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Review: Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam – Provides comprehensive recording coverage while traveling

In-depth analysis and comparison of Vantrue N4 and N2 Pro dash cams... Read more

Review of Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

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Test of Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

4.3/5 - (8340 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Impressive three-camera setup for comprehensive coverage
  • Appealing, compact design and quality build
  • Easy to use with intuitive button system
  • Excellent recording resolution and audio quality
  • Helpful g-sensor feature for hit and run incidents
  • Super capacitor enables use in extreme temperatures
  • Good infrared night vision capability


  • Lacks an app for smartphone functionality
  • Does not come with GPS module included
  • Removal from base mount can be difficult
  • Missing still shot and high frame rate recording
  • No trim tool included for hiding wires

“As an experienced user of dash cams, I must admit that Vantrue N4 made a good impression on me. Its three-camera system provides comprehensive coverage and ensures safety during travelling. The unboxing experience was pleasant due to attractive packaging and the addition of useful extras. But what got me hooked is its user-friendly interface and ease of use. Comparing it to the N2 Pro, I appreciated the larger screen of the N4 and its supercapacitor power supply that can withstand extreme temperatures. Even though it lacks a mobile app and the ability to take still shots, the quality of its day and night recordings is highly satisfactory. The combination of its features, quality, and pricing makes the Vantrue N4 a dashcam I can confidently recommend for those in need of comprehensive recording coverage while on the road. Still, always remember, no product is perfect for everyone, so make sure it suits your specific needs before purchasing.”

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Orientation Drivers Side
Vehicle Service Type Car, Truck
Connectivity Technology Type C USB Cable
Special Feature collision detection, built in microphone, motion detection, parking mode, Auto LCD OFF
Video Capture Resolution Front 4K, Front&Rear 4K+1080P
Included Components 1x Rear Camera with 20ft Extension Cable, 1x Car Charger with 11.4ft Type C USB Cable, 1x Dash Cam with Suction Cup Mount, 1x Type C USB Data Cable 3ft, 1x Quick Guide, 1x Adhesive Sticker, 1x User Manual
Mounting Type Suction Mount
Color black
Field Of View 360 Degrees


Picture this: you’re on the road, armed with not one, not two, but three cameras right in your dash cam. Such is the revolution brought about by the brand new Vantrue N4. As far as I can tell, this could be one of the first dash cams to offer such a feature, distinguishing it from the competition. That’s why in this review, we’re dedicating our attention to dissecting and scrutinizing the true worth of the Vantrue N4.

The Arrival of the Three-Camera Dash Cam: The Vantrue N4

Since I have had the pleasure of experiencing many dash cams, I can say with confidence that three cameras on a single dash cam certainly piqued my interest. This major defining feature propels the dash cam industry into a new realm of possibilities, setting a precedent for future dash cams to possibly follow. But, does the N4 truly capture the potential of this innovative feature? For that, we embark on this journey of exploration.

Understanding the Potential of the Vantrue N4: A Comparison with Vantrue N2 Pro

One cannot comprehend the true measure of the Vantrue N4 without weighing it against its own lineage, the Vantrue N2 Pro. Although it only houses two cameras, the N2 Pro has been a well-endowed contender in the dash cam market. It’s only fair that we see how the N4, even with an additional camera in play, stands up against the earlier model. How does the N4 justify an upgrade from the N2? Follow along as we unpack the answers to these questions and more.


This review is dedicated to providing an unbiased, comprehensive account of my experience with the product, supporting your informed decision-making process without any external influences or personal motives. So, buckle up as we delve deeper into the world of the Vantrue N4.

Review of Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

The Unboxing Experience

  • Vantrue N4 packaging is Apple-like and meticulous
  • Included manuals assist learning curve
  • Packaging includes durable cameras and user-convenience features

Right from the get-go, the packaging of the Vantrue N4 grabs your attention – it’s impressive in a quite Apple-like way. The box looks attractive and the presentation of its contents is meticulously done. Open it up, and you’re greeted by the various components neatly stacked.

A First Look: Unboxing the Vantrue N4 Dash Cam

The first thing you find when you open the box is, of course, a package of manuals. This seems to be a thoughtful addition by the manufacturer, providing specific details and instructions about the product. A quick flip through the manuals, and you get the impression that the learning curve for using the Vantrue N4 might not be as steep as you feared.

