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Review: VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002 – Offers easy installation and adjustable comfort

Reviewing the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount: easy installation, space-saving, and sleek design... Read more

Review of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Table of Contents

Test of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

4.6/5 - (53563 votes)

Cena: $25.99


  • Easy assembly process
  • No screwdriver needed when mounting screens
  • Includes helpful Allen wrenches and screws
  • Adjustable arms for customized viewing
  • Provides space-saving solution for desk
  • Easy sliding of screens onto the mount
  • Sleek design doesn’t ruin desk aesthetics


  • Requires constant adjustment when shifting screens
  • Desk mount may swivel during screen adjustment
  • Small components could easily get lost
  • Over tightening may damage screens

“After executing the thorough step-by-step assembly and experiencing its use firsthand, my personal verdict for the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount has been decidedly positive. The ease of installation provided by the hand-tightened screws, the clean, space-efficient result on my desk, and the adjustable comfort level it offers form a compelling trifecta of high utility. Still, as with any product, prospective buyers should consider their specific needs and workspace arrangement. But overall, I believe it constitutes a worthy addition for individuals managing dual screens on a regular basis.”

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Mounting Type Table Mount
Movement Type Swivel, Tilt, Articulating, Rotate
Brand VIVO
Material Metal
TV Size 30 Inches
Color Black
Minimum Compatible Size 13 Inches
Compatible Devices Monitor
Maximum Tilt Angle 90 Degrees


Hello there and welcome to this comprehensive product review. The Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount is our product of choice for today. If you’ve ever been constrained by space on your desk while working with multiple monitors, then this device might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Salutations and Purpose of the Article

This document has one simple purpose. To provide a thorough, unbiased, and comprehensive review of the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount. Here, you can expect to find an in-depth analysis of the product’s unboxing, setup process, and general usability. I will meticulously document my experiences to give you a clearer insight into what it could be like to use this device.

Brief Overview of Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount

The Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount is built to hold up two monitors, promising to clear up your workspace by keeping your screens off the desk surface. It comes with a number of adjustable features for personalized screen orientations and, quite enticingly, clutters your workspace less with clutter-prone wires.

This review should serve as an expert, hands-on guide for understanding the product better, hopefully helping you make an informed purchasing decision.

Remember, while I strive to give a balanced review, personal experiences with such a versatile product as this can differ based on a number of factors. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Examination of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Unboxing the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount

  • Package contains stand, clamp components, and screws
  • Includes extras like cable guides and desk plate
  • Missing user manual or assembly guide

First off, let’s delve into what the package contains. The box in itself is surprisingly compact. Opening it up, it’s quite evident that each component has been thoughtfully packed, ensuring protection during transit.

Contents Inside the Box

Inside the box, you will find a series of parts neatly packed and ready for assembly. It comes with the stand, a set of clamp components, an Allen wrench, and several screws. Beside those, you’ll spot some rather nifty extras – cable guides to give a clean, clutter-free look, and a desk plate to safeguard your desk from any potential damage.

Initial Impressions on the Items

What impresses me at first glance is the quality of the components. Each piece radiates robustness and assures durability. The arms propose flexibility with their adjustability feature while the desk plate reveals a mindful design to keep desks damage-free. At this stage, the product shows great potential in being user-friendly and functional.

Critical Point: One might experience a slight hiccup with the packaging, as there was no evident user manual or assembly guide found. However, the parts are pretty straightforward and simple, and with the help of a little online sleuthing, the setup process should go smoothly.

Overall, the unboxing experience was satisfying and hassle-free. Not only do I appreciate the thoughtfulness of including extras like the cable guides and desk plate, but also, the quality and construction of each piece put forth a promising impression of the product’s longevity and functionality.

Report: VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Component Breakdown:

  • Desk plate protects desk surface from scratches and dents
  • Adjustable arms allow flexible monitor positioning
  • Included screws and Allen wrenches for secure setup

After opening the box, I found the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount consists of several parts and components, each specifically designed to provide the most flexible and efficient work environment. In this section, I’m going to introduce each component and briefly explain its purpose and functionality.

