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Review: SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset – Superior comfort, robust features, excellent sound across platforms

Explore the immersive sound world of Steel Series Arctic’s Nova 7X with our unbiased review... Read more

Review of SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset

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Test of SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset

4.1/5 - (12903 votes)

Cena: $84.95


  • Compatible with various platforms
  • Comfortable for extended gaming
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Multiple functionality features
  • Interchangeable ear cushions
  • Up to 38 hours of battery
  • Simultaneous Bluetooth and 2.4 usage


  • Best features exclusive to Xbox
  • Slight tininess in mic output
  • Weaker build material, mainly plastic
  • Expensive at $180
  • Large size of wireless dongle

“After extensively testing and using the Steel Series Arctic’s Nova 7X, I must say that it truly impresses with its superior comfort, robust features, and excellent sound. Despite some minor limitations like the sound peak when the microphone is brought too close or the single chat wheel being more beneficial for Xbox users, these shortcomings seem insignificant, given the headset’s remarkable overall performance. While the price is on the higher end, for individuals like me seeking compatibility across all platforms with superior sound and comfort, this headset unquestionably justifies its cost. Remember, it’s all about utilization, and in my case, the 7X meets everything I want in a gaming headset.”

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Brand SteelSeries
Model Name Arctis Nova 7X Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology USB

Introduction and Steel Series Extravaganza 2.0 Highlights

Welcome back, tech enthusiasts! Now we’re onto video number three of our Steel Series Extravaganza 2.0. If you’ve been following the series so far, we’ve already taken an in-depth look at the Nova Pro Wired. After two whole months of regular use, we asked the hard question: are they still good? I’m proud to say our user review was nothing short of intriguing. However, let’s get back on track to today’s topic.

Recall: The Nova Pro Wired – Two-Month User Review

Retracing our steps to the Nova Pro Wired, we fell in love with its robust build and high-quality sound delivery. Its seamless integration across various platforms was commendable but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Some aspects left us wanting for more, like the comfort level during extended use.

Unboxing and First Impressions of New Novas and Arenas

Besides the Nova Pro’s review, we’ve taken a dive into the unboxing of New Novas and Arenas. The feature-packed headphones stirred up excitement with their promising feature set. However, all that glitters is not gold. Despite their promising technical specifications, some real-world challenges became clear once they were put to test.

But, as they say, the show must go on. Let’s move forward to today’s highlight – a detailed discussion and exploration of the Steel Series Arctic’s Nova 7X – one carefully designed for Xbox users. Remember, this isn’t just a product review – it’s an opportunity for us to separate the signal from the noise in the buzzing tech world. So, get ready to dive in!

Weighing SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset

In-depth Examination: Steel Series Arctic’s Nova 7X for Xbox

  • 7X headset compatible across multiple platforms
  • Included accessories enhance user convenience
  • Balances comfort, lightweight design and sound quality

As a versatile gamer, it has piqued my interest to delve into the functionalities of Steel Series Arctic’s Nova 7X; specifically, the one designed for Xbox. Having a thorough understanding of its compatibility and examining what it has to offer seemed very crucial, especially considering the amount of debate surrounding this product. So here’s my unbiased and critical take on it.

Understanding Compatibility: Xbox and Beyond

Firstly, it’s important to clarify that although the 7X is primarily meant for Xbox, it isn’t limited to it. Uniquely, it extends its compatibility beyond Xbox to virtually every single platform. This certainly caught my attention given the flexibility it provides for users of varying platforms.

It’s like a universal remote controller of sorts; very straightforward to use but paramount in its functions. This enhanced its appeal in my eyes, given its seamless adaptability.

Unpacking the Box: The 7X Collective

Coming to the unboxing, the 7X comes with a range of handy accessories that would definitely pique a gamer’s interest. On opening the box, one can expect to find the headset, of course, along with a headband that varies in color (in this case, we have green). You also get the required paperwork, a 3.5 cable, a USB-C extender as well as a USB-C charging port. My particular interest was drawn towards the wireless dongle included in the box. This pleasantly adds to the headset’s appeal. It exhibits a high level of attention to detail when considering user convenience.

After the unboxing and initial setup, the next logical step was diving into the usage and functionality, and boy, did it impress!

Testing the 7X: Comfort and Functionality

The first task at hand was to gauge the overall comfort of the headset. The cushions on these are what I’d call ‘comfort redefined’. Easy to change, they are designed with small notches that facilitate quick removal and attachment. This is a huge step ahead from many other headsets I’ve reviewed. The implementation of the sports weave with pleather inside spiced up the comfort factor. Once on, it was pretty easy to forget they were there; I could wear them for long periods without discomfort.

