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Review: USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30 – Offers commendable features for beginners at affordable price

In-depth review of an entry-level, economical microphone for streaming novices featuring a pop filter and shock mounting... Read more

Review of USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

Table of Contents

Test of USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

4.5/5 - (20118 votes)

Cena: $27.99


  • Affordable entry-level microphone
  • Built-in, removable pop filter
  • Front directional feature
  • USB-C compatibility
  • Built-in shock mounting
  • Suitable for standard microphone stand
  • Easy setup, instant recognition by Windows


  • Not the highest quality sound
  • Shock mount not the highest quality
  • Included USB cable could be longer
  • Not suitable for high-end noise canceling

“Having had the chance to fully experience this entry-level microphone, I can say that for its price point, it offers a commendable range of features. Its sound quality and user-friendly design are certainly attractive highlights for beginners, be it for YouTube or Twitch. The built-in pop filter and shock mount are a surprising perk that can significantly enhance audio quality. However, while it does the job for beginners, seasoned content creators may seek more advanced audio tech. All in all, it’s a reasonable buy for those stepping into the audio recording world, but may not entirely satisfy the needs of a professional.”

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Recommended Uses For Product Indoor/Outdoor
Model Name TC30
Connectivity Technology USB
Connector Type USB
Special Feature gaming, conference
Compatible Devices Laptop
Color Brown
Included Components 1 x condenser microphone, 1 x shock mount, 1 x foldable mic tripod, 1 x pop filter, 1 x USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 Cable, 1 x manual.
Polar Pattern Unidirectional

Welcome to the In-depth Review of the Entry-Level Microphone

Beginner Friendly or Just Another Gadget?

Hey there, audio enthusiasts! Today, we’ll be exploring an all-new entry-level microphone that manufacturers claim is the perfect starting point for budding YouTubers and Twitch streamers. Targeted at beginners, it packs several sought-after features which we’ll investigate closely in this comprehensive review. Remember, the goal here is to assess the product’s claim, not to take it for granted. Shall we dive in?

Ensuring Transparency in Reviews: An Insider Story

As a seasoned audiophile, I value transparency and integrity more than anything. Before we continue, it’s worth investing some time to understand the process that shapes these reviews. This particular microphone was sent to us as a review unit, but rest assured that the brand or manufacturers have no inkling about the content of this review until it goes live. They discover our insights at the same time as you do, ensuring an unbiased examination of the product. Note that the intent here is not to promote but to inform.

A Critical Yet Fair Analysis

This review will take into consideration the significant features and performance of the microphone, including but not limited to its design, sound quality, usability, and compatibility. Every stage will reflect an analytical approach with an emphasis on pros and cons alike. The purpose is not to influence your decision but to arm you with the necessary information to make a choice yourself. Your feedback is welcomed – if you have further queries, feel free to comment!

Dedicated to Minimal Bias and Maximum Clarity

A focal part of this review includes the creator’s input. It’s essential to remember that no product is universally perfect, and individual experiences can vary. The review combines detailed research and personal experiences while striving to maintain an unbiased, fair judgment. Do stay tuned for a thorough, insightful look at the entry-level microphone that promises so much – will it deliver? Let’s find out!

Overview of USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

Unboxing and First Impressions

  • High expectations for entry-level microphone
  • Microphone had a sturdy, high-quality finish
  • Product targeted at beginners in audio recording

As I took my first look at the packaging, the overall presentation piqued my curiosity regarding what’s inside. Already, my expectations had been set high after hearing much about the touted features of this entry-level microphone.

Initial Features Overview: Hype or Substance?

The box came equipped with the basic setup: the microphone, built-in stand, USB-C cable, and a removable pop filter. A piece of advice for the novices out there—a pop filter’s job is to reduce or eliminate popping sounds caused by fast-moving air on the microphone from words that have hard ‘b’, ‘p’, ‘t’ sounds. On the surface, these features looked promising. But could they live up to the hype?’, I wondered.