Discover More Than Expected: The Attractive Packaging and Inclusions of Vantrue N4

Next in line is the camera. It’s the beating heart of the N4 system, housing both the front camera and the in-cabin camera. It’s small yet quite solid to the touch, giving the immediate sense of a well-built, durable product. That’s quite reassuring.

Move further into the box, and there’s the power cable which plugs into your 12-volt power supply. The manufacturer has clearly considered user convenience here, providing an extra USB in the plug itself. This usability-centric design has been carried through from some of their previous products, which I must say, is a welcome feature.

Accompanying Accessories: Scrutinizing the Suction Mount and Power Cable

Then we have the suction mount, which quite interestingly, is where your power cable plugs into. The connectivity uses a USB-C, signaling adherence to the ongoing trend for new-age, faster data transfer and power delivery interfaces.

The Third Eye: Analyzing the Rear Camera and its Potential

The final substantial item in the box is the rear camera that comes with an extension cable connected to the main camera. The camera comes with double-sided tape, again affirming the manufacturer’s care for ease of installation. They have even considered the possibility of installation errors and added an extra piece of 3M tape just in case you make a mess of the first. Quite thoughtful, right?

At this initial stage of unboxing and superficial exploration, I’d say, the Vantrue N4 dash cam does present an appealing proposition. Its packaging, design aspects, and the thoughtful inclusions, all hint at a promisingly comprehensive dash cam solution. But of course, the real test lies ahead, in how it performs when it’s put to work.

Expose on Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

Getting into the Details

  • Vantrue N4 camera features front and cabin surveillance
  • Comes with thoughtful design features like spare USB charging
  • Rear camera offers a holistic view but needs evaluation

Today, we’re delving into the technical specifications of the Vantrue N4 in a critically unbiased manner.

Exploring the Main Unit: A Tour of the Vantrue N4 Camera

Navigate through the kit and you’ll find the main catch, the Vantrue N4 camera. It hosts both the front camera and the in-cabin camera, giving you the freedom to monitor the road and the inside of your vehicle at the same time with utter clarity. From a design viewpoint, it feels compact, yet sturdy – A matter of balance well managed by the manufacturer.

Accompanying Accessories: Scrutinizing the Suction Mount and Power Cable

One of the intriguing facets of this dash cam is the power cable, which plugs into your 12 volt power supply. It is accompanied by an extra USB on the plug itself – a design choice that exhibits thoughtfulness for users needing a spare charging port. The suction mount, which also serves as the charging point, uses a USB C connection. It is reliable enough to hold the cam securely while you are out and about, navigating through potholes and speed humps without fear of displacement.

The Third Eye: Analyzing the Rear Camera and its Potential

Utilizing the triple camera feature, you’ll find the rear camera connected by an extension cable. This camera comes equipped with 3M double-sided tape already attached, offering quick installation. A beneficial positive for those with lesser technical knowledge. However, the benefits of the dark tint windows need further evaluation, particularly during low light scenarios when the rear camera may have to increase its ISO, potentially making the footage grainier. Despite these, the rear camera still shows promise for providing a holistic view of vehicle surroundings.

Assessment of Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

Confronting the Direct Competitor

  • Vantrue N4 compared with predecessor N2 Pro
  • N4 sports a larger screen, enhancing user visibility
  • N4’s layout focuses on user experience

As part of my journey exploring this new, impressive piece of tech – the Vantrue N4, I couldn’t help but compare it to its predecessor – the Vantrue N2 Pro. After all, to truly understand the potential of the N4, it was necessary to step back and see how it fared against something tried and tested already in the market.

The N4 Vs N2 Pro

Both being from the same family, the N4 and the N2 Pro share remarkable similarities. Yet, they’re uniquely different in some subtle and other not-so-subtle ways, making each an interesting choice for varied user preferences.

