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Review: SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker, 2021, US Version, Black – affordable locator device without monthly fee

Reviewing Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag’s affordability, functionality, and accuracy for informed decisions... Read more

Review of SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker, 2021, US Version, Black

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Test of SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker, 2021, US Version, Black

4.4/5 - (8063 votes)

Cena: $127.00


  • Affordable price at only $29.99
  • Included with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra purchase
  • Offers real-time location tracking
  • Setup is simple and fast
  • No monthly fee for tracking service
  • Notification feature for precise finding moment


  • Not ideal for precise second-to-second tracking
  • Depends on other Samsung devices for accuracy
  • Not well-suited for non-Samsung users
  • Updates on location can be delayed

“After thorough testing and consideration, I found the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag to be a decent choice for those individuals looking for an affordable, albeit not instant, locator device. The device shines in its budget-friendly price and the absence of a monthly fee, but grapples with some lag in instantaneous tracking. While its reliance on nearby Samsung devices for location updates is a novel concept, it’s also its Achilles heel, leading to delayed location reporting. However, if you’re a Samsung user and can compromise on real-time tracking, this could be a worthy addition to your everyday tech.”

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Are Batteries Included Yes
Number of Batteries 1 CR2 batteries required. (included)
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.54 x 1.54 x 0.39 inches
Compatible Devices Android,smarttag


Welcome, tech lovers and curious minds, to yet another exciting exploration of a technological marvel. Today, we bring you an immersive experience and unbiased review of the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag. As with all our reviews, our aim is to guide you through the device’s unique features, functionality, and real-world utility, so let’s dive in!

Setting the Stage: Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Review

This new little gadget is poised as potentially one of the most revolutionary releases in smart product tracking, promising to take the “where are my keys?” conundrum to an end. The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag pioneers a means to keep a virtual eye on your most valuable belongings.

A Glimpse at What Lies Ahead

  • A first hand glimpse at the product.
  • A deep dive into how it works and how it performed in our live test.
  • Will it hold up under real-world conditions?
  • Finally, an unbiased verdict on whether the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is indeed worth the investment.

Remember, our focus here is not to influence your decision, but rather to provide you with an accurate, comprehensive, yet understandable review to aid in your decision-making process. Let’s set our tech-enthusiast minds in motion with this journey into the world of the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag.

Review of SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker, 2021, US Version, Black

Initial Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

  • Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is innovative and affordable.
  • Device has functional, compact design.
  • Samsung leads in tracking devices market.

It’s not every day you stumble upon a device as curious and innovative as the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag . As someone who has been on the lookout for a nifty, affordable gadget to easily keep track of various items, this tiny tracker immediately sparked my interest.

First Glance at the Device

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag brings to mind the phrase ‘good things come in small packages.’ It’s compact, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, and features a simple yet functional design. It’s hard not to be impressed by the tech-savvy thought process behind its creation.

Price and Packaging

The packaging follows Samsung’s signature minimalistic design, translating their attention to quality effectively. Priced at around $29.99 in most online and physical stores, it’s an affordable tracker solution. Being budget-friendly, however, does not mean they’ve compromised on the functionality or experience.

Initial Comparison with Market Alternatives

The market already has several tracking devices, with Apple’s much-anticipated AirTags being one of them. However, with the Smart Tag, Samsung has indisputably taken the lead in this race. It’s interesting to note how Samsung has managed to unveil their product ahead of Apple. Yet, at this stage, it’s too early to pass a judgement or draw any competition-based conclusions. I’m sure, like me, many of you have lots of questions about this product’s real-world performance, which we’ll look to shed light on in the subsequent testing phase


Summary of Initial Impressions

In brief, based on the initial glance, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag establishes an immediate interest and curiosity in tech enthusiasts. It scores points for not being overly indomitable on your wallet and impresses with its down-to-earth design. However, the question remains – does it deliver on its promised functionality? Will it live up to the expectations set by its brand name and price tag? We’ll explore these answers in the coming sections.

Rating: SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker, 2021, US Version, Black

Testing the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

  • Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is easy to connect
  • Provides accurate location tracking but not in real-time
  • Setup process is user-friendly and intuitive

In this section, we’re going to dive headfirst into testing the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag. We’ll go through the process of how to connect it to a Samsung device and assess its accuracy with a trial run.

Connecting the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag to a Samsung Device: A Step-by-Step Guide

To kick off the test, the first thing was to connect the Smart Tag to a Samsung device. The process was fairly simple. The Smart Tag features a button labelled “Galaxy Smart Tag”. On pressing this button, the device made a discernible noise and was promptly recognized by the Samsung device, provided it has the requisite Samsung SmartThings app installed. If the app isn’t installed, assuredly, it can be downloaded from the play store.

Setting up the Smart Tag on the app was also a straightforward process. There were clear step-by-step instructions prompting users to set up a free Samsung account if one wasn’t already in place. Upon successful setup, the tag was visible within the SmartThings app under the field of SmartThings Find. The setup process looks intuitive and user-friendly, even for those who might be tech novices.

Trial Run: How Accurate is the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag?

