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Review: TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds – Offers Superior Noise Cancelling and Vivid Sound Quality

Dive into our comprehensive review of the Tozo NC2s noise-cancelling earbuds’ design, comfort and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity... Read more

Review of TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Table of Contents

Test of TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

4.3/5 - (30256 votes)

Cena: $39.98


  • Similarity and comfort comparable to ‘Airpods’
  • Effective noise-cancelling feature
  • Easy touch controls
  • Light and comfortable in-ear experience
  • Impenetrable IPX6 waterproof rating
  • Quick Bluetooth 5.2 connection
  • High-quality and loud sound delivery


  • Occasional call glitches experienced
  • Sharpness in high frequencies can be irksome

“In my honest opinion, the Tozo NC2s earbuds offer value for money. They boast a fast connection, superior noise cancelling, and vivid sound quality. However, I have to warn those with sensitivity to high frequencies as the highs are quite sharp. As for me, they are my favorite Tozo earbuds thus far due to their design, fit, and overall performance. But like with all products, these earbuds might not be a universal fit for everyone, so your personal preference and needs are crucial when making a decision.”

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Brand TOZO
Model Name NC2
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth

Introduction: Rodney’s Take on Tozo NC2s Earbuds

Jumping right into this review, we’re putting the Tozo NC2s earbuds to test today. A product making waves in the market for its attractive price deal, hovering around 60 bucks on Amazon. Let’s delve into this product’s nitty-gritty and see whether it’s worth the hype it’s generating.

Unpacking and First Look

Right off the bat, the Tozo NC2s are strikingly reminiscent of the first-generation AirPods. Not identical, no, but definitely echoing similar design aesthetics. We’re diving into finer details about physical appearance here because, let’s admit it, style does play a decent part when it comes to choosing earbuds. They sport the stem and maintain the classic clean lines of a quintessential earbud look. There is, however, a sleek and subtle update in the design on the lower part, breaking from the AirPod model, which adds a distinct charm.

The ‘Airpod’ Similarity and Comfortable Fit

The stem design isn’t just about the looks, though. It’s a crucial feature when it comes to the comfort quotient for earbuds. A point where the NC2s outshines its ‘stem-less’ sibling from Tozo. After putting the NC2s on, it was instantly noticeable how lightweight they felt. As if I had nothing on. This zero weight sensation continued, ensuring they were completely unobtrusive during lengthy uses

Critic’s View

Though stylistically the NC2s borrow heavily from the AirPods, they carve out their unique persona with subtle yet significant differences. In comparison to their contemporaries, personally, these are much more comfortable, mainly owed to their lightweight and minimalistic design. However, the real test is up ahead – analysing core functionality like sound quality, noise cancelling and user interface. Let’s check it out.

Review of TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

It’s all about the Feature: Noise Cancelling

  • Tozo NC2s earbuds feature noise cancelling
  • Effective in moderately noisy environments
  • Also offer a ‘transparent mode’

One standout feature of the Tozo NC2s earbuds that grabbed my attention straight away is their noise-cancelling ability. This feature, for those of you who may be new to the world of earbuds, is designed to create a sort of sound vacuum, essentially reducing, and in some cases, entirely eliminating external noise. Now, let’s delve a little deeper to find out how effectively this feature works with these earbuds.

In-Ear Experience: How Good is the Noise Cancelling?

The moment these earbuds were popped in, I immediately noticed a stark difference in ambient noise levels. They noticeably cut out a substantial amount of background noise, making them a great companion for places where you’d like to enjoy your music without intrusions.

Please note: How well the noise-cancellation works certainly depends upon the intensity and type of noise around you. While they performed impressively in moderately noisy environments, the effectiveness of the noise-cancelling feature in extremely loud surroundings still leaves a bit to be desired.

It Has a Transparent Mode Too – What’s It All About?

Besides the noise-cancelling feature, Tozo NC2s also offer a ‘transparent mode’. It’s a feature that adds versatility to these earbuds, allowing you to switch modes based on your environment. At the tap of your left earpiece, you can activate the transparent mode – this ensures you’re not entirely cut off from your surroundings. Whether it’s catching transport announcements or having a quick chat in-between your playlist, this feature proves to be quite handy. However, seamless switching between the modes could use some improvement, it took a little getting used to at first.

