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Review: Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – Enhanced adaptive noise cancellation feature

Explore features of Soundcore Space Q45 and compare with its predecessors and competitors... Read more

Review of Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Table of Contents

Test of Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

4.4/5 - (5276 votes)

Cena: $149.99


  • Longer battery life, up to 50 hours
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.3 for stability and efficiency
  • Improved active noise cancellation up to 98%
  • Comfortable, adjustable fit with memory foam pads
  • Compatible with a companion app for customization
  • Relatively cheaper than other well-known brands
  • Fast charging technology for convenience


  • Aesthetics may not be suited for everyone
  • ANC cannot be used when Bluetooth is off
  • Minor changes to control layout
  • No advanced features like hearing test
  • Limited codec support on iOS

“Personally, my experience with the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones has been largely impressive. The improved battery life, audio quality, and enhanced adaptive noise cancellation are evident and appreciated enhancements. Although the upgrade from the Q35s might be a subtle one, it’s indeed a solid improvement. However, for those who already own the Q35s, the need to switch might not be compelling unless active noise cancellation is of paramount importance. Overall, for the price point, these headphones offer a competitive and quality option against pricier brands in the audio space.”

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Brand Soundcore
Model Name A3040
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

Introduction to The Soundcore Space Q45 Headphones

Welcome, folks! We’ve got something special on our review plate today- it’s Anchor’s newly released Soundcore Space Q45 headphones. For those who remember, we reviewed the Soundcore Life Q35s last year and were quite impressed with their sound quality and affordable price point. Now, Anchor is back with a newer model, and we’re eager to see how this latest addition compares.

A Peek into the Upgrade

Right off the bat, one necessary thing to mention is that this new model is no longer part of the Life series. Instead, Anchor has rebranded them under the Space lineup. The catchy name aside, the anticipation lies in whether the new Space Q45s can reach or even surpass the high bar set by their predecessors, the Q35s.

Setting Expectations

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, here’s what we’ve learned so far: The Space Q45s promise a significant boost in battery life, from the good 40 hours in Q35s to an impressive 50 hours in a single charge. From just the numbers, that’s a tempting feature, mainly if you use your headphones extensively. Along with this, the Q45s also come equipped with an upgraded Bluetooth chip – 5.3 as opposed to the 5.1 in the previous gens. It’s an upgrade that, on paper, promises better stability and optimised battery performance.

One notable focal point, though, is the active noise cancellation (ANC). The Soundcore team claims an improvement on this front, to the point where it could compete with some of the best in the industry. Considering that the Q35s already had excellent noise cancellation, there’s plenty of curiosity around how much of a difference this upgrade actually makes.

Competitive and Cost Effective

Moving our initial impressions to the price aspect, one of the strengths of the Q35s was its affordability. The Soundcore Space Q45s continue in a similar vein. At under $150, these headphones are almost a steal considering their improved features and considerably less expensive than brands like Sony and Bose who dominate the market.

To sum it up, there is a lot to look forward to with the Soundcore Space Q45s. Could these be the new benchmark for affordable quality headphones in the market? Let’s dive deeper and find out!

Highlight: Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Unboxing the Set: What’s Inside?

  • Soundcore Space Q45 package includes headphones, cables, user guide
  • Packaging designed for easy opening and product safety

Upon receiving the Soundcore Space Q45, your journey with the product truly begins as you unbox the package. Don’t you just love that gleaming anticipation as you unwrap the item? Let’s see what was there.

  • Headphones: The star of this show, of course, are the headphones themselves tucked securely into the box. They possess a different aesthetic than their predecessor (the Q35s) with a shiny chrome-like finish, giving the headphones a polished and professional look.
  • Charging Cable: Accompanying the headphones is a convenient USB type-C charging cable. Haven’t we all struggled with too short or awkwardly designed charging cables before? But this one seems user-friendly and up-to-date with current tech standards.
  • AUX 3.5mm Cable: Also included in the package is an AUX 3.5mm cable, giving users the option to switch to a wired experience whenever they desire. Though wireless is all the rage, this thoughtful inclusion caters to those who appreciate wired sound quality or perhaps forget to charge their headphones now and then.
  • User Guide: Last but not least is the user guide, a small but essential feature. For product newcomers, this guide can act as a valuable tool for best understanding and utilizing the product’s features.

It is refreshing to see that Soundcore apparently believes that a user’s experience starts with unboxing. The products were neatly arranged and secured firmly, showing a meticulous concern for the hardware’s safety. Moreover, the packaging was easy to handle and open – no need for a wrestle match with an overly-taped box. Unboxing the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones was a simple, pleasurable, and hitch-free experience, setting a promising start for the journey to come.

