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Review: Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – Powerful output and smart features.

Explore the Sony SRS RA 5000 wireless speaker’s features and competitiveness in the audio market... Read more

Review of Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Table of Contents

Test of Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

3.6/5 - (90 votes)

Cena: $302.16


  • Powerful, loud sound
  • Diverse connectivity options
  • 360 reality audio format
  • Unique, immersive sound experience
  • Doubles as Chromecast
  • Room calibration feature


  • Huge, non-portable external power supply
  • Difficult setup process
  • No Apple Airplay 2 support
  • Exorbitant price tag
  • Inconsistent sound quality from track to track
  • Underdeveloped technology

“After an extensive review and usage, my verdict on the Sony SRS RA 5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wireless Speaker lies somewhere between admiration and skepticism. While its powerful, loud output and smart features are amazing, the bulky power supply and inconsistent audio clarity can’t be overlooked. The steep price tag might put some budget-conscious buyers off, and honestly, they wouldn’t be at fault. Even though it falls short of its 360 audio promise at times, I see potential in this Technology. It’s a fascinating gadget, certainly a luxe purchase, but not quite the game-changer it pitches itself to be – at least, not yet. As it stands, I’d rate it a solid 3 out of 5.”

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Brand Sony
Model Name SRSRA5000
Speaker Type Woofer
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wired, and Chromecast Built-In
Special Feature 360 Reality Audio, Hi-Res Audio Playback; Auto Sound Calibration; Works with Alexa and Google Assistant; Spotify Connect and Chromecast built-in

An Unlikely Surprise: Unboxing the Sony SRS RA 5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wireless Speaker

When you first lay eyes on the Sony SRS RA 5000, you might mistake it for a whimsical avant-garde interior décor item. Yet, peel back the layers, and you discover a cunningly designed piece of audio technology that piques your interest from the get-go.

The Unexpected Unveiling

Imagine prying open what feels like a box large enough to house a novelty-sized electric shaver and instead, being met with this sleek, cutting-edge sound gadget. A mix of excitement and intrigue quickly sets in, making the unboxing of the Sony SRS RA 5000 an experience in itself.

The Initial Look and Feel

Upon unboxing, the first thing that captures your attention is the unique design of this 360 Reality Audio Premium Wireless Speaker. Its towering stature, housed within a prism-like structure measuring 9.4 by 13 by 8.8 inches, packs quite the visual punch. The design may draw eyeballs and perhaps even evoke a chuckle or two; its resemblance to a giant prawn electric razor is uncanny. However, Sony’s strategy to house such a punch of technology within a single, compact unit offers usability and an immediate sense of intrigue.

The Implications of the Design

Audiophiles may immediately notice Sony’s inventive speaker layout – a trio of top drivers set slightly off-center, coupled with an outward-facing driver on each flat side. Plus, the mini subwoofer staring down from the speaker’s belly makes for an engaging spectacle. This peculiar layout is no accident. It serves a powerful purpose – to produce 360 degrees sound – a feat that few speakers can claim to achieve.

Getting Ready for the First Spin

The initial encounter with the Sony SRS RA 5000 instills anticipation. Will it live up to its promise of filling up a space with resonating sound? Will it deliver the promised power and clarity? As we plug in this behemoth and await the first blast of sound, it is evident – Sony has fairly high stakes with this product. Does it succeed? That remains to be seen, and we are here for the ride!

Dissection of Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The Sony SRS RA 5000: A Boon or Blunder for Audio Enthusiasts?

  • Sony SRS RA 5000 challenges Apple homepod
  • Features 360 Reality Audio for consistent quality
  • Performance impressive, but with unexpected quirks

Next in line is arguably one of the most highly anticipated pieces of audio tech in the market – the Sony SRS RA 5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wireless Speaker. It’s dressed up in all the glitz and glamour, with a bold claim of being the ultimate solution to home audio woes. But does it really hold up?

Redefining Sound: The Promised Revolution

Let’s start with Sony’s promise – a product that outshines the Apple homepod. That’s not a petty challenge. The homepod was supposed to be a gamechanger, a product showcasing true innovation in sound. Only that it didn’t live up to its promise. So, when Sony arrays its SRS RA 5000 against it, and easily claims superiority, the expectation balloons.

On initial glance, this speaker’s look and features do prop up a strong argument in favor of Sony.

