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Review: Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heater – Practical and portable heat source.

Explore the versatile AirChoice Space Heater in this comprehensive review... Read more

Review of Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heater

Test of Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heater

3.7/5 - (281 votes)

Cena: $48.99


  • Compact and easily portable
  • Impressive heating power for its size
  • Features a natural fan and intense heater modes
  • Effective at a distance
  • Automatic overheating protection feature


  • Can get too hot for close proximity
  • Exterior guard may get overly hot
  • Not particularly quiet when operating
  • User manual lacks detail

“My final judgement on the AirChoice Space Heater is largely positive. It offers power in a compact form, with a flexibility of choice between simple fan mode and heating capabilities. I was impressed by its reach and intensity when on high heat – it even felt overbearing at maximum settings. However, heed should be taken due to the considerable heat emitted. Ensure it’s used safely, maintaining a reasonable distance. For anyone needing a practical and portable heat source, this could be a worthy contender. My personal preference? I’d certainly keep it around for cold winter nights.”

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Brand Air Choice
Special Feature Portable, Electronic Thermostat, Programmable Thermostat, Overheat Protection, Fast Heating, Noiseless, Adjustable Height, Lightweight, Adjustable Tilt Head
Color Yellow, Black
Form Factor Dish
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor

An Overview of My New Heater – The AirChoice Space Heater

Alright folks, let’s break the ice with our latest find – the AirChoice Space Heater. If you’re on the lookout for a compact, yet powerful heater, then this one has the potential to pique your interest. This small machine surprisingly promises substantial warmth, making it an interesting prospect for those of us craving some cozy comfort.

About The AirChoice Space Heater: A Compact Yet Powerful Unit

The AirChoice Space Heater prides itself on two main features: its compact size and its heating capabilities. It’s smaller than most heaters I’ve come across, but don’t let that fool you—this little fella is a robust device.

The model number for this heater is PTC 1500r. A quick size assessment reveals that it might be an ideal fit for people who are constrained by space or require a portable heating solution.

Unboxing the AirChoice Space Heater: First Impressions

So, upon unboxing, the heater is pretty straightforward. Inside, besides the main unit, you get a manual that’s thin but comprehensive. The machine’s build appears sturdy. The control options are laid out on the unit itself, each indicating a different function or setting, which we’ll be exploring in detail.

While the unit is smaller compared to other heaters I’ve tested, I’m keen to find out if this translates to a lesser heating capacity or if indeed the device can punch above its weight. That’s something we’ll be getting into shortly.

All in all, the AirChoice Space Heater looks to be a pretty decent unit at first glance. The real test, however, will lie in its performance. So let’s plug this powerhouse in and see if it’s all it set out to be.

Analyzing Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heater

AirChoice Space Heater 101: Understanding Your Gadget

  • AirChoice space heater is compact and user-friendly
  • Heater has adjustable settings with overheating protection
  • Device is effective in heating large spaces

Before we dive into trying out this new gadget, let us spend a moment understanding what this compact heater brings to the table. The AirChoice Space Heater , model number PTC 1500r, is smaller than its big brothers in the market, a feature that may really work for those who prefer neat, compact appliances.

The AirChoice Space Heater Manual: A First Look

The unit’s manual may not be the most complex book you’ve ever encountered; in fact, it’s pretty basic. But it carries all the necessary information to operate the heater, illustrating your options and how to use them. I must commend the straightforward design, which makes it quite user-friendly.

Setting Up the Heater: A Walkthrough

  1. First, unwind the power cord before plugging in the heater.

  2. Follow the manual’s instructions by turning the thermostat knob fully clockwise. This knob is designed to trigger overheating protection: a great safety feature that ensures the heater stops heating when it reaches a specific temperature.

  3. Before powering on the unit, the manual advises to first turn the knob to its maximum setting.

  4. Next, engage the selector switch, which is the other knob present on the unit. This knob allows you to switch between a natural fan, 750 watts low heat, or the 1500 watts high heat.

Critical note: keep in mind the positioning of the thermostat and selector knobs. They are quite close to each other, which took me a moment to figure out. But with a little practice, it’s easy to distinguish the two by touch.

The Power of Choice: Testing the Settings

Exploring the different settings of the heater was an interesting experience. I initially set the device to full power (1500 watts). This setting does pack some serious heat – something to be aware of.

If you’re not in need of that much heat, the option to alternate between a mere fan and the 750-watt low heat is a good one. It felt like a more moderate, evenly spread heatsource – still effective, but less intense.

