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Review: Tile Sticker 1-Pack, Small Bluetooth Tracker, Black – Offers extended range and IP67 rating

Explore the transformative features of Tile Sticker 2022 and its potential for securing your possessions... Read more

Review of Tile Sticker 1-Pack, Small Bluetooth Tracker, Black

Test of Tile Sticker 1-Pack, Small Bluetooth Tracker, Black

4.2/5 - (3834 votes)

Cena: $23.00


  • Easy to use
  • App offers clear tracking
  • Features reverse operation
  • Voice-first assistant compatibility
  • Reliable community-finding feature
  • Improved range from previous model


  • Bulky design compared to previous model
  • Button placement on side problematic
  • Reduced sound level
  • IP rating seemingly unnecessary
  • Actual range possibly lower than claimed

“After thorough usage and comparison of both models, I believe the Tile Sticker 2022 offers an upgraded experience despite the lower sound level and design changes. Its extended range and IP67 rating definitely score points. However, the shift in the push-button location could be a minor drawback for some, as I found it a bit inconvenient. Ultimately, the choice hinges on individual preference and the price point at which you can score these nifty little devices. You cannot go wrong with either version as both deliver on their promise of reducing the daily drama of misplaced items.”

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Brand Tile
Are Batteries Included Yes
Material Plastic
Number of Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.06 x 1.1 x 0.32 inches

Introduction: Exploring Tile Sticker 2022, A Life Savior for Forgetful Ones

Hello there! Today, we dive deep into what possibly could be your solution to those constant pats of panic when you can’t find your keys or wallet – the Tile Sticker 2022. Stick with me (pun totally intended!) and I’ll guide you through everything you need to know about this little gadget, and how it could potentially revolutionize your way of keeping track of your crucial belongings.

First Impressions: Unboxing the Tile Sticker 2022

As the latest addition to the Tile Sticker family, the 2022 model comes with a fresh and minimalistic packaging that holds the promise of a handy tool within. Peeling back the outer layer, you’re greeted with a compact, circular device, slightly bigger than its predecessor, with a noticeable button on its side. Interesting…

Overview: What Tile Stickers Are and How They Transform Our Lives

If you’re unfamiliar with Bluetooth trackers, here’s the lowdown. These nifty devices help us locate those items that have a knack for hiding right when we need them. Whether it’s your cheeky TV remote that seems to have grown legs or that water bottle that you perpetually forget at the gym, the Tile Sticker is your ticket to bidding goodbye to procrastinating hunts for misplaced things.

A little insight:
  • The Tile Sticker 2022 is not merely about finding what’s lost, but also about maintaining order and organization. It’s about minimizing stress and maximizing the efficient use of our time. Wait no more! Let’s dive right into how this baby functions. Stick around for a comprehensive blow-by-blow chronicle of my experience.

Investigation of Tile Sticker 1-Pack, Small Bluetooth Tracker, Black

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Your Tile Sticker

  • Tile Sticker secures and tracks everyday items
  • App shows misplaced item’s distance through signal strength
  • Tile Sticker aids in loss prevention and recovery

Getting a handle of the Tile Sticker proves to be quite straightforward, even for someone who isn’t very tech-savvy. Let’s explore the basic and slightly more advanced functionalities of this useful device.

Securing Your Belongings: Which Items You Can Stick a Tile On

The Tile Sticker offers immense flexibility when it comes to what you can attach it to – conditions being the items are not extremely small and have a flat surface. Run-of-the-mill items like TV remotes, water bottles, sunglasses, and cameras can easily host a Tile Sticker. So, if you’re constantly misplacing these everyday items, the Sticker is a saving grace.

Swift Recovery: Finding Your Lost Items Using the App

Once you’ve stuck your Tile onto something, its primary function is helping you locate that item if you happen to misplace it. The operation is simple: download the app, sync your Tile, and press the ‘Find’ button if you’ve misplaced an item. Honestly, it can’t get easier than this!

