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Review: Tile Slim (2022) 1-Pack, Black (Non-Retail Packaging) – Impressive Bluetooth tracker, high-volume ring.

Explore the Tile Slim 2022, a slim Bluetooth tracker enhancing item location, usability, and upgrades from its predecessor... Read more

Review of Tile Slim (2022) 1-Pack, Black (Non-Retail Packaging)

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Test of Tile Slim (2022) 1-Pack, Black (Non-Retail Packaging)

4.5/5 - (149 votes)

Cena: $29.88


  • Compact, Slim Design Suitable For Wallets
  • User-friendly Tile App Interface
  • Reverse Tracking Feature Enabled
  • Compatible with Voice Assistants
  • Community Help For Lost Items
  • Last Connected Location Availability
  • Innovative QR Code For Quick Return


  • Non-replaceable Battery
  • Battery Warranty Only For One Year
  • Smart Alert Notifications Requires Premium Service
  • Additional Charges For Premium Features
  • Three-year Lifespan With One-year Warranty

“After using the Tile Slim 2022 consistently for some time now, I must admit that it’s an impressive Bluetooth tracker. The slim design, high-volume ring, and utility of the Tile App make it a handy tool. The non-replaceable battery is a concern, but given its longevity, it’s a minor inconvenience in an otherwise feature-packed device. While the premium service’s extra cost is a bit disheartening, the device provides essential services without it. All in all, it does the job effectively and has certainly made finding misplaced items around my house a tad bit easier. So, personally, I give the Tile Slim 2022 a big two thumbs up.”

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Brand Tile
Are Batteries Included No
Compatible Devices phone,phone-
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Control Method App


Welcome to my comprehensive and unbiased review of the Tile Slim 2022, the Bluetooth tracker that’s creating quite a buzz in the consumer tech realm.

Unboxing my latest purchase: Tiles Bluetooth Tracker

Unboxing this little marvel, the Tile Slim 2022 is quite an experience. For those unfamiliar with such gadgets, this device is specifically designed to rescue users from frustrating and time-consuming searches for misplaced items.

Note: This nifty gadget is the newest in a line of similar devices from the reputable brand, Tile. It promises improvements in design and efficiency over its predecessor, the Tile Slim 2020.

A fundamental aspect of the unboxing was the immediate striking difference between this tracker’s look and others in the market. Its slim, sleek design suggests a highly portable device that can fit into small spaces like wallets and luggage tags. While this already seems promising, it’s essential to be critical and question if this device delivers what it promises.

As we delve deeper into this review, we’ll critically examine the features, performance, and overall value of the Tile Slim 2022. This will entail a detailed look at its functionality, usability, and whether it lives up to its claims.

So, let’s begin this journey of discovery, shall we?

Probe of Tile Slim (2022) 1-Pack, Black (Non-Retail Packaging)

The Basics

  • Tile Bluetooth trackers locate misplaced items
  • ‘Tile App’ indicates proximity to lost items
  • Reverse tracking feature locates lost smartphones

Understanding Tile Bluetooth Trackers

For the uninitiated, Tile Bluetooth trackers are cleverly-designed compact devices that sync with your smartphone to help you keep a track of your commonly misplaced items. Serving as a beacon of sorts, these tracker tiles tag your items and relay their location back to you via an app. Incredibly simple yet satisfyingly efficient, these trackers can be a life-saver on a busy morning or when running late.

The Magic of Tiles: How to Find Misplaced Items

The main service provided by these handy tiles is the seamless tracking capability. The magic starts when you misplace something important, like your wallet. I found it fascinating that whenever my wallet decided to hide itself in the morning commotion, all I needed to do was launch the Tile App and tap ‘Find’. And within seconds, the Tile affixed on my ‘lost’ wallet would start ringing. Now, take a moment to appreciate that. In what would typically turn into a stressful find-the-wallet episode, the Tile Slim tracker simply chimes a melodious reminder of its location.

Adding to its usability, the Tile App smartly uses a ring-based signal strength visual. The more the rings visible in the app, the stronger the signal, indicating you’re closer to the misplaced item. Sort of like a game of Hot & Cold, where warmer means you’re closer to the ‘hidden’ object.

In my experiences, it made the whole experience a bit less frantic and slightly more fun. Spotting those rings multiply on the app as I got closer to my wallet was oddly satisfying.

But that’s only one way the Tile Slim helps you find your ‘misplaced’ items. As I quickly found out, the Tile isn’t just a smart addition to your wallet; it’s equally adept at saving your smartphone from playing hide-and-seek.

