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Review: Sony WH1000XM5/S Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver) – Exceptional comfort and outstanding noise cancellation

Review and comparison of Sony’s Mark 4 and Mark 5 noise-cancelling headphones... Read more

Review of Sony WH1000XM5/S Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver)

Test of Sony WH1000XM5/S Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver)

4.6/5 - (3 votes)

Cena: $398.00


  • Improved design and aesthetics
  • Enhanced comfort for long usage
  • Robust noise cancellation capabilities
  • Superior sound quality
  • 30-hours battery life
  • Faster charging feature
  • Enhanced voice quality with additional mics


  • Lack of folding ability
  • Bigger case makes travel less convenient
  • Underwhelming transparency mode
  • Not as functional as previous version
  • Slightly muffled version of reality
  • High purchase price

“Having experienced the new Sony WH-1000 Mark 5 in all its grandiosity, my impression is that it’s a great noise-cancelling headphone with exceptional comfort, sound quality, and outstanding noise cancellation capabilities. However, the inability to fold, unlike its predecessor, and the larger footprint might make them less travel-friendly. While they have made remarkable strides in certain areas, I believe the mark 4s, with their more travel-friendly design and near matching features at a lesser cost, could still be a worthy consideration for potential buyers.”

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Brand Sony
Model Name E4SNWH1000XM5S
Color Silver
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless


The pulsating sea of audio gear has no shortage of surprises, especially when it comes to Sony’s line of noise-canceling headphones. Their flagship product has dominated the scene for years, providing listeners with well-crafted, high-performing listening accessories. The vibe has always been consistent – class-leading noise cancellation, top-notch comfort, and undeniably superior sound quality.

Sony’s Flagship Noise Cancelling Headphones: A Captivating Legacy

Over the years, Sony has progressively made noteworthy adjustments and feature additions to their headphone line. For instance, the Mark 3 model stole the limelight with its impressive comfort, noise-canceling prowess, and the functional USB Type-C. At the time, these headphones wore the crown effortlessly as the market leaders. They sold practically everywhere, witnessing a massive recommendation wave as a result of their unrivaled attributes.

Unveiling the New Mark 5: A Game-Changer or a Flop?

Fast-forward to today, and we have the new wave in Sony’s line – the Mark 5. Gearheads, audiophiles, and ordinary listeners alike are clamoring for a review – and rightly so. This model marks a significant departure from Sony’s tried-and-tested formula. As always, some changes and upgrades impress, but there are aspects that leave one yearning for the good old days. Will the Mark 5 retain Sony’s solid reputation as a headphone maker, or does it falter in the face of legacy and expectation?

So, join me, as I dive into unraveling the mystery behind Sony’s latest release. Is it a sound improvement? We’ll sift through the new design, weigh in on the aesthetics, and extensively review its performance in various areas.

Verdict: Sony WH1000XM5/S Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver)

Design and Aesthetics

  • Sony Mark 5 headphones have minimalist, sharper design.
  • Features vegan leather material and wider, lightweight ear cups.
  • Lacks a convenient folding feature for portability.

As a design enthusiast, unpacking the Sony Mark 5 headphones was quite an experience. Right off the bat, it’s evident Sony has made quite a departure from their previous designs with the Mark 5. It has a rather minimalistic layout, with clean lines and a sharper look than its predecessor.

Color and Material

The Mark 5 comes in two appealing variations: a sharp and dark version, and a lighter version which leans more towards a cream hue. The chic color options offer flexibility for individual preferences. Without sounding too excited, the new vegan leather material used on this headphone is a welcomed improvement – it’s impressively soft and combines perfectly with the lightweight structure of the headphones. Not to sound overzealous, but it’s actually kind of amazing.

Comfort and Fit

Here’s where the Mark 5 really pulls its weight. If you can get past the aesthetic appeal, you’ll notice that the ear cups are now wider and slightly bigger. But that’s not all – the headphone as a whole is lighter, making this model more comfortable to wear over extended periods. Just slipping these on, the comfort stands out. With Alexa virtual assistance, the touch-sensitive panel on the right ear cup adds a user-friendly feature for easy skipping, pausing, and many more.

