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Review: USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger – Delivers efficient, rapid charging for multiple devices

Explore the user-friendly, 45W four-port USB car charger for convenient, on-the-go rapid charging... Read more

Review of USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger

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Test of USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger

4.7/5 - (2752 votes)

Cena: $20.97


  • 45-watt max charging capacity
  • Four-port charger for multiple devices
  • Provides rapid charging for most smartphones
  • Resilient plastic casing for durability
  • Delivers on the manufacturers’ claims
  • Aids faster charging between meetings or commutes


  • Power gets divided among multiple ports
  • May not provide full speed for high-capacity devices
  • Price changes frequently
  • May not charge all devices at 45W simultaneously

“In conclusion, as an unbiased reviewer and user, I must say that the four-port USB car charger delivers as promised. The 45-Watt total charging capacity efficiently powers multiple devices on the go. Its build quality is impressive for a device of its kind. I really appreciate the rapid charging functionality, which far surpasses standard USB ports in many cars. For those with numerous devices or families on road trips, this charger could be a real game-changer. Therefore, it gets a firm thumbs up from me.”

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Connectivity Technology 🥇USB C & USB A 45W 4 Ports Car Charger
Connector Type USB Type C, Type A
Compatible Devices Samsung S23 Ultra/S23/S22 Ultra/S22/Samsung Z Flip4/Z Flop4/Samsung S21/S20/S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/Plus/Z Fold 3/Note 21/20/10/10+/9/8/7/Edge/S6 Edge/S8 Edge+, iPhone 15/15 Pro/15 Pro Max, iPhone14 Pro/14Pro Max/14/iPhone13/13mini/13Pro/13Pro Max/12/12mini/12Pro/12Pro Max/11/11Pro/11Pro Max, Google Pixel 6pro/6/53XL/3a/2/1/XL,Nexus 6P/5X/9, Motorola One Zoom Droid RAZR MAXX, Blackberry Nexus 5X/ 6P
Compatible Phone Models IPhone 15/15 Pro/15 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro Max/14 Pro/14 Plus/14/13/13 Pro Max/13 Pro/13 Mini, 12 Pro Max/12 Pro/12/ 12 Mini, 11/ 11 Pro Max/11 Pro, X/XR/XS/XS max, SE, 8/8 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note9/Note8/Note7/Note FE/S10/S9/S8, Samsung Galaxy A60/A51/A50/A42/A41/A40/A32/A31/A30/A21/A20/A12/A11/A9/A8/A02S, Samsung Galaxy M42/M40/M31/M30/M21/M20/M12/M11/F12/F02s/F41, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6/Tab S5e/ Tab Active Pro/Fold/Z Flip, LG G5/G6/G7/V20/V30/V40/V50/ThinQ, Moto Z /Z2/Z force/Z play/Z2 play, Google Pixel, Sony, HTC, etc.
Special Feature Fastcharging, Automatic off
Color Multicolor
Input Voltage 24 Volts (DC)
Amperage 4.5 Amps
Total USB Ports 4

The Introduction: What Does a Four-Port USB Car Charger Offer?

Welcome! You’re probably here because you’ve come across a nifty little gadget – a Four-Port USB Car Charger with a 45W max charging capacity, specifically one with three standard USB ports and one USB-C port. I got the chance to have a spin with this device and decided to share my thoughts and experiences with it.

Purpose of the USB Car Charger: A Quick Guide for the Technically Unaware

Do you often find yourself out of charge on multiple devices during your car rides? This tiny device aims to solve that problem by offering a swift and efficient charging solution. You just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter or power port, and in no time at all, you can have multiple devices charging at once. Pretty convenient, right?

Explaining the 45-Watt Max Charging Capacity

The 45 Watt max charging ability is definitely a highlight. It simply means that this charger can churn out a max of 45 watts of energy. But what does this mean to average user? Well, this high energy output equates to a faster charging capacity. For instance, most smartphones today include fast charging capability, requiring anywhere between 18 to 25 watts for optimal charging. This charger, offering 45 watts in total, can potentially charge two devices (within the given power parameters) at their maximum speed, together! Overall, a much-needed feature for those long journeys when you don’t much time to spare to keep your devices juiced up.

In essence, reviewing this Four-Port USB Car Charger was a matter of close inspection of what seemed like a simple device. However, with its potential for power delivery and significant charging convenience, it certainly managed to make an impression. Let’s delve further to understand why this might be a worthy addition to your car accessories.

