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Review: Wall Mount for Wyze Cam Pan V3/Wyze Cam V3 – Offers quality surveillance at affordable price

Reviewing the Wisecam Pan Version 3’s design, set-up, and performance... Read more

Review of Wall Mount for Wyze Cam Pan V3/Wyze Cam V3

Table of Contents

Test of Wall Mount for Wyze Cam Pan V3/Wyze Cam V3

4.4/5 - (537 votes)

Cena: $9.99


  • Affordable price point
  • Unique design
  • Weatherproof with motion tracking
  • Maintains 1080p quality day/night
  • Compatible with major assistants
  • Decent Noise and Echo cancellation
  • Easy to set up indoors/outdoors


  • Hiccups in motion blur and artifacts
  • Detailed video usability affected by camera motion
  • Nighttime detection range limited
  • Mildly confusing home position setup

“In my unbiased opinion, the Wisecam Pan Version 3 shows commendable innovation, especially with its 1080p quality, excellent motion tracking, and good audio. Although I noticed minor issues with motion blur and artifacts when the camera is moving, these are mitigated once the camera is still, meaning the footage is generally reliable. The affordability and variety of features truly make this a good buy, despite room for some improvements. The camera’s performance, given its price point, genuinely impressed me. It’s a device I’d certainly consider for budget-conscious, yet quality surveillance.”

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An Exciting Close-Up on Wisecam Pan Version 3

When I first got my hands on the Wisecam Pan Version 3, I must admit, my intrigue was piqued. From its unique design to a set of features packed for a reasonable price, I was eager to explore, scrutinize, and share my unbiased thoughts on this little gadget.

Unboxing the Wisecam Pan Version 3: Not Your Typical Camera Design

Right off the bat, the Wisecam Pan v3 oozes novelty. In a market saturated with similar-looking home security cameras, Wisecam has managed to introduce a fresh design. It resembles two Wisecams stacked on top of each other, with the camera lens, microphones, and infrared LEDs nestled conveniently in the upper section while the circular base allows for handy pan feature.

The Price Point: Affordability at its Best

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the price point. Priced at just around $34 plus shipping, the Wisecam v3 represents the lower end of the spectrum as compared to its predecessor as well as other competitors. It’s almost bewitchingly affordable, and that’s an advantage in any book. But remember, the price can change, so keep an eye on that.

Special Thanks to Wisecam

Before delving further, I’d like to acknowledge Wisecam for providing this camera for review. However, rest assured, my evaluations are strictly impartial – all pros and cons are based on my experiments, and aren’t influenced by this generous gesture.

Unboxings, specifications, performance tests – there’s so much to cover about this intriguing device. Let’s dive deeper into the nitty gritty of the Wisecam Pan Version 3.

Remarks on Wall Mount for Wyze Cam Pan V3/Wyze Cam V3

Unleashing New Features: A Dive into Specifications

  • Wisecam Pan V3 is weatherproof and has motion tracking
  • Maintains 1080p resolution with day/night modes
  • Offers storage, compatibility and integration features

When we think of purchasing something new, we almost always want to jump into the specifics, and our case with Wisecam Pan Version 3 is no different. In this section, we’re going to lay out this new gadget’s standout features, focusing keenly on how they may influence user experience.

Remarkable Outdoor Adaptability: Weatherproof and Motion Tracking

Firstly, I privileged to announce that the Wisecam Pan V3 is now entirely weatherproof, boasting an IP65 rating. This much-awaited feature strongly positions it for outdoor usage. For any homeowner keen on round-the-clock surveillance, its intruder-detecting motion tracking capability is a worthy addition. This feature would likely make a significant difference in your security, allowing the device to follow movement effectively. Though, it’s worth noting the feature only becomes reliable if it’s sensitive enough to detect movement and initiate recording.

Camera Quality: Maintaining 1080p with Day/Night Modes

Despite keeping at 1080p resolution, it’s commendable that Wisecam Pan V3 manages to maintain a crisp image quality – both in the day and at night. However, it’s essential to bear in mind, this camera records at 20 FPS during the day and 15FPS at night. Cities concerned about recording clarity at night can benefit from a rather robust night vision mode the device conveniently offers. The Wisecam Pan V3 transitions elegantly from its color night vision to a rather impressive black and white mode with four infrared LEDs.

Storage, Compatibility, and Integration: User-friendly to the Core

  • Local Storage: With the accommodation for up to a 256GB microSD card, extended camera usage won’t be a problem. You can record and store substantial video files before a clean-up is due.
  • Compatibility: If you’re trying to fit this into a pre-existing ecosystem of smart devices, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Wisecam Pan V3 maintains compatibility with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection.
  • Integration: More so, you can sync your camera with everyday digital assistants, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and even with “If This Then That” (IFTTT) for enhanced automation around the house.

Noise and Echo Cancellation: Is it Really Good?

While most of us may balk at the mention of noise and echo cancellation in a home security camera, the Wisecam Pan V3 entices us with this premium feature. The question remains though: with all these standout features squeezed into a rather affordable device, can it deliver audio quality without noticeable compromise? We’ll find out this a little later in the review.

