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Review: UNIDEN R4 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector – Better range and false alert filtering

Explore the advanced features of the new Uniden R4 radar detector compared to the R3 model... Read more

Review of UNIDEN R4 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector

Test of UNIDEN R4 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector

4.5/5 - (348 votes)

Cena: $296.00


  • Enhanced range and performance
  • Improved false alert filtering
  • Automatic GPS Lockouts
  • Additional K block for BSM filtering
  • Additional photo radar detection
  • Decodes laser gun IDs
  • Physical design changes for cleaner install


  • Still detectable by Spectre 3
  • False alerts from certain vehicles
  • Uncomfortable button placement
  • Higher price than R3
  • Inaccessible control pad for hardwired setup

“In my honest opinion, the Uniden R4 is a well-rounded addition to the radar detector family. It exhibits a set of improvements over the R3, like better range, impressive false alert filtering, and alert display options. It isn’t without its drawbacks, such as some design choices and spectral immunity. However, given its reported enhanced capabilities and promising future additions, the R4 is a solid investment. It’s not an absolute must-have for R3 users, given its higher price point, but if budget isn’t a concern and you’re hungry for better technology and performance, the R4 is worth considering.”

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Brand Uniden
Power Source Corded Electric
Display Type OLED
Voltage 12 Volts
Product Dimensions 4.33″L x 2.72″W x 1.16″H


Hey guys, I’m incredibly excited to introduce you to a product that has quickly become a favorite of mine – the Uniden R4 Radar Detector. Having experienced the efficacy of its predecessor, the Uniden R3, which quickly stood out in the radar detector market, the expectations are undoubtedly high for the Uniden R4.

In this comprehensive review, I’d be diving deep into my personal experiences with the Uniden R4, critically evaluating its performance, design, features, and what makes it different from the R3. While my comments might be critical or full of praises, please note that they are unbiased, based solely on my usage and observations.

With the recent launch of the Uniden R4, I’ve found myself becoming a huge fan of this detector. As a user of the R3, I find that the R4 is more like the R3 but on steroids. The manufacturers have blessed it with a longer range, and better false alert filtering, alongside some never-seen-before attributes which sets it apart from any other radar detector I’ve encountered.

So, let’s buckle up as we explore the many improvements offered by the Uniden R4, especially compared to the R3. We’ll delve into the capabilities of this new detector, its efficiency, design changes, along with some anticipated future improvements.

Remember, our ultimate objective here is to provide a clear, vivid, and honest picture of the Uniden R4 radar detector; thereby enabling you to make an informed decision as to whether it’s a worth-it upgrade, or first-time investment. Let’s ride on!

Lookover of UNIDEN R4 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector

General Overview

  • Uniden R4 offers longer range detection.
  • Improved false alert filtering in R4.
  • R4 includes automatic GPS lockouts.

As a seasoned radar detector user, having the chance to test the new Uniden R4 was something I definitely looked forward to. This detector has been gaining a lot of attention, mainly because it’s touted as a ‘revitalized’ version of the legendary Uniden R3, but now with added features and advanced capabilities. So, let’s dive right in and examine the R4 from a critical lens.

First Impressions

Right out of the box, the Uniden R4 promises what seems to be an exciting journey. My initial impression found this device somewhat fresh and innovative, despite its striking similarity to the popular R3 model. Its apparent compactness is a big plus and the design definitely screams modernity.

Key Features

One thing is clear, the Uniden R4 is not simply designed as the R3 on steroids, but built to offer more to the user. They’ve managed to incorporate longer range detection, providing an edge in capturing signals from increased distances. This enhanced range piqued my interest, pushing me to test this feature extensively.

Another major overhaul landed on the device’s false alert filtering. Clearly, the R4 fares well in filtering out false alarms from collision avoidance systems far better than most radar detectors in its category. This cuts down a lot of noise and ensures that users get alerts that matter the most.

Furthermore, the Uniden R4 also offers automatic GPS lockouts, essentially learning and ignoring false alerts you encounter frequently. This feature was something I felt was missing in the R3, and seeing it in the R4 is a welcome addition.

The Uniden R4 vs The Uniden R3

It was rather interesting to compare these two detectors side by side. While they seem similar at first glance, digging deeper unearths key differences. The R4 is essentially an R3 but with significant improvements and enhancements. It’s like the manufacturers took everything great about the R3 and then added some impressive upgrades to deliver the R4.

