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Review: Sensyne 60″ Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick – Versatile, sturdy, and easy-to-use for all smartphone users

Review the versatile, compact, and user-friendly 60-Inch Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick... Read more

Review of Sensyne 60

Table of Contents

Test of Sensyne 60″ Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick

4.6/5 - (2924 votes)

Cena: $29.99


  • Highly compact and portable
  • Premium alloy material for durability
  • Versatile dual-purpose design
  • 360 degree rotating phone holder
  • Adjustable for different phone sizes
  • Silicone sides for phone protection
  • Bluetooth Remote Shutter for hands-free use


  • Potential instability in tripod mode
  • Dependent on battery life
  • Pull out mechanism may wear out

“In wrapping up, I can confidently say that the 60-inch phone tripod and selfie stick has substantially exceeded my expectations. It’s not just its sturdy and durable construction, but also the ease-of-use that impressed me. The device’s versatility, transforming smoothly from selfie stick to tripod, coupled with the inclusive Bluetooth remote, provides a really hands-off and convenient experience. Suitable for both Android and iPhone users, I believe this product is not just a great gadget for photography enthusiasts, but also a worthy investment for any smartphone owner out there seeking a reliable, functional, and easy-to-use solution for their shooting needs. While there’s always room for improvement, as with any product, the 60-Inch Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick has proven to be worth every penny spent on it.”

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Color Black
Compatible Devices iPhone 15/iPhone 15 plus/iPhone 15 Pro/iPhone 15 Pro max/iPhone 14/iPhone 14 plus/iPhone 14 Pro/iPhone 14 Pro max/ iPhone 13 Pro Max/ 13 Pro/ 13/ iPhone SE/ iPhone 12/ 12 pro/ 12 pro max/ 12 mini/ 11/ 11 Pro Max/ 11 pro/ X/ XS max/ XR/10, iPhone 8 plus/ iPhone 8/ 7/ 7 plus/6S / 6/Samsung Galaxy S22/ S21 Series/ Galaxy Z Flip/ NOTE/ Google Pixel Series/ One Plus 1+Series
Special Feature lightweight
Material Aluminum
Maximum Height 60 Inches
Tripod Head Type Ball Heads
Minimum Height 12 Inches
Number of leg sections 6
Item Length 60 Inches

Introduction: A Closer Look at the 60-Inch Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick

Hey folks! So, today, I’m here to share my experience about a truly interesting gadget I picked up recently. I’m talking about the 60-inch phone tripod and selfie stick. Now, you might think it’s just another accessory for your smartphone, but let me assure you, it’s a lot more than that. It’s versatile, it’s handy, and it has got some unique features that I was quite impressed with.

Unboxing and First Impressions of My 60-Inch Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick

Right off the bat, this gadget caught my attention with its compact packaging. I mean, it’s a 60-inch tripod that folds down neatly to a mere 13.5 inches! Well-packed, neat, and surprisingly lightweight, unpacking it for the first time was quite a thrill. Right away, I could tell I was dealing with something of high quality here.

Compact Design: Easily Collapsible for Convenient Storage

One of the first things that impressed me about this tripod is its compact design. It’s not every day you come across a 60-inch tripod that can be squeezed down to 13.5 inches, meaning it practically fits anywhere, from a backpack or a purse to your carry-on luggage, or even just thrown in the back seat of your car. The thought of having a fully functional tripod always ready, without taking up a bunch of space, pleased me. I could immediately see the convenience of this feature in my day-to-day life.

First Feel: Assessing the Material and Durability

Examining the build quality, I noticed it’s made of a premium alloy material, conferring a certain level of durability that can withstand daily usage. The material felt sturdy to the touch, a clear indication of its robustness. Just holding it in my hands, I could tell that this is a gadget designed not just for functionality, but also with a thought for longevity.

So there you go, that’s a brief introduction to the device – a 60-inch phone tripod and selfie stick combo. As I explore its features and functionalities further, I’m getting even more excited to share my journey with you! Stay tuned!

Expose on Sensyne 60

Assessing the Materials and Build Quality

  • 60-inch phone tripod has robust and lightweight alloy build
  • It features an adjustable six-section pole
  • 360-degree rotating phone holder accommodates 4-7 inch devices

When it comes to selecting the right phone tripod, I have to ensure that the material is sturdy and reliable. In this aspect, I was impressed by the quality of the 60-inch phone tripod.

A Brief Overview of the Premium Alloy Body and its Durability

Upon handling the product, the first thing I noticed was that it is made of a premium alloy. This gave it a robust yet fairly lightweight build, which was a huge plus. As someone who always prefers durability over aesthetics, the strength of that body alloy is commendable. It seems like it’s built to last, possessing a toughness that should withstand normal use and unexpected accidents efficiently.

