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Review: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G T-Mobile Locked Android Cell Phone US Version – Durable build with unique foldable experience

Examining Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G’s form, user experience, camera capabilities, and influence on foldable phones... Read more

Review of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G T-Mobile Locked Android Cell Phone US Version

Table of Contents

Test of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G T-Mobile Locked Android Cell Phone US Version

4.2/5 - (232 votes)

Cena: $305.00


  • Reinforced with high-tech Armor Aluminum
  • Smooth screen experience
  • Expanded, multifunctional cover screen
  • Camera promotes creative shots
  • Snappy performance with Snapdragon 888 processor


  • Struggles with outdoor reflectivity
  • Limited cover screen interactivity
  • Mediocre low-light photo quality
  • Relatively short battery life
  • Lacks included charger

“After spending considerable time with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, I’ve come to appreciate its unique offerings. Both the design and build, especially with the Armor Aluminum, are commendable innovations, bringing a sense of durability that’s reassuring. The foldable experience, while still an adjustment, promises immense potential even with a noticeable crease. While some aspects like battery life and outdoor screen visibility could use improvement, the creativity sparked by the form factor is refreshing. In essence, it’s far from perfect, but this phone has undeniably piqued my enthusiasm for the future of foldable phones.”

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Brand Artist Unknown
Model Name SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G
Wireless Carrier T-Mobile
Operating System Android
Cellular Technology 5G
Memory Storage Capacity 8 GB
Connectivity Technology USB
Color Phantom Black
Screen Size 6 Inches
Wireless network technology GSM, Wi-Fi, CDMA, LTE


Let’s set the scene – Samsung’s rolled out their latest brainchild with a tantalizing proposition – the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G. This beauty – which folds in half with slick one-handed maneuverability and sports an outside screen for convenience when closed – is a sure stunner. Valiantly fluttered as the flagship for Samsung’s ambitious foray into the realm of foldable technology, you can’t help but sit up and take notice as it catches your eye from across the room.

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G: The Game-Changing Foldable Phone

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Flip 3, anticipation thrummed like a live wire in tech communities worldwide. With its tempting price point – a thousand dollars if you can believe that – in a rainbow of seven color options and a snazzy array of cases, Samsung seemed to be strategically priming the Z Flip 3 for revolutionizing smartphone consumer habits. It’s clearly targeted to be the first foldable phone that many will consider buying.

Cautious Excitement: Willing to Splurge on a Foldable Phone?

And yet, gazing at it through this indulgent glow of novelty, we must pause and soberly acknowledge the reality of the price factor. A grand is a significant chunk of change for most people. Samsung, therefore, needs to deliver convincingly on its promised improvements to prompt consumers’ leap of faith into the foldable future. The Z Flip 3 can’t force people to compromise on their daily phone routines. In my hands-on time with the phone, Samsung generally hit the mark, but that isn’t to say that this foldable wonder is without quirks or problems. More on those later in this review.

Reflection on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G T-Mobile Locked Android Cell Phone US Version

Stepping into the Future: Design and Build

  • Galaxy Z Flip 3 features an advanced design
  • Built with robust ‘Armor Aluminum’
  • Screen crease isn’t a functional concern

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 made quite an entry with its scientifically advanced, high-tech design and robust build. From its feel in my hand to the way it flips open, this is where Samsung has really pulled out the stops.

Reinventing Reinforcement: A Closer Look at the High-tech Armor Aluminum Build

The body and hinge of the Z Flip 3 are made of what Samsung calls ‘Armor Aluminum’ . This unique mixture of metals has a robust, strong appeal. It delivers a solid feel that’s satisfyingly different from its predecessors. Frankly, it’s hard not to be impressed when you hold it; it feels like one solid piece with none of the “joints” feeling evident.

Embracing the Crease: Why the Soft Fold Doesn’t Matter

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: The Screen Crease. Yes, the screen has a soft crease in the middle. But believe me, it’s more a visual thing than a functional concern. While using the phone, I barely noticed the crease; it became a natural part of the phone’s form factor. A controversial opinion, perhaps, but I even found the crease less distracting than your usual notch on a display.

Of course, like every innovation, there were aspects that provoked contemplation. If I have to nitpick, I would say the screen smudges up pretty quickly and frequently. Yet, that is hardly a deal-breaker considering the overall fantastic user experience.

In conclusion, Samsung has come a long way in terms of design and build with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Boasting superior durability and a groundbreaking design, it’s an impressive leap forward in the realm of foldable phones. While it does include minor aspects like the visible crease and smudgy screen that not everyone might be onboard with, they hardly undermine the overall appeal of this gadget.

