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Review: Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch – Array of features at an unbeatable price

Explore the innovative, budget-friendly TicWatch GTH smartwatch and its health monitoring features... Read more

Review of Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch

Table of Contents

Test of Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch

3.6/5 - (340 votes)

Cena: $79.99


  • Affordable smartwatch with high-quality features
  • Week-long battery life
  • Detailed health monitoring
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Continuous SPO2 and temperature monitoring


  • TFT screen, lacks AMOLED display
  • No GPS functionality
  • Limited control during workout mode
  • No ambient light sensor
  • Inability to respond to notifications

“As a smartwatch enthusiast, the TicWatch GTH has genuinely impressed me with an array of features at an unbeatable price of $79. With a one-week battery life, continuous health tracking capabilities, and a user-friendly interface, it offers true value. However, I sincerely hope that future iterations, like the potential GTH Pro, might step up to integrate missing elements such as GPS and the AMOLED display for even better user satisfaction. Despite minor shortcomings, the TicWatch GTH pioneers a distinguished and commendable place in the affordable smartwatch market.”

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Brand Ticwatch
Model Name gth
Style Modern
Color Black
Screen Size 1.55 Inches
Special Feature Time Display, Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor
Shape Rectangular
Target Audience Unisex Adult
Age Range (Description) Adult
Compatible Devices Smartphone

Meet the TicWatch GTH: The New Smartwatch Revolutionizing Health Monitoring

Let’s talk about this new smartwatch making quite the buzz in the tech community: the TicWatch GTH. If advanced health monitoring features for an affordable price tag are what you seek in a smartwatch, then you might want to give this little powerhouse a closer look.

Let’s Start with the Exterior: Class Meets Innovation

The first thing you’ll notice about the TicWatch GTH is its smart and sleek exterior design. The rectangular form for the display with aluminium bezels offers a sophisticated touch. It’s evident that the designers have paid close attention to detail, all the way from the clever screen placement to the single function button on the side. The function button placement might remind you of the Apple Watch series, which offers a blend of familiarity and innovative design.

The Battery: Powering You Through the Week

For most smartwatch enthusiasts, battery life is a major concern. With the TicWatch GTH, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This smartwatch claims to provide a battery life of up to one week even when using most of the tracking features. This is quite impressive and shows that you won’t be chained to the charging cable all the time.

The Price: Affordability at Its Peak

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the TicWatch GTH is its price. With a selling price of $79, it offers an attractive entry point into the world of smartwatches. If you’re searching for a budget-friendly smartwatch that doesn’t skimp on important features, the TicWatch GTH fits the bill remarkably. However, do note that this device is aimed at competing with budget fitness trackers like the Mi Watch Lite, and some of the features might not stand up to those of premium smartwatches.

All in all, the TicWatch GTH offers a great blend of design, functionality, and value. However, as is with all tech products, it’s not without its drawbacks. Coming up next, we’ll delve into the details of the smartwatch’s features, giving you a comprehensive look at what it has to offer and where it falls short.

Lookover of Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch

Examining the Details: TicWatch GTH’s Impressive Features

  • TicWatch GTH notable for screen placement and functional button
  • Health monitoring includes SpO2 and skin temperature tracking
  • Lacks GPS, limiting its applicability for outdoor fitness

In this section, we’re taking a deep dive into TicWatch GTH from Mobvoi, exploring the unique features upfront. Presenting an in-depth analysis that gives a snapshot of what users can expect.

Screen Placement and Button Configuration: A Nod to Apple Watch?

First glance at the TicWatch GTH and you will notice its screen placement and the single functional button. It’s hard not to compare this aspect to the iconic Apple Watch Series, given their similarities. Nonetheless, TicWatch has its spin on the design, proving that imitation is indeed the greatest form of flattery.

The button, though interestingly placed, lends to a unique user experience. However, at present, the functionalities are limited to opening the app drawer with a single press and shutting down the device with a long press. Room for expansion lies here.

Health Monitoring Capabilities: Accuracy at Your Fingertips

The TicWatch GTH outshines many rivals with its health monitoring capabilities. At the heart of it is the continuous SpO2 tracking and the unique skin temperature monitoring sensor—an element not commonly found in smartwatches. This takes health monitoring to a new level, adding another layer of utility and convenience for the users.

During my use, the temperature sensor consistently provided accurate readings. Though the thought of a fever during these testing times is daunting, it’s reassuring to know that TicWatch has you covered in its ability to potentially detect temperature changes.

