option
  • Useful car break-in alarm feature
  • Easy to use and install hardware
  • Innovative DIY hook bracket for small vehicles
  • Multiple camera view options


  • Terrible user manual
  • Confusing file names
  • Complicated understanding of ‘R’ and ‘F’
  • Excess wiring can look untidy
  • View obstruction if mounted on rear bumper
  • Adhesive installation requires clean windshield
  • Optional wires kept separate

“After thoroughly exploring this dashboard camera, I can confidently attest to its bang for the buck status. The initial struggle with its user manual, combined with an hour of frustration, led me to unravel neat tricks and shortcuts to fully exploit its potential. Yes, the rear camera does record and once you learn the ‘R’ and ‘F’ toggling, the use becomes intuitive. The car break-in feature certainly instills an extra sense of safety. Despite a bit of a wiring mess, the installation was straightforward, especially with my DIY bracket. It’s fair to say this camera overdelivers considering its price point and is a fantastic addition to my vehicle setup.”

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Orientation Front and Rear
Vehicle Service Type Minivan, Bus, Car, Truck
Connectivity Technology USB
Special Feature WDR & HDR, Super Night Vision, GPS Tracking, 4K UHD, G-Sensor & Loop Recording, Parking Monitor
Video Capture Resolution 2160p
Included Components 32GB TF Card, 4K Mirror Dash Cam, 1080P Backup Camera with screws and 3M tape, 11 feet Car Charger, External GPS antenna
Mounting Type Rearview Mirror Mount
Color Black
Field Of View 1

Pristine Bang for the Buck Camera: The Game Changer

Right from the word go, I couldn’t help but marvel at the serious value I was getting on this camera. The bang for the buck quotient it offers is simply incredible. Positioned at a price range that’s friendly to most people, it rakes in great value in terms of its functionality, ease of use, and performance. It’s indeed a game changer in its category.

Rear Camera Recording: The Misinterpreted Fact

One point where I saw a lot of mixed opinions, however, was on its capabilities in terms of rear recording. Some were under the impression that it didn’t possess this feature. I can confirm it does, but I also understand why some people thought it didn’t. This sort of dragged me into a mini investigation to figure everything out.

1 The One-Hour Resolution: The Case of a Terrible Manual

The crux of the problem, from my deduction, lies with the instruction manual. It’s quite frankly terrible. The lack of clarity led me into a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, taking me roughly an hour to decipher the workings of the camera but once I did, everything started making sense.

2 Toggling Through Recordings: The Art of Understanding File Names

One thing that struck me was how your recordings get stored with specific indicators in their filename. The three basic types are normal video, emergency locked ones and screenshots or pictures. Each one of them have their own distinctive traits to help sift through your stored media. But, here comes the interesting part.

3 The Secret Behind ‘R’ and ‘F’: Making Sense of the Rear and Front

If you take a close look at the file names, you will notice that at the end of each, there’s either an ‘F’ or an ‘R’. To my amusement, I discovered that these were indicators for the Front and Rear camera recordings respectively. This is one crucial bit of information that could have been explicitly stated in the manual. Nevertheless, it’s a neat fail-safe for differentiating between your front and rear recordings.

4 Screenshots and Pictures: The JPEG Magic

Speaking of differentiators, the image files, which include your screenshots and pictures, get stored in JPEG format. The comfort this brings when you are flipping through your saved media files is immeasurable. This clears up some vagueness and helps in quicker sorting of your media files.

Considering WOLFBOX G840S 12

Exceptional Camera Security Feature: The Car Break-In Safeguard

  • Camera features car break-in safeguard
  • Enables easy toggle between front and rear view
  • Camera attachment provides clear, wide view

In my quest to unearth the best features of this camera, I stumbled upon one extraordinary safety feature that ensures capital security for your vehicle — a car break-in safeguard!

Watch the Change from Front to Rear: Just a Click Away

You know what’s surreal about this camera? It’s the ease with which you toggle between the front and rear view. Just the mere press of a button suddenly switches angles, and boom, you have a reversed perspective. It’s absolutely thrilling to observe how effortlessly I could change perspectives from the front to the rear view. But remember to use this feature wisely and ensure its extensive use does not distract your driving.

Perfect Partner for Vehicle Dash: The Break-In Alarm Feature

Imagine this, someone tries to break into your car, and almost immediately, your camera starts recording. Yes, if someone as much as touches your car, the camera kicks into action. Not for an extensive period, mind you, but it does record, providing you with invaluable evidence if needed. This added security feature is something I found to be exceptionally thoughtful. However, I wonder if it can be over-sensitive at times, engaging when not required. Be sure to test this in safe conditions before relying on it fully.

The Small Truck Tether: Attachment Innovations

On a different but related note, I found the attachment of the dash cam on my small truck quite intriguing. A delicate camera demands a secure buddy, and in my case, my truck’s small size provided the ultimate match. However, I didn’t fancy it on the rear bumper, for the simple reason — it obstructed my sight while I was driving. Hence, I positioned it in a way that I could have a wider and clearer view. Mind you, the attachments could become a bit tricky, so take your time while installing.

  • 2.3.1 Bypassing Rear Bumper Obstruction: A Wider View
  • 2.3.2 Down to Earth Installation: The Hardwire Kit Experience

In a nutshell, I absolutely respect the security that this camera provides, but make sure you get to grasp each feature’s functionality to enjoy the best results.

Lookover of WOLFBOX G840S 12

Creating Neatness Amid Chaos: Wiring Adventures

  • DIY hook bracket provides firm camera foot hold
  • Wires and GPS box effectively concealed for neatness
  • Cleanliness key for adhesive installation on windshield

When it came to setting up the dash camera in my small truck, oh boy, the wiring definitely seemed like a daunting task initially. But here’s the thing: with a little bit of patience and creativity, I found a way to neatly handle the ‘chaos’.