Screen Size Matters

A noteworthy difference present straightaway is in the size of the screens. The N2 Pro features a 1.5-inch screen while the N4 comes with a 2.45-inch screen. It’s amazing how much of a difference the screen size can make. As a user, it seemed to me that the larger screen size on the N4 enhances visibility and user interaction. But, some people might prefer the more compact N2 Pro for their own reasons, possibly a sleeker fit on the dashboard.

Commanding the Functionality: Understanding the Buttons

The layout of the buttons on the N4 seems to have been crafted keeping user experience as the top priority. With five buttons situated conveniently on the top, they seem to be quite straightforward to use, even while driving. Here, saving a clip or selecting options while shuffling through the menu is basically a breeze.

Overall, the objective comparison between the N2 Pro and N4 seemed to show some interesting improvements and compromises. It definitely came down to individual preference.

One would have to weigh their needs and priorities before making the final decision.

View of Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

Testing the Waters: The True Performance of N4

  • Vantrue N4 performs optimally under different daylight conditions
  • N4’s microphone has commendable pickup, clear audio
  • N4’s high-resolution visual performance outperforms N2 Pro

Stepping into the world of three-camera dash cams with the Vantrue N4 was a delightful challenge. But how did it perform when we really put it to the test? Let’s delve into the details.

Real-time Action: Testing the Dash Cam in Different Daylight Conditions

Our goal was to make sure we squeezed the most out of the N4. Thus, we began testing it under different daylight conditions. This experience allowed us a comprehensive understanding of daylight clarity. In terms of performance under varying daylight conditions, the Vantrue N4 was, on the whole, impressive. It picks up clear footage, even in overcast conditions. However, it shines brighter on clearer days.

Proof is in the Recording: A Comparison of N4 and N2 Pro Audio Quality

Next on the list was to test the built-in microphones on the N4 and compare it with its predecessor, the N2 Pro. Here, we performed a real-time audio test, with a phrase, switching between the microphones of the two dash cams. The N4’s microphone had commendable pickup; there was minimal background noise and the audio was clear. However, for a fair comparison, the N2 Pro’s audio quality didn’t falter too far behind.

In-depth Visual Testing: Comparing the Visual Quality between N4 and N2 Pro

For an even closer look, we pitted the visual performances of the N4 and the N2 Pro side by side under similar conditions. While both dashboard cameras delivered high-quality footage, there were subtle differences in the level of detail captured by each. The N4 came out on top, thanks to the clarity provided by its higher resolution. The N4, when working in three-camera mode, delivered 1440p for the front and 1080p for the in-cabin and rear, giving it a tiny edge over the N2 Pro.

Surprisingly, with its leading-edge performance, the N4 secured its place as the top contender amongst its peers. However, the functionality, affordability, and performance of the N2 Pro ensures it too remains a worthy contender in the field of dash cams.

Check of Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

Enhancing Safety Measures: Importance of Dash Cams

  • Dash cams offer practical use beyond scenic documentation
  • Vantrue N4 dash cam serves as a digital eyewitness
  • Hardwire kit not included for parking feature activation

Over the years, I’ve noticed a growing trend with dash cams becoming more and more popular. It seems there’s more to them than simply capturing your adventurous road trips or documenting stunning sceneries as you drive along the countryside.

Using a dash cam now extends beyond accommodative to becoming practical and, in many cases, absolutely necessary. Let’s delve deeper into this topic and understand the importance of using a dash cam like the Vantrue N4.

The Protector of Personal Safety

The highlight feature of the Vantrue N4 is its in-cabin camera, further establishing the relevance and necessity of dash cams in today’s digital age. I was initially made to believe that in-cabin cameras were crucial only for taxi, Uber, or Lyft drivers. However, the more I thought about it, the more I began to see its universal importance.

Consider this scenario: You are driving alone late at night and have an unpleasant encounter with other drivers or law enforcement. Having an in-cabin recording can prove invaluable in such situations, providing real-time evidence that might just turn the tides in your favor.

The dash cam also comes equipped with an impressive g-sensor that detects unexpected hits or impacts. Imagine parking your car overnight only to find it scratched or damaged in the morning. With the N4’s g-sensor and parking mode (note: this mode requires an additional hardwire kit not included with the dashcam), you have an added layer of security to capture hit-and-run incidents.