But let’s not forget the heart rate monitor. Comparison with a chest-mounted monitor – renowned for accuracy – showed the watch detected increases and decreases in pulse quite effectively. Given its close placement to the wrist, the watch was rather good at measuring pulse during workouts.

The TicWatch GTH also offers a wellness suite of tools with an accelerometer, respiration sensor, a skin temperature sensor, and an SpO2 sensor, all harmoniously coming together to provide data to track health progress effectively. However, while the health features may seem comprehensive, one key element falls short – GPS. As the TicWatch GTH is skilled at tracking health rather than location, this lack of GPS means it’s far from a perfect companion for outdoor fitness aficionados.

Overall, it can be said that the TicWatch GTH parades a multitude of features that are innovative and designed with the user’s health in mind. Yet, it falls short in some areas, particularly for those seeking location tracking capabilities via GPS. Despite its few shortcomings, it does a fantastic job of integrating a wealth of health-focused features at a rather affordable price point, showcasing its commitment to delivering value for money.

Investigation of Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch

Peeling Back the Layers: The User Interface

  • TicWatch GTH user interface is easy, functional
  • Efficient but cluttered smart notifications
  • Offers 14 workout modes and health tracking

Peeling back the layers to examine the user interface of the TicWatch GTH gave a deeper insight into the watch’s functionality. So, what’s in store?

Navigating the App Drawer: Streamlined & User-friendly

In operation, the TicWatch GTH is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Setting it up is relatively straightforward – its single function button takes you to an app drawer that’s filled with the watch’s different features. The scrolling function is smooth and visible—a refreshing construct compared to some other devices out there. The functionality might lack the pixel-perfection of higher-end smartwatches, but for an affordable piece, the GTH delivers a commendable performance.

Smart Notifications: Keeping You In-the-Know

Right at the top of the app drawer is the notifications menu. Now, the GTH does a reasonably good job at notifying you of incoming alerts, showcasing proper icons for respective apps. However, multiple messages from the same app can feel a bit cluttered and more complex than necessary. It misses an option to sift through the content of each message or even reply to the alerts. But it’s crucial to remember: this is not a Wear OS device, and having such facilities might be asking too much at this price point.

Workout Modes & Health Menu: Supporting Your Fitness Journey

Moving further into the app drawer, the TicWatch rolls out its array of workout modes and health tracking facilities. The watch carries a strong upper hand over traditional fitness trackers with a solid count of 14 workout modes right at your disposal. Navigating through these modes is smooth, although finding one specific workout in such a vast list is a task of its own. But for the fitness enthusiasts out there, the GTH provides a decent playing ground.

Next up in the health menu, you find options like continuous HR monitoring and an impressive “Tic Breathe” feature. These additions make this smartwatch a definitive competitor in the affordable health tracking market.

While the user interface is simple and functional, it could do better with a couple of enhancements – perhaps more control options in the settings menu at the very least. The TicWatch GTH may not be a high-end luxury smartwatch, but its functional simplicity makes its user interface an intriguing aspect to peel back and explore.

Analysis of Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch

Diving into the Specifications: What Powers the TicWatch GTH?

  • TicWatch GTH has numerous health-tracking sensors
  • Doesn’t include GPS sensor strong>
  • Lightweight build and waterproof

Now let’s take a look under the hood and inspect what exactly powers the TicWatch GTH. The array of features on this smartwatch wouldn’t mean much if they aren’t backed by reliable and powerful specifications.

Unwrapping the Innovative Sensor Technology

First and foremost, the GTH comes packed with numerous sensors designed to provide accurate and reliable health tracking data. From a heart rate monitor to a skin temperature sensor, it seems like there is a sensor for everything. It even offers a SpO2 sensor, which is something not often found at this price point. This allows for blood oxygen saturation monitoring which is crucial in maintaining optimal health.


Missing out on a GPS sensor feels like a significant drawback. Given its focus on health and fitness, it would be expected that this feature be included. However, it appears as if the developers had to make a choice between different sensors – a decision that leaned towards health-tracking capabilities.

IP68 Waterproof & Lightweight

Comfort and durability are important aspects of any wearable, and the TicWatch GTH doesn’t disappoint here. Coming in at around 30 grams, the watch feels light on the wrist and isn’t a burden during lengthy usage periods.

Furthermore, its IP68 waterproof rating means you don’t have to worry about sweat or rain while working out or going about daily activities. This also opens up possibilities for water-based workout tracking in the future.


