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Review: Viseefocu Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor – Reliable solar-powered security with excellent features

Explore the compact, feature-rich YC Focus Solar Security Camera for 24/7 security with AI and night vision... Read more

Review of Viseefocu Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

Table of Contents

Test of Viseefocu Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

4.6/5 - (1891 votes)

Cena: $59.99


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • AI-infused features and accessories
  • Flexible indoor/outdoor use
  • Efficient two-way audio functionality
  • High-quality, sharp recorded videos
  • Efficient motion detection
  • Strong night vision capabilities


  • Potential for false alerts
  • Night vision dependent on location
  • Wi-fi setup might have complications
  • Requires additional purchases (SD card)
  • Subscription needed for advanced features

“After investigating every aspect of the YC Focus Solar Security Camera, I’ve concluded that it’s an impressive security solution, especially considering its compact size. Despite its small frame, it’s packed with remarkable features such as excellent motion detection and night vision capabilities. The fact that it integrates so seamlessly with the Vico Home App is an added plus. However, it is essential to note that positioning, especially in windy conditions, can result in false alerts. All things considered, I believe it offers value for its price tag and is a solid choice for those looking for a reliable, solar-powered security camera.”

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Recommended Uses For Product Outdoor Security
Brand Viseefocu
Model Name CG6X
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Feature 2-Way Audio

First Look and Unboxing the YC Focus Solar Security Camera

As soon as the YC Focus Solar Security Camera arrives, the anticipation of cracking open the box sets in. It’s no secret – the promise of enhanced security and simplified surveillance always brings an element of excitement.

Unveiling the Small but Mighty YC Focus Solar Security Camera

Unboxing this gem reveals a compact, impressive device. The YC Focus Solar Security Camera is undeniably small, making me curiously question if such a compact camera could deliver on its big promise of high-quality surveillance. Despite its size, the camera gives off an air of robustness – a good sign pointing towards its potential longevity.

A First Look at the AI-infused Features and Accessories

Going through the product’s specifications, it’s incredible to see AI-support listed as a feature. With Artificial Intelligence making life easier in various other tech devices, I’m excited to see how it boosts the performance and usefulness of the YC Focus.

The box comes fully equipped with all you need to get started – a user manual, the camera, and a solar panel. While the manual is handy, I am eager to see how intuitive the set-up process will be without it. Note: No Micro SD card is included, meaning you have the liberty to choose the size based on your recording needs.

The Small, Lightweight Solar Panel and Its Implications for Mounting

The solar panel, just like the camera, is surprisingly small and light. The long micro USB cable for connecting the panel to the camera means the panel can be placed at an optimal, sun-soaked location. The lightness of these devices bodes well for an easy mounting process. The potential of mounting it almost anywhere is really a feather in this product’s cap.

From this initial unboxing, the YC Focus Solar Security Camera seems to pack a punch. As promising as the unboxing was, the real test will come once the set-up begins and the camera starts rolling. Let’s dive into the setup process and performance next.

Estimate of Viseefocu Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

A Closer Look at the Camera: Build, Ports, and Mounting

  • YC Focus Solar Security Camera has quality, durable build
  • Features include micro USB port, SD slot, solar power port
  • Includes versatile, straightforward mounting options

What struck me immediately was the durable feeling the YC Focus Solar Security Camera exuded. Despite its compact size, it felt solid in my hand, an indication of the sturdy build and quality construction. Needless to say, the build quality seems to be well worth the investment, seemingly built to endure the elements outdoors.

Orientation to Ports and Slots

Navigating the camera’s various ports and slots can be somewhat tricky, so let’s break it down:

  • Micro USB power port: This is where the camera plugs into the solar panel for charging.
  • Micro SD slot: You can add up to a 32GB micro SD card for extra recording storage. Do note that the SD card isn’t supplied with the camera.
  • Dedicated solar power port: This aids in the connection to the solar panel.
  • On/Off and reset buttons: These are a bit small but certainly not hard to find and use.

The arrangement of these ports underneath the camera adds to the overall design’s neatness and helps to keep the components protected from the elements without compromising easy access when needed.

