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Review: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch – Combines functionality and aesthetics seamlessly

Unbiased review of various Subcase iPhone 14 cases, testing functionality, aesthetics, durability and design features... Read more

Review of SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch

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Test of SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch

4.5/5 - (683 votes)

Cena: $17.99


  • High-quality design and construction
  • Variety of color options
  • Many models feature two-tone design
  • Most cases have strong button feel
  • Effective cutouts and ample resivity
  • Some models have a built-in kickstand
  • Magsafe compatibility in specific models


  • Clear cases have a slight yellow tinge
  • Color may not match all phone colors
  • Mag Pro SP has slight yellowing
  • Phone size may affect case comfort

“After spending ample time with the different styles and colors of the Subcase cases, I must say I’m pretty impressed. Each case boasted its own unique appeal, be it in the rich color schemes or in the practical elements such as button feel, resivity, and cutouts. The Ubi Style range particularly charmed me with its two-tone designs. However, the clear variants left something to be desired, evidenced by their slightly yellowing appearance over time. Despite this, the overall quality, protection, and unique design elements of these Subcase cases make them a solid contender in the phone case market. Bravo to Subcase for a product lineup that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics.”

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Color Azure
Form Factor Basic Case
Compatible Phone Models iPhone 14
Material Polycarbonate

Introduction: In-Depth Unboxing of Subcase Cases

Gearing up for an extensive and detailed unboxing session of the much-anticipated Subcase iPhone Covers, it’s impossible to hide the wave of excitement. Unlike the common quick peek or skim-through, this review intends to dig deep into each product for a thorough and balanced assessment.

Generosity of Subcase

First off, serious applause to Subcase for their incredibly generous package. A big box, chock full of exciting case options to sift through. It’s important to mention each case was sent over absolutely free of charge for this unbiased evaluation.

Deciphering the Video Segmentation

With the array of available cases, segmentation was the way forward to keep the review coherent and easy to follow. Each model of the wildly anticipated iPhone 14 – the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max, deserves its own spotlight. So, it was essential to neatly box off each assessment to avoid any overlapping or, even worse, under-representation. Any viewer navigating this review will have the convenience to hop around to the segment they are most interested in and even circle back if needed.

Do keep in mind, compatibility across iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 may exist, thanks to their matching dimensions. And the exciting part? Each model is highly likely to come in a spectrum of color options. So, before you fixate on a blue case for your iPhone 14. Fear not – you’re probably going to find it for the 14 Pro as well.

A journey is about to begin through each model’s unique properties and stylish shades. Stay tuned to delve into an all-encompassing unboxing and review experience!

Testing SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch

Personal Touches: Subcase’s Attention to Detail

  • Subcase’s personal touch includes handwritten letters.
  • Subcase offers high-quality, branded merchandise.

As I dove deeper into the Subcase collection, I was pleasantly surprised by the company’s attentiveness and personal touch. Come along as I share my experience.

Appreciating the Handwritten Letter: Personability in Business

First, let’s talk about the personalized handwritten letter that I came across while unpacking the box. In a world dominated by digital communication, receiving a written letter has a special charm to it. I must admit, it was a delightful surprise and signified the brand’s appreciation for their customers. However, I couldn’t help but think, as a company that primarily produces tech accessories, a handwritten letter felt a tad mismatched. Note to the brand: Aligning your outreach method with your product genre can resonate more strongly with customers.

Standing out with Subcase Merchandise: Reviewing the Hat

Moving onto the merchandise, included in the box was a cool Subcase branded hat. I’ve received and reviewed a lot of gadgets, but throwing in a wearable caught my interest. The quality was impressive, and I can confidently say that it’s more than just a promotional item. It’s a stylish accessory that I look forward to wearing. Can I suggest that Subcase diversify more into tech-related merchandise? A branded phone grip or a popsocket could be a more fitting choice for tech enthusiasts. Critical Point: While this promotional swag is appreciated, tech-centered freebies are something that Subcase should consider.

Case by case, personal touch by personal touch, Subcase has shown an exceptional focus on detail. Their endeavor to build a strong customer relationship is evident, even if there is room to align those efforts more closely with their product line. As I continue my journey through their case collection, these personal touches lend an added element of anticipation.

Overview of SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch

Starting with the Basics: iPhone 14 Cases Review

  • Iphone 14 case reviews are unbiased and critical
  • Subcase iPhone 14 Ubi Style case has two-tone design
  • Case is aesthetically appealing and functional

It’s time to dive into the deep end with these Subcase iPhone 14 case reviews. These reviews encapsulate my personal account with these products—both the highs and the lows. It’s important to remember to keep things critical and unbiased. Alright, let’s get started.

