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Review: SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine – Cloud – Authentic sound production, sleek design

Unbiased review of the SNOOZ White Noise Machine and its potential impact on your sleep environment... Read more

Review of SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine - Cloud

Test of SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine – Cloud

4.7/5 - (6054 votes)

Cena: $99.99


  • Authentic sound from real fan
  • Adjustable tone and volume
  • Includes sleep mask and detailed instructions
  • Stylish, compact, and lightweight design
  • App allows remote control
  • Features useful calibration for child safety


  • Relatively expensive
  • Dependent on continuous power supply
  • Nightlight feature not adequately bright
  • Excessive app dependency for access to features

“After spending significant time with the SNOOZ White Noise Machine, I believe it offers value with its authentic sound production, sleek design, volume and tone adjustability, and app-friendly controls. I, however, cannot overlook some areas for improvement – the dependency on the app for certain features feels unnecessary, and the so-called nightlight leaves much to be desired. In addition, its need for constant power could impose some limitations. Overall, while I appreciate the thoughtfulness in its design and function, I recommend potential buyers to consider their personal preferences and sleeping habits against these observations before making a purchasing decision.”

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Color Cloud
Power Source Corded Electric
Music Tracks White Noise
Item Weight 156 Grams

Introduction: My First Impressions of SNOOZ White Noise Machine

In the world of countless gadgets promising to improve our sleep quality, the SNOOZ White Noise Machine stands out, particularly because it uses a real fan to generate a soothing noise. While initially skeptical of yet another sleep aid, I had high hopes for SNOOZ based on its unique premises. The goal of today’s review is to evaluate this product honestly and critically, with a focus on the firsthand experience rather than mere speculation.

The Initial Appeal

At first glance, the machine’s compact and sleek design was appealing. Rather than looking like a typical noise machine, it presents an unobtrusive design that blends nicely with any decor. The fact that it wasn’t going to be another eyesore on my bedside table was definitely a plus.

The Uniqueness of a Real Fan

What truly piqued my interest was the fact that unlike many other white noise machines on the market, SNOOZ uses a real fan to create its noise. I’ve always found the sound of a fan to be soothing, so the idea of recreating that without actually generating a draft piqued my interest. The promise of an ‘authentic and calming sound’ as a means to mask external noise sounded like a refreshing approach.

A Slight reservation

However, with its higher-end price tag, I did have some reservations. After all, is it worth investing in such a device when a regular fan would, arguably, do the same job? That’s what I aim to find out in this comprehensive review.

All in all, my first impression was a mix of curiosity, anticipation, and healthy scepticism. I couldn’t wait to see if SNOOZ lives up to its hype and truly delivers a better sleeping experience.

Without further ado, let’s embark on this journey to understand the ins and outs of the SNOOZ White Noise Machine and decide for ourselves whether the product matches its promise.

Audit of SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine - Cloud

What You Get When You Purchase SNOOZ White Noise Machine

  • The SNOOZ machine comes with eco-friendly cardboard packaging
  • Includes a free sleep mask and user guide
  • A lengthy power cord for convenient placement.

Upon purchasing the SNOOZ white noise machine, you are welcomed by an eco-friendly cardboard packaging. The uncluttered outlook of the packaging itself feels mindful and thoughtful, considering the need for reduced plastic use in today’s environmentally conscious society.

Packaging and Instructions: Unpacking the SNOOZ Noise Machine

Opening up the package uncovers a neat arrangement of the device and its accessories. Inside we find the SNOOZ noise machine, neatly rested alongside a complimentary sleep mask and a user manual. While the mask doesn’t qualify as the finest I’ve dealt with (it has a somewhat inconvenient non-adjustable strap and lets infiltrate through the nose), it’s a nice touch from the manufacturer. And not to forget, it comes free!

Special Inclusions: Examining the Extras (The Sleep Mask and User Guide)

The user manual is informative and makes operating the device very straightforward. It carries useful advice on room placement and delves into setting up the SNOOZ machine app. This is particularly helpful since not everyone might be aware the device comes with an accompanying app.

Please note that this device needs to be plugged into the mains to work and does not have a battery option. The power cord is fairly lengthy (about six feet), offering enough leeway to conveniently place the device.

In review, apart from the SNOOZ device itself, the packaging includes a free sleep mask, a user guide, and a power cable, all snuggly fit within a cardboard box. The overall unboxing experience was straightforward, and the device’s simple design requires minimal setup time.

Scrutiny of SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine - Cloud

How The SNOOZ Works: A Step-by-Step Demonstration

  • SNOOZ offers ten incremental volume settings
  • Tone adjustable via device cap slider
  • Dependent on continuous power source

Let’s dive into the mechanics of this intriguing device. To initiate the operating process, you simply need to hit the main button on the device. Does the simplicity detract from the overall experience? Let’s find out.

