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Review: Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – Budget-friendly, reliable with quality bass.

Unbiased review exploring the journey of budget-friendly Bluetooth headphones with impressive features... Read more

Review of Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Table of Contents

Test of Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

4.5/5 - (66825 votes)

Cena: $59.99


  • Impressive 40-hour battery life
  • Effective Bluetooth Version 5 connectivity
  • Features Active Noise Cancellation
  • Sturdy extension mechanism
  • User-friendly pairing process
  • Decent stability during exercise
  • Flexible bass level adjustment


  • Quality drop with audio jack
  • Lacks supporting App for customization
  • Not ideal for intensive exercise
  • Microphone echo during calls
  • ANC effectiveness varies with noise level
  • Disappointing to see Micro USB charging
  • No significant design innovation

“In my personal, unbiased opinion, these Bluetooth headphones perform decently for their price point. They offer quality bass, user-friendly controls, and a durable design, though they don’t particularly stand out in any area. The lack of USB-C charging and the limited performance of the active noise cancellation feature were a bit disappointing. But overall, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, reliable pair of headphones for general use, they are worth considering.”

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Brand Soundcore
Model Name Soundcore Life Q20
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

Introduction: My First Impression on the New Bluetooth Headphones

Imagine the excitement as I unpacked these new Bluetooth headphones for review. Packaged with an air of simplicity, the headphones made me curious to know more. This review is my unbiased take on these headphones. Please note, even though the headphones were sent over for review, my opinions are strictly based on my personal experience with the product.

Connecting you to the Unboxing Experience

The box is simple and user-friendly with a touch of sophistication. Upon opening, I found the headphones comfortably nestled within. Alongside, there’s the audio jack and a charging cable, which appeared standard but functional. The packaging, although minimalistic, ensured the safe arrival of the various components with no jostling or potential damage. The very first glance promised a good user experience.

Sharing my Initial thoughts on the product design

The headphones, sporting a low-key matte black design, impressed me with their understated appeal. The first-time touch elicited a solid feel, radiating quality. The extension mechanism projected durability while confirming its lightweightedness. In spite of not being overly eye-catching, the design seemed efficient and, in my opinion, suitable for everyone, given its focus on functionality over pomp.


Remarks on Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Product Features: It’s all about Specifications

  • 40 hours battery life on single charge
  • Efficient Bluetooth Version 5 for seamless connectivity
  • Active noise cancellation for quieter audio experience

Now that you’ve heard my initial impressions, let’s delve deep into the techy specifications of these headphones.

Remarkable Battery Life: Up to 40 hours on a Single Charge

To start off, ‘battery life’ is a term that rings a bell in the ears of audio gear aficionados. These headphones didn’t disappoint me. With a staggering claim of up to 40 hours runtime on a single charge, they practically lasted me throughout my weekends. However, remember, reducing the volume may actually extend this already-impressive battery life!

Boasting the Efficiency of Bluetooth Version 5

As a copywriter who appreciates smooth and hassle-free connectivity, I was particularly thrilled about the Bluetooth Version 5 embedded into these headphones. With quicker connections and wider range, this feature ensured seamless sound streaming for me.

Active Noise Cancellation: Exploring the Silent Side of Sound

One of the cherries on top is undeniably the active noise cancellation feature. Let me point out that my testing process involved wearing the headphones in fairly noisy environments; the feature did its job by blocking out a good chunk of ambient noise, allowing me to concentrate on my audio. It’s obvious that the effectiveness of this feature will increase if you are in quieter surroundings.

Still, I will maintain a balanced view by emphasizing that these are indeed budget headphones and there is a definite limit to their noise cancellation capability. Don’t get me wrong, they do a decent job, but don’t expect them to magically silence the world around you like those super-high-end models out there.

In short, these features turned out to be quite reliable during my usage. They managed to perform quite well and lived up to some significant expectations.

Examination of Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Unboxing Experience: What actually comes in the package?

  • Micro USB charging cord, not USB-C, included
  • Included an additional accessory: a nice-looking pouch
  • Headphones featured an audio jack

Unwrapping a new product is always exciting, isn’t it? It’s like a little Christmas, regardless of the time of the year. With the headphones in question, the packaging certainly didn’t disappoint. It was the standard quality that I’ve come to expect in this price range, nothing over the top but definitely not flimsy either.

