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Review: Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (Renewed) – Solid performance with quality audio and commendable noise cancellation

Unbiased review of Soundcore’s Space A40 wireless earbuds, evaluating design, comfort, noise cancellation, and battery life... Read more

Review of Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (Renewed)

Table of Contents

Test of Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (Renewed)

4.2/5 - (151 votes)

Cena: $64.99


  • Affordable with sub-$100 price point
  • Comes with five differently-sized rubber tips
  • Advertised 50 hours of battery life
  • 98% noise cancellation feature
  • Quality comparable to higher-priced models
  • Comfortable for extended use
  • Three different noise cancellation modes


  • Noise cancellation might not reach 98%
  • 10-hour audio quality varies
  • Slightly larger design
  • Touchpad is quite small
  • Audio quality not as good as $300 models
  • May not be the most stylish earbuds
  • Form factor is not the smallest

“As an experienced and critical reviewer, it is my unbiased verdict that the Soundcore Space A40 wireless earbuds deliver a solid performance for a sub-$100 price point. They provide impressive battery life, commendable noise cancellation, quality audio, and a comfortable fit. While there are higher-end earbuds in the market, the Space A40 offers a balance of affordability without compromising on key features. They may not be the most stylish and compact, but they are functional, not unattractive, and comfortable to wear. All in all, they represent great value for individuals seeking good-quality, no-nonsense wireless earbuds.”

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Brand Soundcore
Model Name Space A40
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

Introduction: First Personal Take on Soundcore’s Space A40 Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds have become a standard accessory in today’s digital age. As an ardent fan of this technology, I was intrigued by Soundcore’s latest addition to the earbuds market – the new Space A40. What caught my interest were its standout features, like impressive battery life and strong noise cancellation, all at a sub-$100 price. Naturally, I decided to put these earbuds to the test, to see if they live up to the hype.

My Personal Investment: Why I got the Soundcore’s Space A40 Earbuds

Given how tech-savvy we’ve all become, it’s not enough to merely have wireless earbuds. You need to invest in a pair that offers a perfect blend of quality, durability, and affordability. Soundcore’s Space A40 wireless earbuds, with their strong advertising proposition and features, seemed just fitting for that purpose. Thus, I purchased them out of my pocket, without any promotional considerations, to offer you an unbiased review.

Questions About the Product? Let me help you out

In this review, I aim to address the key questions potential buyers could have about Soundcore’s Space A40. After all, it’s not just about buying a product, but about making an informed decision. Should I miss out on any details or if you have any specific questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Always remember, this review, like all others, may not cater to every individual’s specific considerations. It’s essential to take into account your own needs and preferences to make the right decision. After all, what works for one doesn’t necessarily have to work for all.

Supportive Aspects: Help the Channel Grow

Our shared love for technology and helpful reviews is what keeps this forum alive. By engaging with our content and finding it helpful, you contribute to the growth of this platform, encouraging us to bring to you more such detailed reviews in the future. Let’s dive into the review now, shall we?

Audit of Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (Renewed)

Reviewing Preliminary Aspects

  • Soundcore Space A40 earbuds have USB-C port clamshell case
  • Lights on buds indicate battery life of case
  • Total of five different size options for earbud fit

Getting right to it, let’s unpack the box and see what we have at hand. The whole unpacking experience itself speaks a lot about a product, doesn’t it?

Box Contents: An Introduction to Standard Clamshell Case

Diving into the box, I find the Soundcore Space A40 earbuds nestled inside a standard, yet classy enough, clamshell case. The case is neatly designed with a USB-C port at the back . Personal opinion here, USB-C should really be the norm for all gadgets by now, it’s just simpler and says a lot about forward-thinking design.

First Impressions: Unbiased Look at the Design and Make

Advancing on to the buds themselves, I catch sight of lights that kindle up while charging, informing you about battery size left in the case. The lights, tastefully integrated into the design, are seamlessly visible when they need to be and disappear when they don’t. The earbuds have an elemental, no-frills look about them. If you are into straightforward, function-over-form kind of design aesthetics, these earbuds could be right up your alley.

Sizing It Up: Exploring Different Size Rubber Tips for Perfect Fit

Moving on, I find four sets of differing sizes of additional rubber tips. Each pair of rubber tips, including the ones initially fitted on the earbuds, cater to different ear sizes. That makes it a total of five options to tweak the earbuds for that snug fit.

