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Review: Selfie Stick Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter – A versatile tool for photography enthusiasts

Explore a compact selfie stick with three-in-one compatibility, impressive length, and exciting accessories... Read more

Review of Selfie Stick Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter

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Test of Selfie Stick Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter

4.4/5 - (32643 votes)

Cena: $25.99


  • Versatile three-in-one compatibility
  • Includes a detachable Bluetooth remote
  • Compact and pocket-friendly
  • Transforms from a selfie stick to a tripod
  • Impressive 4-inch extension
  • Includes a portable phone holder
  • Easy assembly without manual


  • Manual may not be comprehensive
  • Remote may get misplaced due to detachability
  • May require frequent charging

“After thoroughly testing this portable selfie stick, my verdict is quite clear. This is a feature-rich, user-friendly device that serves more than its main purpose, doubling as a tripod too. Its compact size, impressive compatibility with different devices and built-in Bluetooth remote make it a versatile tool for photography enthusiasts like me. However, it’s important to note that while its extensive reach is commendable, it might still fall short for some. Overall, I believe it offers great value for its price and is certainly worth considering for your next purchase.”

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Brand bluehorn
Color black
Compatible Devices iPhone 13 pro max, iPhone 12 pro max, iPhone 14 pro, iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 15pro Max/15 pro/14 pro Max/14 pro/13 pro Max/13 pro/12 pro Max/12 pro/XR/XS/X/8/7/6 series
Special Feature Telescopic, Lightweight, Remote Control, Foldable
Material Aluminum, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Item Weight 150 Grams
Maximum Height 40 Inches
Tripod Head Type Ball Heads
Minimum Height 7.9 Inches
Folded Size 8.1 inch

Introduction: Welcome to my Latest Adventure – Unboxing the Universal Portable Selfie Stick

Three-in-One Compatibility: One Selfie Stick to Rule Them All (Camera, Phone, and Sports Camera)

Picture this: a universal selfie stick that accommodates not one, not two, but three types of devices! Cameras, phones, sports cameras, you name it. This compatibility definitely created some intrigue for me. The potential future uses already began flooding my mind.

Handy Extra: A Bluetooth Remote Included

The next pique of interest was the Bluetooth remote included in the package. An undeniably nifty extra, this could potentially add new dimensions to the multi-device photo snapping experience. But as with anything else, the utility of this addition could only be gauged after a comprehensive test run.

Why This Stick is the Perfect Universal Gift

Based on these initial features, the idea of this selfie stick being a universal gift began to take form. Remember those moments of racking your brain for the ‘perfect gift’? Well, this gadget seemed to be a promising candidate for those times. It caters to the versatile interests of today’s tech-savvy generation while being functional and accessible at the same time.

However, diving deeper would help me critically evaluate if this selfie stick truly lived up to its first impression. Read on to accompany me on the rest of this intriguing journey.

Summary: Selfie Stick Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter

Digging Deep: What’s Inside the Package?

  • Package contains a straightforward instructional manual
  • Product encourages manual-free discovery
  • Unboxing experience is smooth and exciting

If you’re anything like me, you love the anticipation that comes with unboxing a new gadget. So, let’s unveil the package together and observe the compact ensemble tucked inside it.

The ‘No-Nonsense’ Instructional Manual: For Those Who May Need It

Upon unboxing, the first item that greets us is the instructional manual . It seems to be appreciably straightforward, but let’s be honest, the real fun is in unraveling the product’s functionalities ourselves, without any manual guidance.

The Joy of Discovering Things On My Own: When Manual-Freeing is Life

Who else loves to explore a new gadget organically, without the manual? That’s right, personal experiments bring their unique joy, especially when it’s so intuitive. This package has managed to evoke that joy within me, encouraging manual-free discovering. The well-ordered packaging gives a glimpse of everything it includes, building a roadmap for assembly even before you read the ‘how-to’.

But don’t worry! If the thought of figuring out everything on your own seems daunting to you, there’s always the instructional manual to guide you through your journey with this selfie stick.