Now, comfort aside, it’s equally critical to assess the weight of a headset. Weighing in at a healthy 322 grams, the 7X feels quite light, adding to the overall user experience. It strikes a balance between sturdiness and lightweight-ness that most users will appreciate.

The highlight of the Arctic’s Nova 7X? The sound, undoubtedly. I won’t get into it just yet, but spoiler alert: Its sound capability definitely ranks high on the list of its crowning features.

Striking the perfect balance between user comfort and stellar performance, the Steel Series Arctic’s Nova 7X for Xbox surely leaves a lasting impression. In the plethora of gaming headsets on the market, Nova 7X’s wide compatibility and thoughtful design make it a strong contender.

View of SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset

The Much-Awaited Review

  • Arctic’s Nova 7X excels in comfort and balance
  • Ear cushions made from sports weave material
  • Lightweight design ideal for long-term use

After putting the Arctic’s Nova 7X through its paces, I finally have a clearer picture of this gaming headset. I’ll present my findings here, analyzing the key aspects that will matter to most users.

Starting with Comfort: A Closer Look at the 7X

Figuring out the comfort aspect of a headset is crucial. After all, what good is a top-notch sound system if you can’t wear the headset comfortably for hours? I’m relieved to report that the Arctic’s Nova 7X excels in this department. The ear cups nestle snugly over your ears without applying any excessive pressure. The headband offers enough support to maintain balance, and it doesn’t dig into your scalp.

Going Back to Basics: Steel Series and their Cushions

One of the standout features of the Arctic’s Nova 7X has to be the cushions on the ear cups. Steel Series went the extra mile by using sports weave material here. It seems they’ve listened to user feedback and made comfort a priority. The plush nature of these cushions significantly enhances user experience. Kudos to Steel Series!

Remold and Refit: Interchanging the Ear Cushions

I appreciate how easy it is to alter the earmuffs on the 7X. This headset allows users to simply peel off the ear cushions and replace them as they wish. This notch-and-lip system certainly simplifies the process, furthering customization and comfort levels.

Weighing in at 322 grams: Is weight an issue?

When it comes to gaming headsets, weight can drastically affect user experience. Too heavy, and you’ve got a neck ache; too light, and you compromise on quality. The 7X strikes a promising balance, weighing only 322 grams. The lightweight nature doesn’t compromise the build quality, making the 7X a comfortable headset for long-term use.

Evaluating the Ear Pads

The Steel Series seems to have hit a home-run with these ear pads. They offer an immaculate level of comfort that makes you forget you’re even wearing a headset. The quality of sound insulation they provide is remarkable too, enhancing the overall sound experience and allowing for total immersion in your game.


Comfort can often be subjective and highly dependent on the user’s preferences. However, based on my extensive testing, the focus on comfort is clear in the Arctic’s Nova 7X. Between the plush ear cushions, the supportive headband, and the lightweight design, this headset triumphs when it comes to delivering a comfortable experience for extended gaming sessions. Is there room for improvement? Perhaps. Aesthetic appeal can be subjective, and the design may not appeal to everyone. Furthermore, while the ease of changing ear cushions is valued, the process could be refined to be a bit more seamless. But, overall, the 7X truly stands as a comfortable and user-friendly gaming headset.

Appraisal of SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset

The Build and Structural Components

  • Arctic’s Nova 7s headband is sturdy and adjustable
  • Most components, including fork, are lightweight plastic
  • Despite plastic composition, durability is commendable

Now, let’s delve into the structural overview of the Arctic’s Nova 7s, focusing on the quality and durability of its components.

Headband Durability: A Critical Assessment

The headband, made of a silky material and designed with a shade of black on one side and green on the other, is quite sturdy. It comes with two notches on the side for adjustment purposes. Its durability is commendable, even under strenuous usage. However, the extent of stretchability is a little constricted by the headband’s structure—something prospective buyers should bear in mind.

Material Composition: Plastic or Metal?

When it comes to the material composition of the 7s, majority of the parts are made from plastic. This includes the fork—an essential part of the headset’s structure—while the highlight of the headband is composed of metal. Now, I understand if some of you are raising your eyebrows at the predominance of plastic. But consider this: An all-plastic headset, well-constructed, can provide a comfortable lightweight experience, a prime factor when you plan on conquering long gaming sessions.

