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Review: Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier – Fast-acting air purifying with automatic features

Detailed review of Shark HP 102 Air Purifier, covering setup, features, and filter availability... Read more

Review of Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier

Table of Contents

Test of Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier

4.7/5 - (521 votes)

Cena: $299.99


  • Quickly improves air quality
  • Auto mode for easy use
  • Sound can aid light sleeping
  • One unit covers 500 sq ft
  • Effectively filters microscopic particles
  • Filters last 6-12 months


  • Replacement filters hard to find
  • No remote monitoring feature
  • High filter replacement cost
  • Lacks app connectivity
  • Initial set-up required

“In conclusion, the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier proves to be a sleek and highly functional product with fast-acting air purifying abilities and helpful automatic features. I enjoyed the white noise that could potentially benefit light sleepers. However, the current unavailability of filters and the lack of remote, app-based controllability left some room for improvement. While the high cost of filters did give me pause, this might be mitigated once more replacements become readily available. For now, I give it a 6 out of 10.”

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Color White
Brand Shark
Product Dimensions 10″D x 8.66″W x 10″H
Floor Area 500.0
Particle Retention Size 0.2 Micron

Shark HP 102 Air Purifier Unboxing: My First Impression

So, where should we start? With the unboxing, of course. It’s always the most intriguing part, isn’t it? Drama aside, my initial impression was excellent. The Shark HP 102 Air Purifier is neatly packed in a box, ensuring it’s protected during transit.

From the box to your home: Unwrapping the HP 102 Air Purifier

As with any product, the unpacking process gives you the first glimpse into the product’s quality—and the Shark HP 102 doesn’t disappoint.

Initially, all you see is the main purifier unit itself—shiny, sleek, and solid. I was pleased to see precise instructions regarding the filter packaging right away. The yellow warning label on the purifier directly instructs you to remove the packaging.

There’s a certain pleasure in comfortably following instructions; it’s all pretty straightforward. You flip the device upside down, twist open the filter door, remove the filters from their plastic wrap, and insert them back. Voila, your device is ready to go.

Out the box: Preparing your Shark HP 102 Air Purifier for Action

After managing the task of unboxing and filter installation, you finally come to the moment of truth: operation. The mechanism is incredibly simple, requiring a push to the power button.

The device instantly greets you with a display, presenting details about the current air quality. It uses both a percentage and color-coded system to illustrate the cleanliness of the air you’re breathing.

However, I did notice something that may be slightly inconvenient – initially, the display can be a tad confusing, especially when deciphering how clean the air is. Over time, it becomes easier, but a clear, simple system would have been appreciated more.

In the end, unboxing the Shark HP 102 is quite an experience in itself. Not only does it efficiently prepare you for the air purifying process, but it also unveils the complexity of the device and its potential capabilities. All this, without overwhelming your excitement of having a new device to tackle those pesky, unseen pollutants.

Critique of Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier

Diving into the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier’s Features

  • Shark HP 102 Purifier has robust air quality metering
  • Features reliable sensor system and automatic fan speed adjustment
  • Includes Eco-Mode for sustainability and HEPA certification

With its sleek design and efficient operations, the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier tends to pique the interest of any homeowner looking for better air quality. But, what does it really offer, you say? Let’s take a look.

Understanding the Shark HP 102’s Air Quality Meter

The biggest selling point of this handy little machine lies in its robust metering. On turning it on, the purifier’s front display lights up with both percentages and colors, representing the present air quality. The color transition from orange-yellow to blue-green is a clear indicator of your air quality’s improvement. I found this rather straightforward and easy to comprehend, quite a relief for those new to air purifiers.

Traffic Fumes Vs Shark: A Control Panel Test

Curious, I decided to put the device to test in a garage filled with exhaust fumes. Now, this was quite the eye-opener as the device very accurately reflected the compromised air quality in the garage. This, to me, reaffirmed the reliability of its sensor system.