Understanding Reverse Tracking

Reverse Tracking is an ingenious feature that lives up to Tile’s promise of making everyday life simpler. If you misplace your phone, all you need to do is double-press your Tile. The lost phone will start ringing, even if it’s on silent or vibrate mode. A feature that, I’m sure, many will be thankful for!

Overall, the basics of Tile Slim lie in its simplicity of design and execution. These little agents of tranquility, efficiently keep tabs on your valued possessions, saving you from minor daily panics. But these tiny devices aren’t just about the basics; there’s more under the hood, and we’ll unveil that next.

Considering Tile Slim (2022) 1-Pack, Black (Non-Retail Packaging)

The Features

  • Tile Bluetooth Tracker is thin and compact
  • Features proximity and reverse tracking

I recently purchased the new and improved Tile Slim 2022. The second I got my hands on it, I was able to tell that this Tile Bluetooth Tracker came packed with features designed carefully for people like me, often misplacing their items.

Slim and Compact Design

If you’re tired of losing your wallet in the haystack of your everyday life, here’s some good news. The Tile Slim 2022 stands true to its name – being very thin . Initially, I wondered if it’d be too delicate, but its construction quickly cleared my doubts. This thin, compact design is perfectly engineered, fitting seamlessly into wallets, luggage tags, laptops, and tablets, without adding any unnecessary bulk.

Tile App Exploration

Once the initial excitement of the slim design subsided, I dived right into the Tile App. Easy to navigate, the app comes with a ‘find’ button. Misplaced your wallet? Just hit the find button and wait a second or two. And voila! The Tile Slim starts ringing, making it easy to find your misplaced wallet.

Proximity Tracking

One of the features that caught my attention was the proximity tracking . The app displays rings depending on the strength of the signal, hence, the closer you get to the misplaced item, the more rings you see. It felt like I was playing a game – walking in one direction, seeing the rings increase, knowing I was headed the right way. This small but impactful feature certainly adds to the convenience of the product.

Reverse Tracking

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I discovered the reverse tracking feature. Misplaced your phone? Simply, double press on your Tile, and your phone starts ringing, even if it’s on vibrate. This feature turned out to be a major value-add, considering how often our phones manage to hide in plain sight.

The Tile Slim 2022 comes power-packed with features that blew my initial expectations out of the water. Despite my initial skepticism because of the slim design, the product managed not just to meet but exceed my expectations with its robust build and feature-loaded app.

Expose on Tile Slim (2022) 1-Pack, Black (Non-Retail Packaging)

Voice Assistants and Tiles

  • Tile Slim 2022 compatible with voice assistants
  • Voice commands locate misplaced items
  • Reliance on Wi-Fi may be a limitation

As a tech enthusiast, one of the features I was intrigued to explore with the Tile Slim 2022 was its compatibility with voice-first assistants. Leveraging the power of AI in our everyday activities is not a new prospect, but having it integrated into something as simple as finding your lost items is definitively cool. Let’s dive into how practical and effective this integration actually is.

Using Alexa & Google to Find Your Items

It’s interesting how Tile has made efforts to stay ahead and true to current tech advancements. Alexa and Google Assistant have been integrated to Tile devices in a way that you could prompt these voice assistants to find your misplaced items. A simple command like “Alexa, ask Tile to ring my wallet” is all it takes to locate the sneaky wallet. I find this feature handy, especially when I am busy with chores and can’t spare time to search for my wallet.

Voice-First Assistants: A Game Changer for Tile?

On one hand, the ability to use voice-first assistants with Tile is a brilliant idea. It elevates the convenience factor by a significant notch. On the other hand, though, the dependence on Wi-Fi for these assistants to work might pose a limitation. For instance, if your internet is down for some reason, the integration becomes redundant. Also, compared to the traditional tactile response of pressing a button on the app, the time taken for a voice response does seem slightly longer.

Despite these concerns, the feature could potentially be a game-changer for Tile. It moves the device a step further in becoming a part of the interconnected web of daily devices. It may not be a sell-out feature for everyone, given its reliance on external variables, but for the connected user, it is an added layer of simplicity and finesse to the application of the product.


As always, there’s room for improvement. Perhaps a faster response time would make this feature even more stellar. Also, widening the scope of voice assistants compatibility would certainly be appreciated by users worldwide.