Mounting Options and Flexibility

A major plus is the camera’s quarter-inch tripod mount. In addition, the YC Focus Solar Security Camera comes bundled with two mounts: one for the camera and another for the solar panel, which I found convenient

The mount design facilitates easy fitting virtually anywhere. Moreover, the camera’s lightweight nature doesn’t put too much strain on the mount, ensuring it stays in place once secured. Even on the indoor side, the camera can be used without a mount thanks to the flat stand—a temporary solution that is advantageous nonetheless.

Overall, the YC Focus Solar Security Camera seems to be quite a robust and versatile device. Its compact and solid construction, coupled with straightforward mounting and easy-to-navigate ports, make it a high-quality piece of surveillance tech. While the absence of an included memory card is somewhat disappointing, the flexibility of adding your own allows for potential long-term, custom storage.

Rating: Viseefocu Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

Setting up the YC Focus Solar Security Camera: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • YC Focus Solar Security Camera setup is user-friendly
  • Camera connects to Wi-Fi and updates firmware efficiently
  • App provides straightforward installation and account creation

Setting up the YC Focus Solar Security Camera was a pretty smooth experience overall. As always, the initial set-up is where you can expect to spend most of your time with a new gadget, but thankfully, this particular model made the process quite straightforward. Let’s walk through the setup process and my experience.

Getting the App and Creating an Account

First things first, you’ll need to download the official app by scanning the QR code in the instructions manual. This leads you directly to the official app in the Play Store or Apple App Store, averting any need to download from third-party sites – a win for user safety and assurance. The app download and installation were painless with no technical hiccups.

Once installed, creating an account was simple and intuitive. The interface was user-friendly, guiding new users through the steps with ease. It’s important to note that ensuring a secure password is a non-negotiable, considering the sensitive nature of the device we’re dealing with.

Detailed Walkthrough: Adding the Camera to the App

Now, onto the more exciting part – configuring the camera in the app. Here’s how I did it:

  1. On the home screen of the app, I clicked on the ‘Add New Device’ option.
  2. Following the prompts, I confirmed that my device is a ‘battery device’.
  3. Upon indicating the presence of the setup sound, the app proceeded to generate a QR code.
  4. The camera detected the QR code almost instantly when I held my phone screen in front of it and established a connection.

What impressed me most about this process was not just the effortless connection but also the speed at which the pairing took place. Everything felt seamless and intuitive, which speaks well of the user experience design.

Connecting the Camera to Wi-Fi and Updating Firmware

The last major part of the setup process involved connecting the camera to Wi-Fi. It’s worth noting here that the camera needs to be connected to a 2.4 G Wi-Fi network. Once connected, the camera’s firmware should be updated – something I would strongly recommend doing before you start using the camera.

In my case, the firmware update was straightforward and didn’t take much time. Post the upgrade, an immediate response was observed with a live feed popping up on the screen. This is where the real fun begins, as you now get direct access to your surveillance feed, regardless of where you are.

Overall, the set-up process for the YC Focus Solar Security Camera is smooth, efficient, and user-friendly. The process educated me on the operations of the camera while reassuring me of the secure access protocols in place.

Report: Viseefocu Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

First Impressions: Live View, Audio and Video Testing

  • Live view of YC Camera is responsive and high-quality
  • Video quality is excellent even in SD mode
  • Audio and microphone functionality are clear but Wi-Fi dependent

Live View Feature

My initial impression of the live view feature of the YC Focus Solar Security Camera was quite staggering. The responsiveness was near instantaneous without any noticeable lag, which can sometimes be a downside with certain security cameras. The live view offers a real-time window into your home or wherever the surveillance is needed. Being able to see what’s happening in my own backyard from anywhere, anytime, adds a layer of flexibility and comfort that should be a staple in all security cameras.

Quality and Sharpness of Videos

Video quality and sharpness are paramount when it comes to surveillance cameras, and I was keen to see how this one measured up. Unlike some models that sometimes offer pixelated or blurry videos, the YC Focus Solar Security Camera truly delivers. In HD mode, the images are sharp and the colours are vibrant. Even in SD mode, the quality remains excellent and commendable! However, keep in mind that the higher the video quality, the slower the camera might be if your Wi-Fi connection isn’t strong.

Testing Audio Functionality

With security cameras, the difference can often be in the detail. It’s not just what you can see, it’s what you can hear. The addition of a microphone and speaker on this model allows for two-way communication, which could come up useful in a myriad of situations. During the audio testing , while the audio became a bit slow when the camera was distant from the router, the voice was still clear and comprehensible.

