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Review: SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite – Superior sound quality with impressive active noise cancellation

Comprehensive review of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro’s features, sound quality, design and comfort... Read more

Review of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Table of Contents

Test of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

4.5/5 - (3664 votes)

Cena: $189.99


  • Great fit and comfort
  • Powerful active noise cancellation
  • High-quality sound
  • Aesthetically pleasing matte design
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Future-proof Bluetooth 5.3
  • Efficient device switching within Samsung ecosystem


  • Case gets scuffed easily
  • Ambiguous transparency mode
  • Limited codecs for non-Samsung phones
  • Shorter battery life with ANC active
  • No multi-point connectivity
  • No companion app for iPhones

“In my personal, unbiased opinion, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are an impressive step forward from Samsung. They check almost all the boxes you would expect from high-quality earbuds: superior sound quality, impressive active noise cancellation, and excellent fit and comfort. Their ability to seamlessly switch between Samsung devices, coupled with the thoughtful design that includes IPX7 water resistance, makes them a standout. However, there are areas for improvement, particularly in battery life with active noise cancellation turned on, the absence of multi-point connectivity, and limitations for non-Samsung users. Despite these, I believe Samsung has made their best earbuds yet with the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. They could potentially be a top contender for the best overall earbuds of 2022.”

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Model Name Galaxy Buds2 Pro
Color Graphite
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth


Stepping into the realm of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, the first thing I’d like to say is, these are not just earbuds, they’re a whole experience. True to Samsung’s claim, they come packed with some pretty mind-blowing features and fit just better than its predecessors – Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro.

First Impressions of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro manage to leave a strong first impression when it comes to their design. Unlike the glossy design of their counterparts, the matte finish on these adds a certain finesse. Not to mention, the compactness that makes them such an ideal fit.

Confusion over the name and its lineage

Initially, I was a bit thrown off by the naming convention here. It had me questioning, ‘Is this the sequel to the Galaxy Buds 2? Or is it a spur from the Galaxy Buds Pro line?’ To be honest, it felt a bit confusing at first. However, after spending quality time experimenting with these earbuds, I’ve concluded that its lineage doesn’t matter. They hold their own and are markedly better than any of their predecessors. It’s safe to say that they are likely the successor to the Pro, but in essence, they’re substantially superior than both, the Buds 2 and Pro.

Here’s the scoop: from sound quality to aesthetic appeal, these earbuds tick most of the right boxes. I’m going to delve deeper into what makes the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro a worthy contender in the sea of earbuds in the market today.

Thoughts on SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Key Features and Controls

  • Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have diverse features and controls
  • Device can switch effortlessly between Galaxy devices
  • Voice detect feature adjusts to user’s surroundings

Getting to know a new pair of earbuds often starts with exploring its features and controls, and boy, do the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have a compelling set to unpack! They bring an assortment of functionalities that I’ve found enhance the overall user experience, providing a seamless journey from music to calls and more.

Device switching abilities in the Samsung ecosystem

The ability to switch effortlessly between Galaxy devices is a clear advantage for those who own multiple Samsung products. The thought of being able to go for a run and easily shift gears from my phone to my Galaxy Watch without a fuss was a refreshing experience. This utility is a nod towards Samsung’s push for a more interconnected ecosystem.

Voice detect and its functionalities

Having a pair of earbuds that can intuitively adjust to your surroundings is a feature few can pass up. With the voice detect feature, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro dampen the music and activate ambient sound when they sense that you’re having a conversation. It’s almost eerie how accurately it picks up when you’re not alone, maintaining your situational awareness.

Customizable tap controls

The level of customization allowed with the tap controls makes a lot of difference here. Being able to decide specifically what a single, double, or even triple tap does puts you firmly in control. However, I noticed a little issue with this feature as it often misinterpreted single taps as double ones. It might require some getting used to or perhaps some improvements in future updates.

Bixby wake up – a love or hate feature

The mention of Bixby might raise a few eyebrows. For those who fancy it, great news – the buds feature a Bixby wake-up functionality. But, if Bixby isn’t your assistant of choice, this feature might not tip the scales in the buds favor.