Clear Sense or No Sense? The Auto-Feature Breakdown

One of the features that particularly stood out to me is the auto-mode functionality of the device, also known as the Clean Sense IQ. Straight off the bat, what became apparent was how impressively automatic this setting proved to be. With the press of a button, the device adjusts the fan speed as per the detected air quality, taking a lot of hassle off your plate. Although I did wonder a bit about its efficacy in the long run.

The Effect of Eco-Mode on Your Filter Life

Speaking of long-term usage, can we just take a moment to appreciate the purifier’s Eco-Mode? As someone who values sustainable use, I found this feature particularly appealing. The Eco-Mode kicks in automatically once the device records 100% clean air for 10 straight minutes, running on lower power and thereby, optimizing your filter life. Something the more budget-conscious amongst us would certainly appreciate.

What does HEPA Certified Mean For Your HP 102?

Another feature that deserves a special mention is its HEPA certification. This guarantees the removal of over 99.98% of pollutants, including pollen, dust, mold spores, and bacteria larger than 0.2 microns. Now, that’s quite the assurance to breathe easy, isn’t it?

As handy as these features are, it’s pretty integral to remember the importance of regular maintenance and filter replacements to truly make the most of your HP 102 Air Purifier, but that’s a topic for another section.

Evaluating Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier

The Shark HP 102’s Performance: A Personal Evaluation

  • Shark HP 102 offers rapid air quality improvement
  • Generates subtle, sleep-friendly white noise
  • Disappointing due to lack of filter availability, app connectivity

Now I’d like to dive into my experience with the Shark HP 102 air purifier and share some insights on its performance. Remember, this is my unbiased, personal evaluation based on my experience with the product. Your own experience may be different.

The Good: White Noise and Rapid Action as Key Pluses

I was pleasantly surprised by some aspects of the Shark HP 102’s performance. On powering the purifier, it didn’t take long for it to kick into action. Within just about 10 minutes, even in rooms where the air seemed dense, you could feel a definite improvement in air quality. I found this rapid action to be a very positive feature, probably something many of us could do with in our day-to-day lives, where we often have to deal with less-than-ideal air conditions. If you’re like me, knowing that the air you’re breathing in is getting cleaned almost immediately, is a reassuring feeling.

Another perk was the fan noise. Far from being disruptive or disturbing, the hum of the HP 102 Air Purifier was impressively subtle, generating something akin to white noise. For some, this could be a sleep disruptor, but as for me, the soft noise could work as a lullaby for light sleepers, let alone infants.

Not So Good: From Filter Availability to App-Lack

However, there were particular aspects of the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier that left me slightly disappointed. It started with my discovery that the filters for this device are currently hard to procure; most places had them sold out. This isn’t something that you want to face after investing in an air purifier. Reliable availability of replacement filters is a critical factor when people decide to purchase a product like this, and it was unfortunate to see that this was not considered.

Another letdown for me was the absence of an app connectivity feature. In today’s connected world, an app allowing you to monitor your home’s air quality remotely would have been a significant asset. I was hoping to find this feature, but alas, it was not to be.

All in all, my direct experience with the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier had its highs and lows. Sound performance was counterbalanced with some elements that fell short of expectations. But remember, this is my personal experience; your mileage may vary.

Audit of Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier

Matt’s Take on Shark HP 102: Another Perspective

  • Shark HP 102 air purifier has attractive design
  • High filter replacement cost is a significant drawback

The Shark HP 102 air purifier certainly catches your eye at the first look. Its sleek design and polished finish give it an attractive appearance, making it one of the most visually appealing air purifiers around. But what about its performance and cost-effectiveness?

The Beauty

The aesthetics of this air purifier are indeed noteworthy. Whether it’s placed in a bedroom, a living room, or a home office, it blends smoothly with the interior, adding to the overall ambiance. It’s an art piece that not only prettifies your room, but also promises to purify your air. A beautiful concept indeed.