So far, there’s nothing to critique heavily about the unboxing experience, it’s just smooth, amusing, and infused with excitement of discovery. The next segment will delve deeper into the compact array comprising this package. Stay tuned!

Highlight: Selfie Stick Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter

First Impressions: Pure Portable Bliss!

  • Selfie stick is highly portable with compact design
  • Includes a detachable remote for easier use
  • Remote could potentially be lost if not careful

Just holding the stick for the first time, the word that instantly comes to mind is “portability”.

The Space Saver: Fitting a Selfie Stick in Your Pocket

When I say “portable,” I mean it in the truest sense of the word – this isn’t a selfie stick that will demand its own bag or even its own compartment. Size-wise, this piece of tech is a real space saver. As you slide it into your pocket, you can’t help but appreciate its compact design. I mean, a selfie stick that can actually fit into your pocket? How cool is that!

However, let’s not forget that this is a tool expected to hold potentially heavy and expensive devices – your smartphone, a camera, or a sports cam. With its small size, does it feel sturdy and reliable enough ? Truthfully, it does have a reassuring heft to it. But of course, only time and use would tell the full story.

Presenting the ‘Special Feature’: The Detachable Remote

Then comes my favorite surprise – the detachable remote! To make it absolutely clear, this isn’t something you’d usually find in all selfie sticks out there. Hang on, I can already visualize the frequent scenarios where it would turn out to be a game-changer! No more setting timers and rushing for the perfect pose. Just click away when you’re ready.

Now hold on, isn’t this a potential risk of losing the remote if you are not particularly careful? Well, yes, one might argue about that. For those among you with a history of losing small stuff might want to ponder upon this. Is it a deal-breaker though? Certainly not! The benefits far outweigh the challenge it presents.

There you have it – the portable genius that this selfie stick is, with its rather nifty detachable remote. Makes for quite a great impression, doesn’t it? But the test isn’t over yet. It’s now time to delve deeper into its features and find out whether it continues to impress or drops the ball.

Summary: Selfie Stick Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter

Multi-Utility Game-Changer: From Selfie Stick to a Tripod

  • Portable selfie stick transforms into a tripod
  • Enables solo shots and group photos without missing anyone

Every now and then, I stumble upon an invention that really resonates with me – that really makes me sit back and appreciate the thoughts and the ideas that have gone into its creation. This multi-functional portable selfie stick is one such find.

Spontaneous Family Photos and Solo Travels Just Got Easier

Have you ever had that moment on a family vacation or during a solo expedition where you wanted to take a perfect wide-angled group picture or an all-encompassing solo shot, but couldn’t? Well, let me tell you, this clever little contraption has got you covered.

Transforming from a compact selfie stick to a fully operational tripod in mere seconds, it has turned out to be a real game-changer. It stands solid when extended, offering a steady grip that’s essential for clear, focused pictures. No more shaky images or limited angle shots! It’s truly remarkable how something so small and light can double up as a sturdy tripod.

Making the ‘Missing Person’ in Group Photos a Thing of the Past

It is truly an unsettling experience to see family photos where the photographer always seems to be missing in action. I believe this portable selfie stick-cum-tripod will put to rest this archaic way of capturing memories. The stick sports a neat remote, which means you can click away to glory while being an equal part of the fun. Now that’s something we’ve all secretly desired, isn’t it?

In conclusion, this multi-functional portable selfie stick is a clever, convenient, and compact solution to many a photographic predicament. Sure, it is a selfie stick and does a good job at that, but its seamless transformation into a tripod is what truly sets it apart.

Note: I did experience a slight difficulty in locking the stick into tripod mode initially, but it was more of a learning curve than an actual product fault. With a couple of attempts, I got the hang of it.

End verdict? It’s a sure-shot accessory for every shutterbug out there- professional or amateur. A worthy investment indeed!

