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Review: Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger – Reliable and Convenient with Secure Magnetic Grip

In-depth review of the versatile and durable Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger... Read more

Review of Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

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Test of Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

4.3/5 - (465 votes)

Cena: $29.99


  • Compact, sleek design
  • Strong magnetic hold
  • Adjustable, secure angle lock
  • Easy-to-install car vent mount
  • USB A to C cable included
  • Pleasing charging indicator light
  • Broad compatibility with latest iPhones


  • Slight wiggling when moved
  • Lock might cause potential vent damage
  • Light indicator perpetually on
  • Plastic body may not appeal to some

“After using the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger extensively, I must say, it’s an extremely reliable and convenient device. The sleek, minimal design is unobtrusive in the car, while the magnetic grip kept my devices securely attached, even when driving on bumpy roads. The flexible adjustment feature is a real bonus, allowing me to position my phone at just the right angle. However, it’s not perfect – the slight wiggle can be a tad annoying. Despite that, given the reasonable price tag and the device’s versatility, I think it offers excellent value for money. Whether driving for Uber or simply for your commute, not having to constantly plug and unplug your device feels like a true luxury.”

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Connectivity Technology USB
Connector Type MagSafe
Compatible Devices iPhone 15/14, iPhone 15/14 Plus, iPhone 15/14 Pro, iPhone 15/14 Pro Max, iPhone 13/12, iPhone 13/12 Mini, iPhone 13/12 Pro, iPhone 13/12 Pro Max
Compatible Phone Models iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 15/14, iPhone 15/14 Plus, iPhone 15/14 Pro, iPhone 15/14 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini
Included Components 1× Magnetic Wireless Car Mount Charger, 3.3 ft(1m) USB-A to USB-C Cable, 1× User Manual
Special Feature Fast Charging,Wireless Charging,Adjustable,Wireless,Magnetic
Color Black
Input Voltage 120 Volts
Mounting Type Car Air Vent

Introduction: Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Unboxing and Review

A Glimpse at the Sleek and Convenient Design

From the get-go, the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger captured my attention with its sleek design. Unlike many bulky car chargers on the market, this device is pleasingly compact and unassuming, making it a neat addition to the car’s interior. However, don’t let its modest size fool you – this charger is packed with impressive features.

My Long-term Experience with This Awesome Device

Ordinarily, an unboxing video would be a crucial part of a product review. But thanks to a corrupted video, I ended up with an unexpectedly extended testing period for the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger. Far from being a setback, this gave me the chance to delve deeper into the user experience, truly testing out its long-term performance. And I’ve got to say, I am pretty enamored with this car charger. But as all good reviews must be, let’s proceed with both compliments and critiques for a more rounded evaluation.

Note: Though the product packaging had an unfortunate run-in with video corruption, the device itself remained unphased, ready for evaluation. This review will hence, not include a traditional unboxing segment, but I believe a comprehensive user experience review will more than compensate for that.

In the spirit of delivering quality reviews, let me take you on this journey where I put the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger under the microscope, outlining my personal experiences, vetting its touted features, and ultimately, providing a solid critique of the charger’s performance.

Investigation of Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Magnetic Attachment: A Hassle-Free Charging Experience

  • Magnetic attachment provides hassle-free charging experience
  • Strong magnetic grip ensures phone security
  • Device combines functionality, safety, and aesthetics

One of the key standout features of this wireless car charger is its magnetic attachment capability. Syncwire has done a commendable job creating a device that is not only aesthetically appealing but also incredibly practical and easy to use. The magnetic attachment offers a seamless, hassle-free charging experience, particularly suited for those of us rocking the newer iPhone models like the iPhone 12 and 13.

The Magnetic Grip that Holds Firm

The charger features an impressively strong magnetic grip that ensures your phone stays secure during the drive. I found that even though there was a slight wiggling movement when I tried to shift the phone sideways, the magnetic hold remained firm. I tried dislodging the phone several times, but the grip was resilient throughout, adding to the overall safety and stability.

A Minor Issue Worth Noting

I do believe it is important to address the slight wigglement. While it doesn’t affect the functionality or safety of the phone, some might find it a tiny bit unsettling. However, understanding the nature of magnets and their characteristic to allow some movement, this can be seen as something not out of the ordinary.