Overall, the TicWatch GTH is a powerful little device. It is packed with numerous health-tracking sensors that come together to provide an unrivalled health monitoring experience, especially at this price range. The absence of GPS is indeed a disappointment, but the other capabilities somewhat make up for this missing feature. The GTH’s lightweight build and waterproofing make it a robust fitness companion capable of withstanding various conditions. Its focus on health-tracking capabilities sets it apart from some competitors, but future models could definitely benefit from the addition of features like GPS.

Synopsis: Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch

The Shortfalls and Potential Improvements: Being Honest About the GTH

  • TicWatch GTH’s TFT display could use improvement
  • Device lacks integrated GPS functionality

As amazing as the TicWatch GTH is, there’s always room for improvement. It’s important to note the areas where the device fell short of expectations, but also to give credit for its efforts in unprecedented areas. Let’s get down to it.

TFT Display: An Area for Improvement?

Despite the impressive features of the TicWatch GTH, one aspect that might not sit well with some tech enthusiasts is the use of Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology for its display. While it performs decently in terms of sharpness and color reproduction, it’s not as striking compared to its counterparts using AMOLED display technology. The viewing angles and battery consumption on the TFT display of the GTH are unfortunately in different leagues compared to an AMOLED display. In addition, the absence of an ‘always-on’ option and a maximum screen timeout of 15 seconds stands as a potential limitation for some users.

Lack of GPS: The Cost of Prioritizing Health-first Features?

The TicWatch GTH has a notable list of health monitoring sensors, which is commendable. However, they decided to sacrifice integrated GPS functionality which might be a deal-breaker for fitness enthusiasts who rely on GPS for accurate tracking of their outdoor activities. Prioritizing health-first features is a noteworthy approach, but future iterations could benefit immensely by finding a way to incorporate GPS capabilities for a well-rounded user experience.

Now, these drawbacks aren’t deal breakers. After all, the GTH comes with a plethora of remarkable features at a competitive price point. Nevertheless, factoring in these potential areas of improvement could give TicWatch an edge over its competition and cater to an even wider audience.

Wrapping Up

The silver lining here is that many of these areas for improvement can be addressed with future software updates or perhaps in a premium version of the model. After all, constructive feedback drives innovation. Recognising these areas of improvement lays the path for a future TicWatch that is even closer to perfection.

Breakdown of Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch

Venturing into the Software: What Makes TicWatch GTH Tick?

  • TicWatch GTH offers smooth, user-friendly software
  • Software includes impressive sports and health tracking
  • Lacks music control during workouts and customization

Deep under the hood of every smartwatch, resides the crux; the software. The Ticwatch GTH is powered by a highly functional operating system that assures a smooth user experience. Let’s delve deeper and discern what truly makes this smartwatch tick.

The Software Interface: A Quick Tour

When you switch on the TicWatch GTH for the first time, you’re greeted with a streamlined interface. The scrolling menu or the app drawer, although not perfect, is visibly recognisable and quite efficient, leaving no room for confusion. While it doesn’t offer an overwhelming array of customization options, it holds a certain charm with its simplicity. It’s user-friendly, and quite frankly, effective.

Design of Weather Widget & Other Extras

The design of the weather widget certainly stands out, proffering a sleek interface that’s easy to read at a glance. However, this smartwatch didn’t overdo the extras in its software offerings. The settings menu primarily allowing you to control only screen brightness was somewhat of a let down,

Handling Sports & Health Tracking

Where the TicWatch GTH’s software truly shines, is in the handling of sports and health tracking. It offers an array of popular workout modes and a detailed health menu. The health data is well-grouped, providing a thorough analysis of your health metrics right on your wrist. Though the first software version does have its limitations, it is noteworthy to mention the Watch’s ability to automatically detect workouts. But be aware, once an exercise is started, there’s currently no feature to control music which could impede the workout experience for some. Cueing next track or adjusting volume are unavailable, a possible area of improvement for TicWatch.

The Smartphone App: Maximizing the GTH Experience

The Ticwatch GTH is paired with the ‘Mobvoi’ smartphone app; the hub to explore detailed workout metrics. Despite the lack of features compared to other competitors like ‘Mi Fit’ or ‘Huawei Health’, this app offers an impressive grouping of your health data. Detailed statistics about your workouts can be gleaned at ease from here. Furthermore, the app extends a watch face center, to let you customize the GTH’s look and even create your own watch faces.

To conclude, the software realm of the TicWatch GTH seems satisfactory for a sleek, health-focused smartwatch. It wraps complex capabilities in a simple user interface, making it a reliable health and fitness buddy. However, the software could use a bit of polish, adding features like music control during workouts and possibly branching out more customization options for individual preferences. As it stands though, it contributes greatly to making the TicWatch GTH a worthy option in the under $100 category.

