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Review: Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds – High-quality sound without breaking the bank

Compare the new Between Pro and AirPods Pro on sound quality, comfort, price, and overall performance... Read more

Review of Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds

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Test of Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds

4.2/5 - (3334 votes)

Cena: $98.99


  • Affordable compared to other brands
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Sturdy, modern and flat design
  • Good sound isolation
  • Improved wireless call quality
  • Long music playback time
  • Water resistance rating of IPX5


  • Lacking EQ adjustment feature
  • Bass may be overwhelming
  • Minor discomfort after prolonged use
  • Awkwardly protrude from ears
  • Difficult to remove from the case
  • Cumbersome small control buttons
  • Inadequate function to pause music when earbuds removed

“After spending considerable time with the Between Pro, I confidently assert that they offer a great alternative to higher-priced earbuds in the market without compromising the sound quality. While they may not completely match the AirPods Pros in every aspect such as design comfort and control, they surpass them in certain areas like robust bass and battery life. While not without their inconveniences, the cost-value balance tips in favor of the Between Pro. Remember, our sound preferences and needs are subjective, and what might work for me might not for you. However, if you’re seeking sound quality without drastically hurting your budget, these earbuds could be your match.”

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Brand Status
Model Name SAEE-3X
Color Black and Silver
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

Navigating Through the Saturated Market of Headphones and Earbuds

If you’re a fan of auditory experiences much like I am, you’ll understand that the market for headphones and earbuds is densely populated. There’s an unprecedented avalanche of products from different companies and brands, each promising exceptional quality and satisfying experiences.

The Challenge of Finding a Worthwhile Product

As consumers, we’re spoilt for choice, offered a smorgasbord of products. Sounds like good news, right? Well, it’s not all rosy. The key challenge lies in sifting through the product melee to uncover that golden device. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

The quest raises a punctuating question – between the extravagant packaging, overblown product descriptions, and flashy ad campaigns, how do you pinpoint a product that truly offers value for your money? How do you land a device that guarantees quality sound without draining your bank account? It’s a conundrum every consumer battles.

Mastering the Criteria for Great Sound at a Reasonable Cost

While the journey to discovering that ideal pair of headphones or earbuds might seem infinite, it’s certainly not impossible. One avenue you may have wandered down during this quest is the lane of Status Audio products. This company, which has been passionately crafting audio devices since its inception, aims to break the cycle of the continual hunt for quality audio.

And guess what, this isn’t the first encounter between us. Back in 2019, I got the chance to review their product, the BT1. What a gem! It represented ultimate value–amazing sound quality and a stylish design for under a $100. Caught your attention yet? Well, let’s delve deeper into their latest offering and see if it’s worth spending our money on.

Dissection of Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Status Audio: A Sound Investment

  • Status Audio’s Between Pro offers quality sound and aesthetics
  • Improvements noted over its predecessor, BT1
  • Product provides balance of value and superior sound

If we cast our minds back to 2019, that’s when I first had the pleasure of encountering a product from Status Audio . It was the BT1, a pair of headphones that, in my opinion, sounded quite impressive, especially when considering their friendly price tag. Additionally, their sleek aesthetics added significant scores on my review checklist. Broadly speaking, they provided a balanced, economical solution for those of us who value acoustic precision without compromising on style.

The Arrival of the Between Pro

Fast forward to today, and Status Audio has a new addition to their arsenal – The Between Pro . This upgraded version caught my attention not only because it is an enhancement of a product I previously enjoyed but also because it ups the ante with new notable features. Let me share this unbiased journey of dabbling into my experience with the Between Pro, keeping in mind that while I received this product to try out, the following impressions are wholly based on my use and experience.

The Preliminary Experience

On a first glance, the Between Pro maintains the signature sophisticated design that Status Audio is known for. There’s an air of refinement that sets them apart from many in their class. Add on the tactile allure of the product, and it feels like you’re holding something well-made, and dare I say, quietly luxurious. But as we all know, a sound investment isn’t all about the looks; it’s the performance that truly counts.

