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Review: SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite – Excellent sound quality, compact and convenient.

In-depth review of Samsung Galaxy Bud 2’s design, sound quality, and drawbacks... Read more

Review of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Table of Contents

Test of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

4.4/5 - (17080 votes)

Cena: $147.99


  • Impressive and functional design
  • Efficient wireless charging mechanism
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Compact and versatile for on-the-go
  • Good microphone for voice calls
  • Punchy base, good high-end and mid-range sounds


  • Underwhelming noise cancellation
  • Inconsistent touch control responsiveness
  • Does not fit all ears comfortably

“As an experienced user, my final verdict on the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 is mostly positive with a few reservations. The sound quality, design, and charging case all impress – delivering a top-notch, portable audio experience. While the noise-canceling feature and touch controls could be better, they don’t significantly diminish the overall user experience. However, the one-size-fit could be limiting for some users, so I highly recommend trying them on before purchase. Despite these issues, I believe the Galaxy Buds 2 deserve praise for their compactness, convenience, and excellent sound quality – they’re a good value for money.”

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Model Name Galaxy Buds2
Color Graphite
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

Introduction – My Experience with the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2

Hey fellow tech enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving right into the world of high-tech earbuds as we check out the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2, specifically the glossy white variant. I’ve had some unrivaled experiences with these buds – both delightful and not-so delightful, of course. As an enthusiast, my sole purpose is to provide you an unbiased outlook, gleaning from my experiences, so strap in as we unpack this!

Unpacking the Exciting White Galaxy Buds

As soon as I held the box, the anticipation kicked into high gear. The box is thoughtfully packed, slick in its design – just like the Buds themselves. As I unboxed, the first thing to catch my eye was the shiny white exterior of those buds. Surprisingly, they were already nestled inside an additional protective case, neat right?

Noteworthy Protective Case – Key to Wireless Charging Functionality

Speaking of the protective case, this isn’t just for show! Not only does it provide sturdy protection against any scratches or bumps, it also plays a crucial part in charging the buds. You can wirelessly charge these buds when they’re inside the case without affecting its functionality – a game changer in terms of convenience. Alternatively, it also supports charging via a USB-C connection at the back. All about embracing that flexibility, isn’t it?

Before we delve into specifics, it is important to highlight the fact that hands-on experience is always subjective and can vary greatly. My experience, though authentic and insightful, is a part of the bigger picture. Be sure to consider different reviews and opinions before finally diving into any product, including the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2. So, shall we proceed?

View of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Design – Impressive and Functional

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 design is sleek and modern
  • Unique charging mechanism through case
  • Two ways to charge: USB-C or wireless

As soon as I unboxed the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, I was won over by their design. The design aesthetics are sleek, modern and, well – just very cool! The model I had was the white version, but I guarantee it imparts the same level of sophistication in any color variant.

A Closer Look at the Galaxy Buds 2 Charging Mechanism

Now, let’s delve into the real game changer for these buds – the charging mechanism. The charging process for these buds is almost magical. As you pop these earbuds into the base of the charging case, you’ll see the gold connectors touch those in the case. It’s a snug fit, one that clicks magnetically as the buds find their charging cubbyholes.

This neat arrangement isn’t just for aesthetics. This mechanism of inserting the buds into the case is actually the only way these buds charge. So don’t misplace that case – it’s as important as the buds themselves!

How to Ensure the Efficient Charging of your Galaxy Buds 2

You can have your buds juiced up in two ways: via the USB-C connection at the back of the case, or through a wireless charging base. The protective case doesn’t interfere with the charging process at all.

Note: Even with the handy protective case on, the buds can be charged wirelessly. It’s a great function if you’re worried about accidental bumps or scratches on your shiny new case.

In summary, although Samsung’s design approach leans towards minimalism, the thoughtfulness of their design – the uncomplicated charging mechanism and the protective case – really stand out. However, like most things, these earbuds are not issue-proof, but we’ll delve into this later on.

Estimate of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: The Love-Hate Relationship

  • Galaxy Buds 2 fit varies across users
  • Offers top-of-the-range audio fidelity
  • Handles varied audio profiles seamlessly

Getting acquainted with the Galaxy Buds 2 was a journey filled with surprising revelations and occasional challenges. The device didn’t fail to stir up some passion, both in support and critique. As I navigate my way through these ingenious earbuds, allow me to share this mixed bag of factors that both drew me in and pushed me back.

