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Review: SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card – SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN – Reliable and efficient for heavy video work

Explore the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs and its compatibility with the Canon M50... Read more

Review of SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN

Test of SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card – SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN

4.8/5 - (148214 votes)

Cena: $23.00


  • 128GB storage provides ample space for videos
  • Compatible with Canon M50
  • Comes with extra casing for protection
  • Size ideal for video filming
  • Repeated trust in the product


  • Lacks compatibility with Micro SD
  • No mention of transfer speed
  • No mention of durability

“After putting the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs to the test, I can confidently say it’s a reliable and efficient SD card for heavy video work. It’s sizeable storage proves sufficient for multiple 30-minute videos, making it a trustworthy companion to my Canon M50. However, lack of a micro SD might limit its compatibility for some. Extra casing is a thoughtful addition, yet its need could be subjective. For me, this card revives my confidence in the brand, yet your preferences and requirements should guide your choice.”

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Brand SanDisk
Model Name Extreme PRO
Flash Memory Type SDXC
Memory Storage Capacity 128 GB
Compatible Devices Camera

Introduction: Experiencing the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs

Welcome to my in-depth exploration of the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs. As a content creator, professional, or even just an avid photographer, you know just how important a good SD card can be. The whole world seems to be in our palms these days, making the Sandisk Extreme Pro a crucial tool, particularly when it comes to storing memory-demanding high-resolution multimedia files.

Unpacking the Power: First Impression of the Sandisk Extreme Pro

The robust package of the Sandisk Extreme Pro not only boasts the product quality but also has a subtle impact on the first impression. The moment you peel off the package, you are met with a tiny, yet flashy and solid SD card that gleams with promise. It comes as no surprise why it holds credibility in the tech market.

Is it Just an SD Card or More?

Sure, on the surface it might just seem like a mere storage device, but in reality, it is as important as the gadget you’re going to insert it into—perhaps your DSLR, laptop, or even a gaming console. It’s intriguing to wonder what this tiny device holds. Does the Sandisk Extreme Pro offer more than meets the eye?

All in all, this initial interaction with the Sandisk Extreme Pro piques curiosity and sets clear expectations but the true test, as we all know lies not just with the look and feel, but with actual, tangible performance. In the following sections, we shall dig deeper into understanding the physical features, usage, performance and delve into some add-ons that this SD card brings along. Stay tuned!

Breakdown of SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN

Physical Features: A Closer Look at the Sandisk Extreme Pro

  • Sandisk Extreme Pro is a full-size, not micro, SD card
  • Rugged build quality, less prone to damage
  • Distinct markings for easy identification

Getting a first-hand experience of the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170MBs was quite fascinating. Here, I’ll be walking you through my detailed observations:

No Micro SD? Appreciating The Full-size Magic

One distinguishing factor about the Sandisk Extreme Pro is that it’s a full-size SD card, not a micro SD card. Not everyone might find this appealing, especially if you prefer the versatility of having a micro SD. But let’s not be too quick to dismiss it. The full-size SD card is a plus in my book; they are easier to handle and less prone to getting lost. However, this may limit its compatibility with devices that exclusively use micro SDs.

The Anatomy of Sandisk Extreme Pro: Diving Deep into the Details

As for the Sandisk Extreme Pro itself, it’s exactly what you might expect from a standard, full-sized SD card – rectangular, thin, and light. It features robust build quality expected from Sandisk. Specifically, it was impressive because it seems more likely to withstand usage over time without easily getting damaged or corrupted.

The Sandisk Extreme Pro, as I experienced, is a no-frills card that delivers what it promises. The markings on it are bold enough, making it easily identifiable amongst several other cards. It’s critical to note here that the visual appeal may not be a deal-breaker for many but, from a user’s perspective, it does add to the overall experience

While the Sandisk Extreme Pro might just look like any other SD card at first glance, its unique physical traits are purposeful, adding to its overall usability and functionality.

Considering SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN

Usage Practicalities: Why Sandisk Extreme Pro for My Canon M50?