Audit of Wall Mount for Wyze Cam Pan V3/Wyze Cam V3

The Box’s Inside Story: Looking at Camera and Accessories

  • Wisecam Pan V3 features unique two-stack design
  • Has functional features: lens, mics, infrared LEDs, speaker
  • Included numerous accessories for setup

Let’s get to the unboxing. The Wisecam Pan V3 comes with a spider-web sticker and a quick-start guide, essentials for those who are new to this gadget.

The Camera Itself

Now, let’s focus on the star of the show – the camera. The first thing I noticed was its unique design. It was reminiscent of two Wisecams having been stacked on top of each other, an innovative departure from their previous versions. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the camera lens, two mics, and infrared LEDs located somewhere around the camera’s sides. I wonder if the LED location could affect night vision capabilities, only further testing can clarify this.

On the bottom lies a circular base the camera pans on, quite a neat feature. You’ll also find a quarter 20 screw Mount and a micro USB port for power. On the back, a speaker invites our attention. Here lies the tilting function, a 180-degree range of movement. Also, I found a rubber flap that conceals the micro SD card slot and a setup button. I appreciate their effort to ensure the storage stays securely tucked away from external elements.

Additional Accessories

Moving on to examine the inside of the box further, I came across an L-bracket mount, a power adapter, mounting screws, and plastic anchors. Everything needed to secure your camera indoors or outdoors. There’s also a six-foot flat micro USB cable with a 90-degree plug. A savvy design decision to ensure it lays flat when connected to the camera.

Overall, the unboxing experience has been quite impressive. They’ve included every possible accessory you’d need to set up. However, the real test lies in the camera’s performance. Let’s find out if it lives up to its initial promise in the next segment. Stay tuned!

Lookover of Wall Mount for Wyze Cam Pan V3/Wyze Cam V3

Setting Up: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Wisecam Pan Version 3 setup is straightforward
  • App supports easy access to various settings
  • Installation requires inserting Micro SD and Wi-Fi configuration

Now that we’ve got the unboxing out of the way, it’s time to dive into the setup process of the Wisecam Pan Version 3. As a general note, the setup was fairly simple and didn’t leave a lot of room for confusion. However, let’s walk through each step, providing critical insights based on my own experience.

How to Install: Indoor and Outdoor Setup Explained

The beauty of the Wisecam Pan Version 3 is its adaptability. You can either position it indoors or outdoors based on your convenience and need. While an indoor setup is relatively straightforward, placing it on a table or shelf, mounting it outdoors might require a bit more finesse.

  1. Firstly, you need to insert a Micro SD card into the camera. This is what will store all your footage.
  2. Next, you need to plug the camera and open up the Wisecam app on your device. To add a new device, simply click on the ‘+’ sign in the top left corner and follow the prompts.
  3. Once you’ve added the Wisecam Pan Version 3 into the app, it’ll prompt you to key in your Wi-Fi password. Upon doing that, you’ll be asked to scan a QR code displayed on your device with the camera.
  4. You’ll then get the option to name your camera and choose whether or not you want the Cam Plus subscription.
  5. After this, before you mount it outdoors, it might be wise (pun intended) to do a firmware update.
Note: The L-bracket mount included in the box is particularly useful for outdoor setups. But due to specific setups like overhanging eaves or lack of a suitable Phillips driver, you might not be able to screw it completely in place.

Accessing Wisecam Settings through the App

Understanding how to navigate the Wisecam app settings is crucial to your experience with the Wisecam Pan Version 3. The app is straightforward to use and allows easy access to various settings such as detection settings and zones, AI detection options, and other advanced settings specific to your camera.

The camera settings are readily available and can be accessed by selecting your camera from your list of devices in the app and selecting the gear icon.

NB: One nifty app feature worth mentioning is the Privacy Mode. Activating it makes the lens turn and tilt away, effectively steering clear of recording its current field of view.

Overall, the app setup and installation process raises no major red flags, although minor setbacks might arise depending on your specific setup. I’ll delve into those and discuss how they might impact regular usage, but that’s content for another section!

Synopsis: Wall Mount for Wyze Cam Pan V3/Wyze Cam V3

Testing the Wisecam Pan Version 3 Performance

  • Optimal motion tracking of Wisecam within 30 feet
  • Noteworthy color night vision feature, improved with lighting
  • Notification alerts received within a minute of detection
  • Improved audio quality in Wisecam Pan Version 3

As expected, it was thorough testing time for my Wisecam Pan Version 3. I was interested in poking around to evaluate its strengths and limitations. Let’s examine each relevant feature.

Live Cam Motion Tracking: Is it Accurate?

The first test was for this motion tracking feature. I conducted a live test on flare detection in daylight at various distances up to 40 feet. The tracking performance was convincing up until 30 feet, after which the camera lost me. This suggests that optimal detection lies within this range.

Nighttime Detection Range: Infrared vs Color Night Vision Test

Into the darkness I stepped, this time for a nighttime detection range test . Interestingly, the camera’s range fell short to around 30 feet, both in infrared and color night vision modes. Although this limitation is duly noted, the color night vision feature was quite commendable, offering satisfactory detail within this range. Adding some lighting significantly improved both the video quality and detection range.