I have an inkling about how crucial this option might be for optimal noise cancellation, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. All in good time. For now, my impression of Soundcore’s Space A40 wireless earbuds is cautiously optimistic. It’s now time to delve deeper into the product features and put them to some rigorous tests.

Comments on Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (Renewed)

Delving Deeper into the Features

  • Soundcore’s Space A40 provides 98% noise cancellation
  • Offers promising 10 hours battery life per charge
  • Comparable audio quality to pricier counterparts

One of the advantages of being a gadget newbie is the excitement of diving headfirst into the specifications of my new purchase. With the Soundcore’s Space A40 Wireless Earbuds, there were a few features that particularly caught my attention. I’ve examined all these integral aspects, keeping fairness and equilibrium at the forefront.

Sizeable Claims: Testing Out the 98% Noise Cancellation

The whopping 98% noise cancellation claim was something that intrigued me. Candidly speaking, most people, including myself, will not experience a full 98% noise cancellation. It varies greatly depending on your surroundings and how snugly the earbuds fit in your ears. My advice? Try out the five different size options for the rubber earpieces included with the earbuds. I found my sweet spot with one of them, making my listening experience far more enjoyable and noise-free.

Battery Performance: Reality vs. Advertised 10 Hour Life

Next, let’s talk about battery life. The Space A40’s offer a promising 10 hours per charge of each earbud. My experience differed, though. They seem to last the full 10 hours only when the volume is maintained at around the 50% mark. Try blaring your favourite tunes at 100% volume, and you may find the battery performance dipping.

However, I still must tip my hat off to the battery performance of these buds. In terms of sub-$100 price point wireless earbuds, the Space A40’s perhaps present some of the best battery lives out there.

Audio Quality: Comparing Soundcore’s Space A40 to More Expensive Models

Finally, I did a quick audio quality comparison of the Space A40’s with more exorbitant models, both from Soundcore and other brands. The result was pleasantly surprising. In terms of sound quality, these earbuds hold up quite smoothly in comparison to their pricier counterparts.

To reiterate, trying to compare these with $300 wireless earbuds may not be the fairest of assessments. However, keeping their price range in consideration, the Space A40 Earbuds put up quite a fight in terms of audio quality.

Assessment of Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (Renewed)

Usability and Comfort: A Few Honest Thoughts

  • Soundcore’s earbuds provide comfortable and adjustable fit
  • The earbuds have effective noise cancellation modes
  • Allows easy switch between conversations and audio

Let’s talk about the comfort and usability of the Soundcore’s Space A40 wireless earbuds. I’ve worn these for extended periods and here’s what I found.

Finding the Right Fit: Discussing Comfort and Fit For Extended Use

My first impression upon wearing the earbuds was that they were slightly large. Some might argue that it could be attributed to an individual’s ear size, but I tried different rubber tips that came with the earbuds. Four different sizes are provided, making a total of five options including the one already attached. They have really made an effort to ensure you get the perfect fit.

While I wished the earbuds themselves were a bit narrow, I was able to find a comfortable fit by experimenting with the different size options. Comfort-wise, they score fairly well. The earbuds did not cause any discomfort even after hours of use which makes them quite practical for both short and long listening sessions.

Exploring Different Noise Cancellation Modes: Do They Really Work?

The Soundcore’s Space A40 wireless earbuds come with three noise cancellation modes – traditional on mode, normal mode, and the pass-through mode. I tried all three and here’s my experience:

  1. Traditional on-mode: The noise cancellation worked moderately well. It successfully reduced ambient noise, and even though it did not quite reach the advertised 98%, it did a reasonably good job.
  2. Normal mode: This mode was a different experience as it turns off the noise cancellation. This might be useful in situations where being aware of your surroundings is important. The sound quality remained decent even in such a mode.
  3. Pass-through mode: This mode activated the microphones and passes external noise through them. It allowed me to hear my surroundings while listening to my audio. It was a bit like transitioning from an isolated space to a noisy environment, quite abrupt but interesting nonetheless.

So, do these modes really work? Yes, they do and they work quite well. Of course, adjusting to each might take some time, but overall, they deliver what they promise.

Juggling Conversations: How Well Do the Earbuds Perform Amidst Surrounding Noise?

In terms of managing multiple sound sources, I found the Soundcore’s Space A40 earbuds effective.

With the earbuds on, even in a crowd, I could easily switch in between conversations and my audio. The pass-through mode in particular was helpful while walking in the city. By turning on this mode, safety is addressed as you can hear if there’s a car coming from behind or someone calling out to you.