After we had the tag set up on the SmartThings Find app, the next step was to test its accuracy in real-time. The Smart Tag was placed in different areas, including inside a car, to observe the tag’s response time and accuracy in reporting its location.

From the initial testing, it was observed that the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag provides pretty accurate location tracking. However, one noticeable caveat appeared at this stage. While it was quite fast and efficient in locating and reporting the tag’s location, it wasn’t real-time or ‘live’ tracking. It appears the tracking might depend on the proximity to other Samsung devices, which could potentially cause delay in reporting the location under certain circumstances. This might be a setback for those expecting instantaneous tracking.

However, with a critical eye, while this might seem like a disadvantage, it’s worth noting that few users would require real-time tracking for everyday use. Moreover, considering the price point and not having to pay an additional monthly fee, the tracking accuracy and speed seemed fair.

Appraisal of SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker, 2021, US Version, Black

Real-Life Application of the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

  • Smart Tag tracks items in different locations/vehicles
  • Smart Tag’s tracking has slight reporting delay
  • Less effective tracking in rural/remote areas

Getting to know a gadget’s features and specifications is one thing, but understanding how it works in practical, everyday situations is where the real test lies. That’s just what I did with the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag.

Placing the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag in Different Locations and Vehicles

To evaluate the Smart Tag’s potential, I decided to put its tracking abilities to a practical test. The plan was simple: use two Smart Tags and place each in a different vehicle, then try tracking them over a span of a few hours. I did not want to be biased in favor of Samsung so I chose random spots within the vehicles to place the Smart Tags. This was to mimic an actual real-life scenario where you might lose your belongings.

Analyzing the Response Time and Accuracy of the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

Now came the crucial part – waiting. After placing the Smart Tags, I patiently waited for a few hours before checking their location through the ‘SmartThings Find’ app. Time, I believe, is critical in such situations because rapid response times can mean the difference between finding a lost item and having to replace it.

Upon checking the app, I discovered that the Smart Tags were accurately tracked to their respective vehicles. However, I noticed a slight delay in reporting their up-to-the-minute location. This was due to the SmartTag’s dependence on nearby Samsung devices for detection.

A Critical Observation:

It’s vital to note that while this feature is helpful to locate objects in populated regions where there is a higher probability of finding a nearby Samsung device, it might be less effective in rural or remote areas with fewer Samsung users. In such instances, tracking could potentially take longer.

In conclusion, while the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag does a solid job in providing real-time tracking, it’s not without its limitations. Depending on your specific requirements and the environment you’d likely be using the Tag, this gadget may either be a perfect fit or almost there.

Synopsis: SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker, 2021, US Version, Black

Tracking Capabilities and Limits: Thoughts after Test

  • Galaxy Smart Tag: high-accuracy, slow-paced non-realtime tracking
  • Notifying feature: alerts when detected by nearby Galaxy device
  • Limitations: Dependent on nearby Samsung devices, delayed updates

Having put the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag to the test, it’s time to take an in-depth look at its tracking capabilities and potential limitations.

Overview of the Results of Location Tracking

After a few hours of placing the tags in the vehicles and refreshing the SmartThings app frequently, it’s clear that the Galaxy Smart Tag indeed tracks. They were able to locate themselves on the tracking map, pinpointing the cars with high accuracy. However, the catch lies in the tracking speed.

Do note – the Galaxy Smart Tag doesn’t provide real-time tracking. The updates vary from a couple of seconds to several minutes and even hours in some instances. Although it pinpoints their current location well, don’t count on it if you need precise, second-to-second tracking details.

Notifying Feature: A Handy Addition

One functionality that will likely stand out to many is the notifying feature. Built into the SmartThings Find App, this feature alerts you the moment the device is detected by a nearby Galaxy device. It’s a well-thought-out feature that provides regular location updates.

However, here’s the rub – it solely depends on nearby Samsung devices to spot the tag. Despite the vast pool of Samsung users out there, I found that the speed and updating frequencies might not be sufficient for some users who need a constant live tracking system.

Potential Pitfalls

  1. Dependence on Nearby Samsung Devices: The Samsung ecosystem is vast, yet the number of Samsung devices nearby at any given point might not be enough to provide a constant feed of location points.
  2. Delayed Updates: As seen in the test, using the app to refresh and locate the tag did not update the location immediately. It appears that the device updates itself at its own pace, sometimes as slow as four hours.

To sum it up, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag works well as a basic tracking device. But if you need high-speed, minutiae tracking, this might not be the device for you. With skilled accuracy but slow-paced updates, it fulfils basic requirement but lacks in providing a comprehensive, all-encompassing tracking experience.

Study of SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker, 2021, US Version, Black

Verdict: Is the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Worth It?

  • Samsung Smart Tag cost-effective with free tracking service
  • Accuracy and reporting intervals vary due to device proximity
  • Faster tracking dependent on nearby Samsung devices

Now that we’ve explored its abilities, the question still hangs in the air: is the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag truly worth the investment?