Evaluating the Fork and its Strength

Moving on, the fork, although made of plastic, had a firm grip. Over time, the crucial aspect to assess would be the durability and resistance of these joints to wear and tear. Despite being plastic, the forks held their own during my usage period, remaining firm and intact. So, I do urge potential buyers not to dismiss the headset based on its plastic composition alone.

In conclusion , yes, some folks might critique the choice of predominantly plastic materials over more heavy-duty materials like metal. But in my experience, if it’s put together well and still gives you a comfortable and lightweight fit, it proves its worth. Going beyond material types, what truly matters is whether Steel Series Arctic’s Nova 7s can provide the comfort and durability it promises. And, in my opinion, it doesn’t disappoint at all.

Interpretation of SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset

Unveiling the Features and Functions

  • Arctic’s Nova 7x includes mute button and volume wheel
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity and 38 Hours battery life
  • Offers 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity via dongle

The Arctic’s Nova 7x comes with quite an array of functions and features. Each one has been meticulously designed, adding to its appeal and overall usability.

The Left Ear Cup

Starting off, the left ear cup houses the mic mute button, a vital feature for quick accessibility. Simply press it in or out, and you’ll be notified of the action with a beep tone. However, I did note that there wasn’t much distinction between the mute and unmute tone – something that could have been given attention.

Below the mic mute button, we find a conveniently placed volume wheel. I do appreciate how it’s designed to bottom out providing you a physical cue when you’ve hit the highest or lowest volume.

The Right Ear Cup

On the other side, the right ear cup is equally well-equipped. It houses the power button, but what separates the Arctic’s Nova 7x from its competitors is the inclusion of Bluetooth. With this, you can readily pair your devices for that extra bit of connectivity.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a game-to-chat dial is a significant boost, offering a level of customization often lacking in headsets. But it’s not all perfect. I found the small notch indicating the mid-point of the dial somewhat hard to locate, which lessened its practicality.

Impressive Battery Life

Now, let’s talk about power. The Nova 7x boasts up to 38 hours of battery life, which is impressive indeed. I can’t stress how beneficial extended battery life is, especially during marathon gaming sessions.

The Futuristic Dongle

Lastly, this headset offers 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity via a dongle. Let me just say, it’s convenient, reliable, and boasts of multi-function switch. The dongle might seem a bit big, but I can’t fault its performance. It seamlessly switches between ‘Xbox’ and ‘USB’ mode, enhancing adaptability.

In conclusion, the Arctic’s Nova 7x promises a broad scope of capabilities, each designed to cater to diverse needs. Although it’s not without its flaws, its versatility is undeniable. However, it’s clear that some features could use a bit of fine-tuning to perfect usability.

Rating: SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset

An Honest Assessment of the Microphone

  • Microphone simple to use with decent sound quality
  • Crackling noise and airiness need improvement
  • Performance could be enhanced with design modifications

Speaking from personal experience and a fair share of testing, let’s dive into one of the crucial features of the Steel Series Arctic’s Nova 7X – the microphone. Bear in mind, this assessment is unbiased, based solely on its performance during the testing period.

Testing the Core Microphone: Strengths and Weaknesses

Upon initial usage of the built-in microphone, two things became clear. One, this microphone is straightforward to use. In one click, you can easily mute and unmute during gameplay. And two, it could benefit from a little tweaking to perfect the audio output. While the sound quality was generally decent, it did peak sharply when brought close to the mouth, which resulted in an intermittent crackling noise. However, when positioned a little farther away, the core sound was stable and clear – no crackling or excess distortion.

The Unexpected Tinny, Airy Sound: The Possible Cause

An interesting finding during the tests was the slightly tinny, almost airy sound that resonated when using the microphone. This effect seemed to be noticeable in specific environmental settings. For instance, having a running fan or bright light in the room seemed to amplify this tinny effect. Hence, it was clear that room acoustics played a significant role in the microphone performance.

What the Steel Series Microphone Lacks

Other than the minor issue of the crackling sound and the tinny effect, the microphone performed relatively well overall. However, it could do with a design modification to eliminate the excess airiness that is experienced during use. A bit more robustness or backbone in the microphone’s design could significantly enhance this aspect, giving a more solid performance overall.


While the microphone on the Steel Series Arctic’s Nova 7X was far from perfect, it contained some redeeming qualities such as its ease of operation and decent core sound quality. With some minor adjustments, it can match up to the expectations of its price point and deliver an even more satisfying performance to gamers. Remember, the quality of any product is subjective to each user’s personal preference, needs, and experiences. Therefore, what works for one may not necessarily work for another. Hence, it’s always a good idea to test the product personally before solidifying any judgments.