Expose on Tile Slim (2022) 1-Pack, Black (Non-Retail Packaging)

Extended Features

  • Tile Slim has extended features for tracking
  • Tile’s community aids in locating items beyond Bluetooth range
  • The “Last Connected Location” helps narrow down lost items

Stepping beyond the basic functions, Tile Slim offers some extended features that add even more to its usefulness as a tracker device. Let’s dig into these.

Beyond Bluetooth Range: How Community Helps

With most Bluetooth trackers, when your item goes outside the Bluetooth range, it’s nearly impossible to find. But, the Tile Slim 2022 eliminates this worry. If you happen to lose your tile beyond the Bluetooth range, you can still find it. How? By taking advantage of the Tile community!

Every Tile user out there will be able to anonymously report your Tile’s location back to you. It’s like having an army of good samaritans helping you find your lost item. Sounds promising, but one must bear in mind not everyone is equally active or even has the Tile app installed on their phone. Thus, the effectiveness of this feature may depend on where you live or where you lost your item.

Last Connected Location: A Pin on the Map

Another helpful feature of Tile Slim 2022 is the “Last Connected Location” functionality. If you misplace your Tile and it’s out of Bluetooth range, you can still go into the Tile app and see where it last connected. This offers a basic yet helpful method for narrowing down where you might have left your item or where it could have possibly drifted off to. A useful feature indeed, but remember that this only indicates the last known location and might not be the current location of your misplaced item.

Although these extended features enhance Tile’s effectiveness, they come with limitations and dependencies that could affect their efficiency. Still, they not only add an extra layer of security but also make the Tile Slim a cut above the most basic Bluetooth trackers out there.

Rundown: Tile Slim (2022) 1-Pack, Black (Non-Retail Packaging)

Tile Slim 2022 VS 2020

  • Tile Slim 2022 has modified logo and QR code
  • Non-replaceable battery lasts up to three years

Let’s jump right into the difference between the Tile Slim 2022 and its predecessor, the 2020 model.

The Differences: Any Major Upgrades?

The Tile Slim 2022 is essentially the same as the Tile 2020 in functionality and design. It’s under three millimeters thick, making it perfect for wallets, and it still comes in the standard black appearance. However, there are a couple of changes worth noting.

  • Logo and button: The logo, which also serves as the push button, has been slightly modified in the 2022 version.
  • QR code: The 2022 version has a QR code on its back. If someone finds your lost Tile, they can scan the code to access a website with your contact information and ensure your Tile finds its way back to you.

Discussing The Non-Replaceable Battery: Real Problem?

Like the 2020 version, the Tile Slim 2022 has a non-replaceable battery that the manufacturer claims will last up to three years. However, the warranty only covers the first year, which is something to consider when purchasing. If the battery were to die after a year, you’d have to buy a new one unless you opt for their premium service plan.

The lack of a replaceable battery isn’t exactly a new problem as it has always been the case for the Tile Slim series. Most companies have yet to come up with a wallet Bluetooth tracker that has a replaceable battery. Should that be a dealbreaker for you? That boils down to personal preference. If absolute longevity coupled with a replaceable battery is what you seek, you might have to look elsewhere.

All in all, the differences between the Tile Slim 2022 and Tile Slim 2020 are minor but notable. The decision on whether these alterations are deal-breakers or deal-makers is ultimately up to you, the consumer.

The QR Code and Losing Your Tile

  • The QR code helps return lost Tile Slim 2022
  • Recovery depends on finders’ willingness and understanding
  • Tile’s safety net doesn’t guarantee foolproof loss prevention

In this part of the review, we’re going to delve into a feature that’s quite handy but often sadly overlooked – the humble QR code. As someone who has misplaced their Tile more than once, I can assure you that it’s invaluable. Still, let’s unpack this subject and see what it’s all about.

The New Feature: Can You Really Find Your Tile Faster?

The new Tile Slim 2022 comes with a big QR code on the back. This might not seem like much at first, but it’s a clever little addition. In the unfortunate scenario where you lose your Tile and someone else finds it, they can use their phone camera to scan the QR code. This action pretty much takes them right to a webpage where they can get your contact information and return your lost Tile to you. Cue the collective sigh of relief, right?

However, given its utility doesn’t it make you wish the QR code was a feature in the earlier model? Also, there’s an assumption that whoever finds your lost Tile would know what to do with the QR code, or willing to take the effort to return it. But alas! this depends on chance and the goodwill of people.

Losing Your Tile: Happens But Can Be Prevented

Orientation: Being prepared for the worst-case scenario is essential, and Tile has done a good job of that. Yet, the idea is not to lose your Tile—or your keys—in the first place.

