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Review: SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch) – Excellent quality, hassle-free functionality, remarkable price-performance.

Detailed review of Smart Devil Anti-shock Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro’s installation and performance... Read more

Review of SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)

Table of Contents

Test of SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)

4.5/5 - (13800 votes)

Cena: $7.99


  • User-friendly installation kit
  • Comes with three screen protectors
  • Additional camera lens protectors provided
  • Highly transparent and fingerprint resistant
  • Microfiber and cleaning wipe included
  • Smooth touch screen performance


  • Manual instructions could improve
  • Initial bubble formation after installation
  • Wait for splotches to disappear over 24 hours

“Based on my personal experience with the Smart Devil Anti-Shock Tempered Glass Screen Protector, I find it highly commendable. The packaging is professional, the accessories provided are ample and helpful, and the overall installation process was fluid and foolproof. The final result is both visually appealing and high-performing with the touch screen responding perfectly post installation. The product offers excellent quality, hassle-free functionality and a remarkable price to performance ratio. This, in my mind, definitely makes it a worthwhile investment for iPhone 13 Pro users.”

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Brand SmartDevil
Compatible Devices iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 14
Material Tempered Glass
Item Hardness 9H
Product Dimensions 7.32″L x 4.09″W
Compatible Phone Models Apple iPhone 13 Pro
Special Feature Drop Resistant, Oil Resistant, Blue Light Block, Anti-Fingerprint, Shockproof, 9 H Surface Hardness, Scratch Resistant
Finish Type Glossy
Water Resistance Level Waterproof
Unit Count 3 Count


Today we have an interesting piece of tech on our hands: the Smart Devil Anti-Shock Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro. With the rise in demand for protective smartphone accessories, this product has sparked quite a discussion among iPhone users. Having an opportunity to personally test and review this product, the idea is to dive in – unbox, install, and evaluate its performance on my iPhone 13 Pro. It’s vital to remember that this is an independent, unbiased review where the product will speak for itself, and the ultimate goal is to help users make informed decisions about their next screen protector purchase.

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Product Review: Smart Devil Anti-shock Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro

Moving on to the main agenda, we aim to take a comprehensive look at the Smart Devil Anti-shock Tempered Glass Screen Protector. As most of us know, a screen protector is more than just a piece of glass; it’s the shield that your phone’s display depends on.

  • Is this screen protector the best fit for your iPhone 13 Pro?
  • How does it hold up against everyday use?
  • Is it worth the price tag?

These are questions we’ll answer as we progress. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Analyzing SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)

Features and Specs

  • Smart Devil screen protector is fully transparent
  • Features anti-fingerprint and anti-reflection mechanisms
  • Repels water and oil for smooth device interaction

Before we delve into the tactile experience of unpacking and applying the Smart Devil Anti-Shock tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 13 Pro, it seems only fair to breakdown the promoted features and specifications of the product.

Understanding the Product Features

This screen protector, as per the details provided on the box and product brochure, is marketed as fully transparent , promising the user an unhindered visibility of their phone display. Furthermore, it boasts of an anti-fingerprint feature ; this suggests less time spent cleaning the screen from incessant smears.

Specs – What More It Offers

  • Water and Oil Repellency : A crucial element for any touch-screen device, repelling water and oil is touted to ensure smooth, unobstructed interaction with your device.
  • Anti-Reflection : This detail caught my attention. An anti-reflection mechanism is quite an important feature, especially for those who frequently find themselves using the device under harsh, direct lighting.

All these specifications build up quite an expectation for this seemingly advanced glass protector. What’s left is putting it to the test to validate these claims and to assess whether the user experience aligns with the marketed promises.

Real-world Testing

As we head into the experience of unboxing, applying, and using the Smart Devil screen protector, it’s important to remember to check these proclaimed features against what we actually experience. Does it live up to its transparency claims? How effective is the anti-fingerprint feature, anti-reflection, and water and oil repellence in everyday use?

Onwards now to the unboxing to compare the claims with the actual product experience.

Inspecting SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)

The Unboxing

  • Packaging is sturdy, compact, and secure
  • Package contents exceed expectations
  • Clear, comprehensive user manual included

At first glance, the packaging sets a good impression. It comes neatly packed in a sturdy, compact plastic box that is easy to handle.

Opening the Durable Plastic Box

The box is protected by a clip that ensures the contents remain secure. This may seem like quite a small detail but believe me, it can make a significant difference when it comes to product safety. As I opened it up, I had a satisfying experience that felt like the onset of an exciting adventure.