First Impression on the Subcase iPhone 14 6.1 Ubi Style in Purple

Upon unboxing, the first iPhone 14 case to capture my attention was the Subcase iPhone 14 6.1 Ubi Style edition in Mauve. My initial reaction was sheer admiration for the purplish hue of the case. It was strikingly different, standing out from the usual monochromatic range of phone cases.

The design was smooth and sleek with a two-tone appeal that was visually pleasing. The case did not have a front screen protector, which is a key aspect to note for those who already have a tempered glass screen protector on their phones.

Two-Tone Design and Button Feel: Points for Aesthetics and Functionality

Stripping away the protective plastic, I keenly examined the iPhone 14 Ubi case. First off, the design was impressive with its seamless two-tone finish. The unique draping design on the back coupled with the understated Subcase branding lent the case a modern and stylish vibe.

I popped in the iPhone 13 (since I don’t have the iPhone 14 on hand) into the case cautiously to avoid cutting myself on the broken glass. The iPhone fitted seamlessly, indicating compatibility with both the 13 and 14 models.

The back view was aesthetically pleasing, with excellent camera resivity—the two-tone design and coloration did not obstruct the camera at all. Pressing the buttons of the cased iPhone was a breeze, thanks to the well-designed two-toned buttons. They provided a nice pop of color, adding to the design without compromising functionality.

The bottom cutouts are perfectly sized and the mute switch is easily accessible—a definite bonus. A notable feature was the lanyard mount, an inclusions that may be beneficial to some. The branding was minimalistic—a small subcase logo at the base of the case that did not distract from the overall design.

Overall, the design was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The case exuded a balance of style and practicality, which is critical in a phone case. The color, fit and overall design are points I think will attract potential customers. Without a doubt, this case is worth checking out.

Examining SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch

Following Up: Ubi Style in Azure Review

  • Two-tone blue design enhances case’s aesthetic appeal
  • Substantial attention to functionality without disregarding color
  • Case blends aesthetics, functionality, and resilience

Having already seen the Subcase Ubi Style in Mauve, I was thrilled to switch gears and check out the same case in Azure. The coloring immediately caught my eye, so here’s my deep dive into the experience.

Initial Thoughts on the Blue Color Scheme

I couldn’t help but appreciate the refreshing color of this case right out of the box. The Azure is undeniably striking, bringing a vibrant change from the classical black or clear cases we usually find. The two-tone blue design takes it a notch higher, highlighting the case’s creative aesthetic in a way that’s both subtle and bold.

Evaluating Functionality: Button Feel, Cutouts, and Resivity

Now, as enthusiastic as I was about the color, it doesn’t overshadow Subcase’s regular attention to functionality . Firstly, the buttons on the case felt perfect. Not overly clicky, just the right amount of tactile feedback when pressed.

Naturally, I had to take some time to check all the cutouts – and they did not disappoint. Each outlet was just where it was supposed to be. But what truly impressed me were the accessibility features. The case managed to maintain a solid balance between functionality and comfort, resulting in cutouts that are meticulously forged to perfection.

Moving on, I took a good look at the resivity of this case on the iPhone. Because let’s face it – a visually attractive case that doesn’t protect your phone isn’t doing its job. So I was pleased to see this reappearance of the two-tone design contributing towards added protection for the camera.

In conclusion, the Subcase Ubi Style in Azure comes out as a well-rounded, robust, and vibrant phone case. Its blend of aesthetics, functionality, and resilience on the 14 Pro Max certainly raised the bar in my phone case expectations.

Critique of SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch

Continuing with the Clear Trend: iPhone 14 Ubi Style Clear

  • iPhone 14 Ubi Style Clear showcases phone design
  • Case has a slight yellowish tinge
  • Offers strong protection and functionality

Continuing the sub-case exploration with a more transparent perspective, I dive into the popular trend of clear cases, bringing to light the iPhone 14 Ubi Style Clear. A popular choice amongst many users, clear cases have a single draw – to showcase the iPhone’s design and color, all while providing the same level of protection.

Initial Take on the Ubi Style Clear

In my hands, the first glance offers a somewhat tinted view. The clear case isn’t exactly … clear. A slight yellowish tinge marks the transparent exterior, slightly affecting the overall showcase value that clear cases are commonly treasured for. It’s quite subtle but enough to get noticed when compared side-by-side with other clear cases in the market.

Installation and Testing

Moving on to the installation, it turned out to be far from troublesome. My iPhone 14 comfortably fit into the case without causing a bother. Let’s look at the brighter side, once installed on the iPhone, the yellow tint reduces its impact on the overall aesthetic appeal. The transparency of the case does maintain its prime responsibility of showcasing the iPhone’s beauty whilst promising protection.