Experience: Frankly, during my usage, I didn’t lose my Tile (thankfully). But, I understand that it can happen, and it’s quite the hassle, I bet. Sure, the QR code is a helpful feature if someone happens to find your Tile. But relying on the kindness of strangers is not a fool-proof plan.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: While the QR code provides a safety net, it isn’t fail-proof. The onus is still on us to be careful with our Tile-equipped belongings. That’s something to keep in mind.

In the ideal world, Tiles offers us a safety net against misplacing things but the truth is, it can’t entirely prevent you from losing stuff, and that’s something worth considering.

Exploring the Premium Service

  • Tile’s premium service offers additional conveniences
  • Smart Alert Notifications are part of premium service
  • Value of extra features varies per user

Tile’s Premium Service: Is It Worth The Price?

Now, let’s dive into the crux of the matter – The Tile’s premium service. While the basic versions of Tile devices come with plenty of useful features, Tile offers an extra layer of convenience through their premium service.

Here’s the catch, it comes with a premium price tag. Naturally, the key consideration becomes – Is the value generated by this service justifying the elevated cost? Let’s dissect this together.

Smart Alert Notifications: Should It Come Without Extra Cost?

The flagship feature of Tile’s premium service is the Smart Alert Notifications. These alerts are a boon for those frequent moments of forgetfulness. Whenever you leave something important – like your keys – in a restaurant or at a friend’s place, your phone buzzes, reminding you to go back and retrieve it. Absolute life-saver!

But, let’s take a step back and review. This is a fantastic feature that enhances the product’s utility, no doubt. The tile tracker’s primary purpose is to offer this exact convenience – helping us keep track of our belongings. But, should it be an additional paid feature? Other Bluetooth trackers in the market offer similar alerts for free. Hence, it’s slightly disheartening that we have to pay extra for something that seems like a core functionality.

But remember! This is just an observation from my personal experience. Every user has to evaluate the value of these extra features according to their own needs and expectations.

Next up, let’s dig into some specifics of Tile’s actual performance.

Performance Check

  • Tile Slim 2022 has Bluetooth range up to 250 feet.
  • Device’s ringing volume tops at 100.3 decibels.
  • Proved effective in Bluetooth range and audio output.

Coming to one of the most critical parts of this Tile Slim 2022 review, let’s dig into its performance check. It’s essential to understand how well the product stands up to the claims made by its manufacturer.

Bluetooth Range: Does It Deliver As Promised?

Let’s start with the farthest distance you can be from the Tile Slim and still receive an active signal. According to the manufacturer, the Tile Slim 2022 boasts a notable Bluetooth reach of up to 250 feet. While the range might differ depending on various factors such as obstacles and interference, in most of my tests, the tracker did seem to cover a good amount of ground.

However, let’s not forget that Bluetooth, by its nature, is intended for short-range communication. If you’re in a significant building with several walls or floors between you and your Tile Slim, the distance may get dramatically reduced. Be sure to consider that when you’re setting expectations about the range.

Loudest Yet! Testing The Volume of Tile Slim

Another key point to take into consideration is the audibility of the Tile’s ring. In general, louder is better, as it helps you locate your lost item. In my opinion, the company isn’t bluffing when they say that the Tile Slim 2022 is really loud.

On conducting a volume test, the Tile Slim 2022 topped in at 100.3 decibels. This makes it one of the loudest Bluetooth trackers I have come across, especially considering its slim footprint. Don’t worry; it’s not deafeningly loud, but it is certainly loud enough to easily lead you to its location, even in a moderately noisy environment.

In conclusion, irrespective of a few limitations, the Tile Slim 2022 proved itself as an effective device in both Bluetooth range and audio output. These critical performance attributes help ensure you can always find your misplaced items when you need them most.

My Everyday Experience

  • Tile Slim offers relief for misplacing items
  • Device performs well in urban settings
  • Three-year battery life, but only one-year warranty

Living with the Tile Slim 2022 is certainly an interesting experience. As someone who tends to misplace items more often than I’d like to admit, it was a relief to finally have a reliable solution.

Personal Use: Finding My Wallet In Record Time

Using the Tile Slim in my day-to-day life, I’ve found it particularly handy in locating my wallet. On days when I’m running late and can’t seem to remember where my wallet is, I simply fire up the Tile app and hit the ‘find’ button. In seconds, the Tile strapped to my wallet starts ringing, and I easily locate it. This little device has saved me countless minutes in searching and reduced my morning stress significantly.