Assessing the Value: Price versus Functionality

The Smart Tag might seem like quite the catch, given its cheap price tag of $29.99. If you consider the fact that the service that enables tracking is absolutely free, it’s an even better prospect. No additional fees, no accounts needed aside from your existing Samsung account. It sounds like a stellar deal, doesn’t it?

The Catch: Accuracy and Reporting Intervals

But let’s back up a bit. Would it surprise you that there’s a bit of a hitch when it comes to the Smart Tag? Sure, it’s affordable. Sure, it’s backed by Samsung’s powerful tech. But here’s the rub: if you need precise, real-time tracking, you may come away a bit disappointed. This is undoubtedly the Smart Tag’s Achilles heel.

Depending on the proximity of other Samsung devices in the vicinity, the Smart Tags’ location reporting could range from a few seconds to hours. To put it plainly, the Smart Tag relies on nearby Samsung devices to pinpoint its location. So, if you live or work in an area with more Samsung users, you’re in luck. Otherwise, brace yourself for potential delays in location reporting.

A Matter of Perspective

Now, whether or not this delay is a deal-breaker is quite subjective. If you’re all about the budget and don’t mind the occasional lag in tracking or the dependency on other Samsung devices, you’ll likely find the Smart Tag’s offering quite reasonable. But, if you’re in urgent need of a second-by-second or, at the very least, minute-by-minute tracking, you might want to consider shelling out for a more premium GPS device, one that requires a monthly subscription for GPS data services.

A Look to the Future…

Looking forward, Apple’s air tag, yet to be released, could pose a serious competition to the Samsung Smart Tag. As of now, iPhones seem to be more widespread than Samsung devices in many areas. Theoretically, this larger user base could make for faster tracking times. But, we’ll have to wait and see what apples brings to the table with their air tag, and whether it really would outperform the Samsung Smart Tag.


As a final reflection on the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag, it is clear that the device has its own specific strengths and potential weaknesses, and that it might not be the perfect solution for every user.

Final Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

On an impressive note, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag innovatively exploits the extensive Samsung ecosystem for position tracking, making it a unique asset for Samsung users. Its budget-friendly price partnered with a free tracking service adds to its value proposition for users seeking a basic, affordable tracking solution.

However, it’s not all roses. The smart tag isn’t designed for real-time tracking. It relies heavily on proximity to other Samsung devices to report its location. In less populous areas or amongst lessSamsung-dense crowds, this could lead to less than optimal results. Furthermore, its convenience is significantly reduced for those of you who do not use Samsung devices.

Potential Competitors and The Way Forward

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is expected to face stiff competition. Future products from other technology leaders may offer real-time tracking or make use of more prevalent user networks, providing faster and more accurate tracking.

One direct competitor could be the much anticipated Apple AirTag. Given the sheer number of global Apple users, once launched, it could potentially offer faster detection. But that’s mere speculation until we get to review it.

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is a noteworthy gadget worth considering if you’re among the folks who have a habit of misplacing items or would like an inexpensive method of lacking basic possessions. However, for more precise, real-time tracking needs, it may come up short. It does set an encouraging precedent for future development in this product category, and it will be interesting to see how the competition unfolds.

Ultimately, the decision on whether the smart tag is a fit for your lifestyle depends on your specific needs and preferences. It exhibits certain limitations, but its cost-effectiveness and integration within the Samsung ecosystem definitely make it a serious contender in the tracking device arena.

Remember, the perfect product is the one that best meets your unique needs, and we hope this comprehensive review has helped provide some clarity to determine if the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is that product for you.

Should you buy the SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker, 2021, US Version, Black?

Buy it if…

You’re trying to keep track of everyday items

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is a budget-friendly option to help you keep track of your everyday essentials such as car keys, handbag, etc.

You’re a Samsung user

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Samsung devices, making it a great addition to your Samsung ecosystem.

You want a tracker without recurring fees

If you dislike the idea of paying monthly subscription fees for a tracker, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag may be an appealing choice; once purchased, no additional costs are attached.

Don’t buy it if…

You demand real-time tracking

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag might not meet expectations if you’re looking for instant, precise location updates; it could take several minutes to hours to locate.

You’re an Apple device user

If you’re an Apple device devote to an Apple ecosystem, waiting for the release of Apple’s AirTags may be a better deal.

You need a more extensive network

As the Smart Tag relies on nearby Samsung devices for detection, if you’re in an area with fewer such devices, the tag might not perform as expected.


What is the price of a Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag?
The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag costs around $29.99 at most stores or online.
Does the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag come with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?
Yes, with the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, you get not one, but two Samsung Galaxy Smart Tags.
How does the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag work?
The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag relies on nearby Samsung devices to detect its location. However, it may take several minutes, or even a couple of hours, for the device to report its location.
Does the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag provide real-time location tracking?
No, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag will not provide second-to-second tracking. The device’s location reporting can sometimes take a while.
Is there a monthly fee for the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag service?
No, the service to track your Smart Tags is free. You only need to have a Samsung device and a Samsung account.
Would the Apple AirTag potentially be better for location tracking?
It’s speculated that the yet-to-be-released Apple AirTag may offer faster location detection due to a potentially larger network of iPhone users, but we will have to wait and see.

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