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Review: Tank Rival Running Smart Watch for Men – High durability and display quality, accurate app

Comprehensive review exploring a resilient, feature-rich smartwatch with unbiased critiques... Read more

Review of Tank Rival Running Smart Watch for Men

Test of Tank Rival Running Smart Watch for Men

4/5 - (28 votes)

Cena: $89.99


  • Durability outstanding for various accidents
  • High-quality, vibrant display
  • Optimized battery life
  • Convenient Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multifaceted with numerous features
  • Accompanied by an easy-to-use app


  • Not comfortable for sleep tracking
  • High price point
  • Unsure accuracy for blood pressure monitoring
  • Inadequate speaker quality
  • Too bulky for some users

“My final thoughts on the S2 smartwatch are mixed. Although its battery life and display quality stand out, its comfort when used for sleep tracking leaves room for improvement. The Duff app being relatively accurate is a plus, but given its rather high cost compared to other watches I’ve reviewed, I think it’ll be a greater value for those after durability and a slick design. Essentially, it’s a good choice but one you should weigh against your personal needs and budget.”

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Brand Blanche
Model Name Smart watch Tank S2
Style Modern
Color Blue
Screen Size 1.83 Inches
Special Feature Bluetooth
Shape Rectangular
Target Audience Women, Men, Boys, Girls
Age Range (Description) Adult
Compatible Devices Smartphone

Introduction: Strapping on a Technological Marvel

Hello there tech-enthusiasts! If you’re anything like me, then the idea of testing out a new smartwatch, particularly one as intriguing as the S2 model, dubbed ‘the tank’, is nothing short of exciting. Sharing my unbiased and critical view based on first-hand experience, let’s jump right into unraveling the features, benefits, and potentially the drawbacks of this piece of wearable tech. So, buckle up as we dive into this techy journey!

A First Look at the S2 Smartwatch: Unboxing the ‘Tank’

The unboxing experience honestly set a pretty high bar for this smartwatch. Right off the bat, the packaging was slick and the presentation was clean; the S2 smartwatch was nestled in the box waiting to be unwrapped.

With a casual glance at the exterior, I was met with an impression of robustness, hence, I can understand why it’s referred to as ‘the tank’. It seems like a watch that can take a few knocks and come out unscathed. But as we move on, I’ll be looking beyond just the initial impression.

The Technical Side: S2 Smartwatch Features & Specs Review

  • RAM: 128 Megs definitely gives it a competitive edge in the smartwatch market.
  • Battery: The 450 milliamp hour battery had me curious if it would be able to last long enough without constant charging.
  • Bluetooth: Being equipped with Bluetooth version 5.1, connectivity ought to be smooth and seamless.

On a broader note, the S2 smartwatch promises a host of intriguing features. But a comprehensive evaluation will require a period of regular and consistent use, which is exactly what I intended to do. So, with the unboxing done and the device finally in my hands, it was time to put it to the test.

Scanning Tank Rival Running Smart Watch for Men

Exploring the Features

  • S2 Smartwatch has robust exterior and sophisticated design
  • Features include heart rate, blood pressure, and SpO2 tracking
  • Battery lasts a week on a single charge
  • Vibrant and crisp display

Before we dive into my everyday experience with the S2 smartwatch, let me warmly introduce you all to this little technological marvel and its bevy of features. Buckle up as I unfold the valuable functionalities of this smartwatch based on a detailed rundown of its features and specifications. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Unboxing: The Tough Yet Suave Exterior

The unboxing experience of the S2 Smartwatch was indeed a memorable one. Right off the bat, it was evident that this wasn’t an everyday watch. Fondly referred to as the Tank, it definitely lived up to its name with a sturdy and robust exterior. The watch was made of metal, which gave a cool feeling to touch, signaling its premium quality. But the highlight was its carbon fiber design at the back, lending it a very sophisticated and high-end appearance. It was not just all about the aesthetics. The user experience was thought through with an easy-to-navigate user manual accompanied in the box. As I peeled off the protective cover and powered up this watch, it felt more substantial during the unboxing than I had anticipated.

Features & Specs Review

The S2 Smartwatch came equipped with all the standard features you would expect from a smartwatch—and then some. From a stylish display and a variety of face options, to its fitness tracking capabilities such as heart rate, blood pressure, and SpO2 tracking. However, the blood pressure monitoring feature raised eyebrows, considering the absence of a blood pressure cuff, which deemed it questionable.

