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Review: Soundcore by Anker Life A1 True Wireless Earbuds – Impressive sound quality and battery life

Detailed review of Anker’s Soundcore A1 earbuds, highlighting features and drawbacks for informed purchasing... Read more

Review of Soundcore by Anker Life A1 True Wireless Earbuds

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Test of Soundcore by Anker Life A1 True Wireless Earbuds

4.3/5 - (33999 votes)

Cena: $49.99


  • Budget-friendly
  • Great battery life
  • Good sound quality
  • Comfortable, secure fit
  • Multiples sizes included


  • Lacks noise cancellation
  • Sound quality inferior to high-end models
  • Wind affects call quality

“In my opinion, Anker’s Soundcore A1 wireless earbuds do pack quite a punch for a low-end model. They offer impressive sound quality and battery life, fitting comfortably for immersing audio experiences. Although they lack noise cancellation, a feature I do appreciate, they excel in many other areas, especially considering their price point. Regarding the slightly inferior phone call quality due to wind disturbances, it’s a compromise I willingly accept given the earbuds’ affordable pricing. All in all, for those seeking budget-friendly options without making drastic sacrifices, Soundcore A1 is a strong contender indeed.”

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Brand Soundcore
Model Name Life A1
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth

Unboxing the Anker’s Soundcore A1 Wireless Earbuds

First Impressions: Unveiling a Budget Earbuds with an Abundance of Features

As I delved into the unboxing experience of the Anker’s Soundcore A1 wireless earbuds, it immediately becomes clear that even though these earbuds are considered as a low-end model, they don’t come with a compromise on features. The packaging presents a simplistic design, highlighting a ‘less-is-more’ approach that brings the product itself to the forefront.

The Anatomy of the Soundcore A1: A Sleek, Functional Design

The design of these earbuds evokes sophistication and practicality at the same time. This doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, considering Anker’s reputation for producing devices with a visually charming aesthetic. With a neat carrying case that follows a tube-like form – it’s a hard nod towards minimalism but also convenience. The device has a USB-C port, a well-regarded standard in the tech world, which is a plus, even for a low-end device like this.

Upon diving deeper, a pair of earbuds nestled inside the case finally come to view. This is where some of the interesting bits are. The earbuds are accompanied by rubber earpieces which are a commendable addition considering the comfort and custom-tailored fit it can provide. But that’s not all – a second set of the rubber piece stands out, presumably to lock the earbuds into ears better. This kind of attention to details definitely improves the user experience and talks volumes about the thought out design of the product.

  1. The A1 earbuds come with several different sizes of rubber pieces, providing a personalized fit for everyone’s unique ear shape.
  2. The earbuds and their case are sleek and functional, lacking unnecessary bells and whistles and focusing on a refined design and user-friendly features.

Estimate of Soundcore by Anker Life A1 True Wireless Earbuds

The Nitty Gritty: Understanding A1’s Features

  • A1 earbuds offer 9 hours playtime, 35 with case
  • Efficient sound quality but lack noise cancellation
  • Competitive package with considerable battery life

Diving deep into the features of Anker’s Soundcore A1 Wireless Earbuds, I paid close attention to both its highlighted features and the details that may often escape cursory reviews—the background nuts and bolts.

Power on a Budget: Nine Hours of Power, Plus an Extra 35

The A1 promises a high nine hours of listening on a single charge for the earbuds, and offers a keen 35 hours with the case. This results in a massive amount of potential playtime without any interruptions, a major plus for any music lover or podcast enthusiast.

Analyzing the Sound Quality: How Do These Low-End Earbuds Hold Up?

Sound quality is inevitably a significant consideration for anyone investing in earphones. When it comes to budget earbuds, skepticism is understandable. However, testing the A1 earbuds provided an adequate audio satisfaction, especially underlining their categorization as ‘budget friendly’. The highs, mids, and lows were surprisingly balanced, creating an immersive experience. Granted, they might not clone the aural experience of high-end over-the-ear headphones or a home theater sound system, but their performance was commendable all the same.

Battery Life: Can these Earbuds Really Last a Whole Day?