The microphone felt pleasantly sturdy , which suggests that it’s not just made of cheap plastic. I was particularly impressed to note the high-quality finish, considering it’s a product targeted at the budget end of the market. Simple to handle, the microphone seems well tailored for beginners trying their hand at professional audio recording.

Where to Buy? Amazon Link Included!

If you want to check it out for yourself, I tracked down the product on Amazon. It does help to see the current pricing and read through other customers’ reviews before making a purchase decision—the more information, the better, right?

Remember, this first impression was all about the physical features and the overall look of the microphone. The true test was yet to come—will this microphone hold its own once it’s time to record? Only the following sections would reveal.

Reflection on USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

Answering Your Queries

  • Microphone has a built-in, removable pop filter
  • Microphone is user-friendly and easy to set-up
  • Entry-level microphone offers decent sound quality

In this section, I aim to address some common queries you might have about this entry-level microphone. Your questions and comments are vital as they help me understand your needs and how I can provide comprehensive information. However, if I fail to answer a particular concern, feel free to leave a comment.

Can I use the Pop Filter?

Yes , the microphone comes with a built-in pop filter. It’s removable for those who feel they might not need it. However, it is usually best to have it on. It minimizes plosive sounds that can cause distortion and clipping in your audio signal. This feature comes in handy, especially in a recording setup where clear sound is paramount.

Is the Microphone Difficult to Set-Up?

Not at all . The microphone is touted for its user-friendliness. Plugging it into my computer, I found Windows automatically recognized it, which permits you to start using it right away. Furthermore, if the included USB-C cable doesn’t cater to your needs, you can swap it for any USB-C cable.

Is the Sound Quality Good?

As an entry-level microphone, the sound quality is decent . It offers directional sound, aiming to limit the pickup of unwanted noise from your surroundings. This feature is important, especially when you’re not starting in a high-end noise cancellation room. In my experience, the microphone lived up to this promise, producing clear sound despite being used in a regular room.

Can the Microphone Stand be Removed?

Yes , the microphone stand is removable. This feature significantly boosts its versatility. This was a plus for me as I could easily mount it on a boom stand enhancing my ease of use.

In conclusion, based on your feedback, I hope I’ve been able to clarify your doubts regarding this entry-level microphone. However, remember, your needs and preferences might differ, so it’s important to consider these aspects when making a choice.

Analyzing USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

New Here? Get Involved!

  • Reviews provide detailed, critical product analysis
  • Comments and questions foster community growth
  • Feedback and suggestions for reviews are encouraged

Welcome all new visitors and thank you for choosing to read this review! Just so you know, the main aim of these reviews is to provide an unbiased, detailed, and critical analysis of a variety of products. I delve deep into the product’s features, its positives, negatives, and try to answer any questions that might be lingering in your mind. All this to help you make a well-informed purchasing decision.

How Can You Contribute?

If at any point while going through the review you feel like there is something you didn’t quite understand, or a question you’d like to ask, don’t hesitate! This site thrives on its community. Your questions not only help you get clarity, but they might also help someone else with the same question.

Note: While we encourage questioning, we also ask that all comments maintain the spirit of respect and positivity. Any comments found to be disrespectful, harassing, or inappropriate will be promptly removed.

Your Feedback Matters

While I strive to provide accurate and valuable content, I also believe there’s always room for improvement. What works for me may not necessarily work for you, and vice versa. I love hearing your honest opinions and feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts about the product or any suggestions for the reviews.

Finally, keep in mind that I am here to help. If you have any recommendations for products you’d like to see reviewed, feel free to drop me a comment.

Lookover of USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

Diving Deep: Feature Inspection

  • Microphone has built-in pop filter for better sound
  • Designed for simplicity and better sound isolation
  • Features built-in shock mounting for vibration minimization

Now, let’s start the journey into the core features of this entry-level microphone. It’s time to really unearth what sets it apart.