First Impressions: Three Screen Protectors, Accessories & More

I was pleasantly surprised to discover three screen protectors instead of just one, neatly packed alongside some accessories. It’s always favorable when companies provide a bit more than expected. Also found inside was a seemingly sophisticated yet straightforward user manual, and, interestingly, one of the protectors had slid out of its packet, making it an ideal candidate for the demonstration.

A Closer Look at the User Manual & Instructions

The user manual, which included the installation instructions, was well-laid out and easy to understand – good news for first-time users unsure of the installation process. What caught my attention was the added tray for installation – a thoughtful addition that promised to make the application process much simpler than usual.

Overall, the unboxing phase set a positive tone for the rest of the review. The packaging was professional and sturdy, the contents were more than satisfactory, and the presence of clear instructions was assuring. Indeed, how a product is packaged can give good insights into the quality and functionality yet to be unveiled.

Review of SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)

In-Hand Examination

  • Package includes microfiber cloth, dust sticker, cleaning wipe
  • Screen protector is thin, high-quality tempered glass
  • Camera protector bestows attention to detail and function

As soon as I took the package in hand, my attention was immediately captured by its well-constructed design. To ensure a thorough assessment, I’ll break it down into sub-sections:

Delving into the Accessories: Microfiber, Dust Sticker, & Cleaning Wipe

In initial exploration, I uncovered a collection of neatly packed accessories. Among these, I found a handy microfiber cloth , a useful dust sticker , and, most importantly, a cleaning wipe . I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity and variety of tools provided to aid with installation. They even engraved the sequential order on the items to make the process user-friendly—a thoughtful touch, indeed!

Inspecting the Screen Protector Quality & Thinness

Next, my focus shifted to the real deal—the screen protector itself. Upon initial inspection, I was pleased with the thin, unassuming profile. The glass seemed to carry the quality of a high-end product, without any immediate signs of compromise. And yes, as an added bonus, it was made of tempered glass—a sought-after feature.

Reviewing the Camera Protector & its Functions

Last, but not least, I examined the camera protector. This component stood out for its clever design. It was easy to handle and apply, facilitating a straightforward installation process. This protector also touted black rings designed to prevent potential flashback issues—a feature that speaks volumes about the manufacturer’s attention to detail.

In conclusion, this in-hand examination paints a promising picture of the product’s build quality and value. The accessories are well-thought-out, and the screen and camera protectors appear to be crafted with care and precision. Of course, the real test lies in the performance during and post-installation, which we’ll delve into in subsequent sections.

Perspective: SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)

Preparations and Installation

  • Clean and dust iPhone 13 Pro’s screen before installation
  • Switch off phone for safety and ease of installation
  • Use dust sticker for a flawless protector installation

Getting ready for the installation process requires some essential steps. These steps are critical to ensure that the protective screen fits perfectly, without any bubbles or dust trapped underneath. So, let’s get started.

Prepping the Screen: Cleaning & Dusting

The first thing you’ll want to do is thoroughly cleanse your iPhone 13 Pro’s screen. For that, use the cleaning wipe that comes with this Smart Devil kit. Infused with a lemony scent and alcohol, it’s perfectly designed to remove any unwanted grease and grime lingering on your phone screen. After that, you can take the microfiber cloth to wipe it dry. This will also pick up any residual particles that may still be on the screen.

Shutting off the iPhone for Ease of Installation

Once the screen is clean, it is highly recommended to switch off your phone. Not only does this prevent any accidental app openings or calls, but it also makes the screen protector placement a bit easier, all while adding an extra layer of safety.

The Importance of Dust Removal for Flawless Installation

Once the iPhone is off, the dust sticker comes in handy; it removes dust particles invisible to the naked eye. Spend at least 60 seconds rolling out any little bits and pieces that may have clandestinely fallen during cleaning. This step is crucial for a flawless protector install, so it’s worth taking the time it needs.

Handy Tips: Screen Protector Placement

When placing the screen protector on the phone, accuracy is key. Thankfully, the Smart Devil kit makes this easier by providing a placement tray. You’ll want to align this tray precisely with your phone screen. A helpful tip when doing this—always be on the lookout for dust particles. If any are noticed, use your dust sticker to set it right. Then, you’re all set to drop in your protector.

Savoring the Satisfying Moment

Peeling off the protector’s layer and placing it on the phone’s screen is delightfully satisfying, much like peeling off a new gadget’s plastic film. To make the most out of this moment, press down in the middle of the screen protector after placing it, and watch as it self-adheres to the phone. Following this, act upon any bubbles that may have formed during the installation process.