Judgement: Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

A Closer Look at the Design

  • Soundcore Space Q45s have a premium, fingerprint-resistant finish.
  • Headphones’ design is user-friendly and adjustable.
  • Memory foam pads and stretchable headband enhance comfort.

Upon first glance, these headphones make a strong impression. They deviate from the usual matte finish of its predecessor and opt for aesthetic upgrades that truly align with its space-themed branding. Let’s get into the specifics without further ado.

Noteworthy Aesthetic Changes

The Soundcore Space Q45s have a more polished, chrome-like finish. As you shift the headphones in the light, they reflect beautifully, giving a more premium look. Even though these headphones have a sleek look, the plastic material used for crafting the frame is not prone to attracting fingerprints or dust, which is a definite plus.

There’s also a change in the material. The previous model had a layer of soft touch rubber while these headphones have opted for matte plastic. But before you question the choice of material – take note: the plastic material doesn’t compromise them in terms of durability or comfort, and it still maintains easy maintenance due to the lack of fingerprint or dust attraction.

Assessing the Feel and Fit

Moving on to the vital element of headphones – the comfort, the Soundcore Space Q45s foster a user-friendly design. The headband, constructed of metal, allows straightforward adjustments according to user preference. The actions here feel stiff, responsive and the folding actions still deliver that compact convenience for the on-the-go user.

The memory foam pads incorporated in the design seem to be promising. From my experience, these pads lower the risk of unnecessary strain and promote longer endurance listening without discomfort, and let’s not forget the pliability of the headband. This stretchable element ensures the headphones prevent unwanted pressure, even for those of us who wear glasses. All things considered, when it comes to design, Soundcore Space Q45shave seen a substantial upgrade not just aesthetically, but also in terms of comfort and portability.

Audit of Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Reviewing the Headphone Controls

  • Soundcore Space Q45 headphones have solid, responsive controls
  • They lack Active Noise Cancellation in Bluetooth off mode
  • Overall, the control design is user-friendly and convenient

In my experience, no matter how great the sound and external design of headphones, the controls can make or break the user experience. And in this case, Soundcore Space Q45 didn’t disappoint.

Preliminary Observations

The first look at these headphones themselves will tell you that the control buttons are pretty much identical to their predecessor, Q35. Well located at the bottom, these buttons include an auxiliary Jack, a play-pause control, and a volume rocker. One striking difference though – the volume keys, which were two separate buttons on the Q35, are now a singular combined unit on the Q45.

Detailed Inspection

On the opposite end, you’ll find a type C port for charging and a power key. A treat for those who appreciate noise-canceling functionality – the Soundcore Space Q45 comes equipped with an active noise cancellation key. The buttons are solid and responsive, and all the folding actions compact enough for travel. But, if you ask me, there is always room for improvement.

A minor point of critique – the headphones still don’t offer the use of Active Noise Cancellation when the Bluetooth mode is off. As someone who enjoys a peaceful rest or is a frequent traveller, I would appreciate this feature.

Wrapping Up

Final words on controls – Simple, convenient, and quite user-friendly. While most of the control design is a pleasant experience, absence of a key feature may be a downside for some buyers. You can’t be too critical with these though, considering the impressive overall performance.

Rating: Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Battery Life and Charging: A Notable Improvement

  • Soundcore Space Q45 offers 50-hour battery life
  • Quick-charge: five-minute charge provides 4 hours of playtime
  • Uses USB Type-C for fast, efficient charging

One of the striking features of the Soundcore Space Q45 that truly caught my attention was the extended battery life. The Q45 model comes with an impressive 50-hour battery life, a notable leap from the Q35’s 40-hour capacity. Unquestionably, this jump offers users an additional 10 hours of uninterrupted audio experience, which can make a significant difference for music enthusiasts, frequent travelers, or folks who rely heavily on headphones for extended calls.

Charging Experience: Quality Meets Convenience

Charging these headphones proves to be just as surprising and convenient. The Soundcore Space Q45 headphones come with a quick-charge feature that’s indeed quick. A five-minute charge gives you up to 4 hours of playtime. This quick top-up feature is a boon for those always on the move and in need of a last-minute charge before heading out.

Moreover, the Q45 model utilizes a USB Type-C cable for charging – providing fast, efficient, and up-to-date technology. Unlike the traditional micro-USB, Type-C cables offer a universal and reversible plug orientation. It makes plugging in more effortless – no more fumbling over the right way to insert the charging cable.