On-board Pop Filter: A Unique Selling Point?

One of the first noticeable features of this microphone is the built-in pop filter. It can be easily mounted and unmounted which provides a degree of flexibility. Although, as unintended mishaps can happen, you may find yourself in a humorous situation like when I accidentally popped off the microphone while attempting to slide the pop filter out. A bit of a learning curve, to say the least, but the takeaway? It is always best to have it on to get the best results.

User-friendliness: The Ease of Use Factor

Ansaldo always is an obvious truth in being taken into account: simplicity is often the key. The microphone emphasizes this point greatly. The design is fairly straightforward, it’s a front directional microphone. The sound needs to be directed into the side. This might take a moment if you’re accustomed to non-directional microphones, but in practice, it really does promote better sound isolation.

Understanding the Backend: Ports and Connections

Turning the microphone around, there are a few things worth mentioning. In terms of connection, the USBC comes pre-standard. This aspect just screams convenience since most devices nowadays come with USB-C compatibility. However, there was a subtle observation during this inspection. The USBC, while versatile, seemed a bit wobbly. Although there were no immediate problems, one has to wonder about its longer-term durability.

Built-in Shock Mounting: A Bonus or a Necessity?

A surprising addition to this microphone is the shock mounting. If you’re someone like me who tends to get a bit animated during gameplay console sessions and might end up slamming the desk occasionally, this feature is a game-changer. The built-in shock mounting acts as a buffer, minimizing any vibrations that might otherwise distort the sound quality. A neat, useful addition, but not without fault. It’s not the most expensive piece out there, so the question of its durability under regular use stands.

In summary, this microphone comes with a sensible set of features tailored for the entry-level user. While a few minor concerns crop up during the deep dive, the overall impression tilts positively. The simplicity and convenience afforded by the design make it a strong contender for beginners.

Rundown: USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

Understanding Its Unique Specs

  • Microphone includes a future-proof USB-C port
  • Built-in shock mount reduces unwanted noise

Now, let’s dig deeper to understand the unique specifications this entry-level microphone brings.

USB-C Presets: A Future-proofing Move?

One of the standout features of this microphone that caught my attention is the inclusion of a USB-C port. This is of great importance to me because it ensures the microphone is future-proofed, ready to be compatible with a wide range of media devices. This mic can be easily connected to any device compatible with a USB-C port using a standard USB-C cable, a thoughtful feature for a mike in this price range.

Built-in Shock Mounting: Is it Living up to the Hype?

To test out the built-in shock mounting, I intentionally slammed my hand on the desk, mirroring the actions of an animated gamer or an excited podcaster. The shock mount effectively absorbed the impact, preventing unwanted noise from transferring into the microphone. I must admit, this feature exceeded my expectations, providing impressive value for an entry-level microphone.

However, it would be unfair not to mention that there are undoubtedly far more sophisticated shock mounts in the higher-end market, that could potentially offer superior noise isolation. But considering the price point, this microphone doesn’t fall short in delivering practical utility to beginners.

Review of USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

Stand or Attach to a Boom: What’s Your Choice?

  • Built-in mic stand provides stability but lacks height adjustment
  • Microphone adaptable to standard boom stand for more flexibility
  • Boom stand purchase required separately

Let’s talk about the versatility of this entry-level microphone. One feature that can highly contribute to user convenience is the adaptability of the mic on various stand types. So, is this microphone easy to adjust based on your personal preference? Let’s find out.

Impressions on the built-in Stand

When I first took the microphone out of the box, what caught my attention is the simplistic yet sturdy built-in stand. It gave me the impression that the mic would stand firm on any flat surface. On trying it out, I found it to provide excellent stability on my desk, an attribute essential not only to sound quality but also safety of the equipment itself.

However, on the downside, the stand height is not adjustable, which may be a limiting factor for some users, depending on their desk or workspace setup. So, if you prefer to adjust your microphone’s height according to your sitting posture, it can be a bit challenging with the provided stand.