The Fit: Perfect for Some, Restrictive for Others

From a personal perspective, the Galaxy Buds 2 offered a snug fit which could stay put in my ear without any discomfort. However, my observations revealed that this ease of fit did not translate to every user. For instance, I noticed that my wife had a hard time keeping these earbuds securely in her ear. This snags an important point for potential buyers to take note – the Galaxy Buds 2 might not accommodate all ear sizes or shapes as comfortably. I recommend trying them out first if possible, since comfort is a highly individual affair.

Sound Quality – Where the Galaxy Buds 2 Truly Shine

Once you’ve managed to get these little devices nestled into your ears, you are greeted with a genuinely impressive sound. The audio fidelity of these earbuds is genuinely top-of-the-range . The bass is resonant and punchy without being overpowering, and the synergy of the mid and high-end frequencies creates a truly immersive listening experience.

The Buds 2 seamlessly handle a variety of audio profiles, from the resounding beats of hip-hop tracks, the subtlety of a podcast voice, to the intricate instrumentals of a symphony. For me, the impressive versatility of the audio output was an area where the Galaxy Buds 2 won hands down.

Remarks on SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

My Critiques of the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2

  • Noise cancellation could be improved
  • Touch controls on earbuds less responsive

Alright, let’s delve into the not-so-stellar points of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 – the areas I believe could use a touch of improvement. Like any other product, these earbuds are not without their fair share of drawbacks. So let’s talk about them.

The Underwhelming Noise Cancellation Experience

I didn’t find the noise cancellation as effective as I’d hoped. When I used the buds in public areas, the ambient noise seeped in, disturbing my listening experience. Given that many earbuds on the market these days boast top-notch noise cancellation, it’s fair to expect the same from Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. It wasn’t terrible by any means, but in comparison to others in its league, the performance was a tad lackluster.

Struggle with Touch Controls: A Small Blemish in an Otherwise Smooth Ride

The touch controls on these earbuds are another aspect that left me wanting more. I found them to be less responsive than I would have liked. Sometimes, they didn’t register my inputs properly, making the controls a little tricky to use while on the move. Other times, a slight accidental tap would pause my music or skip a track which was mildly frustrating.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just a couple of my critiques amidst a sea of positive attributes. Every good product has a few areas with room for improvement, and for Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, it’s in these small but crucial user experiences that the challenge lies.

Audit of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Value for Money – Are the Galaxy buds 2 Worth the Price?

  • Galaxy Buds 2 offer convenience and versatile use
  • Provide reliable performance and sound experience
  • Represent solid value for money, but touch controls may vary

Now let’s examine the main question. Are the Samsung Galaxy buds 2 worth investing your hard-earned money in? To be thoroughly unbiased but critical, I’ll consider both the positive and negative aspects.

Compactness, Versatility: The Galaxy Buds 2 Convenience on the Go

There is truly no denying the convenience these earbuds offer. The sleek and compact design of the Galaxy buds 2 is undeniably attractive, making it a prime example of excellent product design. Moreover, the buds remain conveniently in your ears and do not fall off, bringing about the ease of use aspect.

Speaking from a perspective of practicality, I found the Galaxy buds 2 to be very handy. Their small size and the provided carrying case makes it simple to pop them into your bag and bring them along anywhere. In fact, they’ve become a standard part of my everyday work essentials due to this ease.

A Review of the Galaxy Buds 2 for Work Usage – My Personal Experience

On the day-to-day usage front, their performance stays stellar. They’ve proven to be a reliable partner during work hours, offering an outstanding sound experience while not causing any discomfort due to prolonged usage.

Furthermore, despite the slight discontent with the touch controls and noise cancellation (points I’ll delve into later), I found them to be a neat, compact and high-quality product for the price point. The overall audio experience and the effective battery life were remarkable, even during long video conferences and music-listening sessions.

However, remember that not everyone’s experience will mirror mine, so it’s definitely worth trying them out personally before making a decision.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, considering the price and what you get in return in terms of features, performance, and ease of use, I can confidently say that the Galaxy Buds 2 presents solid value for money. Nevertheless, the potential deal breakers would be the touch controls and noise cancellation which may differ based on personal preference.

Critique of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Voice Calls with the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2: An Underrated Asset

  • Galaxy Bud 2 offers clear audio during calls
  • Moments of voice delay occasionally experienced
  • Microphone enhances communication with voice clarity

Lots of us tend to overlook one vital aspect when eyeing new earbuds – the calling feature. I took the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 for a spin to examine its performance during voice calls – an aspect I believe is often under-appreciated.

The Smartphone Calling Experience with Galaxy Buds 2

First off, let’s address an essential – clear audio during phone conversations. With the Galaxy Bud 2, I found this feature quite satisfying. The sound quality during calls was crisp, and the interference was minimal, even in busy city surroundings.