The Sound Quality: An Overview

Sound experience is quite subjective, varying greatly from person to person. As a result, this review won’t be all praising or all critical. Instead, I will evaluate the sound based on what I perceive as a fair assessment. Therefore, if your preferences lean towards bass-heavy tones, you might find yourself quite charmed by the Between Pro’s sound quality. Conversely, if you’re one for balanced neutrals, you may feel that there’s a tad bit too much emphasis on the lower end frequencies. But don’t let that deter you – the overall sound quality is definitely above par.

Comparing the Between Pro to its Predecessor

How does the Between Pro stack up against its predecessor? Quite nicely, I must say. The general sound profile appears to be improved, with the bass coming across as punchier and the overall clarity of the sound seeming superior. However, it’s not perfect – the lack of an accompanying app to tweak the EQ could be a setback for some. Regardless of these minor gripes, the Between Pro is undeniably an enhancement and an affordable investment for the discerning audio consumer.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Status Audio’s Between Pro is a good choice for those who prefer a fuller, more vibrant sound signature and don’t mind a bit of extra bass. In the highly competitive and saturated market of earbuds and headphones, it’s truly refreshing to witness products that strive to offer quality and value at the same time. Armed with all the essential features and few refreshing additions, the Between Pro certainly stands firm in Status Audio’s impressive line-up.

Probe of Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Comparing Airpods Pros: My Tried and True Tech

  • AirPods Pro highlights: sound quality, connection, usability
  • Price point a significant consumer consideration
  • Between Pro and AirPods Pro comparision

The ubiquitous AirPods Pro, aside from being my mobile phone’s best mate, easily holds the title of my most utilized piece of tech. Having accompanied me in various aspects of my daily routine for over two years, there’s certainly a reason behind its favored status.

Exploring My Favorite Sound Solutions

So, it begs the question, what makes the AirPods Pro my go-to earbuds? The reasons are manifold and lie between their sound quality, reliable connection, simplistic usage, noise cancellation, and comfort-driven design. Apple has managed to tick enough right boxes on all these elements, though I’ll freely admit, they aren’t a one-size-fits-all product. Instead, the AirPods Pro serve up a perfect solution for my specific, personal needs.

How Rank and Price Impact the Consumer

Often, the most significant stumbling block for most consumers tends to revolve around the price point. In fact, this is why we’re diverging our attention from the AirPods Pro right now. However, it’s prudent to acknowledge my favorite earbuds’ attributes in this discussion. Sound is a purely subjective matter, and comparing the Between Pro to the AirPods Pro can help highlight a more comprehensive picture of the former’s capabilities.

Understanding the Influence of Personal Sound Preferences

Although it’s safe to classify the AirPods Pro as a well-rounded, middle-ground product catering to an array of musical genres, some favoritism inevitably sneaks in. With a more neutral sound, they perform amiably enough for any type of music. That being said, our ears are unique, and by drawing a parallel between the AirPods Pro and the Between Pro, our aim is to illuminate what the Between Pro brings to the table, especially compared to my all-time favorite.

Audit of Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Between Pro: Breaking Down the World’s First Triple Driver True Wireless Earbuds

  • Between Pro: world’s first triple driver wireless earbuds
  • Features IPX5 water resistance
  • Offers 12-hour playback plus additional 36 from case

Between Pro , a new product by Status Audio, claims to be the world’s first triple driver, true wireless earbuds. After personal use and testing, it’s time to break those claims down and provide my unbiased views on these earbuds’ technical functionality.

Unveiling the Technicality behind Drivers

First off, let’s get into the details of the triple drivers, a feature that makes these earbuds stand out in their class. As someone who is no stranger to audio devices but not an all-out audiophile, here’s how I understand it. Drivers could somewhat be compared to tiny speakers in your ear. The Between Pros are equipped with two armature drivers tackling higher frequencies and an additional dynamic driver handling the bassier lows. This trio is designed to provide clean sound quality with ample bass – a combination that many affordable earbuds lack.

Discussing the Water Resistance Capability

Up next is the water-resistance factor. The earbuds boast an IPX5 rating which means they’d resist sweat during workouts and light rain, but immersing them in water is a no-go. An important detail for those who plan to use these during high-intensity workouts or in unpredictable weather conditions.

Celebrating the Extended Playback Time

One of the most impressive features to be noted is the earbuds’ playback time. The Between Pro promises an uninterrupted 12 hours, which is a pretty satisfying duration. The added advantage here is that the charging case can hold up to an additional 36 hours for music on the move. A major plus for those long commutes or for music lovers who simply can’t do without their daily dose of tunes.