Adjusting the Tone and Volume: Fine-tuning the SNOOZ

The SNOOZ white noise machine certainly champions straightforward use. It has a working range of ten incremental volume settings, allowing you to set a comfortable noise level. The operation becomes even more interesting once you start adjusting the tone. A unique feature of this machine is that you can alter the tone by merely manipulating the slider on the cap of the device. However, in terms of accessibility, this feature falls short for users who may struggle with manual adjustments due to dexterity or visual impairment.

Cable Woes? The Dependence of SNOOZ on Continuous Power Supply

The SNOOZ, at first glance, may come off as an easy grab-and-go device, perfect for travelers those always on the move. However, the dependence of this machine on a constant power source may be a limiting factor. The unit is always tethered to a six-foot-long cable, which has to be plugged into a power source at all times. This means there is no option for battery-operated usage, which could be disappointing for potential users hoping for more portability. On the flip side, for someone who doesn’t move locations often, this limitation might not be a deal-breaker.

In summary, the functionality of the SNOOZ white noise machine appears pretty straightforward. However, its application goes beyond just turning on the machine – the tone, volume adjustments, and the requirement for constant power may impact your usage experience differently based on your individual needs.

Dissection of SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine - Cloud

The SNOOZ App: An In-depth Look at its Unique Features

  • SNOOZ App compatible with Apple, Android devices
  • Offers sound calibration, timer settings
  • Additional functionality could result in app-dependence

Let me take you through my hands-on experience with the innovative SNOOZ App. I explored its unique features and got quite a lowdown on what its significance is in the overall usage of the SNOOZ White Noise Machine.

App Accessibility and Setup

The SNOOZ App is compatible with Apple and Android devices, which is undoubtedly a credit considering the operating system diversity among users. The setup was straightforward and took no time, with my device pairing instantly.

App Features

The app turns your smartphone into a convenient remote control for the device. Besides turning it on and off, you can also adjust the volume. However, one downside is that you can’t adjust the tone via the app – a slight inconvenience that you need to fidget with the device manually for tone arrangements.

Light Control

In terms of light control, the app provides three brightness levels or the option of initiating ‘dark mode,’ so there’s no light at all. While this functionality exists, I found the ‘nightlight’ aspect quite inadequate, as it’s merely the glow from the buttons and not a dedicated night light.

Timer Settings

One feature I found to be quite handy is the Timer set up on the app. Offering an option to set timers for different periods and days of the week is a considerate touch. This is particularly useful if you have different sleeping schedules throughout the week.

Sound Calibration

This feature stood out to me the most. The sound calibration feature is especially useful for parents who want to ensure a safe volume for their kids. This feature is unique to SNOOZ and deserves applause for being thoughtful and safety-conscious.

While the overall functionality of the app was impressive, the fact that you must rely on it for certain features seemed a little inconvenient. Features like nightlight control, sound calibration, and timers could have been integrated into the device’s controls as well.

Overall, the SNOOZ App does add extra functionality to the device and makes it easier to use, but the app-dependence for some features may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Rundown: SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine - Cloud

Pros and Cons: An Honest Review of the SNOOZ

  • SNOOZ produces authentic sound with adjustable tone and volume
  • SNOOZ machine is visually appealing, compact and travel friendly
  • Cons include app dependency and insufficient nightlight

In my time with the SNOOZ White Noise Machine, I’ve found several aspects that I really appreciate, as well as a few areas where I feel there’s room for improvement. Below, you’ll find a detailed assessment of the pros and cons based on my personal experience.

Unmatched Authentic Sound: The Beauty of a Real Fan in a White Noise Machine

Pros: One of the standout features of the SNOOZ is unquestionally the authentic sound it produces. The integration of a real fan in the unit provides a calming ambient noise that genuinely helps mask pesky external sounds, assisting with a restful night’s sleep or uninterrupted study sessions. I found the ability to adjust the tone and volume highly useful, allowing me to customize the sound to my liking. This is an edge that many white noise machines using recordings simply cannot offer.

Design Aesthetics: The Unassuming Charm of the SNOOZ Device

The Design: Aesthetically, the SNOOZ is visually appealing with a sleek design that’s not too imposing or complicated. Its size is easy to underestimate, as it may look large on screen, but it’s actually quite compact. It’s also considerably light and can easily fit into a suitcase, making it travel-friendly.

The Downside: Dealing with the App Dependency and the Faint Night Light

Cons: Despite the many positives, the SNOOZ does have a few shortcomings that are worth noting. Firstly, the reliance on the app to access basic functionalities such as timers or nightlight settings can be bothersome, especially for users who prefer more traditional, physical buttons. Not all users may enjoy the additional step of navigating an app for such features.