The responsiveness of the display was indeed a plus point. Whether it was browsing through the heart rate readings or changing the level of brightness, the navigation was snappy and smooth. The app accompanying the S2 smartwatch, Duff it, had a clean interface and seemed relatively accurate, making it a bonus

Battery Power: A Week Without Charge?

Imagine a smartwatch that hardly ever needs a charge! The S2 Smartwatch did just that. A mighty power reservoir, this watch’s battery power lasted a week on a single charge, which felt like a serious game-changer. I couldn’t help but contrast it with my usual resort of charging my regular watches daily, which made this one more impressive.

Display and Quality of the Screen: Crisp & Vibrant

The watch came with a vibrant, crisp display that didn’t go unnoticed. The colors popped right off the screen imparting a rich look and feel. Even the quality of the screen was top-notch, adding a cherry on top to the overall design of the watch.

All these features instigated a genuine enthusiasm for this watch. But as I used it on a daily basis, would it retain all its initial charm? Let’s explore that in the next section!

Thoughts on Tank Rival Running Smart Watch for Men

Using the S2 Smartwatch Day-to-Day: Real-time Experience

  • S2 Smartwatch is less comfortable for sleep
  • Sturdy design withstands accidental impacts
  • Synchronises reliably with Duff app

Over the course of a week, I’ve been using the S2 Smartwatch on a daily basis. I’ve taken it off and put it back on, tested its different features, and overall tried to get an accurate understanding of what it brings to the table in terms of daily usage.

Sleeping like a Baby? A Night with the S2

Well, the first noticeable thing is that the S2 watch is rather chunky on the wrist. While the size contributes to its rugged design, it’s problematic when it comes to comfort for an activity, where comfort is, probably, the most important thing – sleep.

Due to its substantial size, sleeping while wearing it isn’t ideal. With the watch on, I faced a bit of discomfort during my sleep; it was almost as if it was cutting off my circulation when my arm was tucked under the pillow. It feels less comfortable than some other smartwatches of its kind, which wasn’t ideal for tracking my sleep cycle accurately.

The Tank’s Resistance: Durability to withstand Accidents

Now, let’s talk about its robust nature. The sturdiness of the S2 Smartwatch is impressive. Despite accidentally bashing it against walls more than a few times during the week, it weathered the impacts brilliantly. It still looks in perfect shape, and there’s no sign of any visible damage. The metal body does seem to justify part of that higher price tag.

The App Component: Comparing Duff to Connect App

The S2 smartwatch syncs data with the Duff app. The app is clean and user-friendly, and seems to gather relatively accurate data compared to the Garmin Connect App. However, some features like stress measurement and spo2 seem to lag behind in accuracy, which can be disheartening if you’re into precise health monitoring.

Overall, the S2 Smartwatch’s size and comfort do pose some concerns for daily use. However, its durability and app synchronisation balance things out a bit, so it ends up being a bit of a mixed bag in a day-to-day experience.

Scanning Tank Rival Running Smart Watch for Men

The Extras: Fun Games, Health Monitoring and More

  • S2 Smartwatch includes games and health monitoring features
  • Watch monitors blood pressure, heart rate, and SpO2 levels
  • Offers music and alarm functionalities

Now let’s dive into the extra features of the S2 Smartwatch. A highlight of my experience was discovering some fun little games and the comprehensive health monitoring options the smartwatch offers. Unexpected, but indeed it added value to the watch.

Extra Features: From Monitoring Blood Pressure to Playing Games

While using the S2 Smartwatch, I found it fascinating how it constantly monitors health metrics such as blood pressure, heart rate, and even SpO2 levels. However, as impressive as this may sound, I’m a bit critical about how accurately it can measure blood pressure without the traditional cuff around the wrist. The stress level feature didn’t seem to work consistently either, which is something the manufacturers might need to look into.

On the lighter side of things, this smartwatch also catered to recreational needs through its built-in games. A particular game caught my attention – a reminiscent of the popular Flappy Bird game! These little additions didn’t enrich my experience significantly, but I must admit, it added a certain fun factor to the watch.