The A1 earbuds’ battery performance definitely stands its ground, even past mid-range models. The nine hours from the earbuds themselves and the impressive 35 hours from the case mean that your playlist could virtually play all day. A quick recharge overnight and you’re good to go for another day without any battery-life worries.

What Are You Giving up? A Comparison with the Higher End A3 Earbuds

It’s critical to highlight that opting for budget-friendly A1s will inevitably involve some compromise. For example, noise cancellation is missing on the A1s—a common feature among higher-end earbuds, including Anker’s own A3 model. Conversely, if being aware of your surroundings is preferable, then the omission of noise cancellation won’t be a deal breaker.

A Final Thought on Features

In the end, it is safe to say that Anker’s Soundcore A1 Wireless Earbuds provide a competitive package that includes an impressive battery life and appreciable sound quality. However, if noise cancellation is part of your criteria in selecting wireless earbuds, then it may be worth considering their higher-end counterparts such as the A3s.

Survey of Soundcore by Anker Life A1 True Wireless Earbuds

A Closer Look at the Value

  • Soundcore A1 earbuds lack noise cancellation
  • Falter in windy conditions, good indoor performance
  • Budget-friendly entry into high-quality wireless earbuds

As we delve deeper into the worth of these earbuds, it’s imperative to weigh the advantages against the shortcomings, remaining unbiased while doing so. In focus, the Soundcore A1’s most salient features and how they fare concerning the price point.

Considering the Downfalls: Is the Lack of Noise Cancellation a Deal Breaker?

Starting with their Achilles Heel, the Soundcore A1 Earbuds lack noise cancellation – an omission some potential buyers might find hard to overlook. However, don’t rush to judgment just yet. It’s essential to understand that not everyone prefers to shut out ambient noises entirely. For instance, if you enjoy keeping tabs on your surroundings while lost in your tunes, this might not be a significant compromise.

Quality of Phone Calls: Can This Budget Pair Handle the Wind?

When it comes to call clarity, the A1 Earbuds perform well under controlled settings. Unfortunately, they falter in windy conditions due to the lack of efficient wind noise reduction, as noticed in our testing phase. Worth noting, though, is the earbuds’ indoor performance during phone calls, providing clear audio even amidst moderate background noise.

For the Price: Are These Earbuds Still Worth the Investment?

Despite these downfalls, it’s crucial to ponder the A1’s earbuds within their price context. When compared to competitors within the same range, they pack quite a punch. But how do they fare against higher-end models? Naturally, the pricier models reign supreme but at a hefty premium. In essence, the A1 model offers a budget-friendly entry into high-quality wireless earbuds.

To sum it up, it’s evident that this budget pair compromises some features for affordability. The question now is, are these cutbacks a worthy trade-off considering the sub-100 price point? The final verdict, it seems, heavily depends on one’s personal preferences and specific needs.

Synopsis: Soundcore by Anker Life A1 True Wireless Earbuds

Wrapping Up the Review

  • Anker’s Soundcore A1 delivers impressive, balanced sound quality
  • Worth consideration for budget-friendly earbud options
  • Anker’s Soundcore A3 model offers superior sound and noise cancellation

The verdict: Surprisingly Good or Succumbing to Shortcomings?

Let’s cut to the chase – the Anker’s Soundcore A1 wireless earbuds have certainly impressed me. Despite being a budget option, these earbuds deliver impressive sound quality. Of course, it’s not the booming resonance you’d expect from over-the-ear speakers or a high-end stereo system, but, within its price range, the sound quality provided by these earbuds is a pleasant surprise . They handle low, mid and high ranges well, offering a balanced sound that doesn’t disappoint.

As for phone calls, the lack of wind noise cancellation is a bit of a letdown, and yes, the higher end A3 model deals with this much better. However, for indoor use in less noisy environments, the A1 earbuds managed just fine.

For the Price: Are These Earbuds Still Worth the Investment?

The Anker’s Soundcore A1 wouldn’t be my first choice if I were looking for plush, high-end earbuds but, for those on a budget, these are definitely worth consideration . While they compromise on some features like noise cancellation, the solid performance in battery life, comfort, and overall audio quality makes them a strong contender in the budget-friendly options.