This simple-yet-fulfilling process marks the end of the installation preparation, setting us up appropriately for the final stages of the installation in the next section.

Expose on SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)

Installation Continued

  • Guide accessory makes lining up protector simple
  • Bubbles dissipate within 24 hours
  • Installation process is smooth and hassle-free

Having prepared the screen to the best of my ability in the previous steps, I am now ready to start with the actual installation. From the very moment I started with the Smart Devil screen protector, I could tell there was something different about this compared to the numerous others I have tried in the past.

Precision Placement of the Protector

The first hurdle to overcome in any screen protector installation is getting it placed precisely on the screen. Anyone who’s installed a screen protector knows it’s crucial to get this step right. Essentially, I lined up the screen protector with the phone, ensuring that the cutouts aligned perfectly with the iPhone. Now, the beauty of this product is that it comes with a guide accessory that aligns the protector for you. With this tool, lining up the protector is extremely simple and foolproof.

The Satisfaction of Watching the Protector Adhere to the Phone Screen

To attach the protector, I peeled off the backing and carefully set it into the guide tool. A quick tap in the center automatically started the adherence process. The protector starts sticking to the phone from the center outwards, creating a ripple-like effect. It’s practically impossible to not feel a sense of satisfaction watching this process.

Dealing with Bubbles: Removal Strategy & Expectations

Bubbles are probably the most common complaint about screen protector installations. However, I noticed that the few bubbles that did appear quickly moved out to the edges when I lightly ran the microfiber cloth over the screen. A few little splotches near the edges persisted, but based on my past experience, I can confidently say these should dissipate within 24 hours.

Final Considerations

Despite the high level of precision facilitated by the guide accessory, this still remains a manual process. The alignment might not always be perfect in the first try, and you may have to reposition the protector once or twice. Nonetheless, my installation process turned out to be relatively smooth and hassle-free with the Smart Devil Screen Protector.

Examination of SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)

Post-Installation Review

  • Protector aligned perfectly onto the iPhone screen
  • Fluid touchscreen response with clear protector
  • Camera lens protector avoids potential flashback issues

Upon bringing this screen protector installation to a successful end, it was time to carry out a thorough, post-installation evaluation of the product. From look and feel to performance, everything was assessed critically.

The Final Result: Emphasizing the Precision & Perfection

Freshly installed, the Smart Devil screen protector made an immediate impact. The protector settled perfectly onto the iPhone screen, aligning without any hassles. The cutouts lined up with the phone’s features, a testament to the precision and measure of the product. As I gazed on, the phone carried a new, protected sheen.

Turning on the Phone & Testing the Protector

As I hit the power button to bring the iPhone to life, a sense of anticipation filled the air. The touch screen response was fluid, and the phone interface looked as brilliant as ever through the crystal-clear protector. It was time to examine if this elegance was more than just skin deep.

Installation of the Camera Lens Protector

Beyond the screen, it was the camera’s turn for some protection. The lens protector from the pack was effortlessly easy to install. I placed it carefully on the already clean camera lenses, and it almost self-aligned, lending an extra layer of protection to the camera module. The black ring design on the camera protector appeared promising to take care of any potential flashback issues.

Throughout this process, I remained objective and reflective. A user’s review is impartial, focusing on the attributes of the product rather than personal biases. I truly believe that this tempered glass installation experience was cognitive. It offered an insight into how a screen protector, often deemed a simple accessory, can enhance the usefulness and longevity of our phones on a more significant scale.

Probe of SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)

Performance Evaluation

  • Smart Devil provides smooth, responsive touchscreen.
  • Promises clear screen and color precision.
  • Tempered glass potentially anti-shock.

Now comes the moment of truth. After successful application, it’s time to put this Smart Devil glass protector to the test.

The Swipe Test: Checking Smoothness & Responsiveness

It’s essential to focus on the functional usability of the screen protector, not just its application or visibility. A critical aspect of this is how well the touchscreen functionality responds post-application. I initiated the test by doing a simple swipe up down here. I’m pleased to report that the swipe was incredibly smooth, with no hint of lag or jerkiness. I also checked for any rough edges that might interfere with swipes. Thankfully, I found none. This aspect of the screen protector performs excellently, matching, if not, exceeding my expectations.

