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Review: VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002 – Clears up desk space, ensures clutter-free workspace

Experience the journey of tidying up with the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount for more desk space... Read more

Review of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

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Test of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

4.6/5 - (53563 votes)

Cena: $25.99


  • Assembly is easy and step-by-step guided.
  • Dual arms allow for greater monitor adjustment.
  • Sets up without needing extra tools.
  • Provides additional desk space.
  • Mount is sturdy and well-built.
  • Screens mount easily with a slide-in mechanism.


  • Need to manually tighten screws can be tedious.
  • Assembly requires careful following of steps.
  • Cable guides could be more secure.
  • Screen movement may require frequent readjustments.

“In my unbiased opinion, the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount truly stands out as a highly useful and user-friendly product. From unboxing to the final setup, every part exhibits thoughtful design and attention to detail. The mount is not only adjustable, but its features, such as the cable guides and slide-in mechanisms, make installation a breeze. Ultimately, it delivers as promised, clearing up desk space and allowing a neat, clutter-free workspace. Every user-friendly detail resonates with me and justifies its worth. If you’re looking to enhance your desk space, this product is certainly a strong contender.”

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Mounting Type Table Mount
Movement Type Swivel, Tilt, Articulating, Rotate
Brand VIVO
Material Metal
TV Size 30 Inches
Color Black
Minimum Compatible Size 13 Inches
Compatible Devices Monitor
Maximum Tilt Angle 90 Degrees

Introduction: Welcoming Back to the Vera Project

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! It’s wonderful to have you here once again. Today, we’re going to walk through a review of the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount, a product dedicated to optimizing your workspace. For those of us who love multi-tasking or just plain need multiple screens to handle our workload effectively, a dual monitor stand is almost a requisite. The main goal? To add some precious desk space and reduce clutter.

Gearing Up for Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount Review

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of why we chose the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount. My pursuit for this product certainly wasn’t random. If you’ve worked with dual monitors before, you’d know the struggle of managing two substantial screens on a limited desk area. With that in mind, my search led to this intriguing product. Historically, Vivo has been known to offer good value in the ergonomic workspace, providing products that are both high in quality and easy on the pocket.

Emphasizing the Need for More Desk Space

I can’t emphasize enough how valuable desk space is, especially for those of us constantly battling clutter. Due to its design, the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount promises to free up more room on your work surface by lifting your screens off the desk. The end goal isn’t just about decluttering, but also about creating a comfortable workspace that can boost productivity and efficiency. But does it live up to these high expectations? Let’s find out.

Overview of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Unboxing: Discovering What’s Inside

  • Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount has solid, sturdy construction
  • Package includes thoughtful accessories like wire clips
  • Mount’s arms are adjustable for customizable experience

Welcome to the next exciting segment of my Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount journey – the unboxing! This moment has always held a thrilling suspense for me, and probably for most of you. It’s like unwrapping a present, guided by the curiosity to know what’s inside. Let’s dive in, shall we?

A Detailed Breakdown of All Inclusive Parts

As I opened up the box, I was greeted by a multitude of components each housed separately. The first thing I noticed was the construction of the mount itself. It had a pretty substantial heft to it which left the impression of a sturdy usage experience. The monitoring arms in particular, felt reassuringly solid. No signs of cutting corners here, folks.

As I delved deeper into the packaging, I found a small accessory box tucked into the corner. The Allen wrench, a handful of additional screws, a small plate, and few more parts were generously included in the package. It’s definitely a good start from the organization perspective that every part has its place, this sure avoids the hustle of scrambling for bolts and screws later on.

Adding More Depth: The Wireless Small Box

What intrigued me was the inclusion of a small box that contained wire clips. They’re a thoughtful addition which is sure to boost the overall user experience. Even to the least tech-savvy amongst us, the purpose of these clips is quite clear – guiding your cables neatly along the arms of the mount, thus preventing any messy entanglements. The unassuming nature of this item certainly doesn’t reflect its potential in contributing to a better, cleaner workspace.

Meeting ‘the Arms’: The Adjustable Part of the Mount

The moment of truth arrived when I finally unpacked the arms. Upon inspection, I was pleased to discover their adjustable nature, suggesting a customizable user experience which is always a valuable commodity in any gadget. Have a monitor that you wish to tilt at a specific angle or height? With the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount, that doesn’t seem to be problem at all! No exaggeration here, but my initial impression in the unboxing phase leaves me pretty impressed. Wish us luck for the actual assembly now!

