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Review: Uniden Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio – Enjoyable initial user experience, disappointing subsequent faults

Discover the technical troubles and customer support challenges following an Amazon purchase of the Atlantis 155... Read more

Review of Uniden Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio

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Test of Uniden Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio

4.3/5 - (1192 votes)

Cena: $50.20


  • Device worked on first use
  • Easy charging and setup


  • Device failed on second use
  • Amazon’s return policy limitations
  • Unhelpful diagnostics from Amazon
  • Unresponsive toll-free Uniden customer support
  • Uniden’s disappointing chat-to-email feature
  • Long response time from Uniden support
  • Complex customer support journey

“Ultimately, as an experienced user, I found the initial experience with the Atlantis 155 enjoyable. However, the subsequent device faults and the disappointing customer support from both Amazon and Uniden leaves much to be desired. I hoped for a swift resolution to my issues, but was met with systemic inefficiencies and unnecessary delays. While I wait for a response after the holiday, I question the value proposition of buying from Amazon again and suggest potential buyers to consider purchasing directly, hoping, at least, to bypass the surplus layer of customer service issues.”

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Brand Uniden
Color Atlantis 155
Number of Channels 16
Special Feature Waterproof
Age Range (Description) Adult
Tuner Technology VHF
Water Resistance Level Waterproof
Product Dimensions 1.44″D x 2.5″W x 5.38″H
Number of Batteries 1 AA batteries required. (included)
Included Components Radio, charging cable

Introduction: My Experience with Atlantis 155

It all began with a sense of excitement and anticipation. After careful consideration, I decided on the Atlantis 155 unit, which I purchased from Amazon on May 17th. Just like how any new product brings a certain level of anticipation, the Atlantis 155 was no exception. It arrived well-packaged, hinting towards a product of quality.

Unboxing the Atlantis 155 Unit from Amazon (May 17)

I remember distinctly the unboxing process. The device was nicely packaged, protected, and presented, promising of good things to come. I loved the professional touch in the packaging, making it seem like a product worth the investment.

Early Impressions and First Use Experience: Seamless and Fully Functional

Upon first use, the device operated as expected. We put it to test on our boat trip and the Atlantis 155 performed flawlessly, living up to its advertised features. The operation was smooth, and it didn’t give us any trouble during that experience.

However, as I always say, first impressions, though important, are not always the complete picture. They are just the tip of the iceberg and the functionality of the device over time and the manufacturer’s post-sales service are the real deciding factors of whether a product can be deemed as worthy or not. While the Atlantis 155’s performance during the initial phase was encouraging, the subsequent experiences were rather frustrating, to say the least.

Note: Although this product initially showed promising results, it is crucial to evaluate its total performance over an extended period and when issues arise. My review takes into account not just the product operation, but also the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer and the ecommerce platform.

Report: Uniden Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio

The Unexpected Recharge Challenge: Second Use Ordeal

  • Unit refused to operate despite being charged
  • Frustration due to lack of clear troubleshooting instructions

Just as any boat enthusiast, within a couple of weeks of the initial use, I eagerly planned another day out on the water. I assumed the process would be as smooth as the first. Oh, how wrong I was! This thrilling anticipation abruptly turned into disbelief and frustration when the unit refused to operate despite being charged.

Attempts at Recharging: Tried and Not Tested

I’d charged it up just like the first time, but to no avail. The device relentless in its stubbornness, wouldn’t turn on. It felt quite disappointing, almost like a newly bought toy car that refuses to run despite brand new batteries.

Search for a Solution

  • First step taken was to confirm if the charger was still functioning correctly. Check – it was plugged in, and the battery bar moved upwards, indicating that it was indeed charging.
  • Next, I disconnected the device from the charger. But still, it failed to power on. This was quite puzzling and strayed from the norm of my typical gadget experiences.
  • Not one to give up, I pursued alternative solutions. It was time to test its universal claim, so I tried charging it in a different car. But alas, the result was gloomingly similar.

After several attempts, it felt like finding a solution to this was turning out to be a blues-clues quest instead of a hindered leisurely boating experience. Needless to say, the lack of clear troubleshooting instruction from either Amazon or Uniden left much to be desired.

Probing Further

Intrigue piqued, I went for another round. I reconnected it to the charger to see if it would charge, and the battery bar went up again. The deceiving battery bar, however, was not to be trusted because even with the battery bar increasing, the radio wouldn’t power on. Trust replaced by suspicion, fueled by its inability to meet basic functions; a double blow in just a few weeks.

Critical Thoughts

It’s understandable for issues to arise with products, but an overall guide or possible troubleshooting tips could be beneficial in the user guide, especially for novices. Time wasted on faulty devices is not something one looks forward to, especially when equipped with limited technical know-how.

Perspective: Uniden Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio

Handling Device Faults: Running Out of Options

  • Atlantis 155 device is unresponsive and won’t hold charge
  • Radio feature is also non-functional
  • User considers seeking customer support

In the wake of the disappointing failure of the Atlantis 155 on its second outing, I had to make some attempts to get the device back to life. While I’m not a tech guru, the device seemed simple enough, and so, the troubleshooting began.

