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Review: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for Apple AirTag (2021) GPS Tracker – Ensures secure fit and reduces accidental loss

Explore the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case’s aesthetics, utility, and whether it lives up to the hype... Read more

Review of SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for Apple AirTag (2021) GPS Tracker

Test of SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for Apple AirTag (2021) GPS Tracker

4.5/5 - (770 votes)

Cena: $11.99


  • Strong and resistant metallic clip
  • Easy air tag insertion
  • Secure hold for air tags
  • Stylish design and texture
  • Displays the Apple logo
  • Added bulk for better grip
  • Supplied free for review


  • Added bulk may not appeal to everyone
  • Removal of air tag takes effort
  • Case doesn’t open for insertion
  • Air tag may scrape during removal

“While the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case certainly stands out with its slick design and durable build, its slight bulk may be a deterrent for some. Its insertion process is fairly straightforward, although removal did require a bit more effort. Yet, the firmness of the item ensures a secure fit, reducing worries about accidental loss. Despite these factors, if you’re in search of a solid and stylish case that adds a tad of character to your air tag, this could be a worthy contender. “

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Color Black
Compatible Devices Apple AirTag
Form Factor Case
Shell Type Soft


Hey there folks! Today, we’re diving into a particularly captivating product that I’ve recently got my hands on. I’m talking about the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case, and boy, am I excited to share my thoughts with you about it. From first glance, the case prompts intrigue, but will it meet our high standards and expectations? Let’s delve into it and see.

Unboxing the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case

Unboxing the product, it’s all quite uncomplicated and straight-to-the-point. The package is simple, enclosing the case in a plastic baggie. Upon extraction, there’s nothing extra lying around: no unnecessary packaging that could clutter up your space. Props to Subcase for this sustainable choice!

First Impressions of the Air Tag Case

Once the health envelope of plastic had been removed, I held the black Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag case in my hands for the first time. It looks pretty cool. What strikes me immediately is the robust case boasting a clip that features a faux carbon-fiber finish. The clip feels strong and shows \just the right amount of resistance, indicative of high quality. There’s also a circular keyring attached to it, paving the way for easy attachment and detachment from various objects. However, a closer look reveals that this particular circle clip holds a somewhat “squishy” TPU type plastic, pleasantly adorned with simplistic designs engraved on its back. Seems promising, but we’ll have to dig deeper to form a complete opinion.

Stick with me as we journey through this review, bathe in the details, and ultimately, evaluate whether this product is a yay or a nay!

Rating: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for Apple AirTag (2021) GPS Tracker

Product Description

  • Case features slick, black design with metallic clip
  • Comprised of squishy TPU type plastic, ensures security
  • Non-detachable design may hinder air tag removal

Delving into the specifics of the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case was an informative journey. Let’s break down the product piece by piece, focusing on its key characteristics.

Highlighting the Key Features of the Air Tag Case

In terms of appearance, the case exhibits a slick, black design that looks pretty streamlined, with features like a metallic clip and faux carbon fiber accents to add a bit of flair. While style is always subjective, the case does exhibit a kind of understated appeal.

Dimensions and Metallic Clip Features

The robust metallic clip looks well-built and exhibits ample resistance which is a significant feature when considering the safety of the attached air tag.

The circular clasp used for connecting the air tag to the case, simulating a keyring design, is another interesting aspect. It gives an air of simplicity and ensures that the air tag is secured without any hassles.

Examination of the TPU Plastic and Design

The main body of the case is comprised of a squishy TPU type plastic that feels pleasant and secure in hand. The back of the case is adorned with a design, though it can appear blown out due to the white balance.

However, a slight downside could be the lack of dismantlability of the case. It does not come apart, which might hinder the ease of inserting and removing the air tag, but further testing is required to confirm this.

In conclusion, the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case appears to be a well-designed protective cover for your air tag. Its key features speak of a focus on durability and security, though some aspects such as the non-detachable design could pose potential challenges. In the following sections, we’ll explore these features in operation.