Summary: VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Pre-Assembly: Let’s Finger the Set-Up Process

  • Allen wrench critical in adjusting monitor mount.
  • Additional screws simplify assembly process.
  • Assembly requires attention to detail.

As we step into the fascinating world of setting up our Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount, it’s essential to note that each part plays a critical role in creating the perfect mount. Leveraging the allen wrench for both loosening and tightening parts, it’s clear this tool isn’t just an addition- it’s a necessity.

Freedom with Allen Wrenches: Loosening and Tightening

The first step involved the use of an Allen wrench to loosen and adjust the sturdy pole. The flexibility to widen or tighten the grasp of the pole to the monitor bears testament to the ease of assembly this product prides itself on. There’s a sense of control and dominion in the loosening and tightening, ensuring your monitor is safe and secure. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself inspecting the Allen wrench like a newfound treasure!

The Role of the Additional Screws

It’s now time to meet the additional screws that accompany the wrench. Together, these supplementary pieces form a beautifully synchronized set to ease the assembly process. Each screw is crafted to fit perfectly into the corresponding sections, complementing the overall structure without adding any unnecessary complexity.

Assembling a Masterpiece: Step-By-Step

Building up momentum, it’s time to bring all these parts together. This is where the metamorphosis of individual pieces into a comprehensive Monitor Mount begins. The assembly is straightforward and seamless, with each component sliding in with shear smoothness. I strongly recommend paying close attention to the instructions. Although the process is fairly hassle-free, every little detail matters when aiming to achieve the best performance of the product.

Always remember the primary essence of do-it-yourself setup is the experience itself, more than the finishing product. So don’t rush. Respect the process and remember, we are not just assembling a piece; we are crafting an experience on our desk!

Observation of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Mounting: Integrating the Mount with Desk

  • Vivo mount reduces desk damage risk
  • Includes cable guides for better management
  • Extra detail added for seamless appearance

Beginning the process of mounting the Vivo dual monitor desk mount is one of those tasks that make you instantly appreciate forward-thinking brands that consider their user’s experience during assembly. Let’s break down the process for you.

Using the Plate to Avoid Ruining Desk

Adjusting our dual monitor setup requires a certain amount of desk drilling and scratching- a necessary evil, some might say. However, the Vivo mount includes a fitting plate, an uncommon but much appreciated component designed to protect your desk while setting up. A measure that reduces the possibility of damaging your desk , not just during the installment but over time.

Exploring Cable Guides: The Saviours of Tangled Wires

Vivo seems to have put thought into managing those pesky cables. Included in the package are cable guides quite straightforward to work with, clipping easily onto the monitor arms. These cable guides are small but mighty tools in bringing about better cable management and creating a cleaner workspace.

Adding That Final Touch: Covering the Hole

Attention to details is one clear way a brand communicates its labour of love to its monitory stands’ users. The mount comes with an additional piece meant to cover the assembly hole at the top, providing a sleek, seamless appearance to the overall setup.

However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was more of a cosmetic touch than a functional piece, as it didn’t seem to alter the mount’s performance significantly. Yet, again, it’s these additional steps that make all the difference in the end.

In integration, the Vivo dual monitors desk mount strikes a balance between aesthetic and function, making it very user-friendly, despite a few minor stumbling blocks during the actual assembly.

Summary: VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Upgrading your Screens: Mounting the Screws

  • Mounting screws are crucial for dual monitor setup
  • Slide-in mechanism simplifies setup process
  • Screw-nut mechanism ensures screen stability

In upgrading your workstation with the Vivo dual monitor desk mount, one crucial step involves mounting screws onto the screens which are set to be the focal points of the mounting process. Every little detail at this stage plays a significant role contributing towards the overall functionality and efficiency of your dual monitor setup.

Inspecting the Slits and Nuts in Elevating Screen Mounting Process

With the package, you are provided with a set of nuts and slits. The design is intuitive, offering a simple slide-in mechanism which ramps up the setup process. In close observation, you notice the slits reside here which your screens easily latch on to. Each piece is designed with a practical approach to fasten the screens seamlessly and securely onto the mount.