A noteworthy feature here is the signal strength rings within the app. As you move closer to the misplaced item, the signal rings increase, showing how strong the connection is. So, in essence, your phone not just tells you where your item is but also how far you are from it.

Sometimes Misplacing Things Is Inevitable

Naturally, sometimes, misplacing our belongings or even our phones is inevitable. Fortunately, the Tile Sticker has us covered. Loss prevention and finding what we’ve lost has never been this effortless, thanks to the Tile Sticker 2022. Regardless of how savvy or not-so-savvy you are in tech, this guide will walk you through using your Tile Sticker. It’s all about making everyday life just a tad more manageable, and that, dear reader, is worth every penny!

Check of Tile Sticker 1-Pack, Small Bluetooth Tracker, Black

Advanced Features of Tile Sticker

  • Tile Sticker compatible with voice assistants
  • Hands-off operation, works seamlessly
  • Tile community aids in finding lost items

Now, let’s delve into one of the most exciting aspects of the Tile Sticker 2022 – its advanced features. This little nifty device isn’t just a Bluetooth tracker; it’s a smart device, ready to leave you amazed with its remarkable integration abilities!

Voice-First Assistance: Alexa or Google to the Rescue

I must say, I was genuinely impressed by the effectiveness of the Tile Sticker’s compatibility with voice assistants. If you happen to misplace both your phone and tile simultaneously, a simple voice command to your Alexa or Google assistant can cause your Tile to ring, leading you right to your lost item. All you need to do is say, “Hey Alexa (or Google), ask Tile to ring my briefcase,” and just like that, your briefcase Tile will start ringing!

  • Effortless and hands-off operation
  • Works seamlessly with popular voice assistants
  • Requires setting up the voice assistant and linking your Tile account, which could be a minor setback for absolute beginners

Beyond Bluetooth Range? Tile Community to the Aid

Tile Sticker doesn’t limit its function within the Bluetooth range, and that’s phenomenal. In case you lose your Tile beyond Bluetooth range, the Tile community comes into play. Every Tile user can anonymously report the location back to you. By entering the Tile app, you can find where it was last connected in the Tile community, leading you to its location.

Potential upsides:
  • Fantastic support from the Tile community for lost items
  • Enables finding items lost far beyond your immediate vicinity
Some issues you may face:
  • Depends on the presence and activity of Tile users around the lost object’s location

All in all, these advanced features make the Tile Sticker 2022 stand out among typical Bluetooth trackers. Its smart capabilities integrate with your daily tech stack smoothly, making losing your items harder than ever before.

Verdict: Tile Sticker 1-Pack, Small Bluetooth Tracker, Black

Comparing Tile Sticker 2022 and 2020 Models

  • 2022 Tile Sticker wider, button moved to side
  • Improved IP rating, decreased sound level, increased range
  • Choice depends on design preferences, price

In this section, we’ll dive into the differences between the Tile Sticker 2022 and its predecessor, the 2020 version. By comparing design, performance, and price, I aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of both products, and what sets them apart.

Aesthetic Comparison: Design Differences and Their Impact

At first glance, the 2022 Tile Sticker appears a bit wider than its older counterpart – an adjustment to the design that some users might find more appealing according to personal preferences. The push button, previously located on the top, has been moved to the side in the latest model. As I tested the product, I found this change to be less practical – though that could just be me being used to the old model.

Performance Comparison: IP Ratings, Sound Level and Range

Further exploring the technicalities, let’s discuss the IP ratings and sound level differences between the two models.

  • IP Rating: The new model boasts an upcranked IP rating of 67, compared to the previous model’s 55. Unless you plan to go swimming with your Tile Sticker, this upgrade might not be significant for you.
  • Sound Level: Surprisingly, the older model surpasses the newer one when it comes to decibel levels. The change in speaker holes location on the new model could be the reason for this performance downgrade, affecting the sound level output.
  • Range: The much-lauded feature, an impressive claim of range up to 250 feet on the newer model compared to the 150 feet on the previous one was something I wanted to test out. When I tested the older model, I didn’t quite achieve the specified range. So, an increase in this area is definitely a plus.