Scrutiny of USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger

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In the pursuit of maintaining transparency and trustworthiness, it’s vital to lay down a few disclaimers. As an experienced reviewer of products, it’s always a duty to stick on the side of fairness and objectivity. My intent is always to provide an unbiased review that gives you an accurate picture of the product, offering real value to your decision-making process.

Reviews Aren’t Always Based on Self-Purchases

It’s important to note that products reviewed don’t always stem from personal purchases. Sometimes, they can be units sent for review by manufacturers. These ‘review units’ are sent across with the primary purpose of sharing one’s candid views about the product. The beauty of it is that these companies don’t get to see the assessment until it’s published, ensuring no undue influence on the verdict.

Pricing Might Not Be Constant

In the times we live in, changes in product prices aren’t uncommon due to numerous factors. It is quite possible for the price of a product to have changed by the time the review goes live. The aim is to give you the most accurate information at the time of writing, but it’s encouraged to check yourself for any latest updates.

Note: There’s always a link provided to check out the current price of the product.

Rest assured, these disclaimers are meant to ensure credibility in the review process and not a way to obscure the fact.

Investigation of USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger

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Weighing USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger

Detailed Review of the Four-Port USB Car Charger

  • Four-port USB car charger with solid build
  • Offers total charging capacity of 45 Watts
  • Efficient power distribution, but runs warm after extended use

On setting eyes on the charger, it appears pretty standard. With a finish that’s somewhere between dark grey and black, the device sports four ports upfront – one USB-C and three USB-A ports.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Unpacking the device, there’s nothing that sticks out as extraneously fancy or intricate. The design is rather sleek and straightforward, something I personally appreciate. Keeping it simple makes it universally appealing and easy-to-use for everyone. Besides, the primary purpose is to charge your devices efficiently, and at first glance, this powerhorse seems geared up perfectly for that.

On Closer Inspection

Coming into the specifics, the compact cylinder beautifully incorporates the four ports. The build is plastic, but it’s not flimsy. It feels solid, giving the impression that it could withstand some light, day-to-day abuse. This is importantly practical, considering how it’s likely to get knocked around a bit in a moving car.

Understanding the Specifications

The device asserts it has a charging capacity of 45 Watts in total. One might wonder what this implies? Well, if you plug in a single device into any one of the ports on the charger, that device can potentially enjoy charging speeds up to a maximum of 45 Watts. But, if you’re using more than one port at a time, the charger will split the 45 Watts across the connected devices.

Impressions on User Experience

Upon testing, I found the device’s power distribution to be judicious. The charger intelligently split the wattage amongst the connected devices, ensuring each received the requisite amount of power. When I plugged in two devices at the same time, the output was still efficient enough to rapidly charge most standard devices on the market. For instance, with 20W of charging capability, an iPhone 13 would receive more than its required current for fast charging.

Analysis and Critiques

All devices charged successfully, and there were no issues with any of the ports. They felt sturdy and showed no signs of looseness or defect. However, one slight drawback is that the device runs slightly warm after extended use. I noticed this after two hours of continuous operation. The heating wasn’t alarming enough to question the device’s safety, but certainly something worth considering if you plan to use it for longer durations.


When using this or any other car charger, it is always a good idea to unplug it when not in use. That would enhance the overall lifespan and performance of the charger.

Final Verdict

Looking beyond the slight heating issue, the charger performs splendidly for its purpose. Its compact design, efficient performance, and high-speed charging make it a promising investment for frequent car users. It certainly fulfills its promises well, and I am more than happy with its performance!

Weighing USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger

Taking Charge: The Practical Implications of Using the USB Charger

  • Total of 45 watts is divided across all charger ports.
  • Charger provides fast charging relative to standard car chargers.
  • Charging speed varies depending on device’s wattage requirements.

Charging Limitations and Split amongst Multiple Ports: A Practical Explanation

The key selling point of this charger is its total output of 45 watts. However, let’s be clear: this is not 45 watts per port. Instead, it splits this total power across all ports. Therefore, the more devices you plug in simultaneously, the lesser watts each device will actually draw. This is a common feature in multi-port chargers and it is important to keep it in mind to set the right expectations.

