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Review: TP-Link Tapo 2K Indoor Security Camera (Tapo C110) – Offers substantial value with impressive features

Unbiased review and testing of Tapo’s Home Security Wi-Fi Camera’s features and compatibility... Read more

Review of TP-Link Tapo 2K Indoor Security Camera (Tapo C110)

Table of Contents

Test of TP-Link Tapo 2K Indoor Security Camera (Tapo C110)

4.5/5 - (1764 votes)

Cena: $20.68


  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Night vision up to 30 feet
  • High resolution – up to 2K
  • Inbuilt siren and two-way audio feature
  • Affordable price point
  • Multiple recording options including cloud and micro SD card
  • Reliable and customizable notifications


  • Only available in white color
  • Inclusion of a potentially faulty micro SD card
  • Long formatting time for micro SD
  • Cannot directly access clips from micro SD
  • Delay in motion detection alerts
  • Learning curve for the mobile app

“In my professional opinion, the Tapo Home Security Wi-Fi camera offers substantial value for its affordable price point. Its wide array of features including night vision, two-way audio, and compatibility with several virtual assistants are quite impressive. Encountering difficulties with the micro SD card was a slight hiccup, but the excellent app interface and the reliable quality of both daytime and nighttime footage somewhat compensated for this flaw. Overall, I’d recommend this camera for anyone seeking comprehensive coverage in a compact, user-friendly package.”

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Recommended Uses For Product Indoor Security,Baby Monitoring,Pet Monitoring
Brand TP-Link
Model Name Tapo 2K
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Feature HD Resolution,Frame Rate,Night Vision,Local Recording,Image Sensor,Motion detection,2 Way Audio,Siren Alarm,Privacy Protection Mode

Unveiling Tapo Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

There’s something thrilling about getting a new piece of tech, isn’t there? Today, we’re getting our hands on the Tapo Home Security Wi-Fi Camera by TP-Link, a product that’s been gaining quite a bit of attention in the home security sphere. But, the question for us to tackle is – does it live up to the hype?

Opening the Box: What’s Inside?

Initial Presentation: My first impression of the Tapo camera was its compact packaging. The camera comes in a neat, secure box that immediately gives off a sense of quality and attention to detail. Inside, you’ll find the camera itself, a power adapter, mounting screws, a handy quick start guide, and a template for mounting. Everything is nicely packed, safely tucked away to ensure it reaches you in perfect working order.

Design Review: Aesthetic and Practicality

Design Check: At first glance, the camera impresses with its minimalistic design – an all-white body that’s quite petite and compact. It definitely nails the aesthetic checkmark while seeming practical enough to fit in various spaces around the home. The base rotates seamlessly, meaning you can easily adjust the angle to capture the best field of view. And let’s not forget the mounting possibilities. With the included screws, you can either put it on a table or mount it on a wall.

Having the micro SD card slot and a reset button on the side of the camera is a thoughtful touch. It brings an element of user-friendliness that most of us can definitely appreciate. Adding to this is a long power cable contributing to the device’s overall flexibility in placement.

It’s important to mention, however, that the camera currently only comes in white. A possible improvement could be introducing different color variants not only to match various interiors but also to camouflage the device if that’s your preference.

As we delve deeper into what the Tapo Home Security Wi-Fi Camera has to offer, we’ll be looking out for how its features and functionality match its appealing design. We’re off to a promising start, but stay tuned for more detailed insights and real testing results.

Perspective: TP-Link Tapo 2K Indoor Security Camera (Tapo C110)

Key Inclusions of the Tapo Wi-Fi Camera

  • Night vision allows clear viewing up to 30 feet
  • Offers high-quality recording up to 2K resolution
  • Includes a two-way audio function and built-in siren
  • Features privacy mode and motion detection

For this section of the review, I’m going to delve into some key features and offerings of the Tapo Home Security Wi-Fi Camera. It’s important that a security camera ticks certain boxes and it’s here where we decide if Tapo has done justice to the essentials.

Night Vision: See Clearly Up to 30 Feet

One critical feature of any security camera is the night vision capability and with Tapo, I was truly impressed. The ability to see clearly up to 30 feet can be a significant advantage considering how most suspicious activities are likely to take place under the cover of darkness. Whether it’s unnoticed movement in your backyard or monitoring the crib of a sleeping baby, you can rest easier knowing the camera got it covered.