Highlight: Selfie Stick Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter

The Extensive Reach: Stretching Out to 4 Inches and Beyond

  • Selfie stick offers impressive 4-inch extension
  • Provides stability even on uneven surfaces
  • Enhances scope and quality of photographs

Talking of handy gadgets, the reach of the selfie stick is worth noting. Packing in a pretty impressive punch, the 4-inch extension of this selfie stick provides much more than meets the eye.

The Stand-Up Act: Grounding the Selfie Stick

Extending the selfie stick and standing it up on its own was a simple task, surprisingly so. With a steady hand (and a steady surface), I grounded the selfie stick with almost no effort at all. The stability it offered upon doing so was impressive – even on an uneven surface, it managed to keep its balance.

Appreciating the Long Reach: Length Matters!

As it stretched out to its full length, I marvelled at the range this compact tool offered. I tried it across a few settings – in open spaces, within a room, against scenic backdrops, and each time, the selfie stick performed splendidly, broadening the scope of my photographs. Its length ensured my photos echoed a panoramic vibe, something I never knew I needed until now.

Despite listing the 4-inch length as one of its major attributes, I did feel a slight wavering at its full extension. It wasn’t alarming, but worth considering if you would be using it in windy conditions. Ideally, beginners would want to start with smaller extension lengths and gradually move on to its full length, as it does take some getting used to, but overall, this feature greatly enhances the stick’s utility.

By extending the selfie stick to its fullest length, I rediscovered the joy of capturing wide landscape shots without losing out on my personal touch in the frame. Just remember to keep it steady!

Critique of Selfie Stick Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter

Noteworthy Accessories: Small Things That Make a Big Difference

  • USB charger ensures uninterrupted Selfie Stick use
  • Portable phone holder enhances convenience and security

As I continued my exploration of this remarkable Selfie Stick, I was particularly impressed by the thoughtfully included accessories. Small as they may seem, each of them played a significant role in enhancing the overall user experience.

A USB Charger to Keep the Fun Going

First on the list was the USB charger. Now, here’s a feature that truly settles any concerns about running out of battery when you’re having the most fun. Stress-free and uninterrupted moments are what you sign up for with this! Simple to use and swift to charge, the USB charger is the lifeline that ensures your Selfie Stick stays powered.

Seriously Portable Phone Holder: Another Feather in the Cap

But what really made my day was the inclusion of an extremely portable phone holder. This is the real game-changer . Not only is it light and compact, but it is also sturdy and easy to attach. It made me realize the manufacturers were aware of the value of convenience, and it subtly but surely increased my confidence in the product.

Whether you’re mounting your phone for a group picture or settling in for a long video session, this holder has got you covered. You can rely on it to keep your device safely secured. Best of all? It’s so mobile; you can carry it anywhere without any hassle.

Far from being mere add-ons, these accessories carry their weight and contribute significantly to the overall experience. They may be small in size, but their impact is quite substantial. Swipe right for ‘accessories-done-right’!

Testing Selfie Stick Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter

The Easy Assembly: Getting It All Together Without the Manual

  • Portable selfie stick assembly was easy and intuitive
  • Device features user-friendly and customer-focused design
  • Clearer assembly instructions could benefit less tech-savvy users

Now, this part of my exploration definitely intrigued me the most. Putting the portable selfie stick together without even glancing at the manual – now that’s a real task, right? But guess what, it was a piece of cake . This device isn’t just a beauty to behold, but it’s remarkably user-friendly too.

User-Friendly and Intuitive: Making DIY a Breeze

Getting the selfie stick together was as simple as it gets. Firstly, the Bluetooth remote intuitively fits onto the stick handle, and it syncs up without any issues. Let me tell you, this superb integration sets a precedence for device compatibility. The compact design and the way each piece fits into the next one is legitimately ingenious.

Ready, Set, Shoot: Prepped for My First Click

Next up: the phone holder. It went onto the stick like it was born for it. Seriously, it was as easy as playing with LEGO. Even without the detailed steps mentioned in the manual, the assembly is simple, smooth, and hassle-free. And voila, the selfie stick was ready to capture its first frame.