Overall, the noise-cancelling feature of the Tozo NC2s is definitely a highlight and one that works well for the price tag. But, with a scope for minor improvements in certain areas, you’ll truly have a product that’s wholly impressive.

Investigation of TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

User-Friendly Controls: The Touch Mode

  • Tozo NC2s has a user-friendly, touch-controlled interface
  • Earbuds feature multiple sound modes through touch control
  • Occasional control misreads could be improved

As I began my hands-on experience with the Tozo NC2s earbuds, one of the first things that really appealed to me was their touch control feature. This ease of access is an essential aspect for any wireless devices I review. So, let’s dive into my experience and how it shaped up.

Breaking Down the Touch Essentials

One critical feature of the Tozo NC2s that I found highly user-friendly is the touch-controlled interface. The stems of the earbuds serve as the crucial touchpoints. A simple touch allows you full control over your audio experience – whether that’s pausing a song midway, skipping tracks, or adjusting volume levels.

As for functionality, I found it to be consistently smooth and responsive. I also appreciated how it felt more intuitive compared to some of the other touch-controlled devices I have tried previously. But as unbiased as this review aims to be, it’s only fair to also acknowledge the occasional misreads during the testing phase. It was not a frequent occurrence but it happened enough to be noticeable.

Switching Modes and Control at Your Fingertips

What stands out for me with Tozo’s touch control setup is the in-built flexibility it offers to switch between different modes – specifically, the Noise Cancelling and Transparent modes. This feature is activated by a single touch on the left earbud.

With the Transparent mode activated, for instance, I could hear myself clearer without having to raise my voice or remove an earbud. A second touch swiftly transitions it back to the Noise Cancelling mode. Here, I am critical about the impressive noise isolation I experienced. At any point during my use, I was in control and I must say, this felt commendably seamless.

Summing up, it’s safe to say that the touch controls on the Tozo NC2s are a practical asset. However, occasional control misreads could be an area of improvement for a truly flawless experience.

Inspection of TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Weighing the Tozo NC2s: Is Lighter Better?

  • Tozo NC2s earbuds are light and comfortable
  • Their wider start aids in noise cancellation
  • NC2s’ lightweight does not compromise fit or secure feeling

When it comes to earbuds, their weight is an important factor to look into, specifically how they feel when they’re in your ears. Let’s examine this aspect with our Tozo NC2s.

The Tozo NC2s – Light, Yet Comfortable

One of the first noticeable things when trying on these earbuds is how light they are. Upon inserting them in my ears, they were almost weightless, providing an enjoyable experience, without any discomfort. The fact that they don’t feel cumbersome really does contribute to the overall comfort, making them a great fit for prolonged wear.

They Start a Little Bit Wide

Now, let’s talk form factor. The Tozo NC2s start a little bit wide. This is usually suggestive of a larger ear tip which, despite creating a slightly bulkier look, works well with noise-canceling products. It ensures that your entire ear space is occupied by the earbuds alone and whatever sound they’re meant to produce.

Comparing with Other Tozo Models

While they are certainly lighter compared to other Tozo models, there’s an innate balance in their design that doesn’t compromise on fit, or the secure feeling that users often look for in earbuds. The addition of the stem in the design, unlike the previous models, helps significantly in keeping the earbuds in place, even during physical activities.

So, is lighter better? Based on my experience with Tozo NC2s, it seems so. They’re a perfect blend of comfort, fit, and style with no evident drawbacks due to their lightweight design. However, as with all great devices, not everything boils down to weight. There’s also sound quality, noise cancellation, and other features to tether in before making a purchasing decision.

Expose on TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

The Big ‘Aha’ – IPX6 Waterproof Rating

  • Tozo NC2s earbuds have an IPX6 Waterproof Rating
  • IPX6 allows resistance against powerful water jets
  • Suitable for workouts and outdoor conditions

Every pair of earbuds comes with its unique features, and the Tozo NC2s are no exception. But one aspect that impressed me during my usage was their IPX6 Waterproof Rating . A term I always look up when considering which earbuds would best serve my active lifestyle.