A Critical Assessment

While the enhanced battery life clearly sets the Q45 apart, I couldn’t help but consider the potential impact on the headphone’s weight. After all, packing in more power could lead to a corresponding increase in battery size and weight.

Interestingly, despite its beefed-up battery life, the Q45 manages to maintain a relatively lightweight profile, similar to its predecessor. There are no noticeable weight differences that might cause discomfort during usage. Whether this is due to a more efficient battery or improved design structure, it is safe to say that the enhancements in battery life and charging do not compromise the headphone’s overall wearability.


In conclusion, the Q45’s battery performance is a significant step up from the preceding model, offering users prolonged playtimes. Coupled with the fast and effortless charging experience, the headphones provide a mix of convenience and advanced technology suitable for the modern user. However, the improvements in this department must strike a balance with other factors such as weight and wearability to ensure an all-rounded user experience. Thankfully, Soundcore appears to be striking this balance quite well with their Space Q45 headphones.

Considering Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Companion App Experience

  • Soundcore headphones come with comprehensive companion app
  • Features Adaptive Noise Cancellation and safe volume listening mode
  • App offers customizable intensity, sound profiles

As part of the new Soundcore headphones package, they’ve launched a comprehensive companion app that offers a slew of tailored sound amenities. It’s a considerable part of the user experience, and it’s worth delving into in detail.

Using the Adaptive Noise Cancellation

One of the most noticeable improvements in the Q45s is the Adaptive Noise Cancellation feature. I was immediately drawn to the smart functionality it offers. It gauges your surroundings using the microphones and adjusts the noise cancellation levels accordingly. So, if you’re in a bustling environment like a subway or plane, it’ll ramp up the noise cancellation to high levels, giving you the needed quiet in the clamor. And if you find yourself in a serene environment, it’ll tone down the level of noise cancellation, therefore maximizing battery life. I was quite impressed by how effectively it worked.

Custom Mapping and Other Cool Features

Beyond the impressive noise cancellation, the companion app offers a customizable experience. For a more personalized touch, users are able to customize the intensity of the noise cancellation. Whether it be to increase or decrease the intensity over five levels, Soundcore offers an unmatched tailored approach.

Among the other well-thought features is the safe volume listening mode. This is designed to keep your ears safe by limiting the decibel levels when you exceed a certain threshold. It’s a much-welcome feature that takes into consideration users who love their music loud.

In addition, the companion app also pre-loads various sound profiles created by Soundcore to give music enthusiasts different tastes based on their preferred music genre. Ranging from classic, acoustic, and bass booster, there seemed to be something for everyone. To top it off, users can further adjust the frequency ranges for better sound quality. My personal favorite was the Soundcore signature mode; it gave my tunes a dynamic mix of soulful details and energetic feel.

Take Note:

One thing I noticed about the companion app, though, is that it lacked some features I’ve seen in premium Truly Wireless Stereo earbuds from Soundcore, like the personal hearing test. This feature maps out your ability to detect sounds at various frequency ranges and creates your personal EQ. While it’s not a deal-breaker, I would like it if this was included in the app in future updates – it’s a neat feature that can make the listening experience even more personalized.

Overall, the companion app experience with the Q45s is quite comprehensive and provides a width of personalized sound experience. It’s a valuable asset to the headphones that will make your listening experience all the more flexible.

Thoughts on Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Analyzing the Audio Quality

  • Soundcore Q45s have enhanced audio performance
  • Q45s deliver better clarity than Q35s
  • Audio performance is quality across all genres

When it comes to assessing the audio quality of headphones, numerous factors come into play. In this regard, I’ll be putting the Soundcore Q45s under the microscope to give you my detailed take on what you can expect.

The Significance of the 40 mm Drivers

A key point to note about the Q45s is their use of 40 mm drivers. That’s identical to the previous model—the Q35s. But don’t be fooled into thinking that means the audio is the same. The new drivers are crafted from a different material, which Soundcore claims delivers crisper detail and enhanced audio performance. From my assessments, I’d give a nod of approval to that claim.

Comparing the Q45s to the Q35s

I guess you’ve been wondering: Do these new headphones indeed sound better than the Q35s? Allow me to give my two cents. I’d lean towards yes, but it’s close. The Q35s were already high-flyers when it came to sound, delivering top-notch audio quality complete with LDAC certification.