The battery life particularly stands out with 9 hours of charge for the earbuds and up to 35 hours with the charging case. I think the majority of users would find this more than satisfactory.

Next Stop: Check out the Anker’s Soundcore A3 for Noise Cancelation

If you’ve got a little more flexibility in your budget and noise cancellation is a must-have for you, you might want to consider the higher end Anker’s Soundcore A3 model. The sound quality is slightly superior, phone calls are clearer, and of course, there’s the added benefit of noise cancellation.

Remember though, the A1s are less than $100, with the A3s, you’ll be shelling out a bit more.

Examination of Soundcore by Anker Life A1 True Wireless Earbuds

Closing Thoughts

As our detailed exploration of Anker’s Soundcore A1 wireless earbuds comes to a close, it’s time to step back and reflect on the overall experience afforded by these budget-friendly earbuds.

The Soundcore A1: A Solid Choice For Your Next Budget-friendly Earbuds

The heartening news is that despite their low price point, the A1’s exhibit a firm emphasis on quality and functionality. The endurance of their battery life, the pleasing compactness of their design, and their overall good sound quality bring genuine value to these earbuds.

However, it’s critical not to overlook the areas that have room for improvement. Noise cancellation feature, for instance, was glaringly absent. Let’s just say, for those who require dead silence to enjoy their tunes or podcasts properly, these might not be the tool for the job, especially in outdoor settings or amid a noisy crowd. Similarly, the lack of top-quality wind reduction during calls can be off-putting for some, especially if outdoor phone conversations are a regular part of your routine.

An Appeal for Continuous Improvement

These shortcomings, though somewhat expected at this price range, serve as reminders that there is always room for improvement, even within the budget sector.

Moving forward, it would be hugely beneficial if these earbuds could come equipped with tidy additions such as improved wind reduction and even a basic noise cancellation feature – even if it comes with a slight price increase.

All told, while the Anker’s Soundcore A1 may not satisfy the pickiest of customers, they certainly offer strong value for those on a budget and stand as a worthwhile introduction for those dipping their toes into the vast ocean of wireless audio.

Should you buy the Soundcore by Anker Life A1 True Wireless Earbuds?

Buy it if…

You’re looking for quality sound on a budget

Despite being a budget-friendly option this model still delivers impressive audio quality.

You value extended battery life

These earbuds boast a whopping nine hours of battery life on a single charge, and an extended 35 hours with the charging case.

You value comfort and customizable fit

Comes with several different sizes of rubber earpieces you can customize for a comfortable fit.

Don’t buy it if…

You prioritize noise cancellation

These earbuds lack the noise cancellation feature which might be an important factor for some users.

You frequently make calls in windy environments

The phone call quality suffers in windier conditions, meaning this may not be the best choice if you frequently take calls outside.

You’re looking to compare with high-end models

While these provide great value for their cost, they might not hold up in a comparison with more expensive, high-end earbuds.


How long do the Anker’s Soundcore A1 earbuds last on a single charge?
The earbuds last for nine hours on a single charge.
How is the sound quality with the Anker’s Soundcore A1?
The sound quality is surprisingly good, offering high audio quality, impressive for this budget range.
Do these earbuds have noise cancellation?
No, the Anker Soundcore A1 earbuds do not include noise cancellation.
What kind of power indicator does the case have?
The case has three small LED lights indicator. Three lights mean it is at 100% power, two lights indicate 50% power, and one light means it is at 25%.
How is the quality of phone calls with these earbuds?
The phone call quality is good overall, but they do not have the same wind noise cancellation as the higher-end models.
What is the single main feature that A1 lacks compared to the A3 model?
The key feature that A1 lacks compared to A3 is noise cancellation.
Do these earbuds use USB-C?
Yes, even though the A1 is a low-end model, it still uses USB-C.
Considering the price, are these earbuds worth buying?
Yes, for the asking price, these budget earbuds are worth the money given their good battery life and audio quality.

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