Other interesting features: Notification reading, ambient sound during calls, in-ear detection, neck posture alert

  • Notification reading: A Windows PC isn’t the only place you’d appreciate notifications read out to you. Seeing this feature on the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro was just as satisfying here as it was on my computer.
  • Ambient sound during calls: A pleasant surprise was the ambient sound during calls feature. Though it seemed gimmicky at first, I found that it eradicates the odd sensation of yelling during phone calls while still not disrupting my listening experience.
  • In-ear detection: The convenience of detecting when they are in-ear cannot be understated. This aids in automatically switching from earbuds to speakerphone and vice versa during calls, lessening the risk of those awkward moments where you have to tell someone to hold on while you fumble for your earbuds.
  • Neck posture alert: Lastly, there is a health-conscious feature added – alerting when you’ve been looking down for too long, suggesting this could help users maintain better postures in the long run.

In conclusion, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro offer a massive array of features that I find impressive. While some areas need minor tweaks, the overall experience delivered is noteworthy. Let’s hope future updates might iron out those little creases to give an even better user experience.

Appraisal of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Comparing Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with Competitors

  • Galaxy Buds 2 Pro boasts superior sound and design
  • Has strong integration with Samsung ecosystem
  • Plans to compare with Pixel Buds Pro announced

Comparison with competitors is a fundamental part of any fair and balanced product review. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have certainly earned their own unique spot in the market. However, the question remains – How do they stack up against its competition?

Facing Off With the Top Players

On a high level, we can say that the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro inevitably throw punches in a ring full of top-tier contenders. They have impressive sound quality, a host of features, and a sleek design that can compete with the best in the earbuds market.

Given their laudable functionality, integration within the Samsung ecosystem, and active noise cancellation capabilities, they pose a serious threat to other popular earbuds brands.

The Power of Choice

It’s important to note that different people will have different preferences, depending on their audio requirements and brand loyalty. Let’s not forget about individual ear geometries and comfort preferences that vary extensively.

Rather than me deciding who is the best, I’d like to encourage my readers. Do you own other earbuds brands? How do you think the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro compare with them?

Teaser: Upcoming Comparison

That being said, I want my review to be as thorough as possible. So I’ve decided to conduct an in-depth comparison of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with other notable adversary – the Pixel Buds Pro. The result of this face-off will offer more clarity and perspective on the specific strengths and weaknesses of these respective earbuds and will be included in an upcoming article. Stay tuned!

Report: SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Sound Quality Analysis

  • Galaxy Buds 2 Pro deliver rich, balanced sound
  • Offers detailed audio but lacks sound depth
  • One of the best options for audiophiles

Sound quality is a non-negotiable aspect when selecting earbuds. Let’s delve into the audio experience provided by the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

Overall Sound Quality

The overall sound performance of these buds, to be honest, exceeded expectations. They deliver really good sound output with a fantastic balance. You’ll experience rich, warm and powerful bass, which complements the clear, high notes.

Detailed Audio Experience

Moving deeper into the audio landscape, these earbuds surprise you with a rumbly sub-bass, clearly showcasing its capability down to about 30 to 40 Hertz. The bass drums kick in clean and powerful, offering a natural full sound complemented with great balance and a fun signature. This mix presents the vocals well while also providing detailed highs maintaining a clean, strong beat in the low frequencies.

The earbuds, though, don’t quite hit the mark in terms of instrument separation as well as low-level detail when compared to some industry leaders. But I must say, they’re still better than a lot of previous Samsung earbuds, and not far from being the best in the market.

Song Playback Experience

Real-world application paints a clearer picture. Listening to ‘Slow Ready’ by Goose offers an experience of great dynamics and pleasant vocals. And then when you switch to ‘Downhill’ by Drake, it’s a fantastic example of the balance that these earbuds provide. Various frequencies in this song might eclipse each other in lesser-quality earbuds, but that didn’t happen here.