Evaluating the Six-Section Pole and the 360 Degrees Rotating Phone Holder

The pole was the next thing that caught my attention. This is segmented into six individual sections, an unusual design that I found to be quite practical. This made the product significantly adjustable, which is great for achieving the perfect angle and height for all my shots.

Now let’s talk about the phone holder. This is an integral part of any tripod, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well this one was made. It may seem like a small detail, but the 360-degree rotation feature offers an incredible degree of flexibility. It is wide-ranging and smoothly rotates, allowing for adjustments to any angle without any hassle.

Moreover, the universal fitting of this holder greatly impressed me. It expands to accommodate devices from 4 to 7 inches, making it suitable for almost any smartphone models, a claim which I confirmed with my own device.

Overall, my experience with the material quality and build of the tripod was quite positive. However, I must admit, the real test of these features will come over time, with constant use, transport, and exposure to different environments. I genuinely hope that this tripod lives up to my initial impressions.


Rating: Sensyne 60

Usability and Versatility: More Than Just a Tripod

  • The product is a versatile selfie stick and tripod.
  • Designed to hold phones of size 4 to 7 inches.
  • Smooth transition and sturdy functionality noted.

Here’s where the real fun begins. There’s nothing average about this product, and when I say it’s more than just a tripod, I genuinely mean it. It’s a fusion of usability and versatility all bundled up into one unique gadget. But let’s dive a little deeper and get into the details.

Versatility at its Best: From Selfie Stick to Tripod with No Hassle

My initial tinkering with the selfie stick-cum-tripod was nothing short of fascinating. With a quick pop at the bottom, the selfie stick transforms into a fully functional, sturdy tripod. It’s impressive how smoothly it transitions, showing off the clever engineering behind the product. There were no fussy knobs or latches—just simple, straightforward design. And in seconds you can revert it all back into a handy selfie stick. Convenience at its finest.

A Note:

Please handle the product with care during transition. Though it’s clearly well-made, unnecessary pressure or force might result in damage. Let’s remember that even the finest products deserve gentle handling.

Fitting the Different Phone Sizes: Expanding from Four to Seven Inches

If you’re worried about compatibility, fear not! This tool is designed to hold phones of size ranging from 4 to 7 inches. From my experience, it held firm, giving no room for loose ends or awkward slippages. The phone holder expands and contracts with ease, and those silicone sides play a big part in preventing the phone from falling or getting damaged.

A word of caution:

Ensure that your phone is securely placed before you let go. Also, be gentle while expanding the holder. With any device, careful usage prolongs life and efficiency.

In conclusion, there are abundant features specifically designed to enhance its usability. However, it’s essential to be practical and handle this tripod-selfie stick with care. It’s not just a versatile gadget; it’s a manifestation of ingenious design and functionality rolled into one. It’s convinced me, but I’d recommend giving it a try for yourself to grasp the full spectrum of its possibilities.

Rundown: Sensyne 60

Exploring the Adjustable Settings and Comfort in Use

  • Phone tripod offers easy operation and comfort
  • Holder tilts for varied angles and panoramic views
  • Device easily transforms from tripod to selfie stick

The first aspect that drew my attention was the operational ease of the 60-inch phone tripod and selfie stick. This device not only performs well but also offers an impressive level of comfort, making the user experience delightful.

The Flexibility of the Phone Holder: Tilting Backward and Forward

The phone holder of the tripod is designed to rotate and tilt in different directions. It is worth noting the practicality of this feature when taking photos from diverse angles. The holder can be tilted backward and forward . This not only allows for vertical shooting but also maximizes the viewing field for panoramic landscapes.

The Ease of Transformation: Selfie Stick to Tripod Mode

Switching from mode to mode was a smooth process. The tripod offer a functionality where it can quickly transform into a selfie stick , which significantly augmented its versatility. This switch requires minimum effort with no extra tools necessary. The device is conducive to a wide range of scenarios, from mobile photography to vlogging.

However, even though switching modes is quick, the locking mechanism can be a bit tricky for first-time users. If you rush and are not meticulous, there are chances where the legs can close due to insufficient lock. With a careful handling and familiarity over time, you will get the hang of it. On the brighter side, this doesn’t compromise with the overall user experience, but is likely a necessary compromise to achieve the transformation feature.

Overall, my experience with the adjustable settings and comfort in use was positive. Offering both operational ease and comfort, the 60-inch phone tripod and selfie stick considerably elevates your mobile photography game.