But here’s the catch. Now and then, I experienced brief moments of voice delay. Not a significant concern by any means, merely something I noticed in the course of my testing.

A Clear Microphone: Making Communication Easy and Distinct

The other side of the calling coin – voice clarity for the person on the other end. Thankfully, my contacts reported clean and clear audio on their end, a testament to the efficient microphones on the Galaxy Bud 2. Even when I was moving around or in a noisy environment, it seemed to pick up my voice quite clearly.

A point of criticism, however , was the occasional muffling experienced by my contacts. Particularly when I was in strong winds, they reported a slight muffled undertone with my words. Still, this is a common issue with most wireless earbuds, so I wouldn’t say it’s a deal-breaking shortcoming.

In conclusion, the Galaxy Bud 2 provides a solid performance when it comes to handling voice calls. Yes, it’s not without its hiccups, but what product is? Overall, the clear microphone and audio quality offer a reliable and satisfactory calling experience, making them a strong contender in the wireless earbuds market.

Inspecting SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Conclusion – The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Summarized

In wrapping up my experience with the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, there’s a lot to praise and a handful of things to consider.

Fit and Comfort

Starting with the fit, it’s inconsistent. While they snuggled perfectly into my ears and ensured a secure fit, they didn’t quite achieve the same for my wife. This underlines an important consideration for prospective buyers: these buds may not fit everyone’s ears the same. So, if possible, trying them on before buying might save you from any discomfort or disappointment.

Sound Quality

However, where these buds really shine is in the sound quality. The audio reproduction is truly exceptional, characterized by a balanced and punchy bass, clear mid-range, and crisp high-end. For an earbud, managing to produce such a top-notch audio experience is a commendable feat, providing great value for music enthusiasts.

Noise Cancellation

When it comes to noise canceling, unfortunately, it didn’t hit the mark for me. I found it to be a bit underwhelming and not as efficient as I expected, especially compared to other wireless earbuds in the market. A little improvement on this front would be beneficial for users who value a quiet environment to enjoy their music.

Design and Charging

The design of the Galaxy Bud 2 is impressive, not just visually, but also functionally. The charging mechanism is simple yet innovative. Using the protective case as the primary charging source means never having to worry about losing charging cables or hunting for a power outlet. But make sure never to lose the case!

So, in summary, if you’re in the market for a new pair of wireless earbuds that give you a top-notch audio experience, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 could just be what you’re looking for. However, do bear in mind the noise canceling shortcomings and the variable fit. With everything put together, I have to say, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 offer a decent bang for your buck.

Should you buy the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite?

Buy it if…

You Appreciate Excellent Sound Quality

The Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 delivers top-notch audio performance with good punchy bass, good high-end and good mid-range.

You Need a Compact and Versatile Headset

With a USB-C charger and wireless stand, the Galaxy Bud 2 is a compact, easy to carry and convenient gadget that fits perfectly in your laptop bag or pocket.

You Regularly Make and Receive Calls

The phone call quality with the Galaxy Buds 2 is quite good, making it an excellent asset for individuals who make frequent voice calls.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Concerned About Ideal Fit

The fit is not perfect for everyone. If you have trouble getting earbuds to stay in your ear, it might be worth trying the Galaxy Buds 2 before you buy.

You Need Superior Noise Canceling

Despite their many positives, the Galaxy Buds 2 fall short in terms of noise cancellation, making them less ideal for users who prioritise this feature.

You Appreciate Intuitive Controls

The touch controls on the buds aren’t as responsive as would be desired, creating a potential hurdle for people that value easy and intuitive controls.


What colors do the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 come in?
The reviewer mentions owning a white version of Samsung Galaxy Bud 2, but they come in more colors that can be found on the Samsung website.
Does the protective case affect the wireless charging of the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2?
No, the protective case does not affect the wireless charging of the buds. They can still be charged wirelessly or via a USB-C connection.
How do the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 charge?
The buds charge when the gold connectors on the buds touch the connectors in the charging case. Charging can be done with a USB charger or on a wireless charging base.
What aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2’s sound quality stood out?
The reviewer mentioned that the sound quality of these earbuds is top-notch with a punchy bass and good high-end and mid-range.
What are the common critiques of the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2?
The reviewer found that the noise cancellation feature wasn’t very effective and the touch controls on the buds were not as responsive as expected.
Are the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2’s audio quality good for calls?
Yes, the reviewer found the microphone quite good for making and receiving voice calls.
How do Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 fit?
The review suggests these earbuds fit differently for people. It is recommended to try them on before purchase.
Do I need to keep the earbuds case all the time?
Yes, as the case is the only way to charge the earbuds, it’s crucial not to lose it.

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