Recording Quality: A Comprehensive Review

Offering a recording quality of up to 2K resolution, this three-megapixel camera does not disappoint. The clarity and detail it provides by capturing footage at this high resolution put it above many of its competitors. However, it’s worth noting that such high-quality footage can take up considerable storage space. The inclusion of a micro SD card slot that supports up to 256GB eases this worry a bit.

Two-Way Audio: A Game Changer?

The two-way audio function, in my opinion, is great. This feature opens up a realm of possibilities – whether you’re placating a fidgety pet, prompting a delivery person, or even deterring a potential intruder. More importantly, the voice clarity during my testing was satisfactory.

Introducing the Built-In Siren

The built-in siren is another key inclusion – a solid addition that undoubtedly adds value to the device. It should serve well as a deterrent to potential intruders but should be used with discretion considering its intensity and disturbance to the surroundings.

Exploring Privacy Features

Privacy is a valid concern when installing cameras in a living or workspace. Thankfully, Tapo includes a privacy mode which gives users the comfort of being in control of when the camera should and should not record. There is also the addition of motion detection and notifications, which serve to alert in case of any unexpected movement.

Overall, Tapo has surely packed this camera with an array of notable features, signifying good value for the price range.

Examination of TP-Link Tapo 2K Indoor Security Camera (Tapo C110)

Hands-On with the Mobile App

  • TP-Link Tapo app setup is straightforward and user-friendly
  • App allows device naming and placement customization
  • Offers local and cloud storage options

Once unboxing was completed, it was time to dive right into the accompanying mobile application. The primary aim was, of course, to see how straightforward the process of setting up and using this TP-Link Tapo device could be.

Getting Started with the Tapo App

In my experience, the initial setup was relatively uncomplicated. Although your experience may vary, I can fairly assure you that the process is quite intuitive. If it’s your first time, do not worry. Once the app was installed, a small icon in the corner directed me to select the specific model of the camera, in this case, the c110. These little details can make the set-up phase a lot smoother for novice users as well.

Wi-Fi Settings: From Set-Up to Connection

The app then instructed me to connect my device to the camera using my Wi-Fi settings. Once connected, the app did the rest. It’s essentially a plug-and-play process, which I found extremely user-friendly. Do keep in mind to select the strongest Wi-Fi connection available, as it might affect the camera’s overall performance.

Camera Customization: Naming and Placement

Once you’ve connected the camera to your Wi-Fi, the app permits you to name your device, a neat little feature that comes in handy if you own multiple cameras. You are also free to select the placement location of the camera. These two options help personalize and streamline the interface for ease of use.

Local Storage vs Cloud Services: What’s Better?

Subsequently, I was presented with two storage options: local (using a Micro SD card) or Tapo’s cloud services. Depending on your preference for security and access, you may opt for either. Although they offer cloud services, users can also retain control over their data by choosing local storage. However, cloud services might suit those who fear potential loss or damage to physical storage media.

In conclusion, TP-Link’s Tapo home security camera seems to be an all-inclusive solution, aiming to provide an enhanced user experience at every step. While the app certainly has its perks, its intuitiveness and user-friendliness are sure to appeal to even the most technologically challenged among us.

Comments on TP-Link Tapo 2K Indoor Security Camera (Tapo C110)

Connectivity: The Smarthome Factor

  • Camera offers a range of connectivity options
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT
  • Two-way audio feature allows active interaction

One of the standout aspects of this camera is the range of connectivity options it brings to the table. The camera’s compatibility with smart home technology opens up countless possibilities for configuring and using the camera. It’s an impressive feature that definitely caught my attention.

Compatibility Review: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT

Right off the bat, I observed that the Tapo Wi-Fi camera seamlessly integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT (If This Then That) technology. This is a definite win for individuals who have already invested in these smart platforms and are looking for devices that can easily sync with their existing setup. These features enable users to manipulate the camera settings using only their voice, offering an unprecedented level of convenience.

Using the Two-Way Audio Feature: My Experience

I decided to put the two-way audio feature to the test and found it quite useful. This feature, which allows users to both listen and speak through the camera, could be a game-changer for some. It’s easy to envision scenarios where this could come in handy – communicating with a pet at home or perhaps even deterring a potential intruder on spotting suspicious activity. However, like with any technology, I noticed a slight lag that’s expected with Wi-Fi-connected devices. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but something worth mentioning for those who are considering this camera for its two-way audio capability.