Desk Plate and Purpose

First off, there’s a sturdy little plate that comes with the Vivo mount. This plate is designed to fit beneath the mount and protects your desk surface from possible scratches or dents that may occur while securing the mount to your desk. It’s a thoughtful addition showcasing Vivo’s attention to detail.

The Adjustable Arms

Two adjustable arms come along with the package. These arms allow users to adjust the position of their monitors freely, helping one to find that perfect viewing angle. With these, not only can you regulate the height of your screens, but also their distance and angle with respect to your usual sitting position.

The Pole and Its Assembly

The Mount comprises of a tall, sleek pole. It serves as the core structure providing support to the dual screens. I noticed a set of small holes running along the pole, enabling height adjustments. The pole fixes into the desk plate and you can attach the adjustable arms to it using an Allen wrench provided in the kit.

Screws and Allen Wrenches – Included and Handy

The package also includes numerous screws and three Allen wrenches. These are crucial for a secure and stable set up. Thanks to these, you don’t need to hunt for your toolbox before setting up the Vivo mount.

Much appreciated was the provision of cable holes in all the right places. These are definitely to help you keep those pesky cables out of sight and out of the way. Overall, these components combined promise a clean, clutter-free workspace, thereby boosting productivity and aesthetics.

Now that we’re familiar with the components, let’s look into how they come together during assembly.

Examination of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Assembling the Desk Mount

  • Mount clamping provides secure monitor support
  • Cable guides ensure organized, neat wiring
  • Improved assembly instructions and tools suggested

Assembling any product for the first time can certainly seem intimidating. Where do you start? What pieces go where? With the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount, all these questions were swiftly addressed. Let’s break it down.

Initial Set-up: Clamping the Mount to the Desk

Before we started anything, we clamped the mount onto the desk. The strength and sturdiness of the clamp stood out instantly. It didn’t leave me any doubt about the mount’s ability to hold my monitors securely. However, I’d have appreciated a little more instruction on how to optimally adjust it for different desk thicknesses.

Putting on the Cable Guides – Keeping It Neat

Next, we added the cable guides. These handy little things are designed to keep your cables neatly organized and prevent them from hanging loosely, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your workspace. They clipped on the arms quite simply – a feature I found highly convenient and useful.

Covering the Holes for Sleek Look

The Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount also provided a piece to cover the central hole once the set-up was done. This did a commendable job in adding a neat and polished look that I wholly appreciated. However, the fit was not as tight as I’d expected and there’s a possibility it may come off with time or frequent adjustments.

Impressions after Assembly

Upon full assembly, the mount looked sturdy and ready to hold my screens. The parts felt solid, the fixtures tight. Instructions were generally clear although, as mentioned, a bit more clarification for some steps wouldn’t have gone amiss. All considered, I was satisfied with the initial set-up process.

A Critical Note

While the assembly was straightforward, I’d note that not everyone may be comfortable or familiar with using Allen wrenches and screws. A small effort towards making this process a bit more user-friendly or beginner-centric from the manufacturer would go a long way in ensuring a smoother assembly.

Survey of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Attaching the Screens

  • Included screws ensure robust screen attachment
  • No screwdriver required for assembly
  • Screen attachment process is smooth and straightforward

Now that we’ve assembled the mount on the desk, let’s dive into the heart of this process: attaching the screens onto the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount. This was the part that I was most anxious about, not because of the complexity, but solely due to the value and crucial nature of the monitors in a dual setup.

Mounting the Screws and Plates to the Screens

The Vivio kit includes screws and plates – with the plates being the component that physically attaches to the back of your screens. Fortunately, the mount holes on my screens aligned perfectly with the plates, creating a seamless attachment experience. The included screws ensured a robust attachment and, gratifyingly, I didn’t have to dig through my toolbox for any extras.

