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Review: WHOOSH! 2.0 Screen Cleaner Kit – New REFILLABLE 16.9 Oz Full Bottle + 2 Cloths – Provides superior, easy-to-use screen cleaning solution.

Explore Whoosh 2.0’s transformative power in this comprehensive product review for MacBook screens... Read more

Review of WHOOSH! 2.0 Screen Cleaner Kit - New REFILLABLE 16.9 Oz Full Bottle + 2 Cloths

Test of WHOOSH! 2.0 Screen Cleaner Kit – New REFILLABLE 16.9 Oz Full Bottle + 2 Cloths

4.7/5 - (10099 votes)

Cena: $19.10


  • Easy to use
  • Effective screen cleaner
  • Suitable for glass and metal surfaces
  • Lasts long with few spritzes
  • Quick evaporation, no residue
  • Order includes two microfiber cloths
  • Refill kit available


  • Not effective on plastic keyboards
  • Microfiber cloth requires regular washing
  • No expiration date provided
  • Requires an initial dusting for best results

“Overall, I’ve found that Whoosh 2.0 Tech Hygiene truly delivered on its promise to provide a superior, easy-to-use screen cleaning solution. After seeing the incredible transformation of my MacBook’s screen, I was pleasantly surprised. Still, it falls short when tackling greasier surfaces, such as my keyboard. However, considering that it’s advertised as a screen cleaner, more than a universal tech-cleaning product, it’s not a huge letdown. I can see myself relying on this product for routine screen maintenance. But for a deep, thorough clean of all my tech devices, I might need to supplement it with something more heavy-duty.”

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Material plastic
Liquid Volume 16.9 Fluid Ounces

An Unbiased Review: Cleaning My MacBook with Whoosh 2.0 Tech Hygiene

Admit it, we’ve all been guilty of not cleaning our laptop screens as often as we should. I know I have. Recently, I decided it was time for a bit of spring cleaning, and determined to rectify this, I headed to everyone’s favourite virtual marketplace – Amazon. After a bit of browsing, I came across this little champion called Whoosh 2.0, touted as a top-notch tech hygiene solution. Intriguing, isn’t it?

First-Hand Experience: Discovering Whoosh 2.0

An allegedly much-loved favourite of the folks at Apple stores, I was curious to see if Whoosh 2.0 could make my screen sparkle. So, I pitched in some dough from my pocket and decided to give it a try. You gotta understand, my precious MacBook has a screen that’s embarrassingly filthy. I was hoping this little bottle of cleaner would whisk away my woes.

Unboxing the Starter Kit: Exploring What’s Inside the Box

The starter kit came with a generous bottle of the cleaning solution, a handy microfiber cleaning cloth, and a quite straightforward set of instructions. From the outset, the product seemed promising. The packaging was simple yet professional, making me optimistic and genuinely excited to see what this cleaner could do.

Using Whoosh 2.0: Step-By-Step Guide to a Cleaner Screen

Once I overcame the initial excitement of the unboxing, it was time to get down to business. With my computer powered down and the trusty cleaning cloth in hand, I was all set. The instructions stated to first dust the screen with a dry cloth, spray two to three times onto the cloth, and then gently clean the screen with the dampened side of the cloth. Seemed simple enough. So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

Study of WHOOSH! 2.0 Screen Cleaner Kit - New REFILLABLE 16.9 Oz Full Bottle + 2 Cloths

A Closer Look: Testing the Whoosh 2.0 Cleaning Process

  • Whoosh 2.0 effectively cleans greasy, dirty screens
  • Less impressive results on keyboard cleaning
  • Product may require user effort for thorough cleaning

With the Whoosh 2.0 all laid out before me, it was time to put it to work. I began by following the instructions the kit came with.

Initial Impressions: Getting Rid of Caked-on Dirt

Armed with a greasy, fingerprint-laden MacBook screen, I started the cleaning process. Following the instructions to the letter, I dusted my screen with the dry microfiber cloth that came with the package before moving to the spray.

My initial reaction to using the cleaning solution was remarkably positive . I sprayed some Whoosh 2.0 onto the cloth, careful not to let it touch the screen, and began wiping. To my surprise, the screen started to shed off the dirt quite easily. The cleaner seemed to loosen all the grime and caked-on particles, which were effortlessly picked up by the cloth.

The claim that Whoosh 2.0 is capable of turning a messy screen tidy began to seem not so far-fetched. But I knew I couldn’t fully judge the product based on the first cleaning, so I moved on to the second cycle.

Going for a Second Round: Polish and Shine

I proceeded with a second “Whooshing” for good measure. The result was a screen that was unmistakably cleaner than before – the difference was night and day. The screen’s colors seemed a little more vibrant, and everything looked a lot sharper. The product managed to remove the caked on dirt and dust particles effectively.

Beyond the MacBook Screen: Can it Clean a Keyboard and Metal Surfaces?

Seeing fantastic results on my screen, I felt encouraged to test the Whoosh 2.0 on a slightly different terrain, my MacBook’s keyboard. The keyboard was greasy, a little grimy, and certainly needed a good scrub.