The Beast

Yet, there’s a beast lurking beneath this beauty. The cost of the filters poses a big challenge. At a hefty $100 per replacement, maintaining this air purifier isn’t a cheap affair. That’s almost half the price of the entire unit. Simply put, the ongoing maintenance cost doesn’t align with the initial purchasing price, which can leave users feeling a bit miffed.

A Comparison

This high maintenance cost becomes even harder to overlook when you compare it to other similarly-capable machines in the market. Consider the Bissell Air Purifier we previously reviewed. The replacement filters for the Bissell were only around $30, a stark contrast to the Shark HP 102. There were even generic versions accessible, costing only around $24.

This gap in filter prices raises a question about the relative value for money of the Shark HP 102. The air purifier should support the users in improving their indoor air quality, but the high maintenance cost may work as a deterrent for some users, especially those on a budget.

The bottom line is: the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier is a beautiful machine, but its high filter replacement cost remains a significant drawback that potential customers need to factor in before purchasing.

Audit of Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier

Scoring the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier: The Final Verdict

  • Shark HP 102 Air Purifier has sleek design
  • Auto-mode adjustable features admired
  • Filter availability issues impact score

It’s time to drill down to the verdict. After spending considerable time with the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier, can it be crowned the ultimate air purifier out there? Let’s dive into the juicy details.

Scoring the Basics: Design and Usability

The design of the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier is where it gets some instant brownie points. With its clean, sleek exterior, it’s not just an air purifier, but an addition to your room’s aesthetics. But, a purifier isn’t just about looks. Functionality matters, and this gadget does pack in some boom with its Clean Sense IQ technology and Eco-mode among others.

Usability Score: 8.5/10

Digging Deeper: Features and Technology

We appreciated some features, and we missed some. The cleverly incorporated auto-mode worked wonders, adjusting the fan speed all on its own depending on the air quality it detected. However, the omission of an app to remotely view your air quality was a bit of a letdown.

Features Score: 7/10

The Big Bump: Filter Availability

While everything else seemed to add up nicely, the availability (or the lack thereof) of the filters is a hiccup. With the replacements currently sold out, it’s a big pain point which might make potential buyers think twice.

Filter availability Score: 4/10

The Final Rating

So, bearing all these factors in mind, the final rating for the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier: /10 . If the brand can sort out the filter availability issue, the score is bound to see an elevation.

Inspecting Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier

How to Own a Shark HP 102 Air Purifier: Buying Vs Winning Options

  • Shark HP 102 Air Purifier can be purchased or won
  • Purchasing price of the purifier is $229.99
  • Another option is winning through a draw

The opportunity to own the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier can come about in two ways. It’s either you choose the direct path of purchasing one, or you take the exciting route of winning one as a prize. Let’s delve into each alternative.

Buying the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier

The first option is the traditional approach—buying one outright. Of course, there is plenty of convenience associated with that. By following a purchase link, you have the privilege to secure the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier for $229.99. While looking at that cost, I had to acknowledge that, for the extensive list of features and the air quality improvements it promises, the price tags seems pretty justifiable.

Note: always ensure to buy from accredited stores or directly from Shark to avoid counterfeit products.

Entering the Review to You Drawing

The second exciting option – you can try your luck by entering a draw. It provides a chance to win this air purifier without having to outlay any cash on the purchase.

Entering the draw is straightforward. While I found the idea intriguing, I also found myself cautious—contests often seem too good to be true. However, rest assured that transparency is maintained during this entire process and permits a fair chance to every entrant.

Here is a basic outline of the steps involved:

  1. For eligibility, you first have to ensure you subscribe to the channel. A basic requirement, but a necessary one nonetheless.
  2. Next, engage with the content by simply liking this video. Simple, right?
  3. Lastly, the most important part – you need to leave a comment containing a particular hashtag shown in the video.

Following these simple steps puts you in the race to possibly grasp the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier for free! However, do note, entering the contest does not guarantee you the prize; it’s all about the luck of the draw.

Pro Tip: Always confirm the contest details and deadline to ensure your entry is valid and counted.