No-Screwdriver Required Mounting – A Surprising Perk

One surprising and handy feature of this product is that it doesn’t require a screwdriver for attaching the screens. That’s right – you can perform the entire assembly by hand . This user-friendly characteristic reinforces the mount’s versatility and convenience – you don’t need to be a DIY expert to set this up.

Sliding the Screen onto the Mount: A Smooth Experience

The next step in the process is the one I’d been waiting for—sliding the screen onto the mount. Thanks to the setup’s intuitive design, my screens slid into place with ease. The process was smooth and very straightforward , providing an additional level of reassurance about the product’s user experience.

Securing the Screens for Safe Shifting

Once the screens were slid into place, the next step was to secure them. Vivo has integrated a neat safeguard feature here – a screw-like knob that inserts to provide extra security. After fastening, it gave a snug fit, promising a secure hold for the screens.

In conclusion, the process of attaching the screens to the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount was remarkably simple . The user-centered design reinforces that this product is designed with usability in mind. Still, do remember that every monitor varies and aligning holes perfectly is sometimes out of our control. For my setup, the experience proved to be an effortless task – thankfully.

Review of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Mounting and Adjusting the Screens On Desk

  • Mounting and adjusting screens is straightforward
  • Easy-to-slide screws simplify installation
  • Adjustable arms allow personalized setup

Now comes the exciting part, where I finally mount the assembly to my desk and play around with the screen adjustments. As with every step of this process with the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount, I want to be as critical and fair in my assessment as possible. So, here goes!

Transferring the Assembly to the Desk

The first task was to move the entire setup onto the desk. This was a seamless process and it felt quite sturdy once I had it in my desired area. I must admit, a sense of satisfaction rushed over me when I saw how well it rested atop my desk – it was neither wobbly nor unsteady. It felt secure and ready for the screens.

Tightening and Adjusting for Comfort and Convenience

Once it was safely positioned, I had to secure the setup to my desk. This involved tightening the mount between the top and bottom of the desk until it held firm. I must say this was an easy job. One twist here, another there, and it was all held in place.

Next was to adjust the screens. This needed a bit of tinkering around to get a comfortable angle. The adjustable arms helped greatly in this process, allowing a good range of motion for a personalized setup.

Marveling at the Easy-to-Slide Screws

What particularly caught my attention during this stage were the easy-to-slide screws. Once again, even in this step, the Vivo Mount makes the installation process user-friendly. These sliding screws were a breeze to handle – they slid smoothly into the slots, and with a few turns, it was all fixed without any need of a screwdriver. It’s impressive to see how well-thought-out these details are in this product.

In conclusion, mounting the Desk Mount on your workspace and adjusting your monitors is a straightforward task. It’s clear that Vivo has thought about every step of the forming and adjustment process to ensure all users can perform them with ease. That’s a commendable thing for a product in this category. However, a bit more detailed instructions would go the long way to simplify the process even further!

Inspection of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Observations and Verdict

  • Vivo Desk Mount provides clean, spacious workspace
  • Allows easy adjustment of viewing angles
  • Quick and easy assembly process

After having a hands-on experience with the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount, it’s time for a fair assessment.

Final Look: Clean and Spacious

The noticeable and commendable thing about this desk mount is its clean and sleek appearance. Once assembled and set up, it blends well with the desk and doesn’t look bulky or obtrusive. In fact, it seems to add to the overall aesthetics of the workspace. The wire management clips ensure all the cables stay neat and out of sight.

What’s even more alluring is the space it frees up on the desk. With the monitors floating above, you have so much more room on the desk to work with. It’s ideal for those who deal with a constant pile of documents or like a clutter-free area.

Overall Review and Recommendation

Functionality and aesthetics are the two fundamentals of a good desk mount. And in my experience, the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount scores well in both. The fact that it allows for easy adjustment of screens puts it a notch higher. This makes customizing one’s viewing angles a breeze.