Overall, the earbuds have a robust design and come equipped with features that deliver a comfortable and user-friendly experience.

Check of Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (Renewed)

Sound Quality Analysis: How Does it Fair?

  • SoundCore’s A40 earbuds offer decent, balanced sound
  • They excellently balance quality and price
  • Better than most similarly-priced contemporaries

How SoundCore’s Space A40 wireless earbuds fare in the realm of sound quality is crucial, as this ultimately determines whether they are worth their price or not. So, let’s delve into my experience with them.

The Audio Experience

Upon donning the earbuds for the first time and playing some of my favorite tracks, the initial impression was quite positive. The sound seemed quite full and enriched, covering a decent range of frequencies without any conspicuous cracks and distortions. I was also able to notice delicate subtleties in the music that are often lost with lower-quality earbuds.

However, when pitted against the high-end, $300 earbuds , there was a discernible difference in the capacitive audio production. Certain refinements, intricacies, and depth prevalent in top-tier models were missing. However, it is essential to view this within the scope that the SoundCore Space A40 earbuds fall in an entirely different price bracket, with noticeably cheaper pricing. Despite that, it offers a sound quality that quite justifiably outshines many other models in the same cost range.

Balancing Quality and Price

An important point to consider is that the audio quality of these earbuds doesn’t categorically touch the ceiling, but it certainly isn’t scraping the bottom either. While they may not be the crème de la crème of the audio world, they surely offer more than an average audio experience. In simple terms, the SoundCore’s Space A40 earbuds present an excellent balancing act between quality and price.

They fall into the ‘very good’ category in terms of sound quality, which, considering their pricing compared to ‘excellent’ quality models, becomes their unique selling point. Essentially, with a sub $100 tag, you are not getting an ear-shattering, mind-blowing audio experience, but neither are you left questioning the worth of your investment. They present the middle ground deriving an excellent value proposition.

Comparing With Contemporaries

Contrasting the A40s to similarly-priced wireless earbuds in the past, the difference was almost night and day. Many sub $100 earbuds tend to skimp on audio quality – boosting certain frequencies, be it treble, bass, or mids, beyond necessity, creating an off-balance soundscape.

However, the A40s were able to avoid such common pitfalls, offering an evenly-balanced and smooth audio output. The sound doesn’t bleed or distort at higher volumes, nor are any sounds overemphasized. This balanced approach makes them a better choice than most contemporaries in the same price range.

Summing up, the SoundCore’s Space A40’s sound quality is not best-in-class, but they provide a listening experience that would satisfy users seeking a quality cost-effective solution.

Assessment of Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (Renewed)

Call Quality: Putting it To Test

  • Soundcore Space A40 offers impressive outdoor call quality
  • Indoors, it effectively minimizes internal noise
  • Ensures clear audio, successful noise-cancelling technology

Now, moving on to a vital feature that generally doesn’t get the attention it deserves – Call Quality . This is the facet of any wireless earbuds that can sharply range from just average to excellent. To give an unbiased opinion, I ventured outside to test Soundcore Space A40’s call quality in real-time scenarios.

Outdoor Performance on a Windy Day

In an environment with a slight wind rustling the leaves, the call quality was put to a significant test. When set to the default mode, I made a few calls and the earbuds paired with the app, offered settings to counteract external noise features like wind. It’s quite an impressive feature as it helps in minimizing distortions which are generally common on breezy days. The call clarity was not compromised, and our voices came through clearly.

Indoor Scenario: A Room Full of Chatter

Next test scenario was indoors amidst an audible level of background noise. Even in this scenario, the sound dynamics of the earbuds held up pretty well. The conversations were clear and easy to follow. It’s safe to say the Soundcore A40 Shut off the internal noise quite effectively.

Walking Around Town

Finally, while striding down bustling city streets, I attempted yet another phone call. This was indeed a stringent test since it was about maneuvering through city noises. Yet, to my surprise, the Soundcore’s Space A40 didn’t let me down.

A word on Receiver’s Feedback

Another aspect to keep in mind when discussing call quality is the receiver’s feedback. With Soundcore’s Space A40 earbuds, on the other end, the receivers reported clear audio, devoid of any distortions or disturbances. This indeed points to a successful noise-cancelling technology.


All in all, I can, with certainty, say that the overall call quality of the Soundcore’s Space A40 earbuds is commendable. They responded impeccably in various circumstances, ensuring that the conversations were smooth and effortless.