Inspection of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G T-Mobile Locked Android Cell Phone US Version

The Display Experience

  • Display on Z Flip 3 5G feels smooth
  • Screen struggles with reflectivity outdoors
  • Cover screen displays four lines of text

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the display on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G truly provides some significant talking points. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect, but as far as foldable phone displays go, this one’s making some impressive strides. Let’s break this down:

Next-Level Smoothness: The Z Flip 3 Screen Experience

First off, holding and interacting with the screen of this phone was an unexpected mix of familiar and new. I’ve got to admit, the protective film on this display feels pleasantly smooth . Okay, yes, it’s not quite the classic glass screen feel you may be used to, and yes, it does pick up fingerprints like a top-notch forensics unit, but all in all, the texture didn’t leave me with any serious complaints.

Another thing to note is the 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate. Trust me when I say it’s noticeable, and in the best way. The display appears remarkably fluid and responsive. But, how’s that screen perform in different lighting conditions? Read on.

Struggling Outdoors: Confronting the Trial of Reflectivity

On a sunny day with piercing rays of sunshine, … well, the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s display falls a bit short. The screen tends to be very reflective. Yeah, it’s not the kind of thing you’d want to be dealing with when you’re trying to read an urgent email on the go. And those fingerprint smudges I’ve mentioned earlier? They turn into pesky glare spots outdoors. Certainly, Samsung might want to look into this aspect.

Size Matters: The Z Flip 3’s Expanded Cover Screen

On to the cover screen now. ‘Revamped’ and ‘improved’ still seem to not do justice to the changing tides here. The Z-flip 3’s cover screen is significantly larger than the predecessor’s and boy, does it make a difference. It generously displays up to four lines of text and lets you scroll through your notifications. It’s a definite improvement that’s hard to overlook.

In Defense of Limited Interactivity: The Choices Behind the Cover Screen Design

Now, before potential buyers bemoan the limited interactivity offered by the cover display, let’s take a step back and consider the bigger mobile tech landscape. Sure, more expansive interaction would’ve been cool, but even with its limitations, it’s a fair competitive contender with similar foldable models like Motorola’s Razr.

There’s certainly still room for improvement – like maybe offering widgets for popular apps in the future, or, better yet, allowing users to reply to notifications without having to flip open the cellphone. Then again, aren’t the little quirks part of what makes embracing the era of foldable phones so fun?

Reflection on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G T-Mobile Locked Android Cell Phone US Version

Camera Capabilities

  • Existing camera hardware offers predictability
  • Foldability enables unique photo angles
  • New camera modes add value, struggle in low-light

One of the aspects that caught my attention the most about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 was its integrated camera. It was clear from the onset that the device wasn’t bringing any new hardware advancements to the table. However, is this necessarily a disadvantage? Let’s dive in and find out.

A Tried and Tested Choice: Why the Camera Hardware Doesn’t Disappoint

While some might be disheartened by Samsung’s decision to stick to the existing wide and ultrawide cameras, I found it rather comforting. The consistency in the camera hardware offers a certain level of predictability. But was it impressive? To be frank, the resulting image quality was akin to what you would get with a $700 phone. For most general consumers, this would be more than sufficient. The impressive part was not the hardware, but the form factor of the phone itself.

Unearthing the Potential: Using Form Factor for Creative Shots

This is where the Z Flip 3 shines. The foldability factor helps you to exploit unique angles and shots without requiring additional equipment. For instance, during my experimental phase, I placed it on a car dashboard. The outcome? An array of stunning, dramatic shots reminiscent of a high-end Hollywood flick. This aspect could alone justify the grand investment for those who love to take photos on the go. This phone is its own tripod. I found myself taking more photos just to take advantage of this feature.

The Strength and Weaknesses: Examining the New Camera Modes and Image Quality

The Z Flip 3 imports some new camera modes from its lineage, the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra. They include Director’s View and Single Take, both adding significant value to the camera experience. The cover screen preview for the captured images was fun to play with and presents a handy feature for selfie lovers. The night mode pulled off decent results for a foldable phone, but it severely struggled in dimly lit areas. Images appeared soft, imbued with motion blur and lacked crisp details.

As for the videos, they were acceptable, but not extraordinary. There were noticeable image noises and an evident ‘Screen Door Effect’ even in the most ideal of conditions. Although, you can take advantage of Samsung’s Super Steady Shot by reducing the resolution from 4K to 1080p, which works quite effectively. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons I found with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3’s camera.