The Charging cable: Micro USB vs USB C

Beginning with the charging cord , it has to be said, I was somewhat disappointed to find a Micro USB within the box. Given that USB-C is the standard these days, I found it a bit surprising that this model wouldn’t support the latest types of connectors. It’s not a deal-breaker, of course, but considering modern standards of compatibility and the universal convenience of USB-C, their absence was noticeable.

The Convenience of additional Accessories

There was, however, a compensatory plus side. What grabbed my attention was the inclusion of a rather nice-looking pouch. This was an unexpected addition and it was clear that some thought had gone into its design and quality. Made from robust material, it was quite handy and complemented the overall aesthetic of the headphones.

The unboxing ended with a pair of headphones revealing themselves, eagerly waiting to be reviewed. They had an audio jack, a welcome peripheral that comes in handy when you’re out of battery or, for those podcast buffs out there, when you’re looking for that extra bit of audio detail.

In summary, the unboxing experience was largely positive, albeit some room was there for improvements especially in terms of the choice of charging port . I appreciate the additional accessories that were thoughtful and high in quality, while the overall presentation was pretty much on par with similar products in its price bracket.

Reflection on Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Reviewing the Design: A Look that Goes Beyond Appearance

  • Headphones have a minimalist matte black design
  • Extension mechanism is durable and user-friendly
  • Design balance between elegance and functionality

Design isn’t purely about aesthetics; it goes hand in hand with functionality, and plays a pivotal role in shaping user experience. In this section, we’ll dive deep into the design elements of these headphones, critically analyze their form factor, and discuss how it impacts the overall user experience.

Low-key Matte Black Design: The Aesthetics of Minimalism

When I first laid eyes on the headphones, I was drawn to its understated matte black design. There’s something irresistibly alluring about its low-key, minimalist approach. No garish colors, no unnecessary frills – just a plain, unassuming black that speaks volumes about its purpose. These headphones don’t scream for attention; they subtly command it.

For users like myself who gravitate towards tech accessories that blend seamlessly with any outfit or environment, this matte black design ticks all the right boxes. However, for anyone seeking a more vibrant or personalized touch, this single-color offering could be a bit restrictive.

Evaluating the Durability of the Extension Mechanism

Moving on to functionality, one of the things I examined closely was the headphone’s extension mechanism. Upon initial inspection, it feels surprisingly solid. As I adjusted the size to position them onto my ears better, the headphones slid smoothly with a reassuring sturdiness that spells durability. Nonetheless, only time will tell how effectively it holds up against regular wear and tear.

For a budget headphone offering, their extension mechanism boasts an impressive build quality. However, there’s still room for refinement. For instance, visual markers to help users adjust each side equally and easily can be useful. After all, not everyone has a perfectly symmetrical head!

In summary, the design of these headphones strikes a fine balance between minimal elegance and functional robustness. While aesthetic preferences may vary among users, the durability of the extension mechanism promises a user-friendly experience. It’s an unbiased review: solid, yet not exceptional; good, not great. But for the price range, it’s certainly more than adequate.

Inspecting Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Button Guide: Understanding the User Control Features

  • Power, noise cancellation buttons are precise, firm, illuminated.
  • Volume, play/pause buttons intuitive, require more responsiveness.
  • No supporting app for customizable user experience.

As a reviewer, it’s not just the sound quality or design that attracts my attention. The functionality of the buttons, their arrangement, and the user interface make a crucial part of my evaluation. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the user control features of these headphones.

Power Button and Active Noise Cancellation Button: The Glowing Side

Two buttons you’ll be interacting with quite frequently are the power button and the active noise cancellation button. The tactile sensation of pressing these buttons felt precise and firm – no sticky or loose buttons here. Plus, they both light up when switched on, offering a simple and visual confirmation of their activation. Critically though , the illumination isn’t too bright to be distracting, which is a thoughtful design aspect. However, giving these buttons identical glow could potentially lead to a mix-up.

The Utility of the Volume Rocker and Play/Pause Button

Moving on to the volume rocker and play/pause button. The positioning of these is intuitive, easy to operate even without looking. The volume rocker does precisely what you’d expect, controlling volume up and down. However , I noticed that the play/pause button can be slightly more responsive.

Finally, the headphones include an audio jack port and a charge port on the other side. Simple, easy to locate and use. I’d just like to see these ports capped or covered to prevent dust build-up.