Little Scope for Improvement

While I am mostly satisfied with the sound quality, I must mention where it lacks. The only defined area with room for improvement is the depth of the sound, which undermines the otherwise detailed and rich audio experience it provides. With a tad more depth, I believe these buds can become the industry leaders in sound.

Regardless, these Galaxy Buds 2 Pro can still hold their place as one of the best available options out there for sound-loving audiophiles.

Breakdown of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Design Evaluation

  • Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have minimalist, functional design
  • Features include wireless charging and IPX7 water resistance
  • 15% smaller than predecessors, boosting comfort

As a lover of simplicity and functionality, I was immediately drawn to the clean and minimalist design of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. But let’s delve a little deeper, shall we?

The Case

The case features a familiar square design on the front, which, to me, brings a blend of modernity and functionality. Featuring wireless charging capabilities and a type-C port on the back, the case design seems well thought-out. You might, however, need to keep an eye on it: it’s been my experience that the case can scuff a little easily.

To add to this, the earbuds look almost sideways when they sit in the case. It took me a few tries to get used to it, but after a while, you learn how to place them correctly.

The Earbuds

Initially, when you look at the earbuds, they may remind you of the previous generation specifically the Galaxy Buds Pro. But, they are 15% smaller which, in my opinion, considerably adds to their comfort. Offered in matte finish (a design choice I greatly appreciate over the glossy finish of the predecessors), they come in three different colors: purple, black, and white – a diversity that caters to differing aesthetic preferences.

These earbuds sport an IPX7 water resistance rating – a huge plus if you’re concerned about using them while sweating profusely during workouts or getting caught in a sudden downpour.

When it comes to looks, I find these discreet and aesthetically pleasing. But, of course, design perception can be quite subjective, and you might have a different opinion. And that’s absolutely fine. Do let me know what you think about their design!

The Final Say

Overall, my initial impressions of the design aspects of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are positive. While they do have a few minor flaws (like the ease of case scuffing), the sleek and compact design combined with the high degree of practicality ticks off most boxes. Whether it’s the choice of finish, the reduction in size, or the easy grip, the buds seem to boast a design that aligns with practical everyday use.

Expose on SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Fit and Comfort

  • Earbuds provide secure fit in ears
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Suitable for fitness routine and music aficionados

If there’s one aspect that can make or break our connection with a pair of earbuds, it’s undoubtedly the fit and comfort. After all, no matter how fantastic the sound quality or how advanced the accompanying features maybe, if they don’t sit comfortably in my ears or fall out frequently, it’s all for nothing.

Secure Fit Without Wing Tips

Initially, I must admit, I was skeptical about how securely these buds would fit in my ears—especially considering Samsung let go of the wing tips that were prevalent in previous models. Wing tips did provide a certain level of security. Regardless, I pushed past my doubts and decided to test the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro’s fit.

Real-Life Test: The Running Experience

Quite surprisingly, the fit was secure, much more secure than I anticipated. In fact, so much so that during a rather intensive four-mile run, I never felt the need to adjust them even once. This was a pleasant surprise; the buds stayed in place, proving their credibility in the fit department.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Furthermore, being incredibly light, they did not make my ears stuffy or weighted down, a testament to their comfort level. This level of comfort and fit increases their usability for both music aficionados as well as people looking to accompany their fitness routine with some good tunes.

Note: It’s crucial to keep in mind that everyone’s ear geometry is unique, and my positive experience may not be universal. However, based on my personal experience, fit and comfort are standout attributes in this pair of earbuds.

Observation of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Active Noise Cancellation Explained

  • Galaxy Buds 2 Pro provide clean, impressive ANC
  • Effective at blocking lower frequencies
  • Performance can vary based on individual use

Let’s dive into another critical aspect of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Well, Samsung calls it the Intelligent ANC, which boastfully suggests that it’s more than your average ANC. So, was the experience actually that impressive? Let’s delve in.

Feel of the Intelligent ANC

A notable aspect is how clean it feels. You might often notice a tint of white noise or a slight hissing with many ANC earbuds. However, with the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, that wasn’t the case. The ANC came across as very clean, completely devoid of any distracting noise, which is highly commendable.