An impressive aspect of this heater is the fact that it can warm up a significant area around it. I was at least two lengths away, yet could still feel a consistent stream of heat. It’s a good demonstration of the heater’s range and might be especially handy in larger spaces.

In conclusion, the AirChoice Space Heater is a compact, easily adjustable heater, equipped with the simplicity and effectiveness you need to face the chilly season. But don’t be fooled by its size – this little gadget knows how to surprise! Remember, when setting it up, refer to the manual closely to ensure safe and proper use.

Inspecting Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heater

Testing the AirChoice Space Heater: Real-Life Use

  • Overheating protection stops heating at high temperature
  • Selector switch allows transition between fan, low, and high heat
  • High heat setting might be excessive for close range use

Now that we’ve got the basic understanding and set up out of the way, it’s time to actually put this compact heater to its paces. I’m curious to feel the heat it promises to pump out, so let’s dive right into it.

Charging it up: Switching On The Power

Following the instructions in the manual, I turned the thermostat knob clockwise to its maximum position, designed to trigger the overheating protection. I found this feature reassuring, since it means the heater will stop heating when it reaches a particular temperature.

Exploring The Features: A Dive Into The Mystery Knobs

The next on the list to figure out were the knobs. Besides the thermostat, there is another knob serving as a selector switch. This allows you to transition from a fresh, natural fan-like mode to a 750 watts low heat and finally to a 1500 watts high heat. It seemed straightforward enough but I wanted to see if it really worked as smoothly as it promised.

Moving The Thermostat Knob: How High Is Too High?

I decided to start with turning the knob all the way over to high. On moving the selector knob, at the regular fan setting, the fan worked as you’d expect – nice, cool breeze. When turned to 750 watts, I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth it started to deliver.

However, when I cranked up to the 1500 watts mark – oh boy, it was warmer than anticipated. I could feel a generous swath of heat enveloping meeting me from two arm lengths away. It definitely erupted with more heat than I had anticipated, making me wonder if it could be excessive for close range use.

I appreciate robust features on any appliance, but at this point, I was inching closer to the line of it being a bit too warm for comfort. So if you’re considering this heater, it may be wise to keep at least a bit of a distance when it’s set to full blast, especially if you’re sensitive to high temperatures.

In general, during my tests, the AirChoice heater lived up to its promises, pumping out an impressive amount of heat. However, testing its limits also revealed that it may be necessary to use the higher heat setting judiciously, especially when the heater is placed within close proximity. It’s quite a testament to the power packed into this small package!

Expose on Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heater

The AirChoice Space Heater in Action

  • AirChoice Space Heater has standard fan and heating features
  • Offers two heat settings: 750 watts and 1500 watts
  • Effective heat distribution at a considerable distance

Stepping up to the challenge of testing the features of the AirChoice Space Heater, it’s time to evaluate its actual performance and share some first-hand experiences.

A Natural Fan or a Heater? It’s Your Choice

To start off, I flipped the selector switch, a handy knob on the device’s interface. In its default position, it activated a standard fan operation, delivering a gentle breeze without additional heat. As I moved on, the switch demonstrated its versatility. I’d likely find this feature especially useful during warmer weather when I’d prefer a cool breeze over additional heat.

From 750 Watts Low Heat to 1500 Watts High Heat: Experiencing the Switch

I couldn’t wait to test the heating capabilities of this compact workhorse. Starting from 750 watts or the low heat setting, I could feel the heat wafting from the device – a pleasing warmth that was delightfully comfortable. However, the real surprise came when I switched it to 1500 watts . The immediate surge in warmth was palpable, even somewhat overwhelming. It was far warmer than expected, almost too hot to stand directly in front of it.

The Power of Distance: Feeling Heat From Two Arm Lengths Away

An effective heater should be capable of warming a decent radius around it. Standing two arm lengths away, I could still clearly feel the heat from the AirChoice Space Heater. The heat coated me from chest to face, giving the sensation of standing near a bonfire. It felt impressive, but it’s important to manage these high levels sensibly to maintain comfort.

To conclude this round of hands-on testing, it’s safe to say that the heater does an impressive job of delivering heat where it’s needed. But like any device with such power, it’s crucial to handle it wisely and find the suitable setting for each environment.

Synopsis: Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heater

Final Thoughts: The Impressive & The Cautious

  • AirChoice Space Heater has impressive heat output
  • Device provides comfort in chilly winters
  • Users should be cautious of high heat output

There’s no doubt that the AirChoice Space Heater is a high-performance gadget that does its job well. Its compact design belies the impressive heat output, even when standing at least two arm lengths away.