The Mysterious Absence of a Supporting App

While the function and placement of the buttons is pretty standard, here’s something that made me frown a little. A notable missing element, and it’s a pretty big one – a supporting app. Unfortunately, unlike some other models, these headphones do not come with a corresponding app. This feature is usually quite common and allows for a customizable user experience like redefining button functions. Unfortunately, that’s not an option here.

Overall, the control features do their job quite adequately, but there’s definitely potential for improvement and added customization.

Considering Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Connectivity: How Easy is Pairing up with the Device?

  • Headphones offer uncomplicated pairing process
  • Reconnection is automatic and simple
  • User-centric design showcased in connectivity

In my exploration of these headphones, one aspect I was genuinely intrigued by was the connectivity process. I’m sure we’ve all experienced those frustratingly complex pairing processes that leave us questioning our tech-savvy status. Fortunately, these headphones delivered quite an uncomplicated experience. Here’s how it went.

The Initial Pairing Process: A User-friendly Experience

Pairing these headphones with your device is refreshingly straightforward. Once you power them on, they automatically enter into pairing mode. This is signified by a unique light display that you can’t miss. The headphones then promptly appear on your device’s Bluetooth list for pairing. The process takes minimal time and requires no unnecessary procedures, which can be a frequent pain point with wireless accessories. Obviously, your device’s Bluetooth capabilities play a part in this too, but as far as the headphones themselves are concerned, they performed excellently.

Reconnecting: The Ease of the Automatic Process

Note: If you wondered about ease of reconnecting, I have good news. These headphones score high in terms of convenience. Once you’ve connected them initially to your device, they remember the connection. The process is as simple as turning them on again; they’ll automatically reconnect without requiring you to go through the pairing process anew. This feature saves you much-needed time and hassle, especially when you’re in a hurry.

To sum up, these headphones make the connectivity process easy-peasy, showcasing their user-centric design philosophy. Whether it’s the first-time pairing or reconnecting, the steps are simple and intuitive. However, don’t forget that your mileage may vary depending on your device and its settings. It’s always crucial to make sure your device is also up to task.

Check of Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Exercising with the Headphones: A Fitting Experience

  • Headphones not intended for exercise use
  • Unstable during high-impact exercises
  • Lack of waterproof or sweatproof rating

So, moving ahead, one of the most intriguing questions that came into my mind was – How well do these headphones perform while we’re exercising? So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in and see how they held up during a vigorous workout.

Testing the Stability during Intensified Movements

First things first, let’s cut straight to the chase – these headphones are not designed primarily for exercise. Yet, curiosity led me to test them out in an athletic setting. For the most part, given their lightweight design, they sat comfortably on my head.

During light exercises such as jogging or stretching, they remained pretty stable. So, for those who prefer a casual workout routine, these headphones would serve well. But, bear in mind, their stability tends to decrease with an increase in the intensity of movements. For instance, during high-impact exercises like jumping jacks or burpees, they slipped and slid frequently.

Encountering the Limitations of these Headphones

Moving on, while it’s important to embrace the light design and significant stability during moderate movements, we cannot sunshine over notable drawbacks during a rigorous workout.

  • Firstly, the headphones definitely have the tendency to move around more during extreme exercises. Hence, they could possibly be a disruptive element to your workout routine.
  • Secondly, the lack of waterproof or sweatproof rating made me somewhat hesitant to use them while sweating it out, risking potential damage.
  • Last but not the least, these full-sized headphones might feel a tad bit bulky for some users during a workout, especially when compared to compact earbuds.

In a nutshell, while these headphones are perfectly adequate for light, casual exercises, they might fall short when it comes to more vigorous workouts. It’s important to keep these limitations in mind when considering these headphones for exercise use. However, overall, the fitting experience was decent and might be acceptable to certain individuals.

Considering Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sound Quality: Is it really all about the Bass?

  • Headphones offer excellent bass experience for price range
  • Feature adjustable bass levels for personalized listening

No discussion about headphones is ever complete without touching on sound quality. I mean, isn’t that the main reason we buy them in the first place? So, let’s delve into it.