Overall, I had an intriguing time exploring the all-new Uniden R4. It’s impressive, feature-loaded, and poised to change the game. In my subsequent sections, I’ll be delving deeper into the performance and other critical aspects of this device.

Observation of UNIDEN R4 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector

Performance and Range

  • Uniden R4 has an impressive detection range
  • Two Low Noise Amplifiers boost signal strength
  • R4 offers significantly improved performance over R3

When it comes to the performance of the Uniden R4 , few factors stand out as notably as its impressive detection range. Compared to its predecessor, the R3, the R4 seems to have raised the bar in terms of detecting radars from a greater distance.

Unleashing the Power of Uniden R4: A Closer Look at Its Enhanced Range

Diving deeper into the heart of the R4, it was found that Uniden added not just one, but two Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) to this model. These amplifiers work to boost the signal strength, granting the R4 increased sensitivity and a substantially longer detection range.

In real-life road tests, this souped-up performance was evident. Whether it was a 33.8, a 34.7, or a 35.5 highway frequency, the R4 showcased enhanced performance and solid reliability. From this, it’s safe to say that the addition of the LNAs has given the R4 a significant leg up in the field of long-distance radar detection.

Comparing the R3 and the R4: Two Radar Detectors in Action

So how does the R4 stack up against its predecessor, the R3 ? With both detectors in hand, the were tested side-by-side — a comparison that further emphasized the R4’s superior range.

Despite the R3’s legendary reputation, the side-by-side performance test clearly demonstrated how much more range the R4 has to offer. From a more technical perspective, these impressive results can be attributed to the R4’s two LNAs, a unique feature that adds extra oomph to the device’s range.

All in all, unbiased tests of the R4 gave quite a critical review in terms of performance and range. It’s clear that Uniden has not merely repackaged the R3 in a new casing but has made significant improvements to ensure the R4 outdoes its predecessor.

Expose on UNIDEN R4 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector

False Alert Filtering

  • Uniden R4 excels in false alert filtering
  • Automatic GPS lockouts enhance user convenience
  • Some false alerts persist despite improved BSM filtering

When it comes to achieving a gold standard in radar detector use, it’s the balance between sensitivity and selectivity that really matters. Being able to pick out the real threats from misfires and false alerts is what places a radar detector in the top league. With the Uniden R4, this balance is well addressed.

Automatic GPS Lockouts

The Uniden R4 introduces an impressive feature, automatic geographic lockouts. Its predecessor, the R3, would remember your false alerts, but only if you manually told it to do so. With the R4, you can wave goodbye to that outdated hassle. The R4 intuitively silences known falses over time, making your commutes more peaceful with every repetition. What used to be a stressful trail of mistaken alerts slowly becomes a breeze.

BSM Filtering

Uniden R4 takes false alert filtering up a notch with its additional K-Block options. This extends its ability to deal with Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) falses from Hondas and Acuras. But just how effective was this in real-world testing?

While the reinforced K-Band filter is a solid improvement, it is not flawless. In my two-week test drive, the R4 was remarkably more quiet than some other detectors, but there were still false alerts, albeit fewer. Jeeps, Buicks, and some Mazda CX-5s slipped through the filtering net. So, while this feature does make your drive quieter, it doesn’t eliminate all false alerts.

Assessing the False Alert Filtering

So, the overall verdict? The Uniden R4 does well, but it’s not quite the quietest kid on the block. It offers commendable value in terms of reducing false alerts and keeps the noise down effectively. Despite some false alerts persisting, the R4 does have better false alert control than the R3. So, while it may not fully deliver on their claim to be the leading K-band filter on the market, the Uniden R4 makes a solid attempt at false alert filtering.

Considering UNIDEN R4 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector

Display Mode Options

  • Uniden R4 offers two unique display mode options
  • Display Mode 2 features larger, easy-to-read text
  • Display modes enhance user experience and functionality

When it comes to using a radar detector, display clarity is crucial. And the Uniden R4, with careful thought to user requirements, offers two unique display mode options. Let’s take a closer look at what each mode brings to the table.

Display Mode 1

The first display mode option on the R4 follows a traditional layout. Here, all the relevant information, such as signal strength, band identification and frequency are displayed in smaller fonts, making it less conspicuous. While I found this mode to be detailed and comprehensive, it may not be the ideal choice for those who prefer bigger, more visible text.

Display Mode 2

The second display mode option in the Uniden R4 is perhaps my favorite. This mode features larger, easy-to-read text which significantly reduces the need to glance off the road when an alert occurs. The critical information like signal strength and band type are displayed prominently, making it a breeze to comprehend even at a quick glance.