A Deeper Look: Checking the Charger and Battery Bar

Believing I might have missed something, I tried to eliminate all possible scenarios causing the trouble. I double-checked the charger, made sure it was plugged in correctly, and even scrutinized the tiny battery bar. The indicators seemed to work – the bar increased as if the device was absorbing power – but, frustratingly, as soon as I removed Atlantis 155 from the charger, it went lifeless.

It was like charging a battery that can’t hold a charge. An absolute bummer!

Turning On the Radio: Becoming a Silent Object

Not one to give up easily, I resolved to try again, this time focusing on the radio. Past dealing with a device that wasn’t performing its primary function – maintaining charge – it was time to turn the focus to its other key feature.

  • I plugged in the Atlantis 155.
  • I observed the battery bar as it rose, indicating charging activity.
  • Without unplugging, I tried turning on the radio.

Sadly, even with the ‘charge’ still on, the radio wasn’t responsive. It appeared that the situation with my Atlantis 155 was far worse than I initially suspected. Simply put, a marine radio that’s not charged and refuses to power on isn’t fit for purpose.

At this point, it wasn’t only about a lack of charge; it was about an entirely unresponsive unit.

My troubleshooting capabilities exhausted, yet I was a far cry from a solution. More drastic measures felt necessary. This brought me to the next logical step – seeking assistance from customer support.

Expose on Uniden Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio

Customer Support Challenges: Approaching Amazon

  • Amazon’s return policy was unyielding past 30-day window
  • Needless and unproductive diagnostic tests were conducted

In an attempt to solve the problem I was encountered with, I turned to Amazon’s Customer Support Team – the e-commerce platform from where I had purchased the Atlantis 155. Here’s how my interaction with them played out.

Trying Return and Exchange: Outside 30-Day Window

You know that standard thought right? “Alright, I should just exchange this rather than battling more with it.” Well, that’s exactly what sprung to mind. I thought to myself: “Let’s utilize that free return policy they advertise!” With lots of hope, I approached Amazon’s return and exchange portal, ready to get my device replaced.

However, things didn’t quite go as expected. The finger was pointed at the date on the calendar, as my request to return the product was firmly declined because the 30-day window period had allegedly lapsed. A disappointment indeed, although there they were, just sticking to their laid out guidelines.

Engaging in Needless Diagnostics: Unrequested and Unhelpful

Hope being the last to die, I was then redirected to troubleshooting. Agreed, diagnostics could be useful, but in my case, they seemed somewhat out of place and unnecessary.

We were embarking on a myriad of tests and checks that were completely unrelated to my predicament – the radio, to start with, wasn’t switching on at all. It just felt like unproductive and frustrating hoop-jumping that led me nowhere closer to a solution. Leaving me, once again, stuck with my nonfunctional Atlantis 155.

So there you have it – my unbiased, straight-from-heart recount of my entire interaction with Amazon’s customer support. Could it have been better? Certainly. Would direct communication with Uniden have been easier? Who knows – but that’s the next chapter of this saga!

Synopsis: Uniden Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio

The Uniden Customer Support Maze: The Redirect Cycle

  • Uniden customer support system is disappointingly automated
  • Ineffective live chat feature redirects to email
  • Support lacks immediate, professional resolutions

Following my interaction with Amazon, I decided it was time to contact the manufacturer, Uniden. I felt hopeful that they would provide a solution to the issue I’ve encountered – after all, who knows their product better than they do?

The Seemingly Helpful Uniden Website

Upon arriving on the Uniden website, I got my first impression that it might be a haven for solutions. They had a designated customer support section, which initially seemed promising. I found a toll-free number and attempted to call.

The Unanswered Call

I dialed the toll-free number, eager to explain my ordeal and hopeful for a solution. But to my disappointment, no one answered the call. Instead, I was greeted with an automated voice recording. This lack of human interaction significantly diminished the quality of my customer support experience.

Finding the Chat Feature That Led Me Astray

Next, I found another possible solution: the chat feature. I thought, “Great! Real-time interaction and problem-solving!” Unfortunately, my expectations were short-lived. Clicking on the chat feature surprisingly led me to an email client, not a real-time communication feature as I had anticipated.

The Email Ordeal

Every link I clicked on the customer support page seemed to lead me back to the same outcome: the email client. This was increasingly frustrating as I felt cornered by limited options for customer support. My only option was to send an email and hope for a prompt response.

Reflections on Uniden’s Customer Support

It’s a bit disheartening that my entire encounter with customer support ended up with me having to send out an email, just before a public holiday. The lack of immediate professional help was nothing short of disappointing. Uniden’s customer support setup disappointingly became a series of redirect tools, which, in the end, provided little help in resolving my concern. This encounter is a stark reminder that while a company may have numerous channels for customer interaction, what truly matters is the availability of accessible, prompt, and effective resolutions to customer issues.

Doubts about Amazon’s Value Proposition

  • Amazon’s customer support disappointing during product failure
  • Amazon’s value proposition questioned due to lack of post-purchase support

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. You see, I’ve always perceived Amazon as an efficient and dependable store, promising a hassle-free buying journey, and believe me, my view wasn’t formed in a vacuum. Their reputation, marketing claims, and previous personal experiences had played a part in maintaining that belief. But judging from this recent episode with the Atlantis 155 unit, that view seems to be cracking somewhat.