Report: Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (Renewed)

Conclusion: A Final Evaluation of the Space A40 Earbuds

In the hotly contested arena of wireless earbuds, Soundcore’s Space A40 certainly stands out for me. There’s a fine balance to be struck between cost and quality, and I believe these earbuds do that well without overly compromising on either. But let’s not shy away from being critical about them. They’re not perfect, but they offer a lot for a sub-100 price point. Let’s break it down:

Style Vs. Functionality: The Sub 100 Dollar Earbud Dilemma

Firstly, it’s important to consider the trade-off. Yes, there are certainly more stylish earbuds out there, and some boasting a sleeker form factor. In comparison, the Space A40 earbuds might seem slightly larger. But, let’s be real. What do you want ultimately from your wireless earbuds? If it’s amazing noise cancellation, excellent sound quality, and a comfortable fit, these earbuds check those boxes. If you’re someone who’s willing to compromise on style for functionality, then these earbuds win hands down.

Last Word: Are the Soundcore’s Space A40 Earbuds Worth Your Money?

At the end of the day, when it comes to the final verdict, here’s what I would say: these earbuds may not have all the glitz and glamour of pricier models, but they give you your money’s worth. The noise cancellation is noteworthy, the audio output is pleasantly surprising for the price, and the fit is pretty decent once you figure out the right size of rubber tips for your ears. On top of it, the clamshell case adds a certain degree of convenience, and the battery life is commendable.

So, in my experience, if we’re talking value for money, yep, they absolutely tick that box. However, it’s crucial to remember that everyone’s experiences and expectations can vary. As mentioned earlier, if style ranks high on your priority list, you might want to explore a bit more. But, if a solid performing wireless earbud for under 100 bucks is what you’re looking for, Space A40 earbuds are definitely worth your consideration.

Encouragement to Engage

Reviews are but one person’s experience. What works for me might not work for you. Therefore, I encourage you to check out other reviews as well and make an informed decision. More importantly, if you do decide to get the Soundcore’s Space A40 Earbuds, I’d love to hear about your experience with them. There’s always room for more conversation!

Should you buy the Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (Renewed)?

Buy it if…

You’re Looking for an Affordable Audio Investment

Soundcore’s Space A40 Earbuds offer robust functionality at a sub-100 price point, making them a great budget-friendly choice for quality sound.

You Value Long Battery Life in your Wireless Earbuds

With a purported 50 hours of battery life with the case and 10 hours per charge of each earbud, these are ideal for long-lasting, uninterrupted music sessions.

You Want Solid Noise Cancellation

The Soundcore’s Space A40 Earbuds feature 98% noise cancellation, allowing you an immersive listening experience even in noisy environments.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Looking for Premium Audio Quality

While the Soundcore’s Space A40 Earbuds deliver good sound quality, they might not meet the standards of audio purists who prefer top-tier, high-priced earbuds.

Size Aesthetics Matter to You

With a slightly larger size, these earbuds may not appeal to those seeking a compact design in their wireless earbuds.

You’re after High-End Design and Styling

The minimalist design might not satiate those who prefer a touch of luxury or unique style in their personal tech gadgets.


Did you purchase the Soundcore’s Space A40 wireless earbuds yourself?
Yes, the reviewer purchased the earbuds themselves, this was not a review unit.
Can the noise cancellation achieve up to 98%?
The reviewer found that while it’s advertised as up to 98% noise cancellation, in most circumstances, users might not achieve up to this number. However, with a good fit on your wireless earbuds which can be achieved with the range of different size options, noise cancellation can be maximized.
What’s the battery performance of these earbuds?
The 10 hours of audio per charge applies when the earbuds are being used at about 50% audio. If the audio volume is high, the battery life may be less. However, it still offers some of the best battery lives seen in its price range.
How comfortable are these earbuds to wear?
The reviewer found the earbuds overall comfortable to wear, although they wished they were more narrow. However, with the different sizes of rubber earpieces provided, a comfortable fit can be customised.
How well do these earbuds perform in noisy environments?
Thanks to the noise cancellation and pass-through mode, conversation can easily be held amidst audible surrounding sounds.
How well do these wireless earbuds rate in terms of sound quality?
The reviewer classified them as offering very good sound quality for their price. However, they’re not equivalent to top-of-the-line earbuds.
Are these earbuds suitable for making phone calls?
Yes, the reviewer praised their phone-call quality, even in windy outdoor situations.
Are these wireless earbuds stylish and attractive in design?
The reviewer found them to be fine in terms of appearance, though there might be better looking alternatives out there.

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