  • Sandisk Extreme Pro is highly compatible with Canon M50
  • Offers ample storage for high-quality video recording
  • Check specific camera’s compatibility for seamless experience

If you’re anything like me, you might find yourself wondering why I choose the Sandisk Extreme Pro for my Canon M50. After all, there are tons of other SD cards out there in the market. Let’s delve a little deeper into my reasoning and see if it resonates with you too.

Exploring the Canon M50 Compatibility: A Perfect Mate?

The first thing that made this SD card a winner for me was, of course, its compatibility. The Canon M50 and this card make an excellent duo. They work seamlessly together, making my video recordings an absolute breeze. But beyond the compatibility on a technical level, there is also the consideration of quality. The Sandisk Extreme Pro has never once let me down with data corruption or loss, a critical factor that we can all agree on.

However, I want to stress the importance of checking your specific camera’s compatibility with this card. Each model can vary, and what works flawlessly for my Canon M50 may not give you the same seamless experience.

Decoding the Video Filming Mystery: How Big is Big Enough?

Now, let’s touch on the burning question of capacity: is 120GB enough for filming videos? For me, it has been more than sufficient. I find that a 30-minute video on the Canon M50 only takes up about six gigabytes at most. This means I can fill up the card with over 600 minutes of high-quality video before it bugs me about space. But again, remember that the amount of memory you need might vary based on your specific filming and quality needs.

In conclusion, the Sandisk Extreme Pro card is an excellent product in my books, especially when used with the Canon M50. Its robust compatibility and ample storage make it a strong contender for anyone in the market for a sturdy, reliable storage solution. But remember, it’s essential to keep your specific needs in mind to ensure you make the most appropriate choice.

Reflection on SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN

Performance Check: 128 Gigs of Memory-Power Unleashed

  • Sandisk Extreme Pro has high storage for videos
  • 128GB provides ample room for multiple videos
  • Has reliable performance and desirable speed

There’s a lot to say about the Sandisk Extreme Pro, particularly when it comes to performance. As someone who often needs high storage available for videos, how well a card behaves under demanding circumstances is a critical factor for me.

How Long Does the 128GB Last?

I’ve found that this sturdy little unit can last a surprising amount of time. It’s important to note that the file sizes of videos can greatly vary depending on various factors. However, in my experience, I’ve found that 128GB provides me with plenty of room to breathe. To give you a better idea, I’ve been able to make numerous videos without worrying about the need for a backup or extra storage. Though, need and capacity may vary according to individual requirements and quality settings.

Understanding Data Consumption: Comparing 30-Minute Videos with My Canon M50

For the sake of concrete examples, let me elaborate on the real-world utilisation of this device. When shooting a 30-minute video on my Canon M50, the file usually comes to around six gigabytes. If you do a quick calculation, you’d see that on this card, I can effectively shoot up to 20 such videos. Here I am assuming the pub listed file size to be true, provided we keep our settings constant.


Your mileage may vary depending on different aspects such as video quality settings, as higher resolution leads to larger file size.

In terms of access speed and write speeds, you’ll be pleased. Loading files are smooth and in my experience, I didn’t observe any unpleasant lagging or buffering when playing back the videos.

To sum it up, I’ve had a positive experience using the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs. It has performed reliably and has a surprising depth for storage. However, these aren’t just blanket statements. Individual experiences and requirements may vary, so always take into account your specific needs and devise when considering this SD card.

Analyzing SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN

Delving into the Add-Ons: More than Just an SD Card

  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB comes with extra case
  • Extra case improves user experience and convenience

Right off the bat, one of the pleasant surprises with the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs is the inclusion of an extra case . Trust me, it’s not just about the card, there’s more to the package than meets the eye.

Surprised by the Extra Case: Unboxing Bonus Goodies

The moment of unpacking a new SD card always comes with a rush of anticipation, and so it was with the Sandisk Extreme Pro. But, guess what? The big reveal wasn’t the card itself; it was the extra case sitting tactfully beside it . To be clear, I wasn’t expecting this – the extra case – but here it was, and it felt like an unexpected but appreciated bonus. Is it a game-changer? Not exactly. But it adds a touch of thoughtfulness that’s hard to overlook.