Key Features

  • Button Feel: With the iPhone 14 snugly fitted into the case, I test the functionality aspects, starting with the buttons. The button feel was perfect, no troubles pushing, and there was a decent responsive bounce, enhancing the user interaction.
  • Cutouts: Moving onto the cutouts, they are sharp and distinct, providing easy access to all ports, jacks, and even camera functionality. All in all, perfect craftsmanship!
  • Resivity: When discussing resivity, the case performed well and stood up firmly, offering comprehensible protection around the corners and edges.


When it comes to clear cases, one paramount feature is unbeatable transparency, and this is where the iPhone 14 Ubi Style Clear loses a point. At first glance, the slight yellow tinge could be a significant compromise for some users. However, the case scores high on protection and functionality, delivering a quality user experience. If you’re a user who can overlook a slight hue in favor of functionality and protection, then this might be the clear case for you.

Testing SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch

Delving into Unique Designs: Apple iPhone 14 Plus Cases

  • Unique designs enhance aesthetic appeal of iPhone 14 Plus cases
  • Functional features balanced with style in Subcase’s products
  • Magsafe compatibility an added feature in Ubi Mag model

When it comes to smartphone cases, design speaks volumes. It could either enhance the aesthetic appeal or act as a deal-breaker. This was, therefore, an intriguing part of my review spree – to delve deeper into the unique designs offered for the Apple iPhone 14 Plus. Here’s an unbiased analysis of my experience exploring these cases:

Reviewing the Ubi Style Mauve

Unwrapping the Subcase Ubi Style in a refreshing Mauve shade is a delightful sight. This distinct, yet visually appealing, purple-hued case offers a two-tone design, a feature that has been an absolute hit in the fashion circuit. The case seemed tailor-made for a user memerising by aesthetic vibrance and a sense of individuality.

However, the design is not just about looks. Balancing it with functionality, the strategically placed buttons were easy to navigate and hit. However, a closer look at the camera cut-out revealed that it seemed a tad small against the size of the phone, which could potentially be an issue over time.

Analyzing the New Edge XT SP: Unboxing and First Impressions

Moving to another innovative design in Subcase’s lineup, the New Edge XT SP held an alluring mystery box appeal. Its packaging reflected an air of exclusivity. On unboxing, the hint of a bumper-styled case did pique my curiosity.

Once installed, I found that its squared-off design led to a slightly increased heft, which may require some getting used to. Simultaneously, its clear back did justice to displaying my device’s original color, adding to its aesthetics.

The Ubi Mag: Initial Thoughts and Test Magsafe Compatibility

Then came the Ubi Mag case – an intriguing mix of unique design and smart functionality. Its minimal design, coupled with an appealing pop of color, creates an aesthetically pleasing view.

An additional feature that sets the Ubi Mag apart is its Magsafe compatibility. Using a Magsafe charger with it resulted in a strong magnetic connect, signalling its successful alignment with the feature.

Testing the iPhone 14 Plus Ubi Style Clear: A Continuation of the Clear Trend

Lastly, it was time to take a look at Subcase’s take on the trend of clear cases, with the Ubi Style Clear for iPhone 14 Plus. The case, similar to previous designs, portrayed a slightly yellow tint rather than a pure clear shade. This could be a turn off for users seeking truly clear cases to uphold the original device color.

In terms of functionality, the case ticks all the right boxes – satisfactory button feel, correct size cut-outs, and satisfactory resting lip. Yet, it was the more visible yellow tinge that shadowed its clear identity, leaving me in a pool of mixed feelings.

Overall, while these unique designs cater to a variety of style preferences and protection levels, there are relatively minor points to consider during your selection process. Whether it’s the pop of colors, clear cases, or functional features, Subcase offers an eclectic mix to choose from.

Investigation of SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch

Unboxing the Best for Last: iPhone 14 Pro Max Subcase Cases

  • Subcase iPhone 14 Pro Max cases offer style and protection
  • Colorful options like the two-tone Mauve case available
  • Features include Magsafe compatibility, kickstand, seamless cutouts

Have you ever saved the tastiest bite of your dinner for the last? Well, I approached the iPhone 14 Pro Max lineup in a similar fashion, keeping the best ones until the end. Let me tell you, these beauties from Subcase were worth the wait.

Starting off with the Clear Variant: Review and Critique

Style meets protection – the first impression I got when I unboxed the iPhone 14 Pro Max Ubi Style clear case. The transparent design is ideal for showcasing your iPhone’s color while the robust construction promises top-notch protection. However, the slightly yellowish shade was slightly bothersome. Though not overly apparent once the phone was installed, it’s something that Subcase can definitely optimize.

Exploring the Subcase Ubi Style in Mauve

This case immediately caught my attention – a two-tone mauve design that complements the aesthetic of the new iPhone magnificently. With perfect button feel and seamless cutouts to match, the functionality aspect was ticked off as well. If you’re a fan of purple, this case might just be what you’ve been searching for.

