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Review: Shark HD112GNBRN HyperAIR Fast-Drying Hair Blow Dryer – Excels in heat control and airflow customization

Explore the impressive qualities and minor flaws of the Shark Hyperair Hair Dryer... Read more

Review of Shark HD112GNBRN HyperAIR Fast-Drying Hair Blow Dryer

Test of Shark HD112GNBRN HyperAIR Fast-Drying Hair Blow Dryer

4.3/5 - (193 votes)

Cena: $222.00


  • User-friendly with adjustable airflow and temperature
  • Comes with auxiliary styling accessories
  • Promotes fast and efficient hair drying
  • Cools and smooths hair with ‘Cool shot’ button
  • High-speed ionized air prevents heat damage


  • Operates loudly, lacks noise control
  • Requires skill and technique for desired results
  • Possibly high heat settings for sensitive scalps

“In my honest and unbiased opinion, the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer with its advanced features and unique accessories truly delivered a satisfactory performance. Despite its slightly loud operation, the simplicity of its two-variable functioning, and its quite effective ‘Cool Shot’ button feature, they all contributed to a sleek and smooth hair drying and styling experience. The device genuinely excelled in its heat control and airflow, giving me the freedom to customize according to my styling needs. Overall, with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, it is indeed a worthy competitor in the market of high-end hair dryers.”

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Brand Shark
Color Matcha
Wattage 1680 watts
Power Source Corded Electric
Special Feature style, dry, blow, hot

Introduction to Reviewing Expedition: The Fighter of Wet Hair Woes!

Welcome, readers! Today, we’re embarking on a unique journey. We live in a bustling world where preparations for that special dinner or a surprise meeting can often meet a soggy obstacle – long, wet hair. But fear not, we have a fighter in our arsenal – the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer! I took this product for a test drive, and here’s an unfiltered review of my experience.

The Summoning of our Hero

Your day was running so smooth, and out of nowhere – boom! You get a call, and you have guests coming over for dinner. Your hair is as wet as a drooping willow, and you start pacing around, thinking of a way out. Enter Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer, swooping in like a superhero to save your day. I had such an occasion recently, so I decided, why not give it a go?

Setting the Stage – My Expectations

We often say, “actions speak louder than words.” So, what did I expect from this potentially game-changing device? Honestly, a swift dry-up with minimal damage to the hair and a hassle-free user experience were on top of my list. I’ve used quite a few hair dryers in the past, so I figured that would be a fair ask.

The Trial – Initial Impressions

As I unboxed the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer, its sleek design caught my eye immediately. But having been around the block a few times with such products, I knew all too well – looks can be deceptive. So, I kept my excitement in check for the real test.

Note: It’s important to remember that every user experience can be subjective. What works for one might not work for another, depending on a range of factors, from hair type to personal handling preferences. This review is based on my personal experience, and I seek to provide an unbiased, comprehensive account of the same.

View of Shark HD112GNBRN HyperAIR Fast-Drying Hair Blow Dryer

The Artifice Behind the High-speed Magic: Deep Under the hood

  • Ionization feature protects hair from heat damage
  • Separate controls for airflow and temperature
  • ‘Cool Shot Button’ gives a finishing touch

Get ready, folks, as we dive deep into the complexities and functioning of the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer. This isn’t just about the surface-level charm, but the inner workings that make this high-speed hair-drying magic possible.

How I harnessed the Power of the Air Ionizer

I was both curious and a tad skeptical when I first encountered this hair dryer’s Ionization feature. It asserts to protect your hair from heat damage, a claim worth investigating, right? I decided to take it for a spin and within a few uses, I felt the difference. My hair, normally unmanageable after a dry, felt noticeably smoother. The frizziness was contained, if not entirely removed, proving to me that ionization wasn’t a gimmick, but a feature that genuinely added value to my hair-drying routine.

My Encounter with Adjusting the Airflow and Temperature

Let’s be honest – we all appreciate some level of customization when using our hair styling tools. The Shark Hyper Air is equipped with separate controls for airflow and temperature. The learning curve was gentle, and once I discovered the combination that best suited my hair type and the style I was aiming for, life felt simpler.

The toggle atop the dryer is designed for controlling the airflow – a feature I had not seen in many dryers before. Hitting the sweet spot between effective and gentle was tricky initially, but once I figured it out, my drying time saw a significant decrease. The temperature control is a breeze, with options intelligently calibrated to cater to different hair types and styles.

Cracking the Code: Decoding the ‘Cool Shot Button’

Lastly, I’d like to point out the Cool Shot Button — a revelation in itself. It’s strategically placed in the trigger position, which I found to be quite thoughtful. Toggling this button post-styling pushes out a gust of cool air that aids in sealing the hair cuticle, giving that finishing touch of luster and smoothness.