Final Thoughts

In summary, while the Bond-like design and the satisfying click of the phone magnetically aligning to the charger are undeniably fun, the primary win here is the functional advantage. The firmness of the grip erases any worry about the phone slipping off even during a rough drive, and the slight wiggle can barely be deemed an issue. I think Syncwire has done an excellent job designing a magnetic wireless car charger that combines functionality, safety, and an aesthetically pleasing design in this segment.

Study of Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

The Unique Adjustable Design: Catering to Different Preferences

  • Charger design allows fully adjustable positioning
  • Secured position by tightening screw attachment
  • Flexible design caters to diverse user preferences

Believe me when I say that the adjustable design of the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger genuinely stole my attention. It closely marries utility and convenience, making it truly special.

The Comfort and Control of a Fully Rotatable Junction

Here’s a fascinating aspect; the back of this gadget houses a small ball-like structure. Thanks to this mechanism, you can adjust the charger in whichever direction you prefer. Whether you want it tilted a bit to the right or slightly upwards, it serves you just as you need.

How to Ensure a Perfect, Fixed Position

How do you lock it into your desired position, you ask? Simple. Just twist it towards the preferred direction with the ball and then firmly tighten it by screwing the adjacent attachment. Voila! The charger should now be perfectly positioned, just as you’d like.

While this adjustability feature is indeed a significant plus, it’s not without a potential con, and let’s get that out in the open. One could argue that the presence of movable parts may impact the longevity of the device. However, my use over an extended period hasn’t given me reason for concern yet. Given the brand’s reputation, it’s likely built to withstand regular usage. But only time can really tell.

Overall, this flexible design caters to diverse user preferences and is one of the elements that sets this Syncwire product apart.

Survey of Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Mounting the Device: Simple and Gentle on Your Car Vent

  • Syncwire car charger is easy and gentle to mount
  • Charger’s back mount designed for gentle, secure grip on vent
  • Lock mechanism ensures fit without risk of vent breakage

Mounting the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is a straightforward task – one that’s both easy to execute and gentle on the car’s vent. Allow me to guide you through this fuss-free process:

A Closer Look at the Vent Lock Mechanism

Fundamental to this process is the device’s back mount which is cleverly designed to click onto your car vent. By twisting it open, you can then fix it onto the vent. It’s important to note that this grip is not one that aggressively clamps down but rather, clings on gently.

Ensuring Secure Connection without Vent Damage

I was initially worried about the weight of the device potentially damaging the car vent. However, the vent mount has a lock mechanism which, when used correctly, ensures a secure fit without the risk of vent breakage. But how do you find that perfect balance, you ask?

  1. First, open the vent mount and place it on the vent.
  2. Next, lock it down using the locking command.
  3. Ensure that you get it just tight enough – but not so tight as to cause stress or breakage to the vent.

Once ‘locked in’, the device holds a good seal, ensuring it won’t randomly come off while you’re driving.

Remember: Finding the perfect lock tightness might need a bit of trial and error. It is critical to ensure the lock is not excessively tight, as this could lead to vent damage. But once you’ve got it mastered, you’re good to go!

Overall, the mounting system is as user-friendly as it is secure – a vital feature when you consider the product will be holding and charging one of your most valuable devices.

Synopsis: Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Powering Up and Usability: A Step-By-Step Run-Through

  • USB A to C cable included for easy setup
  • Uninterrupted glowing indicator aids in easy location
  • Provides a reliable, hassle-free charging solution

Experience with the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger doesn’t stop at its appearance or design, it extends to the ease of powering it up and how simple it is to use. So, let’s get into it.

The Simplicity of a USB A to C Cable Connection

Initial setup with the charger was a breeze thanks to the inclusion of a USB A to C cable. This is a practical and thoughtful design decision, acknowledging that many cars are still equipped with USB A ports.

Naturally, my preference would be for a USB-C to USB-C connection. This isn’t a drawback of the product itself, but rather a compatibility limitation based on current vehicle technology.

Interaction with the Vivid Charging Glow: Aesthetic and Functional

Powering up the charger offered a pleasing surprise – a vivid glow that surrounded the charger. And this isn’t just about visual appearance, this glow serves a functional purpose as well. The light indicator remains on all the time, making it quick and easy to locate the charger in dim light situations.