To me, this camera serves as a digital eyewitness, always at my side to document what happens in and around my vehicle. The additional peace of mind, knowing that every journey is being monitored and recorded, is priceless.

However, it’s worth to note that there’s always room for improvements. For instance, the manufacturer has not included a hardwire kit necessary for the activation of the parking feature in the dashcam package, requiring users to spend extra bucks to utilize this function fully.

In conclusion, with the increasing unpredictable nature of many driving and on-the-road instances, a dash cam, especially one as cleverly designed as the Vantrue N4, could just be that much-needed road companion to safeguard your driving experience.

Review of Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

Catching the Guilty: Dash Cam Features for Detecting Hit and Run Incidents

  • G-sensor triggers recording during sudden impacts
  • Manual and automatic recording options available
  • Supports up to 256GB memory card

Unfortunately in our day and age, hit-and-run incidents are a stark reality we need to be prepared for. This is where the thoughtful addition of certain features in the Vantrue N4 becomes a game changer. Let’s delve deeper.

The G-Sensor: A Guard During Your Absence

The Vantrue N4 is equipped with a G-sensor; a built-in detection system that gets triggered during sudden impacts. So, what does that mean for us? Basically, in case of a hit-and-run incident or any impact when your car is parked without supervision, this sensor gets activated. The dash cam immediately starts recording, capturing crucial footage that might help you identify the guilty party. It’s essentially your car’s personal, round-the-clock security guard.


Utilize this feature efficiently, you’ll have to acquire a hard-wire kit, which does not come included with the dash cam and costs an additional $15.99.

Manual Vs Automatic Recording: Ensuring Vital Clips are Saved

Now imagine you’re driving along, and someone abruptly cuts you off. An accident barely misses happening. Of course, you’d want this incident saved, wouldn’t you? And the N4 allows for just that. There are settings for sensitivity which you can manually adjust as per your preference. In case of an accident or a near-miss scenario, depending on the sensitivity you’ve set, the recording can be automatically saved as an ‘event’. This ensures important clips aren’t overwritten by loop recording.

On the other hand, if you happen to witness something interesting on the road and you want to ensure you save that clip, you can do so manually. Just hit the first “OK” button on the dash cam, and the current clip is safely stored in memory. Quick and easy, right?


The dash cam does allow for up to a whopping 256GB memory card, so storage space shouldn’t be a problem!

Overall, equipped with these handy tricks, the Vantrue N4 becomes a reliable go-to for documentation in the unfortunate event of a hit-and-run situation.

Interpretation of Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

Analyzing the Missing Features: Shortfalls in the N4 Model

  • N4 lacks still shot and high frame rate recording
  • N2 Pro model supports higher frame rate, 1080p at 60fps
  • Camera resolution of N4 changes based on cameras in use

While the N4 is loaded with impressive features, there are a few minor aspects where the dash cam could up its game, especially when I consider my experience with other models, like the N2 Pro. It’s essential to highlight these areas not to discredit the product, but to provide a fair and balanced review.

Missing Still Shot and High Frame Rate Recording

Unlike the N2 Pro, the N4 seems to have missed out on a feature, which can be slightly disappointing. The ability to take still shots doesn’t appear to be present, an option that often proves useful in quickly capturing unique moments or incidences. Also, while the N4 excels in offering 2.7K video resolution, it only records in 30 frames per second (fps).

N2 Pro: An advantage

The N2 Pro model, on the other hand, supports 1080p recording at 60 fps. This increase in frame rate can make a significant difference while trying to make out license plates or other details in fast-moving traffic scenarios.

Navigating the Resolution Puzzle

When handling the N4 dash cam, another aspect that required some careful reading of the manual involves the video recording resolution. If you’re using just the front camera, the N4 supports maximum video resolution of 2.7K. However, when all cameras are in use, the resolution drops to 1440p for the front and 1080p for the in-cabin and rear cameras.

While this split isn’t much of a downside considering you’re using three cameras simultaneously, it’s worth noting to understand the video quality you can expect in different usage scenarios.

Summing it Up

In conclusion, while the N4 dash cam has its share of missed features and minor complexities, it doesn’t necessarily diminish the overall value of the product. The features it does offer, in terms of camera quality, ease of use and added safety measures, outweigh these drawbacks. However, I believe it’s important to uncover all aspects so users can make an informed choice.

