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Review: Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2 GPS Bike Computer – Solid, reliable device with pleasant user interface

Explore the new Wahoo Roam V2 through this comprehensive, unbiased review... Read more

Review of Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2 GPS Bike Computer

Test of Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2 GPS Bike Computer

4.2/5 - (121 votes)

Cena: $69.99


  • Improved Software and User Interface
  • Enhanced GPS Configuration
  • More Color Display Options
  • Increased Storage Availability
  • Convenient User Interface Customization via Wahoo Element App
  • Route Navigation Feature
  • Text Alerts During Rides


  • Marked Increase in Price
  • Unfulfilled Promises on New Features
  • Issues with Gradient Responsiveness
  • Inconsistent GPS Accuracy in Certain Areas
  • Limited Feature Upgrades

“After spending considerable time with the Wahoo Roam V2, I find it to be a solid, reliable device, but not necessarily the most innovative or game-changing. It does show improvements from its predecessor, especially in the hardware changes. The user interface is pleasant to work with and it generally served my cycling needs well. However, I was a bit disappointed that some key features were not ready for testing at launch. Being priced the same as other competitive products in the market, I feel it could have done a bit more to stand apart. In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Wahoo, you’ll appreciate the updates, but those looking for a revolution in their cycling tech might have to keep waiting.”

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Brand Wahoo Fitness
Screen Size 2.7 Inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, ANT+, Wi-Fi, GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS, NavIC
Included Components ELEMNT ROAM V2 GPS cycle computer, Integrated Out-front Mount, Stem Mount, Zip Ties, Quick Start Guide
Battery Life 17 Hours
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.56 x 2.34 x 0.8 inches
Item Weight 3.2 Ounces
Display Type LED
Human Interface Input Buttons


Welcome, everyone.

In today’s discussion, we’ve got something special on our hands – we’re going to dive into the new Wahoo Roam V2, or as some refer to it, the New Roam. No matter what you prefer to call it, we’ll be conducting an in-depth review on what’s new in this 2022 release. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with this product, figuring out its nitty-gritty and seeing how it stacks up in a practical setting. Through it all, I’ve been eager to share my findings with you.

Motivation Behind the Review

This review is fueled by a simple motive – to guide you and help you decide if the Wahoo Roam V2 is worth your investment. We are all aware how saturated the market is with countless cycling computer options that boast a plethora of features. However, the devil, as always, is in the detail. And it’s these details that can be the deciding factor between a gadget that becomes a near fixture on your cycling journeys and one that gathers dust on your shelf after a few short tries.

A Short Overview of the Wahoo Roam V2

  • The new Wahoo Roam V2 is an advanced GPS Bike Computer that aims to promise an uncompromised cycling experience.
  • It features a relatively new and advanced GPS configuration and introduces more colors into its display, offering a more aesthetic appeal.
  • Another notable feature that sets the Wahoo Roam V2 apart is its increased storage size.
  • Lastly, the look and feel of the device is something to appreciate as well. It convinces of its high-quality build at first glance.

So, here’s the question: Is all the hype around the Wahoo Roam V2 justified? Or is it just another cycling computer that falls short of expectations? Let’s find out together.

Breakdown of Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2 GPS Bike Computer

Breaking down the Review

  • Review divided into new features and hardware improvements
  • Notable change: introduction of dual-frequency GPS
  • Storage increased from 4GB to 32GB

As I dived into my hands-on experience with Wahoo Roam V2, I divided the review into two significant parts. First, identifying the new features of the product, and then speaking about the hardware improvements.

Identifying New Features

What’s new is a crucial aspect of any product review. Let’s break down the added features of the Wahoo Roam V2.

2.1.1 Assessing the Software

The software of a product can make or break it. After a fair amount of testing, I concluded that the software of Roam V2 was mostly straightforward and user-friendly. However, it’s worth mentioning that there’s a bit of learning curve involved, especially if you’re new to the Wahoo ecosystem.

2.1.2 Exploring User Interface

Wahoo Roam V2’s user interface seemed pretty intuitive to me. The ability to customize pages, set notifications, arrange data fields, and control the LEDs and sound all through the app is handy. However, it’s worth noting that there’s still room for improvement, particularly in allowing the creation of specialized data pages for different cycling types.

Analyzing Hardware Upgrade

Hardware upgrades are often the most visible changes in a new version of a product. Let’s discuss the improvements that have been made in the hardware department.

2.2.1 Significant Change in GPS Configuration

One of the most striking changes in the Wahoo Roam V2 is the introduction of a new multi-band or dual-frequency GPS. This feature sets it apart from its predecessor, aiming to improve the GPS connection in challenging environments like cities, mountains, etc.