Alert Notification Speed and Max Detection Distance: Delving into Efficiency

Next on the test list – alert notification speed and max detection distance . I checked notifications triggered around 40 feet mark. There were no alerts at 40 feet, but by stepping in closer to 35 feet, the camera picked me up. This echoes the 35 feet coverage point mentioned earlier.

The alert speed is likewise important to consider. In my testing, I found that you’ll receive alerts on your phone within a minute of detection. This is quite a practical timeframe for real-world scenarios when security matters.

Checking Out the Audio Quality: Can It Deliver?

Finally, the audio test . I was somewhat surprised by the improved quality compared to other Wisecam models. It is definitely a step up in clarity and comprehensibility. This is a noteworthy point for users who value smooth two-way audio communication.

It should be stressed that this entire testing process is based on my personal interactions with the Wisecam Pan Version 3 under specific conditions. Other users’ experiences might vary based on their environment, camera settings, or even firmware versions. It’s important to see these observations in a broader context and apply them as a general guideline rather than a fixed rule.

Assessment of Wall Mount for Wyze Cam Pan V3/Wyze Cam V3

Summing Up: The Final Verdict on Wisecam Pan Version 3 Performance

A Remark on Video Quality

When it comes to the video quality of the Wisecam Pan Version 3, the verdict is a mixed bag. The 1080p resolution gives a detailed view, but it’s crucial to note a little bit of motion blur and artifacts during movement. The quality is somehow compromised in the transition, leading to some blurry footage during motion. However, once the camera settles down, there’s a remarkable improvement in clarity, offering crisp images, which I find commendable for an affordable camera.

Celebrating the Positives

The motion tracking for this camera is praiseworthy. In my experience, it handled tracking with quite an impressive level of precision. Furthermore, the audio quality stood out among the many features I tested. Clear audio can sometimes be a challenge for most cameras, but Wisecam Pan V3 delivers in this area, which is a huge plus.

The Price-Performance Ratio

In terms of price-performance ratio, the Wisecam Pan Version 3 is worthwhile. Priced at $34 plus shipping, it stands out as more affordable than not only its predecessor, Wisecam Pan V2, but also the Wisecam V3. So, for the multitude of features it offers, coupled with a pretty impressive overall performance, I would say it’s good value for the money.

A Quick Peek into Upcoming Comparisons with Other Brands

In the coming days, I will be doing a comparative analysis of how it fares against other brand models. I believe that will provide even more context regarding its capabilities compared to its direct market competitors. Watch out for this to get a more comprehensive understanding of how well the Wisecam Pan V3 stacks up.

Should you buy the Wall Mount for Wyze Cam Pan V3/Wyze Cam V3?

Buy it if…

You Appreciate a Unique Design

The Wisecam Pan Version 3 offers a distinct design differentiating it from previous versions; it looks like two Wisecams stacked on each other making it visually appealing.

You Want Feature-Packed Affordability

The camera provides an array of features including weatherproof, motion tracking, color night vision, and integration with smart home devices, all for an extremely budget-friendly price.

You Need Robust Outdoor Monitoring

The camera’s weatherproof feature and superior motion tracking, combined with a 360-degree pan and 180-degree tilt capacity, make this an excellent choice for outdoor monitoring.

Don’t buy it if…

You Seek Higher Resolution

Despite the numerous features, the camera still records in 1080p. If you seek a higher resolution, this might not be the camera for you.

You’re Expecting Blur-Free Motion Footage

While stationary, the camera provides excellent footage. However, during motion, there might be blur and artifacts, making the footage unusable.

You’re Not Interested in Subscription Services

To unlock the full feature set, a cam Plus subscription is needed which might be a turn-off if you’re not interested in additional costs.


Does the Wisecam Pan V3 have motion tracking?
Yes, Wisecam Pan V3 comes with a motion tracking feature.
Is Wisecam Pan V3 weatherproof?
Yes, Wisecam Pan V3 is weatherproof with an IP65 rating.
What is the resolution of Wisecam Pan V3 Camera?
The Wisecam Pan V3 Camera maintains a 1080p resolution for both daytime and nighttime.
What is the unique design found in the Wisecam Pan V3?
Wisecam Pan V3 looks like two wisecams stacked on top of each other.
How does the motion alert notification speed of the Wisecam pan version 3 work?
The camera tracks motion and sends a notification to the wisecam app on your device. The live view loads up pretty quickly upon clicking the notification.
Does Wisecam Pan V3 have a home position setting?
Although there’s no specific option, the home position can be somewhat set by just turning on the motion zones – the position the camera returns to after motion has stopped.
What is the price of the Wisecam pan V3?
The Wisecam Pan V3 start out as $34 plus shipping.
Does Wisecam Pan V3 have Night Vision?
Yes, it has both Color Night Vision and Black and White Night Vision with four infrared LEDs.
What is the maximum storage capacity of the Wisecam Pan V3?
The Wisecam Pan V3 is compatible with up to a 256 gigabyte micro SD card.
Does Wisecam Pan V3 support any integrations?
Yes, it can integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant and if this then that(ITTT).

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