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Review: Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3, Small Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Active Black – Delivers impressively loud, 360-degree sound

Engaging, precise analysis of Wonderboom 3 speaker from a tech and music lover’s perspective... Read more

Review of Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3, Small Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Active Black

Table of Contents

Test of Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3, Small Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Active Black

4.7/5 - (1671 votes)

Cena: $79.00


  • Stylish design
  • Sounds very loud
  • Good from any angle
  • 360-degree sound
  • Smooth Bluetooth pairing
  • Vocals are clear
  • Easy to use interface


  • Expensive
  • Still uses Micro USB
  • Lacks in bass
  • Shape may be off-putting

“In my honest opinion, despite the flaws, Wonderboom 3 does have its commendable attributes. It’s impressively loud, delivers 360-degree sound, and the stylish design is a definite win. However, the steep price tag and underwhelming bass performance are substantial drawbacks. If you value high volume and trendy design over bass punch and cost-effectiveness, then this speaker might be for you. Yet if you’re more into deep bass and are cost-conscious, I’d suggest exploring other options, such as the JBL Flip 6.”

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Brand Ultimate Ears
Model Name WB3
Speaker Type Speaker System
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Special Feature Bluetooth, Stereo Pairing, 360degrees Sound, Passive Radiator, Floatable, IP67, USB Charging Port

Introduction and First Impressions of the Wonderboom 3: Surprise, Surprise, It’s Not USB-C!

Upon unboxing the much anticipated Wonderboom 3, which is the latest addition to the famed Wonderboom series, the first thing I noticed was a blast from the past – the presence of a micro USB port.

Initial Out-of-the-Box Disappointment: Still Micro USB in 2022?

In an era dominated by USB-C, it was quite off-putting to find a micro USB connectivity option. This felt like a delve into history rather than the futuristic upgrade most consumers, including myself, would expect from a new model. To enthusiasts who eagerly keep up with technology trends, it can be quite a letdown to not find the updated USB-C port. From an unbiased perspective though, this shortcoming doesn’t necessarily affect the speaker’s functionality outright. However, I believe it does have a certain effect on the overall user experience and expectations of the product.

Deciphering the Unusual Shape and Checking Out the Manual

Moving on from the initial disappointment, I noticed the speaker’s quite peculiar shape. It’s a different twist compared to most conventional speakers in the market. Upon checking the easily overlooked manual, I found some useful information about the product’s functions. For users who might find the quirky design confusing, the manual serves as a handy guide. It illustrates where the major buttons and features are located.

Now, let’s just hope the sound does make up for its old-school charging option. And for the interesting design, I’m intrigued to find out if it is purely an aesthetic approach or if it also enhances the sound quality in any way.

My verdict after the initial unboxing: The anticipation was tainted slightly by the lack of USB-C. However, that’s just part of the story. There’s still much more to explore – including seeing how user-friendly the shape is, how the speaker functions, and most importantly, how impressive the sound quality is.

Rundown: Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3, Small Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Active Black

Major Buttons and Features Unveiling: You Can’t Miss These Massive Buttons!

  • Wonderboom 3 features large, distinctive, user-friendly buttons
  • Bluetooth and power buttons simplify device startup and connecting
  • Includes unique “outdoor mode” for optimized performance

Upon further examination of the Wonderboom 3’s design, I was immediately drawn to its large distinctive buttons. Let’s unwrapped what each button brings to the table.

The Interface Buttons

The design of the speaker places functionality and simple user interaction at its core. Major operations including playing, pausing, and switching songs are handled by buttons that are almost impossible to miss. This user-friendly design feature caters specifically to those who prefer a more straightforward user experience.

The Bluetooth and Power Buttons

Another significant feature on the top of the speaker is the Bluetooth button. Primarily functioning to establish a connection (pairing) between the speaker and other devices, its presence in close proximity to the power button makes turning on and getting started with the device an absolute breeze. Quite thoughtfully, the designers of the Wonderboom 3 have simplified the process of starting up and connecting.