Putting the Bass to Test: A Pleasant Surprise

The bass test is a crucial part of any headphone review process. For this pair of headphones, I used the usual test that I employ for other audio products. Must admit, there was a welcoming element of surprise here. For a headphone in this range, the bass was truly impressive. It was deep yet clear – a balance that quite a few headphones miss. Probably, one of the finest bass experiences around this price range .

Discussing the Flexibility in Adjusting Bass levels

Listening to music is a personal experience and everyone has their unique taste. Some like their music filled with overwhelming bass, while others prefer a more balanced sound. These headphones cater to both these types and everyone in between. They are equipped with a button on the side to help you adjust the bass levels. Freed from the tyranny of factory settings, you can now decide how much bass you want in your music . This particular touch of customization was impressively thoughtful.

Overall, the headphones definitely exceeded my expectations when it came to the bass. However, while the bass is important, it isn’t everything. There are other factors in sound quality too. So, for those wondering if it’s all just about the bass, well, not really. It’s much more than that.

Judgement: Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Analyzing the Overall Sound Quality: Is it worth your money?

  • Headphones deliver clean sound but lack depth
  • Wireless sound quality better than wired
  • Acceptable quality for price; not for audiophiles

Talking about sound quality can be a bit tricky, as everyone’s tastes can differ significantly. However, I’ll attempt to give my most impartial and thorough assessment possible, focusing on the attributes that are generally valued in audio quality.

General Audio Performance

First things first, these headphones get the basics right. The sound quality is clean, clear, and there is no noticeable distortion, even at higher volumes. Especially at this price range, the sound quality delivered by these headphones seemed quite agreeable.

Do they deliver the most profound, sophisticated sound that you would get from a much higher-priced headphone? Sadly, no.

Depth and Richness of Sound

I noticed that these headphones produce a sound that, while quite satisfying, lacks the depth and richness that high-end headphones offer. The bass is surprisingly good, and there are settings to change the bass level according to your preference, which is a great feature.

The mid and treble ranges, however, do not match the bass in terms of quality. Though adequate for casual listening and will suit many listeners, audiophiles might find them a little lacking in clarity and detail.

Sound Quality: Wired vs Wireless

When switching over to the audio jack, I noticed a drop in sound quality. While this is somewhat expected due to the power supply differences, it’s a factor you should consider if you’re planning to use this feature often. On the plus side, this means you can continue listening to your music even if the battery life gives up.


To sum up, I’d say that the overall sound quality of these headphones is perfectly acceptable for their price category. For the casual listener, they certainly hold their own and may even exceed expectations. However, if you’re someone with a finely tuned ear searching for detailed, nuanced sound quality, there may better options out there in the earbuds category or among higher-end headphones. But for an affordable, easy to use and pretty decent sounding headphones, these certainly could be a solid pick!

Weighing Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Audio Jack vs Bluetooth: A Distinct Difference in Quality

  • Audio quality declines with audio jack connectivity
  • Audio jack allows music play even after battery dies
  • Sound quality varies between Bluetooth and audio jack

While evaluating headphones, especially those in the budget range, it’s crucial to delve into the impact of different connectivity methods on the sound quality. I got a chance to examine the two modes of this device – Bluetooth and Audio Jack – on the quality of sound it delivered. Let’s dive into my experience.

Identifying the Decline in Audio Quality with Audio Jack

The first thing I noticed when I switched from Bluetooth connectivity to using the audio jack was a significant difference in sound quality. Naturally, I tested these headphones quite extensively with both modes.

Surprisingly or perhaps not so, there was an evident dip in the audio quality while being connected via the audio jack. The sound came off as flat, losing that richness and vibrancy that I coyly had gotten used to while listening over Bluetooth.

One crucial point to note here is that the audio quality also seemed to alter with the type of music I was listening to. The beats-heavy tracks and those with high bass undertones didn’t fare well with the audio jack, as compared to mellower harmonies.

The Silver Lining: Continuing Music even after Battery Dies

Despite the drop in audio quality, the advantage of having an audio jack connection is rather apparent. I mean, haven’t we all had those times when we were in the middle of our favorite tunes and, boom, the headphones’ battery gave away?

Well, with the audio jack feature, you could simply plug in the jack and carry on with your audio experience. Yes, there might still be that noticeable shortfall in the sound quality, but trust me, it’s way better than facing abrupt silence.