What IPX6 Really Means for Users

Before we delve any further, let’s take a moment to understand the IPX6 rating. In layman terms, a device with an IPX6 rating can withstand powerful water jets without facing any detrimental effect. So, if you decide to wear these earbuds during a heavy downpour or while sweating it out at the gym, you can do it worry-free.

The IPX6 rating promises that the Tozo NC2s are not just splash resistant but can handle more substantial contact with water, barring complete submersion. Now isn’t that a feature worth considering in any earbuds, especially for folks who like their music uninterrupted, come rain or sweat?

Workouts, Rain and Tozo NC2s: A Trio that Works

Understanding the IPX6 rating allowed me to test the Tozo NC2s in various conditions. I found them quite reliable during a regular workout, where the earbuds encountered a fair share of sweat. The music streamed uninterrupted, and there was no discomfort or unease. What’s more, I even stepped out during a light rain wearing them, and they came through unscathed. It must be noted that, despite the IPX6 rating, immersing them in water is not recommended.

As someone who enjoys his music in all sorts of weather and conditions, the IPX6 waterproof rating played a significant role in the overall Tozo NC2s experience. They lived up to the promise, proving a perfect music companion during both calm and heavy weather days.

Verdict: TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth 5.2: A Game Changer?

  • Faster connection speed with Bluetooth 5.2 technology
  • Quick pairing and minimal interruption enhances user-experience
  • Fast connectivity potentially a game-changer for certain users

At times, the features that seem smallest can actually make the biggest difference. The incredibly fast connection speed brought by Bluetooth 5.2 technology in the Tozo NC2s is one such feature. The question on everyone’s mind, however, is – can this truly be a game-changer?

Fast Connection, Winning Feature?

In an era where instant gratification rules, the speed of connection provided by the Tozo NC2s earbuds came off as surprisingly impressive. If you have experienced the lagging or slow pairing that is sometimes an issue with wireless devices, you can understand the frustration. Well, in this case, the Tozo NC2s are strikingly fast – right off the case!

Quick pairing: How quick, you ask? Upon uncapping them from their case, they pair almost instantaneously to your device. The time difference is so negligible, it almost feels like magic. Certainly, in a world where time is money, this feature does have its own allure.

Real-World Application: Does Fast Connection Matter

Although the rapid connection may seem trivial to some, it stands to reason that this can be a real game-changer in certain scenarios. Picture this – you’re at work, listening to music on your speaker and get an incoming phone call. The swift transition from speaker to earbuds will leave you in awe.

Minimal interruption: It is exactly in these scenarios that you appreciate this feature. The minimal interruption to your rhythm is priceless in a fast-paced environment or high-stress situations. Plus, the rapid connection lowers the chance of missing important calls or missing out on your favourite part of a song.

Despite the overall convenience though, it’s necessary to footnote that this feature’s real value ultimately depends on user lifestyle and preferences. However, for techies and fast-paced individuals, the lightning-fast connectivity of the Tozo earbuds makes for a compelling argument in their favor.

In summary, whilst flashy design and sound quality are important, sometimes it’s the underlying features like quick connectivity that truly make an experience stand out. Being able to connect your audio almost instantly is a luxury. The Bluetooth 5.2 in Tozo NC2s certainly does put a compelling argument forth about being a game-changer.

Review of TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Call Quality Through Tozo NC2s

  • Tozo NC2s has effective noise cancelling during calls
  • Occasional issues noted with microphone and sound cut-offs

When we say ‘call quality’, it instantly makes us think about the clarity of sound, audibility and how well one can hear the person on the other side of the call. So, how did the Tozo NC2s fare in the call quality test? Let’s dive in.

A Tale of Noise Cancelling During Calls

What struck me most about the Tozo NC2s was the way the noise cancelling feature kicked in during my calls. This was quick and effective. Each time a call was connected, I could feel the earbuds zooming in, drowning out most background sounds. That left me with a focused, clear conversation with the person on the other end of the line, which was a real treat.