So, it’s already against tough competition in the Q35s. However, the Q45s manage to edge forward, amplifying the clarity an extra 5-10%. Thanks likely to the blend of the updated Bluetooth chip and the freshly upgraded drivers. You can pick out the finer details, say, in a singer’s voice or a strummed guitar string. Just these sound textures seem to rise a touch above the balance, more so than in the Q35s.

Audio Performance Across Genres

All genres seem to get a fair shake on the Q45s. Punchy bass lines are retained, perfect for those EDM or drum beats, without swamping the mix. If you’re a basshead, you’ll appreciate just how it’s tight and responsive at the same time.

That’s not to say that the Q45s fall short on the lighter side of the spectrum. For the lovers of acoustic tracks, vocals, and trebles, these headphones pack plenty of detail, giving a well-rounded listening experience.

In a nutshell, the Soundcore Space Q45s oozes quality in terms of audio performance. I’ve had no experiences with disconnections, latency, or other hitches. And that’s only added to the pleasant, seamless experience that these headphones afford.

Summary: Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Reflections on the Overall Fit and Comfort

  • Soundcore Space Q45 headphones provide long-term comfort
  • Headphones feature adjustable metal headband and memory foam pads
  • Offers easy and convenient travel due to foldability

Quite possibly one of the most important aspects of any headphones lies not just in sound quality, but also in the overall comfort for long-term wear. The Soundcore Space Q45 headphones might have a robust sound profile and excellent features, but how do they truly fit and feel when you wear them?

Assessing the Initial Fit

In the initial moment of slipping these headphones over my ears, the comfort level was impressive. Individual comfort, of course, can vary between consumers, but my experience was one of instant gratification. The memory foam pads made the contact with my ears pleasant and lacked the typical hardness you sometimes encounter with new headphones.

Long-Term Comfort

After several hours of use, I found these headphones to hold up remarkably well in terms of comfort. The pressure applied on the ears from the headphones, even with glasses, was minimal. The stress and strain that can sometimes occur with extended use of headphones didn’t surface in my experience with the Soundcore Space Q45s. The headband maintained a firm grip without causing discomfort. In terms of long-haul use, this aspect is a big plus.

Adjustability for Optimal Fit

With a metal headband that can be adjusted and memory foam pads that mold to the shape of the ear, finding the perfect fit isn’t a problem. Also, the stiff controls do not interfere with the headphones’ ability to fold compactly. This makes for easy and convenient travel.

Overall Impressions

Based on my experience, the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones offer a high level of comfort, all while maintaining a reasonable level of adjustability for personal fit. While it’s always important to keep in mind individual preferences and comfort levels can vary, I found these headphones to be an excellent option for those looking for a long-lasting, comfortable listening experience.

Analyzing Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Final Remarks on the Soundcore Space Q45 Headphones Performance

  • Soundcore Q45 features fast charging technology
  • Offers variety of preset EQs for customization
  • Combines quality performance with affordability

So as I tie up my thoughts on these headphones, it’s clear that Soundcore has done some fine-tuning here. But has it paid off? Let’s dive into it.

Boasting Fast Charging Technology

One distinct element that caught my attention was the fast charging ability of the Q45’s. In a world where everything is moving at breakneck speed, we all appreciate having gadgets that can keep up. Five minutes of charging giving up to four hours of listening time? I must say, I am pretty impressed. It provides that quick fix if you have forgotten to charge them and need to rush out the door.

Breaking Down the Sound Effects

The variety of preset EQs was another highlight for me. It allows you to customize your listening experience, which I think is just a fantastic addition.

  • Soundcore Signature Sound: Certainly a favorite, offering a dynamic mix of detailed yet energetic audio experience.
  • Podcast Mode: Perfect for when I want words to take center stage.
  • Bass on or off: Depending on my mood, I found that having the option to either emphasize or minimize the bass was a nice touch.

Aside from these, the ability to enhance or decrease certain frequency ranges is just spot on for those of us who are a little more meticulous about our audio intake.

Taking Control of Your Headphone Experience

Probably the most important aspect for me was that I felt in control with these headphones. Whether it was adjusting the volume, changing the soundscape via the app, or using the ambient mode, I felt that I had the control to adjust things just how I like them. However, an improvement I’d suggest would be to add the function to use noise cancellation with Bluetooth modes switched off. But, this is a minor suggestion in the grander scheme of how well these headphones have performed.