Comparing the Charging Speed of the USB Charger with Standard Car Chargers

To put things into perspective, let’s consider an example. Most in-built car USB ports provide a slow standard charge. So, if you are someone often in need of a quick boost to your device battery, this charger could prove to be a lifesaver. Specifically, even with two devices, each port can output approximately 27 watts. This is significantly higher than what your average car charger is likely to provide. For example, the iPhone 13 needs just 20 watts for optimal charging, so this charger can easily accommodate two such phones simultaneously with no sweat.

Worth mentioning is the impressive charging speed when used solo— a whopping 45 watts. This means if you’re alone, or if only your device needs juice, this USB charger can power up your device quite swiftly—a great feature for those short commutes or emergency scenarios.

Tackling Real-World Scenarios

However, the real test of the charger comes when catering to multiple power-hungry devices. We tested the USB charger by plugging in a spectrum of devices simultaneously, from a power-intensive Pixel 7 Pro to multiple iPhone 13s and Android phones. Even with all these gadgets pulling power concurrently, they all registered a faster than standard charging speed. So, in light of this, if your car is often a den of cable spaghetti, rest assured this compact charger can certainly handle it all!

The Need for Adaptability

Despite these highlights, it’s also crucial to understand not all devices will charge at the same speed. This is primarily because different devices have different wattage requirements and charging capacities. So, while this charger will certainly speed up the charging process compared to standard car chargers, the actual speed will vary based on the device being charged.

Summary: A Promising Power Solution

From the tests conducted and the real-use scenarios evaluated, it’s clear that this USB car charger offers substantial advantages over its in-car counterparts. However, while it does offer speedy charging and can cater to multiple devices simultaneously, power distribution across devices and the actual speed boost will depend on the connected devices. With this mind, this charger shows itself to be a reliable, high-capacity power solution for every car.

Testing USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger

Who Needs It: Focusing on the Product Utility for Different Users

  • Four-port USB charger provides multi-device charging
  • Delivers swift, efficient solo charging
  • Total wattage shared among ports when multi-charging

For the Multi-Device User

Firstly, let’s take a moment to consider folks who, like me, have an ever-growing number of devices. The need to power several gadgets simultaneously – be it tablets, smartphones, or other tech equipment – is rapidly becoming the norm. When I say ‘like me,’ I’m referring to those of you out there who might need to power a tablet for entertainment, a smartphone for communication, and perhaps even a gaming device for your child on that long road trip.

Having four ports in this USB charger provides that much-needed charging solution. It’s practical, convenient, and a real game-changer when you’re on the move and need to keep multiple devices up and running. Given the growing reliance on technology in our everyday lives, many of us will undoubtedly relate to this need. The four-port USB car charger, in this case, stands out as a remarkably versatile addition to your tech arsenal.

Solo Charging: For the Higher Wattage Demand

Now, let’s switch our focus to those who might use the charger solo, and desire a swift, efficient charge from their USB port. When used as a single charger, this product delivers a full 45 Watts, rapid charging most phones on the market far quicker than standard car USB outputs.

Imagine being caught up in a busy lifestyle, dashing between meetings with limited time to fuel your phone’s battery. Or perhaps, you’re just coming home from work, and your mobile device requires a quick power boost. In such scenarios, this product’s ability to rapidly charge your phone proves truly valuable. Its high-power output can easily match up to the demands for heavy battery users, providing a significant charging advantage.

Critical Note on Charges Splitting

Now, it’s critical to address one distinction: when multiple devices are charging simultaneously, the total 45-wattage charge is proportionately shared among the ports. This means the charging speed might differ when multiple devices are plugged in simultaneously. While this might not be a critical factor for everyone, it’s an essential aspect to understand, particularly for those looking for rapid charging on multiple devices at once.

The Final Take:

  • If you’re the kind of person always low on battery, needing a quick energizer between commitments – this tool could be your phone savior.
  • If you consistently juggle multiple devices, this multi-port USB car charger is a highly practical accessory that can keep your essential tech gadgets alive and well.

Perspective: USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger

The Final Verdict: Earns a Thumbs Up

  • USB Car Charger has sturdy plastic cover and robust build
  • Provides rapid charge even with multiple devices connected
  • Total output power is 45W, shared among plugged devices

Quality Verification: Robust Build and Smooth Performance

My experience using the USB Car Charger offered me a good understanding of its design and functionality. It’s impressively encased in a sturdy plastic cover ensuring the charger survives everyday wear and tear. Although plastic may not feel premium to some users, it undoubtedly serves its purpose right. Nothing about this charger feels loose or poorly constructed.