The DIY Hook Bracket: A Simple Yet Effective Solution

Given the confined space of my truck, I needed to create a firm foothold for the dash camera without cluttering up the area. This necessity led me to come up with a simple solution – a homemade hook bracket made from a metal wire. It isn’t something you would find in a high-tech manual, but effectively does its job: holding the camera steady. This little bracket holds the camera securely and restricts any unwanted movement. Although I would advise caution while using DIY solutions , especially when dealing with electronic devices.

Overcoming the Extras: Wires, GPS Box, and Adhesive Installation

Now, let’s talk about those ‘extras’ – the surplus of wires and the GPS box. Sure, they felt a bit overwhelming at first especially in a small truck like mine. The GPS box and the wires, all meant to add value, almost intruded on the neatness, but here’s how I tackled it:

  1. Wires: I ran the wires up, over, and down my pillar, keeping them entirely out of sight for a clean looking setup. Do make sure though to secure any loose wires properly to prevent any accidents or mishaps.
  2. GPS Box: As for the GPS box, I found a nice little spot down my pillar. Once again, out of sight yet functional. Always remember that location is important, hindrance can lead to limited functionality.
  3. Adhesive Installation: When it comes to sticking anything onto your windshield, remember, cleanliness is key. Make sure your windshield is clean before you put the adhesive on – a small detail that can save a lot of hassle later.

In our quest for convenience, we often find ourselves juggling between utility and chaos. In this play of wires, the truck’s size posed a challenge, but it never felt insurmountable. Remember, patience is your friend during installation. Don’t rush, and you might just create your neat little nook amid the supposed chaos.

Comments on WOLFBOX G840S 12

Exposure to the Camera’s Multiple Choice: Front and Rear Play

When it comes to dashboard cameras, having multiple options and functions adds to the overall value of the product. This camera gives a user more than they bargained for with its capability to switch between views, adjust controls and even monitor speed. In this section, I’ll share my experience with these multi-options, highlighting how I found them to be a notch above than its competitors.

Briefing on Multiple Camera Views: The Utility Button in Action

Its play in front and rear views is simply a marvel. A single push of a button enables one to switch between the front camera and the rear view. This means that you have a live feed of what’s happening both in front of and behind your vehicle. For safety-forward individuals – you just can’t beat this feature! It provides a unique layer of security that not many dash cams currently in the market offer. However, getting used to the controls did require a bit of trial and error, which was not initially very intuitive.

Interactive Controls: Brightness Adjustment and Video Pause Experience

One thing I can confidently say about this camera is that it comes with interactive controls that are user-friendly. There’s a specific button for brightness adjustment, and the response is quick – it adjusts the brightness in real-time. An excellent feature for anyone driving in different lighting conditions. The video pause function also works well, being responsive at all times. However, the interface design did feel a bit outdated – a slight makeover would not be amiss.

GPS Functionality: Keeping Speed Check, Easy Recording and Photo Capture

The feature that surprisingly caught my eye was the inbuilt GPS system. Not only does it track and record location, but also monitors the speed! A handy feature for anyone wishing to keep an exact tab on their vehicle’s speed, and perhaps useful in certain situations to provide valuable data. Plus, the GPS option also makes recording and capturing photos a breeze. Just a push of a button and you’ve got it saved. That being said, the GPS function did lack accuracy at times, and there’s certainly a room for improvement.

In a nutshell, the multi-choices and functionalities this camera offers put a large number of its competitors to shame, making it a smart choice for anyone looking to amp up their vehicle’s security. But like any product, it isn’t flawless and does leave room for a few improvements.

Should you buy the WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera?

Buy it if…

You Desire Security Mechanisms

This camera starts recording as soon as it detects any touch or hit on your car – ensuring safety and potential evidence in the case of an unfortunate incident.

You Seek Easy Installation and Customisation

The camera comes with a hardwire kit for easy installation and offers ways to customise your attachment in small vehicles. Handy DIY solutions for a wider rear view are also easily attainable.

High Quality Within Budget

For the money, this camera provides high quality pictures and videos, toggling easily between front and rear views.

Don’t buy it if…

Inability to Understand Technicalities

The manual isn’t very clear, so without tech-savviness, you might find it challenging to get the most out of the camera’s features

Dislike for Wire Management

While installation is straightforward, excess wires need organising, which could be a hassle if you prefer wireless or minimal-wire devices.

Disgruntled with Interface and Controls

If you prefer clearer icons or dislike toggling to switch views, the interface might annoy you as view switch requires hitting a button that changes the filename.


Does this camera record from its rear camera?
Yes, the camera does record from its rear camera.
How to differentiate between front and rear camera recordings?
Recordings from the front and rear cameras end with an ‘F’ and ‘R’ respectively in the file name.
Where are the pictures/screenshots stored?
Pictures and screenshots are stored in the same location alongside video recordings.
If someone touches or breaks into my car, will this camera start recording?
Yes, the camera has a security feature that begins recording in the case of an intrusion or hit.
Can I change the view from rear to front easily?
Yes, toggling between the front and rear view is as easy as a single button touch.
How can I install this camera in a smaller vehicle?
With a makeshift hook bracket, you can easily mount this camera in a vehicle of smaller size.
Isn’t the wiring process cluttered and messy?
Though the wiring might seem chaotic, following certain steps can make it neat and properly installed.
Can I adjust the brightness in this camera?
Yes, the camera has a feature that allows you to adjust the brightness.
What features does the utility button serve?
The utility button offers multiple functionalities like altering camera views, checking speed through GPS, accessing recordings and capturing pictures.

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