The Value of Having an Extra Case: Practicalities Explored

Okay, so getting an extra case might seem like a minor add-on, but let’s dive a bit deeper into why an accessory like this can prove handy. For starters, if you’re anything like me – someone who’s constantly on the go, taking pictures and videos – you tend to get messy. A case is a nifty little tool for organizing . It gives your SD card a safe space, reducing the odds of misplacement or damage. So in a nutshell, while it might not affect the technical performance of the card, it significantly improves the overall user experience and convenience .

Upon reflection, the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs isn’t just about the specs and the storage space – it’s about the thoughtful and practical details too, like the extra case. Do these details add intrinsic value to the product? I’d say to a degree, yes. Will they influence my purchase decision? Well, it might not be the deciding factor that tips the scale, but it sure does have its weight.

Perspective: SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN

Wrapping Up: Should You Get the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs?

All right folks, we’ve traveled far and wide in our exploration of the ins and outs of the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs. Now comes the ultimate question worth asking – should you buy it?

Three Times a Charm: Reflecting on My Continued Trust in Sandisk Extreme Pro

As an experienced user who has purchased not one, not two, but three of these vibrant units, I can vouch for the reliability of this model. The consistency in performance is quite impressive and there was never a moment where the SD card hampered my workflow or productivity.

Handling daily video shoots with the Canon M50 and the smooth data management, the Sandisk Extreme Pro has consistently demonstrated that it’s more than just an SD card. The capacity to store large videos while maintaining the efficiency of data transfer is worth noting.

However, I do want to point out that as with all electronic products, your mileage may vary, and I’ve heard others expressing different experiences. This isn’t to say that my experience is the golden standard, but merely one perspective among many.

Final Statements: Is it Worthy of your Buck?

When it comes to value for money, one of the determining factors is undoubtedly – longevity. With a spacious 120GB, filming lots of videos becomes less of a stress, especially considering a 30-minute video on the Canon M50 only takes up about 6GB at maximum.

And let’s not forget the extra case thrown in. Although it might appear trivial, this adds a layer of practicality to the whole package which can’t be underestimated when handling multiple SD cards.

To sum up, the Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs isn’t perfect, but it’s a solid option especially for those who handle extensive video content with compatible devices like the Canon M50. But remember, what works for me may not work for you. Consider other users’ experiences and your specific needs before making the final decision.

Should you buy the SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card – SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN?

Buy it if…

You film frequently

This SD card offers substantial memory that can accommodate multiple high-quality videos, making it perfect for frequent vloggers or filmmakers. A 30-minute video only takes about 6 gigs, meaning the 128 gigs can be maximized.

You own a Canon M50

The Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB 170mbs is perfectly compatible with devices like the Canon M50, ensuring seamless usage and transfer of files.

You appreciate added value

Apart from the SD card itself, the Sandisk Extreme Pro comes with an extra case for more convenient storage and portability.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re looking for a Micro SD

The Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB is a regular SD and doesn’t include a Micro SD. If your device specifically requires a Micro SD, this might not be the best suit for you.

You require less storage

With 128 gigs of storage, this SD card is for high-volume users. If your storage needs are limited, this might be an excessive investment.

You’re a casual user

Given its specialized functionality and storage size, the Sandisk Extreme Pro might be more than what a casual user requires. It is best suited for frequent and professional users.


Does the Sandisk Extreme Pro come with a Micro SD?
No, the Sandisk Extreme Pro comes as a full size SD card, not Micro SD.
Is the Sandisk Extreme Pro compatible with the Canon M50?
Yes, the Sandisk Extreme Pro is used with the Canon M50 in this review.
What is the data storage capacity of the Sandisk Extreme Pro?
The Sandisk Extreme Pro reviewed has a storage capacity of 128GB.
How long can I record on the Canon M50 with the Sandisk Extreme Pro?
A 30-minute video on the Canon M50 approximately takes up about 6GB, so with a 128GB card, you can record for a substantial amount of time before needing to erase or transfer files.
Does the Sandisk Extreme Pro come with any additional items?
Yes, it comes with an extra case for storage.
Has the reviewer used any other Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards?
Yes, the reviewer mentions that this is the third Sandisk Extreme Pro SD card they’ve used.

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