Blocking Out Sounds

What about its ability to block out sounds? Well, that exceeded my expectations too. Particularly, it’s significantly effective at blocking lower frequencies. One might argue that silicone ear tips, which these earbuds come with, aren’t the best at blocking higher frequencies. But, a simple hack can help you overcome that – swapping the standard silicone ear tips with foam tips. This small workaround can potentially enhance the noise cancellation, especially for higher frequencies, making these earbuds all the more impressive.

Note: foam tips would need to be purchased separately as they don’t come with the product.

Overall, the Intelligent ANC feature on the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro does live up to its boastful name, providing a quiet, immersive audio experience.

While the ANC is quite noteworthy, it’s essential to remember that the performance of such features can often vary based on individual use cases and environments. Therefore, your mileage may vary.

Survey of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

Microphone Test

  • Microphone delivers clear sound even in noisy environments
  • Remarkable performance in quieter, indoor settings
  • Suitable for a variety of environments and preferences

I had the opportunity to test out the microphones on the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro in both outdoor and indoor environments in order to properly evaluate their performance. Being a user, you’d want the persons you call to hear you clearly, and so, I think this is one test that you would be very interested to know the results of.

Outdoor Environment Test

For the outdoor test, I deliberately positioned myself by a busy road with the bustling sound of traffic acting as background noise. A gentle breeze was also blowing which, along with the hum of vehicles and the occasional honking, formed quite a noisy environment. Interestingly, listeners reported that my voice was fairly clear despite the background noises which is promising for any user who’s looking to use these earbuds outdoors or in similarly noisy environments.

Indoor Environment Test

Moving on to the indoor environment, which was a much quieter setting, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro equally performed superbly. I found the sound picked up by the microphones to be quite crisp and clear. It effectively conveyed my voice in such a way that listeners could easily understand each word I pronounced. This demonstrates that the earbuds are suitable for quiet settings such as the home office, library, or any indoor areas where ambient noise is minimal.

Overall Microphone Performance

Based on these tests, the microphone performance of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro can be termed as quite impressive. It performs well in different environments and is capable of being audible even amidst noisy backdrops. However, it’s always important to consider personal preferences when choosing earbuds based on microphone quality. While it worked well for my personal and professional needs, decide based on your unique needs and circumstances.

Inspecting SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite

The Pros and Cons of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

  • Galaxy Buds 2 Pro offers superior sound and comfort
  • Impressive battery life but reduces with active noise cancellation
  • Lacks multi-point connectivity and app for iPhone users

Now that we’ve taken a comprehensive look at everything the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro has to offer, it’s time to measure up the positives against the negatives. To give the most balanced overview, we need to consider all aspects, from sound quality and fit to battery life and other functionalities.

Pros of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

    The first thing you’ll notice with these earbuds is their superior sound quality and effective active noise cancellation feature. The combination of these two creates an immersive listening experience that’s second to none.

    The fit and comfort also get the thumbs up. They remain secure in the ear during activities like running, without causing discomfort or feeling weighty. The design aesthetics are appealing, with their matte finish and compact size. Also, Bluetooth 5.3 and water resistance certification earn these earbuds some brownie points.

    Another notable advantage of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is the battery life. Without active noise cancellation, you can expect up to 29 hours of battery life when including the case. That’s quite impressive and could be a significant selling point for many users.

Cons of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

    No product is flawless, and the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is no exception. The main drawback is the limited battery life when active noise cancellation is on. With this feature activated, the battery life significantly drops to only five hours on the earbuds and 18 hours with the case.

    The case may look sleek and functional, but it scuffs easily. Luckily, these scuffs can be rubbed off, restoring the initial look, but it’s still something you might need to deal with regularly.

    Despite the advanced functionalities, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro lacks a multi-point connectivity feature which can be inconvenient for those using multiple devices simultaneously. Also, the transparency mode doesn’t sound very natural and might come across as a bit muffled. Other limitations include the unavailability of higher level codecs for non-Samsung phones and lack of an available app for iPhone users.