Getting Hands-On: Mounting Using Fingers and Slide-In Mechanism

The screws involved in this setup are very user-friendly, akin to those found on a typical PC tower. The best part is, you absolutely do not require a screwdriver for this part as the screws can be conveniently hand-tightened and adjusted with relative ease. The slide-in mechanism is effortless to use, and the screen slides right in without much hassle.

Essentially, once the screen slides in comfortably and securely, fasten it in place using the nut. This screw-nut mechanism ensures the stability of your screens and prevents them from wobbling or falling out.

Moving towards the finish line of this setup process, the impression gathered is rather positive. The intuitive design, seamless slide-in functionality coupled with the user-friendly, screw-less set up method are commendable features of this product. However, a bit of caution should be practiced in handling the screws and nuts, as they could be a possible choking hazard for pets and kids.

Through experience, the screws can be tightened by hand to a satisfactory level, though some might prefer using a tool for a more secure fastening. Nonetheless, the mounting process as a whole serves as a testament to the product’s well-thought-through and practical design, with simplicity and user convenience at its core.

Expose on VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

The Final Stage: The Vision of Clutter-Free Desk Space

  • Vivo dual monitor mount increases desk space
  • Provides flexibility, enables easy screen adjustments
  • Not all desks are suitable for mounting

Reaching the final stage of our journey, we can now fully see the benefits of the Vivo dual monitor desk mount, particularly as it pertains to increasing desk space and reducing clutter. Wires have been managed, screens have been mounted, and the full assembly sits snugly on our desk. The vision of clutter-free desk space that we once aspired to is now a tangible reality.

Emotionally Engaging: Showcasing the Long-Awaited Assembled Mount

Following a methodical assembly, it’s almost emotional to see the completely assembled mount. It sits there, solid and neat, showcasing its exceptional constriction and functionality. We were unbiased in our assembly, yet can’t help but admire how smoothly the entire process worked, once we figured out where each part goes and how they functioned together.

Adjusting Screens: How to Make the Best Use of the Mount

Upon mounting the screens, the innovative design of this system becomes apparent. The included nuts and sliding mechanism allows for the screens to be easily adjusted, tilted, and moved as required, making it more user-friendly. However, it’s recommended to tighten the swivel once satisfied with the positioning, as it tends to lose grip with frequent adjustments.

Revealing the Final Look: Clean, Space-enhanced Desk

With the dual monitor desk mount fully assembled and functional, the desk appears transformed. The effect on the workspace is profound – much more professional and organized. The monitors float above the desk surface, leaving plenty of room under them for other items. It’s hard to overlook the increase in space and the overall tidiness it delivers.

There are, however, a few caveats. It’s important to keep in mind that not all desks may be suitable for a mount – both in terms of the desk material as well as space availability. Also, the process takes some time and patience, particularly in understanding the instructions and locating which screws go where. Nevertheless, the end product is certainly rewarding for those who value organized spaces and monitor flexibility.

Summary: VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Appreciation for Viewership and Encouragement to Stay Engaged

  • Vivo Desk Mount includes wrench, screws for easy setup
  • Adjustable arms, slide-in feature offer flexibility, convenience
  • User reviews enhance quality, diversity of perspectives

There’s always a distinct gratification that comes from sharing my experience to help others make an informed buying decision. The Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount has rendered a notable change in my workspace, and I genuinely hope the review and guide I’ve provided are comprehensive, unbiased and have addressed your queries.

Noteworthy Features & Limitations

What stands out about the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount is its keen attention to the details including a wrench and screws for the assembly and extra small tools to ensure the setup is seamless. The adjustable arms and easy slide-in feature to attach the monitor provide excellent flexibility and convenience .

On the downside, the setup can be slightly involved, requiring a careful reading of the provided instructions and sometimes, a trial-and-error approach. However, with patience, the end result is rather rewarding.

A Call for Continuous Engagement

Valuing this platform as a mutual learning community, I encourage you to share your experiences and thoughts if you decide to go ahead with the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount. User experiences diversify our perspective and help enhance the quality of our reviews.

Remember, an objective and articulated review can greatly benefit another customer . And who knows, your insights might just make into the next user-influenced review I conduct.

Here’s to more in-depth and fun product exploration together!