Secondly, while it’s advertised as featuring a nightlight, in practice, this isn’t exactly accurate. The ‘nightlight’ are just illuminated buttons that cast a white glow. If you’re in search of a white noise machine with a substantial nightlight feature, this may not meet your expectations.

Lastly, the higher cost may deter some potential buyers. While the SNOOZ does bring unique features to the table, there are other cost-effective white noise machines in the market, or individuals could choose to use a normal fan with a somewhat similar effect. It’s also worth mentioning that the SNOOZ needs to be plugged in to work at all times, with no battery or internal charging option available.

Product critique is always subjective to individual preferences and needs, but these are some notable strengths and opportunities for improvements I experienced during my usage of the SNOOZ White Noise Machine.

Overview of SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine - Cloud

Conclusion: Is the SNOOZ Worth Your Investment?

In my journey to find the perfect white noise machine, using this device has been both enjoyable and enlightening. But let’s dive into it more critically—does SNOOZ deliver sufficient value for its price?

Who Might Benefit From SNOOZ?

If you appreciate authentic white noise, created by a real fan, the SNOOZ offers a top-tier experience. The machine produces a range of soothing, calming sounds, from gentle hums to more robust rushing air, adjustable to your liking. This could be a boon for light sleepers, students who need to block out external noise while studying, or anyone working in a noisy environment.

The App-Centric Approach

If you’re tech-savvy, or appreciate the features and convenience of app-controlled devices, SNOOZ has much going for it. The application is well- integrated, allowing easy control of the device, including calibrations and timers. But, it also casts some shadows—the biggest one being that core features are only accessible with the app. For those less inclined to device-dependency, this could be a hurdle.

The Quirks and Oversights

No product is without its quirks, and SNOOZ isn’t an exception. The so-called “nightlight” is not as impressive as advertised, with its weak glow barely offering justification for the term. Moreover, the device’s dependency on being constantly plugged in may deter those looking for a more portable, battery-operated solution.

Quality, Design, and Usability

From a design perspective, SNOOZ shines with a sleek, modern look, which can subtly blend into any room’s decor. The user interface is straight-forward, allowing for easy tonal and volume adjustments. Despite these positives, its higher price point compared to other white noise machines on the market puts it on the premium end of the spectrum—something to consider for consumers on a budget.

Final Thoughts

The SNOOZ does hit the mark in delivering high-quality, adjustable, and authentic white noise, amplified by its app-equipped smart system. However, those extra perks come with a premium price tag. It could be a worthy investment for those who value its unique features and are amenable to its app-reliant functionality. Still, if you’re seeking a more conventional noise machine with minimalistic needs, or are on a stricter budget, there may be other options more suited to your needs.

Should you buy the SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine – Cloud?

Buy it if…

You value authentic white noise

The SNOOZ machine uses a real fan for a more genuine and calming white noise experience.

You prefer room for customization

With the ability to adjust both volume and tone, this machine offers a more personalized experience.

You appreciate good design

The stylish, compact, and lightweight design of the SNOOZ makes it visually appealing and portable.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re budget-conscious

The SNOOZ machine is somewhat pricey compared to other white noise machines on the market.

You prefer manual controls

A few notable features such as timer settings and the nightlight can only be accessed through the app, which may be inconvenient for some.

You need a legitimate nightlight

Despite advertising a nightlight feature, the SNOOZ machine only offers glowing buttons which may not be bright enough for some users.


Does the SNOOZ White Noise Machine have to be plugged in all the time?
Yes, the device needs to be plugged in all times for it to function as it doesn’t have an internal battery or option to use external batteries.
Can the SNOOZ White Noise Machine’s sound and light be controlled via an app?
Yes, there’s an app that allows for remote control of the device’s sound and dimming of the lights. However, changing the tone still needs to be done manually on the device.
Does this device come with a real fan?
Yes, the SNOOZ White Noise Machine uses a real fan instead of recordings to produce authentic and calming sounds.
What comes in the box when I purchase the SNOOZ White Noise Machine?
Along with the device, you get a cardboard box, instructions for use and setup, and a free sleep mask.
Are there timers on the SNOOZ White Noise Machine?
Yes, the device features timers which are accessible via the app. This feature allows you to schedule when you want the white noise to start and stop.
What is the calibration feature on the app?
The calibration feature automatically gauges the right volume suitable for a small child’s room. This ensures the device doesn’t play the noise louder than it’s safe for a child.
Is the SNOOZ White Noise Machine’s night light bright?
The device’s night light feature mostly comprises of glowing buttons. While visible, it’s not particularly bright and wouldn’t be suitable for use as a proper night light.

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