So there, that’s my observation around the variance in sound quality between Bluetooth and audio jack connectivity. It can be a trade-off between the sound quality and seamless audio playback. The choice, my friends, is yours to make! But then, having choices is always a good thing, right?

Audit of Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Testing Call Quality: Are they good at phone calls too?

  • Headphones have good call quality with clear audio
  • Some feedback may include a slight echo
  • Microphone quality is optimal under perfect conditions

In my testing of these headphones, I didn’t forget to take into consideration the call quality, as it’s bound to be a deciding factor for many potential buyers. My experience with it was rather surprising in its own way.

User Experience: Analyzing the call clarity

The main criteria for good call quality are clear audio and a stable connection. I found no issues with either criterion during my call tests. The person on the other end of my test calls, was able to hear me clearly, which was a positive note. The headphones maintained a steady connection during the course of the calls, with no annoying dropouts or interference.

Microphone Quality: Examining call clarity on the receiving end

One feedback from the other side was somewhat concerning. The person I talked to pointed out a slight echo in my voice at times. Short echoes might not be a deal-breaker for many, but in certain professional or crucial conversations, this could become problematic. However, this experience might stem from the surroundings I tested the headphones in. I was in a room with a bit of echo naturally.

Another portion of my call testing included recording a message directly onto my smartphone in a quiet room using the headphones. This was done to grasp the absolute microphone quality. The recording was clear and free of any echo or disturbance. This gave me an impression that they can work well under perfect conditions.

In my unbiased opinion, the call quality is objectively good, especially considering the price range these headphones come in. However, for those having a workspace with a lot of auditory reflections or if you’re sensitive to the slightest of echoes, this might be a point for reconsideration.

Note: It’s always good to test headphones in a range of scenarios where you would potentially use them before making a final call. This is exactly what I did here.

Investigation of Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Active Noise Cancellation: How effective it really is?

  • Active Noise Cancellation crucial in headphones
  • Budget headphones have varying ANC effectiveness
  • ANC improves overall listening experience

In the current rampant era of audio technology, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is an almost obligatory feature in headphones. So, naturally, it piqued my interest to see how these headphones held up in this specific aspect.

What to expect from Budget Headphones?

From the onset, it’s crucial to keep expectations realistic, especially when you’re dealing with budget headphones. I’ve discovered over time that not all products, despite their claims, effectively deliver on the ANC promise. This, however, doesn’t mean we can’t sit back and appreciate a pair of headphones that manages to do a decent job on this front whilst not drilling a gaping hole in your pocket.

Noise Cancellation: An Effective solution or just an Advertising Flop?

Well, as far as these headphones go, I’d be lying if I said they presented a soundproof experience. However, the ANC feature did provide a reasonable reduction in the surrounding noise. To be more specific, it performed especially well to dampen continuous low-frequency sounds like an electric fan or car engine. Unfortunately, sporadic, high-frequency sounds weren’t as effectively reduced. Now, this isn’t meant to undermine the value of this feature, but should rather be taken with a grain of salt.

Bottom line: Would I call this a game-changer for budget headphones? Probably not. But did it enhance my listening experience? Absolutely, yes. If you’re looking to create a pseudo-quiet ambience while listening to your favorite tunes or podcasts without breaking the bank, these headphones with their ANC feature are definitely worth giving a shot.

Summary: Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Final Thoughts: The Verdict on these New Bluetooth Headphones

  • Impressive battery life of 40 hours on single charge
  • Efficient bluetooth connectivity, decent noise cancellation
  • Personally pleasing black aesthetic, reliable durability

In conclusion, these headphones have certainly been a fascinating experience to discuss. Let’s take a recap of my experience and give a final verdict on these Bluetooth headphones.

Considering the entire package: The Good, The Bad, and The Average

I truly admired the impressive battery life that provided about 40 hours of playtime on a single charge. Connectivity was a breeze, thanks to the efficient Bluetooth Version 5. The active noise cancellation wasn’t extraordinary, but it did a decent job in reducing the ambient noise, especially given the price point.

Design-wise, the matte black aesthetic was personally pleasing, albeit a little inconspicuous for some. The durability felt reliable, particularly with the extension mechanism. However, a little letdown was the absence of a USB C type charging port, which is quite common today.

Final Recommendation: To Buy or Not to Buy?