Scrutiny of VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Setting Subscriber Goals for the Year

  • Subscriber goals enhance quality content
  • Broaden audience demographics via subscriber increase
  • Achieving goals requires consistent, valuable reviews

As reviewers, critique and feedback from viewers are of the utmost importance. It helps deliver better quality content and ensures that product reviews stay on point. Reaching the milestone of a thousand subscribers by the end of the year will exponentially increase the diversity of perspectives and opinions, thereby resulting in a more holistic appraisal of the products being reviewed.

The Importance of Subscriber Goals

Setting subscriber goals serves as a benchmark for the reach and impact that the reviews have. Though it’s not about just raking up numbers, it translates directly into having a wider audience interaction and keeping the content relevant.


  • Keeps the content creators motivated and our efforts focused.
  • Higher subscriber numbers mean broader audience demographics and hence, a diverse spectrum of feedback.


  • An undue focus can sometimes turn the attention away from content quality.
  • It might be a tad bit challenging to respond to all viewer feedback when the subscriber base expands rapidly.

The Road to a Thousand Subscribers: A Journey not a Sprint

Lastly, but importantly, take note that achieving subscriber goals, especially for a platform tailored towards comprehensive product reviews, isn’t an overnight process. It would require consistent efforts towards creating engaging, unbiased, and valuable reviews that cater to varying viewer needs. That’s the ethic followed here, and it’s part of the commitment to you as viewers. In the end, your trust and satisfaction constitute the actual gauges of success!

Rating: VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002

Promise of Returning with More Great Videos, Farewell

As the journey of exploring this remarkable Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount comes to an end, we’re left with a sense of accomplishment and a bit of nostalgia. But don’t worry, there’s always more to look forward to.

Wrapping up the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount Journey

Having walked hand in hand through its assembly, adjustability and usability, today we learnt a valuable lesson on space optimisation. I’m genuinely impressed with this product’s durability, functionality and ease of installation, and I believe it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for a clutter-free and efficient workspace.

Critical Assessment

  • The assembly was fairly easy to follow and the manual instructions were clear.
  • All the components were included and well-organised inside the box.
  • The desk mount showcased brilliant adjustability and flexibility to cater to different ergonomic needs.
  • There were no major issues encountered during the mounting process, which speaks volumes of its user-friendliness.

However, it’s also crucial to acknowledge a few areas of improvement:

  • Although minor, the desk mount did seem to swivel a bit when adjusting the screens. Extra tightness in screwing could solve this potential issue though.

Looking Forward

The time has come to bid goodbye, but only for a short while. Our journey together, filled with exploration and learning, is far from over. As we step into the future, we promise to bring you more comprehensive and unbiased reviews of numerous useful products, waiting to be discovered and critiqued by us, for you. Until then, take care, and we hope to see you soon.

Should you buy the VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, STAND-V002?

Buy it if…

You Want to Create More Desk Space

If your desk is cluttered because of multiple monitors, the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount helps you add more space to your desk by elevating your screens.

Looking for an Easy Assembly Process

The Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount has an easy assembly process that doesn’t even require a screwdriver, making it convenient for those who want a hassle-free setup.

You Appreciate Neat Cable Management

The mount comes with cable guides which help keep your workspace neat and free from chaotic cables.

Don’t buy it if…

Not Comfortable with DIY Installation

If you’re not comfortable with personally setting up and adjusting the mount in your workspace, you might find the process a bit challenging.

You Don’t Have Dual Monitors

The product is specifically designed for dual monitors, if you only have one monitor, this product may not be necessary for you.

You Require a Lightweight Mount

The product seems to have a sturdy, potentially heavy base needed for stability. If your desk setup requires a lighter solution, you might want to reconsider.


What parts are included with the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount?
The product comes with arms, a plate to protect your desk, additional screws, cable guides to keep cables organized and an Allen wrench.
How do I assemble the mount?
You need to use the included Allen wrench to loosen and tighten the parts. First, attach the arms to the pole. Then attach the entire assembly to your desk using the screws.
How do I mount the screens?
The screens are mounted using the plates and screws provided, by slotting them into the slots provided and then secured with nuts.
Do I need additional tools for assembly?
No, everything you need for assembly is included in the box, including the Allen wrench necessary for tightening screws.
Can I adjust the position of the screens once they’re mounted?
Yes, the Mount has an adjustable mechanism that allows you to position the screens as per your comfort.

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