This mode compliments the R4 well, especially considering its new angular design that gives the detector a refreshed look. An added bonus here is that this display mode setting syncs beautifully with the built-in ambient light sensor, which adjusts the screen brightness based on surrounding light conditions. A small feature, but undeniably useful in different driving situations.

Coming from the R3, I felt the change in display mode to be a notable upgrade in improving overall user experience. The ability to switch between different modes gives users the flexibility to choose based on their preference and driving conditions.

But bear in mind, just like any new feature, navigating through the different display modes might require some initial adjustment. Given some time, however, you should appreciate the added value these modes bring in enhancing your driving experience.

Verdict: A thumbs-up to the Uniden R4 for its thoughtful addition of the two different display modes. It’s an excellent example of how the simple act of displaying information can enhance not just the functionality of a product, but also the experience it offers its users.

Interpretation of UNIDEN R4 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector

Specter Immunity

  • Uniden R4 is detectable by Specter 3 devices.
  • Performance contradicts claims of ‘invisible’ to Specter Elite.
  • Radar detector’s overall performance still strong despite discrepancy.

In my line of work, the topic of Specter Immunity is always a critical one. Simply put, this refers to a radar detector’s ability to stay undetected by Specter devices that are designed to locate them. The question here is: “Does the Uniden R4 pass this critical test, or is it a glaring loophole in its formidable range of features?”

Does Uniden R4 Pass the Specter Immunity Test?

Uniden R4 proudly claims on its website to be undetectable to the Specter Elite. This is a bold claim, as passing the Specter Elite immunity test takes a radar detector right to the top-tier in stealth capabilities. However, I wanted to dig deeper into this with my own findings.

While I don’t currently own a Specter Elite, I conducted a round of Specter 3 tests with the Uniden R4. Surprisingly, I found that the R4 was detectable by this device. On occasional passes, the detector appeared almost entirely stealth, but general consensus from the tests suggested that the Uniden R4 was, indeed, discernible to the Specter 3. This was not entirely what I was expecting.

A Closer Look at Radar Detector Detectors (RDDs)

I also observed that when I pulled up behind the R4 vehicle using my Specter device, it was able to determine the presence of the radar detector. This is surprising and somewhat concerning as this is a likely scenario with law enforcement.

This fact conflicts with Uniden’s claim of offering a device that is ‘invisible’ to Specter Elites. There could be varying factors at play here, including divergences in different models of Uniden’s detectors. However, based on my Specter 3 results, if complete stealth is a prime necessity for you, the Uniden R4 might not be your ultimate choice.

Wrapping Up the Specter Immunity Test

Overall, the Uniden R4’s performance in the Specter immunity test was not entirely up to par with expectations, based on its advertising claims. While it’s possible that it might perform differently on a Specter Elite, the findings from the Specter 3 tests are noteworthy and can’t simply be disregarded. Therefore, if stealth is a critical factor for your driving conditions – for example, if you regularly drive in areas with Specter devices – this discrepancy might lead you to explore other options for a radar detector. However, keep in mind that the overall performance, range, and false filter capabilities of the Uniden R4 still make it a strong contender in the market.

Rundown: UNIDEN R4 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector

Laser Detection Capability

  • Uniden R4 identifies laser signals in radar detection
  • Can identify the type of laser gun detected
  • Scope for further refining laser detection capabilities

Let me dive into the most impressive feature of the Uniden R4 – the laser detection capability. A radar detector with the ability to identify laser signals, we are certainly entering a new era of detection technology.

Enhanced functionality

In my experience, the R4 doesn’t just alert you to laser; it’s innovative in the sense that it offers insight into the type of laser gun behind the detection. This is a novel functionality I’ve never seen in any radar detector before. You’ll get notified not just of a laser alert, but also the origin of the said laser, either the brand or in certain cases, even the model of the gun.

Laser Detection Performance

While evaluating the laser detection capability, I found the R4’s performance to be consistent. As with any radar detector, it doesn’t guarantee undisputed protection against laser. However, this added functionality spells out the type of laser you’re up against, which is a pretty impressive feature in its own right.

Room for Improvement

Although the laser detection performance was solid, I believe Uniden could still refine its capabilities further. From my observations, it doesn’t ID every laser gun out there. However, for the ones it does recognize, the ID feature works accurately and promptly. So, while there’s room for some polishing, the current status is largely efficient and works well.