Microphone Design

The Mark 5 includes twice the number of microphone slots as seen in the previous model, boasting a total of eight. Four on each side, making it look minimalist yet modern. But it’s not just about looks – Sony has made considerable efforts ensuring practicality, particularly in engineering excellent sound quality and impressive noise cancellation.

A Critical Look at the Design

Despite the many alluring features, some might find downsides in the new design. One of the main disappointments in this flagship model is the absence of a convenient folding feature – a critical function for a product largely designed for portability. For someone planning to use headphones for travel, this could indeed be a significant drawback.


Always remember that aesthetic preferences can vary widely. If the new design entices you and lack of the folding feature does not pose a terrifying inconvenience, then the Sony Mark 5 could still be a great choice.

Analyzing Sony WH1000XM5/S Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver)

Key Features & Improvements

  • Mark 5 provides effective noise cancellation across frequencies
  • Mark 5 offers quality sound reproduction for price asked

When it comes to the Mark 5, a set of features and improvements make it stand out from the previous iteration. These changes promise a different user experience which I found worth exploring.

The Innovative Noise Cancellation Capabilities of Mark 5

Step aside Mark 4, the Mark 5 is in town with a tweaked noise cancellation prowess. As a seasoned user of the previous iteration, I felt that Mark 5’s noise cancellation was a significant leap forward. It was the fact that this new model could cancel out noise from varying frequencies that really reels you in. It’s a component that got a notable enhancement and you would readily notice when you switch from Mark 4 to Mark 5.

From Droning Low-End to High Frequencies: Mark 5 Cancels It All

Whether it’s the low-end drone of a plane engine or the high-frequency sound of chit-chat, Mark 5 tackles them all. What’s impressive is how Mark 5 handles diverse frequencies. It doesn’t just drown out the sounds, it balances them to allow you to focus on what you’re listening to. It’s like being in your personal quiet zone even when in a noisy environment.

Is There Any Significant Sound Quality Improvement With Mark 5?

  • With a 30mm carbon fiber driver in its arsenal, Mark 5 does sound remarkable. Coupled with LDAC support, the Mark 5 offers among the best sound reproduction you can get in a set of noise-canceling headphones. Particularly for Android users, the immersive experience the Mark 5 offers is noteworthy.

  • Although a comparison with the Airpods Max would indicate they don’t sound as full or balanced, remember the price tag in that equation. For the price asked, the Sony’s Mark 5 offers quality sound reproduction that feels just right.

  • My longest session with these on was, without a doubt, spellbinding. From the perfectly isolated bassline to every detail, it feels like you’re right there in a recording session. It’s absolutely mesmerizing!

Remarks on Sony WH1000XM5/S Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver)

Battery Life and Charging

  • Mark 5 maintains same 30-hours battery life as Mark 4
  • Mark 5 features improved, quicker charging abilities

When discussing one fundamental aspect of most devices, the battery life, Mark 5 doesn’t come off as an exceptional or ground-breaking device. There were swirling rumors about the possibility of a drastic leap from 30 to 40 hours of battery life. Unfortunately, the reality doesn’t quite meet up with these expectations.

Dissecting the Claimed 30-Hours Battery Life: Rumors Vs Reality

Let me clear off any misconceptions right off the bat. The Mark 5 stands at the same 30-hours battery life as the Mark 4. Despite the swirling rumors predicting a jump to 40 hours, 30 hours remains the erected standard. Based on my experience using this product, the Mark 5 has stayed true to its promise, demonstrating a remarkable matching performance with the Mark 4.

Unraveling the Charm of Faster Charging

What Mark 5 might lack in extended battery life, it compensates for with improved charging abilities . One of the most impressive features is the introduction of a faster charging method. Essentially, a mere three minutes charge time can provide up to three hours of listening pleasure.