Looking at Screen Clarity & Color Precision

Next up, let’s talk about screen clarity. This is vital as the screen protector should not compromise the visual experience the iPhone 13 Pro offers. After a thorough inspection, I noticed no discernable effect on the vibrancy or clarity of the screen’s display. The colors look as vibrant as they are without the screen protector, and the display is crystal clear. The protector is fully transparent and does not cloudy or distort the screen in any way. A thumbs-up on this front too!

Appraising the Over-All Touchscreen Performance

Finally, we look at overall touchscreen performance. Looking through various apps and trying out different gestures, it was refreshing to see the screen protector hold its own. Every function on this touchscreen worked perfectly. Swiping between pages was swift and effortless. There were no misreads or unregistered touches, even at the very edge of the screen.

Finally, let’s discuss the tempered glass’s durability. Although I’ve not had the chance to test it thoroughly in this regard, if it lives up to its anti-shock claim, we have a real winner here.

In conclusion, the Smart Devil screen protector exceeds expectations when it comes to performance. It offers a high-quality experience that doesn’t hamper the touchscreen’s responsiveness or the visual vibrancy of the display. The installation process is also pretty straightforward, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect their precious iPhone 13 Pro.

Inspecting SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)


After a comprehensive run-through of the process, from unboxing to installation and testing, we’re ready to draw an unbiased and detailed conclusion on the Smart Devil Anti-shock Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro.

The Verdict: Objective Recommendations

This protector ticks many boxes when it comes to just what you need for maintaining your new iPhone’s pristine screen. Its installation was relatively seamless. The precision-fit tray, included in the package, really helped in getting the alignment perfectly right, preventing any potential offset issues.

Price-to-Quality Evaluation

One aspect that really stands out about this protector, apart from its quality, is the fact that it is also budget-friendly. Considering that the package comes with not one, but three protectors as well as a pack of handy accessories, it’s a package that offers great value for the amount spent. Moreover, the addition of the lens protector offers an appreciated level of extra protection.

Parting Words & Directions to Product Links

To sum up, this screen protector delivers not only in functionality but also with its ease-of-installation, quality, and cost-effectiveness. It caught my attention with its smoothness and responsiveness, and the reliable adherence to the screen, ensuring limited bubble formation during installation, further consolidated its position as a good option for iPhone 13 Pro users.

If you’re on the market for quality screen protectors that give full value for money and, importantly, offer high-end protection for your device, this product would certainly make a strong candidate for your consideration.

Should you buy the SmartDevil 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14/iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro(6.1 Inch)?

Buy it if…

You want a Protective, Quality Screen

The Smart Devil anti-shock tempered glass screen protector is thin, durable, high-quality and provides an exceptional level of protection for your iPhone 13 Pro.

You appreciate Clean Installations

The package includes accessories and instructions that enable a straightforward and clean installation. It comes with its own tray, making alignment easy and preventing any bubbles or rough edges.

You’re seeking Value for Money

The pack includes three screen protectors and a camera protector, making it great value for the price.

Don’t buy it if…

You appreciate One-On-One Expert Installation

Despite the ease of installation, some people might prefer to have their screen protector installed professionally to ensure a perfect fit.

You’re not a fan of Following Instructions

While the product is easy to install, it still requires some attention to instructions. If you’re not the type to follow instructions, you might find the process a bit challenging.

You’re looking for a Protector with Additional Features

The Smart Devil screen protector offers basic protection and doesn’t come with any additional features like anti-blue light or privacy screen.


How many screen protectors does the package contain?
The package contains three screen protectors.
Does the package include any additional accessories?
Yes, the package comes with accessory kits which include a microfiber cloth, dust sticker, and a cleaning wipe.
Does the Smart Devil screen protector come with a camera protector too?
Yes, the package includes a camera lens protector as well.
What does Slimothy mean by the ‘swipe test’?
The ‘swipe test’ is a check to ensure the responsiveness and smoothness of the installed screen protector by simulating normal phone usage, like swiping to change applications or scroll through a page.
Does the screen protector affect the visibility of the screen?
No, the Smart Devil screen protector is fully transparent and does not affect the phone’s visibility.
Does the screen protector install easily?
Yes, the kit includes an alignment tool and instructions that ease the installation process, and any bubbles that form during installation can be removed easily.
Are the black rings around the camera lens protector necessary?
Yes, the black rings around the camera protector help to prevent flashback issues some people encounter with taking photos.
Is the price for this product reasonable?
Yes, considering the quality of the product and the inclusion of three screen protectors plus additional accessories, the price is deemed very reasonable.

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