One small criticism I have is the slight delay when responding. Although it was just a fraction of seconds, in a fast-paced situation that might matter. It’s just a small hiccup that in no way should draw from all the positive aspects of this amazing device.

Microphone Test

To provide a comprehensive review of the camera, I decided to conduct a microphone test . No matter how far I was away from the camera, it was able to pick up my voice. However, note that it heavily depended on the speed of my Wi-Fi connection. More often than not, these two-way audio functionalities offer a tinny, radio-like sound, but surprisingly, this was not the case with the YC Focus Solar Security Camera. Even with a bit of interference from background noise, it successfully caught everything it needed to.

Assessment of Viseefocu Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

Mounting the Camera and Delving into its Performance

  • Correct camera positioning reduces false alerts
  • YC Camera highly efficient at motion detection
  • Camera provides reliable night vision capability

Okay, so let’s pivot from setup to application. Once the YC Focus Solar Security Camera is ready to go, the question becomes: where to place it? Some strategic positioning really goes a long way in leveraging its maximum potential.

Positioning and Mounting: Issues of False Alerts

A recent fiddling around with the camera’s positioning offered quite an anecdote. Initially, placing the camera to point a little too high rattled me with numerous false alerts. The camera, on a windy day, interpreted swaying branches and rustling leaves as suspicious activity. Needless to say, the constant notifications were a bit aggravating.

However, a quick adjustment to the camera’s orientation dramatically reduced false alerts. After angling the camera downward, it became more discerning of actual threats. The camera’s performance definitely got my wheels turning about how crucial the correct positioning and mounting can be.

Assessing Motion Detection Efficiency in Different Situations

Shifting gear to motion detection capabilities, the YC Focus Solar Security Camera truly shines. I found it incredibly efficient at picking up movement, often from generous distances. Whether approached front on or from the side, the camera was prompt in detection. I must add that the camera kept up its efficiency even in challenging environments, such as areas with heat-emitting units.

An Examination of Night Vision Capabilities

Moving on to its performance during the darker hours: a crucial aspect of any security camera worth its salt. The YC Focus Solar Security Camera provides a reliable night vision mode that performs quite well. Although the footage turns black and white in this mode, its utility when dealing with non-disturbing monitoring is undeniable.

In the absence of such restrictions, you have the option of the white light mode. This mode illuminates large areas with bright white light, making visuals more colorful and vivid. Depending on your specific needs, you can seamlessly toggle between these two modes for optimal results.

So, to sum up, positioning is key. Experiment with different angles and locations to leverage the maximum potential of the YC Focus Solar Security Camera. It’s all about that jigsaw puzzle, isn’t it? Making the right elements fit together properly makes all the difference in your security setup.

Breakdown of Viseefocu Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

Diving Into the Settings: Customizing Your Camera Experience

  • Battery and motion detection settings are customizable
  • Offers medium motion detection sensitivity
  • Comprehensive video and notification settings available

Upon setting up the YC Focus Solar Security Camera and testing its basic functions, it was time to dive deep into the customization processes. The app settings offer an impressive variety of adjustments, helping you tailor the camera to meet your specific needs. Let’s dive into the nuances of customization this camera offers.

Battery and Motion Detection Settings

The first aspect that caught my attention was the detailed battery and motion detection settings. I noticed the battery, although small in size, charges significantly over time. Even in weak sunlight, the charging was consistent , testifying to the efficiency of the embedded solar panel.

The motion detection settings are quite comprehensive, offering a choice between low, medium, and high sensitivity levels. After testing all three, I found the medium settings offered a good balance between sensitivity and avoiding unnecessary triggers.

Notifications and SD Card Video

Notifications and SD card video settings also offer a decent level of customization. Using these, you can decide whether to receive instant alerts and, if so, whether to include intelligent notifications. The SD Card video settings were interesting as they allowed the choice of automatic video continuation or limit them to a 10-second clip. This could be a game-changer for those wishing to minimize memory usage.

Lighting Settings

The camera’s lighting settings are definitely worth mentioning. From the Indicator light to the incredibly bright flashlight feature, the options are incredibly versatile. The night vision settings might be a standout feature, with options for infrared mode for a less obstructive, though black and white view or the white light mode for bright illumination. This lighting flexibility, particularly the non-invasive infrared option, would indeed be useful for those mindful of their neighbors.