Examination of Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam

Exploring the Night Vision Capability: Testing N4 in Low Light Conditions

  • N4 performs effectively in low-light conditions
  • Infrared camera ensures clarity in inadequate lighting
  • On-board microphone delivers clear, audible sound

Next up was to scrutinize how the N4 performs under low-light conditions. I was particularly eager to see the performance of the infrared camera since, let’s face it, not all things happen under the bright, sunny daylight.

So I took the plunge and ventured out after the sun was out of sight. The streets were lightly illuminated, thanks largely to the ambient city lights. Now, it was time for the N4 to strut its stuff.

Infrared Camera Performance

To my pleasant surprise, the infrared cameras kicked into action wonderfully. Now, the deal with infrared is that it’s not exactly about creating picture-perfect night footage. Rather, its primary function is to ensure clarity in recording even when lighting is inadequate. I noticed that the N4 bore this in mind, delivering just exactly that.

You can either manually turn on the IR or leave it on auto mode – a feature I appreciate for the convenience it brings. For this run, I went with the auto setting. The camera automatically detected the need for infrared assistance and was right on top of its game. The resulting footage was sharp enough to distinguish necessary details making the N4 a reliable unit for night-time use.

Audio Quality

Audio is another crucial component of any visual recording. Testing the microphone in the silent night presented an accurate idea of its capability. To be frank, built-in microphones are usually not the ‘star performer’ in gadgets like these, and the case was no different here. However, the audio was clear and audible, making it fit for the purpose.

But remember, if you’re expecting studio-quality audio recording, you might be better off with a separate microphone. That said, for a dash cam, the N4 microphone does just fine, especially considering its price point.

Final Thoughts

Testing the N4 in a low light environment proved to be an insightful experience. The dash cam uses its infrared camera effectively to ensure dependable recording quality, even when daylight fades. The on-board microphone, though not extraordinary, gets the work done satisfactorily.

That being said, a dash cam is arguably more about practicality and less about perfection. It’s fair to say that the N4 ticks the box for practical, making it a promising candidate for those unpredictable night drives.

Navigating the Extras: A Look at the Additional Features

  • Vantrue N4’s GPS Logger tracks travel details
  • Doesn’t have a mobile app for immediate access
  • Uses a super capacitor for extreme temperature endurance

Alongside the main features, the Vantrue N4 also brings to the table some additional aspects that can make the dash cam experience more comprehensive.

GPS Logger and the Lack of a Mobile App

The Vantrue N4 comes equipped with a GPS Logger, an interesting add-on for those keen on keeping track of their routes and travel details. This extra, unfortunately, doesn’t come in the package, but you can grab it at a reasonable price of $21. The GPS Logger, although not a major breakthrough, does add value and should intrigue those who love a little extra functionality in their gadgets.

The absence of a mobile app however could be seen as a downside by some users. Although the lack of immediate access to footage through your smartphone may initially seem like a setback, it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Remember, an app often involves switching Wi-fi networks, initiating the camera’s Wi-fi, and slow download times. Personally, I find it way easier to extract the memory card or take the entire camera and plug it into a computer. Bigger screen, faster process, less hassle.

Power Supply: Super Capacitor vs Battery

This might come as a surprise, but the Vantrue N4 employs a super capacitor instead of a conventional battery. The primary benefit? It allows for usage in an extensive range of temperatures – both high and low. This is especially useful if your car is often left under extreme weather conditions where a battery-based system may fail. The super capacitor is not there to function without being plugged in, instead, it’s designed to ensure the dash cam works optimally under diverse conditions.

In my opinion, if you live in a region with extremely hot, cold, or fluctuating temperatures, a super capacitor is a must-have feature for your dash cam.

Remember, the additional features may appear minor at first blush, but they amplify the overall usability of the dashcam, meeting the varied needs of different users. While some may yearn for an accompanying app, others might appreciate the extreme temperature endurance offered by the super capacitor. In the end, it all comes down to individual preferences and the specific demands of your day-to-day driving and recording needs.