  • Pros: Fun cover screen preview, versatile modes, solid image quality in bright conditions
  • Cons: Struggles in low-light, visible noise in videos, modest camera hardware

All considered, the camera capabilities of the Z Flip 3 don’t disappoint yet leave room for improvements. If you’re reliant on mobile photography for professional needs, it might fall short of your expectations. However, for casual shooting or creative exploits, it’s remarkably novel and entertaining.

Report: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G T-Mobile Locked Android Cell Phone US Version

Under the Hood: Processing Power and Software

  • Z Flip 3 powered by Snapdragon 888 and 8GB RAM
  • Benchmark scores equivalent to Galaxy S21
  • Flex Mode uses unique half-open phone layout

Let’s dig deeper and delve into the engine that drives the Z Flip 3 – its processing power and software. Upon analysis, how well does it hold its weight?

Speedy and Snappy: The Z Flip 3 Performance Test

Underneath it’s sleek and stunning exterior, the Z Flip 3 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, accompanied by 8 gigabytes of RAM. This is nothing to scoff at. In fact, during my trial with the Z Flip 3, I found it to be incredibly snappy and responsive. Whether it was swift app-switching or heavy-duty gaming, the phone held up without a glitch.

Now, benchmark scores aren’t the be-all and end-all of phone performance, but it’s worth mentioning that the Z Flip 3’s scores were at par with the Galaxy S21. Not exactly a flagship killer, but it remains a strong contender.

Android and One UI Adventures: Customizing the Z Flip 3 Experience

The Z Flip 3 runs on Android 11 blessed with Samsung’s One UI 3. This combination provides a familiar and user-friendly interface. But more interestingly, the Z Flip 3 offers you more ways to make your phone truly yours.

Flex Mode is what gives the Z Flip 3 its distinct advantage. It allows you to use your phone half-open, just like a laptop, and some apps already take advantage of this unique format. For example, opening Spotify moved the main window for the app to the top half, with the playback controls conveniently located on the bottom.

However, here’s where I’d love to see improvements. Some apps simply move the window to the top without adding beneficial controls to the bottom half. Plus, there are apps that are yet to be optimized for Flex Mode, leaving you with a feeling of missed potential. The prospect of a gaming experience optimized for Flex Mode is an exciting one, and I hope it’ll be a reality soon.

Bottom line? The Z Flip 3, in terms of its processing power and software, doesn’t disappoint but there’s always room for improvement. Much like a swagged-out sports car, the flashy exterior needs a capable engine to back it up, and I’d say, for the most part, the Z Flip 3 delivers on that front.

Overview of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G T-Mobile Locked Android Cell Phone US Version

The Battery Life Dilemma

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 struggles with battery life
  • Battery concerns might impact user experience
  • Provides multiple quick charging options

While the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 certainly packs quite a punch in terms of its innovative design and top-notch features, I think it’s absolutely essential to discuss a significant concern I experienced – its battery life. Let’s delve deeper.

Preliminary Observations & Usage Pattern

Upon unboxing, my initial focus was directed towards the phone’s unique foldable design and attractive display. However, as I started using the phone more intensively over the first week, I noticed that the battery drained quite quickly compared to others I’ve experienced.

On average, I would get about 11 hours of usage on medium to heavy use days with the screen set at the 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate and brightness at about 80%. This would begin from a fully charged battery. On a day when I was only connected to 5G, my screen-on time averaged around 3 hours and 34 minutes. This battery longevity is less than stellar compared to the life I’ve seen from non-foldable counterparts in the market.

A Trade-Off For Innovation?

Yes, innovation often comes with certain trade-offs, and in this case, it seems the compact and foldable design of the Z Flip 3 may have affected battery life. After all, the phone houses dual 300 milliamp hour batteries to accommodate its unique form factor. Is it a deal-breaker? Perhaps, for some. However, it’s essential to weigh this relative downside against the phone’s other standout qualities and decide what matters to you the most.

Consider this: Does the sheer innovation and uniqueness of a foldable phone command a prime spot in your life? Or, would you be happier with a conventional design that might give you a few extra hours of battery life?

Ability to Adapt & Charge Up

Despite this challenge, the Z Flip 3 shines when it comes to powering back up. The device supports 15 watts fast charging, as well as wireless and reverse wireless charging. This flexibility can be a valuable feature for users who need to juice up quickly during short breaks or are on the move.

However, one important note here is that the phone does not come with its own 15-watt charger or a wireless charging pad. This means an additional purchase to enjoy these speedy charging times.

In a Nutshell

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 takes us on a bold adventure into the future of smartphones but isn’t without its quirks. In terms of battery life, it doesn’t boast the longest hours and may require more frequent charges during an intensive day of usage. Nonetheless, it does provide multiple avenues for quick charging, making it adaptable to a busy lifestyle.