It’s also quite impressive how easy and quick the assembly process is. The step-by-step progress, right from unboxing to the mount’s full setup, was smooth. This makes it friendly even for those who aren’t very hands-on.

Critical Assessment: Despite its many advantages, the durability of this desk mount can only be determined over time. However, based on initial observations, everything seems sturdy and well built. Ensure your desk can handle the weight and pressure, though.

All in all, I regard the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount as an excellent investment for those needing a practical space-saving solution. It does a good job bringing order and efficiency to your working space.

Final Call to Action:

If you’re currently in a dual-monitor setup with limited desk space, I’d say give the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount a shot. Remember to carefully go through the assembly process, and soon enough, you’ll enjoy a spacious and organized workspace.

Rating: VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Conclusion: Wrapping Up the Review

That’s it, folks! We’ve gone through the whole process of setting up the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount and got a close look at its various features and assembly components. Here are the final thoughts on this product.

Ease of Setup

The instructions that came with the product were clear and concise, making the setup process relatively straightforward. The provision of an Allen wrench and additional screws was a considerate touch – it came handy during assembly, so no searching around for tools required!

Design and Functionality

With its sturdy arms and versatile adjustability, the Monitor Desk Mount significantly enhances desk space and maintaining equipment neatly is simplified with the cable guides. The mount’s design also comes with a focus on preserving your desk surface; the plate provided is a deliberate addition to prevent any potential damage to your desk while setting up.

User Experience

The Monitor Desk Mount provides a highly user-friendly experience. The screws are hand-tightenable, sparing you from having to use a screwdriver. Furthermore, attaching the screens and adjusting their positions can be done with ease, even with a single hand – a prime example of ideal user-centric design.

The Verdict

All in all, the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount is a worthy purchase for anyone aiming to upgrade their workspace. Its excellent design coupled with great functionality can help in creating a cleaner, more roomy and organized desk setup. However, keep in mind that individual use-cases may vary and what works for one may not work for everyone. Hence, always gauge your personal requirements against product features before making a decision.

So there we have it! The Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount ticks most of the right boxes. Looks like it’s a wrap. Hope this review provided you enough insights to make an informed decision. Happy shopping!

Should you buy the VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002?

Buy it if…

You want to save desk space

The mount helps free up desk space, providing you with more room for your other essentials.

You need a sturdy and easily adjustable setup

Thanks to its adjustable arms and easy slide-in mechanism, you can easily adjust the positioning of your monitors for a personalized setup.

You want an easy-to-assemble and mount product

With hand-tightened screws & easy clip-on cable guides, assembling and securing the monitors is a breeze.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer tools-free assembly

While the assembly process is straightforward, it does require the use of an Allen wrench, which may not be to everyone’s liking.

You only have one screen or more than two

The mount is specifically designed for dual monitors. If you have a single screen or more than two, this product may not meet your needs.

You hate hardware visible on your desk

The mount is mechanically visible on the desk, which might not suit those who prefer minimalistic or discreet setups.


What all comes in the box of Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount?
The box contains the desk plate, the adjustable arms, the pole, screws, and Allen wrenches, cable guides, and screw plates.
How can I protect my desk from possible scratches from the mount?
The product comes with a desk plate that you can place under the mount clamps to protect your desk from any potential scratches or marks.
Is it necessary to use a screwdriver for mounting the screens onto the Mount?
No, you do not need a screwdriver. The screws provided can be simply hand-tightened.
How does the screen attach to the assembly?
The screen slides onto the assembly quite smoothly. Afterward, there is a screw that can be hand-tightened to secure the screen. There are slits on the mount where the screws attach.
Can the assembly hold dual monitors?
Yes, the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount is designed specifically to hold two screens.
Is it possible to adjust the screens once they are mounted?
Yes, you can adjust the screens once they are mounted. It is recommended to tighten the screws on the arms for easier screen repositioning.
Does the assembly look neat and clean when mounted?
Yes, according to the review, the final set-up looks clean, neat, and also adds substantial space to your desk.

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