Examining Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch

Comparing TicWatch GTH With Leading Competitors: Where It Stands

  • TicWatch GTH offers health-focused features at affordable price
  • Lacks premium features like wireless charging, ECG monitoring
  • TicWatch GTH lacks vibrant display and inbuilt GPS

When it comes to a tech-savvy world dominated by health-tracked devices and smartwatches, the TicWatch GTH faces stiff competition. So, it’s fair to wonder: how does the TicWatch GTH hold its own against other established names in the industry? Let’s crunch down the facts and figure this out in an unbiased manner.

In Competition with Budget Fitness Trackers

If value for money is your ultimate goal, then it’s hard to overlook the TicWatch GTH. With its budget-friendly price tag of $79, the GTH surpasses many of its competitors in terms of the feature set it offers. It’s one of the few smartwatches in this price range to offer a week-long battery life, functions like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, SPO2 tracking, and even body temperature measuring.

However, there are also areas where TicWatch GTH falls short. The TFT screen, while satisfactory, fails to match the vibrant and crisp displays found on higher-end models. The lack of inbuilt GPS also makes it less attractive to athletes and dedicated runners. While these shortcomings are understandable given the price point, it’s nonetheless important to highlight.

Lessons from Leading Brands

Comparing the TicWatch GTH to big names like Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, the differences start to become evident. These premium models offer features such as wireless charging, ECG monitoring, and LTE support, which are currently missing from the TicWatch GTH.

Furthermore, the user interface in giants like Apple or Samsung offers a broader scope for customization and operability, providing a diverse range of watch faces or seamless transitions and touch responses.

However, where TicWatch GTH shines is its commitment to providing essential health data at a much affordable range. No other watch at this price point provides such a comprehensive roster of health trackers and features. This is a feature that even the market leaders could take note of.

Final Thoughts

In a sea of smartwatches and fitness trackers, the TicWatch GTH stands its ground, offering fantastic value for money. Although it lacks some premium features found in its high-end competitors, it makes up for it with its compelling health-focused features and affordable price.

Given the right target audience, individuals who appreciate detailed health monitoring without breaking their bank, the TicWatch GTH might just be the perfect choice.

Estimate of Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch

Imagining the GTH Pro: Eyeing TicWatch’s Next Move

  • TicWatch GTH Pro speculated to have improved features
  • Possible inclusion of AMOLED Display, automatic brightness, GPS
  • Integration of Strava and speaker-microphone setup also anticipated

With all the awesome features this budget-friendly smartwatch, the TicWatch GTH, has brought to the table, it surely stimulates our imagination about what the proposed GTH Pro might have up its sleeve. However, as much as we commend the GTH, we stay critical enough to envision specific aspects and features that could be improved upon for the Pro version.

A Wishlist for the Pro Edition: Striving for Perfection

Undoubtedly, the TicWatch GTH has changed the game in the smartwatch industry with its concentration on health and wellness. But based on what we’ve experienced with the GTH, a few enhancements are certainly worth noting.”

  • AMOLED Display with Always-On Feature: While the TicWatch GTH does have a relatively good screen, an AMOLED display would significantly improve the viewing angles and better manage battery life. The constant display mode, generally expected from many smartwatch users, would also be a valuable addition.
  • Automatic Brightness Adjustment: A selection for automatic brightness adjustment could be a worthy addition, allowing the watch face to adjust to lighting conditions, making it easier to read the display indoors or outdoors.
  • GPS Integration: Although TicWatch made a conscious decision to prioritize health over GPS in the GTH, I truly feel that the inclusion of GPS would be a great step forward for users seeking to use the Pro model for fitness tracking.
  • Strava Integration: For many fitness enthusiasts, synchronizing their workout data with apps like Strava can be a game-changer. Incorporating this feature would surely position the Pro model as an appealing option for athletes and fitness fanatics.
  • Speaker and Microphone: One final area of proposed improvement could be an integrated speaker and microphone to streamline phone call management and potentially offer a voice assistant feature. These enhancements could take this smartwatch to new heights.

A Look Ahead: What to Expect From Future TicWatch Devices

In the end, the TicWatch GTH is an impressive smartwatch teeming with potential. Despite some of its shortfalls, this watch holds a special place in the budget smartwatch niche as it stands tall with the giants with its emphasis on health and wellness. The GTH Pro we envisage, imbued with even more features, could break new ground in the wearable tech industry. We eagerly await TicWatch’s next innovation.

