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Review: Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones – Impressive bass-heavy sound and extended battery life

Explore the high-tech Sony WH-XB910N noise-canceling headphones and assess its 4.5-star rating... Read more

Review of Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones

Table of Contents

Test of Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones

4.5/5 - (8574 votes)

Cena: $248.00


  • Brilliant, bass-heavy sound quality
  • Up to 30 hours battery life
  • Comfortable over-ear design
  • Hands-free calling with Alexa, Google Assistant integration
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fast-charging capabilities
  • Effective noise-canceling feature


  • Made mostly from plastic
  • Rounded, possibly unflattering design
  • High price point

“After thoroughly testing and evaluating the Sony WH-XB910N Extra Bass Noise-Canceling Headphones, I find them genuinely impressive – especially in terms of bass-heavy sound quality and extended battery life. But there’s a flip-side. Their incredibly rounded design may seem off-putting to some users concerned with aesthetics. All things considered, notwithstanding a slightly heavy price tag, I firmly believe that anyone seeking an immersive auditory experience would find these headphones significantly satisfactory. A solid, well-deserved 4.5 out of 5 from me.”

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Brand Sony
Model Name Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology HDMI, Bluetooth 5.2


Setting the Stage: My First Experience with The Sony WH-XB910N Extra Bass Noise-Canceling Headphones

Imagine strolling through my day with a pair of Sony WH-XB910N noise-canceling headphones wrapped around. It’s quite a feeling – a sense of serenity only a top-notch noise-canceling headphone can deliver. This particular headphone is not top tier just by industry standards, but by my standards too – and that’s quite a checklist!

The moment I put them on, it was as if all external noise faded into oblivion. Quite impressive, right? Wait until you hear about the extra bass. Now, I am pretty sure I am not a great singer, but I’m definitely not receiving any complaints with this one. But of course, not everything was music to my ears and I’ll get to that part in a bit.

Welcome to “Review To You”: Where Technology Meets Honest Opinions

When it comes to reviewing a product, every bit counts – from the most ecstatic thrills to the gloomiest downsides, every detail matters. That’s why being honest and critical is the forte of any convincing review. This isn’t just about sharing my experience, this is about guiding you to make an informed decision.

As we delve into the review, I will be sharing specific features, specs, and most importantly, my views on them using first-hand experiences. To keep everything fair and interesting, I’ll even throw in some differing opinions because hey, every experience is unique and every opinion counts, right?

So without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into the world of Sony WH-XB910N noise-canceling headphones.

Inspection of Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones


  • Sony WH-XB910N is extra bass, noise-canceling headphones
  • Released in 2021 as an upgrade to XB900 range
  • Promises comfortable, high-tech, wireless over-the-ear experience

From Sony’s Drawers: The WH-XB910N Upgrade

Oh, let me tell you all about the Sony WH-XB910N. It’s Sony’s brand new extra bass, noise-canceling headphones they released in 2021 as an upgrade to their XB900 range. Boy, those headphones were popular, and so, understandably, I went into this test with pretty high expectations.

This new model had its task cut out. Sony had to keep everything we loved about the old model while still making it better. Sounds like a tough gig, right?

The Fusion of Comfort and High Tech: A Candid Review

We all know how important a decent, reliable set of headphones can be. Picture it: you’re stuck on a long-haul flight, cramped into airplane seats, with only a solid soundtrack to keep you sane. And boy, do these headphones deliver. The WH-XB910N promises a comfortable, high-tech, wireless over-the-ear headphone experience. Plus, a whole lot of bass (just in case you’re into that sort of thing!).

Now, let me be clear, as someone that needs my headphones to be versatile and durable, can these headphones genuinely stand up the rigors of daily life?