Wrapping it up

Despite a few drawbacks, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro still comes across as an impressive pair of earbuds packed with robust features. They’re not perfect, but they just might be the best earbuds Samsung has ever made with the potential of being among the best in 2022.

Study of SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite


In wrapping up my review of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, it’s hard to not compare its roots, particularly with its siblings, the Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds 2. From my personal experience, it seems these earbuds were crafted to be the sequel to both which really illustrates their versatility.

The Final Verdict

With a bevy of impressive features, significant improvements in design, and top-notch sound quality, I can confidently say that these are, in my opinion, the best earbuds that Samsung has ever made.

Some Major Downsides

However, no product is perfect. Aside from noticeable shortcomings like the battery life taking a significant hit when ANC is activated, there’s also the absence of multi-point connectivity, which would have been a great convenience factor. The omission of an iPhone compatible application also further pegs this product as tailor-made for Samsung users, a fact that could disappoint many.

Looking to the Future

Despite these downsides, I can’t help but speculate on their potential in the earbuds market. Could the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro possibly be the best overall earbuds of 2022? It’s too early to tell, for sure, but they certainly seem to be a strong contender. They have set an undoubtedly high standard in terms of water resistance, Bluetooth compatibility, and microphone quality.

In conclusion, these earbuds seem earmarked for greatness. They already hit almost all of the essential features, bring in some innovative additions, and the minor drawdowns are something we hope to see improved in future iterations. So, it would be exciting to see how they would fare against the big players in the market. The key takeaways from this review are both the massive potential of these earbuds and the minor drawbacks that prevent them from achieving absolute perfection.

Should you buy the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, US Version, Graphite?

Buy it if…

You’re a Sound Quality Enthusiast

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro excel in sound quality with a fantastic balance of warm and powerful bass, clean and powerful bass drums, and detailed highs.

You Prefer Functionality and Design

The earbuds have a sleek, matte finished look while housing features such as voice detection, device switching capabilities and advanced touch controls.

You’re Part of the Samsung Ecosystem

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro seamlessly switch between other Samsung devices such as Galaxy phones and Galaxy Watches aiding a smooth user experience.

Don’t buy it if…

Battery Life is a Priority

Battery life can be a setback. With Active Noise Cancellation switched on, the earbuds last only up to 5 hours.

You’re an iPhone User

If you’re an iPhone user you won’t have access to custom settings as Samsung doesn’t provide an app for iPhones.

You Desire Multi-point connectivity

These earbuds don’t connect to multiple devices simultaneously, which might be inconvenient for users looking for that multitasking feature.


What are some unique features of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro?
The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro offers device switching capabilities within the Samsung ecosystem, customizable tap controls, a voice detect feature, Bixby wake up command, notification reading, ambient sound during calls, and in-ear detection. It also has a unique feature that alerts the user when they’re looking down for too long, promoting better posture.
How is the sound quality of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro?
The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro offers overall good sound quality with a fantastic balance of warm and powerful bass. Vocals are well presented while delivering detailed highs and a clean, strong beat in the lows. Instrument separation and low-level detail are decent. There’s room for improvement in terms of depth for the perfect sound experience.
What improvements do the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have over previous galaxy buds?
The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are an improvement over their predecessors in terms of a matte finish design, cool new features, sound quality, and form factor. They are also 15% smaller than the Galaxy Buds Pro which makes them more compact and comfortable.
What are the cons of using Galaxy Buds 2 Pro?
Drawbacks of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro include a slightly scuffable case, mediocre transparency mode, exclusive codec support for Samsung phones, reduced battery life with active noise cancellation on, and lack of multi-point connectivity.
How efficient is the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro’s active noise cancellation?
The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro’s intelligent active noise cancellation is highly efficient and clean. The low frequency sound blocking is especially impressive. However, higher frequency blocking can be improved with foam tips.
Do the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have good microphone quality?
The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro offers solid microphone quality both in indoor quieter environments and in outdoor noisy conditions.
What is the community’s overall verdict on the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro?
The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are widely considered as potentially the best earbuds of Samsung to date and have great chances at being the best overall earbuds of 2022, despite a few shortcomings.

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