Wrapping up: The Verdict on TicWatch GTH

After an extensive exploration with the TicWatch GTH, it is time to wrap up everything and provide a clear perspective on my experience with using this smartwatch. It’s a piece that has undoubtedly commanded attention in the market and built high expectations especially among the budget-conscious tech enthusiasts.

GTH’s Strengths: What Stands Out?

There are certain highlights that I absolutely must commend. The health tracking capabilities on this device are impressive. The continuous SPo2 tracking and temperature sensor combined have been a game-changer for me. These features were highly accurate and reliable every time I needed them. The TicWatch GTH didn’t disappoint in reminding me why I appreciate wearable tech; it has effectively exploited the new TicHealth ecosystem that we’ve come to enjoy from the TicWatch Pro 3 series, albeit in a simpler form.

The watch also checks the marks for functionality and design, and its structure makes it easy to navigate through – something every user would definitely appreciate. When it comes to endurance, TicWatch provides an excellent battery life, residing at the higher ranges of what’s currently on offer. It boasts a one-week battery life, an impressive feature for those on a tight budget.

Closing Remarks: A Promise for the Future

Despite its notable strengths, the TicWatch GTH is not without its shortcomings. The lack of an AMOLED display and GPS tracking posed constraints on user experience. While the TFT screen serves its purpose fairly well, it is incomparable to the vibrant allure of an AMOLED display. The lack of GPS functionality, on the other hand, limits its capabilities as a fitness tracker. However, it’s fair to say that for its price, certain compromises on advanced tech features would be expected.

In summary, the TicWatch GTH is a solid yet affordable smartwatch with commendable health tracking features. If you’re searching for a device that offers valuable health insights without breaking your wallet, this budget-friendly smartwatch could be a powerful contender. It provides a blend of function and affordability that few competitors in this price range can match. However, I sincerely hope that software updates and future iterations would resolve the current drawbacks. TicWatch GTH series could indeed carve out a noteworthy position in the industry, fueled by more advancements in its wearable technology.

The search for perfection within technology is a continuous journey. Thus, I’m eager to see what innovations and improvements TicWatch would offer in the near future.

Should you buy the Ticwatch GTH Smart Watch?

Buy it if…

You want advanced health monitoring features

The TicWatch GTH’s sensors track heart rate, blood oxygen levels and even body temperature, providing users with valuable health insights.

You value long battery life

Offering up to one week’s worth of use on a single charge, even when utilizing most of the tracking features, this device minimizes the need to frequently recharge.

You’re on a budget

At $79, the TicWatch GTH offers an array of smartwatch functions usually found in more expensive models, giving you great bang for your buck.

Don’t buy it if…

You place a lot of importance on screen quality

Despite its otherwise impressive feature set, the TicWatch GTH uses TFT technology for its screen, which may not be as impressive when compared to OLED screens found on higher-end models.

You require GPS functionality

The GTH lacks GPS, which might be a deal breaker if you want your smartwatch to map your workouts.

You need immediate interaction with notifications

Though the GTH does notify you of messages, it does not provide the means to read through multiple messages or respond through the device.


What is the unique feature of TicWatch GTH?
The unique feature of the TicWatch GTH is the SPO2 and body temperature tracking, making it unique in the lower price range segment. It uses the Tic Health ecosystem for health tracking.
How much does TicWatch GTH cost?
The TicWatch GTH is priced at 79 dollars.
How long does the battery of TicWatch GTH last?
The TicWatch GTH has a battery life that lasts up to one week on a single charge.
Does the TicWatch GTH have an always-on display feature?
No, the TicWatch GTH does not have an always-on display feature and the longest screen timeout is set to 15 seconds.
Does the TicWatch GTH have GPS?
No, the TicWatch GTH does not have a built-in GPS feature.
What is the major drawback of the TicWatch GTH?
The major drawback is the TFT screen, which does not compare favorably to AMOLED screens in terms of viewing angles and battery consumption.
What is the GTH Pro?
The GTH Pro is not an existing product. It is a suggestion for a future TicWatch product that includes improvements such as AMOLED display, GPS, automatic brightness adjustment, and Strava integration.
Which app does TicWatch GTH use?
The TicWatch GTH uses the Mobvoi app for data management.
What is the water-resistant rating of the TicWatch GTH?
The TicWatch GTH is rated at IP68 for water and dust resistance.
Can I see my notifications on TicWatch GTH?
Yes, you can see your notifications on TicWatch GTH although it doesn’t support responding them directly from the watch.

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