This is simply an initial delve into the Between Pro’s specifications and my personal experience using them. All opinions expressed in this review are based on my experience and are not influenced in any way by the manufacturer. Keep reading for more detailed analysis in later sections.

Highlight: Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Analyzing the Between Pro and AirPods Sound Quality

  • Between Pro enhances bass, good for workout music
  • Between Pro offers significant volume advantages
  • AirPods Pro offers neutral sound, compatible with any music

When it comes to comparing sound quality between the Between Pro and the AirPods Pro, it’s essential to consider the varying aspects that contribute to the overall listening experience.

Embracing the Bass for Workout Music

One of the key differences I noticed is the clear enhancement in bass on the Between Pro. It adds a unique intensity to my workout music playlist, which honestly energizes me during my sessions. However, this enhanced bass might not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s an important consideration for the potential buyer.

Addressing Sound Separation and Volume Limitations

Sound separation in the Between Pro is commendable. Yet, the overpowering bass can sometimes swallow intricate details in certain songs, which may not sit well with some users. On the volume side of things, I must note that the Between Pro can get about 20% louder than my AirPods Pro. This was a significant plus point for me, especially while immersing into louder music genres.

Reflecting on EQ Adjustments and Sound Appeal

On reflecting on the ability to fine-tune sound characteristics, it was a bit disappointing to know that just like the AirPods, there’s no way to adjust the EQ with an accompanying app of the Between Pro. For me, this puts a slight hold on personalizing the audio footprint according to my mindful listening preferences.

Further, with overall sound appeal, I noticed both products took different stances. The AirPods Pro seemed to offer a more neutral sound, making it compatible with any music type, whereas the Between Pro added flairs that complemented certain music genres more prominently.

I can see this as an advantage for the Between Pro when catering to a crowd that prefers certain auditory aesthetics. However, for some listeners, the versatility and neutrality of the sound that AirPods Pro offer might be preferred.

While these differences might seem minor, when choosing a daily listening companion, they certainly add up to make a significant impact. It’s all about matching your unique listening habits and genre preferences with the right audio technology.

Connection and Control: Between Pro vs. AirPods

  • Between Pro offers reliable connection capability
  • Between Pro music control less user-friendly
  • AirPods Pro provides intuitive control and seamless playback

In the battle between the Between Pro and the AirPods, a critical factor to consider is the aspect of connectivity and control. These elements aren’t just about how the earbuds interact with one’s device, but also how one can control the music or answer calls through earbuds themselves.

Reviewing Connection and Music Control

The connectivity capability of the Between Pro earbuds is notably reliable. After a week of daily use, they managed to connect to my device just about as quickly as my AirPods with minimal interruptions.

However, a minor gripe I had with the Between Pros is that unlike with the AirPods, the music continues playing even if one earbud is taken out. The music only pauses when the earbuds are placed back in the charging case, which can be a bit inconvenient when you need to quickly stop the music.

Testing the Difficulty of Small Buttons Control

The Between Pro features physical buttons to control your music or answer calls. Despite the convenience of this feature, the execution can pose a bit of a challenge due to the small size of the buttons. In comparison, the AirPods Pro adopts a more user-friendly approach by allowing users to control their device simply by squeezing the actual earbud.

Comparing Ease of Use in Both Products

In terms of overall ease of use, each product offers their unique pros and cons. The AirPods Pro shines in intuitive control and seamless music playback. Conversely, for those who can adapt to the minor learning curve, the Between Pro’s reliable connection and distinctive physical button controls may offer a satisfactory experience, especially in cases where immediate control response may be required.

In conclusion, both the Between Pro and AirPods have their unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to connection and control. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, one may seem more appealing than the other. As always, it’s advisable to consider the overall usage experience and personal expectations before making a purchase.

Evaluating Design and Comfort: Between Pro and AirPods

  • Between Pro earbuds offer secure, deep ear canal fit
  • Pro lacks active noise cancellation, superior passive isolation
  • AirPods provide preferable comfort for prolonged use

Design and comfort remain among the most influential factors when it comes to choosing earbuds, and when comparing Between Pro and AirPods, both manifest strengths and weaknesses in these aspects.