However, while the constant light wasn’t an issue for me, I can see how it might be distracting for some users, especially those who often drive at night. An option to turn this light off may have added to the responsiveness of this product. Overall, it didn’t detract from my overall favorable experience with this device.

So, let’s get your phone on there and watch the magic happen! As soon as I attached my iPhone to the charger, it charged up without a hitch. This was a testament to the reliability of the device that delivered exactly what was promised – a worry-free charging solution for the road.

In summary, powering up the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger and using it to charge my phone was a process that was straightforward and hassle-free. The company has clearly designed their product with the end user in mind, making usage intuitive while adding a few neat features along the way.

Verdict: Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Compatibility: Works Well with Latest iPhone Models

  • Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Charger is compatible with latest iPhones
  • Charging seamless with light indicator for readiness
  • May experience minor wiggle in use

As with any tech gadget, the question of compatibility always comes into play. You wonder, will this device play nice with your smartphone, or will it cause you more headache than it’s worth? With the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, I’m pleased to report that compatibility isn’t an issue at all, especially for the latest range of iPhone models.

Real-Time Testing with an iPhone 12 and 13: A Seamless Integration

I tested the magnetic wireless car charger with both an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 13 and found the magnetic attachment to work seamlessly. The smartphones snapped securely into place on the charger, proving an excellent hold without any fear of them falling off. It’s essential to note, though, that a slight wiggle can be noticed if you deliberately shake the phone side to side. However, in regular use, this isn’t an issue.

A Light Indicator that Never Sleeps: Always Ready to Serve

Charging was also seamless, with the light indicator signaling a successful charge as soon as the phone was attached. This light consistently stays on, ready to serve whenever the need arises. It’s a simple, yet reassuring feature that gives you confidence in the charger’s readiness to power your device. This is undoubtedly a useful feature that sets it apart.

In conclusion, for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users, this charger blends compatibility and function excellently, eliminating the worry about matching gadgets. But remember, as with any product, experiences may vary and it’s always best to do a quick test after set up to ensure everything works as expected. Furthermore, the minor wiggle might not sit well with everyone, but considering the overall performance, it seems like a minor concession to make.

Inspection of Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Versatility: More Than Just a Charger!

  • Syncwire charger has dual functionality, charge and mount
  • Charger provides safety and accessibility for rideshare drivers

Let’s talk about one of the standouts of this Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger – its versatility. Yes, it’s a great car charger, but don’t make the mistake of restricting it to just that role. Adding to its convenience factor, I found it to be a highly useful car mount as well.

Use it as a Regular Car Mount When Not Charging

The value of this device as a car mount certainly can’t be overstated. When there’s no immediate need for charging my phone, I often use it just as a car mount. It’s extremely easy to do so. All I had to do was simply stick the phone to the device, and it held on secure and steady. This dual functionality offers a great deal of practicality, helping me get the maximum utility out of it.

Perfect for Lyft and Uber Drivers: Keep Your Phone Charged and Secure

If you happen to be a rideshare driver or delivery person, this car charger and mount combo can really come in handy. Your phone gets to stay in a noticeable and easily accessible spot while remaining charged. There’s no need to bother about your phone slipping or falling while driving. Just stick your phone on, and when you’re ready to gather your belongings and make a delivery, easily pull the phone off. It’s as simple as that.

The Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger creates an ideal balance between keeping the phone charged and ensuring it’s safe. That’s what makes it more than “just a charger” and more of a dynamic car accessory. Note: While my experience has been largely positive, the actual performance may vary depending on your specific car model and phone type.

Perspective: Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Quality and Value: Plastic Body with Soft-Touch Material to Protect Your Phone

  • Charger is durable, lightweight and meticulously designed
  • Soft-touch material protects phone from scratches
  • Good value for money, multi-functional and thoughtful additional features

As an experienced user of various tech products, evaluating the build quality is one of the key aspects of any product review. The Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is no exception. Its all-plastic build might raise a few eyebrows, but the device demonstrates how plastic can be both durable and lightweight. The different parts of the charger fit together seamlessly, suggesting meticulous design and manufacturing.

The Soft-Touch Material

The charger shows thoughtfulness in design by incorporating a soft-touch material where the phone rests. This feature ensures your phone stays scratch-free, even after many instances of attaching and detaching the device. Using this charger, I haven’t observed any scrapes or damage to my phone’s surface.