Addressing the Occasional Glitches – An Honest Review

But let’s be frank, it wasn’t all hunky-dory. While the noise cancelling feature worked its charm, there were a few instances when people on the other end found it hard to hear me. They kept asking me to repeat what I’d said. After some experimentation, I realized this issue arose when I used the earbuds and it was not a network glitch as I initially thought it might be. Now, that’s a bit of disappointment.

Another problem I faced was a momentary cut-off of sound, which lasted about five seconds during my 30-minute calls. This occurred a couple of times and created a few awkward pauses during my conversations.

In conclusion , while the noise cancelling feature of the Tozo NC2s boosted my call experience, there were a few minor hiccups which cannot be ignored. I would have appreciated a smoother, more consistent call quality, considering its impressive noise cancelling capabilities that came to fore during calls.

Scrutiny of TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Putting the Earbuds to Test: Noise Cancelling Test

  • Tozo NC2s earbuds underwent noise cancelling test
  • Blocked out 85-90% of loud external noise
  • Performance suggests optimal function in noisy environments

In line with ensuring a comprehensive review of the Tozo NC2s earbuds, it’s important to subject these earbuds to a real-life noise cancellation test. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the experience.

The ‘Hyper Boom’ Test: Blocking out Loud Noise

With the Tozo NC2s fitted comfortably in my ears, it was time to crank up the volume on my Hyper Boom speaker. This particular speaker is known for its robust sound output, making it the perfect tool to put the noise cancelling feature of the Tozo earbuds to the test. The idea was to see how much of the outside noise the earbuds could block out when playing a song through the speaker at high volume.

Decoding the Test Results

Surprisingly, the Tozo NC2s blocked out an impressive 85 to 90% of the loud speaker sound. Only a slight melody from the speaker managed to seep through when the song being played on the earbuds had a quieter moment, without any vocals. This result implies that the earbuds’ noise cancelling feature is robust and effective under loud external conditions.

Note: The performance during this test suggests that these earbuds would be optimally functional in situations where noise cancellation is a priority, including public transport, places with loud ambient noise, or even a gym vis-à-vis its upbeat music.

In conclusion, while the earbuds’ noise cancelling feature is indeed laudable, it’s noteworthy to mention that every individual has unique sound preferences and noise tolerance levels. As with all products, personal experience may vary and this hands-on test serves as a general indication of the earbuds’ performance and should not be taken as an absolute measurement.

Comments on TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

The Much Awaited Sound Quality Review

  • Tozo NC2s provide impressive volume and noise-cancelling
  • Sound quality features pronounced highs, pleasing bass
  • Considered high quality, budget friendly earbuds

When it comes to audio devices, sound quality often serves as the make-or-break factor for any potential buyers. Unraveling my experiences with the Tozo NC2s, I find an interesting play of highs and lows and all the features in between.

Loud and Clear – The Hitting Melody

Anyone searching for a solid audio punch will be pleasantly pleased by Tozo NC2s. The volume packs a punch, which is one aspect where the earbuds genuinely excel. With these, you won’t be complaining about the volume being way too low. Instead, it makes way for a better noise-cancelling experience. And this comes as a delightful surprise, as many noise-cancelling earbuds tend to compromise on volume. Well done, Tozo!

The Highs and Lows – A Mixed Bag

  • The Highs: One aspect of the sound quality that caught my attention was the sharpness of the highs. You might find the s’s and high hats coming off as a bit too pronounced, which might not suit everyone’s taste. If you’re easily irked by high-frequency sound and sharp noises, this might be something to look out for. The lack of an official Tozo app for EQ settings adjustment might leave you to rely on a third-party app, which isn’t ideal.
  • The Lows: The bass on these earbuds held quite well, bringing into play a decent rumble that reverberates quite pleasingly. The ‘low frequency’ sound fans might enjoy this enveloping bass that doesn’t overshadow the overall audio.

Final Verdict on the Sound Quality

The Tozo NC2s bring forth an admirable sound experience considering their price range. They strike a good note on loudness without losing touch on sound quality. Despite the somewhat sharp highs, the overall sound experience is immersive, and the bass compliments it well. For those on the hunt for budget friendly, high quality sound earbuds with impressive volume, the Tozo NC2s might just hit the right tune.