Report: Sensyne 60

Checking Out the Additional Features

  • 60-inch Tripod features Bluetooth remote shutter button
  • User-friendly design with battery setup included
  • Proper usage may extend battery’s lifespan

Now that we’ve gone through the basic functionalities of this 60-inch Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick, let’s dig a little deeper into its other enticing features. These are the ones that can enhance your experience even further and make you consider this product over many others available in the same category.

The Bluetooth Remote Shutter Button: For Hands-free Experience

One intriguing feature of this product is the provision of a Bluetooth remote shutter button. This can be a game-changer for anyone who loves to capture group photos, landscapes, or even solo pictures without the need to touch the phone repeatedly.

The remote shutter button comes with battery included, which is quite convenient. Turning it on was smooth and pairing was easy, especially with the provided instructions. This is where the product excels in its user-friendliness.


Considering the ease of use, one might feel the urge to use it excessively. However, as it is with any device that relies on battery power, optimal usage can make a significant difference in how long the battery lasts, thereby increasing the device’s lifespan. Use it judiciously.

Battery Life and Set-up: Initial Thoughts and User Experience

The initial perception about the battery life is pretty decent. As far as the set-up process is concerned, it’s absolutely novice-friendly. The lack of convoluted steps makes it easier for first-time users to get started right away. Again, while these are early impressions, a long-term assessment would be required to comment on the battery’s actual durability.

Another point to consider is that the remote connects to your device via Bluetooth. In this context, users must be aware that constant connection might affect your device’s battery performance. Pair and unpair the device as needed to conserve the phone’s battery.

In general, the extra bid of convenience in terms of the Bluetooth shutter button and the easy-to-use battery setup make this 60-inch Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick stand out.

Critique of Sensyne 60

Real-life Application and Use Cases

  • Ideal for group photos and stop motion videos
  • Suitable for both Android and iPhone users
  • Could improve grip on larger phones

It’s one thing to assess a product based on its design and features, but the true test always lies in how it performs in real-life situations. In my case, several scenarios come to mind where the 60-inch phone tripod and selfie stick has been incredibly useful.

Ideal for Group Photos, FaceTimes and Stop Motion Videos: Putting it to the Test

The value of this product becomes most apparent when taking group pictures. Its sturdy tripod base and the Bluetooth remote offer enough distance to really fit everyone in the frame. The remote is quite responsive and connects easily to the phone’s Bluetooth, saving me the old hassle of setting timers for shots.

My son also happened to find an unconventional use for the tripod – creating stop motion videos. With the phone securely held in its place, he was able to create frames without any shaking or inconsistencies.

An Essential Tool for Android and iPhone Users: My Experience

No matter if you’re an Android lover or an iPhone user, this product caters to both. I’ve personally used it with both types of devices, and the performance remained consistent. The phone holder extends enough to fit a range of phone sizes, and iOS or Android doesn’t affect the Bluetooth functionality of the remote.

Critically speaking , it could use a bit of improvement in terms of the grip on larger phones, especially when they’re in their protective cases. Also, the Bluetooth function requires you to have your phone’s Bluetooth turned on at all times, which might cause a bit of battery drain if used for extended periods.

Pluses and minuses duly considered, I can confidently say that the 60-inch phone tripod and selfie stick does bring a lot to the table, especially in a variety of real-world situations.

Demonstration: The Selfie Stick and Tripod in Action

  • Remote shutter button adds convenience in photo capture
  • Remote can also control video recording
  • Tri-pod setup provides stable video footage

Now that I’ve explained all its features and functions, it’s high time to see this 60-inch phone tripod and selfie stick in real action. I wanted to evaluate its practicality and performance, so I put it to test in a hands-on use setting.

Connecting the Remote: Clicking Photos from a Distance

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the Bluetooth remote shutter button. The inclusion of a remote shutter is honestly a lifesaver for those moments when you need to take a photo without being anywhere near the device.

The connectivity process was smooth and pretty straightforward. I quickly paired it with the phone, and it seamlessly took pictures from afar. This feature adds convenience, especially when you’re capturing a group photo, and everyone wants to be in the frame.

Picture Quality and Timing

However, you might need to give the remote a second or two to communicate with the phone and capture the picture. I had a few initial snapshots that came out blurred because apparently, I moved the phone too soon after hitting the remote shutter. But once aware of this timing, the subsequent pictures turned out crisp and clear.

Switching Over to Video Mode: Recording a Video with Ease

Next up, I decided to check out the video shooting feature to see how well the tripod stands up during continuous shooting.