Examining Placement and Fit of the Between Pro

The Between Pro earbuds are designed to sit deeper in the ear canal. It might seem peculiar initially, but once you get the hang of it, they feel pretty secure. The design ensures they don’t feel like they’re going to fall off, even during active moments. However, due to their deep sitting, they may cause a slight discomfort after prolonged use.

Assessing Noise Cancellation Options

Unlike the AirPods, the Between Pro doesn’t feature an active noise cancellation. Despite this, their design offers excellent passive sound isolation. Thanks to the different tip sizes and shapes, they create a secure seal in the ear, which effectively blocks outside noises. Some might argue that noise cancellation isn’t even necessary with these earbuds, considering their substantial passive sound isolation.

Addressing Conversation Transparency

A feature that caught my attention is the tight seal in the Between Pro. It’s so substantial that, during a call, you barely hear your own voice. Unfortunately, unlike the AirPods, they lack a conversation transparency feature. Without this, it can feel a bit unnatural during calls, as you don’t have the ability to hear your own voice. On the other hand, some might prefer this deep seal for immersion, so it’s a point to consider based on your personal preferences.

Comparing Design Aesthetics

The design aesthetics of the Between Pro leans more towards the modern look, with a sheer and flat surface. In comparison with the AirPods, they stick out a bit more since they are slightly larger. While they look striking as earbuds, they might feel a bit more noticeable, particularly if you have smaller ears. An extra point worth addressing is the strong magnetic pull and the deep sit of the earbuds in their case, which proved a minor challenge when taking them out.

Comfort Comparison

As I mentioned earlier, the Between Pro earbuds tend to sit deeper than the AirPods, leading to a slight ache after several hours of usage, especially after workouts and such activities. Despite this, they remain securely in place, considering their snug fit. In comparison, the AirPods might provide a preferable comfort level over a longer period due to their shallow insertion.

In this section, I weighed the pros and cons of both products from a design and comfort standpoint, recognizing that different people will have different comfort levels and aesthetic preferences. However, from my experience and observations, I believe this comparison will help you make an informed choice based on your personal needs.

Weighing Up Price Factor: Are Between Pros Worth it?

  • Between Pros by Status Audio cheaper than AirPods Pro
  • Between Pros present affordable, quality performance
  • Delivers more value at less cost

When it comes to deciding whether a product is worth spending our hard-earned cash on, we often have to consider a variety of factors beyond the external features and sound quality of the earbuds. How does the price measure up against its competitors’ offerings? Well, let me share some of the observations I’ve made.

Cost Comparison with AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro, extremely popular and loved by many, comes in at a retail price of $250. Between Pros by Status Audio, on the other hand, are priced noticeably cheaper at $169. It’s quite significant when you consider the overall quality and performance these headphones provide.

The Verdict: Between Pros as an Affordable Alternative

While the AirPods Pro manage to offer a few advantages over the Between Pros, the significant price difference really tips the scale. It’s hard to ignore that with the Between Pros, you’re getting substantial sound quality and performance without breaking the bank. It isn’t a perfect product, but it does serve as an affordable alternative to its higher-priced counterparts.

Supporting My Review with Personal Experience

My encounters with Status Audio’s previous products have left me impressed with their offerings. And, just as with their former headphones, the Between Pros deliver more value at less cost, which is certainly a selling point for any budget-conscious buyer.

To conclude, while the AirPods Pro may have its unique strengths, the overall quality and affordability of the Between Pros make it an option worth considering. Products should offer good value for the money we’re investing, and in this case, in my opinion, the Status Audio Between Pros do score high on that metric.

Wrapping Up: Looking Ahead to the Product’s Release

  • Between Pro offers exceptional sound and comfort
  • Minor concerns: no EQ app, small buttons
  • Competitively priced, even cheaper on pre-order

In summary, my overall experience with Status Audio’s newest release, the Between Pro, has certainly left a solid impression. While considering both the positive and challenging aspects of this product, there’s quite a bit to discuss when looking ahead to its imminent release.

Recapping Expectations for September 2021 Release

My experience points out that the Between Pro checks a number of boxes for potential buyers. Most notably, the extraordinary sound quality produced by the world’s first triple driver true wireless earbuds sets apart this product in a significantly competitive industry. Worth mentioning is the comfort level, although it may require a period of adjustment, as well as the product’s battery life, which holds up impressively in comparison to other earbuds in the same category.