Making the Choice: Selecting Based on Design and Price

In the end, the Tile Sticker that’s going to impress you will boil down to your personal preferences in design and the price you’re willing to pay. Both models perform impressively well in what they’re set out to do – help you keep track of your items. It’s up to you whether the design changes and performance tweaks in the newer model warrant the upgrade.

Estimate of Tile Sticker 1-Pack, Small Bluetooth Tracker, Black

Conclusion: Which Tile Sticker Wins the Race?

In summarizing the face-off between the 2022 and 2020 Tile Sticker models, there’s a lot to mull over. Both trackers serve the same fundamental purpose – Securing your belongings and aiding in swift recoveries.

However, differences creep up when looking at various design and performance aspects.

Design Aspects

The 2022 model is wider, and its push-button is now on the side—something I personally found unnecessary. The older version had the button nicely positioned on top, making it easily accessible. Despite these aesthetic changes, both trackers are comfortable to use and easy to attach to items.

Performance and Features

On the performance front, the 2022 model gets a better IP rating with IP67 versus the older version’s IP55. But for everyday use, the significance of this upgrade might not be that extraordinary, unless you’re tracking items frequently exposed to water.

The sound level was paradoxically higher in the 2020 model despite having an older chip design. The lower decibel levels in the newer model could pose sound detection problems in noisier environments.

However, the 2022 tile offers a substantially better Bluetooth range, up to 250 feet, compared to the previous model’s 150 feet. That’s a definite step up, and a huge benefit if you’ve got a larger home or tend to misplace things further away.

Deciding Factors: Design and Price

So, which device triumphs in this battle of Tile Stickers? Well, the choice is subjective and largely hinges on your preference for design and your budget. If you appreciate a wider device and can adjust to a side button, the Tile Sticker 2022 might be worth considering. However, if sound level is a defining factor for you, the 2020 model could be a more suitable bet.

In truth, both versions deliver a solid performance in terms of item-tracking. Ultimately, it boils down to the specifics of what you need and the price you’re willing to pay for it. Always remember to shop around and find the best deal!

Should you buy the Tile Sticker 1-Pack, Small Bluetooth Tracker, Black?

Buy it if…

You often misplace items

The Tile Sticker 2022 will let you easily find your items like TV remotes, water bottles, cameras, or sunglasses via the app.

You require extended tracking range

The new Tile model promises a better tracking range that could reach up to 250 feet.

You appreciate IoT integration

It flawlessly works with voice assistance such as Alexa or Google, making your lost-and-found process even simpler.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer a sleeker design

The 2022 model is thicker and wider compared to the previous model, affecting its aesthetic appeal.

You expect a higher sound level

The newer Tile Sticker has a lower decibel rating, making the ringing sound less audible.

You want better button placement

The location of the push button has been moved to the side in the 2022 model, which some users may find inconvenient.


What are the main functions of the Tile Sticker 2022?
The Tile Sticker 2022 helps you find misplaced items by sticking onto them. You can locate the sticker using a mobile application which makes the sticker ring. It can also function in reverse to find your phone. Moreover, it can be located using voice assistants like Alexa or Google.
What types of items can I place the Tile Sticker on?
You can place the Tile Sticker onto anything that often gets misplaced like a TV remote, water bottle, camera, or even a sunglass case.
What happens if I lose the Tile Sticker itself?
If the Tile Sticker goes beyond Bluetooth range, every Tile user out there can anonymously report the location back to you. On your Tile app, you can see where it last connected.
How do I make the Tile Sticker find my phone?
You need to double press the button on your Tile to make your phone ring.
What are the differences between the 2022 and 2020 versions of the Tile Sticker?
The Tile Sticker 2022 is wider and a bit thicker than the 2020 model. It also has a button on the side compared to the top button on 2020 model. Moreover, the IP rating has improved, although the 2022 model has lower sound level. The tracking range is longer for the 2022 model.

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