Pondering Amazon’s Customer Support: Deficient in My Experience

When a product fails to deliver as expected, the logical and instinctive step is to approach customer support. It is precisely in such a scenario, where a product lets you down, how customer support handles the arising issues that makes all the difference. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case here.

When looking for a solution, Amazon’s support system left me feeling more lost than assisted. I endured an unnecessary runaround, engulfed in performing countless diagnostics which yielded no result or clues to my unit’s malfunctioning status. The return and exchange process was denied, citing expiry of the 30-day window. Essentially, I was left with a non-functional product and no feasible solution from their end.

A Nudge Towards Direct Buying: Bypassing Amazon’s Multi-Layered Nonsense

Experiencing this episode made me reflect deeply on the value proposition of Amazon. The seamless buying and delivery processes they so proudly advertise were nowhere near helpful when it came down to problem-solving with a faulty product. It left me torn between the convenience of doorstep delivery and long-winded, unsuccessful troubleshooting.

The eye-opening issues I faced led me to conclude that perhaps buying directly from the producer, in this case, Uniden, could have spared me the frustrating lack of assistance from Amazon. I couldn’t help but question whether the added ‘convenience’ tier in the buying process is worth it if it doesn’t extend towards post-purchase support.

Of course, this isn’t a sweeping judgment of Amazon’s every support scenario, but this experience has undoubtedly added an element of doubt about their value proposition.

Awaiting July 5: Hoping for Resolution from Uniden Support

As I found myself in a tricky situation with the Atlantis 155 unit, staring at an inactive radio and an insipid customer support system, there wasn’t much left to do but wait. Preparing for the upcoming long weekend, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was I was truly banking on – a working radio or customer service resolution?

Anticipating a Response Post-Holiday Break

After ploughing through Amazon’s convoluted return policy and Uniden’s comparatively unresponsive customer support, I was left with a lingering sense of worry. Given that it was the eve of a national holiday, the chances of a swift response seemed slim. However, I optimistically sent my email to Uniden nonetheless. With every passing moment, the growing anticipation became rather palpable. The quiet radio resting beside me, coupled with my radio silence from Uniden was quite the ironic pair.

Hoping Against Hope

Despite the unfavorable circumstances, a part of me still felt hopeful about hearing back from Uniden. Though their

initial engagement

through the chat was less than satisfactory, the need for a solution left me positively anticipating their response. Here’s marking July 5, a date that will either bring a sigh of relief or a surge of disappointment.


While we should be reflecting on independence over the Fourth of July holiday, I teeter on the edge, forced to reflect on the Atlantis 155’s dire situation. This whole episode prompts me to question a purchase system that often feels strong-armed and impersonal.

Parting Thoughts

As we inch closer to July 5, I can’t shake off a feeling of unease, flitting between the anticipation for a redemption from Uniden and the pressing need for a reliable device. As customers, we expect at least a margin of error. However, between the radio’s faults and my current predicament, that line seems to have been crossed quite emphatically. Till then, my Atlantis 155 rests in standby, awaiting action – both mechanically and support-wise.

Should you buy the Uniden Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio?

Buy it if…

You value initial product performance

The Atlantis 155 worked perfectly on its first use, making it a viable choice if immediate performance is a priority.

You desire an integrated battery bar

The unit’s distinctive battery bar provides a clear indication of charging progress, ideal for those who like visual updates.

You’re comfortable with troubleshooting

If you don’t shy away from some DIY fixing, the Atlantis 155 might provide a suitable challenge as problems do arise.

Don’t buy it if…

You Prioritize Long-Term Reliability

Based on the experience shared, the Atlantis 155 may pose challenges in terms of long-term dependability.

You Depend Heavily on Responsive Customer Support

If you rely on prompt and effective customer support when issues arise, your expectations might not be met in this case.

You Appreciate Hassle-Free Returns and Exchanges

Experiences suggest that returns and exchanges, particularly beyond the 30-day window, could lead to a complicated process.


What was the initial impression of the Atlantis 155 unit?
The initial impression was good, it seemed to be working fine after the first use.
What issues were encountered with the Atlantis 155?
The main issue was with recharging the unit for a second use. Despite charging, it wouldn’t turn on.
Was any attempt made to assess potential faults?
Yes, various attempts were made such as checking the charger, trying different power sources, and experimenting with the radio.
What issues were encountered with Amazon’s customer support?
There were problems with the return and exchange process and the compulsory diagnostics were thought unnecessary.
What was the experience of engaging with Uniden’s customer support?
Uniden’s customer support was unsatisfactory. No one responded on their toll-free number and the chat support merely led to an email client.
Any doubts about Amazon’s customer support?
Yes, doubts were raised about the quality and effectiveness of Amazon’s customer support based on this experience.
Will the customer consider direct buying in the future?
The customer may consider direct buying in the future, aiming to bypass the multi-layer process experienced with Amazon.

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