This feature proves especially convenient for those who might need a quick charge before embarking on a trip, ultimately emphasizing that this is a travel-focused feature. And while 40 hours of battery life would have been a commendable improvement, the 30 hours provided, coupled with the impressive faster charging, is indeed a remarkable feat for the Mark 5.

Audit of Sony WH1000XM5/S Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver)

Travel-Worthy or Not?

  • Sony Mark 5s lack foldability, impacting travel convenience
  • New design increases size, reducing portability
  • Carrying case is significantly larger, consuming more space

The travel suitability of a noise-canceling headphone is a critical factor that can significantly swing a purchasing decision. Let’s dive into whether the Sony flagship Mark 5s meet the travel convenience standards.

Folding Capacity: A Handy Feature Missed

The first thing as a traveler, I noticed is the absence of an incredibly handy feature – the capability to fold . The previous versions, especially the Mark 4, had this feature, making it extraordinarily travel-friendly. Despite being more lightweight and comfortable than its predecessors, Mark 5 missed this crucial feature, making it comparatively more space-consuming.

New Design Vs. Travel Convenience

While the innovation in the new design is commendable, giving Mark 5 a more sleek and trendy look, it has its drawbacks in terms of portability. The new design entails a sliding headband, quite like the Bose 700s, AirPods Max, and others. While it aids in adjusting the size, the lack of folding makes it tougher to squeeze into an overstuffed travel bag .

Case size: Bigger and Bulkier

Compounding the portability challenge is the significantly larger size of the carrying case . Even though it does have a charming modern, backpack-like look with attractive origami-like seams and folds, it indeed takes up more space compared to the prior models’ cases.

Comparing with Alternatives

Looking at other brands, Bose managed to retain their headphones’ travel-friendly feature even after introducing new designs, like with their 700s model. They kept around the QuietComfort series, which still folds down. Also, even though AirPods Max is known to be a little challenging for traveling, at least those are not specifically positioned as successors to a more compact model, unlike Mark 5s.

Final Thoughts

All these factors make me question: are we compromising too much of portability for comfort and design ? At the end of the day, if a noise-canceling headphone is not travel-friendly, does it serve its primary purpose? While these are excellent, comfortable, and premium for listening sessions at home or in the office, their travel convenience is a bit questionable and might dissuade the regular commuter or the globetrotter.

Considering Sony WH1000XM5/S Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver)

Microphone Quality and Audio Test

  • Mark 5 has twice as many microphone slots
  • Isolates voice better than Mark 4 in similar noise conditions
  • Provides a ‘good enough’ microphone experience for calls

Stepping Up the Game: Mark 5’s Enhanced Voice Quality

When stepping into a new generation of a product, there are certain trust factors set by its predecessors. The Mark 4 already had a satisfactory microphone, providing a solid foundation for regular calls. But it’s time to unravel what truly matters – are there any outstanding improvements in the Mark 5’s microphone performance?

Surprisingly, Mark 5 houses twice as many slots for microphones compared to Mark 4, making it eight in total. But does the number alone translate to better performance? While my interactions, the microphone’s capacity to isolate the voice appeared significantly better with Mark 5. The microphone performance, despite being placed in an environment with equivalent background noise, appeared refined.

Mic Quality Comparison: Mark 4 Vs Mark 5

While comparing Mark 4 and Mark 5, it’s essential to remember that they are different generations , with Mark 5 designed to supersede Mark 4. However, Mark 4’s voice quality was just ‘okay’, as it set a low bar for wireless headphones.

On the other hand, Mark 5 has improved on this point. Its microphone creates a better distinction between the speaker’s voice and background noise. This enhanced performance could partly be contributed to the additional mics in Mark 5. However, it’s worth noting that while the voice isolation is commendable, it’s not the best in the market. Thus, if you’re looking for a studio-grade microphone experience, this might not be it.

But, if you’re someone who frequently uses headphones for calls or work-related tasks, the improved microphone quality with Mark 5 provides a ‘good enough’ experience. It serves its purpose well, making this a valuable feature for its target demographic.