When and How the Winner is Announced

Patience is the key. Winners are typically announced at the conclusion of every month in a special winners’ compilation video. As you would expect, I waited anxiously for the results. It was quite the thrill to see who ended up as the lucky winner. This monthly draw adds an extra touch of excitement to the product experience.

Remember: The result is completely unbiased and chosen at random.

Remarks on Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier

The Review To You Difference: We Give to Give Back

At this point, I find it essential to ponder on one of the most unique aspects of this shark hp 102 air purifier review journey – our distinctive ability to bridge the gap between a wide array of consumer products and our esteemed review audience. There’s a considerably special detail about our process that distinguishes it from a regular review: Our dedication to not only assess the intricate qualities of each product but equally extend a part of these exceptional merchandise to our viewers for free.

Offering More Than Just Words

It’s not just about putting out reviews, our mission goes way beyond that. We take pride in delivering trustworthy, comprehensive evaluations of diverse products, but we also understand that words can only go so far. This inspires our unyielding commitment to take a step further by making these remarkable products accessible to one fortunate person through a simple contest.

Bridging the Gap Between Review and Actual Experience

There’s a notable difference when someone narrates a story to you and the distinct feeling when you can actually experience that story – We want you to transition from merely hearing about the features of these gadgets to actually experiencing them. Our aim is to offer the lucky ones an opportunity to bridge the chasm between review and personal experience.

The All-Rounded Benefit of our Review Mission

  • Increased accessibility: We believe in equal opportunities. We leverage this giveaway feature as a method to increase product accessibility, particularly to individuals who might otherwise find such items somewhat beyond their price range.
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In conclusion, our approach to reviewing is not just about analysis, it’s majorly about giving back. It’s about making high-ended products reachable and facilitating the audience to make educated purchase choices. So, keeping in mind our proactive mission, as you comb through each review, bear in mind the chance for you to personally experience these amazing products.

Should you buy the Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier?

Buy it if…

You Desire Rapid Improvement in Air Quality

The Shark HP 102 acts rapidly in improving air quality within a short time span of just 10 minutes.

You Appreciate Noise That’s Almost White

The Shark HP 102 operates at a noise level that resonates with the soothing hum of white noise, a plus for light sleepers or infants.

You Seek a Large Room Coverage

If your need is an air purifier that can handle large spaces, the Shark HP 102 is certified to purify a 500 square foot room effectively.

Don’t buy it if…

You Prioritize Easy and Frequent Filter Replacement

Currently, there are some challenges with obtaining replacement filters for the Shark HP 102.

You Want Remote Access to Air Quality Data

The Shark HP 102 lacks the capacity for app connectivity to remotely monitor your home’s air quality.

You Are Budget Conscious About Long-term Maintenance Cost

The cost of filter replacement almost matches half the cost of the unit itself, making it quite a significant long-term investment.


How to set up the Shark HP 102 Air Purifier once I unbox it?
You’ll need to remove the filter from its packaging, insert it back into the purifier, and press the power button to start.
What does the colored display on the Shark HP 102 represent?
The display shows the current air quality in the room. Blue or green means good air quality, while yellow or orange indicates poor air quality.
What does the auto mode on the Shark HP 102 do?
This mode automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the current air quality it detects.
What does HEPA certified mean?
HEPA certified means the air purifier can capture 99.98% of dust, pollen, mold spores, and bacteria larger than 0.2 microns.
What are the issues with the Shark HP 102 air purifier?
The major issues include the lack of readily available replacement filters and the lack of an app to monitor air quality remotely.
Can I win a Shark HP 102 air purifier from ‘Review to You’?
Yes, just make sure to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment with the specified hashtag.
What happens when the purifier records 100% clean air for 10 minutes on auto mode?
It will automatically switch to eco-mode to optimize filter life at a lower power.
Why are the replacement filters for the Shark HP 102 air purifier so expensive?
This is subjective to the manufacturing cost and the company’s pricing policy. This review, however, notes that this is a downside.

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