2.2.2 Evaluating New Color Addition

Who doesn’t like options, right? With the Roam V2, Wahoo increased the color choices from 16 to 64. Although you might not notice the difference a lot, it gives a bit more variety to the visualization. Moreover, the improved color shading makes the display a bit more appealing.

2.2.3 Deeper Insight into Increased Storage

Bigger the storage, the better it is, and Wahoo seems to understand it better. The storage in the Roam V2 has been upgraded from 4GB to 32GB, primarily used for maps. With the enhanced storage capacity, you can now preload more maps, making this device a better companion for your long rides.

Reflection on Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2 GPS Bike Computer

First Impressions

  • Wahoo Roam V2 has a clean, familiar design
  • Device buttons now pop-up, easier to operate with gloves
  • Price increased from $379 to $399

Getting my hands on the new Wahoo Roam V2 was quite stimulating. Upon unboxing, I was initially greeted by its simplistic and clean design, much similar to its predecessor. The makers have remained loyal to the known aesthetics, maintaining the comfortable familiarity for the existing users but with subtle yet important upgrades.

The Look and Feel

The unit, at a glance, gives off a robust and durable feel. The device sports a lovely matte finish giving it a sleek appearance. It’s lightweight and comfortable to handle. They’ve made a small but noticeable alteration to the hardware design – the buttons are no longer inset, they now pop-up at the top . This was a much-appreciated change as it seems like it would make it easier to operate with gloves on.

Identifying the Price Increase

A key thing to note in regards to the upgrade is the price. The price has been hiked up from $379 to $399. The increase might seem minor at first, but considering the market competition, it’s vital to question the value addition that comes with the price elevation in this review. Though the listed new features and upgrades are promising, the true worth can only be judged through practical usage and performance testing.

In the following sections, we’ll go even deeper into the specifics of the device’s features, hardware, and software, and critically assess their true value and performance.

Analyzing Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2 GPS Bike Computer

Exploring the Software Features

  • Wahoo Roam V2 software enhances user experience
  • Features include cloud-based backups, Super Sapiens, Summit Segments & public route sharing
  • Some new features aren’t fully developed yet

Delving into the software updates of the new Wahoo Roam V2 felt like a journey in itself. Let’s dissect everything, starting with the key features.

Listing the Features

The software enhancements for the new Wahoo Roam V2 feature a variety of add-ons geared towards boosting user experience. These include cloud-based backups and restores, Super Sapiens integration, new Summit Segments, and public route sharing. A significant tidbit is that all these features aren’t just for the Roam V2, but have been rolled out for other units too.

Navigating Through Software Updates

When it comes to software updates, past experience is crucial. As we look at the updated features of the Roam V2, it’s essential to remember the patterns from the past. Wahoo has, at times, been slightly off with their projected dates for new updates. While the features mentioned are a promising leap into the future, as of now, they are unfledged.

Two notable features – Summit Segments and public route sharing – are not yet live.

From limited information, it seems Summit Segments will provide detailed data about oncoming climbs during a ride. The feature seems intriguing but as of now, it remains a promise.

The public route sharing is designed to facilitate route sharing with other nearby Wahoo users, given the app is open. It’s essentially an attempt to foster a community of riders sharing and discovering new routes. However, the absence of this feature during my test meant I couldn’t draw a first-hand conclusion.

In essence, while the Wahoo Roam V2 does put forth a list of substantive software updates, I believe it might need a little more time to fully deliver on its promise. The test of time will determine how much these new features add to the overall user experience.

Thoughts on Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2 GPS Bike Computer

What’s Inside the Box

  • Wahoo Roam V2 unboxing offers sleek device
  • Package includes Out-front Mount and USB-C cable

Let’s delve into what you can expect when you open up the box of the new Wahoo Roam V2. First impressions can be important, and unboxing is that preliminary experience that sets the tone for your journey with your new gadget. So, what treats are in store for us here?

The Bike Computer Itself

The device immediately catches your attention. It’s sleek, well-made, and not overly hefty, giving you a sense of confidence that you’ve made a worthwhile purchase that won’t disappoint you in quality.

The Accessories

Digging a little deeper into the box, you’ll find a set of accompanying accessories designed to make your experience smoother and more enjoyable. Now, let’s list out specifically what we got:

  1. Out-front Mount: An appreciated addition to the package. It’s always a nice touch when manufacturers include a mount to offer you an easy setup from the get-go.
  2. USB-C Cable: Pleasingly, the Roam V2 comes with a USB-C cable facilitating easy charging and data transferring. The switch to USB-C is certainly a commendable initiative.