Remarks on Sony WH1000XM5/S Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver)


In wrapping up this review, the key question to address is whether or not the Sony Mark 5’s outstanding features surpass its identified setback – the lack of folding ability. Based on my comprehensive evaluation, the Mark 5 truly brings a lot to the table. However, its relatively larger footprint, mostly due to the non-folding design, might be concerning for some users.

The Question of Portability

While Mark 5 delivers optimal comfort and excellent noise-cancelling performance, it’s essential to assess your travel requirements and bag space. Remember, the convenience of easy portability could significantly add to your overall user experience. In my trial, the inability of the device to fold was rather noticeable. However, this would entirely depend on one’s individual travel needs and preferences.

Comparing Mark 4 and Mark 5

When we recollect back at what Mark 4 brings along, we can’t help but put forward that it might still be a better deal for many. It’s a great headset in terms of cost, functionality, and, importantly, its space-saving design. It’s also nearly as exceptional as Mark 5 in terms of sound quality and comfort. You do miss out on the faster-charging feature and enhanced noise cancellation found in the Mark 5, but, for some, these features might not be decisive.

Final Verdict

Strictly speaking from a product quality standpoint, the Sony Mark 5 does offer enhanced comfort, superior noise cancellation, and an attractive design. Considering these positive attributes, the Sony Mark 5 is undeniably worth considering. Even so, it’s essential to keep your specific needs and preferences in mind before making a purchase decision. It all boils down to whether enhanced comfort and noise cancellation outweigh the convenience offered by a folding design for you.

Should you buy the Sony WH1000XM5/S Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver)?

Buy it if…

You prioritize superior noise cancellation

The Mark 5 headphones have significantly improved noise cancellation capabilities, filtering out more high frequencies and human voices than the previous model.

You desire supreme comfort

The new vegan leather material and larger, wider ear cups make the Mark 5 the most comfortable pair of noise-canceling headphones.

You appreciate optimized audio quality

The Mark 5 headphones feature a new 30-millimeter carbon fiber driver, ensuring excellent sound quality.

Don’t buy it if…

You value compactness for travel

The Mark 5, unlike its predecessor, does not fold, making it bulkier and less travel-friendly.

You’re not prepared for the higher cost

Priced at $400, the Mark 5 is steeper than the Mark 4 which now goes for less with pretty similar features.

You need an optimal transparency mode

While the Mark 5 has a good transparency mode, it doesn’t reach the level of the AirPods Max where you feel like you’re not wearing headphones.


What are the significant changes in Sony’s new Mark 5 headphones?
The most notable changes in the Mark 5 headphones include a new minimal design, larger, softer ear cups, lightweight construction, touch-sensitive panel for control, enhanced noise cancellation, and faster charging time.
Why are the new Mark 5 headphones considered less travel-friendly?
The Mark 5 headphones are considered less travel-friendly primarily because they do not fold, unlike the older versions. This feature can make the headphones heavier and extra space-consuming when travelling.
Has the sound quality improved in the new Mark 5 headphones?
The Mark 5 headphones offer similar sound quality to the previous versions. However, the device features a new 30 millimeter carbon driver which enhances audio performance especially when paired with an Android phone.
Are the Mark 5 headphones comfortable for long-term use?
Yes, the Mark 5 headphones are made to offer extreme comfort for long periods of usage. They are lightweight and come with soft ear cups for added comfort.
What is the battery life of the new Mark 5 headphones?
The Mark 5 headphones come with a battery life that lasts for about 30 hours, which is similar to the Mark 4 model.
What is the cost of the new Mark 5 headphones?
The new Mark 5 headphones from Sony retail at around $400.
Are there improvements in the noise cancellation feature in the Mark 5 headphones?
Yes, the Mark 5 headphones come with an enhanced noise cancellation feature which has been noticeably improved to handle higher frequencies more effectively. They have eight total microphones to enhance this feature.
Does the Mark 5 headphones come with a transparency mode?
Yes, the Mark 5 headphones do come with a transparency mode and it can be adjusted to 20 different levels using the Sony app.

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