However, I must add that anyone who isn’t overly familiar with technology could find the lack of clear assembly details a bit daunting. So, while I basked in the DIY joy, a little clarity in the manual could be beneficial for some users.

In conclusion, the portable selfie stick came out strong on the assembly test. The simple setup process truly reflects its customer-focused design. Yet, including definitive instructions could well help to navigate initial setup uncertainties.

Verdict: Worth Every Penny – Highly Recommended

After a comprehensive hands-on experience with the portable selfie stick, I believe it is unequivocally a product that offers value for money. Its array of fantastic features, easy usability, and added utilities of a detachable remote and the transformation into a tripod puts it high up on the recommend list, especially for those who love capturing moments in a practical and convenient way.

Get Inspired, Get Clicking: Encourage Others to Get One

The stick’s three-in-one compatibility elevates its convenience quotient significantly. Whether you are a regular smartphone user, camera enthusiast or a sports camera owner, this portable stick adapts to all. It excels at its job, surprisingly beyond expectations, scoring high in the areas of functionality and portability.

The remote with a click-and-shoot functionality ensures you are never out of the frame while taking that perfect group picture or that stunning landscape shot. What’s more, no more anxious moments of handing over your expensive gadgets to strangers for clicking pictures. Perhaps, the freedom and control it provides is an attractive proposition in itself.

Wrapping Up: My Love Affair with the Selfie Stick Continues

  • Considerations:
  • Investing in any gadget comes with its own set of considerations. It is essential to evaluate the actual utility versus the cost, ease of use and overall convenience. In the case of this selfie stick, it ticks all the right boxes, striking a balance between functionality and price-tag.

  • Critiques:
  • While the portable selfie stick impresses on most fronts, it comes with a learning curve for those not conversant with tech gadgets. Though the lack of clear instructions could be a minor setback, the intuitiveness of this product compensates for it. Being unbiased, the presence of a more detailed user manual could enhance the initial user experience.

  • Final Word:
  • Considering all factors, it’s fair to say that this selfie stick delivers much more than it promises. If you are looking for a practical and user-friendly option to up your photography game, you might just have found your match.

Should you buy the Selfie Stick Portable 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter?

Buy it if…

You need a compact, multi-compatible device

If you want a device that battles equipment clutter, this selfie stick is ideal as it’s compatible with cameras, phones, and sports cameras.

You cherish spontaneity in capturing moments

If you’re looking for something to facilitate spontaneous family photos or bring convenience to solo travels, the selfie stick’s tripod feature makes it perfect for these instances.

You appreciate portability and long reach

If your adventures demand a handy, pocket-sized device offering a sufficient reach, stretching out to four inches, then this selfie stick is designed for you.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re not a fan of manual-less assembly

While the selfie stick offers an intuitive setup experience, if you prefer step-by-step manual-guided assembly, this product might not be your perfect match.

You require a pre-installed phone holder

The phone holder comes unassembled and requires user installation, which might be a deterring factor if you want an all-set, ready-to-use product.

You have an aversion to charging devices

The selfie stick comes with a USB charger indicating the need for periodic charging. If you prefer battery-operated devices to avoid charging hassle, you might want to reconsider.


What devices are compatible with this selfie stick?
The selfie stick is compatible with three different types of devices: Cameras, smartphones, and sports cameras.
Does the selfie stick come with any additional features?
Yes, the selfie stick comes with a Bluetooth remote that can be used detached or attached on the stick itself.
What’s the biggest advantage of this selfie stick?
One of the biggest advantages of this selfie stick is its convertibility into a tripod, which makes it a great tool for family gatherings and solo trips.
How portable is this selfie stick?
The selfie stick is extremely portable; it can fit into your pocket.
What’s the length of the selfie stick when extended?
When extended, the selfie stick reaches a length of about four inches.
What accessories are included with this selfie stick?
The selfie stick package comes with a USB charger for the unit and a portable phone holder.

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