Intriguingly, the package doesn’t feel overwhelmed with needless accessories. The focus here is clearly on providing just what you need to hit the ground running with your new bike computer. That simplicity in packaging can be seen as a positive – rather refreshing in a market where excessive additions can sometimes complicate the unboxing experience. However, some might feel a case or screen protector could be a nice addition, particularly considering the price point.

Overall Impression

The unboxing itself is a straightforward process that allows you to get to know your new device quickly. The general aesthetics are appealing and the inclusion of essential accessories signals the potential of a convenient user experience. While there could be a few minor additions to make the package feel more comprehensive, there’s no denying that the core essentials are present and accounted for. Now, let’s turn the device on and dive into its features!

Expose on Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2 GPS Bike Computer

Connecting the App

  • Wahoo Roam V2 setup and integration straightforward
  • Element App allows comprehensive customization
  • Cloud-based backups ensure data protection

One noteworthy experience during the review was the setup and integration with the companion app, the Wahoo Element App. It’s important to understand the role that different software components play in optimizing your use and enjoyment with the Wahoo Roam V2.

Pairing with Wahoo Element App

To begin with, getting the Wahoo Roam V2 and the Wahoo Element App to sync was moderately straight forward. The instructions in the packaging were clear and concise for an average user without feeling too tech-heavy.

Sure, there may be simpler systems out there, but the process wasn’t unnecessarily complex or convoluted. Actually, it’s much smoother than several other similar products I’ve had the opportunity to review. But let’s save the roses and get a little critical.

Customizing with the Element App

Once on the Element App, the world of customization truly comes alive. From customizing data pages and adding up to 11 fields, everything is easily accessible. However, it’s worth pointing out that there seems to be a missed opportunity here concerning different user profiles. You can only have one user profile, and for me, this might be a significant drawback if you’re a user who enjoys multiple types of cycling and wants unique data pages for each.

Despite this minor issue, the features the Element App provides, from managing maps to enabling or disabling text alerts, all add to a comprehensive cycling experience. The ability to do cloud-based backups and restores is especially useful for ensuring data protection.

In conclusion, the pairing and customization process for the Wahoo Element App are integral components of the overall user experience with the Wahoo Roam V2. There’s room for improvement, sure, especially concerning user profiles. But I’d still say that, overall, it’s definitely a well-rounded package.

Exploring Usage During Rides

  • Wahoo Roam V2 offers independent, seamless route navigation
  • Device features handy, non-intrusive alert notifications
  • Provides text alerts for connectivity on the go

As something that’s designed to accompany you on your rides, the practical performance of the Wahoo Roam V2 on the road is perhaps one of its most crucial aspects. And it’s essential to know what to expect.

Navigating Routes

A highlight of the device’s capabilities was its crystal-clear route navigation. While out on the ride, you can easily access your directional cues from any page, not just the map page. Miss a turn or go off course? The Roam V2 seamlessly reroutes to get you back on track. Interestingly, all this magic happens without the device relying on my smartphone. It operates independently utilizing its on-board map data, a feature I found quite handy. However, don’t forget this will only work as long as you’ve preloaded the appropriate map data.

Reviewing Alert Feature

The alert feature of the Roam V2 definitely comes in handy for keeping riders updated on the go. The notifications it puts out include instances such as when you approach Strava segments or when you have an incoming text. Keeping my eyes on the road most of the time, I felt the need for an alert that stands out when activated. However, the notifications aren’t overly obtrusive and sit discreetly on my screen until I decide to take note of them.

Example of Text Alerts

I love the fact that Roam V2 also keeps you connected with your world. It sends out text alerts right there on the device. The implementation is pretty basic; however, you get the gist of the message. It was definitely both satisfying and reassuring to know that important texts or messages will not go unseen during a ride. Note that the device brings up a notification for a brief period, and if you miss it by chance, it is also recorded in the device menu for your reference later on.

Overall, while my on-road experience with the Wahoo Roam V2 was mostly a smooth sail, a few factors merit discussion, perhaps fine-tuning in the product’s future versions.

Addressing Red Flags

  • Issues with Wahoo Roam V2’s gradient responsiveness
  • Inconsistent GPS accuracy performance

Having had an extensive experience with the new Wahoo Roam V2, there were a couple of areas where the device fell a bit short of expectations. In this section, I will be discussing these ‘red flags’, the difficulties I encountered and how they might affect your overall experience with the product.

Identifying Gradient Responsiveness Issue

One thing that was a bit disappointing in my evaluation with the new Wahoo Roam V2 was its gradient responsiveness. This is particularly concerning as the device is especially promoted for its efficiency in harsher GPS environments like mountains and challenging terrains.