However, with prior let-downs in mind, it’s just as easy to question Sony’s defiance too. Does it really deliver better than the failed homepod? Can this 360 Reality Audio Premium Wireless Speaker change the face of home audio landscape? Let’s dive deeper.

The Innovation Factor: 360 Reality Audio Format

The crown feature of the Sony SRS RA 5000 is its 360 Reality Audio Format. It’s a starkly different approach to sound, designed to ensure superior listening from every angle, a standout in its field. Placed at the center of the room, it promises a wholesome audio experience. No shifting sweet spots, no tweaking settings to optimize for corners – it aims to keep quality consistent and make comfortable listening a reality anywhere in the room. Needless to say, the 360 Reality listening promise makes it a top contender in the race of sound tech evolution.

A Tale of Two Hearts: Initial Impressions vs. Experience

While the promise and concept are appealing, the real question is – does it deliver?

The speaker’s initial performance is impressive. Its powerful volume output and the hefty bass make it a loud powerhouse suitable even for open living room areas. Connectivity is abundant with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3.5 auxiliary jack and even a built-in Chromecast. The feature set is certainly promising. But any gadget-savvy soul knows that impressive features don’t always translate into an impressive overall performance.

And that’s precisely the both praiseworthy and cautionary tale of the Sony SRS RA 5000. As you start peeling the layers, some promising aspects pale, and some unexpected quirks pop.

Testing Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Unearthing the Details: The Inside-Out Review of Sony SRS RA 5000

  • Sony SRS RA 5000 boasts powerful, booming bass
  • Offers extensive connectivity including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Portability and audio consistency are issues

Let’s be honest, the premise of the Sony SRS RA 5000 is exciting. It promises to redefine our auditory experience with its 360 Reality Audio Format. So, here’s an unbiased look at what it’s like to really use this speaker.

The Heart of the Matter: How Powerful is the SRS RA 5000?

Right off the bat, the SRS RA 5000 is impressively loud. We’re talking powerful and booming bass , even in an open living room setting. Sony certainly earns some kudos for packing a punch in what is essentially a uniquely shaped 9.4 by 13 by 8.8 inch device. It broadcasts a kind of dome of sound that fills the room, thanks to its innovative design of three upward drivers and side drivers coupled with a downward-facing mini subwoofer. Kudos to Sony for pulling this off.

Connectivity Review: How Well Does the SRS RA 5000 Connect?

The speaker offers extensive connectivity options. You have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 3.5 auxiliary jack, and surprisingly, a built-in Chromecast. It’s quite impressive how quickly an Android phone can be paired with a simple swipe along the device side. The various streaming options available through the Sony smartphone app were also a nice touch.

A Critical Appraisal: Where Does the SRS RA 5000 Fall Short?

Despite these advantages, there are a few areas where the SRS RA 5000 could use some improvement.

The Power Supply Conundrum: An Unnecessary Power Hassle

Portability is an issue. Though it’s wireless, the lack of an internal battery, combined with a comically large external power supply isn’t ideal. It’s a shame seeing a portable looking device that can’t actually be moved around without being plugged in. You would think that Sony could have been more considerate of power supply design given the device’s new-age vibe.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: The Hefty Price Tag

Next, there’s the price, roughly equivalent to a budget sound bar, subwoofer, and small surround sound home theater system combined. The question then becomes; does the audio quality and unique design justify the steep cost? This is subjective and depends largely on your audio needs and budget.

Performance Driven: Does Sony Deliver on Its Audio Promises?

Unfortunately, despite its grand promises, the SRS RA 5000 comes up a bit short with audio consistency. The sound clarity varies quite widely based on the particular track played. There are times when the vocals get drowned in the mids or the high ends become muddy. For a device with such a whopping price tag, a more consistent audio experience would have been expected.

Summary: Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

A Critical Appraisal: Where Does the SRS RA 5000 Fall Short?

  • SRS RA 5000 lacks internal battery (portability issue)
  • Device’s hefty price tag potentially unjustified
  • Inconsistent audio quality and listening experience

Alright, onto an arguably essential part of any review – an honest, no-holds-barred critique. My experience with the Sony SRS RA 5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wireless Speaker was a mixed bag. Admittedly, it did a whole lot of things right, but there were a few gaping holes that couldn’t be ignored – let’s dive in.