Highlight: SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset

The Best Part: The Sound of the Arctic’s Nova 7s

  • Nova 7s delivers immersive, high-quality gaming audio
  • Optimum blend of high and low frequencies
  • Perform well across different gaming platforms

It’s often said that the heart of a good gaming audio gear doesn’t solely lie in its structure, but in the quality of sound it offers. With the Steel Series Arctic’s Nova 7s, this couldn’t bear more truth. In every game played, the Nova 7s showcased its sonic capabilities, delivering a sound experience that was truly immersive.

Initial Reaction Stretching Across Friction Range

In order to truly understand how an item performs, it’s crucial to test it right out of the box without any initial adjustments. That’s exactly what I did with this headset. And boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise. The Nova 7s were impressively good, sporting a friction range of 20 to 22,000 right off the bat. The initial reaction was overwhelming in the best way possible, invoking in me the same level of excitement and awe I experienced when testing the pros.

Diving In: The Equalization (EQ) Experience

Yes, the initial tests were promising, but how about fine-tuning? That’s where EQ comes into play. With the Steel Series Engine, I was able to experiment around with EQ settings. I found that certain adjustments allowed for the bass and highs to really pop. The resultant audio was an immersive recreation of in-game soundscapes, further cementing the strong initial impression made by the Nova 7s.

Core Sound: Between potent highs and body-filled Lows

Overall, the sound of the Nova 7s leans towards an optimum blend of high and low frequencies, enabling it to produce a full, vibrant and immersive sound. The ‘core sound’, as I like to call it, demonstrated a balanced juxtaposition of potent highs and body-filled lows. So much so that, in heart-pumping gaming situations, the audio felt punchy enough to almost physically vibrate, offering a much more immersive gaming experience.

A Look at Sound Across Different Platforms

In terms of versatility, the Nova 7s excelled across multiple platforms, whether it be gaming on Xbox or PC. However, sound experiences were slightly different across platforms. On Xbox, the sound felt at its prime, bright and full with the middles hitting right on spot. On the PC, however, the sound felt a bit less vibrant due to a lack of platform-specific features.

To sum it up

In conclusion, the overall sound quality of the Nova 7s is it’s arguably the best feature. You have a headset that comes off as great right out of the box and continues to excel with fine-tuning. Its capability to consistently deliver immersive and punchy audio without distortion or cracks across different platforms brings the gaming experience to an entirely new level. Combine that with its structural perks and convenience-oriented features, and you’ve got an audio gear that is an absolute joy to game with.

Probe of SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset

Compatibility with All Platforms: A Dream Come True?

  • Xbox compatibility provides chat wheel feature
  • PS5 compatibility lacks chat wheel feature
  • Sound quality remains excellent across all platforms

One of the things I was most excited about with the Arctic’s Nova 7s is the proclaimed universal compatibility. The burning question is: is this a dream come true for most gamers?

Testing the Xbox Advantage

As I started to familiarize myself with the Arctic’s Nova 7s, I found that its core settings do offer more versatility on Xbox – more specifically, with the chat wheel feature. On the Xbox, the game-to-chat dial worked wonderfully . The seamless switch between game audio and chat felt satisfying and referring back to the user manual wasn’t necessary after getting a hang of it.

The PS5 Compatibility

But then, migrating to the PS5 showed some gaps in this flawless image. Here’s the deal-breaker for some of you: PS5 users, unfortunately, do not get the chat wheel feature at all . It’s unfortunate, no doubt, but I feel it’s fair to point out that the core sound still delivered an incredible auditory experience on this platform.

Versatility across All Platforms

In terms of universal compatibility and versatility across all platforms, the Arctic’s Nova 7s put up a decent performance. Despite the caveat on PS5, the fact that I can use this headset on literally any platform I own – Xbox, PS5, or PC – is a significant selling point. Admittedly, some additional features are platform-dependent, and, no lie, it is slightly disappointing, but I reiterate, the core sound remains consistently excellent.

In conclusion, while the Arctic’s Nova 7s’ compatibility with all platforms might seem like a dream come true for some, there are a few caveats to consider. If specific features like the game-to-chat dial are not deal-breakers for you – then you’re likely to thoroughly enjoy the flexibility and quality Arctic’s Nova 7s offer.

Judgement: SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset


After a thorough review of the Arctic’s Nova 7s, it’s time to finally pass a verdict. Let’s break it down.