The Impressive

First off, the heat output is impressive . It packs a punch with those 1500 watts, especially noticeable when I was standing a couple of arm lengths away. The heat spread was evenly distributed, ranging from my chest up to my face. For a small device, it’s pretty robust.

  • The switch between a regular fan mode and the 750 watts low heat mode was quite smooth. And even the difference between 750 watts and the full 1500 watts was tangible.
  • The device is capable of providing a good measure of comfort, especially in chilly winters.

The Cautious

While the AirChoice Space Heater does a commendable job in terms of heating, there are aspects that users should be cautious about. The high heat output can actually get uncomfortably warm. It’s important to be mindful of the distance kept from the heater, especially when using the maximum heat output settings.

  • The guard on the heater does seem to heat up considerably. Users should be cautious about coming into direct contact with it when the heater is in use or has been recently turned off.
  • Don’t forget about safety. It’s crucial to ensure safe handling and careful positioning for an optimized heating experience, as is the case with any heater.

In conclusion, the AirChoice Space Heater does what it promises – it heats space efficiently and effectively. Is it worth the buy? It sure does have a place in your home given you handle with care and use it appropriately.

Review of Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heater

Parting Words: Wrapping Up The AirChoice Space Heater Review

Considering features, practicality, and personal experience, let’s wrap up this review of the AirChoice Space Heater – a gadget that really brings the heat when it claims to!

Evaluating the Features

The model boasts an impressive range of functionality for its relatively compact size. The useful options ranging from natural fan mode to high heat settings of 1500 watts offer versatility to suit diverse needs. It’s uncomplicated to operate and ready to go right out of the box – a major plus for those not well-versed in appliance setup.

Performance in Real-Life Use

The heater demonstrated an impressive heating capacity during my test. At 1500 watts, the heat it generated was too hot to stand in front of. Even at a distance of approximate two arm lengths away, the heat was remarkably perceivable. These observations attest to the AirChoice’s commendable power, making it suitable for heating a relatively large space.

The Overheating Protection & Safety Precautions

Despite the impressive power, the product has a built-in overheating protection mechanism that triggers automatically, which is a praiseworthy safety feature. However, it does get exceptionally hot, and the metal guard, although helpful, does heat significantly. Therefore, the proper placement and mindful usage of the device are certainly crucial to prevent accidents.

Final Thoughts

All considered, the AirChoice Space Heater is quite an impressive unit for its size. Offering robust heat generation and user-friendly operation, it seems like a worthy addition to your winter arsenal. However, the heat intensity and the hot metal guard call for cautious usage. In conclusion, this product does seem to deliver quality performance for its cost, but safety measures are to be carefully observed.

Should you buy the Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heater?

Buy it if…

You Need Efficient Heating

The AirChoice Space Heater quickly emits a significant amount of heat, even from distances as far as two arm-lengths away.

You Prefer a Two-in-One Appliance

This heater also functions as a regular fan when turned to the appropriate setting, providing versatility depending on your needs.

You Appreciate Safety Features

The heater has a thermostat knob that triggers overheating protection, automatically halting the heating process when it reaches a particular temperature.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Sensible to Noise

Although not overwhelming, the heater emits a discernable noise when the fan is blowing.

You Have Limited Space

Despite its compact size, the heater emits a powerful heat, which may be uncomfortable if used in a small and closed space.

You Have Safety Concerns with Heat Appliances

The heater’s grill may turn hot during operation, posing potential risks if not used cautiously.


Can you adjust the heat output on the AirChoice Space Heater?
Yes, you can easily switch between low heat at 750 watts and high heat at 1500 watts using the selector switch knob.
Is the AirChoice Space Heater noisy?
The heater does make a noise, as is common with most units with a built-in fan. However, it is not overwhelmingly loud and should not be problematic to most users.
Is the AirChoice Space Heater safe?
The heater includes a number of safety features, such as a guard on the grill and an automatic shutoff when it reaches a certain temperature. However, the metal can get very hot so it’s important to handle with care.
How far can the heat from the AirChoice Space Heater reach?
The heat from the unit can reach up to two arm lengths away, making it perfect for warming a small-to-medium sized room.
Does the AirChoice Space Heater only function as a heater?
No, the AirChoice Space Heater also functions as a regular fan without the heating function.
Does the heater come with a manual?
Yes, the heater comes with a manual that provides clear instructions on how to setup and use the unit efficiently.

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