So, is the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer more than meets the eye? Quite so! It’s not just its stylish exterior that leaves an impact, but the thoughtfully conceived and implemented features that truly make it a robust contender in the arena of hair care.

Note: The Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer is a feature-rich device. Your experience might vary based on individual preferences and hair type.

Weighing Shark HD112GNBRN HyperAIR Fast-Drying Hair Blow Dryer

Shark Hyperair Hairdryer: My Likes and Dislikes

  • Shark Hyperair hairdryer is user-friendly with custom settings
  • Has a noticeably loud operation noise

Now that I’ve had my hands on the dashing Shark Hyperair hairdryer, I’m ready to talk about its highs and lows. Like every product, this one also has integrated perks and pitfalls. However, the ultimate user experience depends on one’s personal preference. Here’s my attempt at giving an unbiased take on them.

The Good: Appreciating the simplicity of just two variables – heat and airflow!

One thing I fell in love with from the get-go was the simplicity. Just two main variables to juggle with – heat and airflow. It’s user-friendly and spares me from the headache of any elaborate setup. I loved how it’s quite tailored to my custom needs . Within a few uses, I was already pro in figuring out the perfect combination that fits my hair type and drying requirements. A big thumbs up for that!

The Not-so-Good: My heart-to-heart grievances with its loudness

However, as smooth and effective as the drying process was, the noise was something I wasn’t too thrilled about. I wouldn’t exactly label it as a deal-breaker, but it was loud enough to be noticeable. Truly, for those seeking a stealthy blow drying experience, this could be a tad disappointing.

The Shark does pack a punch in terms of power and speed, but it seems the tradeoff is the noise level. If you’re okay with tolerating a bit of hum in exchange for the stellar performance, the Shark Hyperair still stands out as an impressive tool.

Weighing Shark HD112GNBRN HyperAIR Fast-Drying Hair Blow Dryer

“He said, She said”: Weighing in Different Opinions

  • Concerns raised regarding dryer’s heat regulation
  • Shark hair dryer seen as good value-for-money alternative to Dyson

While personal experiences with products are fantastic and give us a first-hand encounter of usability, we can’t overlook the experiences of others. It helps to review the product from a well-rounded perspective, and informs potential users about possible pros and cons they may encounter. In this regard, I’ve taken the time to analyse what some others have had to say about the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer. Their experiences shed interesting lights on some aspects of the product I might not have encountered during my personal use. Let’s have a look:

Lanie’s Experience

Lanie’s encounter was a bit of a scary roller coaster ride. As detailed in her feedback, she had a not-so-pleasant experience due to the dryer’s intense heat.

“Before returning it, figured I might as well check out the dryer. OMG! On the lowest heat setting with the diffuser on, this started burning the heck out of my scalp within three or four seconds.”

This raises concerns about the dryer’s heat regulation. Granted, individual tolerance for heat may differ, but it’s essential for a hair dryer to maintain user-friendly temperature levels, regardless of individual tolerance. Although this was not my experience with the hairdryer, it is a piece of feedback worth considering.

S.W.’s Experience

Meanwhile, S.W. provided an interesting comparison between the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer and the popular Dyson hairdryer:

“Shark’s entire product line seems to be knocking off Dyson. Having received a Dyson hair dryer last year for Christmas, I was interested to see how this pricey but not quite as pricey as the Dyson, Shark model would compare. The short answer is pretty well.”

His observation presents the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer as a good value-for-money alternative to the more premium priced Dyson. This review highlights the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer’s capacity to deliver similar performance at a lesser price point, confirming my experience with the product.

By considering these varied experiences, we get a broader perspective on the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer’s performance and value proposition. So whether it’s Lanie’s unfortunate heat experience or S.W.’s more favourable comparison with a Dyson product, all feedback is invaluable and should be seen as important factors to consider when choosing a hairdryer.

Thoughts on Shark HD112GNBRN HyperAIR Fast-Drying Hair Blow Dryer

The Final Verdict: My Tete-a-Tete with The Shark Hyperair Hair Dryer

  • Shark Hyperair Hairdryer has efficient, customizable features
  • Issues include loud operation and limited variables
  • Overall rating: 4 out of 5

After considerable examination and hands-on experience, it’s time to share my final assessment of Shark Hyper Air hairdryer. This assessment will present some pros and cons that I noticed during my trials helping you determine if this appliance may suit your hairstyling needs.

My Rating and Love-Hate Relationship with the Hair Dryer

The Shark Hyperair hairdryer stands out with its efficient and customizable features. I like its minimalistic design and easy-to-navigate buttons which offer a seamless hairstyling experience. The overall impression was of a powerful yet user-friendly appliance.

Using the IQ styling brush , I noticed a visible improvement in detangling and smoothening of hair. After using the cool shot button, the hair appeared to be more shiny and smooth, which I found impressive.