Blending Quality with Affordability

In closing, what really sets these headphones apart is the combination of quality and affordability. In a marketplace saturated with high-priced headphones, it’s refreshing to see such a stellar performance at a relatively lower price point. Certainly, there’s a few minor areas to brush up, but overall, the Soundcore Space Q45s have packed a strong punch in this review.

Synopsis: Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Drawing Conclusions: Are They Worth the Price?

Let’s talk brass tacks here. After sharing all of my observations and experiences with Soundcore’s Space Q45 headphones, are they worth taking out your wallet for? As an experienced reviewer, I appreciate the balance of quality, features, and cost. However, rest assured that I’ll give you an unbiased breakdown of what I think. Let’s dive in.

Comparing the Q45s with Other Market Competitors

The sound quality, active noise cancellation, battery life, and Bluetooth 5.3 chip definitely give the Q45s a leg up on the competition. At a price point of under $150, these headphones are more affordable than other brands offering similar features. You might be put off by the $20 increase in price from the Q35s, but remember, you’re getting an upgrade in battery life and noticeably better active noise cancellation.

While it’s clear the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones surpass the competition in terms of price, it’s essential to consider whether the build quality equates to the ones that come with a larger price tag. In my view, there’s a visible improvement in build quality compared to the Q35s, particularly in the aesthetics. However, comparing with high-end models, the materials used are still not top-notch – but they are not substandard either.

Final Verdict: Is The Upgrade Worth It?

If you already own the Soundcore Q35s and wonder whether you should upgrade, my answer is: it depends. If bluetooth stability, a longer battery life, and more impressive noise cancellation capabilities are essential to you, the upgrade will certainly be worthwhile. Plus, the new aesthetic could be a deciding factor if you’re a sucker for shiny, new design.

On the other hand, if you’re happy enough with the Q35s and these upgrades don’t make a world of a difference to you, it may not be necessary to part with your hard-earned cash for the new model. The sound quality —while improved— is subtly so.

As with every review I write, the final decision lies in your hands. What’s important is practicality, value for money, and your personal preference. Only you can decide whether the high-quality audio, 50-hour battery, and effective noise cancellation make the Q45s a deserved step up from the Q35s and a worthy competitor in the crowded headphone market. Happy listening!

Should you buy the Soundcore Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Buy it if…

You value sound quality

The Q45s offer exceptional audio quality, providing nuanced and textured sound for all types of music with excellent balance between bass and trebles.

You seek long battery life

With up to 50 hours of battery life, the Q45s offer almost twice the battery life of competing headphones. Perfect if you want a headphone with extended playback time.

You are conscious about price

The Q45s offer superior features and performance at a lesser price point compared to more well-known brands in the audio space.

Don’t buy it if…

You are satisfied with your current Q35s

Although the Q45s are an upgrade of the Q35s, the improvements are fairly subtle. If you’re content with your Q35s, perhaps this upgrade isn’t necessary.

You need independent ANC functionality

Unlike some other models, the Q45s don’t allow you to use active noise cancellation when Bluetooth is turned off which can be an essential feature for some users.

You use iOS and want to experience ldac mode

Unfortunately, ldac mode, which provides the highest possible audio resolution, is not compatible with iOS. If you’re an iOS user desiring this feature, this could be a potential deal-breaker.


Does the Soundcore Space Q45 headphone come with active noise cancellation?
Yes, the Soundcore Space Q45 headphone comes with improved active noise cancellation that reduces up to 98% of outside noise.
What is the battery life of the Soundcore Space Q45?
The Soundcore Space Q45 claims to offer up to 50 hours of battery life.
Does the Soundcore Space Q45 headphone work with a companion app?
Yes, the Soundcore Space Q45 headphone works with a companion app, through which you can control features like active noise cancellation and custom mapping.
Does the Soundcore Space Q45 model offer improved sound quality compared to the earlier Q35 model?
Yes, the Soundcore Space Q45 is noted for having improved sound quality, although marginally, compared to its predecessor.
Does the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones come with fast charging?
Yes, the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones support fast charging. Five minutes of charging reportedly provides up to four hours of listening time.
Does the design of the Soundcore Space Q45 offer a comfortable fit for extended use?
Yes, according to the review, the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones have comfortable memory foam pads and an adjustable headband to ensure prolonged comfort.
Do the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones have Bluetooth 5.3 chip?
Yes, the Soundcore Space Q45 model comes with an upgraded latest Bluetooth 5.3 chip.
Does the Soundcore Space Q45 headphone allow for customization of sound effects and frequencies?
Yes, using the companion app, one can toggle different sound effects and customize specific frequency ranges for personalized audio experience.

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