However, there are a few drawbacks. The absence of an app to adjust the EQ and the smaller buttons may pose minor inconveniences for some users. Yet, I believe that these minor issues can be managed with time and continued use.

Recommending the Between Pro at a Pre-Order Price

With a retail price at $169, which is significantly lower than the AirPods Pro, the Between Pro provides an alternative for those seeking a new audio experience without having to splurge. To sweeten the deal, there’s even a pre-order offer that reduces the price further. In my opinion, this could be a game-changer for many consumers considering a new earbud purchase.

Investing in the Between Pro could potentially be considered a sound decision based on its overall performance and affordability. While it does not entirely outshine the AirPods Pro, it definitely stands its ground and presents a serious competition.

Final Thoughts on Status Audio Product Review

In conclusion, the Between Pro gives an impression of a well-rounded product and has proven to be a robust competitor in the market of true wireless earbuds. Although it might not be perfect, it offers a solid performance for its price range, which can be a significant deciding factor for potential customers. I am looking forward to seeing how the product is received post-release and how it establishes its place in the marketplace.

Outro: A Word to My Subscribers

Addressing the Integrity of My Review Process

As I wrap up this comprehensive review, I want to reaffirm the values that guide my review process – transparency, integrity and honesty. The products that I test and review are done so from an unbiased and critical perspective. I’m not paid to endorse or criticize any aspect of the goods, and the views presented are purely based on my personal experience.

Encouraging Continued Support and Engagement

It’s always a pleasure to delve into the nitty-gritty of products to provide you with a detailed and genuine review. It’s your engagement, interest, and constructive feedback that fuels this effort. So, if you find this review informative, don’t hesitate to explore more about Status Audio and their whole range of products.

Signing off and Looking Forward to the Next Review

That’s it for now! Thank you all for investing your time in this in-depth review. So, whether you choose AirPods Pro or the new Between Pro, remember – it’s all about your preference, needs, and of course, budget. Happy music-listening, and see you soon with another product experience insight!

Should you buy the Status Audio Between Pro True Wireless Earbuds?

Buy it if…

You’re in search of bass-heavy earbuds

The Between Pro provides a substantial amount of bass, which could amplify your workout or favorite tunes.

You value extended battery life

With your Between Pro, you get approximately 12 hours of continuous play before needing a recharge, and the case holds up to an additional 36 hours of playback.

You are looking for cost-effective quality

Considering the sound quality and overall performance, the Between Pro’s price offers significant value as it is much cheaper than the AirPods Pro.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer adjustable EQ settings

Just like the AirPods, the Between Pro misses out on an app-based EQ adjustment. If personalization of sound is important, keep this in mind.

Comfort is paramount

As the Between Pros sit deeper in the ear canal, prolonged usage could lead to discomfort for some users.

You need instant pause upon removal

Unlike the AirPods, the music on Between Pros continues playing when you remove one earbud. This could be an inconvenience if you frequently need to pause by removing an earbud.


How does the sound quality of the Between Pro compare to the Airpods Pro?
The Between Pro offers more bass and is louder than the Airpods Pro. Sound quality is generally good, although there is no way to adjust the EQ with an accompanying app, so personal preference will come into play.
How long can the Between Pro play continuously?
The Between Pro can play continuously for up to 12 hours.
What is the water resistance rating of the Between Pro?
The Between Pro has a water-resistant rating of IPX5.
What is the price difference between the Between Pro and the Airpods Pro?
The Between Pro is significantly cheaper than the Airpods Pro. Preordering the Between Pro can save you an additional $20 off the retail price.
Does the Between Pro have active noise cancellation?
The Between Pro does not have active noise cancellation. However, they provide great passive sound isolation due to their deeper placement in the ear.
What are the difficulties in using the Between Pro?
Using the physical buttons to control the Between Pro can be challenging due to their small size. Also, taking the earbuds out of the case can be slightly difficult due to the strong magnet and deep placement.
How is the fit of the Between Pro?
The Between Pro sits deeper in the ear canal than the Airpods Pro. While secure, they might not feel as comfortable after extended use.

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