In conclusion, the YC Focus Solar Security Camera does more than what its compact size suggests. It offers a wide range of customizable settings for its users, proving to be more than just your average surveillance camera.

Lookover of Viseefocu Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

Wrapping Up: How Does the YC Focus Solar Security Camera Stack Up?

So, now that we’ve gone through the entire process of unboxing, setting up, and testing the YC Focus Solar Security Camera, it’s finally time to evaluate its overall performance. Naturally, we’re leaving no stone unturned. Remember, the purpose of this review is to provide you with the most unbiased and critical assessment to help you decide whether this device is indeed the right fit for your needs.

The Pros:

  • Long Battery Life: One of the features that impresses me the most is its battery life. The solar panel works effectively at keeping the camera charged, even with minimal sunlight. The device was at 82% when I started and after just a few days, it is already at a full charge. This makes it especially suitable if you’re situated in areas that don’t get much sunlight.
  • Compact Size and Exceptional Performance: I cannot stress enough the added convenience offered by the compact size of this camera. Ease of mounting and the quality of the footage, especially the early detection of motion, make it stand out from other security cameras in this category.

The Cons:

  • False Alerts: The issue of false alerts might pose a challenge if the camera is not positioned appropriately. However, making necessary adjustments to the camera’s pointing direction can remedy this.
  • Night Vision: The night vision, while impressive, might slightly disturb the neighbors if it’s set to white light. Thankfully, the setting can be switched to infrared mode which alleviates this problem. Nevertheless, it’s something worth factoring into your decision.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, for its size and price point, I’d say the YC Focus Solar Security Camera definitely holds its own in the market. It’s size makes it highly versatile and portable, while its performance, particularly in terms of video quality and motion detection, matches that of larger cameras. However, being mindful of where to place the camera, especially considering its sensitive motion detection, as well as its bright nighttime lighting, is something to bear in mind.

With that said, the choice solely rests upon your specific needs. If you’re looking for a durable, efficient, and compact solar security camera with a long-lasting battery life, this might be the one for you. But if your location might lead to false alerts or if the night vision is a dealbreaker, it may be worth looking into other alternatives.

Should you buy the Viseefocu Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor?

Buy it if…

You want a compact and efficient surveillance camera

The YC Focus Solar Security Camera is small, lightweight, has a strong Wi-Fi connection without external antennas and provides HD quality footage, robust for a battery-operated device.

You require flexible power options

The camera is powered by a small solar panel and can also be charged via micro USB. The solar panel keeps the battery charged even with limited sunlight.

You’re looking for smart detection features

The camera offers reliable motion detection and has AI support. The motion detection can be set to different sensitivity levels and have a ‘cool down’ time to avoid unnecessary recording.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re not tech-savvy

Setting up the camera to the application and adjusting the settings requires some level of technical knowledge.

Your Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong

The functioning of the camera is dependant on a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection.

You need a camera with an included SD card

The camera doesn’t come with an included micro SD card, which is essential for long term recording, you’ll have to buy it separately.


Does the YC Focus Solar Security Camera support two-way audio?
Yes, the camera supports two-way audio communication. It comes with built-in microphone and speaker.
Does the camera come with an SD card?
No, an SD card is not included. However, it does have a micro SD card slot. You can choose an SD card of any size – a 32 GB card is recommended which can last for months or even years.
How does the camera connect to Wi-Fi?
The camera connects to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. You need to download the camera’s app, create an account and follow the instructions to add the camera and connect it to Wi-Fi.
Can the camera be accessed from anywhere?
Yes, once connected, you can access the camera from anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi or mobile data (3G, 4G, 5G).
Does the camera have false alert issues?
The camera has an adjustable motion detection setting. If positioned too high, it may pick up unnecessary movements. By adjusting its position and setting, false alerts can be minimized.
What lighting settings does the camera have?
The camera has various lighting settings which include an indicator light, flashlight mode, night vision mode and an adjustable light sensitivity option for different lighting situations.
Is the solar panel effective in keeping the camera charged?
Yes, the solar panel is effective in charging the camera’s battery. Despite its small size, it can charge the camera even in places with not much sunlight.
Can the camera be used indoors?
Yes, the YC Solar Security Camera can also be used indoors, thanks to its flat stand which allows for temporary positioning without any mount.

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