Considering TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

The Tozo NC2s Verdict: Should You Buy It?

Alright, you’ve come this far. You’ve heard all about the Tozo NC2s, their features and performance. Now comes the crucial question – Should you buy them? Let’s break it down.

What Stands Out

What makes the Tozo NC2s stand out is their uncompromised sound quality and excellent noise cancellation. The loudness and clarity they provide, despite being a noise-cancelling product, is commendable. This is something many budget noise-cancelling earbuds often fall short in. So, in that aspect, the Tozo NC2s definitely score high.

High Frequency Sound Alert

However, they do have a penchant for high frequency, sharp sounds. So, if you’re really sensitive to such sounds, these might bug you just a little. With Tozo yet to introduce an app for EQ settings customization, overcoming this might need some tinkering with third-party apps.

Bass and Connectivity

The bass output is pleasant and not overbearing, which, coupled with noise cancellation, gives a nice, immersive listening experience. The quick Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity is like icing on the cake, providing an almost seamless user experience.

Waterproof and Comfortable

Being IPX6 rated waterproof, these earbuds are great companions for workouts or in the rain. The comfortable in-ear fit and lightweight design go a long way towards user comfort, enhancing wearing experience appreciably.

Some Caveats

Remember, though, it’s not all rosy. They do come with some caveats. The occasional signal drop during long calls did raise a few eyebrows. And, although the aesthetics are subjective, some might find the resemblance to first-gen Airpods a little too on the nose.

The Final Verdict

So, to wrap it up, the Tozo NC2s come as a delight for those seeking high performing noise-cancelling earbuds that offer good volume and sound quality, quick connectivity, and comfortable wear. If the high-frequency sound profile doesn’t bother you and you can live with the occasional call drops, these are undoubtedly worth a try. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth of features and performance.

Should you buy the TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds?

Buy it if…

You need excellent noise cancellation

These earbuds boast high-quality noise cancellation that blocks up to 85-90% of sound, which is perfect for travel, gym, or crowded places.

You like quick connectivity

Impressively quick connection to your device, great responsiveness and seamless switching between calls and music.

You’re after comfort and style

The Tozo NC2s with their stem design are lightweight and comfortable, resembling the first-generation Airpods in style, with an added benefit of waterproofing – perfect for workouts or rainy days.

Don’t buy it if…

You have sensitive ears to high frequencies

The earbuds are extremely loud, and the highs can be a bit sharp. If you’re sensitive to high-frequency sounds, you might want to think twice.

You need flawless call quality

Though the call quality is generally good, expect occasional glitches like brief sound drop-offs and having to repeat yourself.

You don’t want to fiddle with third party EQ settings

If the prevailing high frequencies cause discomfort, and you’re unwilling to adjust with a third-party EQ App (since Tozo lacks branded App), these may not be ideal for you.


Does the Tozo NC2s look like Airpods?
Yes, the reviewer mentions that they bear a strong resemblance to first-generation Airpods.
What is the noise cancelling feature in Tozo NC2s like?
The reviewer found the noise cancelling incredibly effective, praising its ability to drown out outside noise, especially during phone calls.
Do the Tozo NC2s earbuds have a transparent mode?
Yes, the Tozo NC2s has a transparent mode that can be activated with a single press on the left earbud.
Are the Tozo NC2s waterproof?
Yes, they come with an IPX6 rating, making them resistant to sweat and rain.
How is the connectivity of Tozo NC2s?
The reviewer commends the quick and efficient Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity of the earbuds, praising their swift pairing with devices.
How is the call quality on the Tozo NC2s?
The call quality is generally good, according to the review. Noise cancelling kicks in immediately when a call is made, although there can be occasional technical glitches.
How do the earbuds perform in the noise cancelling test?
The earbuds performed admirably during the noise-cancelling test, blocking about 85% to 90% of external sound.
How is the sound quality of the Tozo NC2s?
The earbuds produce loud, clear music with a nice bass. However, high-frequency sounds might be too sharp for some listeners.
Would the reviewer recommend the Tozo NC2s?
Yes, the reviewer highly recommends the Tozo NC2s, citing their impressive noise cancelling, sound quality, and value for money.

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