During a ride on a very short steep, a great way to evaluate gradient responsiveness, the Roam V2 seemed to lag behind in terms of updating the gradient. It took a while to show any gradient change at the top, and by then, it had already started going down the other side. This could potentially affect your riding experience, especially if you’re someone who frequently cycles on hilly terrains where constant gradient updates are crucial.

To-go-to Test Route to Assess GPS Accuracy

When it comes to GPS accuracy, my go-to test is a city route that has repeatedly proven challenging for GPS devices with multi-band configurations. Unfortunately, the Roam V2 didn’t fare well on this route. Its multi-band GPS configuration seemed to struggle in providing accurate data, especially when compared to devices with no multi-band GPS.

However, it’s worth mentioning that during my second attempt on the same route, the Roam V2’s performance significantly improved. It managed to keep pace with other devices that are also equipped with multi-band GPS. So, while the first experience was less than satisfactory, it seems that might not always be the case.

In conclusion, while the new Wahoo Roam V2 indeed boasts a myriad of new features and promising upgrades, it’s important to know that there are areas where the device could improve. It’s always crucial to weigh these areas against the myriad of features it offers to decide if it’s the right fit for your specific needs. Remember, what ultimately matters is how the device can enhance your riding experience.

Wrapping Up

Now, we’ve reached the end of our extensive Wahoo Roam V2 review. Let’s wrap up by examining the pros and cons of the device.


  • High-quality GPS: The upgraded GPS definitely stands out, specially the new multiband configuration might appeal to a certain segment of customers.
  • New features: Features such as colour upgrades and increased storage seems promising and may offer greater advancements in usability to match modern-day needs.
  • Pairing and Customisation: Integration with the Wahoo Element app for customization adds a great deal of flexibility and personalisation.


  • Major features still not implemented: Some of the highlighted features are either not yet fully implemented or were not available during the review. This might not sit well with customers who expected these features right out of the box.
  • Gradient Responsiveness Issue: During the test rides, gradient responsiveness lacked accuracy which might not appeal to professional riders who require precision data.
  • Cost factor: With a higher price point than its predecessor but without significant improvements or new features, this may not exactly provide the best value for money especially when compared to competitors.

In conclusion, while the Wahoo Roam V2 does offer a range of interesting features, it feels a tad disappointingly incomplete, with key features not implemented at the time of this review. The higher price, despite some missing or unimproved elements, is another factor to take into account. Overall, while the device under review has its merits, it’s worth considering whether this iteration provides enough substantial updates and improvements to warrant an upgrade or a higher price point over its competition or its own predecessor.

Should you buy the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2 GPS Bike Computer?

Buy it if…

You are a fan of Wahoo’s simple user interface

The Wahoo Roam V2 maintains the same intuitive and user-friendly interface as its predecessor, which is a major selling point for some users.

You require significant data storage for maps

The Wahoo Roam V2, with its boosted 32GB storage, can contain maps of nearly the entire world, making it hugely advantageous for frequent cyclists.

You prefer more visible buttons

The updated Roam V2 design includes raised buttons that are easier to use, especially with gloves on.

Don’t buy it if…

You need new features upon purchase

Many of the new features announced for the Wahoo Roam V2 are not operational at this time. If immediate access to the latest features is important to you, this could be a deal breaker.

You Don’t Want to Pay More

The new version comes with a price increase, making it more expensive than some comparable options in the market.

You prefer Touchscreens

If you’re a fan of touchscreen navigation on your devices, you may be disappointed by the Wahoo Roam V2, as it lacks this feature.


When was the Wahoo Roam V2 released?
The review does not provide a specific release date for the Wahoo Roam V2.
What are the new features of the Wahoo Roam V2?
The new features of the Wahoo Roam V2 include new multi-band or dual-frequency GPS, larger color range (up to 64 colors), and increased storage (32 gigs).
What is the price of the Wahoo Roam V2?
The Wahoo Roam V2 is priced at 399 US Dollars.
Are there any known issues with gradient responsiveness?
The review cites instances where there is a delay in gradient response depending on the gradient of the hill.
Does the Wahoo Roam V2 have a touchscreen?
No, the Wahoo Roam V2 does not have a touchscreen.
Does the device come with any accessories?
The packaged box includes an out-front mount and a USBC cable.
Does the device support text alerts?
Yes, the Wahoo Roam V2 supports text alerts.
What is the battery life of the Roam V2?
The Roam V2 maintains a claimed 17-hour battery life.
How did the Wahoo Roam V2 perform in terms of GPS accuracy?
The Wahoo Roam V2 showed varying results across different rides in terms of GPS accuracy. It performed well in farming areas, however, results varied in city rides. But overall, the GPS performance seemed satisfactory.

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