To sum it up, the Uniden R4’s laser detection feature stands out brilliantly. While there are areas to enhance, the groundbreaking laser gun ID functionality offers an edge over the other detectors in the market. This attribute of the R4 truly makes it a product of advanced technology, setting a new standard for what a radar detector can do.

Physical Design

  • Uniden R4’s angular design enhances user experience
  • R4 includes improved ports and micro USB for firmware updates
  • New port added for potential laser jammers feature

Now, let’s dive into some of the physical aspects of the Uniden R4. While the performance of a radar detector is usually our main point of interest, there’s no denying that the design plays a significant role as well. And let’s face it – we all love tech gadgets that not only work well but also look sleek and feel good in the hand, right?

The Visual Aspect of Uniden R4

The Uniden R4 sports a more angular, refreshed design as compared to its predecessor, the R3. Those familiar with the R3 would quickly see that the R4 takes a departure from the former’s rounded edges, resulting in a more modern look. But the changes aren’t merely cosmetic. The larger buttons on top of the R4 make for an overall improved user experience while the buttons on the face of the detector, though they won’t win any awards for ergonomics, do the job.

Meanwhile, I’m impressed with the neat arrangement of the ports. The power cable and headphone jack both migrated to the right side of the detector – a minor design change that significantly improves cable management during installation, especially if you prefer to mount the detector near the rearview mirror.

Technical-Design Considerations

In terms of technical design considerations, there are more than a couple worth pointing out. First, you’d notice a key shift from mini USB in the R3 towards micro USB in R4 for firmware updates. While this isn’t a monumental shift, keep in mind that you’ll have to use the included cable for updating the firmware.

On another note, Uniden decided to add a new port onto the R4, specifically meant for an upcoming feature: laser jammers. While the laser jammers aren’t available yet, the fact that Uniden has the forethought to design the R4 with a dedicated port is noteworthy and something to look forward to.

Comparing the Physical Aspects of the R3 and R4

Comparatively, the R3’s buttons stick a bit above the detector’s surface, making them easier to find and press. With the R4, the buttons sit flush with the surface, which some might find a little less intuitive. This is by no means a deal-breaker, but the design choice is certainly noticeable.

While both the R3 and R4 models are well designed, the latter undeniably ups the ante with its updated design features that enhance overall functionality and user convenience. The R4 seems to hit many of the right notes for those who value a combination of performance and aesthetic design in their radar detector.

However, remember that design preferences can heavily vary from person to person, so consider what’s most important for you. Is it the enhanced physical feature congruence of the R4 or the placed and pronounced buttons of the R3 that grabs your attention? Ultimately, it’s a personal decision.

Future Additions

  • Upcoming additions include laser jammers and a wired control pad
  • Built-in Bluetooth features are in development for R4

As I navigate my journey with the Uniden R4, there’s an undeniable anticipation for what lies ahead. The radar detector industry is rapidly evolving, and the Uniden makers have definitely hinted at some impressive developments that are on the horizon. I’m particularly intrigued to see how their upcoming additions will enhance the already impressive performance of this detector. Let’s take a look at some of the promised features.

The Road Ahead: Future Additions to the Uniden R4

One of the exciting features I look forward to is the upcoming laser jammers that Uniden is developing. The radar detector has a port on the side specifically designed to accommodate these laser jammers. My assumption is that when these laser jammers become available, this will effectively create an integrated package for radar and laser detection. Other brands like Escort and K40 offer this, and it’s a welcomed addition to see Uniden take strides in this direction.

From Laser Jammers to Wired Control Pad: Promised Features Coming to the Uniden R4

Another inclusion set for future release is a wired control pad, which interestingly, is designed to duplicate all the features of the Uniden R4. I’m slightly ambivalent on this feature’s necessity and its practical use as much of the functionalities it offers are already available in the detector itself. However, I anticipate this extra controller might be useful, particularly for users who need to mount the R4 farther from their reach.

Lastly, Uniden R4 has a built-in Bluetooth feature that, albeit disabled during launch, gets me curious. As Uniden develops their specific app that interfaces with the R4, it’s thrilling to imagine the possibilities of integrating our smartphones and other devices into the radar detecting experience. The specific features the Bluetooth upgrade will offer remain undisclosed, so we’ll need to stay patient and see what unfolds.

In summary, the future additions certainly create a buzz of excitement. However, these are uncharted territories, and as I have not personally experienced these additions, I remain unbiased and critical. I’m eagerly awaiting the launch of these features and look forward to seeing how they will enhance the overall functionality and versatility of the Uniden R4.