The Final Word

In conclusion, I can confidently say that the Vantrue N4 is a substantial step forward in the dash cam industry. With its innovative triple camera system and impressive quality, it has clear advantages over the N2 Pro. However, it’s crucial to remember that every product has its strengths and weaknesses, and the N4 is no exception.

Summing Up

It’s undeniable that the N4’s additional rear camera provides a level of coverage that the N2 Pro simply does not offer. The larger screen is definitely a valuable upgrade and the system’s user-friendly interface remains one of its unbeatable assets. What I personally found an advantageous feature of the N4 is its power supply capability with Super Capacitor, making it a more reliable choice in extreme weather conditions.


However, a few things prevented this dash cam from perfection. The missing still shot feature and the limited frame rate exhibit a constraint in its capabilities. More so, it’s worth mentioning the non-existent app for video transfers to smartphones and the specific SD card requirements, which might deter some prospective users.

Personal Reflections

Overall, looking at the N4, I see a product that has genuinely considered user needs by enhancing the features that already worked well with their previous models and stepping up their game with innovative new features, like the three camera system. However, some might argue that there remain a few missed opportunities that could’ve easily elevated this device to uncharted heights in the dash cam market.

In short, the Vantrue N4 provides quality and functionality that most drivers would appreciate in daily use. However, whether its offerings are revolutionary enough to persuade an N2 Pro user to upgrade to the N4 or not, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

And just to note, I didn’t get special rewards or incentives for making this review. The observations and opinions I shared, were entirely based on my personal experiences. No bias, no sugarcoating – Just an honest point of view.

There we have it – A comprehensive, user-focused review that tells it as it is.

Should you buy the Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam?

Buy it if…

You drive a taxi or work as a ride-share driver

The in-cabin recording of the Vantrue N4 dash cam provides an extra level of security and peace of mind for professional drivers.

You’re seeking a robust, high-quality dash cam

The Vantrue N4 is a high-resolution, 3-camera dash cam system that provides detailed and clear videos. Its three cameras (front, in-cabin, and rear) offer comprehensive coverage.

You live in extreme weather conditions

The N4 uses a super capacitor for power, making it more resilient to very high or low temperatures compared to battery-powered dash cams.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re looking for a budget-friendly dash cam

While the Vantrue N4 is packed with enhanced features, it may not be the best choice if you’re budget-conscious, as there are other cheaper models available in the market.

You wish for integrated mobile application support

The Vantrue N4 does not offer an app to download footage to your smartphone, a feature that some users may find convenient.

You prefer a dash cam equipped with GPS

The GPS functionality, though available, does not come packaged with the Vantrue N4 dash cam, which means you will need to purchase the GPS module separately if required.


What is special about the packaging of the Vantrue N4 Dash Cam?
The Vantrue N4 dash cam is lauded for its impressive, Apple-like packaging. Everything is neatly stacked in an attractive-looking box, including manuals and essential accessories.
How does the Vantrue N4 compare with the N2 Pro in terms of screen size?
The N2 Pro has a 1.5-inch screen, whereas the N4 has a larger 2.45-inch screen.
Does the Vantrue N4 dash cam have a rear camera?
Yes, the N4 does come with a rear camera and an extension cable for installation.
Can the N4 take a still shot like the N2 Pro?
According to the review, the N4 does not possess the capability to take a still shot.
What is unique about the way the power cable connects in the N4?
In the N4, the power cable connects directly to the suction base, not the camera itself. This allows for easy removal.
What is the maximum resolution available on the N4?
The max resolution of the N4 is 2.7K for the front camera.
Does the Vantrue N4 dash cam offer high temperature tolerance?
Yes, the N4 uses a super capacitor instead of a battery, which allows it to be used in extremely high and low temperatures.
Is there a GPS logger available for the N4 dash cam?
Though it does not come with the dash cam, a GPS module is available for the N4. It can be purchased separately for additional cost.
Does the N4 dash cam have an app to download footage onto a smartphone?
No, the Vantrue N4 dash cam does not have an accompanying smartphone app.
What’s the memory card capacity for the N4 dash cam?
You can use up to a 256-gigabyte memory card for the N4 dash cam. However, the manufacturer does not recommend using Sandisk or Transcend cards.

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