I spent a week with the headphones, putting them through their paces, and oh boy, it was enlightening. From the gym to the grocery store to those rare moments of quiet at home, I put them to the test. Let’s just say, it’s time to delve into the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Inspecting Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones

Features & Specs

  • Sony WH-XB910N made from sturdy, comfortable materials
  • Features Bluetooth capabilities, voice control, quality sound
  • Long-lasting battery life with quick-charge feature

Aesthetics Meet Function: High-Quality Material Review

First impressions do matter, and the Sony WH-XB910N headphones made quite a decent one. Despite the majority part being made from plastic, the finishes were pleasing to the eyes and, more importantly, sturdy enough for everyday use. The leather head on the ear cup, a significant element in any headphone, was soft, comfortable, and significantly, did not cause any discomfort or overheating even after prolonged use.

Solid Connections: Breaking Down the Bluetooth Capabilities

Ever imagined connecting to two Bluetooth devices at once? Well, this headphone makes it possible. A unique feature that stood out was the automatic switch to the ringing device when an incoming call dropped in. Handy, isn’t it?

Voice Controlled Luxury: Integration with Alexa and Google Assistant

  • Missing your hands but need information or want to make a hands-free call? With built-in Alexa and Google Assistant integrations, this headset makes it feel like the future has already arrived. A nifty feature for those on the go, providing useful info right into your ears.

Immersive Music Experience: Examining On-board Digital Sound Enhancement and Bass Duct

For music lovers, it all boils down to the quality of the sound. With an on-board Digital Sound Enhancement engine, also known as DSE, the Sony headphones promise to deliver clear, uncompressed music. The dedicated bass duct on the headphone significantly elevates every bass note, providing that sharp, punchy bass. Worth an applause for bass lovers!

Talking Over Music: Analytics on Noise-Canceling and Conversation Features

  1. One of the standout specifications of the Sony WH-XB910N is its noise-canceling feature. An interesting find was that when you cup your right ear, the volume instantly turns down, and the noise-canceling feature gets deactivated. This immediate transition allows you to catch up on critical conversations without needing to manually adjust the settings. An example of clever utilization of technology!

  2. Back to your private music zone, every control is right on the touch panel of the headphone. Whether you want to switch to a different song or adjust the volume, it’s all a tap away. Convenient, right?

Power-Packed Performance: Diving into Battery Life and Quick-Charge Feature

Last but not least, the battery life of these headphones surprisingly lasts up to 30 hours with noise-canceling enabled. Stuck with a drained battery? A mere 10-minute charge can breathe in an extra 4.5 hours of life into it. Undeniably, a huge advantage for users who remain unplugged for longer durations.

Remarks on Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones

Likes & Dislikes

  • Exceptional sound quality, especially for bass-heavy music
  • Significant battery life of 30 hours
  • Aesthetic design maybe bulky for some users

It’s essential to mention that any product, no matter how mind-blowingly incredible, cannot please everybody. The Sony WH-XB910N Extra Bass Noise-Canceling Headphones are no exception to this golden rule of consumer satisfaction. There’s a lot that I found praiseworthy, but a few aspects poked at the experience as well. So, let’s dive into it with complete candor.

What I Loved

I could wax poetic about the sound quality all day. Particularly, anyone who’s a fan of bass-heavy music, you’re in for a treat. The extra bass property really comes into its own and the precision of the sound remains intact, regardless of the volume.

Another massive positive for these headphones is the battery life. The claim of 30 hours seemed almost too good to be true but in my testing, they surprisingly held their own! A device that lasts an entire camping weekend on a single charge truly deserves applause.

A Few Minor Discontents

Nothing is devoid of minor foibles, and Sony WH-XB910N too has a couple. Starting on an aesthetic note, the look of the headphones leaned towards being a trifle over-rounded for my liking. Donning them made me feel like my head took a turn for the bulbous. A trivial complaint, you may say, but for some, the aesthetics matter just as much as the function.

Bottom Line: The Sony WH-XB910N brings lots to the table – impressive sound quality, fantastic battery life, and noise-canceling abilities like no other. However, be prepped for them to add an unusual volume to your head. But, hey! Do we really mind a little ‘head-volume’, when the ‘sound-volume’ itself is so spectacular?