In my journeys and testing trials, the Uniden R4 has definitely given me some promising results. Its performance, while sometimes not besting all competitors, certainly makes a strong statement in the radar detector industry. The entire experience was a study in the balance between power and convenience, long-range detection, and impressive false alert filtering.

The Highs and Lows of the Uniden R4: My Verdict

The Uniden R4 is not perfect – its control buttons, with their ‘flush with the surface’ design and the non-ideal placement, could use some improvement. There’s also a need for complete Spectre immunity. But remember, it is all about perspective. The Uniden R4 has incredible features, like laser gun ID capabilities and the longer detection range that really sets the bar high.

Owning the Uniden R4 comes with advantages like automatic GPS lockout, greater range, enhanced false alert filtering features, and all of these definitely put it at the top end of the radar detector market.

Do You Upgrade from the R3 Or Stick With What You Have?

If you already own a Uniden R3, upgrading to the R4 might seem like an obvious choice. And why not? With a striking range of improvements, the R4 stands tall. However, it’s always critical to pinpoint your exact necessities. Can the R3, a less expensive and yet powerful detector, fulfill your requirements? If yes, consider saving that extra cash.

In the final analysis of the Uniden R4, it’s crucial to take into account what you get for the price point. At a $150 greater cost than the R3, you are receiving some substantial enhancements and future-ready aspects.

In conclusion, whether it’s the R3’s price advantage or the R4’s enhanced features that catch your eye, there’s no denying that both detectors bring a lot of power and flexibility to the table. The R4, especially, holds promise for future enhancements and upgrades, a factor worth considering.

Ongoing Developments

We should also keep an eye on the horizon. With the upcoming software upgrade, Bluetooth compatibility, wired control pad, and anticipated laser jammers, the R4’s overall offering, in theory, seems promising. In the world of radar detectors, continual innovation and improvement is the name of the game, and Uniden clearly intends to stay ahead of the curve.

After all, the best radar detector is the one that meets your needs most effectively. It’s a matter of individual usage, requirements, and budget.

Should you buy the UNIDEN R4 Extreme Long-Range Laser/Radar Detector?

Buy it if…

You Want Enhanced Performance

The Uniden R4 comes with improved range and low noise amplifiers, providing better sensitivity and detection.

You’re Looking for Superior False Alert Filtering

The R4 has added features for more robust GPS auto lockouts and K-block options, helping reduce false alerts.

You Appreciate Innovative Features

Apart from fundamental functionalities, R4 offers distinct features like decoding laser gun IDs and an automatic ambient light sensor.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a Strict Budget

The Uniden R4, being a significant upgrade from the R3, comes at a higher cost. If the budget is a concern, you may want to stick with the R3.

You Desire Specter Immunity

If stealth from radar detector detectors is a priority, Uniden R4 might not be the best choice as it’s detectable by Spectre 3.

You require a Bluetooth Integration Immediately

Bluetooth is built into Uniden R4, but it’s disabled at the launch, and the app for interfacing is also under development. If you require instant Bluetooth integration, you may need to consider alternative options for the time being.


How does the Uniden R4 compare to the R3?
The Uniden R4 is an upgraded version of the R3. It has a longer range, better false alert filtering, automatic GPS lockouts, speed-based sensitivity adjustments, additional K-block for false alert filtering, and added photo radar detection.
Does the Uniden R4 have better range than the R3?
Yes, the Uniden R4 has an enhanced range compared to the R3, giving users a longer detection range.
Does the Uniden R4 offer automatic GPS lockouts?
Yes, unlike the Uniden R3 where you had to manually create all the lockouts, the R4 can automatically lockout false alerts.
Is the Uniden R4 stealth to spectre elite?
Uniden R4 has been marketed as undetectable by the Spectre Elite. However, in tests, it has been detectable by the Spectre 3.
Does Uniden R4 support laser detection?
Yes, not only can the Uniden R4 alert to laser, but it can also ID different laser guns.
Can the power cable and mount from Uniden R3 be reused for R4?
Yes, the power cable and mount from R3 are compatible with R4.
What are the future additions/promised features coming to Uniden R4?
Future additions promised for the Uniden R4 include compatibility with Uniden’s upcoming laser jammers and a wired control pad. It also has built-in Bluetooth for a future app.
Is the Uniden R4 cheaper than the R3?
No, the Uniden R4 is more expensive than the R3. The R3 retails for $299 while the R4 retails for $449.

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