Thoughts on SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for Apple AirTag (2021) GPS Tracker

Insertion Process

  • Air Tag inserts into case through designed slot
  • Case design offers scratch-prone Air Tags extra protection
  • The insertion process is intuitive and smooth

Delving right into the heart of the subject, let’s talk about sliding the Air Tag into the case — a significant component in any protective case evaluation.

Testing the Air Tag’s Compatibility with the Case

At first glance, it might seem like a puzzle. The case doesn’t come apart, making you question how the Air Tag gets in. The answer lies in the design— a slot that allows you to slide the Air Tag right in. I found it interesting that the case manufacturers decided to go with this mechanism for the holders, a clear deviation from the norm of opening the case and snapping it shut.

Analyzing User Ease during Tag Insertion

Initial doubts aside, the tag slipped in with ease. You can see the entire front once it’s put in, which I’d like to celebrate as a plus! However, I do believe flipping it the other way, to display the Apple logo, isn’t the best idea. The Air Tags are notoriously known for picking up scratches easily, so having the logo on the inner side might be a good idea.

Flip-side Visibility and Scratch Resistance

The case design takes into account the scratch-prone nature of the Air Tags, providing an ekstra layer of protection for those concerned about maintaining their tag’s aesthetic value. This thoughtful design successfully checks the scratch-resistance box in overall inspection.

To summarize, the initial hurdle of figuring out the insertion process gave way to an easy and smooth experience. The intuitive design lends to an unhindered view of the Air Tag’s surface, and critically, it banks on the Air Tag’s market reputation to enhance its own protective qualities. While the insertion process was not as expected, the end result hits quite a few right notes.

Rundown: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for Apple AirTag (2021) GPS Tracker

Removal Test

  • Removing Air Tag from Beetle Pro case is easy
  • Security of Beetle Pro case is adequate, not foolproof

In this section, we’re going to discuss the ease of removing the Air Tag from the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro case. This is a crucial factor to consider when using any case, as it directly impacts the overall user convenience. So, let’s delve into it.

Checking the Ease of Removal

Extracting the Air tag from its snug-fitting shell, one might expect it to be a bit complicated given how securely it sits in there. However, it’s actually quite simple – surprisingly so. All it takes is a gentle, yet firm push. The ease of this process might be a bit alarming, especially when it comes to the security aspect of the Air tag which we will discuss later.

Evaluating the Firmness and Security

While the ease of both the insertion and removal process offers effortless usability, the question of security looms large. No user would want their Air tag to fall out accidentally and get lost. The Beetle Pro case seemed quite fair in this aspect, it requires a reasonable amount of pressure to extricate the tag from the case, which suggests that it wouldn’t fall out easily in day-to-day situations. But, an opening-and-closing clip could have offered a more secure fastening approach, saving users from any potential loss or concern about losing their Air tag.

Final Thoughts on Removal Test

In conclusion, the removal process is fairly straightforward and easy, and security is decent but not foolproof. The Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro wins points for ease of use, though loses a couple when it comes to providing an unrelenting sense of security. Rest assured, the securing mechanism is adequate for most everyday scenarios, unless exposed to aggressive jerks or shocks. This little insight would be beneficial to potential users to understand the case’s mechanics before finalizing their purchase.

Examination of SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for Apple AirTag (2021) GPS Tracker

Final Verdict

  • Subcase Unicorn Beetle offers robust protection and style
  • Case adds bulk, may deter minimalism seekers
  • Installation could be tricky, consider needs before purchase

So, we’ve taken a good look at the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case, experienced its usage, and it’s now time to share my unbiased final verdict.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

The case is pretty robust, offering a good level of protection to the air tag. The slick design and the metallic clip are both functional and stylish. The TPU plastic used in the design provides some shock absorption and the strong clip ensures it stays in place.

However, inserting the air tag was a bit tricky as the case doesn’t open up. One needs to slide it in which might be a negative for those preferring a clip shut design. Moreover, the removal process, although easy, might not give everyone a sense of security as one might like.