Check of Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones

Other People’s Opinions

  • Sony WH-XB910N headphones received mixed reviews
  • Critics find them overpriced and lacking
  • Fans praise bass sound and noise cancelling

As much as personal experience forms my judgement, I believe in sharing a holistic view by considering other people’s feedback as well. So, let’s dive into what others have to say about the Sony WH-XB910N headphones.

User Reviews

While examining the user reviews, I came across a spectrum of feedback. There were praises and criticisms alike.

Not Worth It

The first review, let’s refer to the user as ‘User A’, stated the Sony WH-XB910N headphones were ‘not worth it’. Unfortunately, the user did not provide specific reasons for this assessment, leaving us to wonder if it was due to sound quality, design aspects, or perhaps the high price point.

Terrible and Grossly Overpriced

Another user, we’ll call ‘User B’, gave a more damning review, calling the headphones ‘terrible and grossly overpriced’. The latter part of the comment again raises the question about the value-for-money aspect of this device. Perhaps the premium level pricing doesn’t align with everyone’s perceived value, especially considering the largely plastic construction.

Awesome Bass Sounds and Noise Cancelling

In stark contrast, we have ‘User C’ who was all praises. Given as a gift, this user expressed loving the headphones, specifically mentioning the bass sounds as ‘awesome’ and praising the noise cancelling feature. This positive review suggests that the headphones can indeed deliver on its promise of enhanced sound quality for bass aficionados, and perhaps User C simply prefers more bass in his soundscape.


  • The lack of specific details in the negative reviews leaves room for speculation.
  • The varying opinions indicate that the headphones’ value highly depends on individual preferences and expectations.

Bottom line: It seems that while the Sony WH-XB910N headphones excel in certain aspects for some, others may find justifications for its higher price point lacking. As always, buyer preferences and requirements should guide their ultimate purchasing decisions.

Breakdown of Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones


  • Supreme sound quality, perfect for bass-heavy music
  • Superior, long-lasting battery life
  • High price point, but worthy investment

When it comes to making a final say about the Sony WH-XB910N Extra Bass Noise Canceling Headphones, it’s clear to see that these headphones bring a fairly strong set of features to the table.

What Sets It Apart

Firstly, the supreme sound quality cannot be overstated. Especially if you’re partial to bass-heavy music, these headphones are designed to make your favourite tracks sound far richer and immersive. It’s truly the kind of sound quality that makes you feel like you’re in your own personal concert.

Another Winning Point

Its superior battery life also can’t be ignored. Compared to the standard eight hours most wireless headphones usually provide, these headphones practically blow them out of the water with its long-lasting battery life.

A Critical Perspective

But let’s balance out the positivity with a little bit of criticism. These headphones do come with a very rounded design, and while that’s not necessarily an issue from a functionality perspective, it can make your head appear somewhat bulbous when wearing them. It’s a minor cosmetic drawback, and in my opinion, it doesn’t significantly impact the overall experience.

Forget it Doesn’t Come Cheap

The higher price point makes it a valuable investment, rather than a casual purchase. So, if you’re serious about your sound experience and don’t mind making a bit of an investment, these headphones are certainly worth consideration.

Star Rating

Overall, balancing the positive aspects – the stellar sound quality and incredible battery life – with the slightly less appealing elements such as the shape and price, these headphones earn out of 5 stars . They provide an elevated sound experience that helps you get lost in your music, making the investment worth it for those who prioritize exceptional audio.

Considering Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones

Giveaway Announcement

  • Potential to win noise-canceling headphones for free
  • Subscription, like, and comment required to participate
  • Winner randomly selected and announced after a week

In the spirit of unbiased reviews and making top-notch tech accessible to all, let’s talk about how you could potentially enjoy these spectacular noise-canceling headphones for free. Yes, you heard that right!