The Power Supply Conundrum: An Unnecessary Power Hassle

While the SRS RA 5000 goes to great lengths to provide versatile connectivity options – a cheery wave of the hat to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and built-in Chromecast – the wireless claim is marred by one crucial design flaw: the lack of portability. Unlike its brethren in the wireless speaker market, this device is conspicuously without an internal battery.

Yes, despite the freedom to connect your devices from anywhere, the SRS RA 5000 requires an external power supply, tethering it inherently to a power outlet wherever you decide to set up. Not to mention, this “external power supply” is of such comic proportions that it wouldn’t be out of place next to the novelty-sized electric shaver we joked about earlier.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: The Hefty Price Tag

Let’s be straight – the SRS RA 5000 isn’t messing around when it comes to price. For the cost of this speaker, one could reasonably expect to pick up a budget sound bar, subwoofer, and small home theater system. Sure, it’s a technological marvel that offers a unique selling point, but does it provide enough bang for your buck to justify the price tag? That’s a gray area, especially in light of the points we’ve discussed so far and those yet to come.

Performance Driven: Does Sony Deliver On Its Audio Promises?

Here’s where the critical appraisal really hits home. While the SRS RA 5000 undoubtedly pumps out powerful, room-filling sounds, complete with spine-tingling bass and beautiful mids, the audio delivery lacks the consistency one would expect at this price point. To be blunt, the sound quality feels haphazard. One song might play with impeccable clarity, while the next turns muddy and tends to lose the high notes amidst the mids.

Moreover, the one-size-fits-all approach to the 360-degree sound distribution has its drawbacks. The audio experience could vary drastically based on where you’re positioned in the room, leading to less ideal situations where some sweet spots lose out on the ‘optimal listening experience.’

All in all, while the SRS RA 5000 is indeed a symbol of innovation and packs many positives, the device disappointingly falls short in these key areas. But as with every critique, this stems purely from my personal experience, and as always, your mileage may vary.

Inspecting Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The Final Verdict: Is the Sony SRS RA 5000 Worth Buying?

  • Sony SRS RA 5000 delivers potent audio, with heavy bass
  • Product is pricey due to its innovative home audio tech
  • Setup process and bulky power supply need improvement

After having unraveled the many intricacies and facets of the Sony SRS RA 5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wireless Speaker, the all-important question remains. Is it worth making a place for in your homes, or even more so, in your wallets? As someone who has firsthand experience with this product, I think there are a few points of consideration.

Evaluating The Speaker’s Performance

The speaker, undeniably, has potent core specifications that make it a powerhouse in terms of audio delivery. It packs a punch with its high-volume output and doesn’t shy away from providing booming bass effects, something all music lovers can appreciate. However, it’s no secret that for some audio tracks, the bass overshadowed the other sound elements leading to slightly muddled or lost vocals and high frequencies amongst mid-tones. Is this a deal-breaker? It’s a subjective matter. Some might favor the bass bias, while others may prefer a more balanced audio experience.

Contemplating The Price Tag

The cost of the Sony SRS RA 5000 is considerably steep when compared to other home audio alternatives like a budget sound bar, subwoofer, or a surround sound home theater system. But don’t forget – this is innovative technology. New tech has often seen high initial pricing which reduces over time, and the Sony SRS RA 5000 might not be an exception. The question is, are you willing to pay a premium for a step into the future of home audio technology?

Addressing Potential Pain Points

Besides the variable performance and hefty pricing, Sony’s premium wireless speaker also has areas that need refining. The bulky external power supply negates the concept of a wireless speaker for some, and the setup process could be smoother. Creating sleek, user-friendly apps that make the initial setup a breeze and not a battle could drastically improve the user experience.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it all up, I’d say the Sony SRS RA 5000 is a promising piece of technology. Is it perfect? No. It has its shortcomings and it won’t be an ideal fit for everyone, especially those looking for a balanced, neutral soundstage. It’s geared towards early adopters and tech enthusiasts who enjoy being on the edge of new innovation. So, coming back to the question, is it worth buying? The answer truly lies in your expectations and preferences.

Evaluating Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Let’s address the exciting part. Many of you are probably wondering how you could potentially get your hands on this extraordinary piece of tech. We’ve got a fantastic opportunity for you to win the Sony SRS RA 5000 and experience its power firsthand!