Individual preferences will dictate how much this issue weighs on their experience with the phone. But for those willing to make a minor trade-off for the excitement and convenience the Z Flip 3 brings, the battery concern might not loom very large.

Interpretation of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G T-Mobile Locked Android Cell Phone US Version



In wrapping up, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 indeed marks a significant step forward in the foldable phone industry. It brings a fresh perspective to traditional phone routines and present an exhilarating experience of venturing into an uncharted territory of technology.

However, as with all pieces of technology, it doesn’t come without its unique set of drawbacks. My time spent with the Z Flip 3 was a roller coaster ride of emotions ranging from awe at its futuristic design and enhancement, to skepticism over technical compromises like battery capacity and outdoor screen visibility.

Trade-offs: Deal Breaker or Worth It?

While the phone packs a plethora of groundbreaking features, its battery life leaves much to be desired. As someone accustomed to longer battery life from my devices, I found myself pacing my usage with the Z Flip 3. Still, I was able to counteract this with frequent charging, taking advantage of its fast charging capabilities.

The Z Flip 3’s outdoor screen visibility also had me try other means to overcome this shortfall, squinting and seeking shades were frequently involved during sunny days. While these hiccups are not necessarily a deal breaker, they certainly stirred up considerations on whether the novel experience of a foldable phone might balance out these shortcomings.

Futuristic and Fun

Regardless of the downsides, it’s important to highlight that the Z Flip 3 is nonetheless a marvel of technology. The ability to fold my phone in half, navigate the larger cover screen, and capture images from unique angles all injected a sense of freshness into the often monotonous smartphone sphere. Above all, it’s a device that shifts the paradigm of how we delineate between a “phone” and a “tablet”.

The Z Flip 3 casts a promising light on the future of foldable phones: this much is evident. Is it the perfect phone? Perhaps not. But it is, by a considerable margin, the most “fun” phone I’ve used this year. It might not be ready to replace every conventional phone out in the market, but for those willing to embrace the new and unfamiliar, I say jump on board and take the plunge – the water’s fine!


Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G T-Mobile Locked Android Cell Phone US Version?

Buy it if…

You’re ready to embrace the future

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is a major step into the ground-breaking world of foldable phones, making it a perfect choice for tech enthusiasts.

You’re looking for sturdiness and durability

With the new Armor Aluminum design and water resistance features, this phone promises to be tougher and more dependable than previous devices.

You want an improved camera experience

The Z Flip 3’s camera utilizes the unique form factor for creative shots, potentially enhancing your photography and videography skills.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re budget-conscious

At a thousand dollars, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G may be beyond the budget range of some users. There may be cheaper alternatives with similar specs but without the foldable feature.

You prefer a high-quality display in outdoor settings

The screen, though impressive indoors, tends to be reflective and collects smudges easily, potentially causing visibility issues in bright, outdoor settings.

You prioritize battery life

With the use of 120Hz refresh rate and 80% screen brightness, the battery life seems unsatisfactory for heavy users, requiring frequent charging within a day.


What is the the body and hinge made out of in the Galaxy Z Flip 3?
The body and hinge are made of a new material that Samsung calls ‘Armor Aluminum’, which is reinforced with other metals.
Does the Z Flip 3 have a crease in the middle of the screen?
Yes, the screen of the Z Flip 3 still has a soft crease in the middle. However, it does not hinder the use of the phone or feel like a flaw.
Does the Z Flip 3’s screen collect fingerprints easily?
Yes, it does. The Z Flip 3’s screen tends to collect fingerprints heavily, therefore needs frequent wiping.
What new features does the Z Flip 3’s cover screen have?
The cover screen is four times larger than the previous model and can display up to four lines of text. It has widgets for weather, alarms, timer, music controls, daily step count, and schedule.
Has Samsung upgraded the camera hardware in the Z Flip 3?
No, Samsung did not upgrade the camera hardware in the Z Flip 3. However, it has a unique foldable form factor which lets the users take unique shots.
What is the battery life of the Z Flip 3?
The Z Flip 3 is equipped with dual battery, each of 300 milliamp hours. On medium to heavy use days with the screen at the 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and the brightness at 80%, the battery lasts about 11 hours before needing to charge.
What is the charging capacity of the Z Flip 3?
The Z Flip 3 supports 15 watt fast charging as well as wireless and reverse wireless charging. However, neither come with the phone itself.
Is the Z Flip 3 optimized for various apps?
Yes, in the device settings, users can customize which apps take advantage of the Flex Mode. However, not all apps are fully optimized for it.

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