Music & Alarm Functionalities: Small Nuances, Big Impacts

The watch also boasts music and alarm functionalities. It can play music, although the speaker quality is not the best compared to a phone. However, considering the compact size and the essential focus of the watch being on timekeeping and health monitoring, this can be overlooked. The alarm is relatively standard – nothing extraordinary but efficient enough to serve its purpose.

The vibrational feedback is something worth mentioning. It’s quite soft. Users may want to set it to an intense mode for more noticeable notifications, which can be easily done via the settings.

In conclusion, the S2 Smartwatch incorporates a lot more than you would initially expect. Although some fine-tuning can be made to improve certain features, overall, the extra features certainly gave a sense of a holistic device.

Inspecting Tank Rival Running Smart Watch for Men

Final Verdict: Strapping on a Winner or a Watch to Pass?

As we reach the end of our journey with the S2 Smartwatch, it’s time for me to weigh in on the final verdict. Having tested it for a considerable period, it was thrilling to explore the pros and cons of this technological marvel.

Understanding the Price & Value Proposition

Let’s first address the elephant in the room, the S2’s price point. Priced around 120 bucks, it definitely falls in the premium segment of smartwatches. The question remains – does the cost match up to the features it offers and the overall experience?

If we talk about durability, the S2 comes out tops. This watch went beyond the call in that respect, handling all the bumps and grazes without a scratch. The battery life is truly outstanding, easily going a week without a necessary re-charge and, to top it off, the quality of the screen was noteworthy – it was clearly readable, dynamic, and responded quickly to touch commands.

Nevertheless, comfort while sleeping and accuracy were areas that could use some improvements. I found the watch less suitable for night-time use, given its size and weight.

The Final Words: My Take on the S2

At the end of the day, whether you find value in the S2 smartwatch will largely depend on what you’re looking for in a smartwatch. If durability and long battery life are high on your priority list, then you will likely view the S2’s price point as justified.

However, if your expectations include stellar comfort during sleep and an exceptionally accurate health tracking system, the premium price point may not feel quite as balanced. A closer look at alternatives in the same price range or even at cheaper models might yield a smartwatch that better aligns with your specific needs.

In the end, the S2 is a well-rounded smartwatch overall with robust build quality and a host of handy features. Just keep its cons in mind when deciding whether to strap on this timepiece.

Should you buy the Tank Rival Running Smart Watch for Men?

Buy it if…

You’re Looking for Long Battery Life

If you hate having to charge your smartwatch every day, the S2 model promises to run for about a week without requiring a charge.

You Value Durability

The S2 watch doesn’t dent or scratch easily, even when collided with objects, making it perfect for those with active lifestyles or jobs.

You Enjoy Multi-Functional Gadgets

If you enjoy having various features and utilities at your disposal, the S2 boasts of a variety of functionalities ranging from health monitoring, music player, games, and more.

Don’t buy it if…

You have a Tight Budget

For just over $100, S2 watch may not be the most economical option available, especially if budget is a consideration.

Sleep Comfort is Important to You

The size and built of the watch might make it uncomfortable to wear while sleeping, affecting the quality of your sleep or sleep tracking data.

You are Looking for Lightweight Wearable Tech

Due to its solid build and ‘Tank’ design, S2 is chunky and hefty, potentially not suited for those who prefer lightweight and slim wearables.


What are the features of the S2 Smartwatch?
The S2 Smartwatch has numerous features including 128 Megs of RAM, a 450 milliamp hour battery, Bluetooth version 5.1, a vibrant screen display, battery power that lasts up to a week, pulse and blood pressure monitoring, music and alarm functionalities and pre-loaded games.
What is the battery life of the S2 Smartwatch?
The S2 Smartwatch’s battery can last up to a week without charge based on everyday regular use.
Does the S2 Smartwatch have a sleep tracking feature?
Yes, the S2 Smartwatch has a sleep tracking feature. However, due to its size, it may not be the most comfortable to sleep with on your wrist.
How is the durability of the S2 Smartwatch?
The S2 Smartwatch is very durable thanks to its metal exterior with a nice touch of faux carbon fiber. It is designed to withstand accidental impacts.
What is the price of the S2 Smartwatch?
The price of the S2 Smartwatch is around 120, however, prices may vary depending on sales and stock availability.
Does the S2 Smartwatch have games?
Yes, there are pre-loaded games available on the S2 Smartwatch.

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