My 2 cents on Connectivity

In summary, the Tapo’s comprehensive range of connectivity features certainly raises its appeal. I found easy integration with the top smart home platforms to be its unique selling proposition. The two-way audio feature, though not perfect, is a welcome addition, especially for individuals looking to actively interact with the monitored environment.

Highlight: TP-Link Tapo 2K Indoor Security Camera (Tapo C110)

Understanding the Tapo App Interface

  • Tapo App interface is straightforward and user-friendly
  • App features multiple cameras for easy switching
  • Abundant customization options including notification settings

Before I delve into the specifics, I must admit that the interface of the Tapo App is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. It’s not cluttered with unnecessary features, making navigation a breeze even for tech newbies.

Diving into Shortcuts & Simple App Commands

On launching the app, a few prominent features caught my attention – simple app commands or “shortcuts.” These appear right in the center of the screen, making functions like ‘voice call,’ ‘playback,’ and ‘privacy mode’ readily available. I appreciated this level of user-friendly design as it saved me from the trouble of digging through menus to access these everyday features.

The Benefits of Having Multiple Cameras

Moving onto the camera management, I noticed a handy grid display for users who operate more than one camera. This seems to allow for easy switching between cameras, which should be beneficial for larger homes or offices. However, since I tested it with just one unit, I couldn’t experience this convenience firsthand.

Changing Camera Settings: A Walkthrough

Getting into the camera settings, I found a myriad of customizable options to tweak the camera’s functionality to my preference. The motion sensitivity adjustments and detection alerts stood out for offering a fine balance between security and privacy. The ability to turn these alerts on and off ensured that I wouldn’t be bombarded with notifications, while the sensitivity adjustments catered to different needs and circumstances.

Toggle Options: Customizing Your Notifications and Camera Settings

The app’s versatility extends to notification settings as well, offering options to curate when and how you receive alerts. The inclusion of custom schedules for notification delivery struck me as a thoughtful addition. It’s certainly an ideal solution for those who don’t want alerts disrupting their valuable quiet time or sleep.

The Video Quality Debate: 720p vs 1080p vs 2K

The video quality adjustment settings caught my eye next. Options for 720p, 1080p, and 2K ensure that the camera can adapt to different connectivity and storage scenarios. However, it’s worth mentioning that higher quality settings require stronger internet connectivity and greater storage space.

Autoreboot and Advanced Settings: What Can You Do?

Lastly, I appreciated the inclusion of advanced settings, particularly the auto reboot function. Having this option simplifies maintenance and ensures seamless operation. The app’s overall ease of use and abundant customization options indeed made a strong impression on me.

Investigation of TP-Link Tapo 2K Indoor Security Camera (Tapo C110)

Real Life Performance Assessment

  • Tapo Camera exhibits quality daytime and nighttime footage
  • Micro SD Card formatting issue occurred
  • Consistent and mostly accurate motion alerts

In this phase, I put the Tapo Wi-Fi camera through its paces. I was particularly keen on gauging its performance in real-world scenarios. Here are my findings:

Daytime and Nighttime Footage: A Comprehensive Look

The first thing that struck me was the quality of the footage. The 2K recording capability really does come through in the daytime. Images were crisp and clear, impressive for a camera of this price range. As for the night vision, the 30-feet range claim held up and I found that the quality held up even in pitch-black situations. Kudos to the Tapo camera for its impressive range and quality in both situations.

Dealing with the Micro SD Card Incident

Like any tech gadget, there were a few wrinkles on the road. The camera needed an unusually long time to format the MicroSD card, and it eventually failed on the first try. Fortunately, I had another MicroSD card and that seemed to work just fine. Now, this could be a one-off incident, and it might not be fair to judge the whole product based on this single event, but it’s worth noting.

Motion Alerts: How Accurate Are They Really?

  • Reliability: I found the motion alerts to be consistent and reliable for the most part. However, it did miss a few instances when the movement was subtle or quick. This could potentially be a deal breaker if you rely heavily on this feature.
  • Accuracy: I was also impressed by its accuracy. The motion detection feature was able to differentiate between slight movements like curtains swaying and substantial ones like a person entering the room.