Design, Bulk Consideration, and Utility

The case does add a bit of bulk to the Air Tag which could be a deterring factor for those seeking a more minimalist look. However, considering the protective qualities and the added feature of an easy-to-use clip, the added bulk can surely be overlooked by most users. The visibility of the Apple logo, while scratched easily, is a nice touch for those who are brand conscious.

Final Thought and Recommendation

The Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case is a good investment for those who are looking for both style and utility. It offers a great design, sufficient protection for the AirTag, and a handy clip for attachment. However, for those who prioritize a minimalist design and easy installation, you might want to consider other options. Consider your needs before making a purchase!

Weighing SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for Apple AirTag (2021) GPS Tracker


Wrapping up, the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case, in my view, is a worthwhile consideration for anyone in need of a sturdy and functional air tag case. Although it makes your sleek air tag a tad bulkier, it’s justifiable for the impressive level of protection and style it offers.

Summing Up the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case Review

Overall, this case scores high in providing a sturdy carbon fiber clip, durable squishy TPU plastic covering, and an aesthetically appealing design. The carbon fiber clip offers firm resistance and can be easily attached to items like backpacks, offering a new level of utilization for your Air Tags.

Inserting and removing the air tag is relatively straightforward, although a little pressure might be needed, which is to ensure that the air tag remains secure inside. Flip-side visibility allows for customization options based on your preference, with caution advised when handling the scratch-prone Apple logo side.

Acknowledging Subcase’s Free Product for Review

It should be mentioned that this review is based on a product provided free of charge by Subcase. The manufacturers’ kindness, however, has not impacted the objectivity of the evaluation. The experiences shared here are entirely based on the product’s actual functioning and its comparison with expected level of performances.

The Takeaway

To culminate, the product essentially stands true to its offerings. Weighing both the pros and cons, the case could definitely be improved, particularly ease of insertion and removal. The bulk addition is also noticeable, but since it does not hinder the aesthetics or functionality, it is ignorable. The Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro comes across as a reliable air tag protector and is worth your consideration.

Should you buy the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for Apple AirTag (2021) GPS Tracker?

Buy it if…

You value product quality and design

The Air Tag case also stands out with its slick carbon fiber design and strong clip, adding some style to your everyday carry items.

You’re looking for extra protection for your Air Tag

The TPU plastic cover will protect your Air Tag from scratches, ensuring its longevity. The firmness of the case also provides security, lowering the potential risk of the Air Tag falling out.

You appreciate product versatility

The case does not only protect your Air Tag but also ads functionality, with its strong clips you can easily attach it to your keychain, backpack or other belongings.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer minimalist accessories

The Air Tag case does add some bulk to the Apple Air Tag, which might not be ideal for you if you’re a fan of minimalist design.

You often need to remove the Air Tag

If you need to remove the Air Tag frequently, this case might be a hassle because it takes a bit of effort to take it out.

You prefer open-close style cases

This Air Tag case design is not the open-close type, it works by sliding your Air Tag inside; if you prefer cases that you can open and clip shut, this one might not suit your preferences.


What is the Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case made of?
The Subcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Air Tag Case is made of squishy TPU type plastic.
Does the air tag fit into the case easily?
Yes, the air tag slides right into the case however you’ll need to exert a little bit of pressure.
How easy is it to remove the air tag from the case?
Removing the air tag from the case requires a bit of effort but it’s generally easy.
Is the case durable?
Yes, the case and its connecting keyring have strong resistance, indicating good durability.
Does the case protect the Air Tag from scratches?
Yes, the case is designed to protect the Air Tag from scratches.
Does the case add any bulk to the Air Tag?
Yes, the case adds some bulkiness to the Air Tag.
Can I see the Apple logo after placing the Air Tag in the case?
Yes, you can flip it to see the Apple logo but it’s not recommended due to potential scratching.
Can the Air Tag case be attached to a backpack?
Yes, the Air Tag case comes with a clip making it easy to attach to your backpack or other items.

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