However, the hairdryer’s tendency to run a bit loud was slightly off-putting. For someone who craves tranquility during their styling sessions, this could be a point of contention. Also, as much as I appreciate the simplicity of two variables, having just a few more options for air pressure and heat could have been a nice addition, especially for those with specific hair requirements.

That considered, I rate the Shark Hyperair hairdryer a 4 out of 5 . I was overall quite pleased with its performance and the final results despite a few drawbacks.

The Product Giveaway: The Perfect Finale of Reviewing the Shark Hyperair Hair Dryer

In the spirit of sharing this experience, here’s an exciting news – this great hair tool can be yours too! That’s right, one lucky reader will have a chance to win this hairdryer. Read on to learn about the simple rules of this product giveaway.

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Remember, every comment increases your chances, so don’t hold back! A winner will be chosen randomly a week from now. Good luck, and get ready to embrace the experience of Hyperair!

Check of Shark HD112GNBRN HyperAIR Fast-Drying Hair Blow Dryer

Last Words: A Gratifying Farewell after reviewing the Shark Hyperair Hairdryer!

As we wind up this immersive review journey of the Shark Hyperair Hairdryer, I come away with mixed emotions. In this concluding section, I’ll bid adieu sharing final impressions and some personal advice if you’re considering this hairdryer.

Personal Experience

Using the Shark Hyperair Hairdryer was an experience rich with both praises and subtle disappointments. The quicker drying time courtesy of the IQ 2-in-1 air concentrator was noteworthy. Additionally, the ability to tweak the heat and air flow drastically improved my hair drying experiences. The simplicity was endearing as it rendered the appliance user-friendly.

However, the loud operation, whilst not deal-breaking, seemed a design flaw. A silent or less boisterous operation would significantly enhance the overall user experience.

Critical Evaluation

Despite its benefits, the Shark Hyperair Hairdryer perhaps isn’t for everyone. Its utility and suitability intimately rely on the individual user’s needs, hair type, and personal preferences. Though the product does surpass others in many factors, areas for improvement do exist. For instance, the brand could work more on decreasing the noise level while ensuring higher heat settings do not cause significant discomfort.

Tips for Potential Users

  1. Explore and Experiment: Make sure to experiment with different temperature and airflow settings to find the one that suits you the best.
  2. Equip Yourself Properly: For those sensitive to noise, you might want to use some ear defenders while using the appliance.
  3. Adjust as per your needs: If the high heat settings are causing discomfort, don’t hesitate to dial it down. Remember, haircare is a personalized experience!

Conclusively, while this product does have its limitations, it’s certainly something to consider owing to its promising features and positive customer feedback. With that being said, this is an anonymous sign-off from a seasoned reviewer, hoping this guide helps you choose the perfect hair dryer for you!

Should you buy the Shark HD112GNBRN HyperAIR Fast-Drying Hair Blow Dryer?

Buy it if…

You want quicker hair drying time

The Shark Hyperair Hair Dryer contains an IQ two-in-one air concentrator that amplifies the air speed up to twice as fast as traditional hair dryers. This leads to 100% faster drying.

You require a versatile temperature and airflow control

With adjustable options to increase or decrease both the temperature and airflow on the rear IQ panel, you can customize your drying process based on your hair type and styling preferences.

You appreciate multifunctional accessories

The included IQ styling brush can be attached to the Shark Hyperair, providing not only drying but also styling capabilities with its smoothing and detangling bristles.

Don’t buy it if…

Noise could be a dealbreaker for you

The Shark Hyperair Hair Dryer tends to run a bit loud, so if you prefer more silence during your hair drying sessions, this could be a setback.

You lack hair drying skills

While very efficient, this hairdryer might require some skill and technique to achieve the best results – an aspect that might put off novices in hair styling.

You have a sensitive scalp

Some users have reported a burning sensation on their scalp during use, particularly when using the lowest heat setting with the diffuser on. So, if you have a sensitive scalp, this might not be the best option for you.


What accessories come with the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer?
The Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer comes with an IQ 2-in-1 air concentrator and an IQ styling brush.
What does the cool shot button do?
The cool shot button on the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer is used to seal the cuticle and smooth hair at the end of styling.
Can I adjust the temperature and airflow of the dryer?
Yes, the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer allows you to increase or decrease both temperature and airflow according to your needs.
Is the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer loud?
The Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer runs a bit loud, you might be disappointed if you are expecting a quieter experience.
How does this hairdryer compare to Dyson’s hairdryer?
This Shark model works comparably well to the more expensive Dyson hairdryer according to user reviews.
What is the rating for the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer?
The Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars in the review.
How can I win the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer?
You can possibly win the Shark Hyper Air Hair Dryer by subscribing to the channel, liking the video and leaving a comment with the hidden hashtag from the review.

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