Value vs. Price

In terms of value for money , the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger scores highly. Given its remarkable features like MagSafe compatibility, a fully rotatable mount, and an ever-ready light indicator, the charger is quite reasonably priced. It’s a multi-functional device that serves not only as a car charger but also as a convenient car mount.

While reviewing the product, a unique point caught my attention: the inclusion of an alignment tool and additional magnet for non-MagSafe phones or cases. It’s a testament to Syncwire’s commitment to deliver maximum value in a single package.

In conclusion, this charger stands out not only for its performance but also for its considerate design and good value for price. It’s a quality tech accessory that I believe many users will find worth the investment.

Review of Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Conclusion: Giving the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger a Big Thumbs Up!

After a thorough evaluation, and based on personal experience, Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger emerges as a brilliant device that caters to modern-day technological needs.

The Overall Experience

The entire journey of unboxing, setting, using and living with this charger was a cakewalk. The user-friendly interface, together with its compact yet sturdy design, made it an enjoyable experience. Every aspect of the design – from the magnetic grip to the adjustable attachments and the gentle glow – vividly explains the company’s focus on the user’s comfort, all while ensuring an appealing aesthetic.

Performance and Quality

During my time testing this device, the performance was remarkably consistent. Whether it’s the security assured by the firm magnetic grip, or the flexibility offered by its 360-degree adjustable design – everything worked as promised. Syncwire’s soft touch, plastic construction was protective, durable and eye-catching. Despite the plastic build, the charger holds up well and functions flawlessly whilst maintaining an appealing look.

Value For Money

The pricing point of Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is quite reasonable considering its features and the convenience it provides. It’s not just a device charger – it can also serve as a secure mount for your phone. This added versatility delivers great value, especially for drivers who need to keep their devices secured and charged during rides.


  • The only minor issue faced was the slight wiggle when giving the mounted phone a nudge. While it doesn’t affect the grip and the phone stayed firmly attached, a more rigid hold might be appreciated by some users.
  • Also, having a USB-C to USB-C cable could have been more desirable and future-proof. Despite these, the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger managed to live up to, and even surpass, expectations.

In conclusion, the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger deserves a well-earned recommendation. It smoothly blends convenience, aesthetic, durability, and versatility, making it a great choice for an on-the-go charging solution.

Should you buy the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger?

Buy it if…

You value convenience and time efficiency

The Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger stands out for its magnetic attachment and easy mount, simplifying the charging process while you’re on the road.

You’re an Uber or Lyft driver

Being able to quickly mount and dismount your phone while keeping it charged can streamline your daily work, making this charger invaluable.

You appreciate design quality

Its sleek design and soft-touch material show it’s designed to be stylish, compact, and protect your phone from scratches.

Don’t buy it if…

You don’t have a USB port in your car

This wireless charger requires a USB A to C connection to power up from your car. If your car lacks a USB port, you might encounter difficulties.

You’re seeking firm stability

Despite the strong magnetic hold, the mount may wiggle slightly when manipulated, which could be bothersome for some motorists.

Your phone doesn’t support MagSafe or has an incompatible casing

The charger comes with a magnet for non-MagSafe phones, but some phone cases may still render it ineffective.


Is the Syncwire Magnetic Wireless Car Charger compatible with all types of smartphones?
The charger specifically fits iPhone 12 and 13 models with MagSafe. However, it includes a magnet for different phones and phone cases, which allows it to be used as a car mount even if you don’t have the charging capability.
Can the charger be used only in cars with a USB port?
The charger can be used in cars with a USB port. If your car doesn’t have a USB port, you will need to use a car charger in the cigarette port.
Does the charger come with a USB-C to C cable?
The charger comes with a USB A to C cable. The cable allows the charger to connect to a USB port in your car.
Does the charger’s light indicator remain on even when not charging?
Yes, the light indicator on the charger is on constantly.
Is the car vent harmed or damaged when the charger is installed?
The charger is designed to lock securely onto the car vent without causing any damage. You just need to adjust and lock it just enough so that it doesn’t break the car vent.
Can the charger be used without the charging capability?
Yes, even if you don’t need to charge your phone, you can use the charger as a car mount, adding to its versatility.

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