Versatility: Attach it to a Boom Stand

The great thing about this microphone is its versatility. For those not entirely happy with the built-in stand, you’re not tied down to it. This microphone can be unscrewed from its stand and attached to any standard boom stand. This is an excellent feature for users who want more flexibility in their setup.

I decided to test this out and attached the microphone to a boom stand. The process was quick and effortless, with the microphone fitting perfectly with the boom stand. Also, using it along with a boom stand opens up a lot of possibilities that come with having a suspended microphone, such as less clutter on the desk and ease of positioning.

But do keep in mind, if you plan to use this microphone with a boom stand, you’ll need to purchase it separately. However, considering the affordable price point of this microphone, this extra investment could be worth it for the features it provides.

In conclusion, the choice of stand or boom depends a great deal on your setup and personal preference. The microphone performs well in both scenarios, and these versatile stand options only add to the overall appeal of this entry-level equipment.

Expose on USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

Sound Quality: Time for the Real Test

  • Microphone provides decent sound, good for beginners.
  • Correct positioning minimizes ambient noise
  • Achieves solid 8 out of 10 in sound quality

Finally, we move to the crux of the matter – the sound quality of this microphone. After all, none of the impressive features matter if the sound produced doesn’t match up.

A Close Look at the Actual Results

The first test I conducted was to simply record via the actual microphone and play it back. After using it in various environments such as in-home office setup and in a more noise controlled setup, I observed varying results in the output. The microphone produced decent quality sound. It wasn’t top tier studio quality, but it was definitely passable for a content creator just starting out or on a budget. There was a noticeable difference when recorded in a more noise controlled setup, although this may not be an option available to everyone.


I observed that it becomes imperative to position the microphone correctly due to its front directional sound design. The benefit, however, is that the directional properties helped in minimizing undesired ambient noise.

The Verdict: My Personal Experience

  • The microphone was incredibly quick to set up and windows automatically recognized it via the USB connection. The ease of use definitely gives this mic some brownie points
  • Despite being an entry level microphone, it produced a good, clean sound. For the price point, it could be considered exceptional.
  • The included USBC cable might be a pain point if it’s too short for your setup. However, any USBC cable will fit, so a quick trip to the store can solve this problem. Just get a longer USB to USBC and you’re all set.
  • Comparing this with a higher-end mic like Audio Technica, there was a difference in sound quality, but for its price, this mic holds its ground well.

In conclusion, when it comes to sound quality, this microphone does a good job of staying in its lane. It offers good value for beginners or those working within a budget. However, for those looking for top-tier studio quality, this might not hit the mark. My final verdict would be a solid 8 out of 10 for the sound quality of this microphone.

Audit of USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

Final Thoughts: Is It Worth Your Money?

  • Microphone is cost-effective and offers good quality
  • USB-C compatibility adds versatility
  • Sound and build quality could improve

As I wrap up my review of this entry-level microphone, a few key points stand out to me that may help you ascertain whether it’s worth investing in.


  • Cost-effective: For those just getting started with YouTube or Twitch, the thought of acquiring high-end, expensive gear can be daunting. With its considerably lower price point, this microphone offers good value for money, making it a budget-friendly alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality.
  • USB-C compatibility: The microphone’s USB-C compatibility means it can be used with a wide range of devices, which is a big plus. This adds a layer of versatility that you wouldn’t typically find in other microphones in the same price range.
  • Built-In Shock Mount: The built-in shock mount helps prevent unnecessary noise that could otherwise disturb your recording sessions, a feature usually found in higher-end models. This was indeed a pleasant surprise for a microphone at this price point.


  • Sound Quality: While the microphone offers decent sound quality, it’s still important to note that there are better options available in the market. Albeit, at a higher price. It still stands as a suitable option for beginners but seasoned content creators might find the sound quality lacking.
  • Build Quality: The microphone felt somewhat lightweight to me, and I wonder about its long-term durability. Granted, it might not be fair to compare it to more expensive microphones, but it’s a factor worth considering.