However, the results were not as impressive as with the screen. My keyboard was cleaner for sure, but not as much as I had hoped. The greasy feel didn’t completely leave the keys, and some of the dirt stuck in the keys’ grooves didn’t seem to budge. Perhaps the Whoosh 2.0 kit is best for screen cleaning, as it’s advertised.

Overall, the Whoosh 2.0 seems to be effective at its primary function – cleaning screens. It’s a good product for those struggling with unclean and fingerprint-ridden screens. It does its job without much effort from the user, and the results speak for themselves. As for other device surfaces, further testing may be needed.

Scrutiny of WHOOSH! 2.0 Screen Cleaner Kit - New REFILLABLE 16.9 Oz Full Bottle + 2 Cloths

Final Verdict: Does Whoosh 2.0 Really Work?

It’s time to lay it bare – does Whoosh 2.0 deliver on its promises? Well, based on my hands-on experience with this product, I’d wager that it does. However, this assessment isn’t made with a blind eye. In this final analysis, let’s critically look into our personal journey with Whoosh 2.0 Tech Hygiene.

Detailed Analysis: Comparing the Before and After

A picture paints a thousand words as they say, and in this scenario, the contrast between the before and after state of my MacBook display is stark. From a grimy, notorious mess to a clear, appreciably presentable screen, the transformation was evident. I tell you, nothing is as fulfilling as watching that dirt gradually lift off. In the face of such results, Whoosh 2.0 comfortably meets its promised vision of a cleaner display.

User Tips and Suggestions: Making Your Whoosh 2.0 Work For You

  • Start small and gentle: It’s recommended that you don’t overly spray the cloth in the first go. The key is to start with a little application and increase gradually if needed. Plus, maintaining a gentle approach on the screen helps avoid undue pressure on the display.
  • Round two: If your screen is particularly dirty, it may require a second round of cleaning. Don’t be discouraged if the first round doesn’t end in perfect results. Repeat the process and, trust me, the results will leave you satisfied.
  • Not just for screens: This cleaner doesn’t limit itself to screens alone. Feel free to put it to the test on aluminium or other metal surfaces for impressive tidying up results.

Wrapping Up: A Copywriter Unveils the Final Impressions on Screen Cleaning with Whoosh 2.0 Tech Hygiene

While the product wasn’t able to fully clean the grease off the keyboard, remember, it’s primarily advertised as a screen cleaner. Thus, this minor hiccup shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. On the whole, I was pretty impressed with the performance of Whoosh 2.0. Not only did it clean my MacBook’s screen successfully, but it also made it shine like it was brand new.

What stands out about Whoosh 2.0 is how far a small amount goes. It cleans efficiently and evaporates quickly leaving no residue or streaks. Plus, the fact that it’s alcohol-free is an added bonus for those concerned about the longevity of their devices.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an effective and efficient solution to maintain your tech hygiene, I’d definitely recommend giving Whoosh 2.0 a try. With a reasonable amount of effort and product, you’d be surprised by the cleanliness and gleam it can bring to your device’s screen. It’s a worthwhile investment if you care about keeping your tech squeaky clean.

Should you buy the WHOOSH! 2.0 Screen Cleaner Kit – New REFILLABLE 16.9 Oz Full Bottle + 2 Cloths?

Buy it if…

You want a comprehensive screen cleaner

Whoosh 2.0 is designed to provide a thorough cleaning for your MacBook or similar devices, removing dust and grime effectively.

You prefer easy-to-use cleaning solutions

The instructions for using Whoosh 2.0 are straightforward and user-friendly and the cleaning process requires minimal effort.

You’re looking for a product with multiple uses

Beyond screens, Whoosh 2.0 effectively cleans metal and other surfaces, making it versatile for various devices.

Don’t buy it if…

You primarily want a keyboard cleaner

While Whoosh 2.0 is advertised as a screen cleaner, it doesn’t work effectively on certain elements such as greasy keys on the keyboard.

You are sensitive to moisture

Though the solution evaporates quickly, it leaves some moisture that can be felt on the cloth.

You dislike frequent maintenance

The provided microfiber cloth will require regular cleaning or replacement after usage as it accumulates dirt from the cleaning.


What materials does Whoosh 2.0 work best on?
Whoosh 2.0 works best on materials such as glass and aluminum or other types of metals.
How many times do I need to use Whoosh 2.0 for best results?
For best results, it’s recommended to do two cycles of cleaning for heavily caked on dirt.
Does Whoosh 2.0 work on greasy keyboards as efficiently as screens?
The Whoosh 2.0 is not as effective in clearing up a greasy keyboard as it is on screens. It is marketed as a screen cleaner.
How do I maintain the microfiber cloth that comes with the Whoosh 2.0 kit?
The microfiber cloth that comes with the Whoosh 2.0 kit can be machine washed. Do keep in mind to avoid drying it with fabric softener as per the directions.
Does the Whoosh 2.0 cleaning solution have an expiry date?
According to the reviewer, there was no visible expiry date on the Whoosh 2.0 cleaning solution bottle.
Do I spray Whoosh 2.0 directly onto the screen?
No, you should not spray Whoosh 2.0 directly onto the screen. Always spray onto a cleaning cloth and then clean the screen.
What if I have various screens to clean?
If you intend to clean a lot of screens, especially for a school or institution, it is recommended to have a few extra microfiber cloths on hand.

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