The Outdoor Mode

Adding a unique flavor to the Wonderboom 3, the speaker also comes with an unexpected feature: the “outdoor mode”.

This mode, as its name suggests, is designed for outdoor uses. This is theoretically supposed to optimize the performance of the speaker when used outside. The ultimate test of its effectiveness, however, can only be determined when we field test it in an outdoor setting, which we’ll get to in due time.

While the Wonderboom 3’s design comprises of minimalist elements, the speaker compensates in utility. With its massive buttons ensuring a user-friendly experience and the additional outdoor mode that promises superior outdoor performance, there’s much about the feature set that sparks curiosity and excitement.

In essence, the Wonderboom 3 is made with an eye for function and experiential simplicity, setting it apart in the crowded market of portable Bluetooth speakers.

Critique of Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3, Small Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Active Black

Pairing Performance: How Smooth is the Connection?

  • Wonderboom 3 has smooth, user-friendly pairing
  • Immediately ready for pairing on switch-on
  • Seamless connection process with MP3 player

In the world of wireless devices, ease of pairing is a major consideration. Here we’ll critically examine how the Wonderboom 3 fares with this crucial aspect.

Initial On-Switch Experience: How Ready Is It for Pairing?

Upon switching on the Wonderboom 3 for the first time, the device appears to be immediately ready for pairing, illustrated by a clear and steady signal. The initial impression is reassuring; however, don’t get too comfortable. Remember, a lot can go wrong in pairing, so let’s dive deeper.

Connecting It to the MP3 Player: A Seamless Bluetooth Pairing

To put it through its paces, it was paired with an MP3 player. This stage can often be a stumbling block with many Bluetooth speakers, with endless ‘find-me’ and ‘connect-me’ loops that can drive any sane person bonkers. The Wonderboom 3 stands out in this aspect.

The process was startlingly simple; even a technophobe could achieve pairing with little effort. The Wonderboom 3 device appeared on the MP3 player rather promptly. A simple click, and voila, it’s connected! No wrestling with the Bluetooth settings, no tiresome troubleshooting.

Bottom Line:

When it comes to pairing performance, the Wonderboom 3 is commendably straightforward and user-friendly. Its reliability is evident from the immediate readiness for pairing upon switch-on and its seamless connection process.

However, it’s important to note that this review is based on a single gadget – an MP3 player. Different gadgets, operating systems or Bluetooth versions could result in a different pairing experience.

It might not be candy, but it was certainly a sweet experience.

Probe of Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3, Small Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Active Black

Audio Quality Tests: How Impressive is the Sound?

  • Significant improvement in Wonderboom 3’s sound power
  • Reached high sound levels without distortion
  • 360-degree sound dispersal creates immersive experience

Now that I had the Wonderboom 3 connected to my MP3 player, it was time to dive into the much-anticipated part – the actual audio quality test. It was time to figure out whether the speaker sounded more powerful than its predecessors or not.

First Audio Impressions

The initial sound test was a natural step in the process. I decided to have our first audio interaction be at full volume. My first reaction? Wow! The speaker lived up to its hype. The large, booming sound reverberated around the room, shaking up the silence with its audacious presence. There was a noticeable improvement in sound power compared to the previous generations.

Volume Tests

Interested to see the limits of the Wonderboom 3, I thought, why not push it to its maximum capabilities? So I ran a series of volume tests. First was an actual song to check how loud the decibels can get. Then, I played pink noise to check the sheer loudness sans the beat. The speaker surpassed my expectations by reaching higher sound levels without causing distortion or inconvenience.

360-Degree Sound Experiment

The Wonderboom 3 promises a novel feature – 360-degree sound dispersal. But was it just a marketing claim or did it tangibly affect the listening experience?

Interestingly, the music reverberated evenly across the room, bouncing off the walls, and giving an illusion of amplification. It could be due to the indoor enclosed settings that seemed to add to the loudness. But nonetheless, the spatial audio effect created a more immersive listening experience that was hard to ignore.