Overall, the Tapo Home Security Wi-Fi Camera performed admirably with certain exceptions. Considering the affordable price point, it’s a strong contender in the home security camera market. Its strengths are definitely in the quality of its footage and its general reliability.

Examining TP-Link Tapo 2K Indoor Security Camera (Tapo C110)

Overall Impressions of Tapo Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

After spending a substantial amount of time testing, analysing, and reviewing, I think it’s high time I laid my verdict on the Tapo Home Security Wi-Fi Camera. Here’s the good, the bad, and everything in between.

A Look at the Camera Angle and Coverage

One of the crucial aspects I noticed was the wide-angle view of the camera. Although the camera was merely about ten feet away from the wall during testing, the coverage proved extensive, capturing far more area in the room than anticipated. This level of coverage makes the camera versatile enough to monitor wide spaces effectively, offering broad surveillance scope for homeowners.

My Final Thoughts on the Tapo Wi-Fi Camera

Honestly, the quality of the Tapo camera is quite commendable given its affordable price tag. Simplicity is at the heart of this device. The easy mobile app, ease of layout customization, and uncomplicated set-up make it a standout product, especially for those new to home security tech.

However, not all is rosy. I had a bit of a hiccup with one micro SD card which took unusually long to format, although luckily, I had another one on hand that worked fine. Also, I was not particularly pleased by the fact that the footage on the SD card was inaccessible out of the app, despite being stored as regular MP4 files. This might limit the ease of access to footage for some users.

On the brighter side, features like two-way audio, built-in siren, and privacy mode gives this camera an edge. Importantly, the motion alerts proved to be consistently accurate and reliable, significantly enhancing its performance credibility.

Recommendations and Sign-off

So, if you are hunting for a compact, reasonably priced, and decent quality security camera to watch over your home, offices, pets, or even children, the Tapo Home Security Wi-Fi Camera is certainly a contender worth considering.

Despite a few minor drawbacks, the camera provides overall good value for money, combining a simple user experience with a robust feature set to deliver an effective security solution. That said, I believe there’s always room for improvement, and I’m excited for future developments and improvements from Tapo.

Should you buy the TP-Link Tapo 2K Indoor Security Camera (Tapo C110)?

Buy it if…

You are on a tight budget

The Tapo Home Security Wi-Fi camera is affordable, providing you with 2K resolution videos, night vision, and two-way audio without breaking the bank.

You value privacy

The camera features a privacy mode along with customizable alerts and detection which allows you to control when and what it records.

You want easy installation and use

The camera is designed to be simple to install with or without wall mounting. Its mobile app is also straightforward and provides an easy-to-navigate user interface.

Don’t buy it if…

You need a camera in black

Currently, this camera model is only available in white, which may not blend in with all decor.

You want to directly access SD card recordings

Although the camera records onto an SD card, the clips can’t be viewed directly from the card. All recorded content has to be accessed via the mobile app.

You require fast SD card formatting

Certain users faced issues with unusually long micro SD card formatting times and eventual failure.


Which smart home platforms is the Tapo camera compatible with?
The Tapo camera is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT.
How far can the night vision of the Tapo camera reach?
The night vision of the Tapo camera can reach up to 30 feet.
How can I set up the Tapo camera on my mobile?
You can set up the Tapo camera on your mobile through the Tapo App. Once downloaded, follow instructions to connect to WiFi and configure camera settings.
What is the storage capacity of the micro SD card on the Tapo camera?
The Tapo camera can take a micro SD card up to 256 gigabytes.
How many megapixels is the Tapo camera?
The Tapo camera is a three-megapixel camera.
Can I customize notification settings on the Tapo camera?
Yes, you can customize the notifications settings directly from the Tapo App.
How does the two-way audio work?
The two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with people, pets, or babies within the camera’s range.
Can the camera’s footage be accessed without using the app?
In this review, it was pointed out that it didn’t seem possible to access the footage directly from the micro SD card. It is best to use the app to access the footage.
Does the Tapo camera come in any colors other than white?
In this review, only a white model was discussed. There doesn’t seem to be mention of other color options.
Is the Tapo camera suitable for use in the office?
Yes, the camera is versatile and can be used for home office monitoring as well as general home security.

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