Practically, the Tile Slim has performed beyond my expectations in an urban setting. The Bluetooth range, as advertised, is around 250 feet, and I’ve found no reason to doubt this claim. Of course, this can vary if there are a lot of obstacles or interference in the path. But in most of indoor conditions, it works just fine.

The Downside: Only A Three-Year Battery With A One Year Warranty

However, I do have one bone to pick with this device. While the manufacturer claims that the battery life should last up to three years, they only provide a one-year warranty. I found this mismatch a little concerning.

Warranty and Battery Life

Thinking long term, I realized that if the battery dies after the first year, I’d have no coverage and would have to purchase a new Tile. While I haven’t reached that point yet, it’s something potential buyers should be aware of. Nevertheless, I must say that the Tile Slim, even with this shortcoming has been of great value and the convenience it brings is undeniably impressive.


After spending considerable time with the Tile Slim 2022, we’ve reached the end of this detailed review. Here’s the distilled essence of my experience with it, served without any sugarcoating.

Final Verdict:

Overall, after considering the numerous aspects, features, and performances of the Tile Slim 2022, this Bluetooth tracker manages to win my approbation. Notably, the slim design is a resounding standout, followed closely by the impressive range. The tracker’s reliability and efficiency in locating missing items certainly can’t be overlooked.

Nevertheless, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The lack of a replaceable battery and the limited one year warranty on a three-year battery life does give me a bit of pause. It’s essentially a ticking clock, where after a certain point, you’re expected to make a fresh purchase. In terms of consumer sustainability and product longevity, this feels like a step back.

Let’s Hear Your Thoughts

Of course, experiences can be subjective and not all of my impressions may resonate with everyone. Perhaps you found a feature more beneficial, or maybe you faced issues I luckily didn’t encounter. Let’s keep this conversation going. You’re encouraged to share your viewpoints and experiences with the Tile Slim 2022.

In all, with all its highs and lows, I’ve given the Tile Slim 2022 a firm nod of approval. For those of you plagued with the propensity to misplace your belongings, this compact, efficient tracker comes with my hearty recommendation. So, will you be giving the Tile Slim 2022 a shot?

Stay tuned for more insightful reviews, and keep those belongings within reach!

Should you buy the Tile Slim (2022) 1-Pack, Black (Non-Retail Packaging)?

Buy it if…

You Frequently Misplace Items

If you constantly find yourself misplacing your wallet or keys, Tile Slim will be a lifesaver. It’s specifically designed to help you locate misplaced items quickly, saving you time and stress.

You Prefer Compact and Lightweight Trackers

Tile Slim is incredibly thin and can easily fit in wallets, on luggage tags, and attach to phones or laptops. This is perfect if you’re constantly on the move and need a lightweight tracker.

You Appreciate Extra Security Features

With integrated features like reverse tracking and connection to Alexa or Google, Tile Slim gives you additional ways to find your misplaced items. It also includes a community feature where other Tile users can help find your items.

Don’t buy it if…

You Expect A Long Warranty

While Tile Slim claims a three-year battery life, it only offers a one-year warranty. If a longer warranty period is important to you, this might not be the product for you.

You’re Not Willing to Pay for Premium Services

Tile offers a premium service that includes smart alert notifications and a longer warranty. However, it comes at a cost. If you’re not willing to pay extra for these features, consider this before purchasing.

You Need Replaceable Batteries

Tile Slim has a non-replaceable battery. If you prefer devices with replaceable batteries for longevity and sustainability reasons, this product may not be the best choice.


What is the Tile Slim 2022?
Tile Slim 2022 is a thin and compact bluetooth tracker designed to help you find misplaced items like wallets, laptops, tablets etc.
How does the Tile work?
By using the Tile app on your phone, you can make the Tile start ringing to easily locate your lost item. It also works in reverse, should you misplace your phone.
What’s new in the 2022 model?
In addition to the existing features, the Tile Slim 2022 comes with a big QR code at the back, which when scanned, can help the finder return it to you.
What is the Tile Premium Service?
Tile Premium Service includes various features like smart alert notifications, extended warranty, and more. However, these come at a premium price.
How good is the bluetooth range?
As per the review, the Tile Slim 2022 is reported to have a maximum bluetooth range of up to 250 feet.
What is the battery life of the Tile Slim 2022?
The Tile Slim 2022 is advertised to have a battery life span up to three years. However, it only comes with a one-year warranty.
Can the battery be replaced?
No, the Tile Slim 2022 has a non-replaceable battery. This implies that a new one needs to be purchased once the battery dies.

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