Easy Road to Winning

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Patience is a Virtue

Once you’ve entered our giveaway, we’re sure anticipation levels are at an all-time high! Just remember – good things come to those who wait. You can expect the announcement of the winner within an exact week from now. It’s surely a nerve-racking, adrenaline-pumping wait. Buckle up for the big reveal!

Closing Note

To wrap things up, Sony SRS RA 5000 does pack a punch with exciting new technology and strong ambition. However, it needs to refine a few features to truly stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Its extraordinary price can be a major hurdle for the average audiophile. A couple of extra years in the tech kitchen could result in a far more harmonious, cost-friendly audio experience from Sony. With major leaps in audio tech development, the possibilities are, indeed, boundless!

Scanning Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Wrap Up: Closing Thoughts on Sony’s Premium Wireless Speaker and a Peek into Future Reviews

To sum up, the Sony SRS RA 5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wireless Speaker brings a new and intriguing concept to the table. The promise of 360-degree reality audio distinguishes itself from the competition and gives it an edge. But as captivating as this might sound, from my experience, the speaker is not quite there yet when it comes to flawless performance.

Performance and Price Evaluation

Its powerful sound projection and multiple connectivity avenues are undeniably impressive. However, irregularities in sound quality across different tracks and a significant hit on wallet make it hard to render it as an immediate must-buy. It’s safe to say that it doesn’t yet justify its high-end price point by becoming an essential to your audio setup, but that’s my opinion after thoroughly testing it.

Predictions and Future Reviews

While the technology shows potential, it seems like it needs a bit more refining. I am hopeful though and excited to see how future models of this tech evolve and improve. Sony’s foray into immersive listening is an exciting development in the world of home audio that points towards intriguing times ahead.

For those who might still be interested in the speaker, despite its shortcomings, the product can certainly offer an enjoyable listening experience provided you position it correctly. Remember that it’s the first of its kind and some hiccups should be expected.

Stay tuned! Exciting times await in the world of tech as we dive into a series of more innovative gadgets that are hitting the market. We’re ready to critically assess them and share our unbiased experience with you. Keep an eye out for our future reviews as we continue exploring what’s hot and what’s not!

Should you buy the Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Premium Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker?

Buy it if…

You Crave Exceptional Audio Experience

The Sony SRS RA 5000 delivers powerful, loud music with booming bass, enveloping the room in a dome of sound.

You Appreciate Versatile Connectivity

The speaker offers a variety of connectivity options – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3.5 auxiliary jack, catering to a multitude of devices.

You Desire An Immersive 360-Degree Sound

The speaker introduces a novel way of experiencing music by sitting in the center of the room and dispersing sound in all directions, creating a truly immersive experience.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Seeking Portability

Despite being wireless, the speaker lacks an internal battery and has a bulky, external power supply, making it less portable.

You’re Budget-Conscious

The Sony SRS RA 5000 carries a hefty price tag, comparable to an entire home theater system, making it a luxury purchase rather than a necessity.

You Prefer Absolute Clarity Across All Tracks

Some users have experienced inconsistent audio quality, with some tracks sounding muddy or the high ends getting lost in the mids.


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Gary and Matt are tech enthusiasts who review various gadgets. They are part of Amazon’s exclusive Vine Voices program.
What is Amazon’s Vine Voices Program?
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Is the Sony SRS RA 5000 portable?
No, while the Sony SRS RA 5000 is wireless, it is not portable due to the lack of an internal battery.
What types of connectivity does the Sony SRS RA 5000 offer?
The Sony SRS RA 5000 offers multiple connectivity avenues including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 3.5 auxiliary jack and built-in Chromecast.
What is the cost of Sony SRS RA 5000?
The review does not mention a specific cost, but refers to the price as on par with a budget sound bar, subwoofer and small surround sound home theater system.
What’s the rating of Sony SRS RA 5000?
The Sony SRS RA 5000 has been rated 3 out of 5.
How can I win the Sony SRS RA 5000?
To win the Sony SRS RA 5000, you need to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment in the video with the hashtag speaker.
What streaming sources does the Sony SRS RA 5000 allow?
The Sony’s smartphone app allows you to play audio from a wide variety of streaming sources but does not support Apple’s Airplay 2.

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