All things considered, I believe these headphones are worth considering, especially for those seeking an affordable audio solution without any frills. However, do remember, in terms of audio quality, while they are above average for their price range, they’re not going to blow you away. If a superior audio experience is what you’re after, and you have some flexibility with your budget, then earbuds at a similar price point might serve you better.


Everyone’s audio preferences can be very subjective, so what works for one person might not necessarily work for the other. Therefore, my recommendation is to keep your expectations grounded, considering the price point and specifications of these headphones.

Ultimately, go with what suits your lifestyle, preferences, and budget best. Deciding to purchase a product should depend on whether its features coincide with your preference and lifestyle, rather than solely on a product review.

Examination of Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Conclusion: Signing off with a Product Link

Well, folks, we have travelled quite a journey together exploring the ins and outs of this new Bluetooth headphone set. I hope the review has provided you with a well-rounded perspective on what you can expect from the product. Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

Offering viewers a Purchase Link

Firstly, for those of you who are convinced that this is just the audio companion you were looking for, I have included a direct purchase link in the description below this article. Click the link to grab your new headphones right away. Ensure to check all details before purchasing, to avoid any possible mishaps.

Encouraging viewer interaction

Moreover, I’m always interested in knowing what your experiences have been like, especially if you’ve had a chance to personally try out these headphones. Feel free to share your experience with the device. Did the long battery life meet your expectations? How was the sound quality for you? Was the active noise cancellation effective enough in your daily environment? Your feedback is highly valuable as it further validates the product’s performance claims, provides additional insights to potential buyers and encourages healthy discussion, all the whilst adhering to our community guidelines.

Remember, every product deserves a fair chance and something that works exceptionally well for one person may not provide the same experience for another. Reviews thrive in the diversity of our experiences. It’s not just about a chorus of praise or a mob of criticism, it’s about sharing our individual experiences so that we all benefit from the collective knowledge.

So, without any further ado, go ahead and test out your new music companion. Remember, learning to appreciate a product goes hand in hand with getting familiar and comfortable with it. Happy listening!

Should you buy the Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Buy it if…

You’re Looking for Long Battery Life

The promise of up to 40 hours of runtime on a single charge, longer if you lower the volume, makes these headphones perfect for binging your favorite music or an all-day event.

You Desire Quality Sound at a Reasonable Cost

The headphones were described as one of the best for its bass performance in its price range, which makes them a solid choice if you’re budget-conscious but still want quality sound.

You Value Functionality and User-friendly Design

The ease of pairing with devices, light design, and utility buttons for functions like volume adjustment and active noise control could appeal to you if you’re looking for user-friendly headphones.

Don’t buy it if…

You Prefer Headphones With Supporting Apps

These headphones lack a supporting app to customize their settings, so they may not be the right choice if you are tech-savvy and like to have control over your device’s features.

You’re Mostly Used to Exercising with Earbuds

While these headphones are quite stable even with active movement, they might not be ideal if you’re used to exercising with more secure earbuds.

You are Particular About Call Quality

Although the product provides good microphone quality, there were occasional echoes noted during phone calls which might be bothersome if you are particular about perfect clarity during calls.


Can you provide information on pairing with the device?
Pairing up to your device is simple. Turn them on and they enter pairing mode. They’ll show up in your Bluetooth list on whichever device you’re using. Thereafter, simply connect to them and they’ll reconnect automatically next time you turn them on.
Are these headphones suitable for exercise?
The headphones are lightweight and stable for moderate exercise. However, for extreme exercise, they might move around more than earbuds would.
Does the product have a supporting app?
No, unfortunately these headphones do not come with a supporting app.
What can you say about its bass capacity?
They’re pleasantly surprising, among the best in this price range. A button on the side allows you to adjust the bass level to your taste.
What is the overall sound quality like?
For the price, it’s perfectly acceptable. They don’t blow away listeners, but are adequate and competitively priced. However, the audio quality significantly drops when switching to the audio jack mode.
Is the active noise cancellation function effective?
The active noise cancellation feature is just decent. It reduces some noise, but will not be greatly effective in really noisy environments.
What about the call quality?
The call quality is satisfactory with minor concerns of echoes. That, however, will depend on the acoustics of the room you are in during the call.
What is your overall take on these headphones? Would you recommend them?
They are a good product for the price, offering decent audio quality, microphone quality, and battery life. Yes, they’re worth picking up if you are looking for a cheaper pair of headphones.

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