Overall, the Wonderboom 3 checked some significant boxes in the audio quality test. While its improved power and expansive sound are notable, the speaker’s true prowess would become apparent as we venture into different genre tests.

Stay tuned for the next section where we measure the versatility of this bold Bluetooth speaker.

Weighing Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3, Small Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Active Black

Testing Different Genres: How Versatile is the Wonderboom 3?

  • Wonderboom 3 underperforms in bass tests
  • Accurately reproduces vocals
  • Delivers good versatility across genres

Let’s put the Wonderboom 3’s versatility to the test. We’ll toss a variety of genres at it and see how it performs, with a special focus on bass and vocals. Remember, a good speaker should be able to handle it all smoothly!

Bass Test: For the Bass Lovers, Does this Speaker Satisfy?

My bass lovers out there will know that there’s nothing like the feel of a deep, resounding bass to really get your heart pumping along with the music. So, I decided to play some thick bass music to see how this little enclosure handles it.

Verdict? Honestly, the bass performance was not as in-depth as expected – slightly underwhelming, actually. The low-end delivery was mediocre, eliciting more of a hollow thud than the resonant boom you’d hope for in a speaker. For a speaker at this price range, I’d definitely expect a bit more punch in the bass department.

Vocals Test: How Well Does It Handle Vocals In Music?

Post the bass-test, I switched gears to test vocals. I played music with lots of intricate and nuanced vocal work, hoping to see how accurately the Wonderboom 3 can reproduce them.

Verdict? The speaker won some brownie points here! The vocals came through very clear. Every pitch and modulation was reproduced accurately, making it great for the avid song lyricists among us. So if you’re planning for a karaoke night, this speaker’s got you covered!

Genre Variety Tests: Dance, Classical and More

I decided to up the ante and played a mix of dance tracks and some classical pieces to measure the versatility of the Wonderboom 3.

Verdict? It handled these styles rather well – the dance tracks emitted a lively, energetic vibe, while the classical tunes delivered a rich and melodious sound. However, without stellar bass support, some songs might feel like they lack a bit in vitality.

In the end, the Wonderboom 3 proved to be quite versatile across various genres with a couple of caveats – a knock to bass enthusiasts, but a pat on the back for vocal clarity. Stay tuned for the next segment!

Scrutiny of Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3, Small Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Active Black

Teardown of the Speaker: Let’s Get a Little Curious!

  • Teardown reveals speaker’s internal construction
  • Speakers have side-positioned drivers, enhances 360-degree sound
  • Difficult to locate exact driver placement

Now, let’s get down to some serious business – a teardown of the Wonderboom 3 speaker. For the sake of being thorough in this review, it’s important to see where the magic happens, right? So, prepare yourself for a DIY disassembly session!

Procedure of Removing the Top and the Cover: A Simple DIY Teardown

As someone who likes to tinker and get to the heart of the matter, the teardown was an opportunity I was eager to take! I started by locating some gaps in the speaker exterior. Feeling around the speaker’s surface, I encountered a few spots that seemed just right to gently pop the cover off. Using a thin tool, I carefully worked around the edge and unleashed a satisfying ‘tick’ sound from the four clips that were holding the top in place.

Quick tip: If you’re following this endeavor, remember that patience is a virtue here. It’s about slow and steady pressure, not a swift forceful action. Rushing things might end up causing unwanted damage to the exterior.

Investigating the Driver Placement: The Mystery of the Hidden Drivers!

After popping off the top, removing the fabric was a breeze. It just eased off, revealing two side-positioned drivers and a pair of passive radiators. This arrangement has me thinking that perhaps this speaker’s impressive 360-degree sound output was due to this clever positioning.

As the sound test played on, these tiny sound machines worked passionately and their motion was nothing short of mesmerizing. They pumped vigorously to deliver the audio output, justifying their pivotal role in the speaker’s performance.

Here’s the intriguing mystery – even when stripped down, identifying the exact location of the drivers can be a little tricky. This probably adds to the Wonderboom 3’s charm and contributes to the apparent diffusion of sound from all around the speaker. The design cleverly obscures where the sound is specifically coming from, adding to the overall immersive listening experience.