In conclusion, as an entry-level model, this microphone does offer a lot in terms of performance and affordability. It stacks up well against its more expensive counterparts, with its built-in shock mount and USB-C compatibility being significant upsides. There is room for improvement in the sound quality and build, but given the price point, it’s a solid microphone for beginners creating content on YouTube or Twitch.

Is it worth your money? If you’re a beginner starting out in the world of video content creation, I’d confidently give it a thumbs up.

Critique of USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30

Sign Off: See You Soon!

Bringing this comprehensive review to a close, it’s clear that this entry-level microphone has a lot to offer, especially for those venturing into YouTube or Twitch streaming. With so many boxes ticked effectively, it seems to provide substantial value for its price range.

The Final Verdict

The microphone includes bulk of streamlined features for beginners, from its effortless setup to the quality sound it provides. The removable built-in pop filter and the shock mount are commendable assets that notably heighten the audio experience. The microphone’s compatibility to work with standard USB-C cables also came across as a great advantage.

But, Is It All Good?

Notably, there were a few caveats. With regard to sound, although it assured decent performance, in comparison with more professional equipment, you could sense some fidelity missing. Also, the shock mount, no matter how resourceful it is, it’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t seem like it belongs to a high-end model.

Who Is It Best For?

I truly believe that for a beginner stepping into broadcasting or streaming, this microphone offers an attractive balance of price and features. If you’re an experienced audio professional looking for studio-level quality, you would probably lean towards higher-end models, and understandably so.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, this entry-level microphone strengthens its position as a reliable and affordable device for new YouTubers or Twitch streamers. With the features it provides, it can be a solid stepping stone into the world of broadcasting. Ensure to be realistic about its limitations and see if it fits your requirements.

Please note: If you are planning to buy it from any online platform, remember to check for the current prices and any ongoing offers. It’s always a good idea to read other reviews as well for a balanced perspective. See you again soon with more unbiased, detailed, and high-quality product reviews!

Should you buy the USB Microphone, TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic, TC30?

Buy it if…

You’re a New Content Creator

This microphone is straightforward, easy to use, and requires minimal setup; perfect for beginners.

You’re on a Tight Budget

While there may be better microphones out there, they often come with a higher price tag. This microphone offers good quality at an affordable price.

You Need Versatility

Whether it’s the built-in shock mount, the detachable stand, or the fact that it works with standard microphone stands – the microphone adapts to your needs.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Seeking Professional Quality

While this microphone has useful features and offers decent audio, it isn’t of professional quality.

You Need Longer Cable Length

The included USB-C cable may not be long enough for your setup, so you’ll need to purchase a longer one separately.

You Prefer a Non-Directional Microphone

This microphone is primarily front directional – it may not effectively pick up sounds from other directions.


Is this microphone suitable for beginners?
Yes, this microphone has user-friendly features and easy setup, which makes it suitable for beginners on platforms like YouTube or Twitch.
How does the built-in pop filter contribute to this microphone’s functionality?
The built-in pop filter reduces unwanted noise and enhances the sound quality. It can be easily detached if not needed.
What is unique about the USB-C preset?
The USB-C preset makes the microphone future proof, as it can work with any USB-C cable, providing flexibility in usage.
Does the microphone come with a stand?
Yes, the microphone package includes a desk stand. However, you can also detach it and use it with a standard microphone stand or boom as per your preference.
How is the sound quality of this entry-level microphone?
According to the review, the sound quality is decent for an entry-level microphone. It is very directional which helps to minimize background noise and is suitable for recording in a non-studio, household environment.
Where can I buy this microphone?
You can find the microphone on Amazon. The link to the product is included in the review.
How can I extend the microphone’s reach if the provided USB-C cable is not long enough?
You can simply get a longer USB-C cable or use a USB-C to USB-C cable if your laptop has a USB-C plug.

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