Investment Worthiness

Coming in at a cool 180 bucks, there’s no denying that the Nova 7s fall squarely into the premium category. Nevertheless, weighing up the sheer range of features and the overall performance, you could argue that it’s a worthy investment. The key is understanding what you’re truly getting for your money.

Who Should Invest?

If you’re a hardcore gamer who demands seamless versatility, cross-compatibility, comfort and robust sound quality, the Nova 7s was built with your needs in mind. If you want a gaming headset that serves up not just amazing sound but also a well-rounded interactive experience, look no further. On the other hand, for those seeking an inexpensive, basic, easy-to-use headset, this might not be the best choice.

Critical Points to Consider

Despite its many merits, it’s important to remember that the Nova 7s isn’t without its flaws. The fork build, although sturdy, is plastic. The microphone, although passable, has been reported to be slightly tinny and airy. On PS5, there’s no use of the chat wheel, a drawback for certain users. Similarly, the headset might feel heavy to some users.

Highs and Lows

From a sonic perspective, the Nova 7s delivers a layered and vibrant sound experience, up there with the very best gaming headsets in the market. The device leans more towards warming lows and crisp highs, creating an audio experience that’s immersive and engaging. It strikes a good balance, bringing a tinge of vibrancy without becoming harsh, a well-executed triumph by the Steel Series team.

Final Say

Considering everything, it’s safe to say that the Arctic’s Nova 7s does more things right than wrong. The handful of shortcomings are certainly noticeable and noteworthy, but they don’t overshadow the quality and experience that this headset offers. It’s a substantial investment that promises to enhance your gaming ventures, provided you’re someone who’s looking to take advantage of the built-in features. But as with any product, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is subjective, and the deciding factor should ultimately be your personal preferences, needs, and expectations.

Should you buy the SteelSeries New Arctis Nova 7X Multi-Platform Gaming & Mobile Headset?

Buy it if…

You require multi-platform compatibility

The steel series Arctic’s Nova 7s offer unmatched compatibility across Xbox, PC, PS5, and more, offering an optimal gaming audio experience across all platforms.

You value comfort

These headphones sport comfortable cushions instead of the pleather used in the pros, a design change much appreciated by users. At 322 grams, they offer lightweight coziness on prolonged use.

You appreciate impressive sound

The Arctic’s Nova 7s make an impression right out of the box, offering a full yet bright sound experience, with punchy body composition across different gaming environments.

Don’t buy it if…

You prioritize budget

The Arctic’s Nova 7s aren’t particularly cheap – priced at around 180 dollars, they reside in the mid-level segment of gaming headphones.

You need excellent microphone quality

While the headphones have a commendable core microphone, some users have reported it to have a slightly airy and tinny sound, which might not appeal to all users.

You prefer a rugged construction

Although solidly built, these headphones are predominantly plastic, barring the metal outline of the headband. Those seeking more sturdy, metal construction might want to reconsider.


Can I use the Arctic’s Nova 7x on platforms other than Xbox?
Yes, the Arctic’s Nova 7x can be used on every single platform despite being designed specifically for Xbox.
How helpful are the interchangeable ear cushions?
The ear cushions can be easily removed and replaced if needed. They are designed for comfort and can enhance the user experience.
How heavy is the Arctic’s Nova 7x?
The Arctic’s Nova 7x weighs 322 grams.
Is the Steel Series headset made of metal?
No, the majority of the headset is made from durable plastic with only the exterior outline of the headband being metal.
How does the simultaneous Bluetooth work?
The headset allows for a dual functioning 2.4 GHz wireless connection and Bluetooth, enabling you to use your phone and game at the same time.
Can you tell me about the battery life of the headset?
You can get up to 38 hours of battery life on a single charge with this headset.
What is the quality of the microphone on the Arctic’s Nova 7x?
The Arctic’s Nova 7x uses a core microphone that, while not the highest quality, is still serviceable for most purposes. It notably produces a slightly airy sound.
How does the sound quality on the Arctic’s Nova 7x compare to other headsets?
The Arctic’s Nova 7x has a wide frequency range, with an overall sound that is full, bright and has potent high pitches.
Can I use the chat wheel with the Arctic’s Nova 7x on PS5?
No, you do not get the chat wheel functionality when you use the headset with a PlayStation 5.
According to this review, should I buy the Arctic’s Nova 7x?
Yes, if the features match your needs. The headset justifies its price through its broad compatibility, sound quality, and feature set. However, the final decision should be based on your personal preferences and requirements.

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