In conclusion, the teardown was a fruitful journey that shed light on the Wonderboom 3’s internal workings. It was fascinating to see the beautifully encapsulated world of sounds inside this portable speaker!

Remarks on Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3, Small Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Active Black

Final Verdict: Is it Worth Your Money?

My Overall Experience

I was pleasantly surprised by how the Wonderboom 3 sounded. It managed to fill the room with sound that was both clear and loud. The 360-degree sound feature left me impressed, as the sound bounced off the surrounding walls, amplifying the overall effects. This unique characteristic makes the Wonderboom 3 particularly adaptable to various environments.

Getting the Goodie Points

When it comes to the speaker’s design aspect, The Wonderboom 3 gets brownie points for its compact yet stylish looks. For someone who loves a gadget that manages to blend high functionality with finesse, it was certainly a treat.

The Drawbacks

  • The significant drawback is undoubtedly the price tag. For the features and functionality it offers, the retail price of 89 pounds seemed a stretch, considering there are brands in the market offering similarly spec’d speakers at a lower range.
  • The other aspect that did not meet my expectations was the lack of bass. While the strength in audio was notable, it is essential to mention that the lack of an impactful bass effect might leave audiophiles wanting for more.

Would I Recommend the Wonderboom 3?

So, to answer the million-dollar question: Would I recommend the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3? Yes, I would, but with some reservations! If you are a fan of loud and clear music, coupled with a taste for refined design, this speaker is an excellent choice. However, if you seek a profound bass experience within a modest budget, you may want to consider alternatives. For my preference, the JBL Flip 6 sounds like a more balanced option.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the Wonderboom 3 is a great gadget, but not a perfect one. It incorporates several commendable traits with room for improvement. The substantial cost might be a deal-breaker for some, as there are comparable, or even better options available in a similar, or even lower price range.

Should you buy the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3, Small Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Active Black?

Buy it if…

You Appreciate Loud and Clear Audio

The Wonderboom 3 delivers very loud audio, and voice clarity that is perfect for dance and classical music.

You’re Seeking 360-Degree Sound

The speaker offers 360-degree sound projection, ensuring a balanced audio experience from any angle.

You Value Style and Aesthetics in Your Devices

The speaker boasts a distinct and stylish design that can blend seamlessly with any modern decor.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Very Particular About Bass

The speaker has been noted to lack bass, so if you’re a fan of bass-heavy music, this might not be the speaker for you.

You’re on a Tight Budget

Priced at £89, the Wonderboom 3 might be expensive for some people seeking for budget-friendly options.

You Prefer USB-C Charging Ports

If you’re hoping for a device with a USB-C charging port, you might be disappointed as the Wonderboom 3 still uses a micro USB port.


Does the speaker feature USB-C or Micro USB?
The Wonderboom 3 speaker has a Micro USB port.
How are the buttons laid out on the speaker?
The speaker includes large, clearly labeled buttons. These consist of a Bluetooth button, power button, play button, pause button, previous song and next song. There’s also a micro USB port.
Is the Bluetooth pairing process easy with the Wonderboom 3?
According to the reviewer’s experience, the speaker pairs easily and efficiently with an MP3 player via Bluetooth.
Does the speaker perform well with different genres of music?
Based on the review, the speaker performs impressively across various genres like dance and classical but might lack a bit in terms of bass.
Can I use the Wonderboom 3 outdoors?
Yes. The speaker has an ‘Outdoor Mode’, designed for better audio performance outdoors.
How is the teardown process of the speaker?
As revealed in the review, dismantling the speaker is fairly simple with the right tools.
Is the speaker worth its current price?
In the reviewer’s opinion, the speaker is a bit overpriced, given its current sound performance.
Does the speaker provide 360-degree sound?
Yes, the design of the Wonderboom 3 allows for sound to travel all around the speaker.
Where are the drivers located in the speaker?
The drivers in the Wonderboom 3 are located sideways inside the speaker and the speaker has two passive radiators on each side.

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