Just as with the stills, the remote smoothly controlled the video recording. Pressing the button once started the recording and pressing it again stopped it. The ability to control video recording from a distance adds fun to your video capturing experience and facilitates dynamic shots without any jiggle or shake.

Stability Assessment

I was quite impressed with the stability provided by the tripod set-up. The video footage turned out smooth and professional. However, a word of caution – make sure the tripod is on a plain and even surface. On uneven terrains, the stability might waver, compromising the video quality.

Overall, the demonstration reassured me about the practicality and functional utility of this 60-inch phone tripod and selfie stick. Its easy adaptability between a selfie stick and a tripod, along with remote-controlled shutter, makes it a valuable tool for both photo and video enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

In conclusion, I’ve really enjoyed my experience with the 60-Inch Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick. It’s a multifunctional tool that is easy to use, reliable, and packed with features.

A Recap of the Experience: Why You Should Consider the 60-Inch Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick

The compact and lightweight design makes it effortlessly portable. Whether you need to pack it in your backpack for a hiking trip or leave it in your car for spontaneous photoshoots, it’s the perfect tool for on-the-go photography. The silicone holders provided an extra level of security to my device, thus reducing the fear of accidental slips and damage. Moreover, the versatile settings that allowed for 360-degree rotation added an additional level of convenience to my mobile photography experience.

The Bluetooth remote control was a game-changer, allowing me to go hands-free while taking pictures and recording videos. It allowed me the freedom to shoot from different angles and distances without having to manually adjust the settings on my phone. I also loved the compatibility of this tool; being able to use it effectively with both Android and iPhone devices was certainly a big plus.

Is it Worth the Purchase? Final Verdict and Sign-Off

Now, let’s address the critical question – Is it really worth the purchase? From my experience, the answer is a resounding yes. It’s not just the quality and functionality of this tool that impressed me, but also the versatility it offers. While it may not be for every casual photographer out there, if you are someone who is interested in level up your photography game without investing in bulky or expensive equipment, this could be an excellent choice for you.

On the criticism front, I did feel a bit of an initial difficulty in smoothly making the transition between tripod to selfie stick mode, but with a little bit of practice, it didn’t prove to be a significant issue.

So, that’s it for my review on the 60-Inch Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick. Considering the price point, the functionality, the compact and portable design, and the sheer convenience of this tool, I believe it’s a great value for the money. And remember, it’s always good to have tools that can help you capture the best moments of your life, anytime, anywhere. Thanks again for reading my review!

Should you buy the Sensyne 60″ Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick?

Buy it if…

You often capture group photos or selfies

The 60-Inch Phone Tripod with Selfie Stick feature makes taking wide frames or group photos comfortable and hassle-free.

You’re a video creator or vlogger

Whether for stop motion videos, FaceTime, or social media content, the tripod’s versatile functions and adjustable settings can cater to different filming needs.

You value portability and durability

Its premium alloy construction coupled with a compact design that can easily fit into a backpack or a carry-on makes it a perfect travel companion.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a tight budget

Although the tripod offers multiple features and quality build, it might be on the pricier side for some.

You don’t often use such equipment

If you rarely take photos, shoot videos or livestream, the tripod might not be a necessary addition to your gadgetry.

You are looking for a tripod for heavier professional cameras

The product is aimed at smartphones – it might not withstand the weight of professional-grade cameras.


Does the phone tripod and selfie stick work with all smartphone sizes?
Yes, it is designed to securely hold phones of various sizes, expanding from four to seven inches.
What’s the material of the phone tripod and selfie stick?
The phone tripod and selfie stick is made up of high-quality, durable alloy material.
How compact is the phone tripod and selfie stick when it’s collapsed?
When collapsed, the phone tripod and selfie stick measures up to 13 and a half inches, making it convenient to carry in a backpack, purse, or store in a vehicle.
Can the phone holder be adjusted?
Yes, the phone holder can be tilted forward and backward for optimal viewing and capturing angles.
Is there a remote control included?
Yes, the set includes a Bluetooth remote shutter button which allows you to take pictures or record videos from a distance. It comes with a pre-installed battery.
Is the Bluetooth remote shutter button easy to set up?
Yes, the set-up process is simple and straightforward. The remote connects to your phone through Bluetooth and can be used nearly immediately after.
Does the phone tripod and selfie stick work with Android and iPhone devices?
Yes, the phone tripod and selfie stick is compatible with both Android as well as iPhone devices.
What additional features does the phone tripod and selfie stick have?
The phone tripod and selfie stick has multiple features, including a 360 degrees rotating phone holder, flexibility to transform from a selfie stick to tripod and vice versa, and a Bluetooth remote shutter button for hands-free use.

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