Charging Capability: Maximum Charge with Multiple Devices

I put the charger to test with several devices connected at once, including a new Pixel 7 Pro. The results were quite satisfying. Despite multiple gadgets drawing power simultaneously from the charger, it managed to provide a rapid charge to the Pixel 7 Pro handling several devices simultaneously. The rapid charging claim is indeed true and not a marketing gimmick.

The Shortcomings: A Balanced Review

It’s important to note that this charger’s capabilities depend on how many devices are connected. Remember it’s 45W in total, meaning if more devices are plugged in, the total wattage gets split. This might result in slower charging times if you’re planning to power multiple high-drain devices at once. It’s important potential buyers are aware of this limitation.

Wrapping It Up

With everything said, I conclude that the USB Car Charger certainly lives up to its promises and offers some genuinely useful features like rapid charging and the ability to handle multiple devices. There are minor limitations, but those do not hamper its overall functionality. It’s a well-rounded product that can be a game-changer for people who handle multiple gadgets and are frequently on roads. Based on this, my verdict is a definitely a thumbs up.

Summary: USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger

Conclusion: The Final Appeal for Channel Growth

In conclusion, I found the Four-Port USB Car Charger to be an advantageous car accessory. It is especially useful for individuals who have multiple devices that need simultaneous charging, or for those who often find themselves needing to charge their devices rapidly.

Helping the Channel Flourish

The support and feedback from viewers have always been a pivotal part of the channel’s growth. The consistent interaction and viewership notably contribute to improve the content quality, and indirectly, help the channel get noticed by the algorithm, leading to more visibility and growth.

Closing Remarks

Before wrapping the review, I would like to encourage those who found this review useful to continue viewing other content offered on the channel. There’s much more to explore with a variety of other products reviewed based on firsthand experiences. So whether you’re a gadget enthusiast, constantly on the lookout for handy electronics, or simply seeking a specific product’s review, it’s more than likely that you’ll find a video that caters to your interests.

Remember: Quality reviews should be informative, yet concise, unbiased, and adequately critical, focusing on specific examples and instructions. Therefore, continuously supporting the channel will help in maintaining these characteristics and delivering top-notch reviews to meet viewers’ needs.

Until the next review, take care and stay safe!

Should you buy the USB C Car Charger, 45W 4 Ports Super Fast Car Charger Adapter, PD3.0 & QC3.0 30W Type C Car Charger?

Buy it if…

You frequently travel or go on road trips

With a 45 Watt Max charger, it can quickly charge most phones on the market, keeping your devices energized during your travels.

You need to charge multiple devices at once

The four-port charger can simultaneously charge multiple devices, a handy feature for families or users with multiple devices.

Your car has standard slow charging USB ports

This USB charger offers a fast charging capability that most standard car USB ports lack.

Don’t buy it if…

Your car already has a fast charging USB port

This product may not provide any significant advantage if your car is already equipped with a fast-charging USB port.

You rarely charge multiple devices

If you rarely need to charge more than one device at a time, the four ports may be unnecessary.

Your devices do not support high wattage charging

If your devices are not compatible with high wattage charging, you’ll not fully exploit the capacity of this USB charger.


What is the maximum charging capacity of this USB car charger?
The maximum charging capacity of this USB car charger is 45 Watts.
What is the benefit of a high wattage charger for my car?
A high-wattage charger like this can charge devices faster compared to standard chargers installed in many cars.
How many devices can I plug into this charger at the same time?
You can plug in four devices into this charger at the same time. But remember, the total charge will be divided across all plugged-in devices.
Does each port offer 45W charging?
No, if you plug in four devices, the charger will divide the 45 Watts between them. Individually they won’t get 45W each.
Is this charger well-built?
Yes, according to the review, the charger is well-built, with a sturdy plastic case and nothing loose or poorly put together.
Can this charger rapidly charge multiple devices at the same time?
Yes. In the review, the charger was able to deliver a rapid charge to multiple devices, including a Pixel 7 Pro.
Where can I find this charger for purchase?
You can find a link to the USB car charger for purchase in the show notes or the first pinned comment below the review video.

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