Endearing Introduction to the Unique Ubi Mag

The Ubi Mag offered a refreshing twist on the clear case trend, offering Magsafe compatibility for the added benefit of easy attachment to various accessories. Although the case had a brilliant design, the tint seemed a little yellow when compared to other clear cases. Nonetheless, upon installing, the yellow was not very noticeable and the case worked great with the Magsafe charger.

Unlike Any Other Case: Reviewing the Mag Pro Screen Protector in Loft

One thing that stood out about the Mag Pro Screen Protector Loft was the interesting spring-loaded kickstand, which is a breeze to deploy. The case was well-packaged and looked premium right out of the box. The color – Loft – was vibrant yet sophisticated, and combined with Magsafe compatibility, the case delivered both form and function. But what took my breath away was the kickstand. The button-lever system that it uses is quite ingenious, no more fumbling with the stand to get the right viewing angle.

In conclusion, each of the iPhone 14 Pro Max Subcase has its own attraction but could be improved with some minor tweaks. Standing out in the crowd, every case was an example of practicality beautifully merging with style.

Analysis of SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch

Conclusion: Summarizing my Subcase Experience

In my journey of exploring and reviewing an assortment of Subcase products, I’ve seen a balance of hits and a few misses. However, the compelling aspect of these cases remains their impressive detail to design, protection level, and the element of choice they offer across various models and colors.

Acknowledgment of the Good

Subcase truly excelled in their presentation, the attention to detail was exceptional. The handwritten note was a heartfelt touch, and the promotional merchandise served as a bonus. More importantly, the different case options for the iPhone 14, 14 plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max demonstrated the versatility of Subcase’s product line.

Critiques and Suggestion

While the versatile line-up was impressive, there is room for improvement. The predominant issue was with the clear cases from Subcase. Their subtle yellowish tint could be a decisive factor for some buyers who prefer a truly transparent case that showcases the color and design of their iPhone. An improvement in this area might enhance their product range.

Standout Features

On the bright side, the Ubi Mag case’s Magsafe compatibility feature worked seamlessly, offering a strong magnetic attachment. Cases with a built-in kickstand, such as the Mag Pro Screen Protector case in Loft, painted a picture of user-friendly convenience combined with protection.

Final Verdict

Summarizing my experience, I appreciate Subcase’s commitment to offering a wide range of cases with distinct features. The minor improvements suggested should not overshadow the overall functionality and design. With their diversity in case style, color options and sustainable protection, they cater to a broad spectrum of customer preferences, making them a worthy contender in the market.

Should you buy the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 6.1 Inch?

Buy it if…

You need extensive iPhone protection

Subcase offerings are comprehensive, featuring cases from basic to superior protection, making them excellent for anyone keen on safeguarding their iPhone 14, 14 plus, 14 Pro, or 14 Pro Max.

You value product personalization

With Subcase cases coming in multiple colors, it offers aesthetic flexibility, allowing you to match your phone case with your style or mood.

You appreciate practicality

The cases feature practical elements like strong Magsafe compatibility and built-in kickstands, so these are ideal if you prefer function alongside form.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer completely clear cases

Though Subcase offers clear cases, they are mentioned to have a slight yellow tint. If you prefer perfectly clear cases without any coloration then Subcase might not be the go-to brand.

You’re budget conscious

While the quality and variety of these iPhone cases are praised, the pricing is not discussed. If you’re on a budget, you might have to look elsewhere.

You dislike bulk

Some Subcase models are quite sturdy and offer significant protection, but they also add a fair bit of bulk to your device. If slim design is a priority for you, Subcase’s heavy-duty cases might not be the right pick.


Are the Subcase cases magsafe compatible?
Yes, certain models such as the Ubi Mag and the Mag Pro Screen Protector are Magsafe compatible.
What types of colors are available for Subcase cases?
Subcase cases come in a variety of colors. In the review, mauve, azure, black and clear cases were mentioned.
Can the clear Subcase case yellow over time?
The clear cases in the review were shown to have a slight yellow tinge which could indicate potential yellowing over time.
Do any of the Subcase cases come with extra features?
Yes. Cases like the Mag Pro SP in Loft come with a built-in kickstand.
Are all of the Subcase cases slim-fit?
No, while many Subcase cases are slim-fit, models such as the Mag Pro SP in Loft are bulkier.
Are all the Subcase cases compatible with all iPhone models?
No, specific cases are designed for specific iPhone models. Make sure to check the compatibility before making a purchase.
Are Subcase cases protective?
Yes, all Subcase cases reviewed offer protection against drops, while some models also include built-in screen protectors.
Where can I purchase the SubCase cases?
The review provided links to all the cases, which presumably lead to the official Subcase website or third-party online stores like Amazon.

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