How to Win the Sony WH-XB910N

Here’s the catch – it’s as simple as engaging with us. This participation encourages community and communication around products, helping everyone make informed decisions. It also keeps the reviewing space thrilling and dynamic.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics:

  1. Subscribe: Ensure you’re part of our community. Your subscription places you within the circle of potential winners. It’s a win-win situation: while you get to access a wide range of product reviews and potentially a free product, we get to build a community of tech enthusiasts and consumers.
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Reminder on the Hidden Hashtag

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Unveiling the Winner

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It’s thrilling to offer you the opportunity to experience this fantastic product personally. However, the core objective remains to ensure that the reviews provide precise, unbiased, and comprehensive insights into products to help consumers make informed decisions.

Study of Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones


There we have it – a deep dive into the fascinating dynamics of the Sony WH-XB910N headphones.

Beyond doubt, these headphones pack a substantial punch with their upgraded, bass-emphasizing features offering a constantly immersive music experience.

Unpacking the Unseen

The leather headband and soft ear cups account for a comfortable wear, often overlooked in other brands. The impressive battery life truly makes these headphones a worthy companion for long, uninterrupted musical experiences. And yes, they might confer a slightly bulbous look, but given the trade-off, it’s an aesthetic quirk that can be overlooked.

  1. Sound Quality: The headphones surely cater to bass enthusiasts with an unparalleled depth and range in their sound—the bass being both deep and articulate. Yet, they provide sufficient room to hear the nuances of other instruments.
  2. Battery Life: The 30-hour battery life, noticeably outways what other wireless headphones manage, and the quick-charge feature just adds another layer of user convenience.
  3. Aesthetics: Although the curved design might not be everyone’s aesthetic cup of tea, it does not significantly hamper the overall allure of the headphones.

Overall, these headphones are worthy of a 4.5 out 5-star rating—delivering extra bass as promised, ensuring comfort during prolonged usage, and a battery life that doesn’t leave you high and dry. However, the hefty price tag is something one should consider.

What really counts, first and foremost, is the user’s personal preference and the budget that they’re ready to put down for their auditory experience.

And that’s the story with these Sony WH-XB910N headphones – a product with noteworthy features, minor quirks, and a significant price tag. Yet, if these are the headphones that tick your boxes, they might just be the headphones for you!

Should you buy the Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Buy it if…

You enjoy bass-heavy music

The headphones deliver a punchy bass experience, ideal for music lovers who favor a bass-boosted sound profile.

You need exceptional battery life

These headphones boast a long-lasting battery life of up to 30 hours even with active noise cancellation, which is perfect for extended use or trips.

You value smart integrations

Sony WH-XB910N features seamless integration with Alexa and Google Assistant, providing hands-free control for a more convenient user experience.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re concerned about aesthetics

The Sony WH-XB910N headphones have a rounded design that may not be appealing to some users, potentially making the head appear rather bulbous.

You’re on a tight budget

Priced at around $250, these headphones may be considered pricey by some potential buyers.

You have different audio preferences

These headphones may not be ideal for you if you prefer a balanced audio profile as they are geared towards delivering an enhanced bass sound.


What is the material of the Sony WH-XB910N headphones?
The Sony WH-XB910N headphones are mostly made from plastic with leather on the ear cup.
Can I connect multiple Bluetooth devices with the Sony WH-XB910N headphones?
Yes, the Sony WH-XB910N headphones allow connection with up to two Bluetooth devices at once.
Do the Sony WH-XB910N headphones support voice assistants?
Yes, the headphones can be integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant.
How does the noise-canceling feature on the Sony WH-XB910N headphones work?
The noise canceling can be deactivated by cupping your right ear. The volume can also be controlled by touch panel on the headphones.
What is the battery life of the Sony WH-XB910N headphones?
With a full charge, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of battery life, even with noise canceling enabled. A quick 10-minute charge can provide up to four and a half hours of extra battery life.
What are the common criticisms of the Sony WH-XB910N headphones?
Some users have found the rounded design of the headphones unflattering, making their head look bulbous.
How can I enter to win the Sony WH-XB910N headphones?
To participate in the giveaway, you have to subscribe to the channel, like the review video, and leave a comment on the video with the hidden hashtag.
Where can I buy the Sony WH-XB910N headphones?
The purchase link for the Sony WH-XB910N headphones can be found in the review video’s description.

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